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08-26-2003, 10:21 AM
Are any of you as hooked on Pazaak as I am? I like this mini game, and even figured out a way to play it at home. The rules are a little different, and you donít get to choose your side deck, but it is still fun.

Take 2 decks of cards, preferably with 2 different card backs so you donít get your main deck and your side deck confused. Then with your main deck take out all the face cards (and jokers) so you only have the A-10 cards. In you side deck take out everything except the 1-6 cards. Then you deal out 4 cards to each player from the side deck. Use the Spades as minus cards, the Clubs as plus cards, and the red cards (hearts and diamonds) and the +/- cards.

What we do then is cut the cards to see who will go first, then play as normal on KOTOR. We alternate who goes first and shuffle the main deck each round. We still play first to 3m and we use the jokers from the 2 decks to help keep score. Itís pretty fun this way, and simple.

If anyone else is interested in how to play that doesnít play KOTOR, I can post the complete game rules here (or another SSG member can).

Also, Iím looking into making my own Pazaak card and decks. The best way Iíve found to do it is print them out as business cards, so they will be a little small. But you can find sheets of heavy stock perforated to be punched out as business cards at many stores like Office Depot or Staples. Otherwise Iíd have to do it on heavy photo paper, which is expensive not to mention would be a pain to cut them all out. Iím trying to do some good artwork for the fronts and backs of the cards. If anyone would like to help design them, let me know. Or post here to show off your artistic abilities. I was thinking a Jedi type theme/look for the Main Deck, and a Sith look for the side deck- at least for the card backs. I was trying to make the fronts look much like the games, but might jazz it up a bit too.


Boba Rhett
08-26-2003, 06:23 PM
I didn't really care for Pazaak at all. :( It seemed pretty boring all the times I played it and the jerk on Manaan really cheesed me off. :D

08-27-2003, 08:53 PM
Most of the people I've talked to didn't much care to invest any time into this mini-game but I on the other hand found myself getting sidetracked for hours playing it. I think my enjoyment of playing blackjack is the main reason I find this game so fun. I'm actually quite good now and use it as a good source of income but eventually if you win to much you'll scare your opponent off. I think I actually played for 2 hrs. straight once. :crazed:

Glad to hear someone else has a gambling problem mrmiller. :D