View Full Version : You dropped the ball with the Jedi troop builder set!

El Chuxter
11-21-2003, 02:36 PM
Dearest Hasbro,

The pictures of the upcoming Jedi set are enough to make a collector vomit. There is no real redeeming factor to this set, and even folks who want the containment field think it's not worth the $20 cost.

Three of the figures are on clearance nationwide! (Perhaps even worldwide!) And the fourth, well, a slightly different figure of him is on clearance, too.

With the Imperial set, we got a new droid, a new AT-ST pilot, a slightly altered Vader, and a troop builder. It didn't matter that the droid was just a repaint, or the AT-ST pilot looks like a custom. You followed up with the Bounty Hunters set. A step down, but some of those figures had been unavailable for a while, and an individual swoop would've been about $15, so no big deal. And the Hoth set: a nice Chewie re-do, superfluous Luke and Leia, and a droid. You seemed to have got it: paint those droids different colors and we'll trample one another to get the set, regardless of the other crap.

But now, oh, why, why, why? There are so many slight alterations you could've made to existing figures and come up with an equally cheap (for you to produce, at least) set. Here are some ideas for characters that probably aren't at the top of your list for actual sculpts, in case you're interested in reconsidering this garbage, or making up for it with a better set in the future. Feel free to use any of these. I swear on my life that I won't sue you.

Soruq Buul: Pop the old Weequay head on the Nikto Jedi's body.

Saessee Tiin, Eeth Koth, or Plo Koon: use the existing bodies from the waist up, and give them the legs from the Mace Windu that comes with the Council set. And soft goods!

Hi-Yaah Girl: Put Hoth Leia's head on Adi Gallias' body. That head looks more like Hi-Yaah Girl than Carrie Fisher by a long shot.

The dude who throws Ani and Obi their sabers: Any bearded head (Kyle Katarn comes to mind, but there are other possibilities) on any human male Jedi's body.

Bultar Swann: Mara's head with black hair on Adi's body. It's not a good likeness at all, but it'd be 100% more accurate than any figure you've made of Dr Cornelius "Roofoo" Evazan.

Zabrak Jedi from Geonosis: This one's easy. Just paint Eeth Koth differently! And give him new legs and fandom is sure to be happy.

The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination. Hey, that head sculpt you made for Scarlett (sorry, Agent Scarlett) from the GIJoe vs Cobra line looks more like a Padawan than a Joe ninja. Again, the possibilities are endless!

11-21-2003, 04:58 PM
I totally agree with this hasbro!! Your jedi set stinks! Why do you have to try and milk us for more money. We are not going to buy this set just to get the containment device. Do you think we are morons? I for one am not going to buy this set. I have purchased the imperial and hoth sets. I would like to thank you for those. I believe this jedi set is the worst set I have ever seen in my life. And I mean it (counting ALL toy lines). You had the chance to give us Bultar Swan, a weequay jedi, more alien jedi, or even (as mentioned) a bearded human jedi, or a female human jedi. Thanks for nothing hasbro! This is JUNK!

11-23-2003, 11:16 PM
Yes, I agree with this also. The packaging is more interesting than the figures in it, Hasbro. Do you guys even read this stuff? From the looks of things you guys put more effort it the packaging than the figures themself. I know what you are thinking hasbro, you think us stupid collectors will buy anything with SW logo on it. Well after Ep1 and 2 you should know better. What did you guys do? Go to KB and buy back the 4 packs and repackage them in this set?:stupid: