View Full Version : New Palisades Micronauts "2.0" series is out. Any thoughts?

07-18-2003, 10:25 PM
I found a few of each figure today at my local comic book shop. After the incredible quality problems with the first series I'll say that I only cautiously purchased one figure today. It was a clear Repto and I'll reserve my comments at first to see what anyone else has to say about these new figures.

I will say this much, I played with Micronauts as a kid, I still own a few today. I have collected both the Takara reissues of their classic figures as well as a few from the first (flawed) Palisades series, so I'm pretty fond of and familiar with these toys.

So again ... anyone buy 'em? What did you think?

Darth Cruel
07-20-2003, 01:49 AM
as a kid. I could not bring myself to buy the new ones. I am already collecting too many lines. But after seeing the what's coming for the Micronauts line in September's Toyfare...I may change my mind. All of the new ones coming out...Commander, Gunner, Spy, and Ninja all look way cool if only a little Micronautish. I am embrangled by the addition of Mark from "Battle of the Planets" to the Micronauts line, though. Still cool anyway. It is a good-looking figure!