View Full Version : Hasbro's new easily removed heads - and more NON-CLONE army builders!

11-11-2003, 02:55 PM
Many of the new figures have easily removeable heads: Padme Tatooine, Mace CW, Ventress, possibly others...

Seriously: you know where head swapping ought to be used:

Generic heads, many ethnicities:

Naboo Royal Guards
Naboo Royal Security
Republic Senate Guards
Republic Officers
Death Star Troopers
Imperial Officers
Imperial Commanders
Rebel Fleet Troopers
Yavin Ground Crewmen
Hoth Rebel Soldiers
Hoth Rebel Groundcrew
Endor Rebel Soldiers
Rebel X-wing Pilots
Rebel A-Wing Pilots
Rebel B-Wing Pilots
Rebel Y-wing Pilots (Grey Squadron)
Cloud City Wing Guards
Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilots

This should have been done before there were 3 carded versions of Fleet Troopers and Imp Officers, and 3 versions (two same body) of Endor Soldiers.

As to ethnic hands (when gloves are not worn), make them like original Luke Bespin's removeable hand... then buy a black Endor Rebel Soldier and an Asian Bespin Guard, and swap them out and have a Black Bespin Guard and an Asian Endor Rebel Soldier.

Offer all ethnicities in each style of figure, so we can continue army building. I realize that non-white Imperials were never shown. They can just ship white Imperials, but you can use your imagination and create anything you want with removeable hats ala Bespin Guard.