View Full Version : Finally Got My Sandtrooper Builder Set...

09-23-2003, 12:28 AM
Okay, so I was pretty thrilled to finally get it. EE had to send it to my brother's house in Cleveland, and I had to wait for a few people to relay the package into my hands. Finally it gets here, so I crack it open. Here's what I found:

The troopers are, as you all likely know, identical in posability and sculpt to the POTJ Tatooine Stormies. They come with 4 different shoulder pauldrons to denote ranks or different duty capacities, which was a nice touch.

I got 2 backpacks in with one of my figures, not sure if this is proper or a mistake, Im assuming it was a mistake. Too bad they didn't toss in an extra blaster for good measure!

I wish the figures had been given the "dirty" paint applications the POTJ Sandtroopers were, I like the looks of the POTJ version much better. I guess these guys can be used as the new shift coming on in relief of my dirty POTJ ones.

All in all, it gets the "okay" rating. I wasn't at all surprised by what I found, but they left me wishing for a little more for the money (living in Canada, I wound up paying well over 10 CDN dollars a piece for these guys, more than I paid for each of my POTJ versions). I only got these because they were different figures, in the future I'll be holding off on troop builder sets unless they decide to send unique figures again.