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08-18-2001, 04:43 PM
Though I sincerely doubt we'll ever have cause to use this in a negative capacity, I figured I'd let you guys know that the Collectors Club section has a "FEEDBACK" subsection.


10-31-2001, 01:44 PM
yoinks (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=204) :)
meanwhile, since it concerns the integrity of the online mm collector community and furthers our way of going about things (helping fellow collectors without profiting), this seems like the appropriate thread on which to regale you all with a Gripping Halloween Yarn :) you hearda frankenstein meets the mummy? godzilla vs. megalon? liz vs. joan collins?? mere fiddlesticks compared to This epic monster match: THE SCALPER VERSUS THE SURGEON!!!
WATCH the ghoulish, bloodsucking scalper blow ghostly smoke to further his own parasitic existence at the expense of others! :o MARVEL as the merciless, dispassionate surgeon Cuts him off skillfully at every pass! :eek:
who will win?? who do You think :cool:
note: see posts by me and HoRseCaRcass here (http://startrektoys.com/micro/index.htm#0000003f); i'm also doing this here both cuz i know a lotta you'll get a kick out of it and cuz that other forums' woeful lack of paragraph-breaks renders longer replies all but indecipherable :( as usual, scalperboy's remarks are in quotes, followed immediately by my responses:

"VD (vulcandouche)"
-hey, congrats! you're only about the millionth friend Or foe who's come up with that one! as such, it naturally wounds me to no end :rolleyes: i musta hit pretty close to home to git you this riled up. too bad so little of what you say addresses the issues at hand. as for the rest:

"I've decided to shoot the works"
-THIS is your Works?? :rolleyes:

"VD is like hemorrhoids, popping up once it a while causing a burning and itching sensation"
-though i don't for a moment doubt your hemorroidal expertise, i think i speak for everyone here when i say it's still LTMI about your nether regions, sparky :p

"Like a toad lurking beneath the surface of a pond with just his eyes bulging up to keep an eye on the world, maybe flicking his tongue out for a nasty bug"
-which makes you the bug, right? in that case, here's my tongue: :p

"You are. . . someday destined to be the equivalent of the Simpsons comic book guy"
-oh? in that case, i'll need to decide which is the best retort. either: "it's Nice to have something to look forward to" -garak, ds9's "shattered mirror"; or: "werst progneausis EVUR" -s.c.b.g. :p

"errant jaunts to a convention in his "Ewoks Rule" T-shirt"
-i assume you refer to this (http://fan.starwars.com/partyforce/starfest.html), or maybe this (http://fan.starwars.com/PartyForce/FCSALE2000.html)? might wanna see a doctor, sounds like you have some kinda t-shirt dyslexia :p

"I did find his pic on someone's web site"
-well golly, why dincha Say so? if you're lookin to Drool over me a la some teenybopper besotted with kirk cameron, just click on these smilies for Bunches and BUNCHES of hunky vtpix, courtesy shutterbug r2: :D (http://fan.starwars.com/sabretoothcollection/tea.html) :p (http://fan.starwars.com/ForumForce/tea.html) consider it your own personalized Teen Beatoff magazine, compliments of Vours Truly :rolleyes:

"it is a pity you have more to say about ME than you do about YOURSELF"
-it is indeed a pity that your words cannot stand on their own without being debunked by someone such as myself who has a talent for clarifying things. as for me, my reputation speaks well enough: I AM VULCANTOUCH, the most accomplished scifi mm bountyhunter in the world. dozens of collectors all over the net can vouch that i've saved them a bundle acquiring all kinds of rare mms without making so much as a dime from it. i do it for the glory, cuz i have ethics and cuz i still feel so lucky to have been able to have long ago completed my collection without once being scalped that i love to help others do the same whenever possible. and if that cuts into the profits of lowlife scalpers like you, so much the better :)

"You are a scared punk Mr Nobody hiding in the Net"
-I ain't been the one runnin to mama ebay cryin about "auction interference". I Also ain't the one hidin behind Multiple ebay identities. You are :p

-oooo, not since neil diamond Or shirley maclaine has such Eloquence graced us. i feel privileged :rolleyes:

"if you are out there, show it"
-if i feel like taking your orders, i'll be sure & let you know :p

"Where is YOUR web site? What is YOUR life?"
-your increasingly obsessed curiosity about me aside, does anyone here remember when "website" and "life" were mutually-exclusive terms, and that it was in fact people who Had websites that were regarded as having no life? are you saying things are so different now that one does Not have a life Unless he has a website? if so, i happily disagree :p

"He is content to pick away from his non-existent life"
-even a dogmatic athiest such as yourself ("if i don't see it, it ain't there") should be able to grasp that "non-existent" and "non-visible to HoRseCaRcass" are not necessarily the same thing. at any rate, the "content" part does indeed apply, i.e. i am Content to leave wanting your transparent attempts to bait me into trotting out my life for the likes of you :p

"He is a blip on a PC screen. An anonymous screen name. . . I had to call his parents up beacuse of his antics. . . I got his Ebay contact info and traced his ISP back. From his ISP (where his parents worked), I was able to locate e-mail addresses for his parents (directory info- last name matched Ebay info, same city/state as well)"
-in that case, i wonder who it was that Actually had the pleasure of getting that whining call from you. my father doesn't even live in the same County as i do; meanwhile, my mother lives in a different State. both those facts have been true for over 15 years.
my "real" name's never exactly been a Secret :rolleyes: i simply understand that it's of little relevance or reasonable interest to public forum audiences. that said, it's a shame you were never able to use my real name to bring the fight directly to me; that's something i might've genuinely enjoyed.
your detective work has been amateurish, sloppy and impotent; try again :p

"Maybe someday (ltb) and vulcandouche will have to work for a living instead of sponging off your parents"
-uh, Which parents of mine are those again? oh, Right, Those parents of mine, the ones you Called :rolleyes: you know, maybe You should give those Parents of mine Another call! tell them to, uh, kick me out of the basement and, uh, order me to go out into the world and, as the immortal shatnerism put it, Get A Life :p and hey, maybe when i'm all grows up i'll be a scawper jesss like Yoooo :p

"He sent me an anonymous threatening letter via snailmail"
-as you know, i've already addressed this accusation in my march 23 post here ( predictably, you Still haven't responded to those remarks.

"with no return address but postmarked from his city"
-oh? what city is that? for that matter, since You brought it up, you Still haven't described for all of us here the Contents of this Threatening Letter you claim to have received. care to do so? this oughta be good :)

"regardless of what his continuing lies entail or how much he will insist he would NEVER do it, I am positive the crud has bought stuff from me under his usual false e-mails and ID's"
-and I am positively Thrilled that i've got you so agitated you're seeing me everywhere like some kinda paranoid who knows he's got it comin. why would i buy anything from you? to take advantage of your Great prices? :rolleyes: cuz it's the only way i could get your home address? :rolleyes:

"He has repeatedly contacted me using other e-mail addresses and then got off ranting on forums about how I refused to sell him a 1701-E for $20"
-a $20 ent-e? now i Really think you're confusing me with someone else :p which i suppose isn't surprising in that, judging from your tainted ebay feedback profiles (in contrast to my spotless record there), you've made more enemies than you can apparently keep track of. sure, some after i explained your deceits, but plenty you made all on your own without any help from me :)
btw, if i were you i'm not sure i'd go around accusing Others of "repeatedly using other email addresses"; does int_admin@usa.net ring a bell? :p

"I do not make market prices, I take advantage of the ones that slip through. . . Again, I do not make the market, I live under it"
-if i were you i'm not sure i'd bring up the subject of what you live under :p meanwhile, your excuses are b.s: you Do help make the market, by contributing to and profiteering from it. your hoarding & reselling benefits no one in the collector world but yourself. your aim is always to make a profit, never to break even or take a loss. there's a word for your behavior: Scalping.

"When you insist on trading a Collection II in exchange for a 1701-E you got at a garage sale for $1, go look in a mirror for profiteering. Just because you use barter instead of cash doesn't make it different"
-i've long since addressed this issue in my Definition of Scalping here ( predictably, you've yet to respond to that either.

"So I want to make $10 on a Set XI? Gimmee a goddamn break….I think I have earned it"
-if i Ever give a damn what You think, maybe i'll let you know :p

"Just like most those hypocrites out there. 'I want it cheap but I ain't gonna sell nuttin'' is BS. Everything has a price"
-which seems to explain where your ethics went :p you or anyone else here is welcome to try proving this point by offering me any dollar amount you choose for my ent-e; see if i part with it.

"Those few misguided twerps that have nothing better to do can have a feeding frenzy with the turds I dropped in the bowl"
-This is how you regard your Customers? gee, why am i not surprised :p

"I listed an HMS Bounty as 'the rarest micromachine' and he e-mailed me to 'explain' my error. His contention was that more Set XI's were produced than XV's and XVI's"
-as anyone with stmm collecting knowledge (such as yourself) can confirm, it's not just a contention. it's a Fact. and you know it.

"My belief was that the mechanical nature of the Bounty assured that most which had been opened when bought would have been broken by now and there really were less available than the Array, Torpedo or Sailor which will last for decades"
-as anyone here can see, the weasel-like speciousness of this professed belief of yours speaks for itself :p

"He did not like my rejection of his expert opinion as MicroGod and proceeded to disrupt my auction"
-as i made clear at the time, what i didn't like was your accusing me of lying, and your failure to own up to that lie and your acution fraud. what You didn't like was when, after you refused to correct your weasel-words, i took it upon myself to share our correspondence with your bidders so they could judge for themselves.
you can cry about "auction interference" til you turn blue: if a scalper's gonna throw a hissy, call me a liar and refuse to correct intentional, irrefutably misleading hype in his item description, he's gonna have to deal with me, end of story.

"Because of the interference and continuing e-mail aggravation from him"
-You were the one who sent Me three separate, increasingly-hostile messages in response to my initial polite email pointing out your description error; so, who was trying to aggravate whom?

"I also reported him to Ebay for interference. This stuck in his craw to no end"
-why would it? after they checked the facts, they even Thanked me for my vigilance :) you overestimate your imperviousness to the wrath you've earned from your fellow ebayers. you can adopt as many alternate ebayusernames as you like. you can protest all you want that actually only one person (me) is behind all the feedback complaints you've amassed over the past 1&1/2 years. your evasions and conspiracy-theory excuses only put off the ineViTable: your days on ebay are numbered :)

"Missmiata outbids me regularly"
-are we supposed to feel sympathy when one scalper whines about losing to another scalper?

"You want to know who I am? It is all right there. . . my personal life that I do not fear letting others know about. . . would he reveal himself to the world he claims to exist in directly?"
-first, define "directly". next, explain why your definition should mean anything to the rest of us. finally, Make Good on your own claim to "not fear letting others know about" you, i.e. prove to us You exist by revealing here your bank account numbers, credit card info, pin codes and the social security numbers and full names of both yourself and your offspring.

"I was spending hours a day searching and tracking auctions. My kids would be in bed before I'd realize they'd came home from school some evenings"
-again, the phrase "go get a real job" would seem to apply- even if that job is simply being a parent :p

"I am now renting a 3br home which has toys taking up two of the rooms"
-the kids didn't make the cut, eh? wasn't there enough Profit in keeping them around? :rolleyes: you do indeed paint a pitiable self-portrait. but there's one thing i don't understand: i thought you said I was the one who was destined to turn into the simpsons' hoarding comic book guy. looks like Someone beat me to it :p

"My ex-girlfriend (sorry VD, I was married/divorced back in 1978)"
-oh, i ain't the one that should be apologized to; you might wanna ask your "ex-girlfriend" why she went around telling people she was your "wife" :rolleyes:

"My time on Ebay and spending was the main reason we split up"
-i'm sure i'm not the only one here struck by the unconvincing hollowness of this explanation. but i suppose, In Its Way, it's true. but you clearly don't yet know the whole story, so i'll give you a hint:
next time you talk to your ex-"girlfriend", show her my picture. as you do, closely watch the look on her face as you ask if she recognizes me. that should tell you all you need to know about the Real reason she left you :o hey, what can i say? is it my fault if, once a woman's had steak, hamburger just don't taste so good no more? :D
still don't believe me? ask her if she ever took my advice to laser-remove that mole that was growing on the small of her back :p

"Why don't you ***** about EVERY web store on the Net???"
-because i'm smart enough to pick my battles, and you've been dumb enough to make yourself one of my targets. other scalpers haven't been stupid enough to go around telling people i'm a liar.
at every turn you've been an injudicious, unrepentant, thoroughly nasty horse's patoot. as such, you've earned my wrath. so i don't care whether you spell it VendeTta or VenDetta; either way it's a R-E-A-L-I-T-Y you're just gonna have to deal with.

"If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch"
-please, enough about your "wife" already :p

"the malady is sure to return"
-not necessarily; as i made clear in the passage about your cuckolding, i've long since had my sweeeeet revenge on you for your refusal to retract your lies about me :) but whenever i catch wind of you being fool enough to try peddlin your lies in a place like this, you're damn right i'm gonna return :)

and that concludes today's monster chiller horror theater. until next time, this is count floyd saying "ah-WOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" :)
np: vince guaraldi, "great pumpkin waltz"

11-01-2001, 10:05 AM
Originally posted by vulcantouch
"it is a pity you have more to say about ME than you do about YOURSELF"
-it is indeed a pity that your words cannot stand on their own without being debunked by someone such as myself who has a talent for clarifying things. as for me, my reputation speaks well enough: I AM VULCANTOUCH, the most accomplished scifi mm bountyhunter in the world. dozens of collectors all over the net can vouch that i've saved them a bundle acquiring all kinds of rare mms without making so much as a dime from it. i do it for the glory, cuz i have ethics and cuz i still feel so lucky to have been able to have long ago completed my collection without once being scalped that i love to help others do the same whenever possible. and if that cuts into the profits of lowlife scalpers like you, so much the better :) Anybody watch "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda"? This statement reminds me of Tyr Anasazi's announcement of self when he is trying to keep Drago Museveni's body from the Drago-Kazov pride.

11-01-2001, 10:30 AM
I'm the one pointing out that I really know economics when Mr Scalper head says neither of us did and VT's taking all the credit! :P Oh well, fine with me, I just want that scalper outta here so that newb collectors can have a better chance at these finely done MMs. :)

good shot jansen
11-01-2001, 03:56 PM
oh baby! it ain't often these days that we git to see the god o' fire make a 4 alarm appearance, but when he do! hoo ha!

why oh why does racer boy always skip down this already well trodden path o' his? he must do it for our amusement. i can't think of anyother reason. he claims to be angered, yet he keeps leavin unspent ammo laying around, jes waitin for it to come back home to poppa!....time.....and .....time....again! (so maybe it's for his amusement as well):confused:

whoever thought that the joys and fun of playin' with toys would become so.....aieechiwowwow!

np: john cougar (pre)mellencamp - hurt so good

11-01-2001, 04:39 PM
On a similar topic.........

I am soon to add a HALL OF SHAME section to my site - containing the names, email addresses and home addresses of people who have ripped me off at auction or trade (not sure of the legality, but what the hell!).

Anybody got any baddies want adding, just let me know.

No scaplers......I know that they are B@*&$%>S, but thieves only for the time present please.


11-01-2001, 07:09 PM
Britcit3 - I will let you be the judge as to whether or not this.. thing qualifies for your hall of shame:
link to my post on this forum about the seller of my Predator AF landing ship..... (

11-02-2001, 01:27 AM
I think that Mr Lu easily qualifies for entry into the hall of shame.

I have saved your post and will include it when the page is up and running in about 2 weeks.

If you want to send me his email address (so we can all email these b@$£%&ds), then please feel free.



11-02-2001, 03:42 AM
he claims to be angered, yet he keeps leavin unspent ammo laying around, jes waitin for it to come back home to poppa!....time.....and .....time....again!

kinda sounds like cluster bombs dunnit? :p


11-02-2001, 08:05 AM

If you do a seller search on eBay for Fantasiatoyz and read the disclaimer he tacks on to all his auction postings, you can read between the lines to see that he is a real piece of work.

BTW, whilst recently bidding on (and losing) a set of 6 AFs from a seller, I checked his feeback as I always do before bidding. The seller's history was almost immaculate. He had all top honors except for a single flame-job from Felix Lu, who wasn't willing to forgive the other party for having the nerve to be hospitalized, thus delaying processing of a transaction.

link to seller's feeback page - see the complaint at the bottom..... (http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=goliaths777@aol.com&page=2&items=25)

11-02-2001, 10:37 AM
resides in wichita kansas (http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=gypsythesquirrel)- more precise address later, remind me if i forget. and yes, i'd be Thrilled if you'd inform squirrel-boy he's qualified for your halloshame, And who nominated him :)
no worries ltb, me antiscalpin tagteam partner- there's plenty of credit to go round, just grab you up some :)
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