View Full Version : Wedding Padme for Trade

Dr Zoltar
10-05-2003, 02:41 AM
Well today at Target I found a Wedding Padme which I'm going to put up for trade. I know she's a tough figure to find since she came in only one wave and came one to a case. Here's a few of the items I'm looking for (all carded):

POTF 2 Luke X-Wing Pilot -- Long Saber
POTF 2 Dagobah Luke -- Long Saber
Sage Bespin Luke -- Bloody Hand
Clone Wars Clone Trooper 3 pack -- Green or Yellow
Death Star Escape Cinema Scene

For some of the more expensive items, I'll use Padme as a partial trade.

If I don't get any offers in a week or so, I'll offer her for sale since I know there's some of you that still need her.