View Full Version : Anyone coming to Toronto for the SARS thing??

07-14-2003, 08:59 AM
Sorry for the somewhat cryptic title, you don't have to worry about the disease or anything.. I'm just curious how big this thing may be outside Canada, is all...
In case ya don't know, bands like Rush, AC/DC and the Stones are going to play a huge 8 hour festival in a couple weeks, ostensibly to raise money for people and businesses affected by SARS (although it's gonna cost millions of dollars to Molson and it's subsidiaries and partners to come up with 1 million in donation money, the whole thing is a fiasco IMHO)
Is anyone here thinking of attending?? Does anyone know about it even???

The Overlord Returns
07-14-2003, 09:35 AM
Sorry for the somewhat cryptic title, you don't have to worry about the disease or anything.. I'm just curious how big this thing may be outside Canada, is all...
In case ya don't know, bands like Rush, AC/DC and the Stones are going to play a huge 8 hour festival in a couple weeks, ostensibly to raise money for people and businesses affected by SARS (although it's gonna cost millions of dollars to Molson and it's subsidiaries and partners to come up with 1 million in donation money, the whole thing is a fiasco IMHO)
Is anyone here thinking of attending?? Does anyone know about it even???

Well the ticket blocks reserved for U.S. visitors have already sold out......that's a pretty good indication that our american friends are coming on up.......

You wouldn't catch me there though..........way too many people in one area for my liking.

Exhaust Port
07-14-2003, 11:27 AM
I have to admit that I was a little leary about traveling to Toronto during the whole SARS issue. If time would permit I would ignore my preconceptions and go to Toronto to see Rush play.

The Overlord Returns
07-14-2003, 11:30 AM
I have to admit that I was a little leary about traveling to Toronto during the whole SARS issue. If time would permit I would ignore my preconceptions and go to Toronto to see Rush play.

Well...you would only have ever been in danger had you visited the hospitals where the outbreaks occured.....honestly...the average torontonian was never in any real danger....nor did we feel we were.......

Now, of course, it's all over. So........if your time frees up...come to the concert.....

07-14-2003, 12:13 PM
I'd like to see the show, but it'd be a little out of my way...

21 bucks for an all day rock event is quite the deal. Rolling Stoneds be damned, Justin Timberlake will be rockin' the hizzy!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes::D

I keep seeing the ads on CityTV, wishing I was going to be back in ON, but I did have a bit of a SARS scare on my last trip. Skip the rest if you're not interested.....

April 1, 2003

Jodi and get on the plane out of PR for the last time (obligatorily late, as all we'd wanted to do since we got there was leave for the last time). Getting to Van, we had to Ben Johnson across the terminal onto the TO flight. Last ones on the plane, too many bags, too many kids... we looked like a gong show act no doubt. Some Asian lady in the back row reached out and took the baby from me, to allow me to put my extra bags, coats, etc up in the overhead - a very nice gesture to be sure. OF course, Jodi is losing her marbles thinking of SARS, everyone has the masks on, etc, and this Korean surrogate Grandma of my kids is RUBBING NOSES with my 8 month old. RUBBING NOSES. WE DON'T KNOW HER. Getting the baby back proves an exercise, as he's having a great time on the lady's lap, and her whole family is now turned around watching her bounce the baby. Jodi is unibrow by this point, and whispered swear words are reaching my auditory receptors.

Eventually, we get the baby back and all seems to be well. UNTIL Grandma decides to put her head down on her meal tray and cough up a fu**ing lung into her barf bag. No kidding. She did that for over 2 hrs. Needless to say I was getting the hairy eyeball from Jodi for about a week, and Thomas was getting his temperature taken so often he screamed every time he saw the thermometer for the entire trip.

Maybe this post should be "IS anyone NOT coming to Toronto BECAUSE OF the SARS thing?".....

The Overlord Returns
07-14-2003, 12:18 PM
Was the grandmas cough a wet sounding cough?

If so.....you should have known right away that everything was fine......

Besides......as far as I know Korea didn't suffer a SARS outbreak.........

I can understand your concern without a doubt....but it doesn't sound like there was ever much to worry about.

07-14-2003, 12:25 PM
I really wasn't as worried as my wife, I was pretty sure she would have had to clear medical before bording. She likely wasn't Korean - she was likely Canadian and I honestly have no idea what her Asian heritage would have been. Korean was thrown in more as a description than anything else - she was quite tall, and had the same complexion as a friend of mine who is Korean (whether or not that means anything only she could say).

My biggest issue was trying to deal with the freaked-out wife for my entire holiday..... I still haven't heard the end of it.....

The Overlord Returns
07-14-2003, 12:39 PM
LOL............well................women have a tendency to hold onto those little incidents......;)

07-14-2003, 01:38 PM
yeah, have a tendency, that's putting it mildly.

TOR's right. the whole thing was so overblown. Toronto is a huge city, you couldn't have come here and caught it even if you where trying. like everything else, the risk factor was higher if you're young or elderly, anyone middle aged and healthy had nothing to worry about. just more media induced panic.

jjr - how did you forget to tell me that story when you were here? hilarious from where I'm sitting, well you know, everything but the risk to the little guy part, that's not cool.

as for the show, undecided. it's going to be a really big crowd (aren't ticket sales already over 500,000?) getting in/out, potty etc. sounds like it'll be a nightmare. and really what are you going to be able to see with hordes upon hordes infront of you? the fact that the show is happening is great though. you makin' trip Mabudon?

The Overlord Returns
07-14-2003, 01:45 PM
Also, my office is damn close to Downsview park (I'm looking out the window at the park as I type)...so honestly....whenever a band I want to hear is playing...I'll just go out for an extra long smoke break.......

07-15-2003, 08:14 AM
Good idea, TOR, fill us in if any nutty stuff goes down!!
SQ- I dunno, likely not as 21 dollars for the ticket is prolly the end of the "bargain" and securities' gonna be TIGHT... I am currently unemployed, so 12 dollar Blue would be hard to maintain in the sun for 8 hours, methinks.... Also, like TOR, there's gonna be a few too many people there for me... heck, there's too many people there most of the time, for me, claustrophobia tends to be a problem for me sometimes... it's be fun to see AC DC, and there's a RUMOUR (and you know how those are) that KISS might appear... THAT would maybe make it worth it... My German buddy is in town for a month, and methinks we'll be hitting TO for some reason in that time frame, so we'll hook up for sure then, I'll keep ya posted!!!
JJ- ROFL!!! Copy what SQ said, but I understand, you were prolly trying to forget all about it for the brief time we were "on the hunt";)
But so far only one US reply... what the others have said in here is true, you know, you couldn't have caught SARS if you tried, really...

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
07-15-2003, 10:40 PM
It's funny, we mentioned the "Concert for Toronto" or "SARS Relief Concert" or whatever you want to call it yesterday at work. A co-worker and her brother are making the trek to Toronto to see it. She knew only of a few of the bands attending, The Stones, Rush, Justin Timberlake, and one she really wanted to see, The Flaming Lips (I believe).

Toronto is a relatively short drive from where I live in Western New York. On a good day, you can make it to the city in just under two hours, providing that you do about 100mph down the Q.E.W. which seems about the average speed of your average Canadian driver. :crazed:

07-15-2003, 11:23 PM
100mph, yeah that's about right.

07-16-2003, 02:28 AM
It only makes common sense to go with the flow of traffic. 120km/hr in the "slow" lane and 4-lane lane changes are good indicators you're getting close to the Big Smoke...... but only if they're followed by "mystery" slowdowns - coming to a dead stop for no discernible reason whatsoever - every 10 min or so. Thank God for 102.1.......

07-16-2003, 10:57 AM
welp, i'm officially going to the sars concert!! woohoo :)

i completely understand what everyone is saying about too many people.... (and probably too few portapotties!)... but i'm sure i'll still have a good time...

my friend and i are trying to figure out ways to get around the stupidly stringent rules, though.....

for instance, telling them i'm vegan (which is mostly true) and/or hypoglycemic (which isn't true) and/or celiac (also untrue) so that i can bring some healthy snacks into the park with me.... i mean, are they really going to confiscate my carrot sticks?? maybe i can phone ahead to get some sort of pass that allows me to bring some food in..... also, we're going for a huge brunch beforehand, so hopefully we won't have to eat much the rest of the day....

this is the killer, though... alcohol.... my friend is trying to figure out if she can buy one of those water-bras, empty the water, and fill it up with vodka or something..... also, unless they're going to be sniffing our 2 allowed bottles of water, surely one of them could have some vodka in it :)

any other ideas?

The Overlord Returns
07-16-2003, 11:05 AM
The water bottles allowed in must be unopened, and they will be opened as you enter the park. Sooo....no vodka in there........

However....you can always hide a wine skin against your stomach...and when they ask what it is, simply tell them it's your colostomy bag.......I highly doubt they'll want to look at it... ;)

07-16-2003, 11:45 AM
Yeah, I was surprised to hear that the "no water" rule was loosened... there were "reports" that there was to be absolutely nothig allowed in to it... I figure Molson has to be careful with how much cash they try to squeeze out of it... nothing like inviting the world to come and party and then robbing them blind... I have a feeling that one way or another there'll be some "reputation" repercussions... like, mebbe the exact opposite of what the whole thing is supposed to be about...
Newsflash- there are concerns that the TTC operating at full capacity (that's the Toronto Transit commission) will take hours to get all of the concertgoers out of the area, since many streets will be closed and there will be no parking for vehicles anywhere within walking distance.... logistically, it seems, there's a monster loose.... I really can't picture this working out at all... I mean, when the Pope visited the sewers backed up serious... what "unforseen" thing is it gonna be..... I'm glad it's across the lake from me... as long as whatever it is doesn't smell too bad, it'll be fine...
Yeah, Porcelina, I hear ya... My girlfriend and I almost died on a 72 hour bus trip out west, since the "conveniently located near the bus terminal" restaurants apparently didn't know any recipes containing any actual food... the vegan angle should work, thinking about having the carrot sticks in your example tossed in the garbage by a security guard just seems ridiculous... too bad that's the way Molson wants it... as IF the rules are based on anything other than crass commercialism
http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1056750191710_61/?hub=Entertainment this here's a link to a story about it... watch out, I think there's a pop-up with it, but it's a benign one

07-20-2003, 09:15 AM
Sorry for back to back.... no-noe's been doing anything around here lately..
Anyways, just wanted to say that anyone who does plan to attend the event, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.... not to be a gloomy-gus or anything, but unless some sort of higher power (higher than anyone on earth right now) intervenes, I think there'll be more casualties at the concert than there were from the damn disease... it's gonna be a humanitarian crisis (if it's sunny) or a huge riot or something... I've got a terrible feeling about it... specially how quick the right-wing media here is to pooh-pooh any negative comments....
The dumbest paper in the land ran an article yeaterday saying that the promoter (between the organizers and the band) was "trying hard to keep all the negative comments from the band" and thath the naysayers better stop their kvetching or the Stones may decide that Toronto doesn't deserve them.... most of the "complaining" mentioned has been over the draconian security regulations (being forced to leave everything but your clothes at the gate for a 9 hour concert seemed reasonable to them I guess), which were partially rescinded thursday... I just find it odd that the media would even set up the PREMISE of the Stones opting out due to Torontonian concerns being voiced( all folks wanted was to be able to bring the kinds of things you'd bring to an all day, outdoor event, since that's what this IS... originally even sunscreen was not allowed, which don't seem right to ME, at least, so take that Mick).... I don't know, the whole thing STINKS to me.....
I feel especially sorry for folks who bought the 22 dollar ticket thinking "wow, I can totally afford this, AWESOME".... Sorry in advance for the mess, we weren't always such rotten hosts....
I guess all's I'm saying is the event smacks of hubris from the organizational and PR departments, and we all know where that gets ya (although Lake Ontario is a bit different than the Aegean;))

07-30-2003, 09:03 AM
Right, hope I don't get banned for posting 3x in a row :D

well today is the day, and it's sounding pretty bad...
I JUST heard that at 8:00 pm, 3 hours before the end of the fest and long before the stones and AC/DC take the stage, the beer garden will be closed.... if it hasn't gotten ugly by then, THAT will do nicely as the catalyst....
So if ya are going, make sure to nurse yer beer real good like after say 7... ya gotta stay hydrated til the rioting starts, after all...
I spoke to one of my friends who is in the musical entertainment biz (he actually recorded a second album with Bruce Willis, thank goodness that never got released eh?) and he made even more dire predictions than mine.....
Watch the news, it's gonna be a hot time in hogtown today...

The Overlord Returns
07-30-2003, 09:58 AM
Paranoid much are we, Mabudon? ;)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
07-30-2003, 11:40 PM
Saw the aerial shots of the concert on the news this afternoon. I didn't quite hear a count but it was well over 400,000 right?

It turned out to be a beautiful day in the area, perhaps a tad bit warm. But I heard that they handed out free water bottles to concert goers and they were only a handful of reports of heat exhaustion or any other incidents.

I had a co-worker go to the concert and though I have not heard back from her, I hope she made it in time. She planned to leave at 5 a.m. this morning, which would mean she would normally get to Toronto at 7ish, but with the amount of traffic, I wonder if it seriously delayed her arrival.

If you ask me, the concert would go down in history as near perfection as you can get, with the coming of people from all over to help support Toronto, except one thing ruined that--Justin Timberlake. :Pirate:

07-31-2003, 08:42 AM
Right TOR, I really AM paranoid, to be sure :D
I guess it kinda worked out okay, if you believe what the media says ;)
Seriously, one of my friends went and she left at 8 or so, saying that it was just sorta crummy..
The "unlimited free water" turned out to be a bust, as for some reason tanker trucks full of water couldn't be found fast enough when the ground water proved unusable...
I dunno, some parts of the performances looked pretty good...
I was actually sad to hear that Justin Timberlake got pelted with bottles when he took the stage, I mean, I have booed the heck out of a few acts (one time I booed Dominik Hasek at a practice, he was getting killed in a blue and grey match) but throwing stuff at someone cos you don't like their music, especially at such a "feelgood" festival seems really stupid...
Better go now, I think there's someone watching me from the bushes;)

The Overlord Returns
07-31-2003, 09:04 AM

Yeah, I was actually very dissapointed to see a few bottles tossed at Timberlake. I am not a fan of his music, but the dude was giving his time to try and help out for a good cause....I can only hope that it was a few skids from out of town...and not torontonians who usually have a little more class...

Don't feel too bad though...apparently he got quite cheer when he joined the stones onstage....