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09-17-2003, 08:11 PM
Did some (rare) serious hunting yesterday, and managed to find all three Value Packs at the Wal-Marts in the areas far outlying my usual hunting area. I spent about three hours and a qurter tank of gas hitting three different stores in the counties to the south and east, probably travelling 60-75 miles round trip(my area was bone dry and the area store associates and toy dept. managers typically clueless about the existence of the packs... go figure). Anyway, found all three, and even got one of the displays. Also happended upon an endcap CHOCK FULL of the first series of Cantina Sets and the latter Ep2 Deluxe figures (Slashing Anakin with dismembered Geonosian and the Nexu) for the crazy price of... get this...ONE DOLLAR EACH. I snagged 5 complete sets of the "Cantina Trio" for less than (half of what) I paid for my first set of the three(!!!), and also fattened up with a few more Nexu and a buncha Anakins just for fun (lotsa dismembered Geonosians for the diorama!). Couldn't pass 'em up at that price. Oh, and the Value packs were $4.77, just like everywhere else. Sweeeeeet...

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09-23-2003, 06:04 PM
Today I found an endcap jammed with EP2 12" Wave 2 product (Dooku, Zam, BD), and at the astounding price of $4.94 each. Some were mis-marked $9.88 from a previous markdown, but still scanned at the lower price. What was puzzling was that many of these were minty-fresh, and the quantity of them also, would make one believe that they had just unboxed many of them from cases from the backroom. Snagged a couple of BD's for army-building (at this price... why not?), and I'm considering returning for another Zam and Dooku just for posterities sake...