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Sith's Herald
08-05-2003, 08:23 AM
I am in agreement with most of the points made on the Hasbro questions topic. I work in manufacturing and can understand where some of Hasbro's opinions about distribution and the location of manufacturing come from, though I do not really agree with them.

I know they will not be able to answer the first question since it has to do with retailers, but I have read other threads that comment on pegwarmers, etc. In the Minneapolis area, Target and TRU have decided to start warming the twelve pegs in their display with one figure each (usually all pilot Jangos). The questions this raises are; Why are these stores even keeping a dozen pegs in their display if they will not fill them with new product that might actually sell? And; How long do they need to have trouble selling these pegwarmers before they cut their losses and sell them off cheaper for customizer parts or BB gun targets?

The real question I have for Hasbro is this. It is fairly common knowledge that tooling for any industry is not cheap (even though molds are much, much cheaper to make in Asia). I do appreciate the variety we see in figures when they finally do reach a shelf but why are they blowing their profits on insignificant changes like making blaster for the E4 Han and then making a different blaster for the Bespin Han? Back in '95 all of the DL-44's were made from the same mold. They looked a little big and clunky so I am appreciative of the newer in-scale versions. I also like the fact that they are willing to sculpt different facial expressions (aside from the screaming Mace), but why are they wasting their time and money making different scuplts of the same weapons?