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10-11-2003, 05:25 AM
So there I was...

Getting ready to put my Star Destroyer/Space Fortress MicroMachines Transforming playset onto Ebay, partnering it with the Death Star Transforming one...

And I stared at the Star Destroyer...thinking how much I love the big 'ol triangles...

I wonder if the AF Proto is ever going to show up on Ebay...

I debate.

I sold 2 Fett sets for $5. This Star Destroyer set is WAY cooler than $5...

Ah Hell -_-;

So, all of a sudden, I opened it ^_^ AND put it together- and put all the labels on and you know what? After keeping it for about, oh 4 years now...in the box- always with the intention to open-

I am glad I finally did, rather than swing to the Dark Side and sell it...Oh the Death Star is still going to go, but the Star Destroyer?

Mine ^_^ Always will be.

The Force is still with me...sometimes ;-)

Opening this set made me realize how much I miss MicroMachines- when they were done right by Galoob! The detail on the set is awesome, though the scale on the Star Destroyer itself is skewed and looks weird (I would call it a "Funky" - Class Star Destroyer :D) It's rather big for Action Fleet scale, but it's still danged cool...

I'm glad I opened it. It was weird- first time I have given into temptation with all my old stuff I never opened...

Might not be the last time, either...o_O

But yes, there is still some good left in me...Ebay hasn't driven it from me fully...


Anyone else ever experience something like this? :)

The last thing I remember is that ALL the really good stories in life start with "So there I was," have "All of a sudden" somewhere in the middle, and they finish with "The last thing I remember" :D

10-11-2003, 08:15 AM
I too like this set! I wanted it so much back in 1998 when it was first shown at the ToyFair. I never found it anywhere until early this year when I picked it up at a comic convention.
It was loose (the first time I bought a loose MM set) and didnīt feature the Commanders and the Blockade Runner. At least it came with Vader and the stickers are attached properly.
I also bought the Slave 1 set loose /nearly complete that day.
That oneīs not so great. Doesnīt have that much playability as it could.

Oh well, the Star Destroyer is lots of fun.