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10-14-2003, 01:49 AM
Alright. This will be our first episode of THE REAL WORLD - SSG STYLE.

My name is Tycho, and I'm volunteering to move to THEED, Naboo, into the Royal Palace, and I'd like to pick some folks from here to come and live with me.

I need about 4 other guys, and 5 women to make this a full house.

But I'm not going to be an easy guy to live with.

My alarm goes off at 6 o'clock and you better not have parked your landspeeder behind mine, because I have to get up and run off to Target every morning to get my Star Wars figures.

My toys are all over the house, and occasionally they wind up in your closet space and in your medacine cabinet. I try really hard to keep my dioramas out of the refrigerator. But sometimes I just run out of space.

And if I can get Senator Amidala to come home with me, you guys better get out of the house!

And I like things quiet at home. Could you keep the TV down and not play hard bass music?

And as long as we're here on Naboo, do you guys mind if I keep a pet Faamba?

10-14-2003, 06:04 AM
eh - you aint the only Jedi wanna-be floatin around this palace. Keep your alarm clock on a medium beep and nobody loses a limb. As well, While I'm in my Sith training - NO ONE is allowed in the room.. or your gonna lose a limb. ( Its hard to control a double light saber! ) and yes, Dual of the Fates will be looped 24/7 in the training room..

My Pod racer will be parked in back. Sorry, but no one is allowed in it. Takes Jedi reflexes - and as far as I know, I'm the only other human that can drive it.. Have no fear of it being in the way of your speeder.

No issues with the Fambaa as long as you pick up after it.

The blue milk is to be SHARED! I had that shipped in from Tatooine - fear not, its still good.

I cannot promise all will be quiet - Imperials party pretty hard.. Salsa shark.. I think were gonna need a bigger boat! The Dark Lord himself may pop in from time to time.. Which means the palace needs to stay clean!

I'm also having 5 tailor made metal bikinis made up for the ladies - wear them, wear them well!


and you guys thought Tycho would be bad

plo koon 200
10-14-2003, 08:28 AM
Here's my go at it. I 'm not to great at these things.

I join Tycho in the afternoon's to do some sniffing around... of what... Mouse Droids of course.

Blue Milk... Yummy. We will need some more as I have a whole Bantha ready to be made into Bantha steaks. Let me tell you that the Bantha is so big that it should last us a couple of years. That is of course considering the Wookies don't come over.

Aside from the Dark Lord coming over we will be having another guest. Jabba The Hutt, who just recently heard that there will be many females wearing metal bikinis. Don't mind the slug but don't go near him. He has many traps and a slimy, slimy tongue. A frog or two imported from the swamps of Naboo shall do well.

There are a few credits in the briefcase that I'm bringing along. I have the death sentence on 57 systems you know and every now and then I have to pay off Boba Fett so he does not collect the bounty on my head. So I ask that if you need some credits don't go looking in my briefcases. Instead just go through my pants pockets, while they are off of course.

Of and if Padme comes over kick Tycho and yourselves out of the house. I will tell you that she will only be coming for one wild person and that is me.

10-14-2003, 10:41 PM
OK, well I like to help out around the house sometimes, when I see an advantage in doing so.

My idea is to feed the Gungans to Jabba the Hutt. They'll be close enough to frogs for him, and satisfyingly big enough. That'll keep him happy, and perhaps we can charge him for the continuous supply. That could be our Corellian Ale money. You milk drinkers can keep your blue milk, but I do like my occasional Java Juice. Buy your own! I'm putting my name on my own stuff in the fridge.

Now maybe we could invest in a waitress droid that will also pick up after us, so the place is always clean in case Sith Lords or Girls From Wild Space come over to party with us?

I don't mind you cooking bantha, Tonysmo can kill any Tuskens that come around looking for their pack animals as part of his training practice. I'll pitch in for the steaks, too.

On the other hand, if you guys run out of lunch money, I don't even want you THINKING about cooking my Faamba! I'm going to train it for riding on Big Foot style to help me deal with traffic jams.

Oh, I too love the bikini idea, but metal might have dangerously sharp edges. Stormtrooper-plastoid form fitting stuff could work much better and cost us less to have a handy supply of guest changing attire. Can we all vote on that?

Along with that suggestion, I think we should put a jacuzzi in the palace. I have no idea why they didn't have one already installed.

10-14-2003, 11:12 PM
Well as long as everyone doesnt mind my droids we will be ok.

If I hear that dreaded alarm clock go off some one will get hit with a Gaffi Stick. And trust me, it aint no nerf crotch bat.

Also, my droids clean my mess, not yours. I will accept payment for them to clean your mess, and republic dollars are no good here.

Also, I like to sleep late, please do not knock on my dorr until at least noon. I will ignite mylightsaber down your throat if that happens.

Like Tycho says, do not block my pod racer in. I will run your transport over to get out. My food is my food. I willshare until you dont share back. Please dont eat my Bantha Burgers with out asking me please.

Also, if you wanna see something in my room, please ask as booby traps will be set on closet doors and desk drawers. Poison darts as well.

Anything else is ok.

10-15-2003, 06:26 AM
( Day 2 diary notes )

Things are quiet now. Not sure if everyone is here yet - but the ones that are - are quite the motley crew.

I'm glad this palace is huge, as one of the guys brought in a freakin Faamba. Not sure what he was thinkin, as the thing stinks worse than those Tauntuns.. I've already stepped in poodoo once. I'm not sure if I should bring this up to him, or to the group as a whole.. Don't want to get anyone riled up too soon.

Still have yet to meet the host of this real word experience. As long as they aren't one of them Mon Calamari we should be ok..

I'll need to find out who the culprit is that gave a Wookie our number here.. this is the third time he's called, and I hate to say it - but I can't understand a single roar. Funny though, poor guy even tries to roar slowly for me...

There are a few things I'm looking forward to - I think by weeks end were supposed to have a levitation contest. I've been practicing by moving around the speeders parked outside. When Tycho wakes up and sees it on the roof - he's gonna flip!

I hear rumors that were supposed to be visited by some Twi'leks from the space girls gone wild.. that should be interesting to say the least. I don't think they know Jabba is in da house - as they may cause some commotion from what transpired back on Tattoonie.. I hope they do show up - but not before the hot tub is in the palace.

I do know if I hear one more MUEY MUEY MEESA SO GLAD TO SEEYA! I will petition that all Gungans be banned from the palace.

Its been an exciting day though - ahh, must go - knock at the door, think its Kids TC-14 coming in to do some cleaning..


10-15-2003, 01:34 PM
Day 2 Diary Notes

OK, guys. I did some research. The sponsors of the show and CloneTV Network are not going to spring for us to get a hot tub. I already asked the cheap basts.

I think we're going to all have to get part time jobs.

For the extra income we'll need, I propose we save some of that Corellian Ale money, and put it in the hot-tub fund. This is the change we get from Jabba for the Gungans he eats.

I thought about Jabba and how wealthy he is. If we have the ability to defend the palace from Boss Nass' army, I thought about coming out in the open about our deal with Jabba, and cooking the Gungans ourselves. Sort of like opening a catering business.

The thing about that is that I don't know if that'll encourage Jabba to permanently move in with us or not. Sure the palace is big, but I don't want him living here permanently, do you?

As to the speeder levitation scenerio: that's got me totally ticked off. We need to have a tribal council meeting or something. I would have had Elan Sleezebagano and Aay Vida's action figures by now, but I was late getting to Target because I couldn't find my speeder, and then I had to use my Faamba to help me get it off the roof. It took all morning, and I think my pet stepped on several of your own engines in the process. Sorry about that.

The Wookiee I called is a mechanic, and he can fix your pods. I'll sell my Toy Fair Darth Vader to pay him for his work. But be nice to him because he has a temper. Let's have Kidhuman's droids answer the phones from now on. They can serve as interpreters, as well as screen our calls in case Plo Koon's bounty hunters are looking for him.

And don't look to me to control my Mouse Droids. They do whatever Mouse Droids are going to do. I just sniff them. I mean a few of us appreciate them around here, and it's a big palace, so try and be open minded.

By the way, for the final funds on the hot tub, I thought about throwing a party when we get it (I guess on some credit, but not the whole purchase). Well anyway, I wanted to have a live band to impress the girls. Booking Max Rebo for house parties is too expensive, so I thought of hiring a local Gungan Band. After the first set, we can double-cross them and cook them and feed them to Jabba! How about that? Kill our final payment for the hot tub (quite literally) and throw ourselves a party at the same time?

plo koon 200
10-15-2003, 06:59 PM
Day 2 Diary Notes

The Gungan Music is by far the worst. They sound like a thousand Jar Jar's all trying to sing to the tune of "Singing in the Rain." I'm going to have to tell Tycho that the Gungan band was the worst idea ever. Not only did he not have the money to pay the space girls gone wild when they came over but he made the girls even more disgusted by the Gungans than Jabba. So the girls gave us a "no show."

The most unpleasant part of this experience aside from the band was that annoying alarm going off followed by the noise of a lightsaber igniting and a scream. Then of course stepping over some droppings and an arm... An arm... I think it is Tycho's since he was wearing a long sleave shirt and a glove over his hand.

However there have been some perks, well sort of. I showed the space girls gone wild my briefcase and they said they would come back when the Gungans were not singing. Probably the best experience was using that many "Death Star" that someone left laying around. I was able to roast all the Gungans with it making us and Jabba quite a stew. I have yet to try it but the big slug says it is most excellent.

I am in the process of ordering over a ship for us that way we can go on intergalatic parties over the weekend. It will cost us a few credits. I'm paying 2,000 now and 15,000 when it reaches here.

At the moment I could really use that hot tube along with some Ewok bubble bath and some of Tycho's Mouse Droids for fragrance

10-15-2003, 08:03 PM
I could use a medical droid....

10-15-2003, 08:27 PM
Well. I did it. Yesterday, while the group was outside watching Tycho get his Landspeeder off the roof.. I did it. I saw one of the mouse droids. I knew what I had to do and I did it. I sniffed it. Quickly at first sniff.. Then again.. slower. this time smelling.. taking in the aroma I was.. I was stunned. I had no idea until that moment. It was outstanding. I have a case on order.

I want you all to know This place is getting pretty crazy. I brought the goldfish bowl from home. I get homesick when Im away from my fish. Whoever put the opee sea killer in my tank will be hearing from my lawyer.. ( note to self: find good lawyer )
The Ugnaughts some how got in, and now have completely taken over the southern portion of the palace. You cant even walk down there without them all over you trying to lift all the stuff from your pockets.. How Rude!
The Whole havin Jabba here is starting to creap me out. I mean, I like this guy he parties hard. But the other day I came around the corner and smacked my head on IG-88. I have a huge lump on my head now, and all he does is stare at me with those beady eyes.. Ive also heard the staff talking about the way the Gamorreans have been leaving the kitchen. This keeps up their gonna kick us off the show.
As for the Hot Tub, I will put up the 50,000 credits necessary.. ( waves hand ) republic credits.. will do fine

I believe one of the engines damaged was mine. Ill except that since it was I who cause the ruckus to begin with.. Id like the number of the wookie, and an interpreter.

The idea of the Gungan band wasnt all bad. Watching them get turned to stew was nothing less than brilliant. The stew is good, but could use some crackers. ( I drank the last Jawa Juice Ill make sure I replace it .. )

One last thing In lieu of the Jedi skills test at the end of the month, I took the liberty of having a crate of jedi crystals brought in. We can now all start building new Lightsabers There are only so many crystals so lets keep the blade count to a minimum of two please. Dont need anyone trying to create a 6-bladed Saber.. Your just gonna hurt yourself or someone else.

Time for a Bantha steak!

plo koon 200
10-16-2003, 10:08 PM
Day 3 Diary

We recieved a shipment of medical droids in case any mishaps ever again happen.

Those darn bounty hunters kept on coming over to see Jabba. That IG-88 almost found me until Tycho help put me in carbonite. This was the second time that I had to go through that process. I really hate it. At least the guys looked out for me and told all the bounty hunters that I was just a Carbonite Sculpture. That was brilliant. After I got out I was blind for a while. I still am and I'm actually typing this report blind.

Apparently Jabba ate 500 pounds of my Gungan stew and got really sick and so I had to send him back to his home. Now from what I have been told, I can't see, there is a big slimy mess that needs to be cleaned up. What I can't really belive is that Jabba left us a tip, not just any tip, but 10 republic credits. Those are worthless around here. Not only that, 10 republic credits couldn't even buy us extra super-srtrong scent mouse droid figures on Coruscant.

It is really getting hectic. Those ugnaughts are taking advantage of my blindness big time. I actually have my room in the southern portion. For three hours straight they threw my stuff around the room, breaking, tearing it apart, and stealing it. Worst of all they were chanting and dancing like monkeys who had one too many cups of booze. Once I can see I'm going to build myself a lightsaber and get some trophies for my walls.

I have already tried to build my lightsaber blindly just to test my Jedi skills. So far I'm trying to figure out what crystal will create what color. It does not help me much that I am blind. I really want a red lightsaber.

Well one good thing came out of this day and one of those girls from space girls gone wild came over to see me. We really didn't do much since I was blind. She did have the curtousy to buy me a cup of Java Juice, yummy. We talked for a good hour about intergalactic politics, the heat on coruscant, and the odds of her getting a figure made by Hasbro. She seemed like an excellent candidate for a figure. She really wanted to be made into plastic. She said that if she had the choice she would incorporate a special play-feature that I will leave up to you to figure out.

Tommorrow I'm taking the group out to see an opera titled "The Death of a Emperor's Man." It has recived stellar reviews.

10-17-2003, 12:36 AM
Well, I slept for a day and a half. Glad my pod racer is still in one piece. Well, I made breakfast and checked my messages. Who gave that Twi'Lek girl my number?

Anyways where is the hot tub? I got some credits laying around here topay for it. Just put it on my credit card and it willbe ok. Tycho set it up man.

Tony, are you messing with the carbonite chamber? I keep hearing it go on and off. You are gonna make us all blind who ever it is.

Also, I am going into town tomorrow to the supermarket. If you need anything lemme know. And I am not picking updry cleaning for anyone. I willgotoone store and one store only. Food shopping only. Tycho, pick me up a case of the new figures please. I will buy you some Bantha Burgers, about 20 lbs of them. Also some fries and a new Grill to BBQ them suckers.

10-17-2003, 01:41 AM
OK guys, Kidhuman's given me authorization to use his credit card for the hot tub. So I started looking at one company's catalog - there's many different models to choose from (some more appropriate for certain locations that others). This company manufactures their products on Kamino.

Some of the features I liked were:

built in depth charges in case Opee Sea Killers get in the jacuzzi
holonet video and radio
built in holo player that projects onto a flat screen or carbonite surface
speaking of carbonite, there's a carbon de-thaw feature perfect for saving power while we thaw out Plo Koon
mood lights that are perfect for Twi'Lek dancing girls
sludge sponges - they cost extra but eat slime in case Jabba ever uses it
His, his, his, his, his, his, and his towel racks - in case we have CloneTroopers over.
Of course the whirlpool feature is standard on all of them - there are 3 speeds: the orbiter mode, bongo cruisen', and hyperspace!

If you guys like this one, I'll order it. The tub holds a whole platoon and is made out of a recycled cloning vat.

Anyway, I went to the only Wal-Mart and Target in Theed this morning. They had nothing but old figures on the rack. I've been so mad at the lack of Star Wars stuff coming in, that I took another homing beacon I found stuck on Plo Koon's podracer, and slipped it in the blue vest of the guy at Wal-Mart. I couldn't be sure, but I think it was IG-88 who thermal-detonated the store a few minutes after I left. Must've thought he was targeting you, Plo.

Ah well, I had my revenge on Wal-Mart! Hehehhee.

Anyway, if I have more time on the weekend, I'll hit my usual stores, and also swim to Otah Gunga to see if their stores got any new stock. They don't get a lot, but there's not so many collectors that check their stores like G-Mart. People there are mostly after the Little Mermaid toys.

I heard there's a recall election coming up. Queen Jamilla is being accused of running the government here so ineptly that Naboo started the Clone Wars. Senator Binks is being petitioned to resign, too. I signed that one. Not sure how I feel about Jamilla, though.

Anyway, I heard that Figrin' Dan is running. If so, he'd be the first Non-Naboo native to possibly win an election here. He was already seen trying on women's clothing to see if he could fit the image, but there are accusations that he cheats at sabaac floating around out there.

Still, change might be good. I hear that the Chief Ugnaught might also throw in a bid to run for office. Sy Snootles is on the fence and hasn't declared her official candidacy yet. Gary Coleman might run in this one, too.

What else? Plo Koon might be interested to know that the Bounty Hunter's Guild is planning to go out on strike. They claim they shouldn't be held accountable for deaths that resulted from missing their targets, (like the incident at Wal-Mart) and they demand guild fees be paid by those who contracted Durge, because their position is that if the public wants orderly and professional assassinations, then private parties should not be contracting bounty hunters outside of the Guild. Cradossk is marching in the central square with a picket sign with his son, baby-Bossk on his shoulders. He says he wants the Judicial Department to review this immediately, because he can't stay out on strike too much longer. He says if he can't go back to killing people soon, his son won't eat. Nevermind that Bossk was hatched probably 20 years ago...

The Judicial Department is also negotiating with the Separatists for a temporary ceasefire to settle some allegations of unlawful conduct in peace and war. Aayla Secura accused Count Dooku of groping her, and the war may be put on hold while a joint Republic-Separatist review pannel discusses these allegations to see if they merit a lawsuit.

That's about all I know right now.

10-17-2003, 08:45 PM
Lmao.. ok, ok, you guys got me good.. I knew something was up when all of you were so quiet last night while eating Bantha steaks and Squib.. I guess the scratching woke me up about 3am.. I didnt even give it a second thought, I opened the closet door and WHAM! They all piled on top of me. I have noooo idea how you all managed to shove 1000 Jawas in that closet, but that was damn funny.. Ill have you know.. I killed them.. I killed them all.. Thanks for the practice.

What did the Ugnaughts get into? Seems like most of them are runnin around with distended bellies.. and they kept hitting themselves in the genitals.. nuttiest thing I ever did see.. I hope we didnt eat the same thing.

When is the camera crew supposed to arrive?? This IS a show is it not? Im not studying all these lightening force powers for nothing ya know. Youd figure wed be on some sorta schedule by now. I spent all afternoon at Wal-mart. Found the WA-7 waitress droid. Heh.. seriously.

Im glad to see the slug and his vermin gone. It was getting pretty ugly in the basement. Ive sent out for a few extra cleaning droids.

I swear I didnt touch the carbonite chamber.



But I wanted to see what 7 Jawas frozen together would look like.. You guys understand right?? Er.. never mind.

Remember the saber competition is this weekend - you must have all your blades ready. I just got in 10 Corellian crystals. They are very nice. I will pass them out to you - no need to horde through my living area whoever came tromping through last time knocked over my army of stormtrooper lego men. Like freakin dominos they ALL fell over.. Thanks. . 6 hours down the drain.

Were all to meet at the Lake Retreat there will be a few master Jedi on hand to judge the competition.
The four categories are - Lightsaber management, weapon respect, saber design, and most lethal move. SO GET YOUR GAME FACE ON GENTS!!

Tycho Ive been handed a note from corp suggesting you pull back on getting involved in the upcoming recall election I was reminded that Politics were not to be discussed on the show and that if it continues, we may find ourselves and the show at the bottom of the Sarlacc pit.

The Jedi archives will be available to us until midnight for the rest of the month I suggest we all head up there and study next weeks competition is going to be a bit more difficult than yielding a Saber.

If anyone sees Aayla send her to me, Id like to discuss the groping incident ( cough ) 1st hand..

Ahaha.. ahhh.. Just thinkin bout them Jawas.. WHAM! Ahh too funny..

and just so you know.. ( waves hand ) credits will do fine..

10-19-2003, 10:40 PM
Jawas eh? Wasnt me. I found to Assasian centipedes in my roomthis morning. Nice gag. I blasted both of them til next year.

The Ugnaughts keep grumbling about something. Some kinda saber competition. Beats me. I found some green crystal on my dresser this morning. Someone wanna fill me in on this?

the hot tub is too much, send it back. Wait, how many does it seat? Maybe I will report my credit card stolen or something. After all it is a no hassel Courascant One card. Get it for free then.

Anyways, I have three kegs of Corillean Ale on order for next weekends party. Should be a good one. Gonna poarty like its 1,999,999. I think Queen Jamillia is gonna announce her recall there too, so the media should be on hand. Gonna have to look top notch folks, no speedos in the Hot Tub please.!!!!

Please, whoever was responsible for the assasian centiperdes at the party either, it might scare the Twi'Lek people away. They are highly allergic totheir dander.

I have also thought about getting the Rodian Gardener to cut out our faces in the shrubs, anyone else down with that? I think it would be sweet. Also if Queen Jamiilia has any questions, just tell her to hide in Tonysmo's closet and he will get back to her. She is starting toget on my nerves about my sleeping habits.

10-20-2003, 11:50 PM
I love the idea of the Rodian gardner cutting our faces into the plantings.

If my head is bigger than the rest of yours, would that make me a Hedge Hog?

Get it? - Hedge Hog?

I was thinking about having "Comedy Nite" at the palace?

Know anybody else who's funny?

By the way, I was thinking what else is funny. None of us has ever won big in the podraces, and Jabba's got the monopoly on that action. So I was thinking we start a new sport: Sandcrawler Demolition Derby!

I propose we enter our palace Ugnaughts and put sheets over their heads and try to pass them off as Jawas! Then we're sure to win every time!

What do you guys think? That'll be a way to come off with some more money!

10-21-2003, 03:55 AM
not sure where you've been Tycho - but the Ugnaughts have all but died out. It was quite the sight, as each one said " pardon me, while I burst.. " I was about to ask "into flames?" but they would explode before I could. I have since reconfigured the binary systems of Kids TC-14. Shes currently cleaning up the remains of the Ugnaughts..

I like the idea of the sandcrawer demolition. Ill bring that up to the executive producer of the show and see if he can add that to the competition. I've also been handed the task of filling in everyone on how the lightsaber competition went.

The competition was of course taped - and at the end of the show - the box set will be made available to each of us. I did manage to get a few clips from the judges..

While Tycho was showing off his most lethal move - and combination foot sweep, parry with the saber..

Darth Vader had this to say.. " impressive.. most impressive.. but you are not a Jedi yet. "

Yoda had this to say.. " harder you must try, fast are your feet, faster your mind should be. "

Randy Jackson had this to say.. " damn dog, that was slick, your going places dog, I can see that.. "

While Plo Koon was showing his respect for his saber.. placing it in a silk wrap, and using a soft non-abrasive polish to shine it..

Darth Vader had this to say.. " Obi Wan has taught you well "

Yoda had this to say.. " Clean is the weapon of a Jedi, as is his mind "

Randy Jackson had this to say.. " damn dog, Thats what I call a shine. nice lookin weapon dog "

While I showed of my Lightsaber design - an S shaped handle with a dual blades attached.

Darth Vader had this to say.. " I see you have constructed a new lightsaber "

Yoda had this to say.. " weapons do not make one great, better though will you become with an S shaped handle "

Randy Jackson had this to say.. " damn dog, you could whoop some serious gungans with that thang - How much you want for that dog? "

Unfortunately - the competition was not without its problems, Kid never made it to the lake retreat - sorry you didn't see the crystal on your dresser until it was too late.

either way - there was no clear winner for the saber competition, the next competition will be forthcoming.

Also - um, if we could keep this on the lowdown, I lost my baggie of deathsticks... may be in the upstairs, upstairs, upstairs rec room.. if anyone sees it.. please return them to me.

I found out if you turn the holonet video to channel 98 - it kinda comes in a bit scrambled.. I can only assume this means INVASION..

Ive since padlocked my closet.. ( waves hand ) you dont want to put anything in my closet - you want to watch Star Wars..

Comedy night sounds like a great idea -

Two Jawas walk into Jabbas palace - Ephont Mon stops them at the door, 1st Jawa says - OOOO TAA GOO LOO ( why the long face? )

10-21-2003, 12:55 PM
Comedy night eh? Sounds good to me. I think we should be able to pull it off. I can book Andrew "dice" Clay as he is a personalfriend of mine. You gotta hear the nursery rhyme he made up about Queen Jamillia and Sio Bibble.

Sandcrawler Demolition Derby, I got 20 on that action. Well I finally constructed my lightsaber and got tothe competition late. I was so made I slice up Randy Jackson, so burgers tonight for all. And I mean all on Naboo.

Well the planetary Olympics are coming up and willbe held onAlderaan. I think we can get the producers to get us tickets and film the show there. Anyone wanna go? I hear that this year Wookie Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) will be there for a side show.

Anyways, the Hot Tub purchase went through as I recieved a call from Courascant One confirming the order, so that should be here. Tycho when is delivery?

Has anyone seen Plo Koon? I thinkDengar might have got him as I saw him walking out counting money in a suitcase. Disturbing if he got him. Well what can you expect, hiding out from a crime lord under his nose?

10-21-2003, 02:04 PM
Don't know about Plo Koon, but the last time I saw him, I lent him some of the consolation prize money I'd won (for tying) in the lightsaber competition. He didn't say what he needed it for, but I guess it's money well spent if it keeps a friend alive.

As to the Hot Tub? It should be here Thursday, there's a big Corellian freighter coming in from Kamino, and I think it's on that shipment.

Now let's settle something here: don't you all think Wookiee Wrestling looks fake? There's no blood, no arms pulled out of sockets, etc. Actually, I'd go so far to say it's racist: Wookiees never get hurt in Wookiee Wrestling, but we all know what happens to any other species that tangles with them.

It's too bad Randy Jackson is dead, because I'm sure he'd have something to say about that.

BTW, I found out what happened to the Ugnaughts: they'd found a bunch of little spheres and painted them like Magic-8 balls and were planning to sell them to the Weequay Ambassador's staff here on Naboo. Only what they'd all found was a case of Tonysmo's thermal detonators. I know this because the other day when I was cleaning under the sofa, I found one and was puzzling over why someone had bothered to carefully paint it black. Luckily, I looked before I'd have just put it back on our pool table.

Meanwhile, I guess the Weequay religion works: the High Order of the Quay issued an edict just yesterday saying: "Weequay says it bad time to play pool."

Unfortunately, we all know the Weequays. :rolleyes: Armed demolitions teams have descended on billard halls all over Naboo, intent on destroying their tables. I suggest we don't film any scenes for our show in our pool room - and NO WEEQUAYS COME OVER! Is that clear with everyone?

11-02-2003, 04:40 AM
.... 12 days later...

Its total darkness. I am starving. huddled in this closet. I'm unsure of the rest of the guys, I haven't heard from anyone in the last few nights. I'm too scared to find out. It happened so quickly. We all heard the sirens - and we all saw the ships. I still do not understand why. the flurry of explosions still ring in my head. The sight of the show directors and producers being vaporized in front of us is haunting. Bodies flying about, all I could do is run. I couldn't look back. I am uncertain how long I will last. I no longer hear the screams of the others. I assume they are either dead, or have found a way out. The scratching is persistent. whatever it is - is still out there. waiting. I feel lucky to have stashed a bit of bothan crackers in the back of this closet - but the box is almost depleted. The batteries from my lightsaber pen light is dimming. No more captain crunch around to get another. I managed to get a peek the other day - and saw one of them. They look to be of Vulptereen decent. I haven't seen one since the big pod race a few years back. They looked so nice. I am unsure what has come over them, but now it seems as its spreading. They are much quicker now... I hope to last. I fear for the others.. I hope they are safe.. I think its morning, and I hope they don't like the suns.. Its almost time to make my move... to find the others..

11-03-2003, 06:23 PM
Well, that was something. I dont know who else survived though. I think the came for Plo Koon. I thoought I heard a noise from Tonysmo's room. Gonna have to go check. Good thing I kept those leftover Bantha Burgers and Fambaa Flakes in my room. Really thirsty and need a bowel movement. I am gonna brave the outside of my hiding spot. If I dont come back tell my friends they were cool. Blaster charged to full and this lightsaber is charged as well. Here goes................

11-11-2003, 12:05 PM
Well havent found anyone yet, but the re is alot of rummage. Gonna have tolook around more. I thinkTonysmo might have evaporated or it was just mice in his room. Havent seen Tycho, but I took his collection though. If he comes back,I will give it to him but highly doubt that he will be back. Gonna look somemore. Found my way to the kitchen, good thing as I am starving. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

kool-aid killer
11-17-2003, 11:29 AM
Kool-Aid killer bursts thru the door and says "All you chumps clear out. This show has been cancelled due to low interest." And he wanders off muttering to himself about nothing important.