View Full Version : Counter-terrorist out the wahzoo! Counterstrike?

11-14-2003, 01:24 PM
Xbox has exploded with counter-terrorist games lately. Rainbow 6 and SWAT have just been released in the last couple of weeks, and Counterstrike comes out next week (Nov.18). How many people are going to get CS, or are already CS vetrerans from the PC version?

R6 is a cool game, and I've been playing it crazy online. I like that you can hook up and play the missions with others on Xbox live. I haven't played SWAT yet, but it looks promising too. Come Tuesday I'll be switching over to Counterstrike- the mother of all online games. If anyone else is getting it and playes on Xbox live (or you can use the free 3 month trial that comes with CS and play) I'll see you there. Frag you later.