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08-11-2003, 04:24 PM
As a SW fan and collector of basic figures with a degree in marketing, I have observed the trend of this product line since it started in 1995.
My experience is based on my own preferences which seem to be echoed by other collectors on SW forums. I've frequented toy stores fro Northern to Southern California enough to observe patterns in distribution. I've also been to SW conventions and third market dealers to observe the level of demand for this product line which seems to me to be significant enough for Hasbro to pay attention to:

1. Remove all action features (buttons etc.) They are costly to you and ineffective to the buyer. This could save you money and improve customer satisfaction. In the long run, they break anyway.
2. Features like removable helmets and functioning holsters are great. Keep it up!!
3. The new figures are more realistic than POTF2 versions becasue they are less 'muscular'. Keep up the good realistic sculpts!
4. However, keep the pose as simple as possible. Some poses have too wide a stance that makes them look short or too specific for one scene.
Consumers like their figure to have more than one function.
5. Tricking consumers to buying the same figure in a different pose to address the issue in 4. may seem great for Hasbro in having us buy more, but, it may simply backfire as seen by the number of peg warmers out there. Again, many consumers like their one figure to be versatile in different play roles, not specific to only one.
6. The joints with the peg in the hole works better than the GI Joe type joints. The latter loosens over time and renders the figure "play ineffective". My own personal preference is to avoid any joints in the legs as that is how the figure stands. It may save you money and avoid disastisfaction with a figure that cannot stand because the knee joints are too loose.
The peg type joints in the arms are great features. It makes for more options in holding weapons. Keep this feature! :D
7. Keep It Simple! :greedy: Sound micro chips, fact cards and hologram stcickers or action features with springs and buttons are costly and are not why consumers buy a SW basic action figure. Keeping it simple would also keep packaging simple and less costly.
8. Research the figures that are popular and make less of the unpopular ones like Jar Jar Binks. My preference is for humans or imperial figures because the latter look cool and truly personify "action figures"
9. Keep the price under $5 as they currently are. We like that Hasbro. Thank you. If you can do that with 'action features' then think of how greater your profit margin would be if you didn't have to pay for those ineffective features.
10. Have a team who are knowledgeable about the theme Star Wars monitor quality control. This may avoid mistakes like the wrong hand being painted on Saga's Jedi Luke, or the wrong color pants on the POTF2 Rebel Trooper.

My suggestions of what works is nothing that hasn't been done and it certainly isn't the most costly suggestion. I hope this helps you in your research and will prove to be a win win for both Hasbro and the SW collectors.

Thanks and continue to do your best to sell a quality product.

Phantom-like Menace
08-12-2003, 01:16 PM
No fancy degrees here, but I like what you've said. It was well stated as well. Personally, I never thought about the point that it's more expensive to add these action features, but now that I'm thinking about it, that just bugs me; they can spend less money and make me happy! Yes, that was a bit selfish sounding.

08-14-2003, 11:45 AM
I'm for this too. Keep things simple, drop the complexed (and often unusable) action features, and keep those poses nuetral.