View Full Version : Fao Schwartz

11-29-2001, 05:56 PM
With the recent announcement of a buyout, I fully expect there to be even more Hasbro exclusives offered at FAO Schwartz, continuing their policy of making it as difficult as possible for consumers to purchase their products.:D

11-29-2001, 08:03 PM
What was the last FAO exclusive? I don't think they had any POTJ, did they have any E1 exclusives?

There is one near my mom's house that I check out when I visit her, but they never have anything. They still have green carded w/ hologram figures on the shelves with 1/2'' of dust collecting on top. Although I did get my luke w/ wampa there, and I never saw it any place else.

11-29-2001, 08:16 PM
Didn't FAO get the Faamba? That or the Falumpaset.

11-30-2001, 10:50 AM
....did anyone else happen to catch the TLC network's "Billionaire Toys" program last night? It showed where the FAO on 5th Avenue in NYC has a special room where only the richest customers and their kiddies are permitted to enter. Lots of pricey and neat playthings in there like a real arcade-version Star Wars pinball machine, and an FAO Schwartz exclusive $100,000.00 Monopoly set with 24-karat gold pieces, a diamond-, ruby- & sapphire-encrusted mahogany playing board, and most decadent of all - it uses real money (U.S. currency). Amazing.