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10-25-2003, 03:55 AM
The Ghettopoly suit Hasbro has brought, made me wonder if other possible board games could be modernized to be better suited for teaching tools for our newer generations.

Remember playing the game called LIFE?

How about a Jerry Springer version?

You start out playing a game with your cousin. The cards you are dealt include paternity tests which you and your closest siblings can submit to.

Then as you advance in life towards a positive cashflow, you can collect welfare, disability insurance, and workers' comp.

Now watch out, divorce and inheritances are tricky when your parents die and leave everything to their children - but when you're married to your sister, and she divorces you, does she get her half of your father's will, plus alimony from your own entitlement to your parent's estate? Scheming sisters from alcoholic, high cholesterol familes might try and seduce their brothers in this game based on the popular talk show, just so they can cash in on all the rewards from miss-supplying your parent's medication.

Now you can claim some of that change back if you beat your first cousin in the paternity test! Child support money can help pay for your drug habit, so long as your ex wasn't working her night job when you were a couple.

Anyway, amongst other modern updates for games I thought of was changing Chutes and Ladders to a modern prison game of Cells and Solitary.

Battleship could be reworked as "Drive-By."

Clue could be renamed "Kobe Bryant."

What else?

11-03-2003, 05:41 PM
Tycho you are insane.

You could have Anarexic(sp?) Balemic Hippos. Instead of eating the marbles they puke em up.