View Full Version : tan vest luke theater edition?

10-23-2003, 01:49 AM
i was just running through completed auctions for theater edition lukes, when somthing caught my eye. It looks like this luke could be a theater edition tan vest. might wanan watch this seller see if he relists it. could be just the light.


10-23-2003, 02:03 AM
Looks possible.

Regardless of the vest color, 19.99 isn't a bad price.
If I didn't get one at the theater I would easily pay that price. :)

10-23-2003, 02:38 AM
I checked the CDB just in case, there is one listed as an error, but I honestly don't believe either of these are true tanvested Lukes.

plo koon 200
10-23-2003, 07:45 AM
If it is tanvest that is a very valuable variant.
I'm thinking of buying this one since I don't have one yet. If it isn't then who cares, I finally get a Theater Luke.

11-09-2003, 11:55 AM
What makes you guys think that the one listed on E-bay has a brown vest? It's black.