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11-27-2001, 08:45 PM
Haven't taken them out of the package yet. Just received them tonight!!!

FX-7, medical droid
PN 6098590000

Step aside R2-D2, C-3PO, R5-D4, 2-1B, gonk droids and IG-88. This has got to be my favorite droid of all time - this thing is the bomb! Hasbro has outdone themselves; this is such a worthy piece of plastic that it makes me wonder why they even bothered making the Luke with Bacta tank. They should have just stopped while they were ahead and sold the base and tank separately. Perhaps Hasbro could have named it the "The FX-7 Echo Base pedestal," because this is one figure worth showing off!

Queen Amidala, royal decoy
PN 6098590100
Overall: IMPRESSIVE, Strong A

WOW! What detail for a 3 3/4" figure. The paint job is remarkable. From her red lips to the minute necklace around her head to the golden seals on her gown - exquisite. The sculpt is certainly an acheivement for the POTJ line. Hasbro certainly paid attention to the intricacies: her gown, robe and headdress appear to have been crafted by the hands of a true artisan. Perhaps they dug up Michelangelo? No, not the Ninja Turtle. . .

11-27-2001, 09:02 PM
Rebel Trooper, Tantive IV defender
PN 6098590200
Overall: Not so impressive, C+

At first glance I thought this figure was pretty sweet. However, as you might suspect I began to have reservations. Upon further inspection I started to like it less and less. Don't get me wrong. . .I like the pose, his proportions are accurate and the sculp of the body is well-done. But the helmet is weak - looks like a bootlegged figure from Mexico. His face looks like it was used as a piņata. I'm all about details and his face looks like the monkey face Leia from the CT line.

CERTAINLY not as much muscle as the POTF2 Gerry Clooney trooper and only comes with one gun. . .Clooney over Romeo in two rounds

And couldn't Hasbro have gotten a better picture for the card front?

11-27-2001, 09:19 PM
Imperial Officer
PN 6098590300
Overall: Not so impressive, C

There is a great disturbance in the force. And what is most disturbing is when Hasbro makes ugly figures like this one. . .somebody get this guard to arrest the person who sculpted him. My least favorite.

AGAIN, I am a stickler for detail. Hasbro has succeeded in giving us another maticulously scuplted body with an atrociously detailed face - he barely has lips. Pardon my lip service sir - but I know Grand Moff Tarkin and you sir, are no Grand Moff Tarkin.

On the bright side, we have a new figure. One figure with one gun ta boot.

Possibility of one showing up on the market with missing Imperial logo on left arm (a la Boba Fett) looms. Hopefully this forecast is false.

darth chuck
11-27-2001, 09:49 PM
Did you get them from mail order or a local store?

Hopefully, some will still be around in April when I get back to the states.

11-27-2001, 10:21 PM
ONLINE. From Toyzz.com.

12-12-2001, 04:30 PM
Another gratuitous plug for Toyzz.com. They again have the Fx-7 wave in stock, in limited numbers.

If you get the the POTJ Mystery Figure 5-Pack, like I did, they only cost $5.99 ea.

These guys rock!

Man, I should be their spokesman. . .

12-12-2001, 05:50 PM
I haven't even seen the figs yet...should have them up this way by the time AOTC comes out...hahahaha

12-14-2001, 02:36 PM
I was having a really crap day again (found out through the local news that an old friend had died!!! How's that for first thing in the morning...?? :cry: ) Then suddenly... as I pressed on through the land of the living, I received a package containing the 4 new figures!!! There was a temporary light in my day. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome I think the new QA(RD) and FX-7 figures are!

The detailing has to be best I've seen in the POTJ line... and we know that it's been pretty grand up to this point, in most cases. I was a little disappointed in the IO and RT... mostly disappointed in the IO, as all the articulation points are pretty loose and the gaps show terribly! Overall... the new wave ranks a 7 out of 10 for me!

12-14-2001, 04:51 PM
Did anyone else notice that the little ear muffs around her ears are red? Aren't they supposed to be gold? The picture shows them as gold. Hmm.......

12-19-2001, 02:57 PM
FX-7 is now by far and away my favorite figure. The sculpt is in no way short of amazing. Seriously, I can in no way think of ways to improve this figure. Definitely a high water mark in faithfully shrinking down the original movie prop. I still can't believe that ALL of the arms are articulated...Go Hasbro! I'm seriously just like ----- WOW!!!!!!!

A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

As for the rest of the wave, I pretty much more or less agree with what the rest of you have said. A pretty nifty assortment I must say. The Queens Decoy especially. By the way, the muffs on the side of her head are red velvet with very fine and detailed gold embroidery. Which i imagine was pretty difficult to translate. (My source for this is the Episode I Visual Dictionary which has an excellent photo of the outfit.)

12-19-2001, 03:59 PM
Just got the Rebel fleet trooper and Imperial officer today.

Rebel fleet trooper:
The big drawback to this figure is the lack of any kind of waist articulation at all!!!!!!!!BOOOOOOOHasbro bad hasbro!:frus:
Nice innovative articulation but prefers to sit than to stand or kneel. Legs are wobbly and fairly loose too.
hands look kinda spastic and redundant without a gun held in both of them. The only pose I could get without them held together was a running one but this is hard to achieve without some kind of stand.
The face looks sort of like a naughty schoolboy to me. kinda like he was waiting to be seen by the school principle or something....
The waistcoat looks nice as does the helmet compared to the POTF2 version but I'm not sure about the scarring on the helmet. It kinda looks like a mistake in the sculpting process not like a battle damage scar.
Over all not bad at all for just an army builder. I give it a C

Imperial officer:
As another army builder this one is much nicer in the flesh than the pictures made it out to be. I've heard complaints about the face but I find it to be nicely generic and nicely sculpted.
The costume is great with all the creases and details like the arm controls panel and ridges on the peak of the cap. I managed to snaffle four and have both variants of the uniform finish - glossy and matte. Both look perfectly fine to me and enhance the army somewhat with their slight differences.
The arms are of course articulated at the elbow and stuck in a bended pose. I would have prefered a neutral pose with arms doen at his sides like all the other troops but never mind eh? All of mine have weak joints and they are all slightly loose suggsting that quality control is slipping again at the factory level or the sculptor got a little lazy somewhere along the line with these troopers. In actual fact his lower arms fall right off when I'm moving his arms around!!!!! BOOOOOOO!!!!! Bad hasbro!!
His hands are tiny and not to scale but that's a minor quibble when the wrists are articulated.
I love this figure so much I'm rating it an A surprisingly. :)

12-20-2001, 08:32 AM
I picked up the FX-7 and the Queen royal decoy and was very happy with both.The FX-7 ROCKS!

12-27-2001, 09:55 PM
As a carded figure this is a mighty one indeed. it suffers slightly due to the fact that it is packed badly with four of his arms extended and bent by the packaging. The rest being held in place by a tiny clear band. the head was stiff on mine and I risked breaking the head off to get it to turn.
The body section has a lovely clicking sound when you twist it round. But I couldn't see the point of it really, it is however a nice touch.
The arms have got 'blood' on three of them which is a cool touch on a medic droid.
The two point articulation on each and every arm is just magnificent! Top marks to the designer who achieved the impossible :)
Paint application is spot on and nicely detailed.
I give this figure an AA+

Amidala royal decoy:
Hmmmm. not much to say about a salt shaker. the initial sculpt pics made this look impressive but the finished product stinks big time. It looks like the figure should have a waist articulation function but they wimped out at the last minute and tried to cover up the join. It didn't work and Amidala/Sabe has a wierd line right around her waist.
There's no point in her having legs as the don't serve any purpose seeing as the dress is totally immobile and made of horrible cheap looking plastic of the colour you get when you melt a lot of waste plastic together.
The arms for some reason have elbow articulation..... Why? her arms are never going to be able to reach anywhere as they can't get around the ponderous dress sculpting.
The face is horrid with big bulging eyes. There is some badly applied gold paint on the head dress ear muff details on mine unlike some which have none. But the paint seems to have been applied on this figure by monkeys on drugs. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!
I give this figure an F-

12-28-2001, 07:12 AM
I picked up 1 FX-7 and 3 Imperial Officers last night. FX-7 is now my favorite POTJ figure...way to go Hasbro, a very nice find indeed! Imperial officer is nice too...but the head sculpt is poor. I wish that Hasbro wouldn't use coloured plastic for head sculpts. Anyway, he looks cool when holding his blaster! Now all I need is another 9 Imperial officers!

I also saw the rebel trooper and queen's decoy. I have no desire to buy either, and was not impressed with either of them. As noted in the previous post...queen's decoy is a poor figure. Rebel trooper has a puny gun and it looks dumb! Anyway...FX-7 was definitely worth the drive over to the USA to buy him, since he will not be available in Canada at retail stores! Now I finally have all of the figures for a Hoth Medical Center diorama!