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good shot jansen
07-19-2003, 12:01 PM

i just got done reading all the articles regarding comic con, and of course there's nothing what-so-ever mentioned about action fleet or micro machines :rolleyes:

is that it? done? poof? nothing to show? nothing to report?

everytime (usually in the winter) when it looks like the line might be rejuvinating, it gets squashed again come summer in san diego.

it's 2000 all over again.

mr. tricks, if you happen to corrospond with steve, or whoever might be at the show this year representing ssg, ask em to pop the mm/af question at one of hasbro's q&a sessions. i would like to know what they're commitment or lack there of regarding mm's is.

07-19-2003, 12:11 PM
Hey MR Tricks

Consider Mr SJ's request seconded.

Anybody heard any rumours about Clone Wars AF's?


07-19-2003, 10:51 PM
More at Hasbro I feel, to be revealed.

I mean, we still have no idea or explanation about what happened to the phantom speeder wave, what was to be known to be wave 5. Which now appears to be the Mon cal wave, which was to come later. Confusing huh.

Judging by what I know about this whole thing, I can't see any Clone wars specials coming out before all the other ships we had a list of are out and about. The Naboo Nubian yacht, Star Destroyer, etc etc. Maybe after then we'll see repainted Gunships and if we're lucky, the odd special vehicle. Like that Republic tank from the Clone wars game. Heres hoping this whole thing isn't dead. I love AF!

07-20-2003, 02:53 AM
Well, we haven't seen Wave 5 or 6 in stores yet so maybe they just don't have anything ready to show yet. Hell, most people haven't even seen Wave 4. I bet there's more AFs coming. We still need the Hailfire Droid!

07-20-2003, 10:55 PM
Sorry gang, didn't get any answers from Hasbro on these issues at the con, but we'll keep trying. Keep posting here about it though, keep the issue alive and accurate, that'll help a lot when Hasbro reads your comments (and they do read these forums).

good shot jansen
07-21-2003, 08:08 AM
Keep posting here about it though, keep the issue alive and accurate, that'll help a lot when Hasbro reads your comments (and they do read these forums).

so where was they back in 00' when we wuz postin' with greater frequency than today, and they crushed our lil' line due to lack of consumer demand? :rolleyes: the line was fully alive back when they killed it, with a customer base that eagerly awaited each wave's release.

after three years, they bring action fleet back with reduced playability and features, mm's return but only as a g.i. joe product, yet they read our comments to help determine market direction?

hmmmmmmmm ok...........

lissen up hasbro! you have our hard earned dollars, they are earmarked to be spent on action fleet and micro machines. if you refuse to make em, we'lll spend our dough where product of sci fi minatures are being made.

i have no problem shelling out $50.00 or so dollars plus shipping from japan to acquire the sci fi minatures being produced by the toy companies over there.

i have no problem shelling out big bucks to aquire the new die-casts being produced by code 3.

if you want some this, thenm start producing the toys that we want.

action fleet and micro machines.

i gusee i should feel better that there is zilch regarding these lines at comic con this year. afterall in 2000 when you'all killed the line off, ya made a huge splash at both toy fair and comic con concerning the upcoming releases of the action fleet line, and then poof! gone.

so i guess you rhode island guys are just sneakin' up on us, to suprise us with the greatest ever produced and released sci fi minatures.....right?....that must be what your doing.....right?.........right?.............

07-21-2003, 01:57 PM
Hey buddies, count me in !

No Action Fleets at Comic Con... A disapointment for sure.
I'm quite sure we will never see any Clone Wars AF. The 3,3/4" line is limited and we already know all the ships and figures to be produced in this collection. If I understand well there must be some changes of strategy between Hasbro and the large chains of shops which all are not in excellent health (KB stores, Wal*Mart... Fao Shwartz was almost in bankruptcy a few months ago, they closed several stores). Most of the production should be sold through the online retailers (during a non-movie year) but that involves some commercial changes from Hasbro. What is curious is that many fans of starwars aren't accustomed to buy through the online retailers. I read on the newsgroups that many fans makes kilometers by car to go to each shop and found... nothing. That should be less expensive to buy through the Web (to my opinion, It's a practice to take).
To return to the Clone Wars range, I think that the priority of Hasbro is to ensure the distribution of the CW articles planned to be produced and not to undergo significant unsold goods of the Episode 1 products. The AF line wasn't the commercial priority of this show.
The demand is always keen for the AF even if the loss of the figurines have nauseated many people. I think their return would be a good thing (for the sales).

To finish, the principal fault of Hasbro is their lack of communication. Galoob also built the success of their miniatures by having a special relationship with the fans and in subjecting them their projects, ideas, sketch, prototypes. Coming from Hasbro we have only silence...

07-21-2003, 07:26 PM
sicqnus, I agree with you that it is easier and less expensive to buy AF from online retailers, if you factor in the cost of gasoline and time to search stores endlessly, in the small hope of finding something new on the shelves.

GSJ, I need you to add your thoughts to this, as you once posted to me that when we buy through online retailers, our purchase doesn't add to the sales volume that Hasbro sees as much as if we buy from a local store.

I'm not clear on where the difference is in how our purchase counts as a sale to Hasbro, if we buy from a local store vs. an online store? Have not both stores already purchased their stock from Hasbro? Will not either store (theoretically) re-order stock from Hasbro if they see a demand for the product? I'm probably missing something obvious, so please set me straight here! :)

In any case, it's great to read people's thoughts about AF, even if we're lamenting the sad state of affairs! At least people are thinking about the line!

07-22-2003, 06:33 AM

Does it not follow that there is a long time to the release of the next SW instalment but a finite amont of vehicles that could be produced from AOTC? Perhaps Hasbro are just pacing themselves. Or perhaps I have completely missed the point? :stupid:

I think that here in MMs forum, we are at risk of operating in a somewhat closed environment, painting a sunnier picture of the perceived market for AFs than exists. It can almost be taken for granted that the posters in this forum are obviously going to show great interest in any mould from a much-requested SD, to a more obscure Naboo shuttle that flies off in the background when Padmé and Anakin are walking along the exterior balustrade. I know there are some AFs from teh OT and EP1 that have yet to be produced, be really there is not that much. They have the Neimoidian Shuttle mould, presumably, so I guess we'll see that at some point (if not already lined up) but what else can come?

Anyway, this is all news to me, I thought AF was back as a line.

Conversely (and perversely) I think that MMs would be far more successful if they returned, and this line can take far more liberties when producing the more obscure or background vehicles. As they have quit the line since the sparse production of EP1 MMs, they could certainly make their lines last until the release of EP3.

Now, enough of that, someone tell me where I can find pics and details of which astromechs have been produced since R2-Q5 which was the last one I got. :)


good shot jansen
07-22-2003, 08:40 AM
unfortunately, hasbro don't see it like that. while i do applaud em for bringing back action fleet (afterall, that's what got me into all things galoob originally), mm's offer the ability to produce all ships, core, background, fleeting glimpse, expanded universe, completely made up, whatever.

it's funny that i don't particularly like non-scifi vehicles and such in the mm format. frankly, they do nothing fer me. hence my blase attitude to the military line, automobile line, and particularly the new g.i. joe line. yet sci-fi ships and such in this scale fascinate me to no end. i can (and do) spend hours looking at them from evey angle, inspectin' em under magnifying glass, and enjoy whooshin' em around the jansen homestead (usually these days by myself, jansen junior has pretty much lost interest in the ships :eek: , though from time to time, i do catch him stagin' battles in his room early saturday mornings when he thinks no one is watching ;) )

i keep all the mm's in a box (ala brit cit and vt), and love the fact that i can have an armada that would be the envy of nelson at trafalgar fit snugly on a shelf without taking up valuable real estate. the same can not be said for 3 3/4" line, which with only two or three spaceships displayed, the rest get relagated to a closet somewhere to gather dust. (and speakin' of dust, those larger ships, action fleet included, attract dust like magnets, thus requiring constant dustin' which is no picnic).

to me mm's are the perfect size sci fi vehicles.

why hasbro refuses to make these anymore, i dunno. the interest in mm's is not solely assmbled here in our lil mm forum. people still pay top dollar for ships that were tough to come by. there are tons of web pages devoted to the customization of mm's. and nothing can rankle a web site faster than a discussion board devoted to trek mm's alone.

as hasbro owns the premier format of minature sci fi ships, it confounds me that they refuse to release any under the mm format :confused:

swaffy, as fer my previous thoughts regarding whether to purchase on-line or from the local store down the street, i was mearly deducin' that hasbro would prolly take more notice of product leaving the shelves of wally world or target than they would of merch being ordered through dave roberts.

frankly, these days, the only place it seems to get action fleet after wave 3 is d&S. i havn't seen anything beyond the solar sailer wave anywhere other than d&s.

galoob did things so well back in the mid 90's, everything from being on the forfront of the web with their buzz board, to using their imagination to produce variations and interesting features of the ships, and most importantly was their committment to their customers offerin such services as being able to call them direct to help track down those tough to find one's. to me they were the perfect toy company.

hasbro unfortunately have given us nothing.

maybe we were the enchanted one's back then? hasbro has prolly treated all their lines (and customers) throughout time, exactly like they treat us now. and everybody else is used to this kind of disdain (and prolly expect it). 'ceptin o' course us galoobies. we were never treated this rudely by galoob, and as such expect the same kind of respect and consideration from any toy company that produces our favorite line, like it wuz back in the "good ol' days". i guess we were leading sheltered lives back then, and now we need to face the hard cruel brutal world of toy reality :(

np: the rolling stones - gimme shelter

07-22-2003, 11:03 AM
str4m9 (http://systems.figures.com/database/index.html?page=detail&sdomid=5&sitemid=30445) and r3d3 (http://systems.figures.com/database/index.html?page=detail&sdomid=5&sitemid=30341) which i already have & are a-ok imo, and r4i9 (http://systems.figures.com/database/index.html?page=detail&sdomid=5&sitemid=31716) & r5d2 (http://systems.figures.com/database/index.html?page=detail&sdomid=5&sitemid=30451) which i don't yet. there's also r3a2 (http://systems.figures.com/database/index.html?page=detail&sdomid=5&sitemid=31925) but i haven't yet decided i want, maybe it's too similar to r3t7 to bother :p

gsj: "don't particularly like non-scifi vehicles and such in the mm format"
-yeah same here, tho i do have a khaki stealth bomber cuz its lines & color kinda look scifi :)
mms make sense every way you slice em; naturally, as a result we won't see their like again for a Lawng time :rolleyes:

07-22-2003, 11:21 AM

Funnily enough, I was in a toy store today and there must have been at least 5 different toy companies versions of micro machines - all military and cars. But no space ships. How depressing (I was looking for the new Art Asylum Ent-A - no sign).

Surely some company, somewhere is making small, plastic ships that can be amassed in large numbers - it doesn't even have to be trek/wars - more stuff like GV's would go down a treat.

I have been a sci-fi nut for as long as I can ever remember and from very early childhood spaceships were the things that I loved to play with (cars and military stuff never interested me).

Surely there must be more than just us few MM forumers who would make micro sci-fi vessels FLY off the shelves.

Anyways, that my thipennybits worth.



07-22-2003, 12:06 PM
Thanks VT for the info. Browsing the internet links you supplied will make a nice last half-hour to my work day :kiss:

You all don't like military and non-sci fi MMs? Well, I will just have to jump into the boat too and say so aswell. I think non-sci-fi mms (apart from my "Crash at Roswell" MM set) are :stupid:

;) @ Swaffy

BTW - GSJ I am also with you on the MMs viability and most of what you said, and I didn't mean to come across as saying that we in SSG MM forums are the only AF/MM afficionados, maybe a little blinkered when it comes to value. :)


edit:Dayum, I love em. The weakest one to me looks like the R3 D3 Union Jack droid. I love the Hoth one. Too bad they're in packs. Thanks for the info, I may just order these up. I am confused as to the duplicity of R4-M9. Not only is he up to mischief on Tantive # at the behest of the Empire and then showing up on the side of the Rebels at Hoth, he's now parading around in new turquoise livery! What is he, the Mariah Carey of The Outer Rim? (that was split personality joke)

07-23-2003, 01:32 AM
I would like to point out that, except for the shabbily sculpted Geonosian Solar Sailer and overshipped repaints like the X-wing & AT-AT, the AF line has been bought up at every store in my area. It may not be as lighting fast as Hasbro would want, but no toy line is doing well right now at retail either, so that should be factored in.

07-23-2003, 02:13 PM
I have also given up on finding AFs at retail. It takes too much effort to find them and when I do find them at least one of the ships from the case is already gone (like the Gunship). By the next day, the remaining AFs have been sold. I've found it to be a much better system to pay the extra $10 or so to just buy them online. It's worth my $10 to ensure that I get one of each and to eliminate the constant driving (not to mention that I currently have a full-time job and 20-30 hours of freelance work every week so time is very precious to me at the moment; this is also why I haven't been posting much at all for a few months...).

I tend to think that we underestimate the number of AF collectors out there. I've received several hundred emails from AF collectors through my site since it launched late last year (and these are not people who post in this group). That just counts the number of people who actually took the time to send me an email. And AFs have almost completely sold through in the entire Denver area. The only AFs still around are the crappy Solar Sailors. Even the cases of Wave 3 that reappeared at Wal Marts throughout town a few weeks ago are totally sold out. You would not believe how much email I get asking me "where can I buy a Republic Gunship". Unfortunately, no retailers have them! No even online!

SWAFMAN, in response to your question I believe the answer is that large chain stores like Wal Mart have the option to send their unsold stock back to the distributor, whereas an online store does not (probably has something to do with special rights given to stores that buy mass quantities). If an online store buys a few cases of AFs it counts towards the amount sold by Hasbro regardless of whether that store sells through or not because that online store cannot send the toys back. If a retail chain sends their overstock back it subtracts from the total product sold by the distributor. However, AFs sell through at retail anyway so I'm not too concerned. This is just me restating what I heard or read somewhere in the past (maybe in the forum even?) so don't take my word for it.

07-23-2003, 11:45 PM
On the subject of alleged poor retail sales being Hasbro's excuse for putting AF "on hold":

Everyone here has already pointed out that AF have flown off the shelves at every store we've visited. For my part, I was buying a minimum of two of everything. On a couple lucky occasions, when I got to the store at just the right time, I found exactly two of each new wave's vehicles, and cleaned-out their total stock within a few hours of the AF hitting the shelf. After the manufacturer has castrated 99.9% of the play value of the product, and a store's complete stock still sells that fast, how can Hasbro or the retailers make a case for poor sales?

Here's how:

What are the only recent AF, if any, we still see on store shelves? Either the over-produced, n-teenth iteration, retread, repaints of the VaderTIE & X-wing, or the worthless, zero-play-value, less-than-zero-display-value Mrs. Dooku's IUD (a.k.a. Solar Sailer). But will the bloated, spoiled, yes-men-burrowed-up-their-golf-playing-butts, execs at Hoover (oops, I meant Hasbro... or did I?...) ever admit to themselves - let alone their company & stockholders - that they made poor decisions on design, marketing, production & distribution? Yeah, sure... that'll happen. And we'll all hit the powerball for $100 million each - on the same day, too. :rolleyes:

Can You Hear Me NOW, Hasbro?

07-24-2003, 12:15 AM
. . .it was pretty much the only enduringly cool thing aBout that ep :p

jdah: "weakest one to me looks like the R3 D3 Union Jack"
-from bc3's advance critique i expected that as well but was impressed enuf in person; maybe i just happened to get a well-done one & bc3 got a crappy one (yall'd be surprised how often that can influence one's opinionation :) ). great thing about d3 is it uses a unique sculpt under its clear dome, more elaborate than r3t7's; meanwhile it looks like hoth a2 will just be re-using t7's "brainage" :p
and i gotta admit, for a mere repaint the inexplicably-same-named str4m9's turned out purty damn cool too, and has starred prominently in my sunny-aft, cafe-table mm palette for weeks now :cool: