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11-26-2001, 12:41 PM
Hey Hasbro,

Have you seen this report on Rebelscum about unreleased Ep1 micro machine packs 14-16?......


Do you know how annoying this is, knowing that our (our: the Micro Machine forummers) collections will never be truly complete?

If you actually read these posts and you value your most fanatical MM collectors (there are about 10 regular contributers to the board), then drop me a line and tell me how I can aquire these sets for the forum.

C'mon - you must have a few of these kicking about in somebodys office or storeroom.

Between us we have spent thousands of dollars on Hasbro/Galoob products - so show us that you care about your customers.

Yours non-expectantly


11-26-2001, 01:08 PM
me and fellow scifimm collector baal jr (http://fan.starwars.com/sabretoothcollection/index.html) will shortly be sending you a package containing Hundreds of micropoints & starwars points from the Thousands of swmms we have bought over the last several years. by this show of passion & loyalty for sfmms we mean to coax you into sending us enough free 14-16 ep1 mm pax for ourselves & our fellow ssg mm forummers (about a dozen of each should do it) :evil: we figure that this package'll impress you so much you'll feel much too guilty to let the tease the pictures of these tail-end mms have played on us go unfulfilled :o and if you remain unconvinced, maybe we & our friends here'll just have to keep on inundating you with this blizzard of micro & sw points until you just can't take the guilt no more (on that note: jdah, can i use the points off the sw toys i'm sending you? :kiss: )
p.s. and while you're at it, Bring Back Star Trek MicroMachines dammit :happy:

good shot jansen
11-26-2001, 01:13 PM
it has now been two years since the last release of any kind of star wars (or science fiction/fantasy) micro machines product. every time someone get's their hands on a either non-produced, or limited production run micro machines product, and then places it on ebay, it always sells in the three digit range (in the case of some prototype action fleet ships, it went up into the four digit range!)

star wars episode I micro machines product that have been previously shown as retail ready product, yet not released to the retail sector are as follows;

Micro machines collection XIV
Micro machines collection XV
micro machines collection XVI

metal die-cast anakins pod racer

Watto's shop platform action set
swamp invasion platform action set

anakin skywalker podrace test flight transforming action set

pod racing pack V
pod racing pack VI

as the moderator of the micro machines section here at sir steves guide (as well as being an avid collector, as is my 7 year old son of all things micro machines!), it would be a greatly appreciated (as well as profitable for hasbro i'm sure) if hasbro would please release the above referenced star wars episode I micro machines product for all to enjoy and play with.

my signature line tells our story quite nicely

11-26-2001, 01:49 PM
As someone who got into MM collecting late, I'd like to see more MM stuff. I think it's a fun realm to explore and collect. I started a battle of Hoth diorama with MMs (need to complete it).

11-27-2001, 01:01 AM
Yeah! Hop to it Hasbro!

11-27-2001, 08:34 AM
Dear Hasbro,
I would like to add my voice to the crowd of people asking for Star Wars MicroMachines.

There is still a lot of interest in SW MM, as you can see from: SSG's MicroMachines petition, eBay listings (more than 800 MM SW items of today, with a completion rate about 60-70%), discussion forums (SSG and others), collections pictures, internet sites devoted to this toy line, etc.

There is a lot of people wanting not only Star Wars MM, but also Action Fleet, Die-cast, X-Ray, playsets, Podracing, ... Just have a look at what people are spending to complete their collections with hard to find items: hundreds of dollars!

There is a market for the SW MM toy lines! And Star Trek, and Babylon 5, and any SF movie!

So if you want to make money give us Star Wars MicroMachines! If you do not want to make money why did you buy Galoob? Even if you close the SW MM toy line the SW MM collectors and fans will not start buying action figures! It is a different market. I love space vehicles, but I do not love action figures, and action figure-sized vehicles are too big for me!

In the immortal words of gsj: bring back micro machines dammit :)

Yours truly,

P.S. From different sources it looks like you have items already produced and packaged that were never sent to retail. Why do not you sell them directly to true collectors that are desperate about those items? You would get money and we would be happy! :D Why not? I mean. ;)

11-27-2001, 10:54 AM
I emailed Hasbro customer support at the weekend to ask about the Ep1 14-16's with the following email......

Hi there

I have been a loyal Galoob and then Hasbro customer since the release of the original space micro machines in 1993.

Since that time I have collected EVERY vehicle that was commercially available (including playsets) at huge cost to myself (probably thousands of dollars)

However, I have recently learned that Hasbro made prototypes of Star Wars Episode 1 vehicle/figure micro machines sets 14-16, but never commercially released them.

I got the info from a Star Wars collectors site called REBELSCUM and a guy from the site told me that he got his prototypes from an old Hasbro employee - see the site below.


I realise that you must get hundreds of enquiries every week, but aquiring the Star Wars Ep1 sets 14-16 would really make one of your most faithful customers very happy - I will never consider my collection to be complete without them (and this will really BUG me!!).

I presume that Hasbro will have some of these prototypes in a storeroom or office somewhere - if they are, please, please, please can I buy them from you?

I realise that they will be ultra rare, but just name your price - I've got to have 'em so I can sleep peacefully at night.

Yours desperately

Jim Hobson

Today I got this response.........

At 11/27/2001 11:44 AM we wrote - Thank you for contacting us regarding the Star Wars Episode 1 Micro Machines. The items to which your refer are not currently in production. We are, therefore, unable to assist you in identifying retail markets which may still have this product in inventory nor do we have any available for direct sale. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Well, thanks for nothing Hasbro - that response must have taken one of your employees all of 30 seconds to research and respond to.

Cheers & I know that I shouldn't have bothered


11-27-2001, 02:27 PM
Well, when did this thread come about? I had only seen it via Vulky's referral.:evil:

Anyway, sure, use em si tu veut (if you like/want), but please try to keep some kind of opening joy for me., I'm not opening any POTJ packs so please leave all them intact.

BC3, did you post this also in "Dear Hasbro"? I think they actually look at that board from T2T:rolleyes:


11-27-2001, 02:51 PM

Are you still having a Blonde day, Jeddah?

Look at the top of the page where this is posted.

As ever, cheers


11-28-2001, 04:40 AM
The cold and impersonal response to bc3's e-mail is another sign that, no matter what we think, Hasbro is a burocratic monster just there to scalp collectors.

In my opinion Galoob was totally different: they put in place the Buzz Board, their chief designer talked directly to the fans (he even put a dedication within the Millennium Falcon!), they had context giving away collectibles for free and they sold directly exclusive items (even if not internationally, so I never had the chance to get the wonderful "Balance of Power", sigh!).

I e-mailed Galoob pointing out a mistake in their site and I got response and the mistake was fixed. I e-mailed Hasbro asking to fix some mistakes in their site and I never got a response, the MM part of the site is still incorrect and they even erased the old Galoob site with all the useful pictures and references.

I am very disappointed!

If someone from Hasbro is reading this post I would like to let him know that there is people willing to spend big money on their products (I spent about $2800 on MM items until now), but customers need a minimum of care from the vendor!


P.S. I always read a lot of complaints from Hasbro action figures collectors (about quality, prices, resculpts, etc.). I did not usually read complaints from former buzz-boarders about MM products. There was just one episode when Galoob decided to reuse previously issued vehicles in new collections at the very beginning. In that occasion fans complained and Galoob listened: no more new collections reused old vehicles (they even re-issued the Classic Character figure collection!). Do you see what I mean?

11-28-2001, 04:06 PM
Emailed Hasbro again yesterday (addressed to Customer Services Manager), with a link to this thread. Got this response.......

At 11/28/2001 04:32 PM we wrote - Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your interest. The promotional items used for "in store" displays, television commercials and prototypes are not available for resale. If an employee were to sell these things, they would be in violation of Hasbro's code of conduct. We appreciate your understanding.

Seasons Greetings,
Consumer Affairs Department
Hasbro, Inc.

Once again, how can I thank you for your efforts, Hasbro.


11-29-2001, 12:05 AM
Hasbro, you're not making friends in this thread! Get back to MM work!!!!

11-29-2001, 05:20 AM
Hey JT

It was you who organised the MM petition some time ago, wasn't it?

If so, do you have a Hasbro contact that I can contact to try to aquire these sets for the forum?



good shot jansen
11-29-2001, 07:00 AM
Originally posted by JediTricks
Hasbro, you're not making friends in this thread! Get back to MM work!!!!

we ain't askin' here for any new r&d funds to be spent, we're jes trying to get the toys that have already been designed, tooled, produced, and packaged previously!

once you see how quickly these sell, you will then understand that micro machines are a very important part of the star wars toy universe!:happy:

(then you can spend new r&d funds for some brand spanking new micro machines toys!):)

11-30-2001, 12:56 AM
BC3, I'm afraid when Hasbro gobbled up the west-coast offices, I lost all contact. I had to give the petition to SirSteve so he could deliver it. I will look into this and see if anyone I know has contacts with these... hopefully so, but I'd rather Hasbro just released more MM/AF product, including this stuff, through the fan club if they don't want to take it to retail.

11-30-2001, 12:49 PM
. . . y'all might be interested (:rolleyes: ) to know that i don't quite share his sentiment, to wit: IF you make these things easy & inexpensive to acquire (as all good mm toys should be), i'll consider them collection-worthy. otherwise, i ain't gonna lose no sleep over them, y'hear? :zzz:
you want more of my MMoney? then you know what you gotta do :greedy: otherwise, i'll be happy to keep my $$ right where it is :greedy:

good shot jansen
12-04-2001, 01:54 PM
whilst you guys in rhode island continue to ignore our pleas, and refuse to make (ya don't even have to make new ones, jes release the ones already done!:mad: ) / release star wars micro machines, scalpers are gettin' quite rich scoopin' up the meager few tail end sets, and harpin' these ill gotten booties on ebay:rolleyes:

some of this has to click hasbro!

please do not let the great line of micro machines products just fade away into obscurity:cry:

good shot jansen
12-13-2001, 01:11 PM
rebelscum has now posted that there is another action fleet ship, which had been designed and tooled by the old guys at galoob. it is the neimodian shuttle (http://www.rebelscum.com/article.asp?i=7031)

quite frankly i am gettin' tired of all this:o

when i started to collect action fleet, i felt that they were the absolute best size for collectin' and playing with for star wars toys. my son through the years since age 3 (he's now 7) has confirmed this fact by rejecting anything bigger than the action fleet line, due to the cumbersome size of the potwhatever, and the difficulting in transporting all those large toys for play when we take trips. Any of the large sized toys (falcon, at-at, x-wing, whatever), have always remained on the shelf to collect dust, while the action fleet and micro machines toys were always in pitched battles for hours giving my son, his friends, as well as myself, countless hours of great fun

it doesn't suprise me at all that the old galoob team decided to make a neimodian shuttle, they always pleased us in the past with lesser known vehicles for the action fleet line. where else you gonna get a imperial landing craft, virago, and lars family landspeeder among others?

recently, i've been looking at the last 4 produced action fleet vehicles very closely, (royal star ship, sith infiltrator, att, and droid control ship), detail wise, these 4 toys are probably the most intricately produced action fleet vehicles of the entire line! they only showed what we could expect down the road with this already incredible line.

i can't believe hasbro , for whatever bean counting corporate reason is just gonna get rid of micro machines and action fleet, and say fare-d-well to one of the best toy lines ever produced.

well, all i have to say to this is 'to hell with hasbro", from now on i am boycotting the entire hasbro line until they start producing the sci fi micro machines line again. my toy money for both my 7 year old son, and 6 year old daughter will now go to hasbro's competition. maybe they'll make my world smile:rolleyes:

12-13-2001, 10:45 PM
It's a good thing I'm an a moderator here or my words would be MUCH harsher than GSJ's, he's totally taken it to the hoop without the swearing and insults I would have been spewing forth right about now. Hasbro should be totally ashamed of themselves for this, they themselves are to blame for the first wave of Ep 1 Micro Machines not selling well, which is the thing they are using to keep the MM lines down - if they hadn't overproduced product and choked off later waves, they wouldn't have killed the damn line! So they do the crime, and we do the time - why should we be the ones suffering for their mistakes?!? The 3rd wave of Ep 1 Die Casts looked incredible, I still can't believe we'll never get a DC Naboo Fighter or Anakin's Podracer or a Trade Fed Lander or a Gungan Sub!!!!! Hasbro, I know you made promises to bring back MM for Ep 2, but we've been waiting too dang long for some of this Ep 1 and Classic Trilogy stuff - GET WITH IT!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

12-14-2001, 09:12 AM
I think it's screwed up that ONE person (Mark@RS) is able to acquire suh a plethora of unreleased MM's in much less than a year that seem like they would have to come from the Hasbro vault, which would lead to the fact that Hasbro's "rules" about employees selling things like those is nothing but horse hockey.

Geez, Hasbro!!!!! You're so blind! You want to make money?! Put the micromachines back in! Make'em mail-order or something if you don't want to release them at retail, make a giant collector set and put it on your site! Do anything! Just make'em, price'em right, and they'll sell!!!!!!!! Think about it. You use existing molds which should still be in the vault so you don't have to make any newer molds which saves money for the retail cost, then you produce'em, find a way to package them either a special way or you use the 1999 designs, then make them mail-order or make them a special gift set for the Fan Club or your site or an exclusive to Wal-Mart or TRU, they'll sell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't price them ridiculously, if you do that, they won't sell, put it on a reasonable price and don't be greedy, you'll earn your money back. It's not that hard to figure out!!!!!!!! Stop sitting with your thumbs on your seat and THINK.

Look, you don't make money from making select things and putting high-prices on them because then the things don't sell to everyone who wants one, but if you make several things and put reasonable prices on them, then more people can buy them and then you'll get more money than you would with select things being high-priced. Get it. Got it? Good!

Ok, now I've vented. :D

12-14-2001, 09:50 AM
Well put, Mr Basker.

good shot jansen
01-10-2002, 04:00 PM
slave I and the jedi star fighter, is it hoping way to much, that hasbro might indeed have plans for micro machines or action fleet of these (as well as possibly other) new ships?

a few die-cast guys would be nice too:)

has anyone heard of any aotc mm's at all?:o

good shot jansen
05-24-2005, 07:26 PM
well here we are.....4 1/2 years later :frus:

and still nothing, nada :cry:

i appreciate the new titanium line, but fercrissakes :mad: as much as us die hards like the cast (metal and plastic) lines, they never sold well the 1st time around, and now you go and make them exclusives to boot :confused: !!??!!

the target plastic cast exclusives, are all of ships that were already produced several times (with the exception of the b-wing, this was only available previously as an extremely rare x-ray), so i'm sure these are flying off the shelf :rolleyes: .

the walmart exclusives, the metal titaniums, the revenge of the sith additions to the die cast line are very welcome, in fact, i have yet to be able to find these particular toys, becuase they are indeed scooped up rather quickly :) , however, the remainder of the line, the classic ships, these die casts were released, and re-released many times by galoob. instead of wheeling out the already sold to death toys, provide new ones, from episode 1, the mtt, anakin pod racer, and naboo fighter were all produced but never released, attack of the clones, not a single fricken die cast was released form this movie.

and as for the heart and soul of the old galoob line, action fleet and micro machines, how about hasbro, you ever gonna consider these at all? :mad:

05-24-2005, 07:55 PM
Preach it, brother! Send the message down their throats! We want more, we want better, we want true Micro Machines!!!