View Full Version : Have new Throne Room Vader, Luke, Snowtrooper

Dr Zoltar
07-24-2003, 06:19 PM
Have for trade

Throne Room Vader
Throne Room Luke
Snowtrooper (new)
2x Aayla Secura
Lama Su

Almost MOC:
Yoda and Chian (the hook at the top is bent)

Other Stuff:
12" Ki-Adi-Mundi
Carbon Freezing Chamber Playset (MIB)
2x Mail Away Lego Tie Fighters
Imperial TRU 4-Pack

This is what I'm looking for (MOC):

Secret Ceremony Anakin (Will trade 2 standard figs for this)
Deluxe Force Power Obi-Wan Kenobi (Kamino)
Deluxe Flying Jango Fett (Kamino)
Bloody Hand Bespin Luke

LS/LT Dagobah Luke
LS/LT X-Wing Pilot Luke
LS/LT Darth Vader

Death Star Escape Cinema Scene

The new Star Tours figs:

Those Walmart Hologram things of Qui-Gon and Darth Mall
POTJ Snowspeeder
TRU Dagobah X-Wing

I am looking for responses inside of a week.

Send me a PM if you're interested in a trade. Thanks!

Talon Karrde
07-25-2003, 11:53 AM
sent U a pm. I have a LS vader on red card. I'd like to get all 3 of your new figs: Snowtrooper, vader and Luke, but dont have any of your other wants. check my list for possible ideas??


08-03-2003, 08:44 PM
Hi there is your Luke - the first version,if so plmk I'm interested,Ken

Dr Zoltar
08-04-2003, 01:36 AM
Hi there is your Luke - the first version,if so plmk I'm interested,Ken

My Luke is the first version, but I'm in a potential trade with it. If the trade falls through, I'll let you know.