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04-01-2004, 10:22 AM
jt: "doesn't really seem worthy of this thread"
-haw, good one- as if "worthiness" and "this thred" had anything to do with one another :cheeky: while i usually only hump flix here i haven't seen b4, i have made exceptions to cover dvd upgrades (post 135's Tron & TMP, 224's Treks etc) :) now for my annual return to Indiflix, for years now my steadiest film passion- to the extent that it probably inspired the birth of the Hump in the first place :cool:
bully- director larry clark's (Kids & Another Day In Paradise, posts 212 & 191 above) hellafun, characteristically depraved portrait of teens deciding to kill the domineering jerk in their pack; w/nice Gummo-esque music moments (post 1 above) :)
slc punk- mostly-fun portrait of a hardcore college grad's crisis-of-subculture in early-80s utah; w/jen "kes" lien :)
six-string samurai- spoofy, low-budget tale of a lone wanderer in a postnuclear desert, in the mold of Straight To Hell (http://imdb.com/title/tt0094048/) but more entertaining; w/fun rockabilly/surf-guitar soundtrack :)
a mighty wind- the Guffman/BestInShow team's weakest but still amusing, affectionate mocku-spoof of pbs-relegated 60s folkies; w/paul "tain" dooley, ed "cronowerx" begley and not nearly enough parker posey :kiss::(
laurel canyon (cbale, beckinsale :kiss: )- High Art (post 1 above) writer/director's less impressive but satisfyingly atmospheric followup focuses on a type-a grad student & his fiancee's stay in his 60s-refugee record-producer mom's hollywood hills villa; w/serge gainsbourg's "bonnie & clyde" on the soundtrack and a great turn for frances mcdormand :cool:
lavender limelight: lesbians in film- so-so docu about directors behind the fruitful 90s "dykeflik" wave, including post 57's Go Fish, post 38's Watermelon Woman and Paris Is Burning; only of interest if, as i am, a fan of those fliks :)
margarita happy hour- stylin, engaging portrait of stuggling, semi-artsy, mostly-single nyc moms who meet to slug back a lil hooch every week :ko:
latin boys go to hell- kinda dull romcom of catholic cousins prowling nyc's gay/hispanic scene; w/cameo by dykeflik perennial guinevere turner (Watermelon Woman, Go Fish etc).
boys life 2- nicely-varied quartet of gay-themed shorts (haven't yet seen BL1); lottafun Must Be The Music features annoying teen-stereotype acting, throbbin l.a. club beats & lively cinematog; the hellafun Nunzio's Second Cousin (d'onofrio & eileen brennan, both nutty-great) kinda crosses Big Night with Stonewall; Alkali Iowa's oblique, impressionistic rural portrait; and Dadshuttle's stagey, hal hartley-esque, subtextual crosstalk between father & son :)
kissing jessica stein- mostly fun romcom of a straight nyc writer trying her hand with the ladies (borgnine's wife tovah feldshuh's robust as the mom :)) but due to multiple similarities with Amy's O (post 212 above) in my memory i keep mixing up the two :crazed:
owning mahoney (ps hoffman, john hurt, mini driver)- if sofia coppola had directed pt anderson's Hard Eight (http://imdb.com/title/tt0119256/) (which psh was also in) it might resemble this stylin, absorbing, hellafun saga of a colorless nebbish coming alive only when in the grip of his high-stakes gambling compulsion; w/cool triphop/jazzy-suspense score by richard grassby-lewis & the insects :cool:
finding north- unlikely, surprisingly entertaining dramedic odyssey to rural texas shared between a brassy nyc dame and a grieving gay guy who, for her own reasons, she plagues to no end; if Double Parked (below) was crossed with. . . Longtime Companion? :silly:
searching for paradise- engaging, lottafun portrait of a teen gal's stay in manhattan to stalk her matinee idol when daddy dies; w/drum&bass and carter burwell's air (http://www.intairnet.org/)-ish cues on the soundtrack and yummy susan may pratt (post 204's Center Stage) in the lead :kiss:
edge of seventeen- fun, engaging coming-of-age tale of a gay teen's summer; w/lotsa banal mid-80's ohio flava :)
the safety of objects (gclose, rklein)- lotsa great, askew little touches (including troche vet gwen turner voicing a barbie doll) give this portrait of 4 neighboring families an shimmering suburban buzz a la American Beauty, solondz (Happiness and Storytelling, posts 1 & 209 above) or sofia coppola, but overall not as cohesive as director troche's previous two (post 57 above); oh well, soundtrack has emboznik's haunting "kiss it all goodbye" ballad performed by lp, and yummy cameos by kristi angus & the robin-curtisy victoria snow :kiss:
personal velocity (kyra sedgwick, fairuza balk)- writer/director rebecca miller's stylin, absorbing triptych of 3 nyc-area women wrestling with choices & changes; w/cameo by wallace "nagus" shawn and michael rohatyn's philip-glassy piano cues trailing yummy yuppie parker posey :kiss:
roger dodger (isa rossellini, liz berkley, jbeals)- hellafun day in the life of a reptillian nyc bachelor initiating his troubled nephew into scammin sex in the city; High Art vet craig wedren's (also worked on Laurel Canyon) score recalls his earlier job but also more percussive, as befits this flik's common ground with In The Company Of Men :evil:
roadracers- robert rodriguez' mostly-fun 50s-teensploitation update pits james-deany darquette & gal salma hayek against smalltown bullycop bill "section 31" sadler :sur:
r2pc: road to park city- mostly-fun mockumentary of an uninspired nyc dork who pursues a film career for the sole purpose of playing at the sundance fest :crazed:
double parked- riveting tale of a scrappy brooklyn mom's struggle to support her son as a meter maid, with the specter of delinquent peers and menacing dad lurking in the background; surprised the end they pulled off wasn't darker, given the overall grimness :dead:
blue car (frances fisher)- writer/director karen moncrieff's stylin, grippingly ambiguous portrait of a troubled teen gal encouraged by her teacher to pursue poetry; damn dvd skipped over about 5 minutes worth dammit, might try catching this again :frus:
star maps- Chuck & Buck (post 82 above) director miguel arteta's mostly-engaging tale of an east-l.a. teen with showbiz dreams and a dad who pimps him on streetcorners; w/"young chakotay (http://imdb.com/name/nm0816669/)" in the lead and a housebeat cut from Morel's Grooves Pt. 9 on the soundtrack :cool:
stonewall (luiz guzman)- stylin (There's a shock), mostly fun fictionalization of the buildup to the g a y-right-inaugurating '69 nyc riot; begs the question why more drag queens don't emulate the likes of jackie kennedy instead of divine (http://www.montrealmirror.com/ARCHIVES/2000/083100/film3.html), cuz lead guillermo diaz (parker posey's dj pal in Party Girl) sure looked good doing so :kiss: ;)

04-01-2004, 02:17 PM
Sorry about that vulcantouch, I was referring to you though.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
04-01-2004, 10:17 PM
VT-- the Stonewall movie sounds like a good rent. I have read extensively about the gay rioting in Greenwich Village in '69 and found out that sometimes even gays have a breaking point. My favorite fact was when one of the nights the "girls" lined up in protest, holding each others hands against the police while kicking their legs up in the air and singing a la "A Chorus Line."

I saw Chariots of Fire a couple of weekends ago. Not a bad movie, but not what I expected from a Best Picture Film.

The plot revolved around the true story of two runners who competed in the 1924 Paris Summer Games. One runner was a young Jewish man from England who attended Oxford (?) University. The other was a Scottish (?) (or was he Irish, it's been three weeks) missionary.

Both men had to overcome struggles during their quest to compete. The Jewish man encountered bigotry and the Scottish man conflicts between his duty to spread God's word and his gifted abilities in running. Inevitably, he decides not to run one of his Olympic races on the Sabbath, because of his needed obligation to keep it holy. A compromise is made where he is allowed to run a different race on a different time.

Overall it was a nice pic, with a wonderful score by Vangelis (who could forget the opening/closing scene where the team jogs around the beach with the theme song playing).

Yet, I failed to empathize with the characters. The Jewish runner was not portrayed as a struggling character who had to break barriers because of his race. The only bigotry he seemed to encounter was with a couple of stodgy old school officials. The Scotsman, while true to his morals, was not a sympathetic character. Perhaps that's the way it was, and whoever made the movie decided not to glamorize the facts.

Either way a strong movie overall.

04-20-2004, 10:16 PM
-iirc this was indeed depicted in film; i'm not positive tho :Ponder:

"wonderful score by Vangelis"
-aside from his great Blade Runner and a coupla album cuts, never was a big vangy fan; and along w/his Year Of Living Dangerously and mid-80s wine commercial use, his COF theme was a perfect example of why not- all that cloying treacle sounded cliche even before its insufferable ubiquity :p
de22: no need to apologize- to answer quextion, i view most of them free at my convenience courtesy the local prodigious stacks (http://denver.lib.co.us) (and a select few here (http://experimentalfilmchannel.com/)) :) as for the time, i find it helps to discern & establish a routine (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=182230&postcount=189) that works for oneself; to wit, this year's edition of the cold gray S (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=232585&postcount=211) hump:
all or nothing- writer/director mike leigh's (post 1's Career Girls & 79's Topsy-Turvy) at his rigorously-bleak best with this quietly riveting drama of a working-class london family's life shaken from its torpor by son's health crisis; w/well-cast parents incl. always-great leigh vet tim spall as papa :cool:
iris (dench, winslet)- engaging, flashback-heavy portrait of a vibrant british novelist taken care of by introverted hubby as her senility sets in; w/eerily phlox-like hugh bonneville playing the younger version of jim broadbent :glasses:
innocence- this affair rekindled between two older aussies, after 40 years of separate family lives, sports a mildly-effective style combining jaglom's naive amateurishness with mike leigh's unpredictable humanism :)
the garden- what mainly lingers from director derek jarman's (post 239's Edward II) non-narrative, occasionally tedious gay-themed meditation on christianity, fame and persecution is the textures acheived via video chromakey- and the re-imagining of Funny Face's (post 242) showstopper "think pink" :cool:
my house in umbria (maggie smith)- when a bomb explodes their train compartment, an older bodice-ripper scribe invites her fellow survivors to recuperate at her villa; dependably gorgeous enjoyment that results from depositing anglos in langourous, rural italy (Room With A View, Up At The Villa, A Month By The Lake, Where Angles Fear To Tread, Enchanted April, Luhzin Defence et al) :)
the man from elysian fields (jmargulies, jcoburn, andy garcia, anj huston)- engaging, stylin, noir-toned interplay twixt an unsuccessful l.a. writer, the famous, terminal author he assists and same's wife he male-escorts; w/always-enjoyable jagger as the pimp and cameo by roz "keiko" chao :kiss:
looking for richard (wryder, abaldwin, kspacey, aidan quinn)- not sure who star/director pacino intended this for (highschool honors-english classes?), but i won't hold uncertainty about a thing like that against this enjoyable, behind-a-small-nyc-production docu/vanity project/attempt to demystify shakespeare; nicely shows off kevvy "kahless" conway and harris "gul darheel" yulin's acting gravitas :cool:
city of lost children (ron "will ferrell" perlman)- jeunet (Alien4 & post 249's Amelie) & caro's burlesque fairytale of a madman siphoning abducted kids' dreams hits a few too many off-key notes as it injects us into this admittedly painstakingly-textured world, & as a result our involvement in the protag's arc never fully recovers from that; there's still plenty to enjoy tho, esp. all the cyborgadgets :evil:
a night of love ('88, amolina, estoltz, gabby anwar :kiss: )- director makavejev's (post 246's Sweet Movie) fun belle-epoque poli-sex farce of a eurovillage preparing for a royal dicator's visit; w/always-fun simon callow (no, Not cowell, i mean the cat from post 57's Bedrooms & Hallways) & lyrical moments in nicola piovani's score :)
an ideal husband (blanchett, mdriver, jnortham, julianne moore)- fun adaptation of wilde's belle-epoque-london play, with rupert everett relishing his enviable, oscar-surrogate rogue :)
the sweet hereafter (ian holm)- director atom egoyan's most-acclaimed tale of a lawyer's attempt to rally a schoolbus-crash-mourning canadian small town into a lawsuit engaged but didn't do quite as much for me as his earlier Calendar (post 211 above) or Speaking Parts; mychael danna's score similarly resonates less than his other atoms, but sarah polley's (post 206's Guinevere) vocals on same evoke julee cruise's work for david lynch, only better :)
the shipping news (kspacey, dench, blanchett, julianne moore, scott glenn)- director lasse hallstrom's (post 116's Chocolat) absorbing, serendipitous portrait of a seemingly unremarkable man confronting both the strength and demons he's inherited when a mysterious relative persuades him to resettle with her in the idiosyncratic, canadian-coast village from which their clan hailed :Pirate:
miss julie director mike figgis' (post 122's Time Code & 79's Loss Of Sexual Innocence) mildly-engaging adaptation of strindberg's 1890s-sweden, shifting-dominance duet between a servant & a noblewoman (yummy saffron burrows :kiss: ).
poolhall junkies (walken, chazzy-p, wicky shwoder, steiger)- occasionally overjocular but otherwise lottafun hustler showdown, kinda Swingers on green felt, w/a dash of On The Waterfront; w/bill withers' "use me" on the soundtrack :cool:
ordinary decent criminal (kspacey)- lottafun romp of an artful bankrobber enjoying folk-hero status in working-class dublin with two wives, one of whom be yummy linda fiorentino :kiss: not sure what was gained by casting yanks in the leads, but works well enough :crazed:
crime spree (abe vigoda)- lottafun romp of a gang of paris hoods sent to chicago on a job; w/keitel's hilarious parting vengeance-vow to depardieu, "i'll eat your legs you fuggin frog" :D
dinner rush (aiello)- boisterous, tasty, close-quartered night in a tribeca trattoria mobsters try musclin in on; w/sandy bernhard's tart cafe critic and Pillow Book's (post 1 above) yummy viv wu :kiss:
urinal ('88)- amateurish but occasionally educational hypothetical salon amongst 20th-century gay/art figures (eisenstein, mishima, frida kahlo etc) on the history of clandestine washroom sex :nerv:
max (john cusack)- absorbing, hellafun fictionalization of a young hitler's flirtation with germany's post-ww1 modern-art scene :evil:
videodrome ('83, james woods, debba "blondie" harry)- director cronenberg's fascinating, hellafun, mcluhanistic mindphuque conspiracy stumbled upon by a pirate broadcaster sleaze :dev:
ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars ('73)- d.a. pennbaker's interesting, kindafun docu of bowie's "farewell" concert :rolleyes: "space oddity" & "suffragette city" are about the only performed tunes i'm nuts about-

04-20-2004, 11:21 PM
School of Rock: Nigh-unwatchable dreck where Jack Black plays his schtick clean for the tweener set for an hour and a half while he tortures the audience with his over-the-top, doesn't-really-know-what-he's-lampooning hard rocker pretending to be a schoolteacher to turn the students into a rock band that will net him $20k at a battle of the bands contest. Film badly misuses its cast and plot, letting characters and plot lines fall to the wayside while Black forces his hackneyed alterna-comedy down our throats. The kids themselves have some potential, but except for the grade-grubbing band manager girl, don't really get enough script to make their parts work. The "big performance" has the most un-rock song ever and borrows liberally from 'Revenge of the Nerds', a much finer, funnier, and better-made film. Directed by someone who seems to loathe rock music, but doesn't even put his distaste for that loathing to use here. So of course, it made a billion bucks or something.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition: Director Robert Wise and crew return to the unfinished ST:TMP 20 years later to give it the final edit it never got originally, and it works marvellously. Wise still clearly has an idea of the original notions in mind when he originally directed it, as acting scenes are mainly just tightened up rather than butchered and certain effects scenes are redone chiefly to match the original storyboards more closely, as well as give better ideas to what is being scene. Also removed is the unpleasant red alert sound effects (though the new one isn't much more tolerable) and the equally-unpleasant male computer voice (which is pretty much just left off the film, though some scenes get a new female voice). Nearly every new cut and new effects scene is blended perfectly into this, the most science-fictiony of the ST movie series. The film is not that much more exciting, but if you already enjoyed it even a little, this is a worthy upgrade; the DVD extras include showing almost every cut and trim made from the original edit, as well as the '83 version that was often released on home video as a "director's cut" or "special edition" (some footage from the '83 cut actually was incorporated into this new Director's Edition).

04-22-2004, 12:31 AM

Has the brit film SHAUN OF THE DEAD been released in the US?

If it has - go and and see it - it's the funnist film that I've seen in ages.

Its tag line is "A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies.".

Very sick, very, very funny.

See it now (or if it doens't get released over yonder, get the DVD).


James Boba Fettfield
04-22-2004, 12:47 AM
britcit, look here: http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showthread.php?t=23693

04-23-2004, 11:37 PM
Kill Bill vol 1 - Entertaining if uneven Quentin Tarintino "homage" (read: heavyhanded ripoff) of '70s action/martial arts flicks. Once again, QT brings too much style and referencing to his works for my tastes, and once again, QT seems to have little flair for the usage of swear words. If you can get past some fairly ridiculous moments, pointless time-shifts, and even an anime telling of the backstory of a character, this bloody sword battle will probably keep your attention throughout.

05-11-2004, 11:17 PM
jt: i assume you read my tmp dvd hump b4 posting (post 135 above), as yours reads almost like a point-by-point rebuttal to mine lol & welcome back bc3, just in time for my annual megabudget/megastarred, friday-nite (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=182230&postcount=189) Hump :greedy:
tuh-minator 3: rise of da masheeens- artless, mildly-engaging, occasionally funny (thanx to guvuhnor grab-azz's shamelessly hacky one-liners) moneymaker; dreaMM vehicle 3-pak: t1 aerial, t1 ground & h-k redux :)
the bourne identity (jstiles)- director doug "Swingers" liman's fun-enough, ludlum-title-saddled remake, w/franke potente (post 92's Run Lola Run & Princess & Warrior) playin opposite damon :)
identity (john cusack, apeet, amolina, liotta, demornay)- lottafun thriller of mpd fragments jockeying for control, w/jake busey & pruitt taylor vince in dependably entertaining psycho typecastings :crazed:
insomnia (pacino, hswank, rwilliams, paul "tain" dooley)- director chris nolan's (post 199's Memento & Following) surprisingly fun remake of the norwegian thriller bout a compromised cop investigating an arctic-circle murder; good to watch while sleepy? worked for me :zzz:
panic room (jfoster)- some corny badguy dialog hobbles Fight Club director fincher's lottafun manhattan-townhouse-siege setpiece, but also helped by fwhitaker & dyoakam playing same :evil:
phone booth (fwhitaker)- keifer voiceover steals the show from cfarrell in director schumacher's mostly fun manhattan-sniper streetpiece bracketed by insufferable, EnemyOfTheState-style satellite credit sequences :p w/james "ds9 little green men" macdonald, yummy katie holmes & radha mitchell (post 1's High Art & 209's Everything Put Together) :kiss:
one hour photo- finally the Perfect role for robin williams: psycho walmart clerk :crazed: hellafun, stylin, compelling, unflinching portrait of contrasting-class emptiness, accompanied by fab, icy, electronic-tinged score recalling carter burwell's Being John Malkovich or Man Who Wasn't There (post 213 above) :cool:
autofocus (dafoe)- kindafun, occasionally-engaging biopic of the Hogan's Heroes star's porn-ridden underbelly; nice 60s/70s period flava, and kinnear's winning enough in the lead, but director pschrader did much better w/Mishima (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6300270939/ref=cm_rev_next/104-7501297-6983160?v=glance&s=video&vi=customer-reviews&show=-submittime&start-at=31) :dis:
afterglow (nolte, jchristie, lfboyle :kiss: )- writer/director alan rudolph's amusing quartet twixt a promiscuous mister fixit, his unhappy wife, his filly "customer" and same's neglectful hubby; a lil too much of the prevailing sensibility's left unspoken- like an insufficiently-xplained inside joke- but the ambiguous ending's fun :) w/mark isham's slow-jazz vibraphone end theme and not enough genevieve bissonnette :kiss:
gladiator (rcrowe)- great supporting-role casting in director rscott's groaningly-bloated roman-vendetta epic, esp. rharris, joaq phoenix, oliver reed & derek "i claudius" jacobi :cool: fem lead was 1HrPhoto's connie nielsen? didn't recognize- was so queenly i thought that was saffron burrows (post 254's Miss Julie & 79's Loss Of Sexual Innocence) :kiss:
the good thief (neil jordan dir.)- swaf (post 237): "If you think old, sandpaper-voiced, pathetic drunken junkies make for fun filmwatching"
-hey howdja guess? ;) lottafun remake of post 246's Bob Le Flambeur; at first casting nolte in the title role seems cliche & obvious but he grows into it; w/not-bad eliot goldenthal score, lenny cohen's "1000 kisses deep" and serge gainsbourg's "j'taime moi non plus" on the soudntrack, and let's see more of yummy gal who plays barmaid yvonne :kiss:
narc (liotta, jason patric)- fun urban grittathrilla of compromised cops partnered to solve a colleague's murder :)
the recruit (pacino, cfarrell)- fun dc-spy-school thriller- and after viewing you can channel that stoke by xploring your aptitudes online (http://cia.gov/employment/cardir.html), as when the navy set up booths outside Top Gun theater exits :crazed:
the truth about charlie (marky-mark, tim robbins)- jdemme's Charade remake is more entertainingly delirious than but not as coherent as the original; sports french-film eternababe christine boisson and an eclectic soundtrack including 2 malcolm maclaren 'paris' remixes (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000005CEW/ref=cm_rev_next/104-3135042-5934350?v=glance&s=music&vi=customer-reviews&show=-submittime&start-at=11)- one based on same erik satie gnossienne heard in Schmidt :cool:
about schmidt- casting j-nich was a curious, distracting choice- it only worked for me about 1/5 of the time, when he smoldered or erupted; on the other hand, kbates & howwy hesseman portrayed that certain denver ex-hippie accurately :) w/swaffave hope davis (post 1's Daytrippers, 122's Next Stop Wonderland & 116's Joe Gould Secret) and a deadpan soundtrack including erik satie's "quetrieme gnossiennes" :smoker:
road to perdition- (hanks, pnewman, jj leigh, tucci)- AmBeaut director sam mendes' mostly-fun, depression-illinois jango-boba mobster-payback tale; gotta love jude law's ig-88 :dead:
death and the maiden (sigourney, bkingsley, polanski dir.)- gripping, south-american-set adaptation of the stage psych-triangle (a la post 212's Tape & 48's Big Kahuna) bout a years-later possible reuniting of a political prisoner & her torturer, w/hubby caught in middle; w/cool wojciech kilar cue at the end :cool:
the world is not enough (brosnan)- since bondtheme vet john barry ain't conducted the 007 train for some time, it's a good thing yummyperfect denise richards & serena scott thomas are reasons enough to watch this artless, mostly-hollow pyroshow- it's not like there's any others :p okay okay, dench, cleese and them "paracopters" were kinda fun too :rolleyes:
agent cody banks (fmuniz, hduff)- and the only reason i watched This kiddie-spy trope wuz cuz angie harmon's in it :kiss:
anger management (sandler, j-nich, tomei, jturturro, luiz guzman)- fun, harmless romp of an nyc therapist's diabolically elaborate schemes for treating a chronic pushover :D
mr. deeds (pgallagher, winonar, buscemi)- supporting player john turturro manages to steal from star sandler what few laffs there are in this aw-shucksy, wasteful retread of the hoary '36 capra flick; ok, al sharpton's cameo and the bowie "space oddity" singalong w/erick "vedek" avari was fun- but both can be seen in the trailer so :p
showtime (deniro, murphy, rrusso :kiss: )- harmless, fun enough, mismatched-buddy-cop pomo-media satire, w/shatner schooling the "real" cops in "tv fuzz finesse" :crazed:

05-12-2004, 09:36 PM
jt: i assume you read my tmp dvd hump (post 135 above), as yours reads almost like a point-by-point rebuttal to mineWhile I did read it, that was 2 years ago, it was furthest from my mind when writing my review. But to counter one point, I detested those awful TMP ads and trailers! It's hard to believe that film made its money back with those.

That's a trip about Phone Booth's Keifer Sutherland (sp?) stealing show, since he wasn't the original voice, when the film was first supposed to hit theaters before it got shelved, someone else played the voice.

RE: TWINE - "it's a good thing yummyperfect denise richards & serena scott thomas are reasons enough to watch this"
- Damn generous! I thought both female leads were horrible here, Denise Richards' wooden and incredibly unbelievable acting subtracts from this film every nanosecond she's on screen and her good looks actually end up working against her - suggesting to the audience that she was chosen for one reason and the audience must now pay for that - thus exacerbating the horror that is Dr Christmas Jones. Mrs. Charlie Sheen has done far better work both in the acting and eye candy department.

Vertigo - Jimmy Stewart is great, but slightly miscast as semi-retired police detective with a dizzying fear of heights. Hitchcock delivers some interest, builds and then ends the primary storyline 2/3rds of the way into the film, then deviously builds new interest finally giving an exciting and sudden end to the film despite the lack of the "hollywood ending". Too bad this wasn't in its original 3D.

The Man who Knew Too Much - Stewart & Hitch make another film, this one an overly-long, tepid attempt at intrigue where plain-guy Stewart and his wife hunt down their son's kidnappers due to Stewart unintentionally learning secret spy info. Despite annoyances, Hitch does a great job at building suspense and draws the audience (dragging the feet) into the action and delivers a hollywood ending.

Dial M for Murder - Hitch's famous Drawing Room mystery gives us all the set up, then pulls the rug out from under us and gives a whole new set of problems for scheming anti-hero Ray Milland to figure out. Final solution is waaaaay too hollywood, 100% Deus ex Machina tripe and the entire time I was routing for Milland to get off scott free or even just end up staying with his wife and sending her lover up the river for the crimes.

ST:2-4 Special Edition DVDs - ST2, Nick Meyer makes a great film better with a fantastic commentary track, some fine extras, and just an entertaining experience. ST3, commentary track is muddled with too many voices, but Nimoy is fun and extras include some interesting insights into facets of the film. ST4, haven't watched extras yet but Shatner & Nimoy in the same room for the commentary track is a real joy, these 2 really are each others' better half - slight bummer comes near the end of the track as both actors mention how they always expected to keep making Trek but didn't, a real loss for Trekkies like me who realize what really could have been.

05-26-2004, 04:21 PM
The Princess Bride - Been a while since I had seen it as I really don't care for Meathead's directing and never thought much of this film's overall presentation (especially when compared with the original book). Film gets really good reviews most of the time but my recent viewing reminds me why I'm confused by said positive reviews, the film looks cheap in production values and plays schticky and sappy at the same time, not to mention that Fred Savage's interruptions definitely don't hold up over time. The score is grating and thin, thus detracting from the film rather than enriching it like it should have, and the cinemtography is artless TV-Movie-of-the-Week work at best. The underlying story is good, but the acting is all over the map and casting Robin Wright as the title lead is unfathomable while Christopher Guest's performance feels like his standard 1-dimensional work.

Lost in Translation - although not all of this film works and it definitely would have been more enjoyable on the big screen than on DVD, Sofia Coppola does an excellent job at creating atmosphere on-screen and subtly projecting similar feelings into the audience themselves through the use of dialogue, pacing, volume, soundtrack, and editing. Much of the movie feels like it was written with a framework and the actors were allowed to improv their own lines into the parts, and it tends to work out for the best as much of what is given feels genuine rather than forced (even from the normally over-the-top Murray). If art is meant to simultaneously convey feelings and act as the fulcrum for the creation of the audience's own feelings, this film fits the bill there while still remaining an entertaining piece of cinema. The movie plays out like a romance but wisely avoids the pitfalls of having the leads actually fall into any sort of romantic entanglement with each other - the film stays platonic, giving depth to a sort-of adult version of a friendship made at summer camp.

06-11-2004, 11:45 AM
-oh? after all she was the She in She's So Lovely (http://imdb.com/title/tt0120112/) :kiss:

jt: "wasn't in its original 3D"
-"oh wow, is this movie in 3-d?" "no, but your Face is" - 3d-spex-disguised usher nic cage to jock rival, Valley Girl :D
i've seen every ah feature back to 1940's Rebecca, and several before that; he's in my top5 director faves for, in addition to the psychosexual undercurrents and detailed portrayals of mid-century american mores, his output's sheer consistent entertainingness :) re the MWKTM remake, surprised you didn't mention how shrilly annoying doris day was :p

"Richards' wooden and incredibly unbelievable acting"
-La Denise Is Not Enough, eh? but since when is stardom synonymous with Talent :crazed: even garbo's legend has been acknowledged to be more about her screen presence than actual emotive range; the camera luvin ya goes a long way towards mitigating an absence of talent. hell, if jessica simp would cease her unseemly attempts to "sing" and just sit there all purty she could Rule this world :evil: as for dr's improbable casting as a physicist, i thought it was both "cute" and one of the few enjoyably audacious aspects of the largely-lifeless TWINE :)

"has done far better work"
-Wild Things, for one, turned out lots better than I expected :) all this bubblehead talk's got me in the mood for a bubblehead/teen Hump (a la post 132 above) just in time to ensure everyone has a. . .
wet hot american summer (garafalo, dh pierce)- kindalifeless Meatballs retread whose soundtrack sports a nice ted shapiro score and jefferson starship's "jane" over the opening titles :cool:
beavis & butt-head do america- their lottafun bigscreen x-country odyssey in search of a stolen tv; w/dave letterman voicing one of their previously-unseen illegit-roadie dads and englebert humper dinck's stirring rendition of obscure odditty "lesbian seagull" :crazed:
dumb & dumber- what's with the rep this soso comedy's amassed? even the infamous toilet scene feels kinda forced & telegraphed :rolleyes: both the farrelly brothers and jim carrey have done much better since (Something About Mary, Shallow Hal, Mask) :p
sugar & spice (msuvari, sean young :kiss: )- unmemorable, occasionally-amusing cheerleaders-turned-robbers teencom :ermm:
but i'm a cheerleader (natash lyonne, rupaul)- the most entertaining thing about this flimsy lesbian-deprogramming teencamp farce is the soundtrack, w/a mothersbaugh-meets-elfman-does-barbie score, wanda jackson's "funnel of love", aprilmarch's rendition of serge gainsbourg's "chick habit" and a third song that's either miisa's "all or nothing", tattle tales' "glass vase cello case" or lois' "evening in paris" -that's as far as i could narrow it down :ermm:
not another teen movie (jpressly)- lottafun spoof of the genre formula, w/the cure, thompson twits, modern english's "i melt w/you" the vapors' "turning japanese" and manson's rendition of soft cell's "tainted love" on the soundtrack :)
jackass: the movie- mostly-fun bigscreen version of mtv's male-bonding masochism fest :crazed:
joe dirt (davspade, jpressly)- ronnie dobbs' heart-of-gold fellow mullethead triumphs over indignities in this lottafun, affectionate ode to trailer trash :crazed:
run ronnie run!- the Mr. Show duo's hilarious feature-length expansion of their Cops-repeat-offender-turned-celeb sketch; numerous cameos include kath griffin, jack black, the south park boys & rebecca romijn :kiss:
freddy got fingered- and unfailry maligned too; tom green definitely comes down on the nerve side of my "comedy's essence is precision &/or nerve" theory; w/sublime, downright surreal touches and screamingly funny "zebra family" cartoon :D
ringmaster (jaime pressly)- mostly-fun mocu-look behind a jerry springer-y tv show :crazed:
zoolander (stiller & owilson, will ferrell)- hellafun, cameo-crammed, overly-trashed, over-the-top fash world spoof in which the protag does w/cellphones what i've long done w/walkmans (own dozens, sporting a different style for every outfit) :crazed:
loser (msuvari, kinnear, jason biggs)- director amy heckerling's surprisingly well-done, teen-aimed Apartment (http://imdb.com/title/tt0053604/) update, w/lotsa fun comedy-vet cameos :)
legally blonde (reesew, luke wilson)- hellafun fishouttawater romp of a mall barbie in ivy-league law school; w/always elegant holland taylor and Clockwatchers' alanna ubach :)
glory daze (baffleck, french stewart, indy's pal sallah & yummy milano :kiss: )- lottafun, multiethnic 90s Animal House retread :crazed:
welcome to collinwood (wh macy)- mildly amusing slapstick about a pack of morons pulling a heist :crazed:
since you've been gone (lfboyle, teri hatcher, jon stewart, david schwimmer star/dir.)- hilarious high-school-reunion slapstick, w/love jones' duranduran medley & other fun 80s sounds :)
my boss's daughter (kutcher, tara reid)- saw this teen-aimed slapstick while in jail so didn't give it my usual full attention (and as a Non-captive audience i likely wouldnt've viewed at all), but despite starting painfully predictably (even terence stamp's presence wasn't encouraging) i came to enjoy it almost as much as less particular fellow inmates; w/andy richter, jtambor & several SNL-vet cameos :)
the rules of attraction (vanderbeak)- curiously charmless (despite yummy lead shannyn sossamon :kiss: ), time-tweaking college romance triangle; i prescribe a spell in a prison shower for fulla-himself, thinks-he's-hard preppy writer bret easton ellis :dev:
the master of disguise (j-esposito)- uneven, kindafun, harmless dana carvey character showcase; w/brent "data" spiner & heady opening theme by marc ellis :)
masters of comic book art- lackluster, harlan-ellison-hosted, hour-long fanboy docu i only bothered to watch cuz it featured moebius :smoker:
comic book villains (donal "owen" logue, natash lyonne, cary elwes)- lottafun rivalry twixt a fanboy shopowner & a hubby/wife scalper team vying over a back-issue muthaload; w/fun joey (Clockwatchers) altruda score :)
starwoids- mildly-amusing, mildly disturbing docu bout internet fanboys waiting 6 weeks in a graumann's chinese line to see TPM :rolleyes:

06-26-2004, 12:48 PM
1st up, to jdah's post 238 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=297908&postcount=238) above:
"enrapt with Kiera at the moment"
-and here i was worried i might offend you by remarking i think i like her better than nat (tho i've said so before (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=31435&postcount=20)) :kiss: nat looks to be too short in person, & k too tall, but onscreen i don't hold either against either ;)

"what do I do about Pirates of the Caribbean"
-simple, just ff thru all scenes xcept the ones she's in; i coulda-shoulda done the same with parkey poser in You've Got Mail and lessened my enjoyment not one whit ;)

"the hateful Denise Richards"
-plz elaborate on this delectably catty broadside, mROWWR :evil:

"not reaaaaally into this kind of flick although I quite enjoy them"
-maybe that's why i misremembered your Bridget Jones Diary hump (post 4 above) as being positive, and recently went out of my way to see it (post 239 above) so we could compare notes on same :\

"Conversely with the Sci-Fi genres"
-an interesting observation imo, in that a great part of my aesthetic life has been concerned with detecting and exploiting resonances between scifi and the arts as a whole. for ~20 years now the former's confinement to adolescent ghettos have seemed to me obsolete; a bit of my fall reading (http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0684859785/ref=sib_dp_rdr/002-8972554-6876005#reader-link) gratifyingly echoes my sentiments :)

"hope that Ant n Dec are known in at least a small capacity in the US"
-not to my admittedly-circumscribed knowledge :\

"Erotic Gherkin made an appearance"
-for a minnit i thought that by this you might've meant bruce willis' distractingly phallic cranium :p

next, to swaffy's post 233 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=294771&postcount=233) above:
"they're both Euroflix"
-ah but you mean Britflix, a distinctly different thing (Mona Lisa, Trainspootin, mike leigh's oeuvre etc) :) on that note the only reason i'm curious to see Gothika is cuz its euroflik director's previously helmed Hate (post 210 above). as for Timeline, at first i thought you mighta been tawkin bout the van damme/syd-mead-designed-vehicle turd ;) and do you mean this (http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0120609/) Big Hit? and it exhausts me to even read, let alone ponder seeing, Mander And Commaster: The Most Overbuilt Movie Title In The World :p

"(KB1) is a must-see on a big screen"
-yeah, that's what i been hearin, but i remain stubbron; too late for me now i think ;)

"it doesn't have a 'my poo doesn't stink, and I'm far too rich and important to give you an interview' attitude"
-a characterization which, in light of its context, i assume might apply to barry, his music Or me, i.e. the guy who jump-started your interest in same? ;) except of course, not only am i still eager for jt to interview me for ssg, y'all can rest assured Mine certainly does stank :p on that note, when did good old "poop" become fey "poo"? not just Any old thing cartman sez should become vernacular :p

and his post 237 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=295706&postcount=237) above:
"If you think old, sandpaper-voiced, pathetic drunken junkies make for fun filmwatching"
-wouldn't rule it out; seen Affliction (http://imdb.com/title/tt0118564/)? "leave it Beee wade!" coburn mocks nolster in an epic Battle Of The Scenery-Chewers :happy:

07-08-2004, 07:44 PM
next, to swaffy's post 233 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=294771&postcount=233) above:
"they're both Euroflix"
-ah but you mean Britflix, a distinctly different thing (Mona Lisa, Trainspootin, mike leigh's oeuvre etc) :) on that note the only reason i'm curious to see Gothika is cuz its euroflik director's previously helmed Hate (post 210 above). as for Timeline, at first i thought you mighta been tawkin bout the van damme/syd-mead-designed-vehicle turd ;) and 1do you mean this (http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0120609/) Big Hit? and it exhausts me to even read, let alone ponder seeing, Mander And Commaster: The Most Overbuilt Movie Title In The World :p

2"(KB1) is a must-see on a big screen"
-yeah, that's what i been hearin, but i remain stubbron; too late for me now i think ;)

"it doesn't have a 'my poo doesn't stink, and I'm far too rich and important to give you an interview' attitude"
3-a characterization which, in light of its context, i assume might apply to barry, his music Or me, i.e. the guy who jump-started your interest in same? ;) except of course, not only am i still eager for jt to interview me for ssg, y'all can rest assured Mine certainly does stank :p on that note, when did good old "poop" become fey "poo"? not just Any old thing cartman sez should become vernacular :p

and his post 237 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=295706&postcount=237) above:
"If you think old, sandpaper-voiced, pathetic drunken junkies make for fun filmwatching"
-wouldn't rule it out; 4seen Affliction (http://imdb.com/title/tt0118564/)? "leave it Beee wade!" coburn mocks nolster in an epic Battle Of The Scenery-Chewers :happy:

1 - YES
2 - maybe your cohort at the vtfilmfest movie house could arrange a priVaTe screening for you & some select guests?
3 - characterization was aimed squarely at baseball player Barry Bonds.
4 - you've successfully baited me into seeing it. BTW, you used one of my long-time favorite flixpeak terms, "chewing the scenery".


07-19-2004, 10:49 PM
-i passed notion onto him, which by coincidence he'd already been thinkin of :) meanwhile time to answer viewer mail #5, the author of which may make his identity known here if he chooses:
"I haven't read thru every post in the thread, but with all these movies that you've seen, do you review them for your local newspaper? I would imagine that you would be able to pick out similarities and differences, comment on the different acting, different directing styles, influences ... And on and on."
-thanx for compliment but nope, this thred's about the only place i've wrote up flix i done seed ;)

"Usually, the movies I see most are the ones I buy on DVD (or my SW videos), but I did recently see Mystic River at a friends place. I thought it had some great performances from the 3 main actors. I usually like Sean Penn (esp. as Spicolli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High). And Kevin Bacon had a great performance also, he was good in JFK too. I watched JFK again last week, which is why that comes to mind. I'm looking forward to seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, and the Metallica movie. Million things going thru my mind right now, which I don't want to bore you with: Politics, Howard Stern, JFK conspiracy...."
-all of which, as it happens, will figure into a politic-themed Hump i'll be postin round 'lection day :)

"Since your from Denver, or that area, were you at C1? I was out there for that, and it was SO nice."
-most comments i heard were negative re the mud & rain but yep, i went on friday w/a local pal & a guy from the old galoob.com messageboard (i'd invited everyone there on a free tour of denver & he was the only one who took me up on it ;)
p.s. to jt: re your post 232 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=294740&postcount=232) comments above: i see you've already answered the quextion "what's sadder than watching CA:FT in the first place?": "listened to the director's commentary" ;) plz see post 217 above and get thee to a halfway-decent vidstore for future gourd-boredoms ;)

07-30-2004, 05:52 PM
(see post 159 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=133544&postcount=159) above for premise, & posts 159-189 for prev. examples)
Event Horizon/Sphere
Lost In Space/Titan AE
Dish/The Dish
Breaking The Waves/It's Raining Stones
When Strangers Appear/The Business Of Strangers/The Stranger Inside
Little Voice/Little City
My Life To Live/A Woman Is A Woman
Unzipped/Truth Or Dare
Welcome To Collinwood/Bowling For Columbine
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind/50 First Dates
The Shape Of Things/The Safety Of Objects
Knockaround Guys/The Transporter
Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels/24 Hours In London
Party Monster/24 Hour Party People
Velvet Goldmine/Hedwig & The Angry Inch
Rodger Dodger/Catch Me If You Can
Road To Perdition/Catch Me If You Can
The Others/The Hours
Donnie Brasco/Donnie Darko
Le Divorce/Down With Love
Autofocus/One Hour Photo
Basic Instinct/Sliver
Bird On A Wire/Out On A Limb
The American President/Dave
The Amityville Horror/House
The Faculty/Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Old School/School Of Rock
Mean Girls/White Chicks
Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison/Big Daddy
Snow Dogs/Snow Day
Bad Santa/Elf
Bad Company/Showtime
White Men Can't Jump/He Got Game
They Call Me Mister Tibbs/In The Heat Of The Night
Bird/Round Midnight
and 2 equations:
The Perfect Storm + Into Thin Air = The Ice Storm
Blade - Spawn = Steel
vt :p

08-14-2004, 11:10 PM
follow-up to older VT humpflix post:

...finally, a few "orphans"- i Know the following have twins but i haven't been able to think of them so maybe you can:
Extreme Prejudice, Mississippi Burning, Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil, 9&1/2 Weeks

Mississippi Burning / A Time to Kill (? perhaps this spawns a new sub-category: photo-negative flicktwins ?)

Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil = Tom's Midnight Garden + Garden of Evil ? (j/k)

9&1/2 Weeks / The Postman Always Rings Twice ?

NEW ONES (I hope)

Torque / Biker Boyz

Underworld / Blade (1)

Cabin Fever / [take your pick - there's plenty]

Under the Tuscan Sun / Room with a View (a stretch, I admit)

Intollerable Cruelty / War of the Roses ?

Matchstick Men = Flim-Flam Man + Paper Moon ?

Alien vs. Predator = Godzilla vs. Mothra

(VT, I didn't save a copy of the humps I emailed you yesterday, so if you have 'em & want them posted here, please do so for me. - thanx)

09-03-2004, 10:30 AM
Saw Monster last night (Lady Swaffy brought it home), so I guess I could write about that, if it hasn't already been "humped to death" :evil: Liked Henry Fool, tho' ending seemed to really fall flat.
-more specific plz- it's been more than a coupla years since i saw it; but, did its cameo take you by surprise? :)

Writing & acting were refreshingly original to me (faust influence notwithstanding) & did pick up on the "play" feel to the production.
Suffered thru about 2/3 of Torque (please.. don't ask why), until the sandman took pity on me and let me fall asleep. I can't think of a worse critique than to fall asleep during a movie that is 100% (at least of what I saw) fast vehicle chases, explosions, gunplay, and general sex & violence.
During recent plane trip to LALALand, took my laptop and watched CDs of Secondhand Lions and Johnny English. Thought 2ndhand Lions was good, and haven't heard anyone else who agrees. "I See Dead People" was so-so, but I thought Duvall and Caine were great. Johnny English had me laughing my @$$ off. My first real exposure to Atkinbean since his cameo in one of the real bondfilx. I wonder if he could've pulled off the Clouseau part in the revival film? Not looking forward at all to Steve Martin in that role.
-yeah, that sounds like kinduva hubristic overestimation of his range to me too; reminds me of a recent article (GQ maybe?) about how his desire- reflected in his recent career choices- to slough off the goofball schtick which made him rich in order to target a more highbrow niche has only resulted in tepid, twee ventures like Shopgirl (http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0786885688.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg), precious "humor" pieces in the New Yorker etc. get that man some pizza-in-a-cup! :silly:
having said that, i've also rarely enjoyed bean's overstated mugging :p

While in Vegas, my dad made me watch Open Range. I came into it thinking it would only be worth seeing for Duvall, but Costner and Bening were decent, too, and for me to give a nod to Costner is something noteworthy. Have always liked Benrubi from his ER appearances, and thought he was good here, too. A lot of the story elements are about as original as sand, but it's a tribute to the film that I only thought about that well after the film was over. During the show, I never once thought that it was unoriginal. Whoever came up with the SNL game show sketch about "Who is More Grizzled?" absolutely nailed the writing for Duvall. Ever since that originally aired, it seems like every movie role he's in is done in the same character as that sketch.
-"ah don' b'lieve in banks, ah keep mah earnins in a coffeecan buried out back!" :D along w/a few more fliktwins:
Desperately Seeking Susan/Making Mr. Right
Who's That Girl/Shanghai Surprise
Billy Bathgate/Last Man Standing
(and actually i gave your 1st pair their own partners, as you can see from post 191's (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=186358&postcount=191) twins ;) )

10-31-2004, 02:08 PM
-admirable; "our stature is measured by the enemies we make" -tain, DS9's "stitch in time" novel :evil: while it would be seasonable to post an all-halloween Hump like i did 2 years ago (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=190658&postcount=193), as some of you already know a little cinehorror goes a long way for me. so the truth is i've only seen a coupla halloweeny flix since then, hardly enough for a meaty hump! so, where to turn for similarly Ghastly subject matter? well, anyone recall the author of "politics is just showbiz for ugly people"? (a shouting skull perhaps?) perhaps it is not by accident that america's national election day and halloween usually fall on the same week:
the brandon teena story- kinda interesting docu on the Boys Don't Cry subject matter (below)
boys don't cry (hswank, sevigny)- engaging, based-on-true drama of a rural genderbender hangin w/the trash and comin to a bad end, you already know the story :dead:
citizen ruth (ldern, yummy kelly preston)- lottafun spoof of left-right abortion polarities swirlin around a myopic, opportunistic knockup :silly:
the naked civil servant ('75, john hurt)- lottafun, archly quotable uk tv memoir of midcentury-london, overtly gay avatar quentin crisp who, while shunning intentional politicality, embodied inherent provocateurism simply in living as he saw fit :cool:
sex drugs & democracy- fun docu spotlighting a few things american-style "freedom" could stand to learn from cannibis-abiding holland :smoker:
the filth & the fury- hellafun, absorbing sex pistols docu detailing their sociopolitical genesis and what a sheeyit manager malcy maclaren was :dev:
dirty pictures (james woods)- i'd call this a "dramatization" of the '90 mapplethorpe contretemps, except it plays more like a civics lesson than a movie :p a fran lebowitz cameo's always welcome tho :)
private parts- howard stern's narcissistic yet candid & hilarious cineversion of his radio-career odyssey, w/always-great paul giamatti as "pig vomit" (his actual credit!) :D
the people vs. larry flynt (woody-h, ed norton, zefram cochrane, giuliani's latest wife)- director milos forman's hellafun, rousing dramatization of a gleeful, enterprising porny-turned-reluctant-free-speech-champ's crusade against jerry falwell & company; w/courtney hole's on-target druggie wife portrayal and Our Hero's cameo as a dogmatic judge :D
oleanna (wh macy, dav mamet writ/dir.)- involving nightmare of the pc-speak-fueled descent into misunderstanding between a college prof & a student :speech:
the contender- scene-chewing prexy jeff bridges steals veep candidate joan allen's thunder, whose title character's colorless by comparison :dis: oh well, yummy cameo by mariel hemingway :kiss:
jfk (kevvys costner & bacon, tommy lee jones, dsutherland, john candy, spacek, joe "eyebrows" pesky)- ollie stone's dense, atmospheric conspiracy-theorist lionization w/shoehorned home-stretch soapbox, a peek at the zapruder reel and gary oldman's creepy fun oswald :stupid:
nixon (ahopkins, joan allen, psorvino, james woods, o-stone dir.)- ahopkins' fun, flailing, dick-as-lovitz-as-fierstein portrayal ("i juss wanna be loved izzat so Wronnng?" ) :p
the american president (m-doug, bening, msheen, rreiner dir.)- amusing enough, by-the-numbers white house romcom; elegant gail strickland (DS9 ep "paradise" ) & wendie malick help dress things up :kiss:
unprecedented: the 2000 presidential election- talky, peter-coyote-narrated inquiry into florida "voter irregularities" that have only recently been detailed in the mainstream press :frus:
manufacturing consent: noam chomsky and the media- was it intentional that much of this docu on the linguist-turned-media critic itself plays like an advert of its subject matter, i.e. fawning, conflating of its significance and too seldom specific? :rolleyes: interesting & informative despite itself ;)
bowling for columbine- michael moore's sweeping, lottafun connect-the-dots twixt soulless denver burbs (i speak from experience here), local military contractors that comprise sizable chunks of its econ base, and america's general culture of fear, w/plenty of hilarious, not-always-unfair shots at the nra & its moses (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/printthread.php?t=21344) :cheeky:
we are family- spike lee's fun docu of the "we are the world"-style, post-9/11 fundraiser rerecording of the disco classic organized by songwriter-producer nile rodgers (partner bernard edwards died years ago, which oddly the film didn't mention); clever of nr to spotlight dionne warwick's singing of the "as we Walk On By" lyric :cool:

11-01-2004, 12:07 AM
private parts- howard stern's narcissistic yet candid & hilarious cineversion of his radio-career odyssey, w/always-great paul giamatti as "pig vomit" (his actual credit!) :D

The scenes with Giamatti as Pig Vomit are someof my fav's from this. Overall I thought the book, and it's follow up were better.

jfk (kevvys costner & bacon, tommy lee jones, dsutherland, john candy, spacek, joe "eyebrows" pesky)- ollie stone's dense, atmospheric conspiracy-theorist lionization w/shoehorned home-stretch soapbox, a peek at the zapruder reel and gary oldman's creepy fun oswald :stupid:

I thought that the acting in this was excellent, no matter how small or large the role. Of particular note for me are Kev Bacon, Ed Asner, Lemon and Candy.

11-27-2004, 12:32 PM
-interesting; i read most/all of it but it never occured to me to compare it w/the film, as the most similar thing between em seemed to be the title ;) meanwhile amidst the remnants of this post-election-bisected nation (please, let's not pretend it isn't) i figgered i'd spotlight another, older amerischism- that of race- by reprising a segregation that's become a semi (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=27041&postcount=36)-annual (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=194886&postcount=195) autumn tradition, namely: the Black Experience Hump :cool:
ghost dog: the way of the samurai (forest whitaker)- jim jarmusch's stylin, hellafun knockout bout a ghetto hitman's adherence to ancient warrior code could stand a zippier pace, but sports the rza's minor-key hiphop score, hilarious mafia caricatures and the likely inspiration for mike tyson's well-known rooftop pigeoncoop prediliction :crazed:
pootie tang- absurdist, lottafun blaxploit spoof by standup/former conan writer louis c.k.; w/tourdeforce over-the-top ho turn by a pre-fame wanda sykes :D
changing lanes (mace windex)- david arnold's cool drum&bass cues nicely accompany the racial tensions percolatin just neath the surface of this jittery, fun vendetta gripper; i mean, didn't You love watchin ben afflack's smug whiteboy lawyer git his face rubbed in it? :evil:
ali (jfoxx, jada p-s, mario v-p, michael mann dir.) engaging epic w/will smith's great on-cam luvvy-spars w/voight's howwid co-sell and putting endurosleaze don king in his place :D geordi played mlk (jdah's post 103 above)? who knew :crazed:
malibu's most wanted (jamie kennedy, ryan o'neal, snoop dogg voicing a yoda-esque rat :crazed: )- what hood foray'd be complete without a lottafun bump into a culture-usurpin wigga :cheeky:
barbershop- kindacorny (that goes for eve's oh-no-you-di'int "sass" and lead ice cube's perf too :p) portrait of a trad hood klatch leavened by cedric entertainer's irreverent blowhard oldtimer :silly:
biggie and tupac- nick broomfield's (post 74's Hollywood Madam) engaging docu of the cop-exploited rappa feud, w/snoop cutting an even more compelling figure than you knew and suge knight comin off thuggier than youda guessed, sorta hiphop's dick cheney :Ogre:
fear of a black hat (rusty cundieff writ/star/dir.)- lottafun, hiphop Spinal Tap w/penny "kasidy yates" johnson :)
undercover brother (eddie griffin, dave chapelle, lando, mango; note for swaffy- stanley clarke did the score)- mostly-fun blaxploitation spoof w/yummy denise richards and what must be the most repellent cinedepiction of mayonnaise Ever :p
sistas 'n' the city- animated short series that, as a body of work, feels a bit thin (30 minutes total) but comprises a fun, vibrant counterpoint to the better-known wytechik version :ko:
sweet sweetback's baadasssss song ('71) melvin van peebles' catalyst for the "blaxploitation" wave (and sisko's "shadows & symbols" desert trek?) starts out sloppy (inadequate coverage & lighting) but gets better w/inspired, epic, chorus-accompanied chase montages, early earthwindfire & john amos work and an onscreen de-flowering of his pre-teen son mario, enviable bastid :D
sade: lovers live and life promise pride love- concert film and music vid comp that, tho i'm a big fan of Her Ponytailness, reinforce two of my rules-of-thumb; that i invariably find the experience of MTVids & concertflix too empty to bother, and sade's sleekest days are about a decade behind her :evil: :kiss:
princess tam tam ('35, josephine baker)- kindafun, carefree paris/tunisia pygmalion romp; surprisingly, gallantly unfettered by race issues compared to stateside culture of the same era :smoker:
dancehall queen- i'm only slightly less tepid towards dancehall reggae than i am towards its non-rap predecessor, but it's unlikely to be used to more seductive effect than on top of the SomePreferCake-vibrant visuals (post 1 above) in this strugglin-mom-by-day, glamma-gal-by-nite formula; you'll wanna acteevate ya soobtitles fa maxeemum comprehinshan of de keengston jahr-jahr patois, mon ;)
dysfunktional family- eddie griffin's stand-up concert film has more bawdy flava than actual laffs, but does offer a Few of the latter :Ponder:

11-28-2004, 07:17 PM
It's been a while since I saw it, but I found "Fear of a Black Hat" to be pretty solid and a much better delivery on the promise of the "rap version of Spinal Tap" than the much more popular "CB4".

01-12-2005, 11:39 PM
on that note, as it's B4C (C for xmas ;))*, time again for my annual Holiday Hump:
VaTel (depardieu, thurman, tims roth & spall, julians glover & sands)- engaging 17th-c poliromantic intrigue surrounding the steward who conceives visionary diversions for louis XIV; w/yummy arielle dombasle cameo (post 210's L'Ennui) and a morricone score the cd of which i scored almost 2 years ago for a buck (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=237220&postcount=453), so maybe i can Finally get round to familiarizing myself w/same ya think? :rolleyes:
quidam, dralion and saltimbanco - vidversions of 3 Cirque Du Soleil perfs; the deservedly-best-known first is the best of the three, partly cuz of vocals by yummy audrey brisson-jutras :kiss: the last suffers from poor camera angles and too many cuts & medium shots which truncate performer motion arcs, but its music starts ok :)
east/west (deneuve)- engaging, snow-swept saga of a french wife trapped for decades in post-ww2 kiev when the stalinist gov't lures her russian hubby home; btw cannes premiere of same's the setting for Femme Fatale's opening heist (post 239 above) :cool:
masters of russian animation- four 2-hour-plus dvd volumes showcasing variety of typically introverted, gorgeously-handcrafted soyuzmultfilm-produced shorts from the '60s to the '80s :)
mansfield park- involving cinedapt of austen's 1800-set tale of a keen-minded but poor niece's coming of age amongst moral ambiguities at her wealthy uncle's estate; compelling perf by yummy, babs-hershey-ringer lead fran o'connor :kiss:
chicago (lucy liu)- lottafun, flashy update of the hellafun, mencken-wry musical earns my respect in managing to keep any of the four leads (gere, czj, ziggywiggy or latifah) from annoying me like they usually do ;) always love x-tine baranski and jc reilly tho :cool:
gangs of new york (leo-d, c-dizzy, quigon, jc reilly)- atmospheric, mostly-engaging portrait of 19th-c nyc squalor & turfwars; not-bad howie shore theme, and ddlewis's mustache-munching mugging plays like a caricature of director scorsese's oftime lead deniro (see esp. Taxi Driver & Cape Fear) :crazed:
house of sand and fog (jconnelly, kingsley)- deliciously tragedy-drenched, real-estate-centered conflict twixt noble iranian expatriates and an emotionally vulnerable cali-gal; w/james horner's fab score evoking (copying?) 1&1/2 themes from his Beautiful Mind (post 213 above) and lotsa exquisitely-acted scenes incl. those w/elegant mideast cinevet shohreh aghdashloo :kiss:
ginger and fred ('86, m-mastroianni)- fellini's boisterous, gentle, decades-later reunion of showbiz dance partners for a gaudy, nostalgic italian tv special :)
under the tusken- i mean, tuscan- sun- Guinevere (post 206 above) director audrey wells' charming, minor-miracle escapism of a sanfran writer's attemped rebirth via an impusive relocation to a rural ital villa; ripe afternoon cinematography almost makes this a house-sitting flik (posts 206 & 244 above), but combined w/sanfran scenery & lead diane lane's striking resemblance here to Some Prefer Cake (post 1 above) lead kath fontaine, it yields an SPC/merch-iv-style-english-in-italy drama hybrid vibe ;) Gotta find me out what the jazzy cut used over the portrait-painting scene was :smoker:
antonia's line- writer/director marleen gorris' (post 211's Luzhin Defence above) atmospheric, occasionally-provocative, dinner-table-centered reminiscences of an irrepressible, post-ww2-rural dutch matron's life; w/not-bad ilona sekacz score :)
the pianist (abrody)- polanski's engaging adaptation of a warsaw ghetto survivor's biography :dead:
the crazy stranger- tony gatlif's (post 92's Mondo and 38's Latcho Drom) jarmusch-y humored odyssey of a parisian's search for his father's fave musician amongst romanian gypsies, kinda Dances W/Wolves meets Lisbon Story (also post 38) :)
the passion of the christ (handsome maia morgenstern as mama :kiss: )- neither as profound nor controversial as its reputation, mad max's typically-catholic fetishization of j-dog's final hours is best regarded as a competent, densely-textured melodrama of the sort i've deemed perfect late-saturday nite fare (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=182230&postcount=189) (aside from its blazing mideast daylight aspect, that is); that it would instead yield a "religious experience" for viewers is laughable indeed :p while trekvet john debney's score is a-ok, whoever cornered the whipping-sound-effect market here made the Real killing ;)
a self made hero mathieu kassovitz's (post 210's Hate) lottafun tale of an undistinguished, post-ww2 frenchman resourcefully re-inventing himself as an accomplished Maquis :beard:
elf (jcaan)- jon favreau's hellafunny saga of hilarious will ferrell's displaced-at-birth manboy caught twixt nyc & northpole culture; great supports from newhart, asner, kyle "tenacious d" gass etc :D
the story of adele h. ('75, truffaut dir.) engaging, early isabelle adjani vehicle follows victor hugo's daughter's self-inventive, ultimately self-destructive love trek to 1860s canada & barbados :dead:
how the grinch stole christmas (jcarrey, jtambor)- ron howard's fun-enuf live-action seusscarol w/child actress charming despite That Hairdo and cameo by brother clint "balok" howard :)
much ado about nothing (keanu, emmathomps, denzel, boss nass, kbranagh dir.)- another fun bardadapt- esp. w/mkeaton's twitchy constable- even if beckinsale's not quite as ripe & yummy here as she gets several years later :kiss:
anything else (jbiggs, devito)- missing-something nyc romcom twixt a comedy writer & a flaky chick; use of acid-jazzy moby on soundtrack's a refreshing woody-a first, but while all scenes w/stockard channing and when director's not just behind the lens are great, most scenes w/c-ricci are just annoying :p
love actually (hgrant, cfirth, emmathomps, billybob, quigon & yummy sabe :kiss: )- joyous, hellafun, panoramic romcom amongst a couple-dozen londoners round xmastime- almost a british Magnolia? ;) nicely accompanied by stylin, hi-tech-frosty-xtal-blue cinematography and beachboys' "god only knows" over climactic, denise-richards-cameoed montage :kiss:
le divorce (naomiwatts, kate hudson, gclose, stockardch, bebe neuwirth, modine, merch/iv writ/dir)- heady, whimsical tour of current high-style paris courtesy a yank gal visiting her just-jilted pregnant sis :smoker:
time regained (deneuve, malkovich)- aside from overdone mimicry of his characteristic portraits (http://www.marcelproust.it/), a surprisingly successful cinedapt of proust's autobio-novel epic, w/dreamy, skillful segues, striking images (including a never-looked-better emanuelle beart :kiss: ) & a soundtrack w/great violin/piano duets, soprano end theme and ravel's "pavane for a dead princess" :ko:
* intent was to post this ~dec 23; so much for intent eh :p

02-06-2005, 11:37 PM
anyhoo the Hump's newyear tradition of looking back & forward (posts 203 & 242) continues, however belatedly; and since i recently declared my homeland dead (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=357610&postcount=9), it's only natural to take a look back at. . .
the birth of a nation ('15)- dw griffith's pioneering feature-length attempt to give then-timely kkk activities historical justification doesn't endure in the sense that depicted post-civil-war southern whites' grievances reside, for '05 eyes, in "cry me a river" territory, but does endure as a fascinating, epic window unto the roots of mindsets that endure to this day :dead:
triumph of the will ('35)- leni riefenstahl's docu of history's largest-ever gathering of cramped right arms features, aside from 2 quik phrases about "racial purity" and 1 about purging "undesirables", relentless cheery music, enthusiastic speechifyin & pedestrian choreography substituting for content (ring a bell (http://cinemocracy.blogs.com/cinemocracy/2004/08/convention_stag.html)?), and not as much austere, albert-speery monumental grandeur as its rep led me to expect; but the endless phalanxes do effectively impart the scale of the nazi movement :dead:
satyagraha- interesting live-on-vid perf of philip glass' opera about gandhi's revolution, whose 3rd-act music i always preferred best (and viewing this didn't change that) :)
children of dune (sarandon, alec "malik" newman, alice "borgqueen" krige)- entertaining-enough scifi channel production incorporating the 2nd & 3rd novels of frank herbert's epic series :)
minority report (cfarrell, maxvonsyd, neal "hawk" mcdonough, carol "ds9 madam archon" lagerfelt)- fun watching croooze's butt put thru this orwellian wringer, esp. after his insufferably smug "gestural interface" dance (aka his tony robbinsy Magnolia charlatan crossed w/david coppafeel) :p pleasant echoes of Matrix, AI, AOTC and Vanilla Sky but director spielberg & his slavic dp Really overdo it on the filmstock's bleach-bypass treatment (to give it that "euroharsh" edginess) :rolleyes: dreaMM vehicle 3-pak: slave1-copter, lexus & a maglev, even tho most of those last ones were Dullsville :p
solaris (gclooney)- while wisely retaining the poignant ambiguities and sterile, kubrickian disorientation of the 3-hour-plus, '72 ussr version of lem's space-station philoso-romance-mystery, this update's compact 99 minutes is much less sleep-inducing ;) director soderbergh gets a nutty fun perf from jeremy davies & another haunting score from oftime partner cliff martinez (post 199's Limey, 74's Gray's Anatomy, 38's Schizopolis, 48's Traffic, 193's Kafka & 116's King Of The Hill) :cool:
cq (jeremy davies, depardieu, roman coppola dir.)- stylin, lottafun luv letter to frenchnewwave and cheesy fantasy/adventure flix follows the infiltration of a pulp spy-fi film's motifs into the '60s-paris life of the arty director whipping it into shape; w/great retro-hipster score by mellow, great "airlock" music on one of the dvd featurettes, cameo by russian itgirl natalia vodianova, gamine elodie bouchez (post 210's Dreamlife Of Angels) & angela lindvall cavorting in yummy spacegirl suits (http://www.avguide.com/film_music/film/shorttakes_2002.12/cq.jsp) :kiss:
the queen ('68)- interesting nyc drag-queen-competition culture docu predating post 38's Wigstock or Paris Is Burning (http://imdb.com/title/tt0100332/) by decades :beard:
down with love (ziggywiggy, dh pierce)- stylin, clever, charming, heady 60s-bedroomfarce-homage fantasy; obewan macgrrregarrr's career continues its enviably eclectic arc (Trainspotting, Big Fish, post 1's Pillow Book & Life Less Ordinary, 199's Eye Of The Beholder and 202's Moulin Rouge) but his facial moles really clash with the prevailing hyperchic pastel/007 art direction & shoulda been covered up; instead, they appear to've been Emphasized :rolleyes: w/jeri "7of9" ryan's tart, yummy stewardess, a handful of SNL alum cameos & great use of astrud gilberto's "fly me to the moon", montage-contrasted w/sinatra's version of same :ko:
catch me if you can (dicaprio, hanks, walken, msheen, spielberg dir.)- hellastylin, thoroughly entertaining biopic of a swingin '60s conman & the flatfoot on his trail; w/nathalie baye (post 210's Venus Beauty Institute), a witty johnny-w score & and cameos by yummy jgarner and malachi "pardek" throne :cool:
the terminal (tucci, czj)- hanks & spielberg dodge more baggage in this terrific dramedy of a stateless foreigner trapped in airport-lounge legal limbo :alien:
jet lag (binoche, jean reno)- lottafun romcom of oddly-paired travelers thrown together via paris airport snafus; just as i was thinkin one of eric serra's score cues sounds suspiciously like nilsson's "everybody's talkin" from Midnight Cowboy, next comes john barry's main theme from same! also "get misunderstood", an acidjazzy-ambient cue by the troublemakers used during a terminal entry scene interpolates, according to the credits, a cue from barry's The Knack & How To Get It score (i'd guessed something from his Whisperers, oh well) :crazed:
human traffic- stylin, lottafun, harmless romp thru britrave culture, w/cool drum&bass cues and fun inside jokes for SW fans :cool:
2 seconds- stylin, lottafun small portrait of a sapphic (this figures only slightly in the film tho) quebecois' post-racing life amidst bicycle-shop & messenger-service denizens; french-canadian ska & dj cuts keep the soundtrack in gear ;)
24 hour party people- lottafun heightened bio of the impresario (portrayed in droll alan-rickman style ;) ) behind factory records, new order, the mang-chess-tah club scene and, by extension, their part in giving rise to world rave culture; soundtrack features "here to stay" (which i can't find on any NO album so i assume it's special for this film), various joy division dirges, iggy pop's fab "passenger" (better known from siouxsie's remake) and moby's "go" which, fyi, incorporates a badalamenti Twin Peaks theme :cool:
festival in cannes (max schell, bogdanovich)- director jaglom's (post 1's Venice/Venice, 203's New Year's Day and 48's Eating & Deja Vu) often bitingly funny juxtapositions & showbiz maneuverings has fun cameos by shatner and trekscribe mark altman (post 214's Free Enterprise); but while french cinevet anouk aimee remains radiant, henry's cam is surprisingly unkind to greta scacchi :ermm:
searching for debra winger (whoopi, alfre, gwynny paltry, tgarr, margulies, mcdormand, ormond, jfonda, cath o'hara, dhannah, hhunter, ldern, mel griffith, meg ryan, vredgrave, ebert)- rosarquette's amateurish yet fascinating & escapist "pilgrimage" into exclusive celeb-actress cafe-pastures exploring the gender-specific ebbing of their careers with the onset of age; salma hayek shows the most playful wit, but yummy chime-ins also by robin wright, diane lane, sharon stone, a stuck-up kelly lynch, emman beart & ally sheedy :kiss:
a decade under the influence- lottafun docu of hollywood's transmutation of '70s social upheaval into seminal artistic breakthrus, w/chime-ins by key figures such as altman, bogdanovich, coppola, dhopper, scorcese, paul schrader etc :cool:
mcluhan's wake- excellent edu-docu primer on the legacy of media oracle marshall's insights into the ubiquitous infotechno environment man has fashioned, some of which are so accepted & familiar we no longer see them- which makes this elucidation of same all the more relevant & rewarding :cool:
frank lloyd wright- ken burns' enjoyably genteel docu on the ego, drama & work of the towering 20th-c yank architect lays on the beethoven analogies a bit thick but is otherwise enjoyable :)
ayn rand: a sense of life- to justify itself, this otherwise-competent docu on the 20th-c russian-emigre writer exaggerates her importance by conveniently forgetting (or not realizing in the first place) her wares were mostly warmed-over nietzsche repackaged in, ironically enough, constructivist/suprematist (http://www.internationalposter.com/ru-text.cfm) wrapping for red-scared, middlebrow america :p
theremin: an electronic odyssey - mostly-fun, errol-morris-style docu (post 79's Fast, Cheap & 82's Mr. Death) on the work and sinister disappearance of the soviet-emigre inventor of the futuristic, no-touch instrument whose eerie sound's heard in everything from rosza's Spellbound score to beach boys' "good vibrations" :Par:
leonard maltin's animation favorites from the nfb- fun dvd compilation of several canadian one-shots such as "the cat came back" :crazed:
shorts! vol.1- lottafun dvd collection (http://filmfestivalcollection.com/shorts/shorts1/index.cfm) of short-subjects, with dutch "chinese wall"'s SomePreferCake-y vibrant cafe perceptions and the sedate, brit-hotel-set "ready" among my faves :)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
02-13-2005, 10:31 AM
Never was much of a fan, but I've been on a Bond kick lately:

goldfinger the classic Bond movie, complete with maniacal villain (wonderful portrayal by Gert Frobe, even if his lines were dubbed), evil plot (gas thousands, sabotage Fort Knox) headstrong girl in ***** Galore, an Aston-Martin, and a suave Connery at his best. This movie is one of the highlights of the series. 1964
live and let die This is a Bond movie that deviates from the typical Bond movie by introducing mysticism, voodoo, drugs, and murder. Roger Moore's debut as 007 and he holds his own. He may not have all the charm of Connery, but he retains the other elements that makes Bond who he is. I like Moore's witticism better than any of the other 007s. 1973
the man with the golden gun Many see this as the low point of the Bond movies, because of the circus elements the movie features (a redneck sherriff, funhouse, an evil loyal midget) but I like it. Christopher Lee is a bit creepy as Scaramanga, a deadly hitman who takes pleasure in his job. He increasingly becomes interested in only one kill, and that is of Bond. Also, cool stunt with an AMC Pacer jumping a bridge while spiraling in the air. 1974
for your eyes only Seems to be a lesser known Bond movie, although it did well worldwide. It stars Moore trying to track down an encryption device that could mean trouble for the world if it falls into the wrong hands. In this movie, he visits Greece, goes deep sea diving, and scales dangerous mountainsides. I like this movie because it isn't over the top like some of the latter Bond films. 1981

I've seen many of the Brosnan films and Dalton's "A License to Kill" but its been so long that I have little memory of them.

06-09-2005, 11:50 PM
seen it twice; didn't gain much the 2nd time that i didn't get the 1st, mostly just confirmation that i heard things & percieved events correctly. even so, i'm as eager to catch this on dvd as i have been any flik, for the commentaries, deleted scenes & other food4thought. to my surprise, i'm also curious to someday see all six in order, but for god's sake Not anytime soon- that much sw at once right now would burn me out :p
the most substantial remarks i have to offer were provoked by responding to -and best viewed in the context of- remarks by others (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showthread.php?p=407066#post407066) (reference also hyperlinks embedded therein for add'l yakyak); otherwise i prefer to keep repetitions of observations made often by others to a minimum, so i'll limit myself to the following:
-while ob-ewan rocked, nat was surprisingly ineffective here; i know she can act (see Garden State, Léon or even, yes, Ep1) and she's got great natural presence, so why did she Suck So Hard this time? :frus:
-ian mcemperor's a 1-man show w/all his mealy-mouthed wheedling, cackling & sniggaring even if, during his "melting", his speech evokes the tongueless tom paris mutating into a salamander in Voy's "threshold" ep :crazed:
2 things i haven't seen others point out:
-the shot in the trailer of the empshuttle approaching mustafar (& flanked by 2 tie-like ships) was absent from film's final cut
-the shot of op-tabled vader being swivelled upright is noticeably scratchier than the rest of the film- i'm guessing this is intentional, i.e. an evocation of vintage monsterflix; haven't seen a digital projection yet though, so dunno if that features the same touch.
everyone's got nits they can't help but pick re this one, and here's mine:
-shouldn't some lava have splashed onto ani, to account for his asthma etc? maybe even seeping into his brain via the megascar we saw in eps 5 & 6? the need for his vadersuit should be greater than just mitigation of surface burns & amputations :p
-grievous' cheesiness wasn't unforgivable but it woulda been nice it we didn't get such a strong feeling that without seeing the CW cartoon series (and i hadn't), we're missing important backstory re him. same goes for dooku's quik dispatch, which similarly i imagine only feels right if we saw him strut his stuff more in said cartoons :p by contrast MatReloaded's "flight of the osiris" reference managed to avoid this undesireable "clubby" feeling, i.e. if you don't partake of other ancillary ROTS media before hittin the theater you're missing out :p

lbc: "Never was much of a fan"
-yeah i'm not either, but barry's swaggerin scores are another story; any thoughts on those (of the ones you list he only did the 2 golds)?

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
06-11-2005, 11:20 AM
I too was disappointed in Padme's presence for ROTS. She was most impressive in Episode I, an incredible acting job considering her young age. She also held her own for AOTC, and was expecting this to be a greater performance considering the plotline, but many scenes, especially with her and Anakin alone, were a bit unpleasant on the eyes and ears. Blame the clunky dialouge again, but there have been great perforamances given in the SW world before despite that obstacle.

Ian McDiarmid really stole any scene he was in and made a convincing baddie. His expression of fear (when he was hamming it up during his kidnapping) smugness, and pure evil were wonderfully displayed.

lbc: "Never was much of a fan"
-yeah i'm not either, but barry's swaggerin scores are another story; any thoughts on those (of the ones you list he only did the 2 golds)?

John Barry, imo, has not been given his due in his numerous contributions to the movie music industry. He did write the scores to the 2 "gold" movies mentioned above, and for most of the Bond entries. He famously composed the Goldfinger theme, one of the most memorable movie themes ever (largely due to Shirley Bassey) as well as other gems such as "Diamonds are Forever" (an underrated gem :p ) and co-writing a #1 song with Duran Duran, "A View To A Kill" (okay that one is forgettable).

His scores to are superbly done. Many say he is the one who should be credited with writing the James Bond theme, but instead it was given to Monty Norman. For my favorite Bond score "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," a movie that takes place on the Swiss Alps, Barry's use of Alpine horns and synthesizers demonstrates his ingenuity and resourcefulness in composing a score.

09-04-2006, 12:06 PM
Well VT, hope you got to see this before you zipped off. It's Miss Prissy from David La Chappelle's Rize. I was working with her for 4 days in April this year on a krumping thing.

This seems like as good a place as any to get brag-points.

If you haven't seen her in Rize, you may recognise her in Missy's, Black Eyed Peas or Madonna's recent vids. She's a scream a minute and really fun to work with. Because of her, I almost exclusively teach her style now...


04-03-2007, 03:24 PM
(see post 159 (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=133544&postcount=159) above for premise, & posts 159-189 for prev. examples)
vt :p

In the spirit of VT's flicktwins posts, I offer: Celebrities that look like other celebrities (http://www.grupthink.com/topic/index.php5?id=4724)... and I humbly request your votes on my entry for "Bob Dylan & Vincent Price". Please submit your own, too. Ideally on the grupthink site, but here if you prefer. Remeber to include a comparison pic!

04-04-2007, 04:14 PM
Wow, that's a funny one Swaffy! Dylan as an old guy really does have Price's face going on.

I was so surprised to see this thread come back up, seems like VT was the only one to ever really use it - but actually, you've got almost as many posts as his.

04-12-2007, 08:57 AM
Don Imus and "Juiceman" Jay Kordich. (http://www.grupthink.com/answer/index.php5?id=62695&pap=1)

07-29-2007, 10:12 PM
Perhaps we could merge "what have you watched lately" into this good old thread.

I watched Suspiria and I thought it was really good. Horror movies of that vintage have a bit of an issue with dating, and nothing dates faster than the avant-garde, but those colors rock the spot on a plasma television, and the score... that alone is worth watching the movie for!

08-05-2007, 02:31 PM
I'm not sure I can bring myself to retitle this thread, but that is a good idea. I'll give it some thought.

08-06-2007, 08:40 AM
Can you not retitle the other thread? Your jedi powers are weak, old man! Of course, nobody would know this is the place to mention what you just watched, hence you would forever be merging threads into this one. You could always add to the end of this thread's title: (movies recently watched). I think VT would be down with that (although I am not sure, he could be a bit unpredictable about that sort of thing).

08-06-2007, 04:21 PM
I have the power, just not sure about whether I should. He kinda liked his obscure way of communicating like this thread title, but I don't know if other folks would get it.

08-19-2007, 01:43 PM
Goodfellas- everybody knows this one, look at all the Sopranos guys! To me, these stories are never tragic. I love seeing wiseguys get their comeuppence. :thumbsup:

High School USA- a movie I recalled liking as a kid. I was a dumb kid. The novelty of the movie was that it brought together about 20 television stars, few of which are recognizable today. :dead:

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls- Imagine an episode of "Batman" except everything hinted at in the show on full throttle. It's my happening and it freaks me out. :thumbsup:

Belle De Jour- If you're a freak, it's best to just embrace your inner freak rather than use another human being to fit into the social mold. It only makes trouble. Catherine Denouve right at the top of 60's go-go boot icey blonde fine. :thumbsup:

Last House on the Left- stripped down punk rock movie making. The acting is beyond awful, but it remains effective. :thumbsup:

Superbad- I was fairly drunk, but I do remember laughing. There isn't much of a plot to this one, as far as I remember. Funny, but not on the level of 40 year old virgin. I'm closer to 40 than 18, YIKES!!! :thumbsup:

08-20-2007, 10:41 AM
Thriller- A Cruel Picture- early 70's Swedish exploitation revenge flick is the quintessential grindhouse film. Lindberg's adult body combined with blank, youthful face gives it an extra-creepy feel. The hardcore inserts and overdone slo-mo detracted from an otherwise decent experience, with one of the most shocking scenes of violence I've ever seen. :ermm:

Once Upon a Time in the West- Leone gets a budget and decent film stock. The RR signals the end of the primordial and the acsencion of civilization. Henry Fonda is as bad as they come, Bronson as taciturn, and Claudia Cardinale could melt ice caps on Mars. :thumbsup:

08-27-2007, 09:25 AM
A little more grist for the Grindhouse on Saturday.

Anita: ur en tonarsflickas dagbok- Lindberg and an insanely young Stellan Skaarsgard as her would-be boyfriend who must cure her of a slight problem. Actually not so bad, and while exploitative, it doesn't leave you feeling repulsed. :thumbsup:

Bare Behind Bars on the other hand, achieves the "I need a shower and a visit from clergy" feeling in the first couple of minutes. I suppose this is typical "women in prison" exploitative stuff, but man, there were not only gross out moments, but at least one bit that I am sure is illegal in most countries. I was appalled. Appalled, I say! :twisted:

09-17-2007, 09:58 AM
Flags of Our Fathers- Poor old Ira Hayes. Here I thought the Johnny Cash song was fictionalized! Very harrowing battle sequences. For every retard movie like 300 and Pearl Harbor that makes combat seem like fun, I'm glad there are films that show it as being crazy.

An Affair to Remember- I cannot imagine life ever being so courtly. I suppose I am not much for romance. "Rear Window" came out 3 years earlier and seems a much more realistic take on the dealings between men and women.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy- not a Ferrell fan, but this was very funny and has worked its way into the pop culture.

09-24-2007, 10:04 AM
The Monster Squad- Nostalgia. I remember being completely in love with the older sister when I was 11. I had good taste then and now. Simple, fun eighties mindlessness.

Straw Dogs- The exact opposite. This movie covers a lot of the same thematic territory as "The Hills Have Eyes," that is, the potential for a murderous rampage resides in every man, no matter how ostensibly lilly-livered. The plot in "Straw Dogs" is much more realistic, the characters are much more deeply drawn, and the pacing is perfect; so when the violence comes, it hits a lot harder than the cartoonishness of modern horror films. Every scene is antagonistic and disturbing on some level.

10-09-2007, 04:07 PM
Knocked Up- A two-hour long sitcom about being married and getting old. I thought Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's story was more interesting than that of Heigl and Seth Rogan's, although you cannot help but root for them.

Blood and Black Lace- I've got a number of giallos lined up, and this is my first taste of the Italian genre, which mixes whodunit with slasher flick with sex. This one was probably more influential than Texas Chainsaw and Halloween combined, as it appears to be the first "body count" movie. It wasn't too bad, but it seems tame by modern standards.

10-19-2007, 01:37 PM
Exorcist III pretty darn scary- a throwback to when directors didn't have to show the murder committed. Like the prequels, it was better when your imagination took care of the unseen (for the most part). Scott went out with a good one. :thumbsup:

Evil Under the Sun- a languid first act gives way to some fun sleuthing by Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot. I liked this one better than Death on the Nile. :thumbsup:

Caligula- The Imperial Edition is an unbelievable improvement over the previous release. While 156 minutes is a long time to go without a plot, at least it no longer makes one's eyes bleed. You can even admire the sets now- "Flash Gordon" meets "Rome". :Ogre:

Little Deiter Needs to Fly- Dieter Dengler survives WWII Germany to become an American Pilot in Vietnam. After being shot down, he is captured and escapes. Documentary covers his true story, recently made into "Rescue Dawn". War is bloody hell. Werner lends his inimitable narration to Dengler's personal remembrances. :rambo: