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jedi master sal
07-18-2003, 10:30 AM
The idea for this was sparked in another thread I started about finding new stuff this week after the long drought. Now that I have settle down a little, I've had the opportunity to think about some of the best collecting days over these many years I've been a collector. So, now I give to you the opportunity as well to express what your top days were.

Top 5, up to say, 10 BEST days! (this can include modern (ANY LINE of SW toys) and vintage here,that's if some of you old timers like me can remember buying stuff from 25 years ago.....)
1=Best down to 10 least best...

1)Episode I toy release (April 1999) It had been so long since a new Star Wars movie came out that I went nuts with buying new stuff. I got 1 of everything (except 12 in Darth Maul that day) spending over $200
2)Episode II Toy release. I waiting patiently in an aisle at Wal*Mart for 6 hours while the crew assemble the display and then I was able to by stuff (April 23rd, 2002) Spent $660
3)This past Wednesday (July 16, 2003) Finally the drought is over in my area and I had a field day finding all of wave 13 and all of the CW 3 packs/AAT/Blue Jedi Starfighter. Spent approx $150
4)Back in 1980...My mom got me the Snowspeeder for my birthday. (Could've been 1981, can't remember) I REALLY wanted that ship!
5)Fiancee found the 3 3/4 Wampa set and gave to me for my birthday a few years ago. (I subsequently customized it adding sheep's wool to give it that "real" look)....yeahm i can feel some of you cringing over that one, but it looks GREAT!
6)Found 12in speeder bike w/biker scout, y-wing and skiff all in one day at one Target! wow that was great. Much bigger story to this one.
7)Fiancee found a R2-B1 (Yellow top/Blue body R2). It was buried behind some toys and yet she took the time to look for figs for me and found it. Til this day, I've never seen it in stores at retail.
8)All three Bounty hunters found at TRU (Zuckuss, IG-88, Bossk) This is when I did a "Happy" dance in the aisles!
9)The one that started it all over for me again-The day I got my Han mail away. (I think that was 1995)
10)Silver Fett (Long trip to get it but it was a fun day even though I stopped at 23 stores on my back to Pittsburgh from the Convention and didn't find anything.)

Here are some other notables:

11)Elkins, WV I had just gone for an interview at a ski lodge and it didn't pan out. Stop at Elkins on the way back to Pittsburgh and found ALL of the "New" POTJ figures at the time. Quite a Haul. I think I got like 20 figures that day (some army builders)
12)Fiancee got me R2-Q5 (She's great isn't she....)
13)Found 2 TC-14's and 2 Sio Bibble's-I did leave one of the SIO's. wish I wouldn't have now but hopefully some good collector or kid got him.
14) Mail Away Admiral Ackbar back in the '80's I was the first kid on the block to have him and was the envy of them all... I still love that figure!!!!
15) Lastly, Dec 2002, at a local toy convention finally found the 12in Yoda; Chancellor Valorum/Senate Guard (Blue Guard) for great prices. $15 for Yoda and $35 for the other. (Well, they were good prices for me anyway.

Okay, folks, what are some of your BEST days as a collector?

07-18-2003, 10:45 AM
On May 5, 1999. I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday. I didn't frequent the Internet back then and knew nothing about Episode I other than that the movie was coming out on May 19th. I knew nothing about the toys. Imagine my surprise when I went out and found a whole plethora of TPM toys! I remember, I got Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Darth Maul, Jar Jar, Senator Palpatine, and the "shot" battle droid, as well as the COMMtech reader. About $100 worth.

The next week I finally found the Mace Windu and Darth Sidious. Got them.

Sometime around August 1999, when the "Classic" COMMtech figures were released. I got Han, Greedo, and the Stormtrooper. Still three of my favorites. :D

I collected POTJ figures, but never really got into it as much.

April 23, 2002. The Saga line. I got Kamino Escape Jango, Hangar Duel Anakin, Kit Fisto, and I don't even remember what else. With the Saga line I didn't get that many at once, I usually just got one or two at a time.
The end of May was the supposed release of the Bespin wave. I found the Geonosian Rescue Mace Windu, along with Count Dooku, and got the Final Battle Jango Fett a few days later.
Sometime in June I found the Nexu, Deluxe Anakin w/Geonosian, and the Bespin Luke and Vader.

Then came the dry season. The wave of figures 40-45 or so (Ki-Adi Mundi, Teemto, Tatooine Attack Anakin, Sith Training Darth Maul, etc.) was supposedly released in July, though I never found a single figure from it until November. That irked me, but I guess that around the middle of November 2002 was my last great find.

I saw the Destroyer Droid, Clone Pilot, and Pilot Jango around December.

Here we are in July, and I've found no new basic Saga figures since. I've found some Clone Wars vehicles, though.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
07-18-2003, 11:34 AM
The release days are always great, but I really enjoy the warehouse sales they used to have in Denver. People trying to get the figures, with great deals, getting up in the morning real early, it was fun. :)

07-18-2003, 12:36 PM
These days stand out in particular for me:

I think it was eartly 2000 (not good w/dates), while looking through a wall full of TPM hooded mauls, I actually found a black vest variant (at TRU for $4.99!!!)

About 4 months later I found a green card fett w/no circle on one hand for $10!!! This was at a comic shop, the person there had no idea what they had. Score!

Other days that stood out were back when I found the 14in electronic Vader. I know it wasn't rare or anything, but this was my dream figure. I was so happy to junk the crappy '96 version and put this bad boy on display.

Also, last year when I found 12in Dengar & Zuckuss. Again, not rare or anything, i was just extremely happy to finally have a complete 12in set of bounty hunters!

Oh yeah, one more: Finding the 12in Ki-Adi Mundi for $5 at Wizards of the Coast. Sweet!!

07-18-2003, 01:08 PM
Emm, I'm really tempted to say today, as I found Luke, Boba, Snow Trooper, and Hoth Han. Keep in mind I'm a newbie. But this is only great because I know they're new, other days I've brought home over 20 figs from K*B w/their sales :)

But, the greatest day in my life will be walking into a store, and finding a Slave 1, and 3 Republic Gunships, of the Action Fleet variety. I await it.

07-18-2003, 01:28 PM
I remember in may 99, and April 02 when the new Episode toys came out. I was writting for a newspaper then and did a second page story at a local wal-mart. I got to go behind the lines before midnight and watch them set it all up while doing interviews. In 99 it was a great feeling knowing that episode I was just the beginning and more was comming.

But everyday you find something new is a great day. From finding 12" Lando Skiff to finding new figures like Obi-Wan Acklay (which I did not buy). Theres nothing like seeing a new figure for the first time. You just want to expect every curve of the figure and it's card.

Mandalorian Candidat
07-18-2003, 02:45 PM
The two Midnight Madnesseseses stand out also for me. It's pretty sweet to finally get stuff for the new movies.

I also fondly remember finding the odd POTF2 green carded R2, Tusken Raider, Stormie Luke, and Greedo four or five years after their release at TRU.

The week before the EP2 toys' debut I found all four deluxe figures at WM. The prices weren't in the computer so they sold them to me for the regular figure price, which was $5+ back then.

About a month ago I found a huge figure stash at KMart that included the whole POTJ Teebo wave. Each figure was $1.50. I was pretty happy to make that find.

My most memorable EP1 hunting day was when I was going somewhere with the fam and my son told me he saw a new Jabba the Hutt at a Target. We rushed over there and found the elusive Jabba/Hex/Rex deluxe set. I was jazzed to finally find that one.