View Full Version : Trading for Silver Vader

11-17-2003, 11:45 AM
This is what I Have to trade for the Toy Fair Darth Vader. All items listed are carded or boxed.
Silver R2-D2 C-10
All deluxe figures from 1995-2002 ie: POTF2,SOTE,E1,POTJ,AOTC includes also Max Rebo band pairs,Leia collection,power F/X and gunner stations C-9.5/10
All 7 Millennium Minted Coin Figures C-9.5/10
All 13 Cinema Scenes from POTF2-Episode 1 C-9.5/10
Beast Assortments:
Bantha w/T.Raider
Rancor w/Luke
Han w/Jabba
Dewback w/Sandtrooper
Ronto w/Jawa
Luke w/Wampa
Han w/Taun-Taun
Luke w/Taun-Taun
Opee w/Qui-Gon
Jabba w/2-Headed Announcer all are C-9.5/10
Both 3-D Diorama playsets Sandtroper,Han in Carbonite C-9.5/10
Vehicles:Falcon,X-Wing,Speederbikes w/Biker Scout,Luke,Leia,Swooptrooper,Darth Maul,All 4 invasion force mini vehicles,A-Wing(POTF2),Vader's Tie Fighter,AT-AT Walker,Tatooine Skiff,Y-Wing Fighter,Naboo Fighter,Anakin & Sebulba's Podracer's,B-Wing Fighter,Tie Interceptor,Tie Bomber(POTJ),Snowspeeder w/Luke & Dack,AT-ST w/speederbike,Jango's Slave 1,Anakin & Zam's speeder's,Landspeeder w/Luke,X-Wing w/R2-D2,Jedi Starfighter w/Obi-Wan,Imperial Shuttle (exclusive),Anakin & Dooku's speederbikes,Tie Fighter w/Pilot all are C-9.5/10
12" Figures
Han in Carbonite,Darth Maul,D.Maul electronic,D.Maul w/Sithspeeder,Vader & Maul 2-Pack,Dewback w/Sandtrooper,Speederbike w/Endor Luke,Luke w/Taun-Taun,Dengar,Zuckuss all are C-9.5/10
All 3 Mega Action Figures C-9.5/10
Carbon Freezing Chamber C-10
Helmets:Darth Vader,Boba Fett,Emperor's Royal Guard,Tie Fighter Pilot,Biker Scout and Deluxe Storntrooper all helmets loose C-9.5/10