View Full Version : A SW Galaxies Plea

Paul Heaberlin
10-28-2003, 01:05 PM
Could someone help me out here?

I've been playing galaxies since 7-6. And when the Monthly story started I thought hey, thats cool. It seemed simple enogh. Correct me if I'm wrong, all I have to do is do reb missions, loot the corpses, to get 1 of 4 disks right? What do I do when I get all 4 of them?

So, after playing nearly non stop Reb missions for 2 months, all I get is ONE lousy disk. I check people out in cantinas and they have the badge already! What the hell am I doing wrong?

Then, sunday night 10-26 my finace gets 2 disks! An Imp disk 2 of 4 and some rebel disk 3 of 3. IN ONE NIGHT?! And whitch disks are for what?

Someone please shed some light on this for me.