View Full Version : Hasbro Survey at Wizard World Chicago

08-10-2003, 12:18 AM
Rumor Mill!!!!!

OK...brief overview of this survey.

Typical questions: other interests, sex, age, income bracket, etc.

Star Wars specific questions:

Awareness of Clone Wars and intentions to collect
Thoughts about playsets
Vintage figures
Size of collection
Thoughts about distribution and where do you frequently buy
Other questions were there also...but these were the majors

As I mentioned before, the guy handing them out hinted that they recommend doing a little more Target hunting. Also, mentioned that they were looking into the possibility of doing vintage figures on new cards.....

Question: I thought that there were problems with the molds from before...that was why the four pack in 95 were slightly irregular..

Thought: I hate to drum up the redo of figures, and I hate to buy them, but it would be interesting to see a two pack of the figures from them and one from now. This could also help in getting some of those other figures released that aren't out yet...like EWOKS!