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Battle Droid
08-15-2003, 09:40 AM
From, theforce.net

EP3: SPY REPORT: Jedi Starfighter v 2.0
Fri, Aug 15, 03 09:48:03 AM EDT

Here's some new confirmed info from insider we'll call Man of Mystery who we hope to be hearing from more and more as the run to Episode III continues.

Rip the cockpit off of the Classic Trilogy TIE-fighter and slap it on to the Episode II Jedi Starfighter where the old cockpit was placed. Paint the whole thing gray, add some weathering and a new droid socket (one that shows more of the legs, more towards the rear) and you've got the Episode III version. Let's call it the Jedi Starfighter v 2.0. It looks killer - maybe some of the fans can draw up some sketches or something.

08-15-2003, 09:58 AM
A ball cockpit slapped into the jedi starfighter? hows' that gonna work, the viewport would be half obscured by the front end of the fuselage. And is the droid slot behind the cockpit? This doesn't sound right. Trying to get a tie fighter out of a jedi starfighter is like tring to get an orange out of a banana. Now maybe if they were getting an X-wing from a jedi starfighter i could see that. Going from rounded cockpit to squared cockpit, taking the nose in and making it squarer not wedge shaped. Extending the rear of the fighter out and putting the droid in there. But in all honesty the only ship that the jedi starfighter could logically transform into is the A-wing. All the other ships would need to be new designs built specifically. The trade federation droid fighter was supposed to resemble the tie fighter and that's where i thought the design would come from not a jedi starfighter. I think this is pushing the bounds of credibility a little.
Here's a quick sketch i did throwing the tie cockpit onto the starfighter to see how it fits and it looks pretty silly to me. But maybe they'll do it anyway just to conveniently jemmy in yet another OT aspect pointlessly.

Battle Droid
08-15-2003, 10:05 AM
Maybe the viewport would be on top somewhat angled instead of on the side?

Not saying I believe any of it though.

plo koon 200
08-15-2003, 03:08 PM
Actually, from seeing a few sketches from TFN I have the feeling that new Jedi Starfighter will look like a cross between A Jedi Starfighter, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Star Destroyer. That's a lot of ships to be coming from one design.

jedi master sal
08-15-2003, 03:54 PM
Well, this just stinks. I really wanted to see a precursor to the Y-wing. This could have happened by squaring off the front of the Jedi Starfighter, adding a little bit of an elongated fuselage behind were the pilot is, also allowing for a droid socket and then adding a port and starboard engine nacelle. Even if a truncated version of the engine.

plo koon 200
08-15-2003, 06:42 PM
Well... Look on the bright side. It evolves into THREE OT vehicles rahter than just one.

plo koon 200
08-15-2003, 09:39 PM
Oops sorry, I forgot for a day that the Star Destrotyer will be in EIII. Anyways, the Jedi Starfighter evolving into both the X-Wing and Tie Fighter is cool and ironic at the same time. This will make it somewhat interesting for ANH as we see the space battle.

jedi master sal
08-19-2003, 11:45 AM
Hey, wait a minute! If you put the ball cockpit on the jedi starfighter's body don't you have Maul's ship?

What a jip! They're crapping out on design now.

I for one do not like the idea of getting 2 or 3 three ships from one design. This thing had better look awesome, IMHO, before many accept the idea of it. Right now, (Maul's ship notwithstanding) the idea of a ball cockpit on a jedi starfighter's body is ludicrious.

Now this next part is my personal opinion. Instead of moving toward what we've known as the starfighter of the Republic, which is of course the Y-wing, we get some funky cobbled together design reminiscent of the "uglies" that have been portrayed in EU books. Is that what the designers intended...to bring some continuity between the books and the movie with linking the "uglies" to this new starfighter design? If so, they could have chosen any number of things better than this.

Okay, I'm done ranting...for now.

08-20-2003, 02:23 PM
I've been thinking some more and i can now see how the Jedi starfighter might turn into an x-wing. Okay, look at the hasbro toy version of the thing and take the wings off, the blast off ones. Now flip the rear wing panels out. Imagine those wing panels in an X configuration. Imagine the fuselage has been made blockier instead of flat. Take the front pointy nose piece and black that out and shave off the point.
Nest you make the cockpit more square still with a slight curve to it but the sides are now flatter and the top is flatter. Remove the fin at the back and square that off and extrude it backwards just far enough to get a droid slot in. Next, just next to the wings, between them and the cockpit, add an engine, two top side and two below. Make an air scoop at the front end and extend the engine out back a little. Finally add a short cannon to the wing tips sort of like the ones on the A-wing fighter but only single barrel. And there you have an X-wing MKI.

For the TIE fighter, if it's coming from the bad guys, Take a trade federation droid fighter. squish the fuselage front and back so it forms a round cockpit and struts to the wings. Straighten the wings flat and rotate them 90 degrees upwards and fill the gap between the two halves. move the cannon from the wing tips to the front of the fuselage. Next we make the cockpit where the droid brain was but to accomdate the pilot we mirrot the round top half of the cockpit on the underneath and thus we have a ball cockpit. Move this right forward and add a round viewport. At the rear we don't yet have ION engines so we have two large thrusters just like the Jedi starfighter had. And there you have a basic TIE fighter.

I could do the Y-wing and A-wing too. Though the Y-wing would be the most logical one to do seeing as it's supposedly as old as these two fighters mentioned above. But the backstory of the Y-wing is that it's an old school light fighter and bomber. So maybe we'll see Y-wings flying from Alderaan in all their hull plated glory shiney and new looking. Bail Organa's private defensive fleet perhaps? That would be cool.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
08-20-2003, 08:00 PM
It would make more sense for the Jedi Starfighter to become a TIE fighter. The Republic becomes the Empire, and the separatists (in a way) become the Rebel Alliance.

In the newest Insider, on the toy update, they said that Anakin's starfighter (also from the cartoon, not sure about the film) is a mix of the podracer and the TIE fighter. So it stands to reason that the other Jedi Starfighters would have other bits of TIE fighters in them.

The wing design on the current Jedi Starfighter toy remind me more of the TIE fighter than anything else (even though it is just a toy . . .).

08-20-2003, 09:37 PM
The anakin starfighter is headedtowards the x-wing fighter. Four guns and large engine thrusters. Centrally located droid, pilot sat high in the cockpit. It really is a stupid idea to get a TIE fighter which is clearly a brand new design to the empire based on the robot ships of the trade federation. The Jedi starfighter could become an X-wing but i'd far rather that too was an independent design not an evolutionary thing. Why does everything in star wars have to be linked somehow? There's no need to have the x-wings and TIE fighters in any way shape of form in the prequels. The empire is forged and they commision new ships to be made hence the TIE design coming about. The rebels begin with a fleet of cobbled together ragtag ships and fighters and then rich sympathisers donate funds that allow the rebels to purchase their fleet of fighters. There's no need for the convenient halfway point mutation of these ships. The bastardising of iconoclastic vehicles for the sake of matching movies made 28 years ago with some piece of fluff made now. It's just like they can't give a monkeys anymore, apathy and blase attitudes from all concerned. This doesn't bode well for my enjoyment of the movie if half of the thing is going to bug me because the ships are crap.