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10-01-2003, 11:11 PM
Wow what is going on with those bids 500,000 points one guy had and all the rest had 200,000 are more, I thought it was a mistake at first. You figure they started the point thing in 1999, I have everything from then and before lol but I even have doubles and triples on things half open and the rest MIB. I added up all my points 4500 open and about 6000 mib so I dont know were these guys came up with so much.
They would have to have 5 of everything, and all must be open. and then I dont know if you can reach 500.000 points. I really do have everything from 99 on it dont add up to 500,000 lol. I hope all the bids are not like this, I will never get a chance lol. Anyone else see this.

10-01-2003, 11:21 PM
Yes, many of us have been watching. Hasbro has apparently sorted out some of the problems, but the bids are still up past 25000 pts.

There have been a huge number of threads started about these auctions, Im wondering if a mod might take it upon themselves to merge them all, and start one entire separate forum under "collecting" just for auction info and discussion.

Numerous ideas have been voiced as to how they should handle the obvious problem here (people bidding way past the number of points they could possibly ever hope to have), many of them good. Im hoping they'll just put up a list of articles and a point value for each, then leave them open for purchase with points. First come first served. We'll have to wait and see.