View Full Version : TWO Silver Boba Fetts for trade

11-16-2003, 12:23 PM
I have two silver Boba Fett figures up for trade. Now it's time for how to explain what I'm looking for haha.

The easy part of it:
-Bounty Hunter 4-pack
-Imperial boxed set
-Hoth Rebel boxed set

The hard part:
-I'm looking for loose figures. Not really specific figs, just ones that I don't already have to add to my collection. They can be vintage, POTF, POTJ, Saga, it doesn't matter. I'D PREFER them to be complete.

My ONE catch:
-I ONLY do business with registered members. If you wnat to do business with me, you gotta me a member on here. That's all I ask.

-I HAVE done deals with people on here, as well as on 2005 Boards (a Transformers site, my username is Deogg) and on yojoe's (a GI Joe site) classifeids as well (user name Deogg there as well). I have excellent feedback on all of the above.

If you can hook me up, just drop me an email: reignman_25@yahoo.com