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12-02-2001, 04:09 AM
since flix are The artform of the last century, and since we do not live on sw alone (riiiight? :eek: ), this thread is a continuation of a long-term topic i started elsewhere (http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.asp?threadID=1764&forumID=1). (due to a recent format switch which renders the above link illegible- and my no longer being able to trust the judgment of the moderator at that location- i am resuming this thred here :)) it is intended as a terse record of my film explorations, with (a personal emphasis of mine) occasional comment on the music therein. organic ("off-topic" ) crosstalk is encouraged; everyone is welcome to regard any subject raised herein as jumping-off points for whatever remarks you wish to add :) digressions happen; the Hump goes on :)
my comments on each mentioned film are designed for punchiness, speed of digestion and maximization of recognition (i.e. if you've seen a flik but aren't sure if you recall it, i'll describe it in such a way so as to increase the chance you'll remember it, so as to provoke discussion :) ). as such, they don't qualify as "critiques" or "reviews". on the other hand they're not quite "blurbs" either (e.g., "i Loved it!" sez gene shalit in a movie's newspaper ad, flecks of dried pastrami spitting out his big bushy mustache :p ) instead, i refer to them as "humps" or "humpins", after this thred title :sur: either way, y'all are also welcome to contribute "humps" of your own, and your "humps" may be as long or short, in-depth or glib as you wish to make them :)
i tend to avoid new releases; home video's my preference. that said, unless i cite a film's year of release it came out within the last decade or so. anyhoo, on to my now-traditional opening:
What hump? You know what hump :p because previous incarnations of this thred are all but obliterated (the net, after all, is such an ephemeral medium :dead: ), i wish to begin by recapping of some of my faves covered on previous Humps. though i'm tempted to include a few better-known ones such as Flirting With Disaster, Fight Club, Party Girl, Pi, Pierrot Le Fou, Being John Malkovich, Lock Stock & 2 Smokin Barrels etc, the idea here is to Provoke Fruitful Discussion. and mentioning flix already discussed to death ain't the way to get That ball rollin, so i'll skew a bit more esoteric & emphasize those i feel proud & lucky to have discovered; let's see if That rings any of yer bells :)
first, 4 i've already amazon-reviewed:
venice/venice (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6304161514/ref=cm_mp_etc/002-2967117-9032014)- henry jaglom's incisive, escapist, subversive, sublime meditation on reality, movies & wuv :cool:
some prefer cake (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6305191794/ref=cm_mp_etc/002-2967117-9032014)- low-budget, superfun, sanfran-style slacker-love hijinx :D
high art (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/cm/member-reviews/-/A1KE5LQ9HJSTCE/11/002-2967117-9032014?display=attributed)- complex, convincing professional & personal relationship between a heroin-addicted photographer (yummy ally sheedy :kiss: ) and a photomag editor :cool:
clockwatchers (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/cm/member-reviews/-/A1KE5LQ9HJSTCE/11/002-2967117-9032014?display=attributed)- lisa kudrow, toni collette & yummy parker posey (:kiss: ) navigate office politics as peon temps; subtle, poignant, superfun :)
gummo (harmony korine dir.)- absorbing, visceral, 4-day-old-body-stench-soaked window unto brain-cell-killing white-trashdom :D
happiness (todd solondz dir.)- marvelous, wickedly funny, panoramic window unto middle-class alienation, shallowness and sexual self-loathing, jersey style :p perfectly-cast, nuanced turns by philip seymour hoffman, lara flynn boyle, jon lovitz, camryn mannheim, louise lasser, dylan baker (as the pederast who nonetheless maintains a surprisingly healthy & frank relationship with his pre-teen son) etc : ) soundtrack features increasingly stinky (this stuff does Not age well) 70s/80s cheese such as "mandy", "you light up my life" and air supply :p
daytrippers (parker posey, anne meara, greg mottola dir.)- superfun misadventures during a family-station-wagon trip into manhattan :) bossanova-tinged richard martinez score :)
blue in the face (wayne wang dir.)- superfun, cameo-crammed ensemble comedy about a brooklyn cigar store's oddball neighbors :)
the real blonde (matthew modine, kathleen turner, daryl hannah, tom dicillo dir.)- superfun, cameo-crammed ensemble comedy about careers, romances & milieux of several manhattan artiste-types :rolleyes: fun jim farmer score & yummy bridgette wilson :kiss:
career girls (mike leigh dir)- superfun, poignant london vignette about two college chums reuniting six years later :)
fallen angels (wong kar-wai dir.)- not as well-known as wong's Chungking Express, but a more stylin, cooler, noir/french-new-wave tale of a hongkong hitman, his ardent Gal Friday and an eccentric, enterprising mute who breaks into retailers' shops at 3am, reopens them and forces passersby to be his customers :crazed:
tieta do agreste (carlos diegues dir.)- gorgeous, breezy brazilian flick bout an urban madam (sonia braga) who returns to her small home village in style; features Excellent caetano veloso bossanova score :happy:
the mystery of rampo- poetic, involving japanese mindphuque about a novelist's femme protagonist seemingly coming to life :cool: excellent akira senju score.
book of life- hal hartley's stylin, supercool, introspective, compact (63 minutes), pomo-tech jesus-vs-satan armageddon faceoff set in turn-of-millenium nyc : )
pillow book (ewan macgrrrregarrrr, peter greenaway dir)- dense, stylin, supercool story of a japanese model compelled to combine carnality & calligraphy ;)
dream with the fishes (david arquette, cathy moriarty, kathryn erbe (:kiss: ) )- complex, superfun pact between a suicidal guy & terminally ill guy to help each other carry out their final wishes :)
relax it's just sex- superfun 16mm dramedy about a "gay man trapped in a straight woman's body" (hilarious jennifer tilly) and the luvlives amongst her mixed-persuasion posse, including convincing lori petty and radiant serena scott thomas :kiss:
a life less ordinary (macgrrregarrr, camdiaz, ian holm, danny boyle dir.)- superfun crime-spree romp about heaven's attempts to orchestrate love between a rich girl & a janitor :stupid:
splendor (gregg araki dir)- yummy kathleen "90210" robertson's the magnetic crux of this superfun, slick-hip romcom in which she works out a menage-a-troi living arrangement with 2 guys :cool: features fun kelly macdonald (who made her debut in danny boyle's Trainspotting) and a cool remix of everything but the girl's "before today" :)
do i think these are among the Best films made in the last decade? geez, how do i know. i don't concern myself here with posterity, only conveyance of personal taste & sensibility. all i know is i certainly found them among the best Fun :D
np (now playing): leftfield's rendition of john barry's You Only Live Twice "space march"

Rollo Tomassi
12-02-2001, 10:38 AM
As a film student and amateur film critic (as we all are) I have seen many, many movies and I can safely and officially put Gummo as THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.

Gummo is what happens when self absorbed 14 year olds who think their style of film making is "shocking" when it's really just "pathetic" are handed $1 million and told to make an "art" film. This film sucks on ALL levels.

Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled film discussion thread.

12-04-2001, 12:24 PM
place for we who are too lazy to surf too much. ;)

Living in Opie-and-Andy-ville, the only one of your movies I've seen at our video store (yep, we have ONE) and/or the public library which also rents some videos, is High Art. Being a fairly typical male, I rented it in the hopes of seeing some hot girl/girl action :kiss: :kiss: but was also pleased to see it was a well acted story that really made me empathize with the characters. Ending was predictable but still powerful.

I think we may also have "A life less ordinary." I'll have to look. The others are gonna be pretty tough to see around these parts. If the lead character's back pocket doesn't have a worn circle showing through it from his can of Skoal, then the movie isn't gonna rent to the inbred, one-chromosome-too-many, ten-teeth-too-few masses I'm blessed to live among, and the local store isn't likely to buy it just so I can rent one time. But I'll give it a shot.

12-04-2001, 02:16 PM
Unfortunately, I've not been able to watch either videos or movies as much as I'd've liked of late due to 'stuff' going on but here're some I have seen; Veetoire, please excuse the horror, I know you're no fan of that wide genre.

jeepers creepers more Loose Endz than the 1980s and rubbish after the second half. Okay so it's a harmless fun-shock-flick but X-files monsters aren't usually scarey, specially not ones that look like a cross between the Tall Man (http://www.drippingblood.com/images/tn_grim.jpg) , Freddy K and The Walkin Dude (http://www.toptown.com/dorms/creedstonegate/movie/stand4.jpg) . It's a shame that once they'd committed to the monster they were tied to it. Its 'mystery' had no room for weird otherworlds and so on, just plain ol monster that flew a bit. :frus: The hype that this film got seems to justify and perspective-ise :eek: the hype that Blair Witchery got - which I thoroughly enjoyed BTW. The kids.....did anyone feel any empathy or compassion for them? Arguing brats did nothing to endear themselves to the audience and I hate that films like Scream lampoon the fact that no-one should (for example) go down to the cellars etc and everyone is now aware of that truism but it still finds its way into films. Lazy screenplay and lazy script. I did not guess the ending but when it came, I didn't care.

AI more harrowing than the last scenes of Titanic. I was one of the few (bittered old hacks) that didn't cry but I nearly did when Jude Law came onscreen. I adore this actor greatly and enjoyed him in Talented Mr Ripley, Existenz and Wilde but his character changed the tone of the film too much for me. The cries against Jar Jar comedying up Ep1 could also be levelled against this character's inclusion. I thnk an intelligent audience can extrapolate the facts that if AI that can love is created, then there will be legion AIs already existing that can do other, more iniquitous things. To sex-up and comedy-up the film was a little unecessary for the thinking person. It was exquisite in it's image though and the ETIs that came at the end really added another depth that I was not expecting. (Hasbro, could you make an ET ship like the dissolving cube of AI, pz? ;))

The Dish missed this at the cinema and hired it yesterday. unable to watch it due to time constraints so I'm taking it back now :cry: Any posters here, please do not spoil the film for me, it's one of the films I've been most eagerly awaiting.

Bridget Jones' Diary Suffering the same fate as jeepers creepers it was very funny up until the halfway -timetogetromantic- mark. In addition, I know this is an indefensible comment but it's my opinion so take it for what it is; I really cannot abide that tosser Hugh Grant, so that didn't help. A film cannot be judged solely on whether it was funny or not (again, my opinion) and with that sentiment in mind, I label this film a deplorable, nay, lamentable waste of reel. If you want to see how These Types Of Films should be done, watch Ally McBeal; more panache and style and a helluva lot more special guests...not to mention the delectable Lisa Nicole Carson :p

Dungeons and Dragons Did I just watch Ep1?


12-05-2001, 01:00 PM
as feared, VT, I checked the local rental store & library yesterday, and none of the other titles including "A Life Less Ordinary" were to be found. Two things will need to happed for me to see any of these:

1) Goddamned piece of **** mother ****ing **** sucking ***-hole ATT@Home Cable Internet better get my service restored for my internet and email so I can be online at a decent speed (I'm counting heavily here on the auto-censor feature, lest I get banned off this site forever!). Today, my local news said it might still be a MONTH before we get our service back!!!

- and -

2) One or more of your films get shown on an online broadcast site like the one that shows so many of the Vidmark titles online.

[edited note to moderators: adding "ing" to the "F-word" causes it to NOT be censored - as in 'mother f-ing'. No worries - I did the edit myself ;) ]

12-05-2001, 01:04 PM
:eek: oops! That's one word they forgot on the auto-censor!!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

12-05-2001, 02:38 PM
Hey Swaffster, I ain't never seen you so riled! Made me chuckle and a nice tonic from seeing my Godchillun in the School nativity (Luke was a shepherd and Becca was in the choir - I'd hoped one of them would've been Herod Agrippa but no luck) ;)

Check out Man bites dog if you can; a nice Belgish flick with the most romantic language of all - French :D however, remember in Belgium, they say "nuenante" for ninety instead of "quatre-vingt-dix" and "septante" for seventy instead of "soixante-dix"



good shot jansen
12-06-2001, 09:44 AM
a couple of darren aronofsky flix

pi - ooooie! the secret to peace and serenity in ones life is a black and decker with a 3/8's bit :eek: starkly done in b/w. of course the connection of a mathmatical equation being both the divine source of jewish cabala as well as the stock market is a tad bit anti-semtic (jews, money, blah blah blah), the movie however is riviting, disturbing, and well worth the two bucks to rent.

requiem for a dream - bigger budget, just as gritty. anyone who thinks heroin is chic, needs to see this incredibly well done look into the lives of coney island addicts. ellen burstyn (who has always been one of my faves), gives the performance of a life time. horrowing, harrowing, and well worth the time.

this boy may be my fave film maker fer the moment.

12-06-2001, 04:11 PM

sorry. this just sux! this afternoon it has taken me over an hour to browse just the last day's MM forum posts and this thread.

I have RESUMES out all over the USA with my @home email address, and I have no idea whether or not I'm getting any bites from them! I hope those folks would phone me, but then again, they may think that if I'm too incompetent to return their email, then to hell with me. (no offense, Baal)

I'll have to add yours and GSJ's recommended flix to my "to watch" list, and hope I can locate them locally. :rolleyes:

The only recent movies I've seen which I think are worth mentioning are:
The Yards. A medium-budget film with what were, in my opinion, some really excellent performances by (God help us!) Marky-Mark, Joaquin Phoenix (who I thought deserved "best supporting" for Gladiator), C. Theron, E. Burstyn and J. Caan.

Tigerland. Nothing award-winning, but a FullMetalJacket-ish story with decent performances by the lead actor and the actor playing his chief antagonist.

(PS. does anyone other than ME wish that Owen Wilson would perish painfully in a horrible VicMorrow/TwilightZoneMovie-esque disaster? Yeccchhh!! And, are he and Luke Wilson brothers or something?)

12-07-2001, 11:41 AM
PS. does anyone other than ME wish that Owen Wilson would perish painfully in a horrible VicMorrow/TwilightZoneMovie-esque disaster? Yeccchhh!! And, are he and Luke Wilson brothers or something?PS. does anyone other than ME wish that Owen Wilson would perish painfully in a horrible VicMorrow/TwilightZoneMovie-esque disaster? Yeccchhh!! And, are he and Luke Wilson brothers or something?PS. does anyone other than ME wish that Owen Wilson would perish painfully in a horrible VicMorrow/TwilightZoneMovie-esque disaster? Yeccchhh!! And, are he and Luke Wilson brothers or something?PS. does anyone other than ME wish that Owen Wilson would perish painfully in a horrible VicMorrow/TwilightZoneMovie-esque disaster? Yeccchhh!! And, are he and Luke Wilson brothers or something?


jeddah :)

12-07-2001, 12:16 PM
btw i can recommend a censor-safe, cinema-related curseword substitute, which makes reference to a certain overhyped starlet: "GODDEMI MOORE!!" :evil:

swaffy: "checked the local rental store & library"
-ehhhxcellent! :cool: if i can pique y'all's curiosity enough to get you to want to actually check into some of these flix (& then we can chitchat em up here), so much the better! (OPIE & andyville? personally i prefer EDIE & andy (http://www.angelfire.com/ny2/ediesedgwick/)ville :kiss: ) i may have a partial solution to your gummoville blues; i continue to score various vhs flix i dig supercheap, for donation to a nearby library. if you wish, we can start up a VTape club, in that i can send em to you first so you can watch, then you send em to someone else here who might wanna see, etc etc, till full circle, either returned to me or sent straight to said library :) if might be interested lmk :)
re the quextion i posed in my High Art amazon review, i've since decided that sheedy, unable to choose between her loyalties to either of the broads she cared about, killed Herself; concur?
plz elaborate why you loathe owen :evil: ever seen Bottle Rocket? lotta fun, & dented-putty-nose was great in it :) i agree that, though i enjoyed him in Boogie Nights & 3 Kings, we should always refer to wahlberg as marky mark, now & forever :happy:

gsj: "the secret to peace and serenity in ones life is a black and decker with a 3/8's bit"
-i'll have to pass that lil tip onto b'jr (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=24080#post24080) :crazed: haven't seen Requiem yet but lookin forward to it cuz Pi rocked! imo you read too much into alleged antisemitic subtext, a la alvy singer (http://us.imdb.com/Quotes?Annie+Hall+(1977)) ("he distinctly said 'jew'; i asked if he'd seen the new bergman & he said 'no, Jew?' " :p ); never occured to me, cuz money's power, & who Doesn't like power? :greedy: as i recall, what i really want you & swaffy to see is High Fidelity, cuz of the music & mixtape fussiness :)

"anyone who thinks heroin is chic"
-idunno if heroin's chic, but some of the people who Do it Certainly are :sur:

rt: "amateur film critic (as we all are)"
-yeah, but some of us are more amateurish than others ;) right outta the gate, dissent; excellent :happy: feel free to elaborate about these posturing 14-yr-old gummoshockers :) (i saw korine on letterman once; interestingly, he didn't come across as too much Older than 14 ;) fun interview though)
not sure what "safety" has to do with connoisseurship, but no need to cite filmschool credentials, we all diss each other's tastes here regardless :crazed: anyhoo, as a film student, what influences do you like to draw from?

jdah: no worries, just cuz I'm not a big horror guy don't mean you can't discuss 'em here. who knows, you could probably even write up Porn if you could figure out a sufficiently discreet & clinical way to do it :eek: plz elaborate re your distaste for grant, he's never bugged me much. i keep confusing Bridget Jones Diary w/Princess Diaries :rolleyes:
if "quatre-vingt-dix-neuf" is french, and "neunante-neuf" is belgian, is "neuf-neuf" french poodleian? ;)
np: 99 luftballoons :p
tip: the Bravo cable channel is not a dependable option for catching flix: b'jr & i caught High Art & it'd been all cut up :frus: i suspect indifilmchannel's the same story, esp. if they have commercial breaks :p

12-07-2001, 01:08 PM
--sounds peachy - just tell me how much I need to ante-up.

re: Owen Wilson - no, I didn't see bottle rocket, but lately he seems to be getting a lot of work (Jeddah, OW is the soldier trapped behind enemy lines in the latest Hackman war flick). He lost me forever in a movie I think was called 'nowhere man' about a serial killer who poisons his vics. I didn't care for him before I saw that, but since then I've just wanted to hurl at the very sight of his fake yellow hair and malden-esque proboscis. I may give 'rocket' a try, or I may not. Just don't know if I can take a whole 'nuther OW movie. We'll see....
(er, would it be too much trouble if I were to ask that, when Wilson meets his VMorrow/TZone fate that he be standing side-by-side with that annoying sumbeeyotch kid in the Dell PC commercials??)

12-08-2001, 03:03 PM
Veetoire mon vichysoise :D And you said you don't get French, now you're trilingual:cool:

Hugh Grant....is another one on my plane (a sick fantasy my bro and I have been cultivating for years).....Robbie Williams is on there too and they both have something in common (the latter actually being common). HG has no star quality, has not really come near to divinity (apart from perhaps a brief missed encouter in Maurice which in itself was a rather drab production of HRH Forster's work) yet has somehow managed to garner a stars image with what seems to be the same character in every film. Of course I wouldn't hold this against Jack Nicholson or Christopher Walken who always maintain a lot of themselves in their roles, and even the recipe-acting of Will Smith has more quality to it than HGs - even though he definitely is the same person in every movie I've seen him in, Bagger or not. There is a Way To Do Things and I don't like those who haven't done it. So where does Robbie fit in to this (if you care). Because he is a parvenu, has his songs written for him, will not spend more than 3 takes on a vocal and acts spoiled. Whether you see this as right or wrong, I hate thankless people. They both come across as such.

Swaffy, thanks.:) The powers that be contrive to keep the pond uncrossable in some ways, their secret weapon this time being NTSC/PAL. Oh well, to quote an erudite board member; plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose ;) BTW there was quite an echo to my question, don't know how that happened.

It's always been a myth to me why Nena's German release of her hit 99 red balloons translates to 99 air balloons. Probably something to do with warblimps :evil: I wonder if she's shaving yet?


12-09-2001, 12:39 PM
. . .other than what little i've osmosized from francoflix & moebius books; & i got the "neuf-neuf" from a gag comedienne joy behar told about a decade ago :\
i saw Maurice a few years back- a merch-iv production as i recall, made before their patented, high-tone Room w/a View sheen made their arthouse rep ;) is it that you fear hg may've become the quintessential cinemabrit to yank audiences? seen him in Mickey Blue Eyes?
& i still like rw's "millenium" single cuz it interpolates the YOLT bond theme (john barry wasn't zactly taken by the homage :o )
btw said library recently acquired a fancy "universal dub" vcr that converts world vid formats (ntsc to pal etc). if you or bc3 ask real nice-like, i Might be bothered to take the time to convert certain content for y'all :sur:
to answer quextion: ow resumay (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Wilson,+Owen) ;) btw all, i currently seek Bottle Rocket soundtrack for ~$3 +shipping, so plz keep eyes open :D

swaffy: Minus Man was the one; i enjoyed it as i recall :) so far the esoteriflix i've acquired for donation are Swingers, Daytrippers, Party Girl, House of Yes, Happiness, Venice/Venice, Opposite of Sex, Flirting W/Disaster, Bullets Over Broadway, Celebrity, jaglom's Eating & Big Picture (all $1 or less :) an economical Some Prefer Cake remains my elusive holy grail as it's on the small wolfe video label.) lmk which if any interest. also Broadway Damage (also on the wolfe label- just got lucky i guess :happy: ), Hudsucker Proxy, Clockwatchers, Wigstock, Schizopolis & I Shot Andy Warhol but've long since donated these. however, since i'm on good terms w/that department i might be able to arrange a loanout if interested in any. also, a pal recently gave me Guffman (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0118111) but library already has that, so if you cover VTclub shipping i'll enclose Guff for you to keep if interested :)
i hope to work into any plan we come up with a chance to show jt V/V, as i've been buggin him to see it for years cuz of its LA & film-industry milieu :)
np: barry's Dutchman theme

Rollo Tomassi
12-09-2001, 03:54 PM
anyhoo, as a film student, what influences do you like to draw from?

Well, much to the chagrine of all my documentary/art film professors, I firmly believe that the film industry is just that: An industry. Film makers can preach and moan and wail and cheaply talk all they about it being an "ART" but they are getting paid, the studios are expecting results, the shareholders want answers, and the whole thing pulls in more money than any other industry in the world. It employs everyone from StevenSpeilberg down the counter jockey at BlockBuster and the janitor at the local cineplex sweeping up your popcorn crumbs. That said, I am getting into the industry to entertain others. My influences are anybody who can make me walk out of a theatre making be believe I didn't waste my cash. Be it George Lucas, Michael Bay, David Mamet, Darren Aronofsky, whoever. Every fimmaker has good films and horrendous ones. Look at Ridley scott. In the last two years he made Gladiator (excellent) and hannibal (atrocious) I try to take notes from the Gladiators and disregard the mistakes in the Hannibals. Being completely honest, when asked to fill in the question "I will be the next __________." I wish I could say Speilberg or Lucas, but in truth I'll probably be the next Brett Ratner or . i know i won't be the next P.T. Anderson or Todd Solondze. Possibly the Next Howard hawks. now theres something to strive for...

The best movies I saw this year were Memento, Moulin Rouge, Jay and Silent Bob, Life as a House. Ocean's 11 was great. Harry Potter was too. i expect great things from LOTR.

Owen Wilson plays himself in every film. if he were to break away from his own stereotype, I think he could be a great actor. So far, he hasn't, but I see the potential.

12-09-2001, 04:45 PM
Trying to translate most of this thread from vulcantouch-ese :p I think I've finally figured out that it is about films we've enjoyed between Ep1 and 2. Right?:confused:

Fight Club: very thought provoking, even though I didn't completely buy into the surprise identity of Tyler Durden upon first viewing. It made a lot more sense the second and third time around. My rating: :D:D:D1/2 out of 4

American Beauty: Wonderful film! I can totally relate to Lester's feeling imprisoned by his job and family. This is one of those films where I watched the ending first (a friend was playing it in his room when I stopped by for a visit) then felt compelled to check out the entire film; but the film gives away the ending in the opening monologue so it's no big surprise. :D:D:D:D

Snatch: Just watched this one a few days ago. Very funny and interestingly made. :D:D:D1/2

Gladiator: Amazing film. I watched this one first while I was in Korea and I think the theme of a man being separated from his family and seeking revenge for their death was felt very strongly by all the married men who were also away from their wives for a one year tour of duty in Korea. I felt the pain of separation from loved ones also and I think it's a testament to Russel Crowe's talent as an actor. :D:D:D:D

These are the only films I can think of right now, between Ep1 and 2, that moved me in some way. I hope LOTR will take it's place among these soon.

12-09-2001, 09:50 PM
How anybody can put "Michael Bay" in the same paragraph with "Steven Spielberg", "David Mamet", and "George Lucas"... hell, even in the same one with the "counter jockey at Blockbuster"; Michael Bay is Hollywood's biggest prostitute. I swear, this guy must have been sitting on Hollywood and Vine wearing a gold lamé jumpsuit and a sign that said "will make any action film for $100 million" when Disney drove by. Bay is a total hack who's taken movies to a new low with his style of turning any bad story into trash that looks like a 2 hour commercial/music video.

Rollo Tomassi
12-10-2001, 12:19 AM
Originally ranting by JediTricks
How anybody can put "Michael Bay" in the same paragraph with "Steven Spielberg", "David Mamet", and "George Lucas"... hell, even in the same one with the "counter jockey at Blockbuster"; Michael Bay is Hollywood's biggest prostitute. I swear, this guy must have been sitting on Hollywood and Vine wearing a gold lamé jumpsuit and a sign that said "will make any action film for $100 million" when Disney drove by. Bay is a total hack who's taken movies to a new low with his style of turning any bad story into trash that looks like a 2 hour commercial/music video.

Tell us what you really think JT.:p I was bringing up his name to make a point that his filming style is different from Speilberg, Mamet, etc.. good or bad, you can tell when you are watching a Michael Bay flick. His visual style and editing are very distinct. And he puts butts in the seats. Truth be told, if somebody asked me if I wanted to be the next Bay or the next Woody Allen, I'd go with Bay... I'm not saying the guys a cinematic genius or anything, but Woody Allen's tired and repetitive and plus, he stole Best picture from Star Wars back in '77 and I'll never forgive him for that.

BigB! Excellent films all!

12-10-2001, 08:56 AM
IMO, Woody has his good films and his bad, and most of his films have a lot of good AND bad in them, but not even Allen's Annie Hall can make Michael Bay, former commercial and music video director, look any better as a director. How does this guy sleep at night after making garbage like "The Rock", "Bad Boys", and "Armageddon" (a title I honestly doubt the guy can spell). I enjoy "popcorn" films as much as anybody here, but this guy must have a sweet deal going with Beelzebub (and no, not the one that keeps trying to "generously" take our SWMMs for us) for his ADD-fueling career. Michael Bay's movies make "Last Action Hero" look like "Lawrence of Arabia" - the guy puts out cinematic vomit that the American public seems to lap up like suckers simply because the movie budget and ad budget would each make Bill Gates blush. And he's turned the past 6 years of Hollywood imitators further into mush-minded mimics who can't keep a single shot going for more than 10 seconds in fear of audiences actually getting some clue of the wafer-thin plot and mindless violence (not to mention ridiculous camera angles and over-hyped, over-pumped soundtracks) and actually deciding to think for themselves. Bay has done for the cinema what McDonalds has done for dining.

Rollo Tomassi
12-10-2001, 09:14 AM
Oh c'mon....Last Action Hero? That's stretchin' the credibility of your argument, JT. But the Woody Allen/Michael Bay thing made me think of something I read once about directors getting trapped in a niche and how great it would be to see them direct something totally out of the blue. I think the example they gave was Woody Allen directing the Armageddon sequel. Could Allen do it? What about a Steven Speilberg raunchy teen comedy? Or David Fincher doing a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan bubbly romance? Could Bay direct a low budget family drama about alcoholism? Could he use long takes? Could George Lucas direct an R-rated film full of sex and violence? I think this would really separate the great directors from the mediocre and crap ones. If nothing else, it would be "interesting" to see the results. What other directors can you see doing something other than their usual schtick? Kevin Smith? Todd (ugh. creepy man.) Solondze? oooh! The possibilities are endless... Throw out some suggestions guys!

12-10-2001, 09:36 AM
Did you see The Rock? After viewing it, I realized the title referrs to that object between Bay's ears. It's almost hard to beleive this guy started his moviemaking career BEFORE seeing Speed 2:Cruise Control, I picture him sitting through that film thinking "this is exactly what we need more of in Hollywood!"

Spielberg could direct "Naked College Girls Making Oatmeal", that guy may or may not have the range to do it, but he'd DO it anyway. ;) And Lucas could direct an R-rated film, he'd just have to fight all his parental instincts. I can see him doing it, but he'd be blushing and running back to the MPAA with additions over and over every time the film got a PG-13. :D

Kevin Smith should direct a Merchant Ivory film and follow that up with another sequel to Koyaanisqatsi.:crazed:

12-10-2001, 12:14 PM
GL directed THX-1138 which showed Robert Duvall masturbating to a naked dancing girl on TV, while his "wife" poisoned his dinner. Although, that was in his younger, wilder days.

Did you know David Lynch (Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway) was offered directing chores for ROTJ? He turned it down, but imagine how different the movie would have been if he had accepted?

12-10-2001, 12:28 PM
bb: "it is about films we've enjoyed between Ep1 and 2. Right?"
-sure, why not ;) actually, my term Hump originally referred to the 99/00 xmas/newyears break, & axed what flix my fellow forummers had partook of during that typically-VacaTion time :) after that it evolved into weekly wrapups of same (since wednesday's sometimes referred to as "hump day" ;) ), but if you wanna make it about your ep1-2 interval, g'head g'head ( http://www.geocities.com/winddancer44/R_Palillo3.jpg ) :)

"Trying to translate most of this thread from vulcantouch-ese"
-people occasionally express this sentiment ;) i always welcome feedback so feel free to lmk which of my expressive tendencies you may find confusing, or if there's any specific clarifications i can provide, happy to do it :)

rt: "show bidness" = "show" + "bidness", eh? ;)
ambition analysis: if one strives to be lucas as opposed to solondz, i'd say one aims to have it both ways, i.e. enormous recognition & success while very slightly pushing the boundaries of aesthetic acheivement. an understandable ambition; what artist Wouldn't like real-world power without sacrificing the cachet of ART? after all, it's only with both that one'd snag the top-drawer fillies, and we all know the real reason guys go into directing is to score da chix :kiss: but ambition and merit are two different things.
i agree that the dichotomy between enjoyment and artistic merit is a false one. ("if art isn't supposed to be enjoyable, then what Is it supposed to be, Punishment?" -pauline kael :D ) there is, however, an enduring dichotomy between mass acceptance and aesthetic adventurism. not that that's a bad or unavoidable thing: the majority of the audience will always have relatively provincial "meat & potato" tastes, while a much smaller segment will have broader, more adventurous palettes. both go after & get what they want, & that's as it should be.
mainstream success and artistic merit are not mutually exclusive. even so, while a tendency to pander so as to maximize financial success may sometimes yield aesthetically interesting results (after all, in art Anything's possible; carried to an admirably straightforward extreme, it's what the campy appeal of b-flix are based on :) ), it typically yields mainly pandering.
that said: while jt's fast-food analogy is apt, let's remember mcdonald's does have its place; i worked in one as a teen, and found much to admire in their efficient, standardized process & result :) i still go, but only once a week when i can get 7 cheeseburgers for $.39 each; i save my bigger eat-out bucks for more encompassing, nuanced, non-chain restaurant experiences that deserve em :)
re "director stunt-casting": allen's already done scifi (Sleeper), whodunnit (the superfun manhattan murder mystery) & a musical; how many directors can boast that kinda VarieTy? :) a while back there was tawk of bringin in a personal-style director to reinvigorate the trek film franchise, a la david lynch, coen bruddahs etc. mighta been interestin.
my fight club hump: superfun, heady, cultish dissatisfied-young-white-man iconoclasm, w/prosthetic-bosomed meat loaf hammin it up :D looking forward to Snatch despite its universal panning, cuz i loved another flick (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0120735) ritchie did :D a pal took me to a Jay/Silent Bob drive-in showing this summer, it was fun; jay remains a cuss-word Poet :) not sure why everyone hates Hannibal (not horror-filmy enough for 'em? :confused: ), i enjoyed it :) haven't seen Ambeaut since theatrical release but enjoyed it at the time; lookin forward to re-watching it when i show it to a pal (i tend to avoid re-viewing flix unless it's a favorite i'm showing to a "virgin", so i can re-experience it anew thru their eyes :) ) only mamet helming i recall seeing is Spanish Prisoner, which fell surprisingly flat for me :zzz: Annie Hall deserved best picture, but i thought Julia stole it from sw that year, no? anyhoo allen remains essential, even his failures offer more insight into an interesting mind than most peoples' successes. speaking of such insight i recommend wild man blues, a lively, fascinating, gorgeously-shot documentary of a european concert tour he & soon-yi took with his nawlins jazz band :)
i respect solondz' doggedness, he's got a particular, entertaining pov, sticks with it and sez to hell with the slaggin he gets as a result :) i've zero interest in seeing LOTR, but sometimes certain kinds of word-of-mouth (not necc. glowing either) can intrigue & change my mind- not that i anticipate that'll happen in this case. hope to get around to Moulin Rouge this holiday season, i imagine its baroque sumptuousness'd really hit the spot, like Eyes Wide Shut did last holiday season :) haven't seen Last Action Hero or Gladiator yet, i'll get around to em, but in my own time ;) only bay i've seen is Armageddon, wasn't struck much either way (but still glad they made a 'dillo micromachine (http://freespace.virgin.net/james.hobson/ap13.htm) :D ). might someday see Rock (i'm a sucker for balconies of the sort i saw in a Rock clip), but remain wholly unintrigued by the rest of bay's fare (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Bay,+Michael) :p so many flix, so little time; life's too short to not trust one's instincts & let em lead you to (or away from) whatever they may :)
thanx for bringin up supertrip flik Koyaan jt, saves me the trouble ;)
np: glass, "the grid" from Koy score

12-10-2001, 01:54 PM

RT, I really enjoyed your posts, nice to listen to someone on the inside and I loved Oceans 11:)

Vulcan'No Parlez'touche, mon ami, take the Goddemi backslap willya! - I remember telling you that you receive comfort like cold porridge years ago, I see you've not adapted. Be efficient or she'll (http://www.iusb.edu/~kaichele/pics/autos/akrige.jpg) be disappointed :p

i still like rw's "millenium" single cuz it interpolates the YOLT bond theme (john barry wasn't zactly taken by the homage

I shall have to include (in your package) a studio interview with the producers who explain the problem they had with RW and retakes, but more interestingly, about how they had to reprogramme the strings section from scratch due to copyright restrictions (if my memory serves me well - you know how reliable that is - but is seems your comments of Barry's unhappiness would bear this out).

I am also at a loss as to why Hannibal was slated. Was it by people who read the book?

I loved the colours and romance of the thing. A Century before, dear Lucia (http://web.ukonline.co.uk/carter.jsrpages/pics2/2hclrwav.jpg) was being wooed at the Arno and here in Hannibal we had Hannibal courting the stellar Clarice in Firenze too! The dark red woods and amber lighting of the piazzas and Uffizi (http://vimad3.viewimages.com/wm/TS020158.jpg) were soo atmospheric and beautiful, directly referring the subconscious to the dark colours of the many scenes of various forms of evisceration. I guess we all take something different from films.

For example I passionately loved the Casserta influence in EP1 and the hyperneo-classical statues of Coruscant.....At times it was like living in an Alma-Tadema canvas (http://vimad3.viewimages.com/wm/AS005077.jpg) . Anyway, I don't want to start rattling on about the Royal renaissance of Naboo :)

Although I considered AMBeaut a waste of my time (and I do so love Kev) I did enjoy the one scene when the subject of the title screams petulantly from the wall the alternative name for a hoohoo (anyone seen Boys on the Side?);). Peversely, I chucked one of the most satisfying films I have ever seen into the video last night;

Dogma for someone who had never seen it before. I think films like this show what good collabs the US and UK can come up with. Alan Rickman obviously had to keep his appearance low or he would have clearly stolen the film á la Maggie (http://www.photowrld.com/shops/detail3.cgi?r=43579). I just bring this up because I wanted to echo VT's sentiments that there is something so enjoyable watching a film you love with someone who's never seen it before.

I enjoyed Gladiator in an eye candy sort of way. I was very let down by the lack of the use of SFX to recreate a splendid Rome - the glimpses too short, or fast panned to enjoy. Also, Commodus' sister at the end of the film is wearing an anachronistic headdress but that fact is too nitpicky to hold against the film. I must confess that after Jurassic Park came out nearly 10 years ago, I was looking forward to massive biblical epics, correcting De Mille's glorious attempts. The nearest we've got to this is Gladiator. It didn't do it for me as it was too gung ** and dareIsay 'americanised' in the way that JT refers to films like Armageddon.

To completely invalidate my tastes in your eyes, I would like to say that I have seen Titanic over 5 times and fall in love with it every time. Why did Katie have to release a song! She got her life together and lost her weight (she certainly doesn't look any bigger than the Mauretania) and releases a song that will tarnish her career :frus: And to add insult to injury we were born/lived in the same village!

After much preamble, I can now talk about the film I saw last night;

The Dish - At the risk of sounding gushy throughout this entire post can I just say I was rapt withall. What is it about Australian flicks of late? They really have the knack to tap into Utopia! I suppose I like the provincial element in films, from the dusty moisture farms of Tatooine to the sublime Standbymeish environs of Fried Green Tomatoes. This has the sharp conversational humour of Australia and the tense (albeit hilarious) situation of the Apollo 11 landing. God, what a gem, my Dad's getting it in his stocking for Christmas (http://italian.about.com/library/weekly/aa120600a.htm?once=true&) .Of late, Sam Neill seems to be one of those crucial yet generous actors (In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, JP) and is the same here, giving plenty of breathing space for the other actors, this film doesn't really seem to have a central character to pull things together for the audience. And it doesn't need one - the Moon landing is the focus and the community is the film. Rent it.


12-10-2001, 04:52 PM
Hannibal - I read the book a long time before seeing the film. That cut into my ability to enjoy the film on its own merits. Characters totally gone, characters changed, characters diminished in their significance to the story...... just incredibly frustrating. I recently rented the DVD because it advertised an alternate ending, and I wanted to see if it was the "book ending." It is NOT. They also had some other scenes that were cut from the movie. There is one scene where Lecter advises Pozzi on the local serial killer's recreation of portraits in the way he arranged the bodies of his victims. Leaving that scene in the film would've added some sorely missing depth to the Pozzi character and his relationship with Lecter. I find it impossible to not measure Hannibal against Silence of the Lambs. In my opinion, Hannibal, the film, missed three critical components that made Lambs so amazing. First, the death of Jonathan Demme killed the possibility of continuity in direction of the sequel. As much as Scott has proven himself a capable director, I can't help wondering what Hannibal would've been under Demme. Next, as amazing as Hopkins's Lecter was in Lambs, there was also an absolutely brilliant performance by Ted Levine as Jame Gumb. Most people remember Lambs for Hopkins's work - and rightly so -but I wonder how many people consider how critical Levine's whack-job Gumb character was as in holding the story together? As much as I like Oldman and am certain he could've carried a larger role in Hannibal, there simply wasn't any other pivotal role in Hannibal (the film) besides Lecter. I feel that shallowed the film by comparison to both its book and to Lambs. Finally, Hannibal the film lacked the psychological depth of its predecessor. Again, in the DVD they show a few scenes cut from the theatrical release that at least made some better attempt to deepen the emotional bond between Lecter and Starling. But the mindplay between Lecter and Starling, and Lecter and Pozzi are just too superficially presented in the film, in my opinion. Yes, the visuals of Florence were stunning. Had the film been truer to the book we'd have seen even more.

Gladiator - Intravenous check-your-mind-at-the-door action-flick. Gives the masses what they expect for $9.00 or whatever the going rate is for big city movie houses these days - bigger-than-life non-stop action & SFX. About the only thing I liked about this movie in a lasting sense was J. Phoenix's performance.

Fight Club - Sorry. It never "hit" home for me. I just couldn't get into the weird place it was trying to take me.

Snatch - Now, this was a great fun movie. Sorta like a cross between Reservoir Dogs and After the Fox. This role and his role in Meet Joe Black are about the only two things I've liked by Brad Pitt. But I thought he was great in Snatch.

Woody Allen - Not enjoyed much of his stuff in the last 10 years, but I did like Sweet and Lowdown.

Panic - I just really like Wm. H. Macy. I thought this was a decent small film with some good performances. Anyone else seen it? What did you think?

Eyes Wide Shut - Sorry again, VT. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood, but this one just never seemed to hit a stride with me where I felt it was telling a coherent story. It was like someone started writing without any outline and just drifted around trying to find where they wanted to go with the tale, then, just when they maybe thought they had an inklink of an idea of what they really wanted the story to be about, they ran out of paper and just ended it right there (hopefully that wasn't due to Kubrick's death during post-production). Going from what little I've seen of the trailers to Vanilla Sky, it looks like it may be sort of the same kind of movie. If so, I'll be waiting for it to hit the 50 cent bin at the local library before seeing it.

gotta go - the kiddies need supper. bye.....

12-10-2001, 10:31 PM
Look at McDonalds as soon as Ray Kroc died - within days, the company stopped blanching the fries before deep frying them, the meat became thinner and smaller, and there were other, similar changes that affected the product. They took their fast food product and made it even cheaper without thought to quality. They lowered the bar for the entire industry and were so big that the customers merely accepted it.

That is exactly what Michael Bay, with help from folks like the late Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Disney's various studios (Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone) has done for cinema, they've taken a medium that was already filled with overblown junk movies and they took that concept to new lows - and the industry followed because that's what they do, they follow the money like lemmings, even if it takes them off a cliff.

As for Woody Allen, I enjoyed one of his latest films, Small Time Crooks, one of the few films I've seen since Ep 1 was released.

12-10-2001, 10:57 PM
Originally posted by jeddah
After much preamble, I can now talk about the film I saw last night;

The Dish - At the risk of sounding gushy throughout this entire post can I just say I was rapt withall. What is it about Australian flicks of late? They really have the knack to tap into Utopia! I suppose I like the provincial element in films, from the dusty moisture farms of Tatooine to the sublime Standbymeish environs of Fried Green Tomatoes. This has the sharp conversational humour of Australia and the tense (albeit hilarious) situation of the Apollo 11 landing. God, what a gem, my Dad's getting it in his stocking for Christmas (http://italian.about.com/library/weekly/aa120600a.htm?once=true&) .Of late, Sam Neill seems to be one of those crucial yet generous actors (In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, JP) and is the same here, giving plenty of breathing space for the other actors, this film doesn't really seem to have a central character to pull things together for the audience. And it doesn't need one - the Moon landing is the focus and the community is the film. Rent it.

Its so good to see Australian movies mentioned :)

12-11-2001, 05:32 AM
Do you guys actually eat McDonalds'?:crazed:

GNT, they goshdarn well deserve it! :)

I learnt form Swaffy that J Demme had died! I never knew that.


12-12-2001, 11:25 AM
speakin of which:
jdah: "dear Lucia (http://web.ukonline.co.uk/carter.jsrpages/pics2/2hclrwav.jpg)"
-oh dear indeed ("somethin else i wouldn't mind eatin, but right now food will do" -yaphet kotto, Alien) :kiss: she's kinda like neve campbell in that from some angles she's rapturous, while others make her look like a ufo alien :stupid: in bonham-cutie's case, i'd take the good w/the bad -as would tim burton, it seems; see what i mean about directors motivated by choice nookie acquisition (post 23 above)? :evil:

"De Mille's glorious attempts. . . seen Titanic over 5 times and fall in love with it every time"
-in light of above comments (and your xmas lecture-link), you're much more on the same page as pagan winslet-fan paglia than you imagine :sur: personally i still don't buy for a Minute the scene when leo (in steerage) spots kate (in 1st class section) and gets love-at-1st-sight-itis :rolleyes: if it was hbc, yup; jami gertz (http://www.chixinflix.com/jami_gertz.html), hoa yeh; ione skye (http://www.groupiecentral.com/gwlione.html), yew betcha (i'm dyin to see Dream For An Insomniac, she looks great in its previews :kiss: ) but kw? no ah don THINK so, miss thang :p

jt: "the company stopped blanching the fries"
-i was never crazy about mcfries, if you don't down em all before they cool off they leave a pasty film on the roof of your mouth :p burger king never had that problem, cuz they didn't use frozen potatoes :D anyhoo i never buy fastfood fries Or softdrinks cuz they aren't a good value (they & bevs are where fastfood makes its $$; a 16-oz coke only costs them about $.05 :eek: )
i'm quite sure standard mcpatties are still 1/10th of a pound precooked weight just like they always were; maybe it's just We who are bigger :D glad to hear STC was fun, i'm on track to see it one of these saturday nights :) "anybody seen the latest woodsy allen?" -marge simpson trying to make sophisticated dinner conversation :rolleyes:

swaffy: didn't overlook post 14 above, didja? :) my jan. 24 humps of:
sweet & lowdown- amusing pseudo-bio (a la Zelig) about sean penn's thoroughly loutish, eternally-second-best jazz guitarist. uma thurman's frivolous, artsy flapper's lotta fun :)
eyes wide shut- though it's disputed whether the mild unsatisfyingness of the conclusion of this, kubrick's absorbing, visually-lush swan song, was intentional (let alone called for) given the theme, the resta the ride was still fun :) in addition to the chant & middle-eastern sounds used effectively during THOSE SCENES (You know the ones i mean), jocelyn pook's score consists of starkly simple but surprisingly disconcerting piano taps, akin to what a toddler might peck out if he wanted to make some Skeh-weee Myuzik :sur: :eek:
hump means many tings; dat's da beauty of it ;)

"Vanilla Sky. . . looks like it may be sort of the same kind of movie"
-DOESN'T IT THOUGH?? to paraphrase david spodely-dodely, "i really liked vanilla sky the first time i saw it. . . WHEN IT WAS CALLED EYES WIDE SHUT!" :p

gnt: aussie flick mentions?? ok then, here's a coupla aussie flix mentions :) i dug muriel's wedding and Proof (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0102721), which featured not only a pre-famous crowe, but hugo weaving before his perfect mark-hittin as Matrix's agent smith :D found Love Serenade somehow unsatisfying despite its strengths, but liked Forgotten Silver (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0116344) (oh wait, that's an enzer production, right? sowwy; i know that, much like norway & sweden, oz & nz get real insulted when they're mistaken for one another; relax & eat a choy (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=22883#post22883) on me, maite ;) )
so mods, what Do you think of gnt? ;D
np: incognito, "always there" (morales mix)

12-12-2001, 01:19 PM
...looks like we're on the same page in many of our observations. Is it a case of WT&EMTA do you think?

(Wonderfully Twisted & Eclectic Minds Think Alike)

12-12-2001, 01:36 PM

Is it a case of WT&EMTA do you think?

or perhaps PFTA? where p = peverse and F is plural :p [j/k]


12-13-2001, 03:19 PM
....works for me!

12-18-2001, 12:11 AM
Anybody else check out Vanilla Sky yet? I must say, pretty good for a crime drama that turns into a love drama that turns into a sci-fi thriller. Plus, I am glad to see that filmmakers have ceased "protecting us" by erasing the WTC towers from the NYC skyline.

Rollo Tomassi
12-18-2001, 07:38 AM
Vanilla Sky hit my bottom five for the year by being a pretentious "it was all a dream" movie that lacked any real emotional weight for the characters (like i'm supposed to empathize with a billionaire playboy who gets his pretty boy face all goofed up and has to choose between horse face penelope cruz and Cameron Diaz) Tom completely hammed up the entire performance (especially with his elephant man riff in the night club) and Penelope Cruz is not only not a decent actress she is a beaky, overbit horse face who causes me gag reflex to kick in when ever she's on screen. And whoever didn't figure out the lame cryo freezing ending by the second time the stupid frozen dog showed up on screen seriously needs to watch more movies. I really appreciated the subtle ways Cameron Crowe beat us senseless with THAT little "dream" clue. Jason lee pretty much played himself and Kurt Russell seemed to be slumming in this picture (either that or Crowe picked him because he bore a faint resemblance to Gregory peck...) The only saving graces were Diaz's neurotic/psychopath performance (and her dazzling smile!) and the aforementioned WTC, which honestly held my attention more than anything else being said in that confusing, muddled, end scene...as ol' jar Jar would say...PEEYOUSA!

12-19-2001, 09:11 PM
...life seems to be getting better again. Back online at a decent speed. Email address is now updated in my profile. Happy holidays to all.

12-21-2001, 11:49 AM
btw, maybe u din't get vtape club mssg cuz of yer email trubbles, but: see post #14 above (& add Trees Lounge to list of availables) :)

rt: "like i'm supposed to empathize with"
-from how you describe vs, i'm not sure empathy's the point as much as Vicarious Thrilldom, i.e. most people won't ever experience the Ride of being a billionaire pretty-boy, much less the Fall from said grace :)

bb: i'm sure i'll see vs someday even if it does turn out as rt sez (i tend to have a higher tolerance for artistic pretension; i often find it kinda enjoyable actually :happy:

jdah: "you receive comfort like cold porridge"
-if by "comfort" you mean "undeserved compliments", guilty ;) after all, what need have i of unearned compliments? i never fail to toot my own horn ad nauseum when i Have earned it :D

"I shall have to include (in your package)"
-WHAATT?? you mean you Still haven't sent?? well maybe when you get done playin alphabet footsie w/swaffy (above) you might get aroun2 it?? :mad: :frus: :rolleyes:

"Be efficient or she'll (http://www.iusb.edu/~kaichele/pics/autos/akrige.jpg) be disappointed"
-better her than she (http://www.unimatrix001.de/Borg-Schauspieler/S__Thompson/s__thompson.html); ME be efficient?? SCHNELLL on that package, SCHNELLL!!! :evil:
i getta kick outta liotta whenever he's onscreen :) my jan 2 dogma hump: superfun catholic irreverence which casts alanis morrisette as an end-theme-singing god (better save me a seat in hell :eek: ). delish inside jokes made at the expense of Home Alone director chris columbus; salma hayek & linda fiorentino help this flick rival X-Men for having the most babeticious cast of '99 :kiss: howard shore's surprisingly strong score (he hadn't impressed me much elsewhere) almost puts one in the mind of an ecclesiastical Men In Black (i.e. elfman with church bells) :)
now for a fresh batch o Hump, a selection inspired partly by a current go-round me & jt been enjoyin (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=24774#post24774) :D
bamboozled- an airs-sporting tv producer(damon wayans)'s attempt to get canned by his ridiculous wigger boss (michael rappaport) by developing a blackface minstrel variety hour backfires when america embraces it :sur: a fruitful, fascinating, subversive premise writer/director spike lee handles with deft, inventive, bouncin humor till about 3/4 thru when an overly-oppressive black blues vibe begins to weigh things down. thankfully, the finale is satisfyingly fatalistic :) with a subtle, effective terence blanchard score and sharp, yummy jada pinkett :kiss:
bulworth- a disillusioned congressman attempts political (& literal) suicide by putting out a contract on himself and provoking the black community, only to end up being embraced by them and galvanizing a rebirth of honesty :sur: features ennio morricone's cool spider-web-plucky assassin motif, and unconvincing bubblehead halle berry :p like Bamboozled, a daring, hilarious, incisive ride, but a perfect illustration of the principle jt & i are currently debating, in that all of you Heard of this film cuz of who wrote/directed/headlined it (warren beatty); by contrast, Bamboozled didn't even get a denver release (a special one-time screening had to be arranged by our local jazz station several Months later :rolleyes: )
black & white (brooke shields, claudia schiffer, marla maples, ben stiller)- fun, incisive, visceral pseudo-documentary examining why rich manhattan wigger-teens be hangin wit da harlem homies. with annoying bijou phillips, yummy stacy edwards and a hilarious, hazardous exchange between mike tyson and a gay robert downey jr :eek:
da projects- what the hell?? it's been 8 months since i saw this, so i went to imdb.com to refresh me on the particulars, and it's not even Listed! :confused: just a Nutha zample of what i bin sayin to jt about the man keepin us down :frus: ;) a mildly interesting, b&w indie production as i recall, not as good as Just Another Girl On The I.R.T but with briefly interesting electronic score passages by byron fludd & derrick simpson-
np: paul young, "no parlez"

12-21-2001, 03:49 PM
sounds like utinni's just bitter from wastin 2 hours of his life watchin Majestic :p (am i the only one who LOATHES Majestic's cloying, post-9-11-profiteering ads, with carrey & director darabont invoking jimmystew & capra repeatedly til yew just wanna PYUKE?? :p
so utinni thinks flix should make us richer or wiser? :rolleyes: flix are art, and art is about pleasure. like duchamp said, the only thing one can expect from art besides pleasure is that it occasionally helps you think a bit more clearly :cool:
np: philip glass & foday musa suso, "music for the screens"

12-28-2001, 02:39 PM
well Those certainly provoked a lotta comment :rolleyes: (note: post #37 above was in reply to a since-retracted post by utinni (#36.5?) which said, amidst various font adjustments, "films are for fools; they don't make you richer or wiser" :eek: ) anyhoo, since seemingly everyone churns out endoyear retrospectives, i too'll take one final look back at some prev. Hump highlights (Humpheights?), before VenTuring into all new Humpterritory come '02:
unhook the stars (marisa tomei, gena rowlands, depardieu, nick cassvettes dir.)- delightful, unexpectedly-rewarding friendships between a genteel empty-nester, the brash unmarried mother down the street & her toddler son. even jake lloyd wasn't bad without the overbearing lucas around to badger him into emulating his personal facial tics (if you've seen george in interviews, you can tell where lloyd's treacly, overearnest anakin-mannequin expressions came from :rolleyes: ) & though nick's old man john retains the arthouse rep, based on this flick & She's So Lovely i'd say i already prefer sonny-boy :)
waiting for guffman (cath o'hara, eugene levy, fred willard, yummy parker posey, chris guest star/dir.) hilarious mockumentary about a midwest-smalltown musical mounted by stagestruck hamateurs :stupid:
in the company of men (neil labute dir.)- absorbing, viciously fun "gender vengeance" conspiracy featuring modernist visuals and yummy stacy edwards :kiss: but be warned one of the main characters (aaron eckhart) is such a true-to-life fratboy ******* it leaves a Strong lingering taste not many will enjoy :dead:
the opposite of sex (christina ricci, lisa kudrow, lyle lovett)- hellafun first-person romp about an amoral teen who ruthlessly adapts her personal agenda thru myriad relationships :evil: features mason daring's bossa nova score :)
the pompatus of love (jon "ducky" cryer, richard schenkman dir.)- superfun, breezy ensemble romcom about 4 nyc goombahs and their wimmin, including yummy mia sara, kristen wilson and kristin scott thomas :kiss:
broadway damage- entertaining romcom about 2 nyc gays both pining over the wrong guys, and their flighty straight galpal who "stalks" mag editor tina brown. even the soggy, cloying, broadway-ballady soundtrack can't wilt the lively appeal of the characters & visuals :)
watermelon woman- writer/director/actor cheryl dunye's autobio"documentary" about her search for info on an obscure 30's black lesbian actress she idolizes. controversial twist at the end, plus a cameo by an unsuspecting camille paglia :sur: packed w/happnin sounds from ~8 years ago such as vanessa daou's "in the black forest" and masters at work's "i can't get no sleep" :cool:
wigstock- gaw-juss, superfun documentary on the annual nyc dragqueen fest. features performances by deee-lite, crystal waters, rupaul & original tunes like the cawfee-tawk-sounding "it's nyachural" (included on mixtape i made gsj :crazed: )
hurlyburly (sean penn, kevin spacey, gary shandling, chazz palminteri, meg ryan, anna paquin, yummy robin wright)- fun, shimmering, hockney-painting-styled vignette of a hollywood agent's drug-soaked, out-of-control life and social milieu :crazed: another flick in which i've been compared to spacey's character (see AmBeaut note below) ;) excellent, viper-room-style jazz score by david baerwald :cool:
schizopolis- steven soderbergh's amusing dadaist experiment spoofing, among other things, suburbanality, semantics, adultery, dentistry, scientology-type cults and pest control :crazed: bonus points for the part when ss makes faces at himself in the mirror, and except for a single-frame flash he didn't even bother with credits! perhaps he just didn't wanna waste our time (personally i always watch a film all the way thru); wasn't that considerate of him? :Pirate:
zero effect (bill pullman, ben stiller, ryan o'neal, jake kasdan dir.)- fun, involving adventures of a eccentric, world-class freelancer and his reluctant agent, whose doubts about their latest job increase as they delve deeper into it :Pirate:
zazie dans le metro ('59)- louis malle's atmospheric, anarchic slapstick about a mischevious kid's visit with her uncle in paris :crazed: includes gorgeous eiffel tower sequence and poised, VibranT carla marlier as aunt albertine :kiss:
ciao professore (lina wirtmueller dir.)- superfun tale of a northern italy gradeschool teacher mistakenly assigned to a scuzzier southern italy locale :) like truffaut's Small Change et al, makes me think euro directors have a truer take on childhood than spielberg/disney americans, neither romanticizing it nor selling it short (i.e. assuming that kids are simply adults-in-progress). which, admittedly, might seem like an ironic assertion in light of Ciao's appealing opening sequence :eek:
caro diario- director nanni moretti's picturesque, aimless scootering around italy as we eavesdrop on his whimsical internal monologue :cool:
lisbon story (wim wenders dir.)- gorgeous travelogue of a soundman's whimsical adventures, prompted by his director summoning him to portugal. features madredeus' flamenco-style ballads :)
latcho drom (tony gatlif dir.)- bewitching, sensual musical documentary/travelogue focusing on gypsies in europe & the middle east. awash in hypnotic dance & music, some of which gives the uncanny impression of being an ancestor of house :eek: (gsj & swaffy both got a sample of this score on their mixtapes :) )
tampopo ('86, juzo itami dir.)- gripping, hilarious saga of a mother's dream to run a world-class noodle bar and the cowboy-trucker-connoisseur who mentors her :crazed: a sensuously-detailed farce about the hedonism of food :happy:
okoge (takahiro nakajime dir.)- fun, gorgeous flick about a girl befriending a gay couple in anti-homo japan. features fun, ymo-style electropop score by edison & hilarious loanshark/dragqueen streetfight scene :D
ok swaffy, plz confirm which of following you'd be interested in viewing- consult amazon or imdb descriptions for any i haven't Humped if uncertain: Real Blonde dvd, Trees Lounge, Swingers, Daytrippers, Party Girl, Happiness, Venice/Venice, Opposite of Sex, Flirting W/Disaster, Celebrity (woodsy allen), Big Picture, Broadway Damage. you're welcome to keep the guffman if you wish, as it was a gift and library already has it anyway :) also, my library pals have agreed to an extended loan re El Mariachi, Mishima, Clockwatchers, Wigstock, Koyaanisqatsi, Zazie & Schizopolis :) but their I Shot Andy Warhol's currently MIA, & Wigstock may or may not be available within our timeframe for this. again, confirm which do & don't interest. barring sudden, unexpected additions (i'd Love to be able to find you Tieta, Book of Life, Splendor, Relax Its Just, High Art & Some Prefer Cake before sending :cool: ), shouldn't be too long before i have a shipping quote for you :)
jdah: re-viewed AmBeaut for the first time since its release when showing it to b'jr (http://www.twinsuntimes.com/toyforce/sabretooth.htm) xmas night, and WE LOVED IT so :p it ain't perfect but we laughed our ashes off at its clinical precision, & got our breath taken away by its epiphanics (even if the accusations i've read that director sam mendes plagiarized the "bag in the wind" sequence from a smaller film are true) :cool: for 3 years i'd told b'jr the parallels between him & the VTaping, potsellin, institutionalized kid next door were eerie; he finally got to see for himself :D (meanwhile, i've been compared to the spacey character's shrewd, damn-the-consequences outlook & ability to be stirred only by perfection ;) ) supercool thomas newman score (recently re-used in ibm tvcomms with avery "sisko" brooks) & of course, ent captain scott bakula as the "gaeighbor" had his phaser set on fabulous ;)
np: sakamoto, "forbidden colors"

12-28-2001, 07:29 PM
I guess my list is pretty big. If you want to break it into two or more time-delayed batches that would be fine with me)

Real Blonde dvd
Trees Lounge
Party Girl
Opposite of Sex
Flirting W/Disaster
Celebrity (woodsy allen)
Big Picture
Broadway Damage
(I already saw High Art, no I don't need that one)

Thanks for offering these, VT. I'll check here for more info on costs and timing. Sounds like you really enjoyed American Beauty. Unfortunately I am boycotting Kevin Spacey due to his highly public ultra-radical leftist vomitous rantings. Otherwise, I'd sorta like to see some of his films from the last few years.


12-31-2001, 11:40 AM
i'll likely send all at once cuz it's more economical & fun that way :) was also just given Four Rooms, personally wasn't Crazy about it (or Celebrity for that matter; Humps forthcoming) but lmk if wanna judge for yourself & i'll include :) High Art Rocked didn't it? ally sheedy: :kiss: i bagged its soundtrack for $3 this spring :happy:
spacey's made some "highly public ultra-radical leftist vomitous rantings"? where where, wha'd he say, wha'd he say? i miss All the fun :( i've seen his jack lemmonesque rantings but those were within the context of roles ;) you remind me of a friend of mine who considered boycotting t2 cuz of schwarzenegger's rightist rantings :o imo gotta draw a clear distinction between the art & the artist. the former's sublimity is not necc. impacted by the latter's limits :)
so None of u out there have seen any of the stuff i just mentioned?? boy, my Humps are just provoking Heaps of comment aren't they :rolleyes:
np: loek dikker, Pascali's Island opening theme

12-31-2001, 08:41 PM

12-31-2001, 11:57 PM
VT - yes, please include Four Rooms if you can. I'm nearly certain I haven't seen it yet, and my girlfriend says she heard it was good.


01-01-2002, 05:35 PM
;) re Enterprise
:p re AmBeaulatory
:kiss: to the pair of you for New Year

I haven't watched any films apart from Tomb Raider since I last saw you(r avatars) both. It was nothing new, but fun nonetheless, especially Ingenue Jolie's clipped Paltrowsh. I do like the way these new movie babes are speaking the lingo. She also happens to be another of my favourites. Where've I seen her love interest before? (and does Gul Dukat voice the Naboo Jedi Masters in SW Battlegrounds game?)

Will be watching the classic Suspiria in a min (Dario Argento's much lauded horror flick.....we'll see.)

gotta jam, need a shingle and grit :D


good shot jansen
01-02-2002, 06:32 AM
Originally posted by jeddah

gotta jam, need a shingle and grit :D


chipped beef on toast?


01-02-2002, 09:05 AM
...It was rhyming slang for something nasty.:crazed:

Happy New Year to you, GSJ. You been hiding away from all the festivities (or lack thereof)?

Needless to say :)Suspiria (http://home.swipnet.se/~w-20851/hemsida/suspiria.htm) was rather hard work but I can see why it/he (Dario) was hailed as groundbreaking. From the opening scene I felt cut off, awkward (no, I won't say 'claustrophobic' as that's lazy) and the score was hellishly intense; really jangly with the main music-box theme repeated over and over with a bass note plucked with the fingers sliding down the fret (altho' it sounded like a Moog or Minimoog). The witch at the end was very scarey because you couldn't see her altho' she did materialise when she was killed. But what an original premise; an isolated dance school in the middle of nowhere where the script is less relevant than the photography. I don't think I'll have him over for dinner. Far removed from the spontaneous promptings of the heart of this lot (http://www.merchantivory.com/roomview.html) ;)


01-04-2002, 07:34 PM
"g", derek, with a mug like that there's no need to "B" shy ;)
confirming swaffy's Four Rooms request :) alas, library's copy of Wigstock is currently MIA, so may not be available :(
jdah: so far i've seen jolie in Girl Interrupted, Foxfire, Playing By Heart and Pushing Tin (the best of the 4), & she's a-ok :)
for aesthetic reasons explained in my most recent mm fashreports (posts 70 & 71 (http://sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=2216&pagenumber=1)), some VinTage flix oughta be just the ticket for kickin off Hump '02:
the little rascals (aka Our Gang)- on gray weekend mornings over the last 3 months i've gotten thru 11 volumes (4 15-minute shorts per vol.) of these '30s hal roach comedies. some i saw long timeago on tv, others new2me. gotta smile at the shameless hammin up of the kid naturals (the gleam in spanky's eye inexplicably recalls cary grant's, buh-weet's zen charisma defies analysis, and alfalfa's crooner stylings were a clear inspiration for New Order's vocals :D but don't forget weezer or stymie!), over-the-top villains & rinkytink-exuberant, unforgettably catchy soundtrack :)
the thin man ('34) and
after the thin man ('36) - first two (of six) installments of the urbane, wisecrackin private dick/rich socialite husband & wife team nick & nora (william powell & myrna loy) that typified the screwball genre: chic, hilarious rides :crazed: first one features maureen o'sullivan and william axton's buck-rogersesque opening theme; greenhorn jimmy stewart co-stars in the second.
above suspicion ('43; joan crawford, fred macmurray)- pre-noirish ww2 intrigue of a professor & his new bride spying for the allies during a honeymoon thru germany :sur: fun, but both leads have been better-used elsewhere (fred in the CLASSIC Double Indemnity, joan in lotsa stuff).
valley of the dolls ('67, based on susann novel; patty duke, yummy, late sharon tate :kiss: )- dated, high-pitched but VibranT gay/camp cult classic of 3 gals' dizzyin, pill-poppin odyssey into celebrity :eek:
paris when it sizzles ('64; audrey hepburn)- a blocked, procrastinating screenwriter's fanciful, deadline-pressed collaboration with a just-arrived secretary/muse (with writing ambitions of her own). a clever, keep-you guessing premise but executed without the needed cosmopolitan flair of audrey's also-set-in-paris Charade, substituting a too-american, obvious touristy sensibility. likewise, instead of Charade's suave cary grant we get avuncular, boy-man cornball william holden who ends up trying too hard opposite half-his-age audrey, a la gary cooper opposite her in Love In The Afternoon :rolleyes: ).
two english girls ('71; truffaut dir.)- engaging Jules&Jimesque love triangle, only w/the genders reversed (2 gals & 1 guy here) and set in the 1900s. gentle & forboding score by georges delerue, who also has a cameo.
juliet of the spirits ('65; fellini dir.)- a woman's extravagant, kaliedoscopic, Dolce-Vita-esque social wanderings upon learning of her husband's infidelity :sur:
amarcord ('74)- fellini's boisterous, generous, non-sequitur-segueing, semi-autobio recollections of his youth in fascist italy. features nino rota's famous, bittersweet waltz theme and several fart jokes :o
aparajito ('56)- director satyajit ray's engaging, understated, second "apu trilogy" installment in which a rare opportunity for success demands a young indian student distance himself from his family & poverty-stricken background. wide emotional range conveyed by ravi shankar's sitar/raga score-
np: serge gainsbourg, "bonnie & clyde"

01-05-2002, 01:47 PM
The only 2 films that have really impressed me over the Xmas period have been:

BASEketball - being a major South Park fan, I pretty much laughed my head off all the way through this film. Rude & very crude, but very funny.

PLEASANTVILLE - this is an absolute CLASSIC. An absolute joy from beginning to end with the use of some really clever metaphors throughout the movie.

Also watched the Mummy Returns on DVD - turned it off half way through due to boredom (it was hired, thank God).

Other than that Brit TV was fairly dull over the hols.


01-12-2002, 12:24 PM
. . .and one of these humps i'll prove it : ) meanwhile, from my apr '00 Hump:
pleasantville (william h. macy)- warm, allegorical, superfun ClashoftheDecades a la Blast From the Past (these 2 make a great double-feature) sucking present-day highschool students (tobey macguire & yummy reese witherspoon) into an idyllic, black&white '50s sitcom world. with jeff daniels, don knotts, elegant joan allen and heady, lyrical randy newman score (whose "political science" aka "let's drop the big one now" happens to accompany BFTP's end credits ; ) ).
a few cabin-fever-antidotes that work this timeoyear- let's see if i can do this with less than ten emoticons (http://sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=2764) :rolleyes:
films of charles & ray eames vol. 2- fun, hour-long collection of mid-century, experimental/educational short films by the renowned hubby/wife american design team. featuring "toccata for toy trains", "house after five years of living", "lucia chase vignette", "the black ships" (about admiral perry's japan mission), "atlas" (graphic depiction of rome's territorial expansion & decay), and the visual abstractions "kaleidoscope jazz chair" and "blacktop". elmer "to kill a mockingbird" bernstein composed the scores for most of these.
american movie- funny, unsparing documentary about an icky midwest hack's intrepid pursuit of showbiz success by making a low-budget horror flick :P his stoner tagalong pal mike steals the show :p
the human face- fun, 4-hour bbc documentary hosted by john cleese & liz hurley ("the reason crocodiles don't star in soap operas is because they only have one facial expression- which is three less than michael palin" :D )
eating (henry jaglom dir.)- disingenuous (flik presents its intent as theraputic & cathartic, but let's face it, it was made for the same reason jaglom makes all his flix: to get 'im laid :evil: ) yet often-hilarious (cuz it's filled with accurate backbiting & dated psychobabble) film about upper-middle-class women's issues with food and weight.
deja vu (jaglom dir.)- mildly-entertaining romance about serendipitous connectons between an engaged l.a. woman and a married brit. features vanessa redgrave, a cheesy score by gaili schoen and occasionally-picturesque passages thru tel aviv, paris, dover and LA.
dr. t & the women- (gere, altman dir.)- mildly-amusing vignette of a saintly, hunky gynecologist & the high-maintenance chattering chickens (upper-class dallas wimmin) who flock around him. with janine turner, shelly long, helen hunt, liv tyler and delightful farrah fawcett :kiss: lyle lovett's score is predictable, trite, yet somehow fitting (?)
dancer in the dark (bjork, deneuve)- director/writer lars von trier's riveting, original update of a hoary genre: a czech immigrant lapses into daydreams of the musicals she loves during her grim, tragic efforts to spare her son from hereditary blindness. electronic-textured tunes by bjork.
girl interrupted ("sticky-fingers" wynona, jolie, whoopi)- mildly-engaging memoirs of an upper-class adolescent's 1960s psychiatric-treatment detour.
wonder boys (m-doug, mcdormand, tobey, downey jr, yummy katie holmes :kiss: ) director curtis hanson's vignette of an east-coast college prof's midlife crisis and misadventures w/his students. amusing while i watched it but damned if much about it sticks with me (which indicates undistinctiveness?).
the big lewinsky- i mean, lebowski ;) (j. bridges, j. goodman, julianne moore, buscemi, ps hoffman, coen bruddahs dir.)- a case of mistaken-identity ensnares a bowling layabout in criminal vendettas. striking individual scenes, as in coens' Fargo or Barton Fink; alas, as in those films these moments don't pull together into a grand, coherent sweep a la their Raising Arizona, Hudsucker Proxy or Blood Simple :(
the big kahuna (spacey, devito)- fun vignette about 3 salesmen's interactions in an anonymous hotel suite during a business trip. script's stage origins are apparent in both its weaknesses (cliched, telegraphed dramatic arc & character symbolism) and strengths (absorbing dialogue & character nuance).
the insider (pacino, crowe)- engaging real story of cig industry's efforts to prevent an ex-employee and a tv producer from revealing damning industry secrets. features director michael mann's gift for depicting graViTy, chris plummer's marvelous scene-chewing as 60minutes anchor mike wallace, and an intriguing score by lisa gerrard, peter bourke & graeme revell : )
traffic (m-doug, d-quaid, czj, miguel ferrer, soderbergh dir.) -mildly-engaging drug-war epic. with badass benecio, cool cliff martinez score, and e-z lens-filter color-coding guide: blue means powerful washington, yellow means dusty mexico ;P
np: vic flick (james bond guitar player), "zapata"

01-12-2002, 12:50 PM
I must confess that I ain't even heard of alot of those last lot of movies, VT, but I will have to disagree with you on one of them:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI - one of my fave films of all time. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are absolutely mental and the plot is great.

Also like the cinematography in some bits, like where JB is knocked out and goes for a "trip" through the bowling alley.

It was nice to see Goodman not doing his normal big fat tough guy with a heart of gold routine and see him play somebody who is genuinely psychotic (loved the bit in the alley where he draws a gun on one of his pals).

Also loved that wierd cowboy with the REALLY mellow voice who does the narration.

Personally think that it is THE best CBroths film - even better than Fink and Proxy.

But thats just me.


01-13-2002, 12:44 AM
I think that was Sam Elliot - also was in "Mask" and one of the marlboro man-types who does the "Beef: It's what's for dinner." ad voiceovers.

01-14-2002, 11:27 AM
I hope it's ok to post about new theatrical releases in this thread and not just video releases. I'm posting about Rings here rather than in the other specific threads because I am not a fan of the books - never read them - and I don't want to get into any emotional debates about the movie with people who are the 'trekkie' equivalents to LOTR (would they be called 'tolkies'?).

I thought Lord of the Rings was as good a movie, from a visual effects standpoint, as any ever made. Anyone who has seen it knows what I'm referring to, and those who haven't seen it should do so in a movie theatre because it isn't going to be as stunning on home video.

I found most of the performances to be solid, the standouts for me being Ian McKellen as the wizard and Viggo Mortensen as Strider and Aragorn. I can't name anything I disliked about Elija Wood's performance, but in some intangible way it just didn't wow me.

As in Harry Potter, 'Rings' does a pretty seamless job of altering the respective sizes of two or more actors in the same scene - an effect much more necessary when the hobbits and humans were together. It did look like they used children as doubles in a few scenes rather than special effects to re-size the real actors.

Unlike Harry Potter, in my opinion Peter Jackson did not succeed where Chris Columbus did, in maintaining the balance between special effects and giving the actors an opportunity to bond with and draw in the audience. The best way I can describe it is that with Lord of the Rings I found myself "watching" the movie and appreciating the visuals, but with Potter I was experiencing the movie - really feeling the emotions and really caring about the characters.

I think one reason for this may be in how Lord of the Rings never committed to telling the story through the perspective of Frodo. It tries to tell the story through the eyes of three or four main characters, and in the process failed to invest me emotionally enough in any one character to where I could make that transition from just watching the movie to feeling it through the emotions of any of the actors.

But having said that, I still think the visual effects make the movie well worth the money to go see it in the theatre. It is three hours of lots of excitement and some spectacularly beautiful settings.

01-14-2002, 04:20 PM
Today's mail included your library shipment and copy of gsj mixtape. Thanks for both! Looks like my evenings are now pleasantly planned for a week or so. I appreciate you advancing the one tape past the opening music video. Personally, I really dislike the way many videos these days show a song or a promo for a soundtrack to the movie ahead of the movie itself, since they seem to always include spoiler scenes from the movie you're about to watch. I'll get the lenders back to you asap, VT.

yee-ha! we're havin' sum fun now! (just a little excited at the prospect of seeing some fresh video titles)


01-15-2002, 04:20 AM
Originally posted by SWAFMAN
Unlike Harry Potter, in my opinion Peter Jackson did not succeed where Chris Columbus did, in maintaining the balance between special effects and giving the actors an opportunity to bond with and draw in the audience. The best way I can describe it is that with Lord of the Rings I found myself "watching" the movie and appreciating the visuals, but with Potter I was experiencing the movie - really feeling the emotions and really caring about the characters.

Now if only they could've had better child actors. :D The special f/x were ok but left alot to be desired especially when it came to doing a human in CGI, it looked like a cartoon character. Most noticeably is when Harry was on the Ogre, and I think he was a little out of scale with it too. Haven't seen LOTR yet. :(

01-15-2002, 02:35 PM
Swaffy said;

I found most of the performances to be solid, the standouts for me being Ian McKellen as the wizard and Viggo Mortensen as Strider and Aragorn. I can't name anything I disliked about Elija Wood's performance, but in some intangible way it just didn't wow me.

yes, yes, but what did you think about Cate Blanchett ? ? ?

Exquisite, divine, on a par with Senate Amidala.


01-15-2002, 03:05 PM
Originally posted by jeddah

yes, yes, but what did you think about Cate Blanchett ? ? ?

I thought she was lovely and enchanting (no pun intended). I only didn't give her a specific nod because her part is rather short in the film. As far as brief appearances, I thought she and Christopher Lee were great. I sure hope Lee's gaunt appearance was purely makeup, as he truly looked like death warmed-over.

01-15-2002, 11:53 PM
VT - it would probably be tidier if I did one humongous post about all the videos you sent, but I don't want to have this snowball on me and then rush through to get it all done in one sitting. So I think I'll try to post about the movies as I watch them. Tonight's was The Big Picture. Written by Chris Guest & Michael McKean of Spinal Tap (and other stuff), and in a similar vein although not a mockumentary as much as mocku-comedy (a-la Altman, in my opinion) of the movie industry from one perspective. Some really on-target portrayals of the industry folks and some caricatures of them - most notably Martin Short's (conspicuously uncredited) Hollywood agent role. I thought Bacon was a bit too cute and occasionally smirking for the lead. Whaddaya think about Michael Keaton having tried the part? McKean was great, making the most of a relatively small part. I really liked the perfomance by the late J.T. Walsh, not so much for it being accurate but just for seeing him do a great job as a character actor. I don't recall the name of Bacon's girlfriend in the film, but the actress was scrumptious. I've never been a Teri Hatcher fan, and although I enjoyed looking at her in the "apparently really, really cold room scene," she was forgettable in this film. JJ Leigh was fun - sorta like a Bjork-meets-Cyndi Lauper it seemed to me. Her kinda gangsta-rapper bouncing body movements were a little annoying though. I liked the movie's message that Bacon's character realized he'd been a dick the first time around and resolved to be truer to himself if he got a second chance. I give it a 7 on a 1-10 scale.

01-16-2002, 01:36 PM
of course, sam elliot's Real accomplishment is managing to bag that katharine ross (http://www.swinginchicks.com/katherine_ross.htm) babe :kiss: i amazon-humped (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/video/6301599659/customer-reviews/ref=sr_1_11_1/103-2243870-3700642) Big Picture; 7 outta 10, 4 outta 5, same diff ;) wouldn't you say warstar oughta view this flik as part of his film-school education? ;) jt walsh was also good in Pleasantville. btw, why wouldn't it be ok to tawk about theatrical viewins here? ok by me :)
it's not like i didn't Want to like lewinsky more, bc3 :sur: i liked it, i've just come to expect better from coens :evil: either way, i got a nice batch today:
attention shoppers- showbiz ego's nightmare: a minor celebrity's painfully-humbling, desolate appearance at a k-mart opening :stupid: with luke perry as a bigger, rubs-it-in-his-face star and martin mull as an obsequious, creepy plane captain :p
it's the rage- superfun, converging-plot-threads (a la Magnolia), anti-handgun (but who cares about its message, it's a gleeful ride regardless) LA black comedy :Pirate: features elegant joan allen, jeff daniels, anna paquin, adam sandler's wet-noodle doppleganger david schwimmer and computer mogul gary sinise holing up howard-hughes-style in his multimedia-equipped, frank-lloyd-wright-designed compound (also seen in Blade Runner and DS9's "blood oath" ep) :cool:
best in show (dvd; yummy parker, cath o'hara, fred willard, michael mckean, eugene levy, chris guest dir.) superfun spoof of dog shows from the team behind Waiting for Guffman (which this is almost as fun as, not quite) :happy: dvd features Tons of hilarious xtra scenes i would love to've seen included in the final cut :o
destiny turns on the radio (mcdermott, jim belushi)- fun, road-to-vegas comedy in which luck be a lady named tarantino who pops outtuva desert motel swimming pool. features steven soles' cool, hypnotic, vibraphone pool theme :)
trees lounge- writer/director/actor steve buscemi's fun, convincing vignette of a discouraged long islander's snowballing alcoholism, bad luck & bad choices. not-bad score by evan lurie.
four rooms (tim roth, jennifer beals, bruce willis)- experimental polyptych a la RoGoPaG or New York Stories (each segment by a different director) of a bellhop's misadventures while manning a hotel by himself. a mixed bag: segments by alex rockwell & alison anders fall surprisingly flat despite the latter's showcasing yummy ione skye (who was also in anders' excellent Gas Food Lodging), while robert rodriguez & tarantino's fare somewhat better. cameos by kathy griffin, lili taylor, madonna and a fun score by neo-loungers combustible edison :cool:
the five senses (mary louise parker, jeremy podeswa dir.)- meditative, mildly-engaging canadian premise of people in the same building seeking to overcome their isolation from others via smell, touch, hearing etc. sports a polished, wintry, stained-wood, color-saturated look reminiscent of tom noonan's The Wife (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0114936) and, to a lesser extent, godard's short film Jlg/Jlg (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0110173).
go fish (rose troche dir.)- VibranT, seminal, superfun, b&w romcom which singlehandedly spawned the fruitful "dykeflick" wave of the last several years :D jazzy, jumpy score by scott aldrich, brendan dolan & jennifer sharpe's the perfect compliment to this scrappy, low-budget confection :happy:
bedrooms & hallways- rose troche's VibranT, superfun vignette of gay london flatmates, one of whom occasionally changes his orientation (a la salamanders? after all, troche Did direct Go Fish- get it? get it? ;) ) features fun simon callow, The Matrix's hugo weaving and hilarious men's movement spoof :D
unmade beds (nicholas barker dir.)- fascinating, cynical, hilarious documentary of four nyc singles' search for acceptable companionship via blind dates, pickup bars, personal ads etc. features cool musical supervision (william orbit, francois kevorkian etc) and director nicholas barker's strikingly-composed shots of manhattan skylines, taxi rides and peepingtom window-views :sur:
the waiting game- VibranT, low-budget ensemble romcom about undiscovered actors workin at an nyc restaurant to make ends meet :greedy:
the VelociTy of gary (d'onofrio, hayek, ethan hawke)- so-so story of a luv triangle between a gal & 2 guys (1 of whom's terminally ill). the VibranT manhattan milieu's the real attraction here :cool:
cannes man- b-movie producer (seymour cassel) bets that he can hype a nobody into a filmfest's hottest buzz; kinda Venice/Venice meets In The Soup (in which cassel plays a similar role) film-industry spoof :D with hilarious, sometimes-unsuspecting cameos by depp, hopper, malkovich, peter gallagher, yummy lara flynn boyle, miramax's harvey weinstein & director jim jarmusch. i love flix-within-flix :happy:
np: propoganda, "dream within a dream"

01-16-2002, 02:10 PM
To the extent that he should take seriously the existence of *****s like the character played by Hatcher, and the "producer" who ends his scene by asking Bacon how much money he has to invest in the film, and the way the studio will try to corrupt a pure, original concept into their own concept (or their market researchers' concepts) of what the film "should" be, I guess it would be somewhat instructive for Warstar to watch the film. To the extent that this film showcases the talents of a couple gifted writers, several good acting performances, and a pleasant directorial turn by Christopher Guest, I'd also recommend it to any aspiring filmmaker.

re: Four Rooms and It's the Rage:
Saw both. The Taranino scene in Four Rooms was really disturbing - and I like it for that reason. The storyline with Banderas & the kids (hmm Banderas, kids, Robert Rodriguez,...- sounds like a seed may've been planted there, eh?) was just so-so. The one with the man & woman was also so-so. The one with the wickens (sp?) or witches or whatever was HOT! :D I give it a 6.

It's the Rage was just "ok" for me. I thought Sinise was great for the first ~1/3 of the movie, then his character just got kind of tiresome to me. Same for Daniels, who seemed sort of uninspired in the movie to me (as did Sinise - maybe both thought this flick was beneath them, but took the parts for the money, or something?). But Joan Allen has been on my A-list since her turn as Pat Nixon. In this film, again, she was poised, classy, sexy as hell, and really seemed to be giving her best effort to do a quality performance. I give it a 6.

01-16-2002, 02:16 PM
that was interesting that we both abbr. Jennifer Jason Leigh as JJ Leigh! I also noted that we both singled out Walsh as a stand-out performance. Very interesting.....

01-16-2002, 02:21 PM
Hi Swaffy, re your SP?, altho' I've not seen the film, I should think you mean "Wiccans" - adepts in the pratice of Wicca

"An harm it none"

01-16-2002, 03:03 PM
I sit corrected.

Thanks, Jeddah - I was too lazy to look it up before posting ;)

Any luck getting that audio cassette player from your friend up & running yet? I know we haven't exchanged a lot of direct posts lately, so I'll use this one to personally wish you a happy new year and say that I always enjoy reading your posts. That offer of a place to stay any time you visit is still - and will always be - open.

01-19-2002, 04:01 AM
this'll be fast 'cuz I'm about to pass out....
8 of 10 for this one. Wish LOTR coulda made me bond with and care about the characters as effectively as this one. I cared about Tucci and Davis before they even got home from Thanksgiving dinner. Not a bad perfromance in the bunch. Posey was exciting and real, McNamara was perfect in his understatement, Meara was equally perfect for exactly the opposite reason. Where the hell have I seen Liev Schrieber???? It's nagging at me like something caught between my teeth. He was very good, and had probably the best part next to Davis as far as opportunity to show acting craft. And yes, I was caught off-guard the plot twist.


01-19-2002, 11:49 AM
No news on tape deck, Toby's (my DJ friend and part-producer 4 me) has recently scored a residency at a hard house techno venue and another Deep house (cool jazz stuff, VT'd love it) residency. So, I've not seen much of him over the past 2 weeks :(

I did remind him yesterday that he was concentrating on his own career fartoo much recently and refocused his attention on mine :D . That said, he'll be round next week so who knows?

Thanks for the well wishing and, if I haven't done so yet, I wish you the same! I hope that 2002 sees things settle down in the US (with the exception of the development of even more lethal pretzels :evil: ) and a respite from the atrocities that seem to escalate yearly.

I've never forgotten your kind offer (along with Baal's) and am glad you haven't ;). I think one of these days I shall have to come over just to bring Baal's Wancors:crazed: What was that film where that man just went around staying at other ppls houses, kinda like Burt's The Swimmer?


01-20-2002, 09:35 PM
wow, talk about from here to obscurity! wasn't that like his first movie or something? black&white with him in swimtrunks & shirtless for nearly the whole flick? It's been probably 25 years since I saw that.

VT - Schizopolis sounded so interesting from your review, but I have to tell you that after about ten minutes I was ready to call it quits on this one. I'm moving on to Party Girl, and may give Schiz' another try.......... - maybe.

01-21-2002, 12:28 PM
...Swaffy, I've never been able to sit through it all, but it's meant to be quite atmospheric. I like the idea but never seen the end, so can't say if I liked it in it's entirety. I think it is colour, though, unless the one I saw was colourised á la George Romero. :dead:


01-21-2002, 09:14 PM
8 of 10. She's so natural in this part. Obviously I don't know anything about PPosey's real life, but she comes across in this film as not so much playing a fictional character as playing herself. If she's really nothing like the Party Girl, then all the more credit to her for her acting skills. I found all the main performances to be believable and enjoyable. Liev Schreiber makes another appearance in this one - and I still can't recall where I remember him from prior to this film and Daytrippers. Besides PP, the other standout for me in this one was Mustafah (sp?) the falafel vendor/teacher. The roommate/DJ was good, too. I thought this was a well-written story and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job of directing, as it felt so natural. This one could've been a real dog if someone had tried to John Hughes-ify it into being more mainstream-pop-glossy. As it was, it had more - I dunno - "grit" isn't the exact word I'm looking for but is as close as I can think of now. But the film lived and died by the strength of PPosey's performance. And she carried this film as deftly as Streep, Harry Ford, or any actor has ever carried a film. The only reason it doesn't get a higher rating is because it is doesn't really try to be anything truly incredible.

01-21-2002, 11:58 PM
Toni Collette was good as the introverted newcomer who eventually loosens up a bit. PPosey was good as the cynical misfit, but this is least impressive work I've seen her do. There really didn't seem to be any sufficient outlet for her to stand out in the film, even her big exit scene was underwhelming to me. I found Kudrow to be annoying, but I've yet to see her be anything less than that in any role. The fourth musketeer - the one who gets married - was completely forgettable. The actress who plays Cleo did a good job - I felt real pain at her excruciating shyness. The rest of the supporting cast of character actors were all good. I wanted to strangle Debra Jo Rupp when she tells one of the temps make the staples more horizontal on the pages! That was a well-delivered line. The muzak was perfect for setting the ambiance of the movie. Something you don't see too often, which made it notable to me was that the writers/director/producers were all female, as were a large portion of the crew. I guess you could call this a lower budget, more intelligent and darker version of "9 to 5." Although the movie left me feeling that it didn't fully reach its potential, I did enjoy it. 6 of 10 for this one.

01-22-2002, 09:16 PM
Okay, it seemd bad form to not give this one the courtesy of a viewing after it traveled a good 2/3 across the continent. What can I say? David Lynch meets Abrahams & Zucker? Kentucky Fried Kafka? The bug guy holding gibberish conversations with hotties? (if these were metaphors, then I'm not as literate as I thought) And what the hell does "Jigsaw" imply???? And then, the lead character splits into two characters, and then in the blink of an eye they start speaking Italian & Japanese (I think?). And he didn't even have the decency to reward me for my investment of time in watching this thing by showing me the no-name numberhead guy's wife's breasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{taking a few deep breaths.... okay, I'm better now....}

Um, I guess I'm too blue collar to understand/appreciate this one. 3 of 10.

Will ship Daytrippers, Party Goil & Schiz' back to Denver first thing tomorrow. Don't misinterpret my comments, VT - I truly thank you for all the tapes. I do know that we'll never agree on every movie. Differences are what helps make the journey interesting.

01-23-2002, 02:38 PM
-of course, unless we're retired or independently wealthy, we're All *****s; we all sell the best/most marketable/least painful skill we have to get by. and i say if teri hatcher's sellin, i'm buyin :kiss:
hellafun seein your reactions swaffy, & it looks like you're havin a fun time yourself :) let's see, so far a 7, a 3, two 6s and two 8s, which yields a current avg of 6&1/3. not Quite what i would hope for, but just so long as you don't feel your time's bein wasted- or money: ~$10 shipping both ways / 15 flix =~$.67 per 63% cool flik :eek: btw i retroactively edited my prev. post above to add a Trees Lounge review :rolleyes:

"it seemd bad form to not give (schizopolis) the courtesy of a viewing"
-good man! that's the spirit, hang tough :evil: "too blue collar to understand/appreciate"? oh, i'm sure you're already familiar with dadaism ("1916 artistic movement emphasizing deliberate irrationality, anarchy, cynicism, childlike naivete and the negation of established laws of beauty and social organization so as to revive the purity and primacy of art; an inspiration for '60s hippie culture") and just plain didn't like Schizy :happy: when i saw it i knew i had to show it to b'jr; it really struck a chord w/his sensibility, and he & i laughed all the way thru it :stupid: in its honor, for my amazon review of it (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/video/1572521481/customer-reviews/qid=1011815242/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_3_1/102-0100163-3911366) i tried to designate my name as "nameless numberheadman from suburb-ringed metroplex usa" but you can see it didn't work :( what Did work was that my review got 7 (out of 7) "unhelpful" ratings, which imo is very much in the spirit of dada & Schizopolis, wouldn't you agree? :D

"could call (clockwatchers) a lower budget, more intelligent and darker version of '9 to 5'"
-or an all-gal version of Office Space :D only six for crotchwalkers? yer breakin my heart, i Love dis flick; i'd love to know what your lady friend thinks of it (along w/venice, real blonde etc :) ) there was a great int'vw w/writer/director sprecher sisters online a while back; can't find it now but one fun point was how they reversed the typical buddy flik dynamic, in that the 4 chix bonded immediately and Then circumstances conspired to tear em apart. imo kudrow was a hilarious ditz (we'll see if you like her better in Opposite of Sex) and alana ubach (the 4th girl) did just fine, her part just wasn't as juicy is all. see my amazon review? i too dug cleo :kiss: fave pp costume changes: brown clingy sweater and business suit :kiss:
Dey's Trippin: btw, director greg mottola cameos as the director in the beginning of Celebrity :) re what's caught in your teeth, consult this invaluable resource (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Schreiber,+Liev) :) didn't mcnamara remind you of chief obrien? ;)
Potty Goil: "roommate/DJ's" rekkid collection looks (& sounds) a bit like mine; several tunes he named (& a few used in the flik) are in my stash :cool: "you're tellin me dis guy named syphillus is Happy??" "i think i'm an existentialist, i do" :crazed: fave pg pp costume changes: her heh-heh-helleauu voguin' flapper look in the nightclub, the sheer black chanel top she kyped & her final "i wanna be a librarian" look :kiss:

"it doesn't really try to be anything truly incredible"
-to me that's one of its VirTues, for 3 reasons:
a: better to be a big fish in a small pond instead of the reverse;
b: better to get something small right than get something big wrong; and
c: too many "artists" still cling to their idealized, self-serving ambition of "contributing" to the world via their art, of using it to Make A Difference. which, as the lessons of modernism have shown, is not what art does best. better to make immaculate, captivating, micro-machine-esque jewels we can lose ourselves in: "don't try to be a great man, just try to be a man; let history sort out greatness"- zef cochrane, Trek First Contact :cool:

jdah: "I've never forgotten (swaffy's) kind offer (along with Baal's)"
-yeah well don't xpect me to follow suit; my lair's not exactly set up for guests. Prisoners maybe, but i'd be too anxious a Guest would accidentally set off my numerous active boobytraps :eek: which is why i usu. entertain elsewhere & give free denVoid Tours in lieu of oVernighT accomodations :D meanwhile, take a tip from me & swaffy & Go See Party Girl & Crotchwalkers already :p
np: barry, The Last Valley complete score rerecording

01-23-2002, 04:28 PM
VT, my comment was meant specifically to say to Warstar that "users" like the character Hatcher played are as common as palm trees in L.A.. I have no great attraction for Hatcher, but I certainly wasn't calling her a Ho' - merely the character she portrayed. I agree, to an extent, with your posit that we are all - to some degree - *****s. But Hatcher's character's type of Ho', the type that exploits another person's most vulnerable feelings - feelings of the heart - simply to advance her own position, is despicable to me. I suppose it's naive of me to not be more realistic in accepting such behavior as a common reality and basic component of life.

..7 "unhelpful" ratings, which imo is very much in the spirit of dadaism & Schizopolis, wouldn't you agree?
-- abso-freakin'-lutely!

-or an all-gal version of Office Space...
--I've only seen the previews of Office Space, but the similarity to the little of it I saw did cross my mind, yep!

...her final "i wanna be a librarian" look
--That was my favorite. She made that look look very hot!

"it doesn't really try to be anything truly incredible"

-- I guess I'm just thinking that if I give a flick like Party Girl a 9 or 10, I'm not leaving room for something, for example, that offers PPosey an Oscar-calibre role.

If I were writing a part specifically for PPosey, I'd do one that would be like the darkest side of Party Girl - one where her character deals deeply and painfully with addiction and it's ruinous effects on her life, and her family and friends. I think she could do such a part very well.

01-23-2002, 05:42 PM
...were mailed via media rate to you today, VT. Ought to get there by next Wednesday. Thanks again.

01-24-2002, 02:36 AM
I wanna already! Unless I buy it I can't see it because, as I have said before, Blockbusters don't have it and there aren't any other rental shops here.

I know you weren't trying to justify a lack of visit-offer but I also know you know I wasn't looking for one....more to do with your desire to let everyone know how clandestine you life is, innit? :p

fondly yours


01-24-2002, 06:56 AM
VT, what part of First Contact did Zefram Cochrane say that? Was it the part where he was played by Jonathan Frakes? ;)

Swaffy, not seeing "Office Space" is a complete missed-opportunity IMO, Mike Judge of Beavis & Butt-head fame directs the first half of this movie so perfectly, so deftly as he dances you - the average audience member - through the genericism and facelessness of every day office work and how it affects the modern man (as well as tying into Judge's early cartoon series "Milton"). The second half after the beat-down (easily one of the funniest comedy moments of all cinematic history) is fairly straight-forward stuff, nowhere near the brilliance of everything that came before but it ties up the loose plot points pretty well and ends the movie in a tidy, somewhat satisfying way.

01-24-2002, 11:31 PM
swaffy: "Oscar-calibre"
-eeewww, swaffy used the O-word as a synonym for artistic merit :p but since you mentioned it, wasn't Pollock O-winner marcia gay harden hilarious in her Deystrippin cameo (as the drunk party guest)? :D

"(crotchwalky) mailed to you today"
-d'oh! that means lady swaffy didn't get to see :cry: guess i'll drown my sorrows in a Hump baker's dozen. and since i've already Humped 41 flix here, what Naturally comes next?
42up (michael apted dir.)- latest update of the 35-year-old documentary which revisits the lives of ~a dozen brits every seven years. particularly telling is something we don't see, namely the ongoing, arrogant refusal of two of the hoity-toitier subjects to participate in this landmark of film history :frus:
superstar (todd haynes dir.)- fun, fascinating documentary about andy warhol. features dazzling, all-too-brief clips of his 60s itgirl edie sedgwick :kiss:
safe (julianne moore)- stylish, understated, absorbing, hilarious tale of a rich LA wife's mysterious medical reactions to modern everyday chemicals. director todd haynes maintains the scintillating ambiguity throughout (are her symptoms psychosomatic? is modern medicine clueless? is the alt-therapy commune a cult?). ed tomney's smooth, understated score sounds like harold budd meets badalamenti's Twin Peaks :zzz:
snatch (brad pitt, benecio, dennis farina)- like director guy ritchie's previous Lock Stock & 2 Smokin Barrels, a fastpaced, ironic interweaving of multiple crime-story threds, with soccer star vinnie jones reprising his fett-like professional killer role :Pirate: fun, but not as much as LS&2SB.
bent- stylish, harrowing love story of berlin gays' persecution by nazis. features an austere, string-quartet philip glass score (still unreleased :mad: ) reminiscent of his Mishima and Music For The Screens, which compliments the stark concentration camp scenes, and a sumptuous opening town-square sequence with mick jagger in drag descending out of the sky belting out glass' torch song "streets of berlin", which sounds a bit like the latin pianapella glass wrote & performed with natalie merchant for a veteran's benefit on pbs' West 54th Sessions :cool:
damage (jeremy ironons, binoche, miranda richardson, rupert graves, louis malle dir.)- meticulous, high-toned tale of a steamy, obsessive affair between a married brit minister & his son's fiancee :sur: cool end theme by zbigniew preisner.
gray's anatomy- spalding gray's filmed performance-art monolog about an eye disorder he learns he's afflicted with. his schtick's a bit dated, but sometimes a lil 80's-pomo nostalgia like this hits the spot :) nice end theme by director soderbergh's perennial go-to guy cliff martinez.
conceiving ada- a lady programmer's quest to digitally recover & interact with the essence of lord byron's daughter (who devised computer language before there were computers). with tilda swinton, timothy leary as a video guru, a surprisingly undistinctive score by the residents and mildly intriguing notions of the nature of memory and information. stylized but lacks a certain needed oomph, much like wim wenders' End Of Violence.
park city: the sundance collection- amusing collection of short films featured at the '97 filmfest. funnest one was "jimmy walks away" :D
twin falls idaho- mark & michael polish's original, stylish, riveting vignette of a hooker who enters the lives of conjoined (siamese) twins hiding from the world in a rundown nyc hotel room :frus::sur:
wonderland- campy, mildly amusing documentary on levittown, the post-ww2, long island prototype for what has become the american suburban plan. with cameos by levittown natives eddie money (:rolleyes: ) and Zippy cartoonist bill griffith :crazed:
lotto land- mildly-amusing vignette of romances between brooklyn next-door neighbors amidst a mysterious winning lotto ticket :greedy:
hollywood madam (nick broomfield dir.)- fun, gorgeously-shot brit documentary about the heidi fleiss scandal (remember now, we're All *****s :sur: ;)) with ominous, antoine-duhamel-style score by david bergeaud-
np: bootleg cd of barry's unreleased tamarind seed (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0072253) score

01-25-2002, 12:55 AM
I guess I don't see that. Now, someone who really does remind me of Chief O'Brien is Darren McCarty - a player on the Detroit Red Wings. Go Wings!!!!!!!

01-26-2002, 01:04 PM
This is the first Jaglom film I've seen. I liked the feel (texture??) of the movie. Judging from how young Duchovny looks, I'd say Jaglom's use of the "testimoinals" style interview segments dotted throughout the movie was still a sort of fresh idea at the time this was made (although Woody Allen used it as far back as Take The Money And Run back when I was still a pup). Most of the best laughs I had were at the comments in those interviews. The visuals of Venice, Italy and Venice, CA were wonderful. The portions of the film shot in the former had the feel of a true foreign-made film. The latter showed the L.A. beach community in a way that captured the its essence in a way that avoided the tired cliches used in virtually every other movie or tv show. To me, really the whole movie had the feel of something made by a European filmmaker rather than an American. Finally, I enjoyed all the performances. Jaglom's comments on honest vs. dishonest narcissism as a filmmaker I thought were particularly cool - even if he wasn't being totally honest about his own altruism. Nelly Alard was amazing in her acting and beauty. I don't recall the name of the actress who played Dean's/Jaglom's assistant, but I thought she was excellent, too.

I'd have to give this one a very strong 8 or maybe a 9 of 10 for its great views into the lives of the characters and, by extension, into all of us.

re: VT's comment on using Oscar-calibre as a qualitative concept...
VT - your point is very well taken. Oscar is rarely, if ever, a fair or accurate reflection of my own opinions of films or actors. I guess I just reflexively/lazily typed it as a way to communicate the idea of "best quality" with respect to movies.

01-27-2002, 01:11 AM
I enjoyed this more than most of the Woody Allen films I've seen in the last couple decades. Maybe because it didn't star Woody Allen? Allen seemed to have written Branagh's lead part to be a lot like Allen himself. A few times it was almost like Branagh was doing a Woody Allen impersonation. The voice & mannerisms were dead-on. What it didn't have was Allen's overboard neurotic histrionics. I like the way the main characters experience a sort of trade in how well their lives are going through the film.
Memorable moments for me were the whole DiCaprio chapter and Theron & Branagh's scene where she tells him that every single inch of her body is as intensely sexually stimulated by touch as most women only are in only one place. (I hope that was explained tactfully enough?) I thought he was going to pass out from sudden loss of blood to his brain right then and there. I know I nearly did! I also liked the one-liner between the husband & wife who tell Theron they use her exercise tape.
Good acting. Good storytelling. The closest to mainstream moviemaking I can recall seeing from Allen - however my recall is pretty sketchy right now since it's 2:00 am & I'm nodding off while typing.
I'd give this one an 8 of 10.

01-28-2002, 04:12 PM
VT, are you busy this Thursday? (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=34404#post34404)

01-29-2002, 05:00 PM
-yeah, hard to put into words innit? let's try though: it conveys an uncalculated but surprisingly vivid sense of physical place, hence my calling it "escapist". i like how its loose, intuitive, spontaneous staging & rough editing counterbalances the theme's cerebral, paradoxical rigor. i've seen about 5 other jagfilms, and while all feature the former to some degree, they usually lack the latter, which i think is the reason the "self-absorbed dilletante" charges leveled at his work usually stick.
not surprised to see you drop woody's name- comparisons between he & jaglom are unavoidable. Husbands & Wives and V/V both came out in '92, and both used intercut interviews so it'd be hard to say who influenced whom. jaglom also used them in 1990's Eating (which you'd enjoy if you wanna see more of alard & daphna kastner aka dean's assistant eve; personally none of the V/V jaggirls do it for me- not that that prevents me from diggin the flik), but of course so did '89's Harry Met Sally. but the sequence with woody & soon-yi riding a gondola in the cool '97 documentary Wild Man Blues was clearly inspired by V/V.
so, did you watch docuxcerpts following V/V? and did you watch v/v w/lady swaffy like i tolja? if so, what'd she think? if not, do you think she'd dig it? finally, don't you think LA maven jt should see this flik?
wish i could join u thursday- if you do the restaurant's lunch buffet, arrive early & insist on a table along the south window-wall. otherwise, the bar's northwest corner table's got one of the world's best views (http://signatureroom.com/ipix_sigroom06.html). and don't forget to take along a few fashionable (http://sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=356&pagenumber=1) mini-alphas (mm or diecast stands oughta work) and a digicam :cool:

"Memorable (Celeb) moments for me were. . . where she tells him that every single inch of her body is as intensely sexually stimulated"
-actually this made me wonder if woody had a senior moment & forgot that he'd already used this exact gag in Annie Hall (sayin to diane keaton, "you're polymorphously perverse. . . you get aroused even if i stroke your teeth, or nudge your kneecaps. . . ), cuz he re-presented it here as though he thought it was something we hadn't seen before :rolleyes:
speakin of which, any of You seen any of These before?
i think i do- kinda dull gay romcom :p
groove- kinda dull rave flick; a much better one is Go (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0139239).
get bruce- surprisingly lame documentary about the gagwriter-turned-hollywoodsquare behind billy & whoopi's oscar quips. michael feinstein's retch-inducing broadway tunes don't help :p
and god spoke -surprisingly flat mockumentary about the making of a bible epic, whose budget becomes less epic every day.
god said ha!- fun filmed perfomance of julia sweeney's comedic cancer monolog :)
heaven's a drag- kinda lame uk gay romcom with an afterlife twist & a lil house/trance tuneage.
howards end (tony hopkins, emma thompson, vredgrave, yummy hbc :kiss: ) merch/iv production of the forster novel. not bad, but not as satisfying as similar period flix (Wings Of The Dove, A Merry War, Where Angels Fear To Tread, Tom & Viv, Enchanted April, Remains Of The Day- only the last one, btw, is also a merch/iv production) so i'm puzzled at this flik's high profile rep. richard robbins' score ain't bad, but his Jefferson In Paris is better.
persuasion- mildly satisfying adaptation of the austen novel.
stiff upper lips- amusing sendup of the late 80s/early 90s merch-iv/corset drama wave :)
topsy turvy (mike leigh dir.)- entertaining, rococo, well-performed, behind-the-scenes dramatization of gilbert & sullivan's sublimation of europe's 1880s japan culture shock via their Mikado musical.
sliding doors- fun, alternate-timeline romcom premise; jeanne tripplehorn's a welcome distraction from lead gwynny paltry's fake london accent :p
the loss of sexual innocence- mixed-bag, oblique, non-linear meditation on the theme of the expulsion from eden. director mike figgis (his Leaving Las Vegas was much better) de-emphasizes speech while emphasizing (via yellow lens filters) warm light. yummy saffron burrows plays twin roles :kiss::kiss:
fast, cheap & out of control (errol morris dir.)- fun, stylized documentary about four men's divergent, obsessive areas of expertise (robotics, animal topiary, hairless rodents & lion taming). infectious score by caleb simpson is kinda elfman crossed with robbins, with a dash o glass :)
shopping for fangs- VibranT, superfun interactions of several asian-american eccentrics including an emerging werewolf & a vamping, jennifer tilly/Chungking Express-style stalker :evil:
chutney popcorn (jill hennessy)- nisha ganatra's VibranT, involving dykeflick about surrogate-mommin for her sister while clashin w/their mother's traditional indian attitudes :) cool "raga fusion" score by karsh kale-
np: Sakamoto's Cinemage

01-30-2002, 12:34 PM
Howards End I read the book (no apostrophe VT, well observed - one of my foibles:) ) and loved it as a devoted EM Forster fan - haven't seen the film and I suppose I haven't dared to as I find Emma Thompson too Sixth-Form Amdram for my tastes. Although I loved her deadpan in The Tall Guy


01-30-2002, 10:27 PM
Watched The Manchurian Candidate (1962) this morning on AMC (who suck compared to TCM because AMC puts an advert break in the middle of the film and edits out any R-rated content, unlike TCM), Sinatra plays a pretty average guy instead of his usual cool-cat or overblown style - and when he does slip into those states, it feels natural for the character. The anti-commie propaganda is way over the top here, but the movie stays with individuals and makes the whole thing work, despite said over-the-top silliness. The pace of the film builds from a fairly slow beginning, but once things start clicking into place, it really grabs. Janet Leigh crops up towards the middle as the only character who seems to have nothing really to do with anything else and feels a bit forced, but she helps the audience and Sinatra's character get through some rough parts. Angela Lansbury plays a real nasty character here as well, very fun to watch her chew through her scenes. Ultimately, once the pace of the film really hits its stride, it becomes almost Hitchcockian in its building suspense. Ultimately, this is a very watchable film, both for its good elements and for its bad ones - such as Henry Silva playing a Chinese guy... oy was that bad.

02-04-2002, 11:15 PM
i don't mind emmathomps much, but maybe it's different in the uk & they never shut the hell up about her over there, as w/gwynny paltry here ;P i had occasion to re-watch Bedrooms & Hallways (Humpost 57 above) while showin it to a pal, & found it just as fun & VibranT da second time around (pal dug it too) :) and this time i found out that the name of the sharp, stylin actress in it was harriet walter, who i've only seen in a coupla other flix; happen to be familiar w/her (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Walter,+Harriet), jdah? :kiss:
quelle coinkydink, jt; about 3 weeks ago i too happened to get ManCandi (as i prefer to abbreviate it :eek: ) under me belt; care to see My hump of it? i'll wait to hear :sur: meanwhile, if you think silva's asian-casting was bad, better keep your eyes closed during mickey rooney's embarassing Breakfast At Tiffany's caricature :evil:
though the super bowl ain't my cuppa, i took advantage of its ubiquitous vibe dis weekend by gettin round to watchin:
any given sunday (camdiaz, dquaid, jamie foxx)- pacino shouts himself hoarse as the coach in oliver stone's amped, fun pro football epic. "keep an eye out" (;)) for about a zillion cameos from the nfl & rap worlds, including llcoolj & scowlin mountain jim brown :mad:
all over me- so-so, nyc-drug-milieu romance twixt 2 teen chix.
different for girls (rupert graves)- stylin, fun, involving london romance twixt a post-op transexual & the straight guy he was just friends with back in prep school. so good that even the use of joe jackson's song (from which the title's derived) didn't bug me (i usually Loathe jj :p ) :cool:
even cowgirls get the blues (uma, keanu, bracco, sean young, john hurt, angie dickenson)- gus van sant's adaptation of the robbins novel (it's been about 20 years since i read it, but not so long that i can't recall that character of the chink- here played by pat morita- was too crucial to warrant such short cinematic shrift) is so incoherent & unsatisfying even the pleasures of its vivid, cameo-crammed, peyote-inspired visuals are undermined :frus:
happy texas (wh macy, illeana douglas)- kindafun romp about escaped redneck convicts takin refuge in a small town by assuming the roles of swishy pageant experts :p the quiet passages of peter harris' guitar-based score are kinda nice; the louder, more actiony ones recall elfman's Midnight Run.
crazy in alabama- antonio banderas doesn't drop the ball directin wifey melanie griffith in this fun, engaging vignette which shrewdly leavens the weight of its '60s civil-rights scandal by interposing a whimsical, kill-the-mean-hubby&seek-stardom-in-hollywood b-plot :)
gas food lodging- director alison anders' striking, engaging, well-narrated vignette of a teen livin in a desert town with her mom (yummy brooke adams) and sister (yummy ione skye) :kiss:
homegrown (lithgow, azaria, billybob, ryan phillipe)- lackluster comedy about potgrowers who seize a dangerous opportunity.
sparkler (veronica cartwright, freddie prinze jr.)- fun, infectious romp bout a middle-aged trailer gal who sets off to vegas in search of freedom, fun & the high-school pal whose boldness she idolized :happy:
the big squeeze (lara flynn boyle)- fun scheme between a bartender & drifter to swindle her conveniently-born-again, suddenly-stingy hubby outta her half of his insurance settlement :greedy:
mark mothersbaugh's pop-ish theme recalls bowie's "golden years" :happy:
the straight story (spacek)- engaging, quiet dramatization of true story of an old-timer who rides his lawnmower 250+ miles to mend fences w/his stroke-stricken brother. may at first seem a complete thematic departure for director david lynch, but his main one- the darkness hidden under everyday placidity- is still present. it just looks a bit different this time :sur: gentle score by angelo badalamenti.
state and main (alec baldwin, wh macy, ps hoffman, julia stiles, saracaca jessicaca parkakarkakarker)- comedic upending of a small new england town by a hollywood production. i Like flix-within-flix, so i'm starting to wonder if director david mamet's the reason his otherwise well-cast & cleverly-written flix (this one and his Spanish Prisoner), seem curiously slack, drained of a certain spark :dead:
chuck & buck (mike white, star & writer)- hilarious, low-budget riveter bout an obsessed man-boy's inflation of a long-past childhood friendship to the point of even writing & mounting a full-blown stage play about said friendship! :crazed: with yummy, coltish beth colt and nice, quiet end theme (written by any one of 3 people in the credits- not sure which).
mr. death (errol morris dir.)- fun, absorbing documentary about a self-taught capital-punishment equipment consultant who overestimates his qualifications and becomes a shill for neonazi history revisionists. caleb sampson's score (his last before His death) is mostly modestly bleak but opens with a great fanfare that'd fit easily into a Star Trek movie :cool:
np: thomas newman's Erin Brockovich score

02-05-2002, 08:40 AM
Yeah, let's see your blahblah on "ManCandi" (classy nickname ;)), I am interested in how you took that suckah. Did you search it out, or did the film simply appear on cable like it did for me? I still haven't seen B.a.T. yet, but I can't imagine Mickey Rooney as an asian stereotype, my brain reboots every time I try. :crazed:

02-07-2002, 11:51 PM
like I would ever pay for tv? fran lebowitz once carped about the absurdity of cable tv: "suppose someone told you that they had a scheme whereby you'd start paying for what you'd previously been getting free, that would break down frequently whereas the previous system was much more reliable, and there'd Still be commercials?" :rolleyes: anyhoo, blahblah commenceth:
manchurian candidate ('62, frankenheimer dir.)- fun coldwar political intrigue that starts out all corny & dull, but then gets cool when the surreal, kubrickian dream sequences kick in :) thespian sinatra makes little impression on me one way or another; i attribute the acclaim his acting got to what joe queenan calls "streisand syndrome" (a singer who diversifies his career with acting increases his credibility in both exponentially, cuz we just Suckers for starz who can do it all, right? :p ).
all these faux orientals got me cravin some 100% genuine asian-cinema Humps! me promise, you love it Long time :evil:
akira kurosawa's dreams- half-dozen oblique, symbolic parables, most sporting painterly, theatrical stylizings and overly-literal environmentalist/antiwar messages. with scorsese as van gogh and cool, middle-east-style end theme by shinichiro ikebe.
fireworks- takeshi kitano's mostly quiet, occasionally loud, mildly-engaging tale of a retired cop's rogue dealings w/gangsters, his paralyzed ex-partner and terminal wife.
frozen- supercool, banned true chinese story of a counterculture artist's "death" from hypothermia during an illegal performance-art piece, in which he uses his body heat to melt a large block of ice :o
chunhyang (im kwon-taek dir.)- gorgeously-shot korean fable of a young woman's fidelity to her noble-born secret husband in the face of a corrupt governor's demands. features intercut traditional p'ansori (kinduva korean kabuki) narration.
bugis street (yonfan dir.)- fun, VibranT vignette of a rural girl who enters the lives of a tightknit transexual/dragqueen group who inhabit a singapore hotel/brothel :sur: chris babida's score features arabic nightclub, noir-sax and gentle, morricone-esque themes.
a taxing woman ('87)- juzo itami directs wife nobuko miyamoto as a tax investigator hot on the trail of a master tax evader. fun, but this duo's Minbo was better. toshiyuki honda's funky, crankin, robust, percussive score features a snake charmer theme & a sultry noir sax theme.
eat drink man woman (ang lee dir.)- sumptuous, irreverent vignette of a master chef, his 3 very different, grown daughters who live at home and their luvlives. not recommended on an empty stomach, cuz features lotsa elaborate, mouth-watering meal-preparation sequences :happy:
the eel (shohei imamura dir.)- kindafun, engaging story of a quiet man who opens a barbershop after imprisonment for killing his adulterous wife.
ermo- fun, engaging tale of a rural noodlemaker's ambition to earn enough to buy her young son the largest television in the village :greedy:
red sorghum ('87)- zhang yimou's shimmering directorial debut about a winery owner's wife who, after his death, democratizes the joint, shacks up with one of the workers, has a son & endures the '30s japanese occupation. features ambiguous humor in unexpected moments and the debut of yummy gong li, who's a bit green here but still eminently watchable :kiss:
the scent of green papaya- engaging vignette of the maturing of a vietnamese servant girl told with a minimum of dialogue & lotta ambient tropical chirping & views thru ornate window lattices :cool: quizzical, dissonant score by ton-that tiet's an unexpected counterpart to this quiet, sensitive tale.
the story of qiu ju (yimou dir.)- gong li's atypically unglamorous turn as a pregnant country woman's engaging, often-absurd navigations thru chinese bureaucracy in search of justice for her hubby gettin kicked in the gonards :eek:
the world of apu ('59)- satyajit ray's radiant, final "apu trilogy" chapter (unless you count the springfield kwik-e-mart epilogue ;) ), in which free-spirit apu marries out of obligation & ends up loving it, but then wifey dies giving birth to their son.
in the mood for love- wong kar-wai's atmospheric, understated, bittersweet, 1962-hongkong-set, barely-physical affair between a coupla neglected, next-door-neighbor spouses. features slo-mo, metronomic sequences of maggie cheung (in one tailored, sleeveless, high-necked dress after another) & tony leung passing each other wordlessly to & from their apartments, choreographed to michael galasso's severe string waltz cues-
np: Charade theme (a flik that, along w/BAT, makes a Great audhep doubleheader btw; both scores by mancini)

02-10-2002, 01:11 AM
VT - I had a family emergency that took me out of town for a while, so I've been remiss in watching/posting reviews to the tapes you sent. I have about 3 or 4 still to watch, unless you need me to return them immediately. Here's an update on those I've seen since my last post....

Trees Lounge: Gritty, depressing, and realistic-feeling peek into the lives of a bunch of losers. Buscemi and really everyone give very good performances. This is one of the films where it does such a good job of showing painfully pathetic people, that as much as you like the movie, it makes you so depressed that it's hard to think of nice things to say about it. 8 of 10.

Waiting for Guffman: How did I miss this one? A real gem! Guest is perfect, but so is everyone. I could go on for an hour about all the performances and scenes that were so great, but I'll cut it down to three comments:
2. I've seen entire films convey less emotion in the sum total of every actors' performance than the music teacher (Bob Balaban) in 'Guffman' conveys in about 3 seconds, using only his body language while standing out-of-focus in the backgound of the scene when Corky St. Claire returns to the production.
3. The subtlety of the sight-gag 'REMAINS OF THE DAY' lunchboxes was comedic genius.
This one gets a 10 of 10 from both me and my girlfriend.

Happiness: I have a problem here. I can't be objective enough to fairly rate the performances and production values of this film because as a parent I honestly believe the makers of the film should be criminally prosecuted for the situations the young boy actor (the son) was placed in. If the actor who played the young boy was, in reality, 18 or over at the time of the filming, then I apologize for accusing the filmmakers of child sexual abuse, but even so, they're still guilty of unforgivable poor taste - in my opinion.
(no rating)

The Opposite of Sex: A fun, well done story. Finally, a respectable performance by Kudrow, who's character I thought was given the best dialogue. Ricci was pretty good, too. I hope she's not destined for trampy typecasted Alyssa Milano-dom. I also give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt that the film's negative commentaries about gay lifestyle were offered in the same spirit as Archie Bunker's racist remarks.
7 of 10.

02-10-2002, 01:39 AM
so, did you watch docuxcerpts following V/V? and did you watch v/v w/lady swaffy like i tolja? if so, what'd she think? if not, do you think she'd dig it? finally, don't you think LA maven jt should see this flik?

"lady swaffy" - I like that :) ....
Yep, I watched and enjoyed the short piece following v/v, as well as the music video preceding Trees Lounge (thanks for thoughtfully queing the tape past it, as it would've been a real spoiler). We've watched all the movies together except Schizopolis. She never gave it a 2nd chance after the 1st 10 minutes. She's generally agreed with me on all the movies. I tried to get her to write her thoughts about v/v, but she declined out of shyness. I'll tell you that I almost thought a neighbor would call the cops to investigate the noise from her hysterics during 'Guffman.' I wasn't much quieter, myself.

As for recommending v/v to JT, I don't think I have a good enough read on our friend Mr. Tricks to presume his likes/dislikes filmwise. I am more than confident in JT's capacity to appreciate any film on all its levels. So, JediTricks, if my own comments or those by VT have aroused your curiosity, then why not give venice/venice a try?

02-12-2002, 11:17 PM
meanwhile, no hurry on remaining vtapes :) see Best In Show hump above too, the whole Guffin' gang reunites :) Ls declined out of shyness, eh? ok then, how bout you Paraphrase her v/v thoughts :) btw, stuff following v/v was vt-custom-to-fit-in-the-space edits from an hour-long docu (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0184019#comment) :)

"I also give the (Opposite of Sex) filmmakers the benefit of the doubt"
-like there's Any doubt? ricci's character (among others) is presented warts & all, prejudices & distastes included, which enhances her well-roundedness and precision, and thus the flik's comedic yield and involvingness :) ever see kudrow opposite mira sorvino in Romy & Michele? a Classic comedy teamup, tell 'im jdah :D
Happiness: criminally prosecuted eh? not sure which "situations" you might be specifically objecting to, but: did you object to the use of child actress carrie "newt" henn in Aliens? more to the point: imagine a Happiness-type role in the context of, say, a cautionary after-school special about the dangers of molesters. would one then rationalize & say "it's just acting, and besides it'll help kids?" if not, free expression becomes illegal. but if so, do we then impose a standard of "therapeutic intent" upon whether art is legally permissible?
imo neither is acceptable. in terms of psychological development, once a kid's over ~6 years old he can differentiate between fantasy & reality, and can realize he's just playing a role in a film. as for "intent", this, like "hate crime" legislation, crosses over into thought control. i don't concern myself with what anyone Thinks, only what they Do. the law should do the same. Happiness ain't like a snuff flick, in which a person is killed partly or wholly for the purpose of capturing it on film. Happiness' chosen theme- sexual self-loathing, a theme just as valid and ViTal for a film as any other- simply wouldn't've had the same graViTas if the film had shied away (cuz of political pressure or any other reason) from touching on The most loathed sexuality of our time.
at any rate, you weren't alone in your reaction: conservative groups tried to have this film (& director solondz) run outta town on a rail. it ended up being slapped w/an nc17 & blockbuster won't carry it (which is nearly the same thing business-wise)- none of which i knew until long after i'd viewed it & judged it excellent.
movie content (Trees Lounge et al) never really depresses me- or, for that matter, "uplifts" me. maybe cuz it's not remindin me of anythin i'm not always aware of anyway (that life often sucks ;) ), which leaves me free to appreciate its aesthetic richness and its creators' dedication :) or maybe cuz i never forget it's just a movie, whose best purpose is not to "uplift", "inspire" Or "depress" me (these are things life Should do to us much better than movies) but instead to fashion an aesthetic space, a structure, a garden, of images, ideas, emotions, textures & surprises, within which my mind may wander & wonder freely. in other words, entertainment, escapism :)
same goes for criticism, since it too is an art. a few choice Clockwatchers passages i've found:
Russell Smith: Clockwatchers is often disturbingly brilliant in evoking both the look and oppressive sociology of office life. The lingo, personality types, and coping behaviors are precisely observed, though exaggerated for satiric impact. In its quiet, unsensational way, this is one of the angriest and most politically charged movies I've seen in a while. For all its on-target humor, it seethes with moral fury. . . Sitting at absent co-workers' desks and regarded by “permanents” as ambulatory office equipment, their moments of greatest emotional intensity come from trying to wheedle extra staples from the stingy putz who guards the supply cabinet :D
Richard von Busack: It's talking about the workplace in a current film, and that is as dangerous as talking about sex in a movie was 40 years ago. When the atmosphere of dull-dog office work shows up in a movie. . . you're really seeing something positively risqué. Sprecher doesn't spare us footage of adults playing with Liquid Paper, torturing paper clips, and popping felt-tip markers into a chain to make the world's largest pen out of them. Jittery fluorescent lights enervate these desk workers. Walls the bilious yellow color of Dijon mustard. . . Global Credit is patrolled by middle-managers Debra Jo Rupp, Kevin Cooney, and Bob Balaban, authentically depressing martinets, using the phrase "It has come to my attention ...". . . Posey's angular frame and tart voice are the edgiest thing in this movie. . . Collette, a big-boned mouse. . . (has) played one too many shy, plain girls. Collette is a large, strong-looking woman, and she could play a real hell-raiser someday. . . a new office assistant who has all of the earmarks of a spy (Helen Fitzgerald has the wordless part and she makes a large impression; as the bespectacled peculiar Cleo, she looks like Steve Buscemi's weak sister). . . Temporary work almost never shows up in the movies. When it did appear--in that risible thriller of a few years ago, The Temp--it reflected the point of management, trembling in dread of the maniac the agency had sent over this time.
Nicholas K. Davis: Posey. . . the stand-out of the cast, scores a knock-out from the simple act of ripping up an inter-office memorandum. . . these storylines could have played quite mawkishly if the Sprechers were demanding our sympathy or pity for Iris, Margaret, or the rest, but while these women are certainly not meant to be disliked, we cannot help but perceive that Iris and Margaret are ill-equipped for better jobs, that Paula would make a terrible actress, and that Jane does allow her boyfriend to abuse her. Entertainment Weekly criticized Clockwatchers for making its heroines seem like nothing more than "overgrown high-school whiners" (or something like that), but such is exactly the portrayal the Sprecher sisters are aiming for. Clockwatchers represents temporary work not as a morass in which talented individuals must briefly bide their time, but as a peculiar limbo-state of employment for oddball people who exist in their own limboes, neither adept nor incompetent, neither reliable nor deceptive, neither loyal nor self-serving. This complex characterization makes Clockwatchers a far more interesting picture than it would have been as a simple, breezy comedy.
Ebert: . . .a wicked, subversive comedy about the hell on earth occupied by temporary office workers. Hired by the day, fired on whims, they're victims of corporate apartheid: They have no rights or benefits and can't even call their desks their own. They're always looking at Polaroids of someone else's family. When Iris botches some forms, she throws them out in the ladies' room to hide her crime. The toilet, indeed, is the only sanctuary in a big office: the refuge, the retreat, the confessional. Only when your underwear is off can you find a space to call your own. . . The Coen, Hughes and Wachowski brothers make movies about crime and passion, and so do the Sprecher sisters, but their violence is more brutal and direct. . . the temps sit huddled together. None of the permanent workers mix with them; it's as if they have a disease. . . At quitting time, every eye is riveted to the wall clock: They're like third-graders, waiting to be dismissed, so that they can go to nearby bars, smoke cigarettes and be lied to by half-looped junior executives. . . the movie is so mercilessly funny, because it sees stupidity so clearly. Take Iris' first day on the job, when she's told to sit in a chair and wait, and sits there for hours until the office manager says, ``Why didn't you tell me you were here?'' Like it's her fault. Like Iris knew who the stupid office manager was. Like it's not the office manager's job to see if anyone is sitting in the stupid chair. Like at the salary level of a temp, it makes any difference how long she sits there. . . I take hope when I see a movie like this because it means somebody is still listening and watching. Most new movies are about old movies; this one is about the way we live now. ``Clockwatchers'' is the kind of movie that can change lives by articulating anger; a few of the people who see it are going to make basic changes because of it--they're going to revolt--and 10 years from now the Sprecher sisters will get a letter from one of them, thanking them. . . a rare film about the way people actually live.
np: vt (w/occasional swaffy vocal ;) ), endless loop exhorting jt to see v/v ;)

02-13-2002, 02:01 AM
ever see kudrow opposite mira sorvino in Romy & Michele?

VT, yes, I saw that one. It really didn't impress me very much. I don't fault the talent, since they can only for the most part work within the confines of the story they're given. I thought it was a lightweight, predictable she-buddy-movie that went after the "Dude Where's My Car"-type of audience. That's not to say that the movie was totally devoid of any entertaining scenes or performances, just that it was in no way remarkable to me.

not sure which "situations" you might be specifically objecting to...
If you wish to discuss it, okay then. The scenes I feel crossed the line to where the boy actor was being exploited in a sexually abusive manner (again, assuming - and I believe strongly that this is the case - that the actor was a young minor, probably around 12 or 13) are:
1. the scenes where the father asks about the boy's auto-erotic practices and offers to instruct him.
2. the scene where the boy confronts his father about the assault on his young friend and asks if the father would ever assault him.
3. the film's closing scene where the boy successfully stimulates himself and then announces it to his family.

did you object to the use of child actress carrie "newt" henn in Aliens
I don't remember every single scene in Aliens, but I sure don't recall anything even remotely close to the graphic sexual nature we're discussing in Happiness. I'm not positive what parallel you're trying to draw. If your argument is that "Newt" was exposed to graphically violent, albeit non-sexual content in her role, I suppose that may be something to consider. But I can say for certain - and I was a parent when Aliens came out, too - that I never once thought or commented to anyone about that little girl being abused in the making of the film. I'd be interested to hear how you get from point A to point B in this comparison.

imagine a Happiness-type role in the context of, say, a cautionary after-school special about the dangers of molesters. would one then rationalize & say "it's just acting, and besides it'll help kids?"
VT, you will not get me to agree with any "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the One" philosophy in the context of how Happiness used the child actor who played the son. I can easily imagine and appreciate the social benefit of some type of program that cautions and educates children on the realities and dangers of sexual predators. But I could not condone any program that addressed the issue in the same manner as Happiness did with a minor child. And can you honestly say that you would play the scenes I specified above to any of your prospective nieces or nephews of similar age to the "son" character in Happiness in order to educate them?

...if not, free expression becomes illegal. but if so, do we then impose a standard of "therapeutic intent" upon whether art is legally permissible?
Even within the protections of the First Amendment, we have laws for films or art that qualify as "adult" oriented. The pertinent ones to this discussion are the laws that all actors, regardless of the age they portray, provide proof of being at least 18 years of age, and that the material is intended for viewing by legal adults only. Are these laws always followed? Of course not. But I believe the spirit of the laws to be in the best interest of the community at-large.

in terms of psychological development, once a kid's over ~6 years old he can differentiate between fantasy & reality, and can realize he's just playing a role in a film.
VT, by that reasoning, your fantasy/reality argument could be exploited by a pornographer to attempt to justify using seven year-olds in sex films - directing the children to portray the most realistically graphic sex scenes imaginable, but so long as technically no actual sex acts occurred, it is really just fantasy and the kids should have no problems as a result of making the movie. Yes, I am taking your position to its extreme, but a valid argument must be able to hold up all the way. In the context of the movie we are discussing, I do not think a boy the age of the "son" actor is capable of making a proper decision on how portraying the scenes he performed would effect him as he continues his emotional development. The decision of the actor's parents to permit him to act in the role, and of the filmmakers to use him in the role were, in my opinion, at best, grossly negligent, and at worst, criminal.

Happiness' chosen theme- sexual self-loathing, a theme just as valid and ViTal for a film as any other- simply wouldn't've had the same graViTas if the film had shied away (cuz of political pressure or any other reason) from touching on The most loathed sexuality of our time.
Had the film used a person 18 or over for the role of the son, I'd still think the aforementioned scenes were presented in extremely poor taste, butI'd have no serious objections. And I already stated that in my original post about the film.

VT, I am honest enough to allow that I cannot think of any actor of any age who has delivered a more heartfelt scene as that child did when confronting his father about the assault on his friend. I'm not trying to detract from any of the actors' skills or courage in taking on what were definitely among the most challenging roles ever shown on film. The actor playing the father, in particular, risked career suicide and likely will suffer very harsh treatment by some people forever. I do understand the intent of the film. I appreciated many of the film's performances and how the characters' lives intersected. My problem is strictly with the content of the film I described above, and, one last time, the filmmaker's use of a child of that age in those scenes.

I trust that we're strictly engaging in spirited debate here. I bear you no personal ill fellings, in fact I admire your passion for expressing and exploring your thoughts. Obviously, I enjoy doing the same.

02-13-2002, 01:11 PM
Yer, it wuz gud. :rolleyes:

well, I am quite glad that I didn't see Happiness as I am still at an age/lackofwisdom/experience where I am into films for pure escapism. The one one you two are discussing sounds horrible :chunder:

But from jeddah's mouth comes nicer things namely good news or perhaps a name to watch out for. A particularly evil but melifluous comedian we have o'er the pond here, is called Ricky Gervais. If any of your networks screen his The Office be sure'n to watch it, nay, video it. Hopefully, without sounding exclusive, or aloof, the main thrust of the humour may be lost on your peoples (Senator) but I know the pair of you'd love it. It's 6 parts of 1/2 hour each, the last episode is this coming Monday and I have them on one tape. If either of you'd be able to convert PAL VHS to NTSC, I'd be happy to send it over. :) It was sacrilegiously pipped at the post for Best Comedy :mad: in last years UK comedy awards (the tired and hackneyed old Victor Meldrew got it with his samey One Foot in the Grave), but won the very prestigious South Bank Show Award for Best Comedy.

*ot out*


02-15-2002, 08:25 AM
even despite its heady, surreal, goofball headiness courtesy director (& Get A Life (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/cm/member-reviews/-/A1KE5LQ9HJSTCE/1/ref=cm_mp_rv/104-3715635-0682368) alum) david mirkin :( but i'm surprised to see jdah scared off by a bit of controversy; cmon jdah, aintcha just a Little curious about da flik we're discussin? ;)

"not positive what parallel you're trying to draw"
-i refer to the graphic & psychological violence in many newt scenes; ripley's initial discovery of newt, in which newt's regressed to an untrusting, uncomprehending, animalistic survival mode; havin one of them deep-kissin face-huggers skitter across the floor towards her in the soundproof lab; being trapped in a web of cthonian slime as a nearby egg begins to hatch, etc. then factor in the aggressively sexual design of all alien incarnations- its adult head, for instance, is positively phallic :eek:
sex, violence, violence, sex; "That's what movies are about" (pauline kael (http://www.aarp.org/mmaturity/march_april98/kael.html)) :evil: the difference is that in america, with its puritan legacy, an irrational disparity plays out in that movies always draw more fire for intense sexual content than for intense violence. solondz was certainly aware of this, and perhaps even proceeded in part to endure & thus draw attention to said disparity.

"I could not condone any program that addressed the issue in the same manner as Happiness did"
-perhaps you can be more specific re "manner": tasteless? gratuitous? "purposeless"?

"The pertinent (laws) to this discussion are the laws that all actors, regardless of the age they portray, provide proof of being at least 18 years of age"
-ah, i see: you're tawkin labor laws governing the production of Porn. that's a different issue altogether.
supreme justice warren overconfidently claimed "i may not be able to define porn, but i know it when i see it". i submit there are VarianTs of porn he wouldn't've recognized even if they crashed into him at 50 mph wrapped in a rubber blankee :eek: so if even He can't define it or know it when he sees it, how does one say with certainty that porn laws should apply to footage whose sexual content was 100% verbal and 0% physical?

"can you honestly say that you would play the scenes I specified above to any of your prospective nieces or nephews of similar age?"
-well now you're talkin about Audience age rather than Actor age. not all art is for all people, or all age groups.
to answer your question, i doubt this stuff would be appropriate for most in that age group. that said, personally i could've not only Handled it at that age, i would've found it a downright refreshing antidote to the white-hot, anti-pederast hysteria which, similar to anti-rape hysteria, intends that a victim of same's inevitably, profoundly scarred for life. i know victims of both rape and child molestation, and while they weren't Thrilled about what happened, they found the propogandistic, post-trauma counseling just as or more needlessly traumatic than the initial violation.
it may be a cliche to imply that euro sexuality is more mature, but it's still true: they've got a lot less neuroses about this stuff. i've seen this issue dealt with in euro films differently, specifically in a character who was known throughout his village to have this prediliction. (wish i could recall exact film offhand; i'll research it if interested.) there was an openly shared understanding among his fellow villagers, children included, that they should avoid getting into certain tempting situations with him. but at the same time they didn't Fear him hysterically. he was seen as a human being who just happened to have this problem, who could be trusted and related to in many ways but needed to be kept an eye on This way. just as we're all unreliable in some way or other.
i'm saying a sense of proportion is what's needed.

"your fantasy/reality argument could be exploited by a pornographer to attempt to justify using seven year-olds. . . I am taking your position to its extreme, but a valid argument must be able to hold up all the way"
-"as always, your logic is impeccable" (tuvok to holodoc, Voy's "unimatrix zero") :cool:
you touch on a crucial point, namely that there is no distinct, non-arbitrary line when this stuff does or doesn't become ok. so consider the following analogy: in physics, the rules of newtonian mechanics break down, and einsteinian laws begin to take over, when things are "taken to an extreme", i.e. approach the speed of light. given our present level of understanding, i'd say the "einsteinian laws" that kick in in This extreme context are instinct, judgment. your instinct & judgment draw the line one place. the filmmakers' drew it another. other societies have drawn it still elsewhere.
perhaps one day our understandings of instinct & judgment'll be less subjective & more empirical than they are now. but we won't get to that point without people like solondz pushing the envelope & compelling us to rehash such issues anew.

swaffy: "the scene where the father asks about/the scene where the boy confronts his father"
-actually, to me these two scenes were Touching in that, as per the film's theme, the father is at all times as helpful and honest towards his son as he can be, to do anything he can to spare his son the self-loathing his own sexuality brought him.

"the film's closing scene"
-you mean you didn't Like the canine-aided oedipal denouement? :p;) to me this scene was hopeful, in that it implied the son was, just as his father hoped, spared a lifetime of troubled sexuality :)

"I do understand the intent of the film"
-havin viewed your homepage, i don't doubt it ;) for what it matters (and of course, it shouldn't), i don't consider you some provincial, reactionary hysteric. to the contrary, my respect for you is reaffirmed weekly. i also think the "conservative" label you embrace doesn't do your adaptive outlook justice. but if you're comfy within its implied limitations (as our pal gsj seems to be within "liberal" ), ok by me :)

"you will not get me to agree. . . I trust that we're strictly engaging in spirited debate"
-aw shoot, by now you know me well enough to not worry that a) i'm out to get people to agree w/me (http://sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=24774#post24774) and b) "personal ill feelins" enter into this :kiss: kissy reminds me, i also wanna hear Ls' thoughts on Clocky & Real Blonde, among others :)
np: maurice jarre, No Way Out score

02-23-2002, 06:24 PM
sorry this is so late in coming.

where were we? ah, yes, Newt vs. the son in Happiness... comparisons/contrasts of the children's exposure to abusive situations within their film roles:

in my last post I already agreed with your point that hyper-violent content in Aliens ought to be considered potentially abusive to the child actor, as was the content and situations for the child in Happiness. What I don't know for sure, in the case of Aliens, was how much of the Alien related goings-on in that film were CG-added after the fact, in which case "Newt" was just in front of a bluescreen being directed to 'act scared' rather than really seeing a hideous monster prop coming towards her. I have not recently watched that film with an eye towards monitoring the situations Newt was in, and how these might have been shot to give the appearance to the audience that she was exposed to happenings that, in fact, were simply a crafty editing job. But I'm willing to assume, for the sake of argument, that Newt was exposed to every bit of violence, etc. that occurred in the entire Aliens film, even the scenes she wasn't in. I still believe that it would be easier for a child to emotionally deal with the level of graphic violence and adult language in Aliens, than it would be for a child to emotionally deal with the content and situations within the film Happiness. Of course, there is no machine or computer program that can extract - juicer-like - all the questionable content of each film and then compare the amounts of their squeezins. This is, at its heart, a very subjective area we're venturing into. As you implied, one man's art is another's obscenity. I don't pretend to be the arbitor of everything in film that's okay for kids. I am just saying that, in my opinion, Carrie "Newt" Henn was exposed to a less emotionally traumatizing film environment than the Happiness kid.

"I could not condone any program that addressed the issue in the same manner as Happiness did"
-perhaps you can be more specific re "manner": tasteless? gratuitous? "purposeless"?

I meant that I could, obviously, not condone an afterschool special (a program specifically produced and time-slotted for viewing by kids as young as elementary school age) that showed a predator/pedophile speaking to a child - or the child speaking to the adult - in the graphic terms and context that were done in Happiness. In fact, my opinion is that this subject matter has no place at all in the format of an afterschool special. As a parent, I personally want to decide exactly if, when and how to create awareness in my kids of such dangers and such monsters. I particularly would want to create such a sense of trust and understanding by my kids that no matter what anyone ever tried to tell them, my kids were never at fault or bad people due to anything like that happening to them, and that they should tell me if anything ever happens. And then I could go and kill the slimeball M*&^#$ F@#$%^ piece of s$%&.

how does one say with certainty that porn laws should apply to footage whose sexual content was 100% verbal and 0% physical?
An interesting question. I guess my best answer is, if a sexual predator were to explicitly describe his intended actions to my kids (or to any kid while I was within earshot), then I wouldn't be worrying about if it qualified under the legal definition of pornography. I'd just kill the sonofabeeyotch. Hopefully, first taking time to get my kids away, otherwise I'd be exposing them to some of that serious hyper-violence we were discussing. To address your point more directly, I do think pornography can be 100% verbal. And I do think there is probably (albeit a serious stretch in the context of our discussion) applicable law on the subject in the area of "phone sex" regulations. It seems reasonable that such phone services are intended for, and legally restricted to, use by adults only.

-well now you're talkin about Audience age rather than Actor age. not all art is for all people, or all age groups.
to answer your question, i doubt this stuff would be appropriate for most in that age group. that said, personally i could've not only Handled it at that age, i would've found it a downright refreshing antidote to the white-hot, anti-pederast hysteria which, similar to anti-rape hysteria, intends that a victim of same's inevitably, profoundly scarred for life.
I applaud your maturity, both past and present.

given our present level of understanding, i'd say the "einsteinian laws" that kick in in This extreme context are instinct, judgment. your instinct & judgment draw the line one place. the filmmakers' drew it another. other societies have drawn it still elsewhere.
Absolutely. And I've tried to qualify my writings frequently with phrases like, "in my opinion" or similar expressions, for exactly that reason.

perhaps one day our understandings of instinct & judgment'll be less subjective & more empirical than they are now. but we won't get to that point without people like solondz pushing the envelope & compelling us to rehash such issues anew.
yes, perhaps. but I suspect that we could see a thousand solondz's making a million films similar to Happiness, but no matter how "evolved" or "European" humans become, so long as there are parents, there will always be objection to using children in films containing the subject matter and situations we're discussing.

i also think the "conservative" label you embrace doesn't do your adaptive outlook justice. but if you're comfy within its implied limitations (as our pal gsj seems to be within "liberal" ), ok by me
I embrace the conservative ideal of lesser central government control over the individual, which translates to more indvidual freedom. What you describe as limiting, I see as complementary to the issue of my being adaptive. I also tend to polarize with conservatism because I see less hypocrisy in its value system. Liberalism, or perhaps better stated, "radical liberals" try to assert the higher ground of tolerance and diversity, until anyone tries to express differing points of view. Then, these same liberal extremists demand that the federal government restrict the personal freedoms of those who disagree with their ideas. I want to be very clear on one point: I do not agree with anyone who expresses racist or sexist or anti-tolerant viewpoints. But it is absurd and poisonous to our constitutional rights when one group claims they're protected under the first amendment when they say "hooray for our team" but that same group asks the goverment to make it a hate crime for another group to say "down with your team!" I've never heard a liberal say, "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death to defend your right to say it."

I feel the same way about solondz's right to make the film Happiness. Yes, absolutely, make your movie. It is up to the individual to decide to watch or press the eject button. The issue of the use of a young child in the film is a separate matter from the free speech issue.

Swingers Weren't these same guys in the movie "Made"? Anyway, I really enjoyed the film's willingness to show a man being vulnerable and hurt in a relationship break-up. I liked the way it showed men showing awareness and giving support to another male going through a difficult emotional time. Sure, they did it in definitely "male" ways, but the friendship was still pure. I loved the scene where the lead character calls the answering machine of the girl he just met at the bar. Naturally, the L.A. travelogue aspect was fun, too. I can't think of any role in which I haven't appreciated Vince Vaughn's work, but I did want to beat the crap out of him (his character) in "Made". 8 of 10 for this one.

02-24-2002, 05:47 PM
swaffy: "same guys in the movie 'Made'?"
-the reverse, actually; Swingers was their breakthru project ;)

"I've never heard a liberal say, 'I may not agree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death to defend your right to say it'"
-never? neither with words Nor actions? ACLU ain't ringin a bell? bob kerrey? ;)

"I'd just kill the sonofabeeyotch. . . then I could go and kill the slimeball M*&^#$ F@#$%^ piece of s$%&"
-i see you enjoy indulgin in a nice VendeTta fantasy now & agin ;)
all this tawk of euroflix gots me cravin an all-euro-language Hump, includin an almodovar triple-header! so manja, bon appetit, los subtitulatos es muy delicioso :happy:
run lola run- superfun, kinetic, hyperstylized, multi-timeline triptych of a firetopped frauline racing to pull her boyfriend's fat outta some drug-dealin fire :cool: director tom twyker & star franke potente collaborated on the throbbin techno score, incl. her vocals on cool "i wish i was a starship" song :)
western- hilarious, involving vignette of mismatched buddies wandering around france, a la blier's Get Out Your Hankercheifs or Going Places (but the unpredictable humor's actually more reminiscent of Bottle Rocket (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0115734)). nice catalan guitar cues by bernardo sandoval :cool:
the harmonists- fun, engaging, true story of a half-jewish, berlin "barbershop sextet" as nazis come to power :sur:
high heels- almodovar's VibranT, involving portrait of the unresolved tensions between a famous diva & her resentful, murderous, madrid news-anchor daughter :eek: excellent score by ryuichi sakamoto's been a standard in my rotation long before i ever saw dis flik :)
all about my mother- almodovar's involving, VibranT story of the friendship a grieving mother develops with the actress her late son idolized. with pre-world-fame penelope cruz and a buncha barcelona dragqueens ;)
kika- fun, VibranT, voyeurism-themed sex dramedy with peter coyote, cubist-faced rossy de palma and self-contained, motorbike-ridin vidjournalist victoria abril stalkin her subjects in her gaultier-designed, borg-cam outfit :cool: the only almodovar film i've seen that doesn't feature his trademark, primary-color cinematography.
the kingdom- director lars von trier's stylized horror mini-series about a haunted danish hospital & its screwy denizens :eek:
johnny stecchino- roberto benigni's amusing, pre-LifeIsBeautiful slapstick about a naive busdriver's resemblance to a mobster :sur:
god's comedy- quiet, understated portugeuse vignette of a philosophizing, middle-aged ice-cream-maker's romancing of the luscious young scoops working in & patronizing the shop :kiss:
flamenco- director carlos saura's striking, feature-length showcase of castillian dance & music. much like saura's later Tango, performers are often shot in front of colored-backlit scrims, appearing as dark silhouettes; unlike Tango, there is no plotline sharing time w/the performances. note to gsj: lotta the music sounds like Latcho Drom :)
faraway, so close- director wim wenders' sequel to his Wings of Desire, only this time the berlin angel who becomes human doesn't adapt so well :eek: with peter falk, lou reed, willem dafoe, yummy nastassja kinski and gorgeous, airborne camerawork alternating between b&w (angel pov) and color (human pov).
the story of fausta- director bruno barreto's engaging dark comedy about a maid's struggle to escape brazilian slum life.
bossa nova (amy irving, so this flik's partly in english)- barreto's superfun, VibranT, rio-set romances between an american language tutor, a tailor, a law student, a soccer star and transnational netpenpals :) lotta windows in the backgrounds, with VirTually every one featuring a stunning VisTa :cool: soundtrack loaded w/lotta the jobim, mendes & gilberto bossa classix (some updated via triphop, as with "one note samba"), as well as an all-new, smokin' deodato tune used over the end credits :happy:
the big blue (director's cut, but it's all in english so you don't have to be scared of subtitles you big blue Babies ;) ) luc besson's vividly-shot, engaging deep-diving saga with rosanna arquette and cocky jean reno :cool:
mondo- dreamy, sublime vignette of a homeless boy's wanderings around the streets & shores of nice, france. director tony gatlif draws fruitfully on his gypsy roots for the soundtrack as he did for Latcho Drom, and makes damn near every shot like a perfect postcard, tres belle :o
np: morricone, "tie me up, tie me down" score

good shot jansen
02-25-2002, 03:41 PM
i did get a good chortle swafster over that I've never heard a liberal say, 'I may not agree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death to defend your right to say it . i always thought i'd never hear a conservative utter those woids:p but of course my view on conservatives is prolly just as tainted as your views on liberals. hell, my uncle even made nixon's enemy list (http://www.artsci.wustl.edu/~polisci/calvert/PolSci3103/watergate/enemy.htm), why? gots me, carol channing is way mo' dangerous:kiss: (actually he was a big fund raiser for the democrats)

growin' up i always leaned to the left in my affiliations, now, i'm pretty much even kneeled, dead center (moderate liberal?), pretty much to the point that i havn't got an opinion on anything anymore:p ('ceptin' o' course matters that affect me personally with regards to my kids well being and education).

as fer sex n' kids in movies, it's always been there, lotsa mainstrem flix dealt with predatory practices related to kids and sex lolita, pretty baby, taxi driver, the professional, etc.

having children who like all children are gonna grow up and see movies i ain't gonna like, listen to music i ain't gonna like, and more importantly, get involved with situations that i would perfer they not get involved with at all. but as it happened to me, it will also happen to them.

i am hoping that i am doing my job well enough as a parent, so that when these things do happen, that they are able to deal with these with a level of maturity, that will enable them to see each instance for what it is, and how it may effect their lives for the better or for the worse.

i basically hopped in, cause vt steered me here from our usual waterin' hole.

i only wish that i could contribute better to this here conversation, unfortunately having two kids the age that mine are, the only flix i see of late fall under the disneyesque catagory, and i'm not sure anyone would be very interested in what i have to say about snow dogs, big fat liar, jimmy neutron and the ilk!

02-25-2002, 04:58 PM
GSJ, I'd like to know about snow dogs & Big Fat Liar. Not 'spoilers' but only whether they are decent enough for an adult to sit through and get any enjoyment other than the enjoyment of knowing that the kids are having a good time.

good shot jansen
02-26-2002, 06:41 AM
snowdogs is actually a fun flick! it's one of the better parent/kid flicks to come around in awhile! cuba gooding is well cast in the lead role. and as an added plus, (at least for me, i hadn't seen his name mentioned anywhere regarding this flic) our man flint himself, james coburn is present as a grizzeled old mountain man. also a surprise, lt. uhura, nichelle nichols plays cuba's mom!

both mason and emily enjoyed the story driven picture, (which is saying alot especially for emily. unless it's slleping beauty. cinderella, or the little mermaid, (she's 6), she usually doesn't sit still for other movies.

i highly recommend this one for a good parent/child rainy afternoon!

big fat liar.....hmmmmmmmm. it didn't do a thing fer me. mason loved it, (emily as mentioned above, didn't sit still during it). the story is kinda like a mish mosh of hollywood cum john hughs flix of the past. little kids get taken adavantage of cause they're little kids, little kids take out their revenge successfully, cause they're little kids, and the big dumb dufus grownups get made to look like the fools they are cause they're big dumb dufus grownups. yadda ydadda ydadda.

if you got kids who are between 7 and 11, they're gonna love it. anyone a smidgen older than 11 is gonna be hip to the waaaay too predictable script early on, and will find themselves fidgiting (like a 6 year old girl), coaxing the final credits to hurry up and appear.

02-26-2002, 07:28 AM
Has snow dogs got huskies in it? I leeeerve Huskies. I'm even replacing my fish later this year or next to get one (I've been undergoing vetting since last November by the breeders).



good shot jansen
02-26-2002, 08:54 AM
great googly moogly! the flix lousey with huskies! ya can't swing a dead cat on the set without hittin' a handful o' em!

if huskies your thang, snow dogs's (http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/snowdogs/) your flick fer sure!

np: frank zappa - watch out where the huskies go................

02-27-2002, 02:31 AM
Thanks, GSJ!
great "humps," by the way.
You been holdin' out on us.

02-27-2002, 07:27 AM


And Cuba Gooding Jnr too! :D


02-28-2002, 07:11 AM
So there you are, you sonuhvabit**! (vulcantouch, that is).

Going strong, eh? :crazed:

Well, I don't really have the time to wade through this thread right now, vt, but I just wanted to congratulate you with your success in show-business...

Nice messageboard format, by the way.

02-28-2002, 07:13 AM

HEY, I got post #100. How RUDE of me. There's a strange irony to it, though...

Nice to see you here too, jeddah! I remember your cameo appearance on the FSM board awhile back.

02-28-2002, 10:38 AM
"lolita, pretty baby, taxi driver, the professional"
-haven't seen the 1st two (lolita's prolly the only kubrick flick i haven't yet caught; should I?), but love the last two :cool:
whatever gave you the idear that kidvid Humps ain't welcome here? to illustrate the VersaTility of the Hump, i even considered Humpin a Best of Chris Rock Show vid & an hour-long joseph beuys docu. in fact, one of these Humps i myself got some kidvid to hump :D of course, what i really wanna hear about is Snow DAY cuz it has chris elliott- am i right ar2? anyone seen that? :)
speakin of snow, plz forgive thor, folks: though he really does have some worthwhile stuff to contribute, in norway they use the language a bit differently, i.e. they don't capitalize the V and T in "sonuhVa*****" ;)
np: chris "bohseephus" farley, "all my rowdy friends are comin ovah toniight" from "monday night football theme song recording session" sketch on snl ;)

02-28-2002, 12:29 PM
Welcome to the Hump Thor :)

I saw Ali on Sunday. I was not really looking forward to it, but saw WS (Warstar did you spay? pshyeah right :rolleyes: !) interviewed by the hideous and preternatural Jonathon Woss on Film 2002 a coupla weeks ago and was impressed with the footage.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed the flick and the music was cool too; from Al Green to Angie Stone, was glad that they didn't get too locked up in the era-trap. There were tears (mine) and shouts (John's; "git on, M8! Gwaaan!") but I wish they'd made their minds up which way they wanted to go instead of trying to be all things to all people. I got the impression that it was 1/3 human rights, 1/3 Boxing and 1/3 lovelife. I'd rather've seen more of his personal life and the Human Rights (The "You my oppressor" 'soliloquy' was the bit that really got me sobbing like Gwynnie) or at least had them try to please one group of people 100% rather than all of us 33%. :frus:

Anyway, WS was completely convincing, Jon Voight was unrecognisable and brilliantly downplayed and I loved the supports and cameos from Foxx (incredible), Ice Cube, Jada, and most of Waiting to Exhale cast (Don King). Hell, even LeVar Burton was camping around in there somewhere! :p

Whilst I was impressed with Ewan's take on Alec, Will's Ali was much more impressive. :)


03-01-2002, 02:35 AM
the real blonde wow. a strong 9+ in my book. this is another movie I just don't understand how I missed until now. to me, this film had "awards" written all over it. outstanding photography, loved the original music - very 'groovy' bass & vibraphone-ish groove, directing was - at all the right moments - cynical, satirical, compassionate, passionate. writing was intelligent, witty, funny, poignant, tender, and fairly honest. acting was flawless by most of the principals. I'm absolutely smitten with catherine keener. I want her. on a biscuit, with jam, I want her. mmmmmmmm. (sorry.... okay, I'm all better now)

03-01-2002, 06:30 AM
yeah, vt, you're right about my lack of linguistic VersaTility. from now on - as a tribute to your mode of communication - i'll use lower case only, except for emphasis. :)

btw, a bit disappointed to see my ***** ending heavily cencored up there. am i sensing a romperroom syndrome?

as for "lolita", you MUST check this one out, my friend. i know you have caught some of my "cinema club"-postings over at www.filmscoremonthly.com , and "lolita" was one of the latest incarnations. read it here: http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.asp?threadID=7059&forumID=1

kinda disappointed that no one could tell me where sue lyon had gone off to, though. can anyone in here tell me?

speaking of the "cinema club"-postings, this is in essence another variant of vt's "hump" ordeal. over the last year and a half or so, i have reviewed numerous films that have screened in a local cinema club (local meaning here in oslo, norway). a semi-regular column at the aforementioned board. if interested, you can view all 60-something reviews at the following site: www.celluloidtunes.com/fsm.htm (well, not entirely, as the last 7 films have not been added yet).

good shot jansen
03-01-2002, 07:34 AM
as this site's primary function is a star wars related site, and the viewing audience runs on both sides of the legal limit, the art of choosing one's words properly is elevated to a level of near mastery!;)

gosh dingity darn (see what i mean :rolleyes: ), it turns out i'm holdin' out on another hump (ya ol' hump ya), i completely forgot that when my nephews were in town over x-mas, that i had snuck out late x-mas night and caught a 1:am showin' of ali!

i absolutely agree with you girlfriend, the movie tried waaaaaay to hard to be too many thangs to too many folk. imho, they should have stuck more to the human rights/love life story, and provided less of the boxing. ( :rolleyes: and just who would go see an ali flick without boxing?)(moi would! :happy: )

the opening 10 miniutes of the film are some of the best 10 minutes of film anywhere! sam cooke was killed oh about the time i wuz only 4 years old, so obviously i never got to see mr. cooke live:cry: . unfortuntaely all's we gots to remember him by, are white washed, sponser driven tv shows from the early 60's where sam was being a good boy, very well behaved, no tension what-so-ever:rolleyes:

yet here in ali, we are treated to 10 minutes of what a real sam cooke show must have felt like! i am even now convinced that i've actually seen him live now!

during this sc concert, we're shown ali keeping all to himself, training hard, honing his craft. keeping distance between himself and the outside world. his determination, and training ethic in absolute solitude is zen like.

and then without warning, the sam cooke concert ends, the weigh-in for the liston fight begins, and BAM!, we get the ali we all know and remember, the I'M THE GREATEST ali, the I"M THE PRETTIEST ali, the BIG LOUD ALI that we all know.

the stark difference shown in the opening of the film between the private ali and the very public ali was beautifully demonstrated!

ws was fabulous as ali. an absolute brilliant preformance.

VersaTile flick man, uinfortunately i can't offer up anything regardin' snow day :( , the day we went to see it, emily saw that stuart little was playin' at the same theater, and that's what she wanted to see. so i took the littlest jansen to see the oh so adorable, makes you wanna puke blue rodent, and mrs. jansen took mason to see snow day. i'll see i if can get a hump outta her :eek: ;) :evil:

03-01-2002, 12:49 PM
i'll see if i can get a......



03-02-2002, 03:57 PM
Thor, SSG is an all-ages site, so we have to keep it clean to keep from getting in trouble with certain parental watchdog groups. Since we have several forum users that are under 13, we are pretty strict about certain words and phrases as we don't really want to be closed down. So you'll have to pardon my previous edits of your posts, but this is a situation we have to keep on top of and cannot allow.

Rollo Tomassi
03-03-2002, 02:22 AM
I've been "summoned":p

in case you missed, just thought i'd call your attn to comments on mamet in posts 23 & 82 of the Hump, made partly to get your reactions :) film students' thoughts are always interesting to hear- i'm tryin to get warstar to chime in for the same reason :)

I haven't seen State and Main yet (correction, I've seen 5 minutes here and there on cable). Mamet's not a striking director in my opinion, but I dig his dialogue something fierce. It's not realistic, people don't talk that way, but it's so over the top and stylized that it's :cool: . I remember seeing the trailer for the Heist the first time and thinking "This sound's like David Mamet dialogue" and sure enough, his name popped up on the screen soon after. Without his trademark writing style, I don't think he would amount to much as a director. He often uses safe, boring shots, rather than angles and what not that make you go hmm? a ha!:) Like watching a filmed stage play (which is where he got his start, so it's all good.) It is a visual medium after all, so I think directors should take advantage of it. Like Bay for example, most people think he's a hack, but I like his frenetic style. I kind of wish he'd break away from it, it gets repetitive after a while, but he has fun with it and runs with it, so good for him. There's good and bad that comes from being a "name " director after only a few films. Bay is one. Kevin Smith, David Fincher, Tarantino, P.T. Anderson, Wes Anderson etc. are others. Pre conceived notions of what their films will and should be about can jump up and bite them in the buttocks. Is it better to make a splash like these guys? or to crank out not so noticeable, but still good movies in a variety of genres, honing your craft, reaching the plateau of auteurism more subtlely? Like I said towards the beginning of this thread, I enjoy these guys' work, but I'll be more impressed when Tarantino and Fincher do romantic comedies...well. And Kevin Smith can put out a great big budget actioner that doesn't rely on fart humor. Until then....

03-04-2002, 06:29 AM
Originally posted by JediTricks
Thor, SSG is an all-ages site, so we have to keep it clean to keep from getting in trouble with certain parental watchdog groups. Since we have several forum users that are under 13, we are pretty strict about certain words and phrases as we don't really want to be closed down. So you'll have to pardon my previous edits of your posts, but this is a situation we have to keep on top of and cannot allow.

no problem, i understand.

03-04-2002, 06:36 AM
elizabeth - smooth period drama boasting excellent performances from the cast. cate blanchett, whose unique visage is surprisingly expressive for a female hottie, is truly convinving in her segue from insecure but affable princess to chasty and firm supermonarch. geoffrey rush is always excellent - this time as a slightly mysterious but morally uncompromising aide(sp.?). good film, and eclectic, timeless score by david hirschfelder.

the others - amenabar's hollywood debut. my god, what a wonderful and CLASSICAL horror film. no monsters or gools. psychological terror at its best. a couple of scream-inducing scares. gloomy atmosphere. neat end point (although i suspected it coming). a morose, bernard herrmannish score by amenabar himself. recommended.

03-04-2002, 06:59 AM
Thor, I'm so glad you liked Elizabeth, particularly Cate Blanchett. She is my favourite actress at the moment because of that film. I then went on to shower further praise following her part in The Gift and then her turn as scarey mary in LOTR

And yes, aide is correct (if you mean Walsingham) :)


03-04-2002, 09:43 AM
yes, she's good, isn't she?

for some time i got her mixed up with gwyneth paltrow (due to the fact that both seem to steer towards costume dramas and such), but then i realized that blanchett has far more "personality"; far more "charisma" than paltrow. she seems to totally immerse herself in the various parts, and it's always very genuine, very emotional without getting schmalzy, if you know what i mean.

in the gift , she totally makes keanu reeves' inaptitude as an actor shine through.

you know, it's not as easy to pinpoint the current, top 5 favourite FEMALE actors as it is male. but blanchett surely makes it to the list.

03-06-2002, 11:53 PM
keener ain't Mah type, but you might also dig her in Walking & Talking, Your Friends & Neighbors and of course Bein John Malkovich :) director dicillo's better known for his debut Living In Oblivion (which ck's also in), which is good but RB's better imo :)

thor: "sensing a romperroom syndrome?"
-well this Is primarily a toycollectin site ;) there is no art without limitations, whether imposed from within, without, or both. and ironically, i've found the limitations imposed on my hump "art" here (autocensoring of a few words) less inhibiting than the fsmmb (a supposedly adult forum, where sheriff joe deleted an entire thred when someone triggered a fruitful discussion of the n-word). the difference is mature judgment one can count on. this place has it; the fsmmb Had it, but lost it.
speakin of losin it, how did i let this typo get by? a sentence in my post 90 was supPosed to say ". . .anti-pederast hysteria which, similar to anti-rape hysteria, INSISTS (not intends:rolleyes: ) that a victim of same's inevitably, profoundly scarred for life" :p what say we chill widda few mild diversions, perfect for cold, clear afternoons:
the tao of steve (donal logue, jenniphr goodman dir.)- surprisingly flat romcom about a 30somethin chubster's success w/chix derived from eastern philosophy & mcqueen cool. even the chix ain't all that yummy :zzz:
20 dates- aside from a few fun scenes, an interesting docu premise (unsuccessful filmmaker makes a movie about his unsuccessful lovelife in an attempt to salvage both) blunted by the limp, disingenuous sensibilities of its director :p
soapdish (sally field, kkline, whoopi, rdowney, radiant elizabeth shue :kiss: )- kindafun spoof of tv daytime drama productions. cameos by carrie fisher & yummy teri hatcher :kiss:
nurse betty (renee ziggywigger, morgan freeman, chris rock, greg kinnear)- a waitress lands a gig on her fave soap opera & gets tailed by father & son bountyhunters (jangoboba? ;)) after witnessing her jackazz husband's scalping. an odd, amusing, surprisingly mild concoction from director neil labute (considering his corrosive prev work In Company of Men and Your Friends & Neighbors). Crazy In Alabama (post 82 above) trod similar thematic ground more engagingly.
burn hollywood burn (eric idle)- amusing mockumentary about a director's nabbing of his own film when the studio edits all his "art" out of it :) cameos by whoopi, sly & jackie chan.
hollywood shuffle ('87)- so-so spoof of a black actor's search for non-stereotypical flik roles. fun cameo by standup john "Friday" witherspoon, but i didn't buy for a Second that a babe like anne-marie johnson would be with robert townsend. director's prerogative i guess :rolleyes: speakin of whom, i'd guess director townsend & writer dom irrera gave HS the few edgy moments it had, while co-writer keenen ivory wayans was responsible for the mediocrity (he's long shown himself to be the the least funny wayans brother).
mumford (alfre woodard, kasdan dir.)- clever, amusing sleeper about the small-town practice of an engimatic therapist. with martin short, ted danson & swaffy-fave hope davis :)
the road to wellville (mbroderick, bridget fonda, john cusack, dana carvey, alan parker dir.)- tony hopkins is VirTually unrecognizable as nutty, hare-toothed, 1900s cereal-magnate & health-spa svangali jh kellogg :crazed: with fun turns by michael lerner, chief obrien & yummy lara flynn boyle :kiss:
if lucy fell (sj parker, ben stiller)- kinda lame romcom about male & female roommates who vow to end it all if they don't find marriage partners within a month. with a few clever cues by amanda kravat & charlton pettus, elle macpherson and letterman stooges mujibur & sirajul :stupid:
the rachel papers ('89, spader, jonathan pryce)- yummy ione skye stars in this kinda clever college romcom, sortuva british Say Anything :Pirate:
female trouble ('75)- dragqueen divine's epic, electric-chair-meltdown performance as a gal gone bad in director john waters' hilarious, high-pitched tantrum disguised as a morality play :D
girls in prison (anne "cuckoo" heche)- fun, trashy spoof of '50s "women in prison" b-flix :evil: w/yummy ione skye in a buff, girl-on-girl shower scene :kiss:
bonnie & clyde ('67, beatty & dunaway, hackman, arthur penn dir.)- blunt, VibranT, stylin, deadly dustbowl crimespree hijinx ;) fun caricatures courtesy michael j pollard & estelle parsons, & superfast, diddle-diddle-diddle banjo music comes along for the ride :D
np: carter burwell, Raising Arizona score

03-07-2002, 07:22 AM
VT, funny you should mention SoapDish - I was thinking about that film during the soap storyline in RealBlonde. I almost mentioned that in my RB writeup.

Have you seen 'Noises Off'?

03-13-2002, 11:31 PM
just when one starts thinkin it's time for spring, waves of cold let us know winter ain't done widdus jest yet (march's a snowy month round here). so these are good to keep warm with:
cold fever- a japanese man's engaging, unpredictable, jarmusch (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jarmusch,+Jim#Director)esque odyssey across iceland to visit his parents' graves. with lili taylor and rhythmic, glacial score by hilmar orn hilmarsson.
chocolat (binoche, depp, dench, lasse halstrom dir.)- naive but generally fun & sensuous comedy about a sweets-triggered war between hedonism & asceticism in a small french village.
celebrity (charlize, dicaprio, melanie griffith, famke, mantegna, winona, allen dir.)- kaliedofarce about modern fame featuring plenty of momentary, alleny pleasures even while failing to pull it all together. bebe neuwirth, winona & judy davis are appealing as always; too bad kenneth branagh's exasperating woody-surrogation's always front & center :p
small time crooks (woody allen dir.)- superfun, atmospheric comedy of would-be burglars whose cookie biz storefront turns them into unhappy millionaire socialites before they can do the deed :) fun turns by mrapaport, hgrant, jon lovitz, elaine may, & even often-unwatchable tracey ullman actually gets watchable after the 1st 1/2 hour or so ;)
joe gould's secret (stanley tucci, star & dir.)- 1940s-atmospheric, fascinating, entertaining true story of a greenwich village mag writer's profile of an eccentric stret savant (ian holm) & the resultant changes wrought on both their lives. with swaffy-fave hope davis and sarandon as painter alice neel (http://www.aliceneel.com/g70.html) (i recently viewed an exhibit of hers at dam (http://www.denverartmuseum.org/)).
VelveT goldmine (obewan macgrrrregarrr, christian bale, todd haynes dir.)- sumptuous, occasionally cohesion-needy (a la haynes' Poison) look back at london's '70s glam rock scene. with scene-chewin jdah-fave eddie izzard and terrif, spacey carter burwell opening music i Hope wasn't crowded off the soundtrack release by all the gary glitter, roxy music & other period sounds :)
like it is- kinda engaging young-gay london romcom a la Beautiful Thing, only a bit better & with a boxer instead of a mama cass fanatic ;) w/some techno/house sounds and roger daltrey's fun muggin :)
twin town (kevin allen dir.)- anarchic fun of two brothers toolin around wales plotting revenge & general mayhem :crazed:
the krays- so-so true story of the '60s london gangster brothers (played here by the spandex billet fops). michael kamen's ethereal suspense, despair & sultry sax cues are much like his Someone To Watch Over Me.
king of the hill (karen allen, liz mcgovern, spalding gray, soderbergh dir.)- engaging, atmospheric, harrowing depression-era tale of a boy's struggle for survival as circumstances disperse his family & leave him to fend for himself. marvy cliff martinez score and (note for jdah) cameo by lauryn hill :)
children of the revolution (sam neill, judy davis, fmurray abraham, geoffrey rush)- mildly amusing farce of joseph stalin's lost, secret love-child who begins to manifest inherited megalomaniac tendencies :eek:
requiem for a dream (look gsj, i'm finally humpin this one ;) burstyn, jared leto, marlon wayans)- director darren aronofsky's previous Pi was better, but this unsparing dark comedy on drug addiction has its charms, fun cinemanipulation gimmicks (splitscreens, timelapses etc) and a pitiless, unstoppable cyclone of a final 1/2 hour :eek: like hbc or neve campbell, jennifer connelly looks odd or plain from some angles, while impossibly elite from others :kiss: striking, atomized (some cues are only a coupla seconds long) clint mansell/kronos quartet score sounds like dust brothers (Fight Club) meets nyman (Prospero's Books).
jefferson in paris (nolte, gwynny paltry, yummy greta scacchi)- sumptuous merch/iv production of tj's stay in france during la revolution and affair w/one of his slaves. excellent richard robbins score :cool:
hamlet (ethan hawke, maclachlan, sam shepard, bill murray)- to a 3rd-millenium yank like me, shakespeare's practically a foreign language; thankfully, accessing the closed-caption display option to read along (a la subtitles or lyric notes during an opera) worked nicely with the supercool, pomo-tech, manhattan recasting (that owes a clear inspirational debt to hal hartley) of this play :cool: with julia stiles' luminous presence (she hadn't impressed me much elsewhere) and carter burwell's score, reminiscent of his Being John Malkovich :cool:
pollock- ed harris' engaging portrait of abstract expressionism's "cowboy", with marcia gay harden's very watchable turn as wife lee krasner. with jeff beal's john adamsesque cues and too-small cameos by val kilmer (as dekooning), jeff tambor (art critic greenberg), connelly and model steph seymour :kiss:
np: Trainspotting soundtrack

03-14-2002, 01:13 AM
VT, I don't wanna spoil it, but I will say that if you liked soap dish, I think you'll really enjoy Noises Off.

03-16-2002, 03:04 PM
Thank you for inviting me, Jean, and it's nice to see you're still alive and well. Your wit and charm have been missed at those other places:crazed: and I love the zany posts on this thread! What other fun places are there to check out here, and are you on any of the others? I wish those other places :crazed: would get a little advanced and update their boards to be more like this one. Take care all!!!

the filmscore gal,
Galina :kiss:

03-16-2002, 03:07 PM
"Moisture Farmer" eh? :sur: Oy! That could be taken a few ways which could be embarrassing! :eek:

Galina :kiss:

03-18-2002, 09:01 AM
why, hi there, everybody's favourite gal! you must forgive my lack of capital letters, but i've decided to abide by the vt mode of linguistic conduct! (since he's such a proponent of rules and regulations!) ;)

03-18-2002, 06:23 PM
okay, thor, if that's the way it is, then we wouldn't want to go against the flow, would we? lol!

Gala :kiss:

03-23-2002, 12:13 PM
capitals or no, how Stylin it is to have lady kk grace the Hump w/her presence (& btw feel free to inViTe our mutual friends); now if we could only get joan & dee2 to follow suit :D so, have you seen/any thoughts on any of the flix mentioned here? if not, pray tell what Has her kk-ness watched :)
btw no need to wet yerself over the farmer desig, it's just a for-fun Force ranking (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=4354) commensurate w/number of posts you've made here :)
other than checkin out a a (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=4355&pagenumber=1) few (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=14960#post14960) gendiscuss (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=1085&perpage=15=15&display=&pagenumber=1) threds (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=2259&perpage=15=15&display=&pagenumber=2), i also regularly plague the micromachine forum (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=24), since them are my fave scifitoyz :D (the bountyhunter thred is where i make "what's new in your collection" reports, and that includes filmscores :D)
damn, swaffy just spoiled Noises Off for me ;) guess all i have to look forward to now is. . .
my sweet suicide- fun, low-budget romcom about a gal helpin a suicidal guy off himself :dead:
the virgin suicides (kath turner, james woods, hartnett)- director sofia coppola's sublime, understated, hypnotic, poignant-yet-clinical view of neighbor boys' enduring fascination with 5 remote, untouchable sisters in a '70s suburb (personally i thought aj cook rather than kirsten dunst shoulda played the pick of the litter :kiss: ). with hayden skywalker, mesmerising score by the french synth-band air and great use of 10cc's "i'm not in love" and elo's "strange magic" :cool:
almost famous (kate hudson, mcdormand, ps hoffman)- director cameron crowe's engaging semi-autobio of his teen reporter gig following a 70's rock band on their concert tour & rise to fame. w/frampton cameo & fun scene when tour bus gets swept up in a rousing rendition of elton john's "tiny dancer" :)
high fidelity (john cusack)- superfun luvlife complications of a music-esoterica-obsessed chicago record-store owner, w/jack black's delightfully shameless muggin stealin the show :crazed: recommended to my fellow mixtape-swappers gsj & swaffy for its Mixtape Theory :D
cecil b demented (melanie griffith)- director john waters' fun satire of the film industry about a band of patty-hearst-style underground cinema terrorists (w/cameo by the real patty hearst btw :)). couldn't help but wonder what jack black (see High Fidelity) would've done in the title role instead of stephen dorff.
meet the parents (dvd; ben stiller, deniro)- the style's a little too reminiscent of john hughes & natlamp vacation comedies, but an otherwise fun worst-case scenario re meeting prospective inlaw anxieties :)
next stop wonderland- so-so romcom of swaffy-fave hope davis' misadventures when her mom (elegant holland taylor) places a personal ad for her. i never bought into its premise that davis would be so lusted after by every guy who sees her :rolleyes: features always-fun ps hoffman & use of lotta bossa nova music anticipating that of the film of same name (post 92 above) by 2 years.
whatever (susan skoog dir.)- mildly engaging, intermittently well-shot vignette of an early-80s jersey teen's experimentations w/drugs, sex, delinquency & art. w/yummy michelle yahn as her principal :kiss:
whipped- VibranT, superfun romcom in which yummy amanda peet strings along 3 smug nyc lotharios like banjos just for the fun of it, sortuva less corrosive rebuttal to In The Company of Men :kiss:
the whole nine yards (bruce willis, matt perry, rosanna arquette, kev pollak, harland williams)- superfun crimecom about a discontented montreal dentist's unlikely friendship with his new, witness-protectioned mobster neighbor. with melancholic, gracekellyish henstridge, charmin peet & michael clarke duncan's classic line (upon seeing a naked, pistol-wieldin peet): "i always said there ain't nuthin finer than a fine-lookin woman holdin a gun. you just all Kindsa fine, aintcha?" :kiss:
o brother where art thou (gclooney, jgoodman, jturturro) coen bruddahs back in top form w/this exuberant, inventive, old-south prison-break translation of homer's Odyssey :D lotta old-timey folky tunes.
nashville ('75, ned beatty, tomlin, kcarradine, karen black, shelly duvall)- director robert altman's sprawling, rollicking view of the '70s country-music milieu, featuring yummy geraldine chaplin :kiss:
dog park- fun, VibranT romcom w/luke wilson, garafalo, harland, kidsinthehall's mark mcckinney & bruce mccullough (latter also directed), & yummy kath "Splendor" robertson & nhenstridge :kiss:
time code (holly hunter, maclachlan) supercool split-screen experiment of 4 simultaneous synchronized digicams, which gives rise to cap'n kirk's galactic dream, i.e.: a babe in every quadrant (tripplehorn, hayek, saffron burrows- & who's that sleeveless-turtlenecked brunet in the office?) :kiss: squeaktoy-voiced leslie mann, so charming in Big Daddy & George Of The Jungle, prompts strangulation impulses here :evil: director mike figgis makes the 4 semi-improvised storyviews consolidate & separate, and provides a jazzy, diaphonous score akin to his Leaving Las Vegas and (prokofiev's?) symph #5-
np: jon brion/aimee mann, Magnolia soundtrack

03-29-2002, 02:56 PM
ok then, i'll respond by humpin abuncha flix i generally didn't have strong reaction to either (in light of the recent, least-watched o-scar eyeroller (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=53311#post53311) in history they're also appropriate cuz they're safe, mainstream fare):
thirteen days (costner)- engaging cuban missile crisis dramatization from director roger donaldson (who previously handled polithrillin well in No Way Out). steven culp eeriely resembles rfk; too bad we didn't get to see more of yummy stephanie romanov as regal, mischevious jackie :kiss:
my fellow americans (lemmon, james garner, aykroyd, bacall, sela ward, wilford brimley)- kindafun cross-country farce of ex-prexy opponents uniting against a deadly conspiracy.
odd couple II- kindafun reuniting of lemmon & matthau's neil-simon-squabbly pals (who have since reunited in death? :dead: ) with always-fun christine baranski :)
in & out (kkline, selleck, matt dillon, joan cusack, bob newhart, brimley, yoda dir.)- kindafun farce about a small-town teacher realizing & then admitting his own gayness, but i still like what kael said about it (http://www.aarp.org/mmaturity/march_april98/kael.html). marc shaiman's typically schmaltzy cues Don't help :p
torch song trilogy (hah-vey fi-ahstein, mbroderick)- even the presence of always-elegant anne bancroft couldn't make me stop wishing jon lovitz would hijack this flik & start doing his hilarious snl Impression of fierstein ("i justwannabelovedizzatso wrrroaannnnng??" ) :rolleyes: as the grandaddy of modern gayflix, it saddled them with a yoke of cheesy soundtracks they've only sporadically thrown off since (case in point, see prev flik :p).
patch adams (robin williams, ps hoffman)- rogue-doctor tale that manages to smother most of the intriguing issues it presents in waves of bland syrup :p also the eternally-damnable source of that Enterprise theme song btw :mad:
chaplin (attenborough dir.)- rdowneyjr's excellent turn as Trampy in this engaging biopic. with fun aykroyd, fun kevin kline, diane lane, jovovich, tony hopkins, yummy geraldine chaplin (who portrays her actual grandmother here) and john barry's effective, eloquent score (which is, nonetheless, regrettably typical of the cojones-free music he's favored for the last decade; such a waste).
cast away (tom hanks, zemeckis dir.)- leave it to big-money hollywood to find ways to shoehorn 9000 product-placement ads into a desert-island-stranding tale :rolleyes: engaging but maybe i'm the only one who considered this primarily a comedy, cuz laughs are what i mostly got out of it :D
random hearts (han solo, yummy kristin scott thomas, syd pollack dir.)- so-so romance between two people widowed by a plane crash (on which their spouses were cheatin on them). with crappy OnGoldenPond/bruce-hornsbyesque dave grusin score, always-fun bonnie hunt and too-small role for always-elegant susanna (Voyager borg queen) thompson as the dead wife :kiss:
nobody's fool (pnewman, melanie griffith, jessica tandy)- kindafun, engaging tale of a cranky old codger's life in a small town. fun turns by bruce willis & ps hoffman :)
thelma & louise (sarandon, geena davis, keitel, brad pitt, ridley scott dir.)- kinda fun roadtrip-turned-crimespree of a coupla bored, fed-up desert gals. my fave scene was when they blow up the rig of the hilariously scuzzy, inarticulate trucker to teach him some manners :D
twilight (pnewman, hackman, sarandon, jim garner) kindafun, wryly-performed neo-l.a.-noir tale. w/a hitchcocky/rozsaesque elmer bernstein score & yummy reese witherspoon :kiss:
palmetto (woody harrelson, eliz shue, gershon)- kindafun, everglades-noir Body Heat clone, only with klaus goldinger's jarre-esque, sultry/suspense cues instead of john barry's.
out of sight (gclooney, dennis farina, ving rhames)- superfun thriller-romance between a charmin professional bankrobber and an fbi agent (who'da guessed j-lo was ever this watchable?). w/fun turns by albert brooks, steve zahn, luiz guzman, denver's own don cheadle and swaffave cath keener :)
np: john williams, Sabrina score

03-29-2002, 07:50 PM
VT, the box of tapes was shipped, along with a couple extra thangs as a thank you for giving us the Guffman and for not giving us any Guff about taking so long to return the movies. I hope you will like the stuff and choose to keep it. If not, they are yours to do whatever you wish. I still owe you a review of Broadway Damage.
Thanks so much again!

04-02-2002, 09:58 AM
Swordfish As a sober ISP, my partner is into all techie type thriller films so we’ve been trying to hire this for a while but he never has time etc etc. My interest in it was of course the appearance of Hugh Jackman, so we sat down to watch it both with our own agenda….

The most remarkable thing about the film was unfortunately not down to the direction, production, script or actors, but an eerily prescient premise that Terrorism goes on daily in the US.

Trite and predictable, it was another example of dumbing down. Do the filmhouses have such contempt for their audience that they feel tied to the practice of having a script that requires actors to explain the plot? Or, is it just symptomatic of shoddy, disjointed direction and an unfinished story? Either way, neither option is good!

There seems to be a new trend to include bullet-time photography in any new film at the mo’. I hope this stops as its execution is so poor. It’s like getting a really good vocal take, and then washing it with reverb. I would use the phrase; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” however Swordfish was most certainly broke, but I think it needed a rebuild as opposed to a fix; or at trhe very least, a "hydra" ("You mean a multi-headed worm!?" :p) of it’s own.

I suggest that if you want to see something that requires a bit more than a vacant look on your face, to check out The Mothman Prophecies, not least because they used the term “based on a true story” correctly. That is to say they took the bare bones of what happened in W.Virgninia in 1967-8 and remoulded it into a completely original and new story. The photography was cracking and original with a really creepy ambience. No super-duper CGI in every other frame and a new Richard Gere sans fromage :D It was like a polished X-files episode with a dash of Blair Witchery and for UK boardmembers, a liberal helping of This Life’s photography. Loved it.

Also hired Jeepers Creepers which I've seen at the Cinema but I thought I’d give it another go. The thing with this is that I really wanted to watch the first half again because I thought that section was fabulously tense – whinging brats notwhithstanding. It is such a shame that it all turns pantomime halfway through. The psychic is a hopeless actress and the main tenet of the film is that we can’t guess the end, but hey, with the hints they give us, dya think it could be anything to do with eyes? I didn’t feel any empathy with either of them so I didn’t care which one would get it. The supreme tension and horror that is built up at the beginning, is sadly deflated over the last half….Never mind, when The Others comes out maybe that’ll not disappoint.

There you go VT, c’est la bump pour le Hump ;)

ps. someone know how to italicise smilies? Sometimes mine don't look sarcastic enough:kiss:

04-02-2002, 08:25 PM
Do the filmhouses have such contempt for their audience that they feel tied to the practice of having a script that requires actors to explain the plot?

As sad as that observation may be, I'm afraid that not only is such contempt present, it is also properly placed. As least with respect to a major chunk of the U.S. filmgoing public. If you consider the facts that this film is largely targeted to 18-25 year old people, and that these people are overwhelmingy products of U.S. public education, and that means they're lucky to be able to read and write their own names, let alone process a plot element any more complex than the opening credits of a ScoobyDoo cartoon, then you begin to grasp the unfortunate reality of "Mass-Marketing American Style." Pathetic, ain't it? That's how a well-written film like Remains of the Day or Reversal of Fortune gain critical acclaim, but seldom achieve more than "art house film" status at the box orifice.

Sometimes I like an inrtavenous "check your brain at the door" action flick. Sometimes I like a movie that "requires a bit more than [sitting there with] a vacant look on your face." The more I interact with the younger generations, the more I count my blessings that I'm capable of discerning the difference between the two.

(this concludes another 'Soapbox Derby' by Swafman)

04-03-2002, 05:36 AM
God, that's awful. :crazed: I mean it did cross my mind, but I wouldn't have had the temerity to suggest that the youf are dumb....innit. ;)

Sometimes I like an inrtavenous "check your brain at the door" action flick. Sometimes I like a movie that "requires a bit more than [sitting there with] a vacant look on your face." The more I interact with the younger generations, the more I count my blessings that I'm capable of discerning the difference between the two.

Sure, that's exactly why I hired Jeepers Creepers; I just thought Swordfish would be slightly more demanding. I like films that are escapism aswell as demanding such as one of my all time faves; Jacky Brown. Although there are lulls in her acting here and there throughout, Pam Grier is sensational, so's Bridget Fonda. Okay so Samuel is playing Samuel but it's still good fun. Plus the soundtrack is stellar, esp Long Time Woman sang by Pam and of course Streetlife which get's hammered at my house when I'm feeling 'ambient' ;). Also, the precursor to TLC's Waterfalls is Bobby Womack's Across 110th Street which has been known to cause a teardrop or two at The House of jeddah :D


04-03-2002, 04:12 PM
hey, Jeddah - if you're interested, I have 25 tracks (about 87MB) of Delfonics .mp3 files. I could burn 'em to CD and try to get them enclosed in whatever next shipment is coming your way. Lemme know.

04-04-2002, 09:36 PM
Just a note, this thread is being moved to the "FILMS - OTHER" section since it fits so well.

04-05-2002, 04:36 AM
Boo! Fiddle, fiddle fiddle.....

Swaffy, many thanks but John's got lots of Delphonics stuff and I'm not actually that keen on them (Especially "didn't I blow your mind..") :vom:


Many thanks for the offer :kiss:


04-05-2002, 07:51 PM
no problemo, jeddah :)

VT - did you ever receive the box o' videotapes back?

04-08-2002, 12:59 PM
but why would i give you Guvv about Tarkin yer time? takin my time gettin to flix is a luxury i've always appreciated, and they weren't needed here any particular time anyway. but i'm still happy to take yer handout xtras ;) but gee, you can't Give away your various files canya? oh well, i'll still be happy to get yer BwayDam & FlirtDisast humps ;) glad to see you remembered to send em mediarate & save yerself a few $$ :) they've just made the hyperjump into local library's videpartment :)
thanx 4 the Bump jdah, you Hump ;) separated at birth: hugh jackman & jeremy northam ;) as i'll make clear in a forthcomin Hump, Jackie's my fave tarantino, and btw it borrowed "across 110th street" from womack's soundtrack to a film of the same name :) b'jr showed me opening few mins of Swordfish, it looked promising but he didn't show me more cuz he agrees w/you that it turns dumb :o on that note, did someone say check-yer-brain-at-the-door flix? as pledged to bc3 in post 48 above, i think this hump can fill That bill :stupid:
brain candy- kidsinthehall's fun farce about an orwellian pharmocompany's lethal Happy Pill :evil:
bowfinger (steve martin, heather graham, velourrum, yoda dir.)- fun tale of an low-budget producer's intrepid scheme to cast a big-budget action star without his knowledge :) eddie murphy's turns here as both the chris-tuckeresque primadonna and his duck-like, lettermanesque twin, along with his work on the PJs tv cartoon, mark his return from comedy mediocrity :cool:
shallow hal (jason alexander)- the farrelly brothers' fun romcom about hilarious jack black's hypnosis (via scary tony robbins) into seeing fat gwynny paltry as thin gwynny paltry (gee, What an improvement :rolleyes: ) always fun to see joe "protomobster" viterelli and yummy standup laura kightlinger (let's see Her get a shot at playin jackie o in one of the 3 million tv movies about same) :kiss:
saving silverman (jason biggs)- hilarious turns by jack black, steve zahn, yummy amanda peet & FullMetalJacket drillsarge lee ermey in an otherwise formulaic farce about kidnapping an uberbeeyotch to spare their p-whipped pal a life of connubial hell :)
my 5 wives- rodney dengarfield's googly-eyed polygamy farce; think of it as Back To School's retarded, trashy cousin :p with hilariously sputtering dice clay and yummy gwen deakins :kiss:
american pie 2- uh, yeah, whatEver :p
outside providence- i'm gonna save y'all the trouble of seein this predictable teencom by quoting its two funny alec baldwin lines (which also highlight its trailer): (1) "makin sex is like chinese dinnah; it ain't ovah til yuh both get ya cookie. remember i sed dat" and (2) when son asks "what's prep school?" alec replies "it's ta PREPare ya. . .for not gettin ya neck broke. . . by Me" :crazed: there, now don't say the Hump never did yall no favors :p
in the army now- harmless, mild fun; why should the world hate pauly shore so much? with da grier, lori petty and always-fun andy dick :D
a night at the roxbury- fun, harmless feature-length expansion of snl's eurotrash-clubby futabi brothers (will ferrell & chris kattan) sketch :) with abuncha cameos and multimixes of their mindless, head-boppin house anthem (which you Know you dig :) ), haddaway's "what is love" :D
josie & the *****cats (tara reid, alan cumming)- mildly amusing, obnoxiously overproduced (which may have been intentional but so what) satire of teen conformity & fickle consumerism. missi pyle was yummier in Galaxy Quest, but flik also "reunites" rachel leigh cook & supercool villain parker posey (former played young version of latter in House Of Yes) :kiss:
jay & silent bob strike back- fun adventures of kevvy smith's slacker duo racing to block hollywood's unauthorized exploitation of their stoner personae :crazed: lotta cameos including always-fun will ferrell, luke & leia.
mallrats (affleck, doherty) director kevin smith's fun, mall-set schemings of a coupla jiltees to win back their gals w/the help of above two stoners ;)
clerks- fun compilation of short-lived tv cartoon version of hevvy kevvy's indieflick characters. gotta love when it mutates into an anime spoof, asshead :D
south park: bigger, longer & uncut- clever, hilarious, epic musical of the cable cartoon; the soundtrack's prolly worth it for that syncopated fart song alone :crazed:
george of the jungle- kindafun disneyfied tarzan tale w/winning brendan fraser & yummy, squeaktoy-voiced leslie mann :kiss:
p.s. to jt: i spose since the Hump's singlehandedly responsible for the 10zillionpercent jump in non-sw-flik tawk here at ssg, it's only fair it should get kicked outta gendiscuss & shoved into this new "other movies" forum- even Though it means now i gotta regularly check yet aNother forum :rolleyes:

04-08-2002, 08:29 PM
Hey, this section was MADE for all you film lovers (that's how SirSteve tried to sell me on it anyway ;))

As for the South Park:BLU soundtrack, it is almost worth it, but the 2nd half of the album is all trash that wasn't in the film by name recording artists "inspired" by the film's songs. I wanted to VomiT by the end, even though the late Joe C.'s rendition of "Kyle's Momma" is almost catchy, despite Kid Rock's influence.

04-11-2002, 09:10 PM
this is probably not a news scoop for you, VT, but:


Rob Morrow (TV's Northern Exposure), Sam Robards (A.I Artificial Intelligence) and Mae Whitman (TV's State of Grace) have been signed to star in Henry Jaglom's Shopping.

The project, which is budgeted at about $3.5 million, is slated to begin shooting this month. The film is number three in the director's "women trilogy," which includes 1990's Eating and 1994's Babyfever.

Jaglom, along with wife Victoria Foyt (Random Acts), wrote Shopping. The film stars Foyt as a clothing designer/shop owner. Juliet Landau (Ed Wood) and Jennifer Grant (TV's Movie Stars) round out the cast which also includes Lee Grant (Dr. T. and the Women), Pamela Bellwood (TV's Dynasty), Cynthia Sikes (Arthur 2: On the Rocks), Marcia Strassman (the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films) and Robert Romanus (Carlo's Wake).

04-25-2002, 01:01 PM
swaffy: actually i didn't know about Shopping, but the same day you posted above notice jag's Festival In Cannes opened here in town- not that i rushed to see it, even If cary grant's yummy daughter jennifer's in it :kiss:
since ep2 toys came out this week, i spose the Hump should acknowledge same with an all-genre batch (lotta ds9 cameos in these). was gonna wait till aotc opening week to post this but let's face it, the toys'll likely be as big or bigger a deal to us than the flik itself:
toys (barry levinson dir.)- sardonic pomo art direction, fun joan cusack & yummy robin wright are small consolation for sittin thru yet another muddled, mediocre robin williams vehicle, kid :p
tron and st:tmp director's cut dvds- tmp has been re-edited to tauten up pace, not that it helped much (the previous draggy pace had been one of its inadvertantly-telling guilty pleasures), some sfx were enhanced, usually not for the better (seeing entire vger was fun but anitclimactic, old vulcan and sanfran were cooler, & old, laughable red alert klaxon was more fun :( ). but the rainbow-&-stars, disco-era tv comms were an absolute, time-warpin Hoot (when's the last time a studio used heady copy like "it will stimulate your senses, challenge your intellect, and alter your view of the future. . . by taking you there"? :) ) but an inexcusably murky sound & picture mix for a dvd :frus: meanwhile, tron features a deleted yori apartment scene and an art gallery w/Lotsa great moebius & syd mead prelim design works i've never seen elsewhere :cool:
trekkies- kinda fun docu about the fan subculture, but coulda been hella better if they hadn't pulled their punches (prolly cuz it's paramount-sanctioned) & Really made fun of we trekfans, cuz let's face it, we can get purty goony :evil:
mars attacks (nicholson, close, bening, brosnan, devito, tim burton dir.)- badly-paced but fun bigscreen adaptation of the graphic trading card series, w/amidala, jack black & yummy, beehived alien chik lisa marie :kiss:
planet of the apes (markymark, mc duncan, tim roth, burton dir.)- soso snarl&gruntfest updating the old flik series, w/heston cameo, always-fun david warner & paul giamatti, inappropriately oblique climax and yummy hbc, thankfully recognizable under her monkeybangs :kiss:
cats & dogs (goldblum, voices of lovitz, sarandon, alec baldwin & joey pants) kindafun, global-spy war-of-the-housepets premise, w/salome "founder" jens as the voice of dog hq :)
babe- fun, engaging tawkin-farm-animals epic, w/jim "zefram" cromwell and voices of hugo "Matrix" weaving and the gal who was marty in The Critic cartoon doin the title voice :)
chicken run (mel gibson voice)- fun, engaging, claymated uk tawkin-farm-animals epic :)
rocketman (harland williams)- harmless goofball-in-space farce w/bill "section 31" sadler :)
armageddon (willis, affleck, billybob, mc duncan, owen lars wilson, buscemi)- the chrysler building visual made for fun, surreal viewin during 9-11 week, but you otherwise can't help but root for the meteor in this lame testosterone strut :p i'm still glad they made an armadillo micromachine though :)
spy kids (banderas, alan cumming, cheech) maybe not as fun as director robert rodriguez' El Mariachi (and it looks like it got its gadgetech from the same place as Cats & Dogs above), but has yummy teri hatcher :kiss:
mom & dad save the world (lovitz, garr, eric idle)- you expect this to be a mindless, harmless, overdesigned tim burton/EarthGirls clone, & you are not disappointed :) features unlikely romantic pairing of kathy ireland & wallace "grand nagus" shawn :crazed:
what planet are you from (shandling, bening, kingsley, kinnear, john goodman, mike nichols dir.)- harmless, kindafun man/woman-relaysh farce about an alien assigned to impregnate human chix; w/cool, spacey carter burwell themes and yummy linda fiorentino :kiss:
what dreams may come (sciorra, max von sydow, show cuba the money)- an intriguing premise, maxwell-parrishy art direction and yummy rosalind "keiko" chao are small consolation for endurin this treacly robin williams romance-novel :p
george lucas in love- kindafun, short Shakespeare In Love spoof for the sweek set :)
galaxy quest (tim allen, sigourney, alan rickman,- superfun, relishingly-played spoof of trekkie fandom, genre cliches & celeb egos, w/yummy alien chik missi pyle :kiss:
wild wild west (will smith, kkline, branagh, barry sonnenfeld dir.)- inventive, zesty (why did people hate this one so much? just cuzza smith's end-rap song? :p ) big-screen adaptation of the tv show, w/cool megaspider visuals and yummy salma hayek :kiss:
np: elfman's Dick Tracy cd i recently found for $.99

04-25-2002, 08:25 PM
why did people hate this one so much?
funny, I was thinking the same thing about What Dreams May Come. I saw it in the theatre, and was very caught up in it. I don't know if "enjoyed" is the right word, since it was really a sad movie, but I was definitely not disappointed. Hmmmm.

05-17-2002, 12:25 AM
I guess I'll revive this with an E2 review. :)

AOTC was such a better film than I thought it would be. I thought I'd get real bored in the first hour because of earlier sayings from people but I only got bored during the scenes with Padme and Anakin horsin' around in the field and those other love scenes just between them.

The Coruscant scenes are very awesome and neatly well done, theres also plenty of very well tossed-in humor.

Kamino and Geonosis scenes were excellently done, I thought the actors handled the having to interact with empty space on blue/green screen sets was done quite well, it truly does not give the feel that they're not talking to anyone. :cool:

Yoda vs. Dooku was GREAT, it was quite realistic and not like I thought it would be - I was picturing Kermit vs. Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island duel. :sur:

I'm thinking by the time this actually finishes it's theater runs, it'll have earned more than Episode 1 - and hopefully earned more than anything else. Definitely can't wait for the DVD, which will be out alongside the VHS unlike how we had to wait for the E1 DVD. :D

Btw, thanks to VT, I'm now the proud owner of a complete carded collection of the basic Power of the Jedi figures. :happy:

05-18-2002, 05:53 PM
short, 1st-viewing impressions:
-feels like it's gonna take about 15 viewins to properly absorb this one, it's so dense, so sprawling, so heady. many of the criticisms i've read of are valid re its shortcomings as a Film, but as a painting, or a Drug (which is how i experienced it), it's a supercool, marvelous, heady trip, one whose strong, dark flavors linger with me & carried me over nearly all its weak spots & then some. if anything makes me finally give in & buy a dvd player it'll be this :cool: aside from that, i did notice:
-while some of the edits, the scene-to-scene transitions, served the pacing & tension well, others felt odd & distracting: mostly between the big dusty clonebattle shots & the quieter, character-focused moments but also elsewhere; for example, when ani went after mama in tusken camp they swithced to geonosis before i realized it, and for a moment i thought the odd tower jutting into the night sky was a tusken landmark- until i saw obiwan walkin into its base :rolleyes:
-while much of the geonosis scenes were too busy or dulled to be aesthetically satisfying, its factory scenes were nicely coherent :)
-ani sounded surprised when nat declared her love for him, and he wasn't the only one; her motivation wasn't adequately set up, we seemed to have missed the part where she developed these feelins for him :rolleyes:
-shmi's "now i'm complete" remark was too vague to substitute for the needed "something told me you were coming so i waited; now i can die, unnnnhhh" :dead: as it was, it played a bit too conveniently.
-if jorge couldn't think of anything for babyboba to do besides make the same petulant scowls & gleeful s******s over & over (beavis & boba?), it mighta been better it he remained as laconic as he did in the orig trilogy :p
-the coruschase/barscene w/tonydaniels cameo made up for everything Blade Runner was missing :cool: that zam character was supercool, but i still ain't gonna buy her figure ;)
-when yoda stood his ground he embodied power convincingly, but when he started jumpin around like a mouse the theater was laughing, half at its absurdity and half at delighted surprise that they actually managed to make his gymnastics halfway plausible ;)
the geonosian topguy's outfit looked very klingon chancellor :) and gettin outta the council tower was the best thing that ever happened to badass mace :cool:
-think i'll go read my brother's copy of the novel to clear up some of my confusions now (Who ordered the start of clone production ten years previous?). meanwhile, tomorrow morning i might go see it on the only theater in town offering digital projection :)

05-18-2002, 08:35 PM
Yoda's fighting reminded me of the Tazmanian Devil with a lightsabre, but I loved when he did that sorta bruce lee-ish hand gesture - the whole theatre went wild when he did that!

Everyone in the various SSG threads has already dissected the film to the Nth degree, so I'll just say that I liked it a lot. I think it is either the best, or 2nd best SW to-date, story wise. TESB may be equally good in that respect. SFX were, of course, the best so far. The sound was just phenomenal!

Lucas has really set himself (and us) up for an epic in the next film, if it's going to fill the void between this point and a reasonable time leading into EP4 ANH.

Poor little Boba :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: picking up his "daddy's" helmet-head!

05-19-2002, 09:16 AM
Well, I decided I would post afterall :rolleyes:

I too loved it but I don't see the reason for it being elevated as one of the best, where EP1 is shunned..:confused:

As VT has said, it was fantastically complex and as a film suceeds less than as a "drug". I can't fault anyone in it and although Hayden had his unconvincing moments, I thought they were tempered with some fantastic expressions and good acting - I like the way he was at times almost bi-polar.

I would like to lose the Dexter scene. It was too MIB for me. Sadly, it also sited or locationised the SW universe, firmly in America for that scene, whereas I've always enjoyed the timelessness and placeless image of the SW's locations. Those kind of diners, waitresses etc are particular to the States. Even though Theed was strongly Renaissance (and filmed in part in Italy), it was still anonymous enough and more Naboo than Europe ;) Did you notice the almost identical camerawork and ambience between Boss Nass and Dexter; "....the planet coooore" and; "...how deep your pocket book is"? ;)

VT said
.......for example, when ani went after mama in tusken camp they swithced to geonosis before i realized it, and for a moment i thought the odd tower jutting into the night sky was a tusken landmark- until i saw obiwan walkin into its base

Me too! Except I still thought it was Anakin when Obi was looking down the minarets and in the Cathedral-like hall. I was thinking "Oh wow, so the TRs are this cloistered semi-religious order" and was looking forward to all this added backstory of the TRs...:)

More will come to me with successive views (seen it twice) but I'm not really that interested in too much discourse. I got fed up defending the fact that I liked Jar Jar and loved EP1:mad: last time round.

ps Absolutely loved Palpatines disingenuous lies "I love democracy"; Jango's Sonic bombs noise and the WW2 bomber sound of the first (superior) Senator ship at the beginning.

05-25-2002, 10:53 PM
"Irreversible" (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/entertainmentstorydisplay.cfm?storyID=2043274&thesection=entertainment&thesubsection=film&thesecondsubsection=general) the scandal of Cannes.

05-26-2002, 08:25 AM
Good God! :eek:. Certainly not my cuppa! And I thought I did well to sit through all of Man bites dog. Ta for the link, Swaffy.


05-27-2002, 12:00 PM
here's one for VT...

Novocaine - predictable but fun story of a dentist (Steve Martin) who has a very bad few days. I was going to call this a dark comedy, but it really isn't a comedy at all. It's just a weird suspense story. I don't think HBC has ever played this type of role before, but she's fun to watch. I thought she did it pretty low-key, and that worked. Laura Dern is okay as the dental hygienist/main squeeze. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it, so I'll stay lean on details. If you like weird movies, and don't mind if you figure out the plot early on, and just watch to see how the director decides to tell the story, then you'll enjoy this. I do think this overall plot concept is becoming overdone.

06-01-2002, 07:50 PM
. . . cuz b'jr's currently coaxing me to see it, and i just came across a brief review of it in an old fashmag (i didn't know hbc was in it! reason enough right there :kiss: ). so now i'm intrigued, much like jdah's comments on BJones' Diary offer the opportunity to trade thoughts on it & have thus persuaded me to give it a chance one of these months (i wouldn't've been much interested otherwise) :)
also kinda intrigued by Irreversible, partly cuz i'm surprised to see such reactions from the supposedly-savvy cannes crowd. especially since the underlying theory & process behind all such hoo-haas has been widely & clinically understood for some time now. another quote from everett's Art Theory & Crit (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0786401400/qid=1022978602/sr=8-8/ref=sr_8_8/104-4105352-6321564):
"avant-garde activity by definition is separate from the activity of the masses, the general public, the popular culture. being separate from the public at large is a necessary characteristic of the avant-garde because the raison d'etre of the avant-garde is to threaten the status quo. avant-garde artists make art that is rejected by the populace. labeled as ugly or irrelevant, the popular culture does not like avant-garde art because it does not depict the accepted values of the culture. instead, avant-garde art affronts the sensibilities of the popular culture, with gestures calculated to insult the bourgeois. the avant-garde irritates the populace, causing discomfort, sometimes violent reactions and, eventually, change. the avant-garde is the ingredient that causes society to change. the story goes that the popular culture would not make significant changes of its own accord. the avant-garde must present to the popular culture revolutionary ideas (sometimes in the form of art) that are accepted only after much protesting. after that, the avant-garde presents new and even more offensive ideas, and the turbulence starts over. the agitating activity of the avant-garde is necessary in order for society to progress, since progress is dependent on movement from one state to another. according to the avant-garde, this keeps culture alive because changing from one state to another pushes humanity along a path of continual improvement."
AOTC 2nd viewing impressions:
i'd finished the novelization before this second viewing, but it didn't necessarily clear up all the quextions i had (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=91847#post91847) :p
first i saw it on the biggest screen in town, next i saw it on the only digital screen in town. the latter has stadium seating so it was easier to see yoda's super-grover (http://www.p08.net/~jarco/grover/index.htm) antics ;) otherwise couldn't detect much diff, aside from the absence of upper-right reel-change indicator dots every 20 minutes and Maybe the clonetrooper parade-ground shot. and re our recent theater decorum discussion (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=66242#post66242) the first 20 minutes of the flik were punctuated by so much distractingly audible popcorn crunchin & wrapper crinklin it sounded like the audience was gettin Rained on :rolleyes: why didn't these pinheads just wait til after the show & enjoy a civilized, fun, people-watchin sit-down meal on a patio right across the street (http://www.paramountcafe.com/1.html) like we did? the age of inappropriate, rampant multitasking is upon us i spose :rolleyes:

jdah: "I too loved it but I don't see the reason for it being elevated as one of the best, where EP1 is shunned"
-re first viewings of both ep1 and 2, i think i was able to walk in with few high or low expectations (and avoid most spoilers). the diff was that when i walked outta ep1 i felt neither much buzz Nor disappointment; but after ep2 i was flyin, on a definite lingering buzz only a cool sw flick can give :)
on second viewing i find AOTC remains a bracing, startling and effective aesthetic & conceptual expansion of the canon universe, while still fitting harmoniously within that universe (for the most part). even so, and even though i do have add'l good viewing opportunities (i.e. going w/friends who haven't seen it, which always adds to the fun), i no longer feel an enthusiasm for seeing it 15 times to "properly absorb" it as i remarked after 1st viewing (above). more specific remarks:
-the abrupt changes of pace & scale i previously mentioned weren't as distracting this time, but the badly-edited fireplace scene, together with its cringe-inducing dialog, certainly was :p
-since lucas is fond of echos, i'm wondering if the fake-lookin shot of dooku's bike hoppin dunes (goin from upper-right to lower-left on screen) was an intentional echo of the fake-lookin earlier shot of zam's wobbly speeder (also movin from upper-right to lower-left) goin down for a crash-land? :p
-even more eye-rolling than the jarjar character's obvious shortcomings in TPM is the even more obvious balancing act lucas & ahmed best tried this time round, in keeping jj's AOTC presence as small & dignified as possible :rolleyes: the whole time he's on-screen in AOTC one can think of Nothing but the world's reaction to him 3 years ago and how that's affected his appearance here. which is understandable, cuz it's clearly all lucas & best could think of while doing these scenes. what hilariously ham-handed mollification, i just Have to laugh :D
-coruscant's So much more breathtaking this time around :happy:

"Absolutely loved Palpatines disingenuous lies"
-yeah, we got a chuckle outta that too :) i'll be waiting for the call-waiting, split-personality scene in ep3 when palps is on the phone sayin "i have faith that the diplomatic soultion i'm pursuing will resolve this latest crisis- oh, that's my other line, can you hold please?" (switches phone lines and intonations- and maybe pops the hood over his head) "what is it Now you stunted sliiiime?" :p

"Jango's Sonic bombs noise"
-i think what made this striking for people as much as the actual noise was the unprecedented (for the sw universe) preceding silence (the implication being that all of sw's usual space-sound had to be turned down so as to not blow out the thx speakers) ;)

"lose the Dexter scene. It was too MIB for me. Sadly, it also sited or locationised the SW universe"
-i think what pushed it too far re this was the elvis-y, malt-shoppy background tune; if it weren't for that i think it woulda played perfect. never underestimate the power of soundtrax ;)

"I still thought it was Anakin when Obi was looking down the minarets and in the Cathedral-like hall. I was thinking 'Oh wow, so the TRs are this cloistered semi-religious order' and was looking forward to all this added backstory of the TRs"
-me 3 ;) and if this sum-greater-than-the-parts "misdirection-editing" played on our expectations was Intentional on lucas' part, i applaud it, cuz even if art only triggers imagination rather than Manifesting those imaginings on-screen, it's still accomplished something :)

"I got fed up defending the fact that I liked Jar Jar and loved EP1"
-in that case i don't spose you'd be interested in joinin our fun lil go-round here (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=89293#post89293)? in case i'm wrong better make it quick, cuz dat thred's days just might be numbered :( but yknow, while i was vaguely aware ep1 was your fave i musta missed the part where you defended it & jarjar, so i hope you'll consider "re"-elaborating your thoughts about same right here on the Hump, pwetty pease :)

swaffy: "Poor little Boba"
-i imagine he'd neither want nor need our pity :evil: ever see that "helmet-head" sketch on snl (host rob lowe was title character as i recall)? :)

06-02-2002, 01:06 PM
but yknow, while i was vaguely aware ep1 was your fave i musta missed the part where you defended it & jarjar, so i hope you'll consider "re"-elaborating your thoughts about same right here on the Hump, pwetty pease

Of course, if only to clarify that I did not mean amongst our group on the GalooBB - although I posted my opinions after seeing it - but with for-really people that I work and play with.

There are no shortage of people around me who, aware of my maniac fandom, take the most extreme pleasure in either baiting me (in vain) about the films, or offering their most inconsidered, unrequested and unvalued opinions; on what GL is trying to acheive; or what he did achieve. TPM became a focus for SW naysayers and I got bored of Jar Jar being the epicentre. I liked him, he made me laugh and I would have a million Jar Jars over the Ewoks in a blink! How anyone can not like the greeting he gives the astormechs is a mystery to me - "hello boyos!" it's just so mad! :D :D

For a time I defended my opinion before realising I didn't actually care about what other people thought...

I didn't go to the cinema in 1999 with Jeditricks', Swaffy's, GSJ's, VT's or anyone else's criteria in mind, I went for myself. I love Renaissance art for example, and so the thing that really sticks in my mind about EP1 is the splendour of Theed. While others wet their frillies over Coruscant, I see Amidala standing in front of the full size windows at the beginning of the TF invasion; the aerial shot over the Royal grounds; the Royal cruiser leaving the Hangar,etc etc, and wet mine :D

Furthermore, until I saw AOTC, Yoda was my least favourite character in the SW uni (followed by Boba Fett). So, now he's one of my favourites, so what? My least favoourite SW film is ESB. I think it becomes a pedestrian trudge through imagined hardship. Do I expect people to care about these kind of opinions o' mine? ;) No! I know what I like and I like what I please. :p (My brother is always getting worked up over Oscar Nominations and Grammys etc. I don't get it.....)

I don't think EP1 is better than EP2. I just don't see a difference.


06-03-2002, 11:40 AM
Time Machine - A rushed attempt at whimsy that spoiled the promise of a good premise.

For a start, I was concerned about the accents....the usually-good Guy P. was straddling the pond with his Anglo-american accent, the Full Monty's token fatbloke was equally as flibberty (and embarrasing) with his Amer-anglo accent. Even Samantha Mumba lapsed into her Irish lilt once or twice. I say "even" because I thought she was a good little actress. The standard eyerolling response when I heard another popstarlet was to be in a movie was not appropriate to her performance and I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all, I think they'd taken a good idea and rushed it. I kept having visions of A.I. throughout because of the reference to the passage of a long time. Although A.I. spans a mere 2.000 years and Time Machine over 800.000, I think the Spielberg collab gave the impression of passing time much more successfully and almost tangibly. A rush of badly-CGI'd seasons and stereotypical images from the dresser labeled "icons to denote passage of time" did not really do the film much good and it also started to take on a Dr Who hue.

Jeremy Irons part was lost. Some poignant lines were rushed and this robbed the moment of it's tragedy. The whole premise of Guy going back/forward in time was to find out why he could not solve things but the reason was almost muttered to him. Not that this was JI's fault, he was playing well, albeit the same character he always plays of late.
obvious CGI

I did love the scenes of the Moon and the nod to Tuvok and TOS by Orlando.

I feel this film should've been another hour in length.

so. Anyone seen Dog Soldiers?

06-05-2002, 08:32 PM
VT, do you own and/or have you seen the Jaglom flick "Always" ?
If possible, please reply before noon Thursday 5/6. Thanks.

06-05-2002, 11:33 PM
i've seen Always but don't own it. lmk if i can be of further assist, & why you axin ;)

06-06-2002, 12:25 AM
VT, I thought since I am sending you $ for the paypal fee, I'd ask you if you'd prefer to have a copy of Always instead.

06-08-2002, 12:09 PM
my jan 10 01 always hump: "('85, alan rachins)- jaglom's semi-VeriTe, semi-autobio VigneTte of his wife (played by his actual ex-wife) droppin by to sign divorce papers and instead stayin, along w/unexpected houseguests, over the (4th of july) weekend. a lil too self-indulgent to be as good as Venice/Venice, but still a penetrating, escapist view into jaglom's physical & social milieu, as well as the mindset of the latter" :)
to answer quextion: i enjoyed it, but not enough to bother acquiring it for nearby library's vid dept, which i would do mainly for xtra convenience in case i wanted to show it to others. also, DPL (http://denver.lib.co.us/)'s got plentya copies at various branches :) so, if it's cheaper for you to acquire And send Always to me than the $2.60 you owe, do it; otherwise, save yer $$, with my blessing, & thanx for offer :D

06-08-2002, 05:23 PM
VT, no problem. The auction ended on 5/6 around 1PM. ;)

If you're not in a hurry for the $2.60, I have been looking for something collectible, rather than cash, to send you. There was a set of HR Giger prints that I thought you'd enjoy. Other things, too. One day not too long from now, either the $2.60 or something I hope you think is cool will show up at your mailbox.

Have a fun weekend!

06-08-2002, 07:43 PM
. . .the only desired, still-eludin me collectibubble subbstittutes i can think of offhand are:
-Some Prefer Cake or High Art vhs
-SPC score, john barry's Mercury Rising score or John Barry: Ember Years Volume 3 cd
-var. ep2 accessories (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=8625)
-the mm-sized shuttle (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2109542436) that came with the trek (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1737886069) V (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1739154654) and VI (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2109519085) editions of the ent-a (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1738150419) model (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1739257213). i've no use for the larger ent-a model, but would want any decals belonging to the shuttle ;)
if i think of anythin else that might make a good subby, i'll lyk :greedy: remember the good ol days when one could pay off an mm collector with MMS????? :frus:

06-13-2002, 09:54 AM
hope you don't mind if i interrupt your feverish, laudable pursuit of fun trade items for me- just wanted to mention i just realized the Bottle Rocket soundtrack is another good candidate for same ;)
again, no hurry, take yer time, always nice to have a personal shopper ;)

06-26-2002, 11:12 AM
-aw, them kind's the most fun :stupid:

"How anyone can not like the greeting he gives the astormechs"
-i don't imagine That was the problem anyone had w/him :sur: personally i liked the audaciously goofyass grin he flashed when meeting obiwan for 1st time; alas, one grin does not mitigate jj's overall lameness :p ("meesa go Peepee and Poopoo and Caca" -snl spoof of jarjar :D )

"my least favourite character in the SW uni (followed by Boba Fett"
-ooo, i never knew you felt that way about bf; please elaborate :) even though irvin kershner rightly observed he wasn't so much a character as a plot device, imo he's still supercool :evil:

"A.I. spans a mere 2.000 years and Time Machine over 800.000"
-aw Man, did you just manage to spoiler not one but Two flix for me in the course of a single sentence? :( where's my amnesiac syringe? :zzz:

"nod to Tuvok and TOS by Orlando"
-as in sally potter's Orlando? i assume i won't understand these allusions til i see Time Machine, yes? (unlike above Spoilers ;) )

06-27-2002, 01:27 PM
Dear VT, whilst I know you have little time for apologies, I would like to offer great ones for my gaff. My Gob's bigger than goofyass JJ. :o:o:o

You know how pedantic I am about spoilers, and having dropped 2 is upsetting to me as it would be being a spoiledee.

Boba Fett's mythos annoyed me. I didn't like the automatic coolness the youf culture gave him for doing nothing, and this turned me off him, not anything he had done. IMO Boba Fett was a freighter pilot in ESB, not a Bounty hunter, Vader caught him regardless of Boba's tracking him to Bespin and from thereon BF shipped him to Jabba.

I also thought his rag-bag costume was naff and weedy from the neck down, his image as a Bounty Hunter rather missed the mark for me. his demise was also particularly clumsy.... :rolleyes:

When I got o/l (on the internet) in 1997 I was greeted by Boba-namesakes in all the chat rooms and forums that I cut my teef on and disliked the way they ***/u/me/d automatic credibility simply by appending 'Fett' or prefixing 'Boba'. I'm just nasty like that ;)

We all have our irrational prejudices and mine was Boba Fett. If (if, if, if) Boba Fett had been Jango and Jango had an even more superior image than he has in AOTC, I would have been a bit more with him.

Of course, I don't really go in for EU so I have not seen how effective a Bounty hunter he is outside of SW-ROTJ


p.s I'm really sorry for being a spoileree

07-06-2002, 10:40 AM
"I didn't like the automatic coolness the youf culture gave him for doing nothing"
-but, but, the same's true of some of our biggest stars- and, at times, rightly so :D

"his rag-bag costume was naff and weedy from the neck down"
-naw, it was cool; he's a cat who don't stand on ceremony & vanity, lettin stuff get all beat up to hell. even so, he still wins the style award, partly cuz he Wasn't tryin ;) since he was inspired partly by clint eastwood, you still gotta see Unforgiven (the western so cool even western-haters can dig it :cool: )

"his demise was also particularly clumsy"
-not to mention hard to believe; which is why those bf fans in the know prefer to think of this as a Dream Sequence or some such, one which has nothin to do with sw canon :crazed:

"disliked the way they ***/u/me/d automatic credibility simply by appending 'Fett' or prefixing 'Boba'"
-ah, shouldn't confuse the Man with his Fans ;)
vt (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=10903)

07-06-2002, 01:36 PM
"I did love the scenes of the Moon and the nod to Tuvok and TOS by Orlando"

Orlando Jones that would be, from Evolution

and ADFAA? you've got mail......


07-08-2002, 05:56 AM
The Ninth Gate
I really enjoyed this intellectual horror. Not many movies have had the inside strands of my brain tied in nots like this did.

Dracula 2000
The best origin of Dracula/vampires I have ever seen. I have been a conosuir of collecting various vampire stories and origins thereof.

Freddy Got Fingered
One of the best comedies in years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged me.
Again another one of the best comedies.

Urban Ledgend(first one)
The best one of any of the new age horrors.

Jeeper's Creepers
A refreshing movie, a break from all the "TRENDY" scream movies.
Can't wait till the 2nd one comes out and they are making one!!:D

07-13-2002, 12:25 PM
Austin's fat bastid was fun, & i also LOVED Freddy (i'll post my hump of it here Eventually ;) ).
i don't see hardly any flix during summer, but i did think of a game we can play in the meantime: Flik Twins! yall know what i mean: you know how so often these days when a movie comes out, its media image- whether or not you actually See it- uncannily brings to mind Another recently-released flik?
at first glance this phenom would seem to be a glitch in the media medium, seeing as how one would think a flik's success would depend on its ability to carve out a Singular media image for itself amongst the info-age firmament that buzzes non-stop about us. but as you can see from many of the pairings below, this twinning often seems to go hand-in-hand with success. it's almost as if the public Won't take a chance on a flik unless they see there's another one much like it out there :rolleyes: or maybe it's kinda like celebrity marriages: pairing up makes both more famous & powerful (what, you're Shocked at the implication that celebs get hitched for their careers? oh, i spose you thought they do it out of Love :rolleyes: ).
while not necessarily a reflection of a flik's merit (some twins are actually quite good), it seems these days everything comes in twos :rolleyes: examples:
AI/Minority Report
Vanilla Sky/Eyes Wide Shut
Almost Famous/High Fidelity
Rushmore/Wonder Boys
American Beauty/Magnolia
Royal Tenenbaums/Gosford Park
Patch Adams/Awakenings
Pleasantville/Blast From The Past
XMen/Mystery Men
Antz/A Bug's Life
Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings
La Femme Nikita/Betty Blue
Swordfish/Enemy Of The State
Any Given Sunday/The Replacements
Sum Of All Fears/Bourne Identity
Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast & The Furious
thoughts? other pairings? :)
jdah: what's adfaa mean?
p.s. hey, don't any of you have any comments on Art Theory & Crit quote in post 144 above?

07-19-2002, 12:57 PM
Armageddon/Deep Impact
Waterworld/The Postman
In The Soup/Search & Destroy
Beautiful Thing/Like It Is
Muriel's Wedding/Love Serenade
My Best Friend's Wedding/Four Weddings & Funeral (i know i saw One of those weddings, but i can't even remember Which one :p )
i also seem to recall confusing Bridget Jones' Diary and Like Water For Chocolate with a coupla other flix but can't recall which offhand; can anyone else?

07-19-2002, 03:18 PM
maybe not released very close in time to each other, but:
arachniphobia / 8-legged freaks

it seems like a lot of similar teen scary movies hit all at one a while back... "I-know-what-you-scream(ed)-last-summurban-legend"

07-19-2002, 06:28 PM
FYI, I found Paglia (http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=1975) writing a column at this (http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=1975) site.

07-20-2002, 01:52 AM
"Waterworld/The Postman" - Yeah, there's a friggin' challenge VT! ;) What, that took you all of 2 seconds to dream up? :D

Eternal Padawan
07-20-2002, 09:07 AM
So what you're saying is everything is derivative of everything else VT?

That's because the movie MAKERS are also movie GOERS, and the guys with the cash (studio heads) want what the other guys with the cash are makin' money with. Another rut is "genre". When a filmmaker decides "I'm going to make a movie." she (or he) invariably decides WESTERN! or SCI-FI! or GANGSTER! (I'm thinkin' the current trend starter Road to Perdition. Expect more gangster flicks in the next five years.) and is then limited/tied down by the tropes of that genre. So you want to make a western, eh? Well, now you've commited yourself to horses and gunfights and lassos and saloons, etc. Certainly can't have molls and tommy guns and speakeasies in a WESTERN! Can't have lasers and robots and spaceships in a GANGSTER! And the audience has seen saloons and gunfights before. So it's all derivative.

I keep thinking of Any Given Sunday/Varsity Blues as a good example of your theory. Or sports movies in general. The on-field antics of any sports movie are virtually identical. Remember the one where the supporting character injures himself in a sacrificial play to get the score within the winning touchdown so the hero can find the courage in himself to make the winning goal with seconds to spare and get the girl?

Why! I think I saw that movie once! ;)

07-23-2002, 11:17 PM
Tombstone/Young Guns
Johnny Mnemonic/Lawnmower Man
Apollo 13/From Earth To The Moon (tv movie i know, but don't tell Me you Also weren't struck by this hanks/astronaut twindom :p )
One Night At McCool's/Coyote Ugly
Hunt For Red October/Crimson Tide
K-19/U-571 :rolleyes:
(another great name for this game would be david spade's quip "i really liked ______ the first time i saw it, when it was called ______" :D )
hmm, so cp sez she Wrote a column for salon "for Six years beginning in 1995"? sounds like that gig is up :( but thanx for huntin down her new stompin grounds for me :cool:
re her "There was a time when *** men were known for their scathingly independent minds and their encyclopedic knowledge of culture. The welcome relaxation of legal and social sanctions against homosexuality over the past 30 years has paradoxically weakened the unsentimental powers of observation for which gays, as outsiders, were once renowned. *** men used to be ferocious exemplars of free thought and free speech"
-hmm, kinda recalls what i was saying awhile back about certain "male lesbians" usurpin that high ground of late, eh? :cool:

"lot of similar teen scary movies hit all at one a while back"
-yeah really- it was The Scared WB Teen Idols vs The Scared Fox Teen Idols :p

ep: "So what you're saying is everything is derivative of everything else VT?"
-yeah i know, quite the original observation on my part ;) hmm, now that you mention it i wonder what makes a better pairing: AnyGivenSunday/Replacements, AnyGivenSunday/VarsityBlues or Replacements/VarsityBlues? or should we just proclaim them Flik Triplets? :happy:

"sports movies in general"
-like maybe Bull Durham/For The Love Of The Game? Field Of Dreams/The Natural? :D

jt: "took you all of 2 seconds to dream up?"
-hey mister la-la-wood, i don't see you Or your jiminy-glickesque agent offerin us any zamples :crazed: wonderful wonderful WUNNNNDERRFULLLLL ;)

Eternal Padawan
07-24-2002, 09:00 AM
Who can forget the classic Never Say Never Again/Octo*****!

(borrowing from the book of Pendo)


07-24-2002, 12:35 PM
re: Tombstone/Young Guns

whaddabout Tombstone/Wyatt Earp for cripe's sakes!!!

07-24-2002, 12:47 PM
Has anyone seen "Nowhere"; it's one of my favorite films. Drugs, sex and aliens...what else could you need in a movie!?!

07-25-2002, 12:21 AM
Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
Who can forget the classic Never Say Never Again/Octo*****!

(borrowing from the book of Pendo)

ROLLO! WRONG WRONG WRONG! (I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything ;)), it's "Thunderball/Never Say Never Again".

You're right VT, but there's a good explanation, I don't care for this game. :D

07-31-2002, 11:28 PM
. . .meanwhile i have seen 3 others by that director (gregg araki): Totally "Phuqued" Up (bleeeah), Doom Generation (feh) & The Living End (quite good) and, best of all Splendor, which i humped on my very first post on this thred :D
waaaa, jt doesn't care for our games :cry: :cry: :cry: oh well, much as it pains us, we'll play w/out him:
Suicide Kings/King Of New York
Anaconda/Lake Placid
Last Action Hero/True Lies
Eraser/The 6th Day
Red Heat/Raw Deal
Point Break/Vertical Limit/Terminal Velocity
Heathers/River's Edge
18 Again/Vice Versa/Like Father Like Son (a trio of 80s dad/kid body-switch "comedies" :p )
Electric Horseman/Urban Cowboy
Steel Magnolias/Frahd Green Tomaters
St. Elmo's Fire/About Last Night
Ruthless People/Down & Out In Beverly Hills
Stakeout/Running Scared
Say Anything/The Rachel Papers
Meet Joe Black/Legend Of Bagger Vance
Natural Born Killers/Kalifornia
Truth Or Consequences N.M. (http://us.imdb.com/ImageView?u=http%3A//images.amazon.com/images/P/076781083X.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg)/Freeway (http://us.imdb.com/ImageView?u=http%3A//images.amazon.com/images/P/6304517661.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg)

swaffy: "whaddabout Tombstone/Wyatt Earp"
-idunno, i haven't seen Any of these 3 westerns ;) tell me this & i'll decide: is Earp chock-fullo bratpackers like Tombst & Younguns?
also, The Program, like Any Given Sunday, has a Gahdfadda alum (caan & pacino respectively), so maybe the best twinnings would be Program/Any Given Sunday and Varsity Blues/Replacements? but wait, what do we do pair up with Remember The Titans?? (as always, any twinnings may be subject to improvements & revisions :D )

08-01-2002, 10:29 PM
is Earp chock-fullo bratpackers like Tombst & Younguns?

well, if that's the criteria for making these pairings, then I was incorrect to match the two. I picked earp & tombstone for the obvious, identical subject matter and seemingly back-to-back dates of release.

here's a question for the forum:

which film do you like better?.... Tombstone, with it's flinty-eyed Kurt RusssEarp and Kilmer's hambone "you're no daisy" Doc,

- or -

Wyatt Earp's wooden Kevin Costner & Quaid's impeccable (IMHO)Southern gentleman-scoundrel portrayal of Holliday?

For my money, I wish these 2 movies would have traded Earps. Wyatt Earp would have been awesome with Russell, and I could have passed entirely on Tombstone with Costner & Kilmer.

what do you think???

08-09-2002, 12:11 PM
-criteria? Criteria?? since when do such things as instinct, amused exasperation at one's own inability to distinguish suspiciously-alike flix, and out&out Prejudice towards same answer to respectable, measureable notions like criteria? ;) i'm just tryina see which of these mental pairings are purely personal, and which resonate with yall :)
i see your Tomb/Earp quextion's ignited a storm of response, doncha Love it when that happens? :crazed: hmm, let's see if these do:
Platoon/Hamburger Hill
Deer Hunter/Coming Home
Silkwood/China Syndrome
Unmarried Woman/Ordinary People
Mickey Blue Eyes/Analyze Dis
Simon Birch/Frankie Starlight
Out Of Africa/I Dreamed Of Africa (could this Be more blatant :rolleyes: )
Why'd Stella Hafta Get Her Groove Back/Waiting To Inhale
Boyz N The Hood/Menace 2 Society
Brother From Another Planet/Man Facing Southeast
Mission To Mars/Pitch Black
Cutthroat Island/Hudson Hawk
Last Seduction/Jade
Virtuosity/The Net

08-09-2002, 05:54 PM
i see your Tomb/Earp quextion's ignited a storm of response, doncha Love it when that happens?:crazed:

...yep, that one went over like a Sunday morning church fart.

08-15-2002, 11:49 PM
. . .Pearl Harbor?? :p:D
pretty soon i'm not gonna be able to come up w/any more flik twin examples, so if you guys don't start comin up w/some soon, to keep this thred buoyant during the summer hiatus i'm gonna be forced to post my Grand Unified Theory Of When It's Best To Watch What Kinda Flix. and believe me (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/johnbarry/message/7296), you don't want That :p
Lorenzo's Oil/Ulee's Gold
Pay It Forward/Man Without A Face
Stand & Deliver/Lean On Me
Brothers McMullen/She's The One
Elizabeth/Shakespeare In Love
Deep Star Six/Leviathan
Pelican's Briefs/The Firm
Saving Ryan's Privates/Black Hock Down
Island Of Dr. Moreau/Medicine Man/Mosquito Coast
13 Ghosts/13th Floor/13th Warrior
Gods & Monsters/Angels & Insects/Beautiful Creatures
i know Backdraft has a twin; can anyone think of it??

08-16-2002, 11:50 AM
i know Backdraft has a twin; can anyone think of it??

towering inferno? j/k

I think you're thinking of Turk182 ??

08-20-2002, 11:15 PM
or, if you'd prefer a pre-9-11-anniversary joke: TI's twin is Airport '75 :eek:
Toy Story/Small Soldiers
Vincent & Theo/Dominic & Eugene
Force Ten From Navarone/The Big Red One (post-sw-cash-in ww2 vehicles for ford/hamill)
Shanghai Triad/Temptress Moon
Bullets Ovah Broahdway/Manhattan Murdah Mystery
Mighty Aphrodite/Deconstructing Harry
Emerald Forest/Mosquito Coast
Pretty Woman/Runaway Bride
Sixteen Candles/Pretty In Pink
Beat Street/Breakin
Lambada/The Fordbidden Dance
Demolition Man/Judge Dredd
Zardoz/Xanadu/Flash Gordon
Texasville/The Two Jakes
French Connection/The Conversation
Pacific Heights/Unlawful Entry
Not Without My Daughter/Payback (aka mel gibson shouting "GIMME BACK MY SON!!" :rolleyes: )

also, a la star twins (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=159995#post159995), a coupla fliktwin math equations:
(Braveheart+We Were Soldiers)/2 = The Patriot
Steel - Shazam + Matrix/2 = Blade

08-21-2002, 01:00 AM
I actually liked Gummo. I remember that when we first rented it, it actually made me physically sick to my stomach. That kid who goes around killing cats is simply disturbing. It is one of my mom's favorite movies (we enjoy watching artsy/independant films). Now whenever we see someone that looks like they ought to be in Gummo, she reminds me of the movie. My favorite part: when the blonde girls are tearing duct tape off their nipples, to make them harder, to the sound of Buddy Holly's "Rollercoaster". By the way, the people who live aruound Xenia Ohio are not all like the movie portrayed them to be...but granted, a LOT of them ARE hicks!

Patient Zero
08-21-2002, 11:55 PM
Originally posted by TylerD
I actually liked Gummo.

So what is the deal with the kid in the rabbit ears? Seriously. I liked this movie also (more so then Blade. Why does everyone like that cr@9fest?) but I just can't figure it out.:zzz:

08-22-2002, 12:38 AM
I also asked myself that same question Jonna!

08-25-2002, 11:00 AM
i found its soundtrack awhile back for $3.50 :)
uh oh! i'm running out of fliktwins! you guys better start thinkin of some :o
Truman Show/EDtv
O/Save The Last Dance (aka the julia-stiles-gets-her-jungle-fever-freak-on double-header :rolleyes: )

good shot jansen
08-26-2002, 12:50 PM
all we need is "chantilly lace, the big bopper story to make it a triptic :evil:

backdrafts twin would be striking distance with bruce willis and sarah jessica parker (instead of fire, we got water in this one)

absolute power/no way out
water world/dirt world (the postman ;) )
making mr. right/wierd science :rolleyes:
kentucky fried movie/groove tube
inner space/fantastic voyage
tootsie/mrs. doubtfire
billy bathgate/once upon a time in america
carlitos way/scarface (sean penn plays the part of "my little friend" in carlitos way :p )

good shot jansen
08-28-2002, 04:08 PM

labamba, lambada whatever, jes bring me a beer der woud'ja edith?

sorry about re=postin' water world/dirt world, i'm trying to catch up and missed that that had already been covered.:zzz:

somewhere in time/the time machine
bobby deerfiled/days of thunder
born on the 4th of july/coming home
never say never again/thunderball (ok i'm cheating with that one)

08-29-2002, 05:15 PM
"La Bamba" 2 words.
"Lambada" not even 1 word. ;)

09-04-2002, 11:21 PM
inspired by your effort, i won't give up the fliktwin ghost jist Yet:
Blue Crush/Swimfan
Shrek/Monsters Inc
Monsters Ball/In The Bedroom
Eve's Bayou/Down In The Delta
Riding In Cars With Boys/Boys On The Side
Ladies' Man/Pootie Tang
Blue Lagoon/Endless Love
Where The Heart Is/Anywhere But Here
Big Night/Enemies A Love Story
Moonstruck/Prizzi's Honor
Miss Congeniality/Beautiful
did i say Shazam?? i meant to say Kazaam :rolleyes:

09-09-2002, 02:39 PM
Volcano/Dante's Peak
Hoosiers/Hoop Dreams
Love & Bassaball/The Bassaball Diaries
maybe i'll hafta start Humpin flix agin soon :sur:

good shot jansen
09-10-2002, 06:34 AM
taking of pelham 123/speed
the out of towners/after hours
jesus christ superstar/godspell (oh, we're not doing broadway shows are we?, ok, then howzbout' godspell/jesus christ superstar :p )
his girl friday/the front page (cheatin' again)
blow up/blow out (has that been said already?)
the french connection/the 7 ups (i know you posted the conversation, but for some reason these two always seem to go hand in hand imho) (prolly cause of roy schieder, the origianl 6 degree's of seperation man :p )

09-19-2002, 11:27 PM
-heck, i spose we can even do tv shows if you wanna, like, say, Addams Family & The Munsters, or I Dream Of Jeannie & Bewitched, or Brady Bunch & Partridge Family, or Sanford & Son and Chico & The Man, or Dynasty & Dallas, or Full Boss & Who's The House :D we can even do equations, like Baretta + Dukes Of Hazzard = Starsky & Hutch :p
K-9/Turner & Hooch
John Q/The Negotiator
Dangerous Minds/The Principal
Behind Enema Lines/Men Of Honor
Against All Odds/Romancing The Stone
Leaving Las Vegas/Honeymoon In Vegas
Not Another Teen Movie/Dude Where's My Car
Streetcar Named Desire/Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
East Of Eden/Rebel Without A Cause
Looking For Mr. Goodbar/The Goodbye Girl
An Affair To Remember/Indiscreet
Sleepless In Seattle/You've Got Mail
Bangup Sisters/Sisters Of The YaYa Secrethood
a few more equations:
(Oscar+Throw Momma From The Train)/2 = Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot
(Flashdance+Dirty Dancing)/2 = Footloose
(Random Hearts+What Lies Beneath)/2 = Presumed Innocent
(The Outsiders+Boys From Brazil)/2 = Taps
a few suggestions from a klingon pal of mine, but i'm either not familiar enough with them or wasn't annoyed enough by their ad campaigns to evaluate em so you make the call:
Con Air/The Rock
Bad Boys/Bad Boys
Stigmata/End Of Days
Sixth Sense/Stir Of Echoes
Eddie & The Cruisers/Streets Of Fire/Rumble Fish
finally, a few "orphans"- i Know the following have twins but i haven't been able to think of them so maybe you can:
Extreme Prejudice, Mississippi Burning, Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil, 9&1/2 Weeks, Beaches :p

09-20-2002, 12:47 PM
Beaches and Torch Song Trilogy, but not for the plot similarities :p :D ;)


10-01-2002, 11:24 PM
uh oh! only two fliktwins this time:
Angel Heart/Jacob's Ladder
Training Day/Remember The Titans
well, can't say i didn't warn you punks (post 174 above): since our fliktwin flow has run dry, the time has come to inflict vt's Grand Unified Theory Of When To Partake Of What Flix on yall- and just in time for flikwatchin season :p
like mm fashion (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=356&pagenumber=1), music fashion & all the other "when it's best to do what" relations i devote a large chunk of my life to obsessively detecting, testing and enjoying (hey, Someone's gotta do it ;) ), this is simply about getting the most bang out of your movietime by harnessing, rather than workin against, the ever-changing, all-encompassing Vibe that's bigger than any of us:)
while some relations are too idiosyncratic to provide enlightening examples for this intro, there are several broad, almost formulaic relationships which i list below by way of illustration. i'll start with the three big groups: weekend nights. the day of the week has a distinct effect on the vibe. though this is hard to put into words, it's self-evident if, for example, one simply recalls how often one has thought, "today's saturday? it Feels like a sunday" :stupid:
to further illustrate i rhapsodize a bit on each vibe and, in the case of these first three, list theaters (mostly denver-area arthouses) that are most redolent of the vibe in question. then i list a selection of flix which both fit that vibe like a glove and have earned vt's stamp of coolness :cool: in the case of a double feature (saturday and sunday nights only), i break the list into two groups to illustrate what kinda flix make the best lead-offs and which make the best cap-offs for your evening :)
finally, though steven soderbergh's neither one of my most- or least-favorite directors, he happens to have turned out flix which fit neatly into all three categories. so i offer two examples of each :crazed:
though my opinions are specific and strong, these are not to be taken as dictations. this is a common mistake most people make when reading fashreports & whatnot, which prevent them from enjoying them for what they are: expressions of cultivated tastes which are offered as food for thought and fodder for comment :) so:

FRIDAY NIGHT: very "date night", very american, very "let's partake of the kinda buzz one gets only from communing with the most averaged cross-section/largest possible number of our fellow citizens to catch the latest blockbuster", for much the same reason the popularity of "appointment television" shows have a snowball effect; for that assurance that everyone else has seen it (or is watching it the same time we are), so it'll make good "water cooler conversation" at work. in other words, its "cultural currency" is good almost anywhere :p whle they occasionally offer non-mainstream sensibilities, friday night flix are nearly always mainstream hollywood productions (up to a decade old) sporting pronounced star power. as a result, most of the time- unlike the flix in the other groups- these are flix you've actually Heard Of:
Whole Nine Yards, O Brother Where Art Thou, Last Seduction, Fight Club, Man On The Moon, Wild Things, Grosse Point Blank, Eyes Wide Shut, Leaving Las Vegas, Seven, Swordfish, The Limey, Eye Of The Beholder, Usual Suspects, Heat, Scent Of A Woman, Reversal Of Fortune, The Game, The Professional
characteristic venue: any suburban multiplex aka, as jay leno put it, "the cement bunker at the end of the shopping mall" :p
characteristic soderbergh flix: Out Of Sight, Traffic
characteristic snackbar purchase: 144-ounce pepsi, overbuttered popcorn, overcheesed nachos, junior mints for your breath :rolleyes:

SATURDAY NIGHT: aka Yuppie Night, the domain of tasteful, well-educated 40-something couples out for a mildly provocative but still critically-sanctioned evening's fare ;) in the event of a double feature you typically start out with nearly any european-(but not english)-language film from the past 15 years:
any almodovars, Run Lola Run, Bossa Nova, Tieta Do Agreste, Blue, Red, La Femme Nikita, Career Girls, Lock Stock & 2 Smokin Barrels, Trainspotting, Girl On The Bridge, Ciao Professore, Caro Diario, Ma Vie En Rose, My Father's Glory/My Mother's Castle, Tango Lesson
then, after all them bourgeois lightweights have gone to sleep, to give your eyes a rest from all the subtitle-reading you extend & deepen this satnite vibe with an english-language flik that sports a distinctly "baroque" or "gothic" feel (maybe it's verbally neurotic, maybe its art direction has a sumptiously warm or forbiddingly cold nostalgia or an excessively-detailed quality, maybe its emotions are high-pitched etc):
post-Hannah woody allens, Wild Man Blues, Pi, Hamlet (ethan hawke's), Different For Girls, English Patient, Twin Falls Idaho, Dancer In The Dark, Rounders, Crash, A Zed & Two Noughts, The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover
(btw, if sky happens to cloud up as the second flik starts, you're especially in luck :D )
characteristic venue: vogue (now closed) or esquire theater
characteristic soderbergh flix: Kafka, King Of The Hill
characteristic snackbar purchase: haaaaagen daaaas bar, espresso, couscous

SUNDAY NIGHT: "hardcore boho night", aka english-language flix from the past 15 years which are urban-gritty, suburban-ironic or rural-scary, scrappy-yet-stylin and not meant for general consumption. in other words, Indie Film Spoken Here :Pirate: if you make a double-header of it you generally start with the more accessible or comedic of the offered sensibilities and get more esoteric & low-budget as the night goes on:
first up:
Sling Blade, Being John Malkovich, Citizen Ruth, Muriel's Wedding, Time Code, Go, Swingers, Splendor, Magnolia, Real Blonde, High Art, Trees Lounge, Gummo, Daytrippers, Dream For An Insomniac, Dream With The Fishes, Swimming With Sharks, Flirting With Disaster, Opposite Of Sex, Pompatus Of Love, Remains Of The Day, Where Angels Fear To Tread, Another Day In Paradise, Truth Or Consequences N.M.
bringin up the rear:
Some Prefer Cake, Clockwatchers, Go Fish, Cannes Man, Chasing Amy, Chuck & Buck, Henry Fool, Watermelon Woman, Waking Life, Book Of Life, Broadway Damage, Bedrooms & Hallways, Unmade Beds, Relax It's Just Sex, Virgin Suicides, In The Company Of Men
characteristic venue: mayan theater
characteristic soderbergh flix: Gray's Anatomy, Schizopolis
characteristic snackbar purchase: none- flix are for watchin, not stuffin yer face :p
questions? comments? fire away, it's your turn now :)

10-02-2002, 01:33 PM
How are you going to learn anything if I just tell you?

;) :p


10-15-2002, 12:05 PM
meanwhile i think it's just a damn Crime how my g.u.t. above hasn't got so much as a Peep of response outta yall so far :zzz: so i'll adapt by reviving my Hump season with a spate of tarantinoesque crime flix, including the first two which triggered the whole trend (tarantino helped make the 1st 3):
natural born killers (harrelson, juliette lewis, rdowneyjr, oliver stone dir.)- corrosive, hallucinatory, soopafun country-crossing, media-folk-hero serial-killer farce with hilarious rodney dengarfield cameo ("i'm gonna clean ya" ) :evil: sorry jdah, this's more fun than similar-themed Man Bites Dog :)
pulp fiction (revolta, mace windex, uma, walken, bruce willis)- i don't get why this time-shifting crime kaleidoscope spawned such a wave of imitators; it was fun enough (love the willis basement sequence and sam jackson's climactic epiphany), but not That great. Jackie Brown was better :cool:
reservoir dogs (keitel, buscemi)- kinda fun mutual suspicions twixt a robbery team hiding out after their caper-gone-awry. lacks a certain finesse or sheer entertainment value; Pulp Fiction was more fun :cool:
suicide kings (walken, jay mohr, sp flanery)- hella fun dark comedy about in-over-their-heads prep-schoolers scheming to kidnap an ny mob boss :Pirate:
running time (bruce campbell)- fun b&w experiment a la hitchcock's Rope (i.e. cutting only when the continuously-shooting reel runs out) of a robbery gone bad :)
another day in paradise (james woods, melanie griffith)- Kids director larry clark's fun, engaging, gritty, well-shot portrait of a young drug addict's crime-spree apprenticeship with an experienced couple :evil:
2 days in the valley (aiello, spader, charlize, stoltz, jeff daniels)- stylin, soopafun multiplot-ensemble crime vignette with yummy teri hatcher :kiss:
truth or consequences n.m. (kevin pollak)- soopafun Kalifornia klone with a stockholm syndrome twist and director keifer sutherland's gleeful psychoturn :crazed: nice soft theme by jude cole.
freeway (brooke shields)- soopafun protracted struggle twixt white-trash-in-trouble reese witherspoon (who i dig but would Never buy as anything but the country-club babe she is :rolleyes: ) and the bev hills shrink/serial killer (keifer) she hitches a ride with :evil:
tollbooth- kindafun, noirish, everglades-set, murderous love triangle. fun, jan-hammeresque "i only have eyes for you" rendition by delfeayo marsalis :happy:
blood, guts, bullets & octane- soopafun thriller about a coupla loser used-car salesmen accepting (& cracking under the pressure of) a shady offer to babysit a suspicious pontiac 2 days for a quarter-mil :greedy:
the way of the gun (benecio, ryan phillipe, caan)- fun, well-shot kidnapping-gone-bad leads to a hail of lead southotheborder :dead:
i was hopin to have Six-String Samurai watched in time to make this batch a baker's dozen, but them's the breaks :Pirate: a few more fliktwins, including two orphans (above) whose partners i Finally found:
Mississippi Burning/Rosewood
Extreme Prejudice/A Time To Kill
Mother Night/American History X
Sugar & Spice/But I'm A Cheerleader
Nuts/Mixed Nuts
(Sliding Doors+Duets)/2 = Bounce
this last one isn't exactly a fliktwin, but: should White Oleander be retitled White Only Blonder or what?? :p

10-15-2002, 02:30 PM
So you saw Man Bites Dog then? I never knew that. Did you review herein?

And I agree, out of all them-type films I seen, Jackie Brown is the best, not least for the soundtrack esp the ageless Streelife By Randy Hiddy-Pig-Dog Crawford and Long time woman by Pam Grier :)


10-28-2002, 10:38 PM
"director remy balvaux' fun, darkly absurd b&w BELGIAN (not french- thanks for correction jdah) mockumentary of a filmcrew following a whim-driven killer about his murderous activities :D"
the music i liked from Jackie was bobby womack's "across 110th street" over the opening creds, but of course that originally came from the soundtrack of the '72 flik (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0068168) :)
what a Frightful shame post 189 above Still ain't got no reaction :p so while working in the lab late last night, my mind devised an eeeerie sight: an all-hallows-eve Hump (he bit the Hump; he bit the Moahn-stah hump) :crazed:
hollow man (kevvy bacon, eliz shue, joey slaaaaahtnick)- formulaic (the cast composition looks like it was teen-focus-group-tested for maximum digestability; the other white chick's even a neve campbell lookalike :rolleyes: ), predictable (the black chick bites it first, surprise surprise- yeah i'm Sure they meant it as a genre in-joke, that doesn't mean it worked :p ), but occasionally-gripping inviso-man update w/always-cool sfx and a supercool, elegant, ominous title theme by jerry goldsmith :)
anatomy- formulaic, scream-wannabe german med-school slasher starring Run Lola Run's franke potente. i hear the subtitled version comports itself better than the dubbed (which is what i saw), but i doubt it makes much diff :p mildly intriguing visuals.
the cell (vinces vaughn & d'onofrio)- mildly-engaging, into-the-mind-of-a-psycho drama graced with absolute bewitching visual style thanx in part to Mishima's eiko ishioka :cool: not sure what j-HOE brought to this thing that a thousand other chix couldn'ta, but i might hafta get howard shore's score, reflective as it was of the flik's gypsy-touched, matrix-meets-jeunet vibe :cool:
coven- the mildly-amusing, 40-minute long, no-budget michigan shocker about a druggie/drinkie writer joining a support group from hell, whose making was documented in American Movie (post 48 above). with fun score by director's likeable stoner pal mike schank :)
12 monkeys (stowe, plummer)- director terry gilliam's engaging, atmospheric thriller sending future convict bruce willis back to present day to stop a civilization-killing virus. with brad pitt's fun nuthouse denizen and astor piazzolla's zesty tango on the soundtrack :cool:
naked lunch (peter weller, judy davis, ian holm)- director david cronenberg's tongue-in-cheek, semi-biographical interpretation (as Kafka below) of the drugged, subjective, paranoid burroughs novel :crazed:
kafka (jeremy ironons, theresa russell, ian holm, ben kenobi)- director soderbergh's dark, absurdist, paranoid- in short, kafkaesque ( ;) ) fictionalization of the kind of experiences that could've inspired k's writing :dead: with a coupla cool set-pieces and cliff martinez' ethnically-appropriate, chilling use of a cymbalom in his cool score :cool:
dracula- good EEEvuhning, philip glass added a subtle rescoring to this melodramatic 1929 lugosi original :evil:
crash (spader, holly hunter, r.arquette)- jg ballard's cult autowreckotica tale tinged with cyborgia :Pirate: with director cronenberg's slick-tech look, always-fun elias (SKOW skinhead (http://us.imdb.com/Quotes?0094006)) koteas and icy, fender-echoing howard shore score (which makes two in a row here after hearing plenty of his scores which did nothin for me! ) :cool:
quills (geoffrey rush, my'ohl caine, joaquin phoenix, winslet)- director phil kaufman's somewhat burlesqued, slow-starting but ultimately engaging fictionalization of marquis de sade's final months in a napoleonic asylum. hey, who was the purty lil thing who played that Other laundress? :kiss:
gods & monsters (mckellen, brendan fraser, l.redgrave)- engaging fictionalization of a retired horror director's drawing of erotic, psychodramatic parallels between his old films and his current, unlikely friendship with his young gardener. not-bad carter burwell score recalls his work on Being John Malkovich, Hamlet & Velvet Goldmine :cool:
bringing out the dead (p.arquette)- fun, eerie emt drama featuring director scorcese's fabulously-shot ambulance odysseys down nyc streets and 3 hilarious, gung-ho riding partners (john goodman, ving rhames & tom sizemore) for haunted burnout nic cage :D
nightmare before christmas- tim burton & danny elfman's lovingly-crafted, signature-styled musical of a bored halloween honcho's attempt to hijack & re-envision xmas :evil: also included burton shorts Frankenweenie and VincenT-

10-29-2002, 01:07 PM
There goes my memory again - :eek:

I really enjoyed The Cell much in the same way as I enjoy 2001 and other vv films (Very visual) ;). Yeah, Jenny Wren was a nothing (always has, always will. Singingwise = talentless fatarsed princess - yes, her brodarse is relevant ot her singing :D ) in it and you know she can pull off a convincing performance. Hell she even managed to make her lines in Anaconda convincing.

I may have said this before. Check out David Fincher's (I believe) fantastic efforts on Madonna's (shudder...did jeddah just say "Madonna" and "Fantastic" in the same sentence?) Bedtime Story. This really reminds me of The Cell. I love the 3 wimmin in the sand, chewing/mouthing silent words and then looking up at the sky. The scene with the red cape of the baddy as it pulls across the walls is just phenomenally striking.

Also reminiscent of a flashy Hype Williams video.

I love the opening credits music to 12 monkeys with the accordian. Very Miss Dy-na-mite-ee-ee! (although 12 Monkeys predates her)

Hollow Man was shabby and boring. plus there's something weaselly and unlikeable about Kevin Bacon which puts one off anyway. Strange, because my brother thinks he's sexy! (BTW I'm personally off Vin these days and more into LL Cool J cos he seems like a nice man :) )

Although not films, if we ever export any Peter Kay comedy, or Ricky Gervais' The Office make sure you catch them. It is a shame that it is unlikely you will ever get this series, but if you do, you must watch The League of Gentlemen and no i don't mean the old B&W film. Unfortunately, I feel you will be in your 60's when these make it to your world, in the same way that Monty P and Fawlty T have :(


11-09-2002, 12:32 PM
-hey, i think you just found the title for c-dizzy's (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Diaz,+Cameron) next spooj-in-hair flik :p i was under impression you Liked kevvy; musta had you confused w/someone else, such as your brother :p either way here's a post-halloween fright for you: the do-it-yourself Instant Kevin Bacon Impression!! step 1: push up the tip of your nose with your thumb. step 2: grin at yourself in a mirror :D
i didn't mind lopez in Out Of Sight (post 123 above) or U-Turn, but everywhere else i've seen her she repeatedly earns every word of my celebhate condemnation (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=155608#post155608) :evil:
ewww, jdah brought up music vids (do they still Make them passe things? ;) ); and i thought gsj mentioning broadway was bad :p actually it's been over a decade since i kept up w/musicvids even a little; since broadcast tv stopped shoving em in our faces years ago i've happily enjoyed the silence :zzz: though i would be curious to see mazzy star's "fade into you" :kiss:
critic armond white (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=188258#post188258)'s observed that spike lee "has white people on the brain" so, even though i'm only "half-white" maybe it's only fair i get a lil spikey on Mah brain ;)
jungle fever (snipes, jturturro)- fab, engaging affair twixt a married harlem architect and charming annabella sciorra :kiss: lotta great smaller roles, but sam jackson's crackhead bags the flik's most hilarious muggins :D gotta love any flik as this one that graphically answers the quextion this one does, namely: Would the world really be that worse off if, in real life, halle berry were to descend into crackskankdom, never to be heard from again? :evil: note for flikfreeks: the "war council" klatch scene seems to be rippin off similar scenes in henry jaglom's Eating (post 48 above) in payback for jag's rippin off She's Gotta Have It's quick multicuts of actresses tawkin into the camera in Eating (and later Venice/Venice); yummy veronica webb even recalls jagchick daphna (Eating/VV) kastner :)
do the right thing (jturturro, rosie perez, mace windex)- stylin, riotous portrait of race tensions focused around danny aiello's pizzashop in black brooklyn :D
crooklyn (alfre, delroy)- engaging, carnival-colored memories of a gal's childhood in 70s bed-stuy, w/hilarious dpk (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Kelly,%20David%20Patrick) nutty-neighbor cameo :D
clockers (delroy, keitel, jturturro)- fun, nuanced drama of a brooklyn pusher-in-training (mekhi phifer) suspected of murder and the cop out to steer him onto a different track.
original kings of comedy (dl hughley, bernie mac)- lawdy someone dump these self-proclaimed royalties out they thrones, cuz aside from steve harvey's 12-second impression of a rap show and cedric entertainer's automech's-cigarette chunk this standup concert's lamer than a crutchless tiny tim :p
summer of sam (leguizamo, mira sorvino, neuwirth)- fun, tense portrait of the havoc wreaked on a bronx hairdresser's life during the '77 nyc serial-killins :evil: well-chosen period sounds feature chic, grace jones, gsj faves th' 'oo and heatwave's "boogie nights" :cool:
malcolm x (denzel, delroy)- engaging, atmospheric biosaga tracing x's metamorph from conkin' hood to charismatic black separatist to mecca-epiphanied "unificator" ;) gotta dig that police station scene :cool: w/F.R.D. angela bassett as wifey, an infectious lionel hampton jitterbug sequence and cameos by al sharpton, dpk & yummy vwebb :kiss:
american history x (eds norton & furlong, fairuza, bev d'angelo, keach; not a spike lee joint unlike all of above)- gripping tale of a skinhead's prison conversion & effort to avert his brother's emulation. trekkie-lert: features marvy moments for avery "emissary" brooks & jen "kes" lien :cool:

11-09-2002, 04:24 PM
Speakin of musicals, I'm seeing Little Shop of Horrors on stage soon. :p


11-09-2002, 05:09 PM
Are you saying you didn't like Kings of Comedy?

Oh my God.....I haven't laughed so hard in YEARS!

good shot jansen
11-12-2002, 02:14 PM
Originally posted by vulcantouch
gsj faves th' 'oo

the kids are alright (79), a fun frolicking look back at the history of those mod wannabees, the boyz from brighton, the who. the band shoulda called it quits after moon passed on in 78. oh well
:(, if you havn't seen this yet, by any means necessary, find it, and enjoy.

having actually lived through the summer of sam, ( i was 17, livin' large in nyc at the time), i was disapointed by lee's memory of that tension filled summer. it was one of the hottest summers on record, we had the blackout, and associated street madness that occured because of it, throw on top berkowitz's killin' spree, and you got yourself one hot tension filled season. i love almost everything else that spike has done (i lean to crooklyn and do the right thing as my faves), but for some reaseon, his summer of sam flick, and my very real memories of that coming of age summer, don't mesh:confused:

it's a mad mad mad mad world (64)(i think), whhhhoooooieeee baby! just picked this up as a dvd wide screen release! frantic greedy race through 60's southern california (before the burbs swallowed up the desert) in search of the princely sum of $350,000. every slapstick comic foil from the 20's to the 60's take a stab at a cameo. stanley kramer shows that he wasn't all pride and passion at high noon, and that he could make a comedy that was very satisfying indeed.

12-04-2002, 11:31 AM
all them KOC audience members doublin over, holdin they sides cacklin & slappin they thighs struck me as a buncha Suckas :p to me the essence of comedy, i.e. what gets a laugh outta me, is precision &/or nerve. and aside from the 2 examples i cited above, nuthin in the show had much of either goin for it :(
jdah: didn't you mention seeing SOS to me a coupla years back?
gsj: might be interested to know that under imdb's SOS comments one "jennifer" remarks that the who was an odd choice for punkboy to embrace since "punks in NYC were listening to Richard Hell and the Voidoids and The Ramones and Television and The Dead Boys...not The Who. In the 70's The Who created the over-produced arena rock that punk rock was a direct rebellion against" :evil:
i haven't seen MadMad in almost 20 years; it was in a hs film class that prolly thought i was stoned cuz i laughed my nuts off all the way thru :crazed: wonder if i'd find it funny today? some of my tastes've changed, others haven't.
another crime-flik Hump like post 191 above, but since we're later in the season this batch resembles less the indie-tarantino template and skews more noirish or whimsical. or to put it in g.u.t. terms (post 189 above), those were mostly sunday-night flix while these are mostly friday-nighters ;)
eye of the beholder (priestly, kd lang, eternayummy bujold :kiss: )- stylin, superfun psychthriller bout a voyeuristic fed agent (obewan macgrrregarrr) tracking & falling for his lethal target (ashley jugd) :eek:
the usual suspects (palminteri, gabe byrne, benecio, kpollak, bryan singer dir.)- sinister, hellafun tale of a routine fencejob turned deadly, whose implications widen & entangle as the lone witness (kspacey) flashback-recounts it for the fuzz :Pirate: w/yummy suzy amis and john ottman's menacing score, which is elegaic & sober like glass and gothly melancholic like elfman :cool:
the minus man (owen wilson, garofalo, yoakam) quietly odd, hella fun tale of a likeable drifter poisoning small town denizens :evil:
heist (hackman, delroy, devito) ah, Now i see why rt was singin director/writer david mamet's praises (post 109 above); marvelous toughguy dialogue & one-liners throughout this supafun, methodical, professional-thieves-betrayin-each-other thriller. even wifey rebecca pidgeon finally rises to leading lady occasion :)
bound (jtilly, gershon, joey pants, wachowski bruddahs dir.)- supercool, superstylin thriller about a butch ex-con & a gangster's moll who get their sapphic freak on & conspire to steal a mob bundle :D the actor who played mickey was cool, and don davis' not-bad score's much like what he did afterwards for wbros' Matrix :cool:
blood & wine (nicholson, stephen dorff, my'ohl cayne and, contrary to title, no klingons ;) )- lottafun, satisfying thriller of deftly-ambiguous characters wrung thru a florida maelstrom of greed, mistrust, revenge and betrayal :Pirate: w/always-fab judy davis and another surprisingly-shrewd use of j-lo's particular "assets" ;)
blow (depp, pcruz, liotta)- what Boogie Nights would be if it was about weed & snort instead of porn: a sprawling, rollicking true saga of those drugs' heady 1970s expansion into the u.s market. in short, the quintessential american success story (w/some jailtime, of course) :evil: with quiet, American-Beautyesque moments in graeme revell's score, the cool "push & pull" song by nikka costa and fun cameos by peewee herman & bobcat goldthwaite :D
the mexican (pitt, gandolfini, hackman; what, no luis guzman?? ;) )- superfun, soderberghian ride of crazy love & south-o-the-border scramble for a legendary pistola :Pirate: i figure julia roberts used her megastarpower to horn her way into this one, cuz what else did she bring to it that plenty other broads wouldn'ta? :p
the limey (guzman, lesley ann warren)- director soderbergh's rockin, stylin, sublime tale of supercool terence stamp's hop-the-pond vendetta set in shimmering & scummy l.a. milieux :cool: cliff martinez' score has cool, detached, dissonant moments, and how is it that impossibly yummy amelia heinle (as peter fonda's gal) remains relatively unknown?? :kiss:
the grifters (john cusack, ahuston, bening)- well-shot but kindaflat mother&son con artist tale, w/elmer bernstein's goony, skulking, macabre score a la john williams' Family Plot music for hitchcock :crazed:
swordfish (revolta, jackman, sam shepard)- flawed, engrossing, hellafun deconstructed conspiracy/heist-tech thriller with halle berry tryin Way too hard to show off her "range" :rolleyes:
novocaine- surprising, superfun con yummy hbc's FightClubesque skank pulls on dentist steve martin :D with always-fun elias koteas, hilarious laura dern, a not-bad elfman/bartek score and a happnin end song that sounded like air's Virgin Suicides (post 122 above) meets serge gainsbourg. turns out it's mellow's remix of an old charles trenet song (mellow, like air, is a french synth band cutting their teeth on filmmusic of late (specifically cq (http://www.mgm.com/experiencecq/) which was directed by roman coppola, brother of VS director sofia coppola; small monde eh? :sur: )
following (christopher nolan dir.)- small, resourceful, supercool, b&w neonoir thriller of a london nobody whose obsession with trailing random strangers leads him into a crime trap :evil: with david julyan's Pi-like electronic score and hints of the virtuoso temporal trickery director christopher nolan uses in. . .
memento (guy pearce, joey "cypher" pants, carrieanne "trinity" moss)- nolan's absorbing, paranoid, superclever murder-mystery that unfolds backwards in two-minute segments to convey the long-term-memory-impaired protagonist's pov (since that's the longest he can remember anything :dead: )-

good shot jansen
12-04-2002, 12:31 PM
true, the ooh definately heralded in arena excess rock, no arguments there, but none the less, take it from this aging punker who was there, the who of my generation, anyway anyhow anywhere, pictures of lilly, and i can see for miles, were embraced by all nyc punks back in 76-77 as being the real deal that all others were measured by.

led zeppelin were actually the true anti punks. to this day, i can only stomach led zep tunes when covered by dread zeppelin.

animal crackers (marx brothers) - talk about laughin' one's nuts off! the best marx bro film ever! hooray for captain spaulding!

the longest day (john wayne, sean connery, robert mitchum, too many more to mention) - never saw private ryan, but for my money, if you need to experience the invasion of normandy as it really happend, no need to go any further than this war epic

some like it hot (marilyn monroe, tony curtis, jack lemmon) - i'm with you joe e. brown, who cares if jack lemmon ain't a woman, i'd marry him too, if only just for this wonderful mad cap caper he helped make so wonderful!

that's it for now

12-17-2002, 04:00 PM
Yes, I did, but I can remember very little about it apart from John L's argument with his girlfriend. (for some odd reason)



12-23-2002, 11:55 AM
star trek nemesis- wasn't expecting much from this speed-buggy-meets-lawnmower-man waste of a big-screen budget and so wasn't surprised, but it's trek so hadda get this fiasco under me belt :rolleyes: misc. remarx:
though ron perlman (who i've not usually been a fan of) looked & sounded great as reman viceroy, it pizziz me off that the writers deemed the romulans so dull that they marginalized them in favor of this previously-unheard-of race of villains :p it's not like there wasn't plenty there to work with: the aftermath of spock's efforts on romulus, insidious tal shiar & section 31 politics, garak's assassination of vreenak (which starfleet helped cover up), yummy rombabe donatra (dina meyer) :kiss:, even tasha "sela" yar :p an early version apparently even included such obscure roms as telek'remor (vaughn armstrong) from voy's "eye of the needle" ep. instead we get these bat-people from outta nowhere led by tom hardy's sulky, not terribly convincing turn as a picclone :p :rolleyes: (though i liked the notion of a picclone, it's very romulan.)
LOVED janeway's saucy cameo, better watch out bevcrush cuz she makes you look brittle & morose by comparison :kiss: except they had her tease picard, "the son'a, the borg. . . you get all the easy assignments"- x-cuh-YUSE me?!? hell, She did more with & about the borg than j-luc Evah did! i don't much care for this diminishing of other captains' & shows' legacies to aid picard's rep as starfleet bmoc :frus:
hey guinan, nice speaking part :rolleyes: didn't mind wesley cameo, esp. since it was also non-speaking :p though wesley went off into traveller/sweatlodge superbeingdom there's nary an acknowledgement of this, he don't have a halo, the ability to cut wedding cake using the force or Nuthin :p other annoying canon disregards:
****es me off that worf's back on board with nary an explanation of why he's no longer chancellor martok's hand-picked klingon ambassador :mad:
and are we just gonna forget that data ever installed that emotion chip? there was zero acknowledgment of any emotional exploration or growth here. also, his demise wasn't a shock considering the convenient download of his memories into his conveniently-discovered "b4" replacement.
though some of the battle lulls, as much of this plot, were obviously meant to echo the slower pace of the TWOK battles, they still just felt like lulls :p and while scimitar's cloak effect looked great, the design of the ship itself was dull, kinduva goth retread of a jemhadar battleship, i should nickname it the "angry teen starship" cuz that's who it looks like it was designed by :p same goes for the adolescent senate assassination sequence & scimitar's bridge computer voice :p
ok that's enough scroogin for me cuz a christmas-eve performance of the Nutcracker ballet i'll be attending's gettin me in the mood for an all-holiday Hump! in addition to Venice/Venice and hep/tracy's Desk Set which i always try to watch this time o year:
messenger: the story of joan of arc (jovovich, dhoffman, dunaway, malkovich, luc besson dir.)- hellafun, rousing, overripe (not in a bad way), extremely well-cast retelling of the medieval french true believer's victories over england and subsequent political disposal.
goya in bordeaux- director carlos saura's stylized but only so-so fictionalization of the spanish painter's delirious deathbed reveries & reminiscences.
fay's 12 days of christmas- photographer william wegman's whimsical 1/2hr-long version of this holiday refrain using his cleverly-posed & costumed weimaraner dogs :crazed:
twelfth night (kingsley, yummy hbc :kiss: )- kindafun (wraps up nicely) rendition of the shakespeare farce, w/not-bad shaun davey score :)
illuminata (sarandon, bev d'angelo, gazzara, john turturro star & dir.)- fun farce about turn-of-century theater denizens' luvlives blurring into their stage lives :crazed: with katherine borowitz's susanna thompsonesque poise and christopher walken's hilarious, g a y theater-critic version of his snl Contintental character :D
farinelli- lush, kinda engaging french/italian biofic of an 18th-century castrati singer who attained rock-star-level celebrity, torn between loyalty to his mediocre-composer brother and desire to work with handel.
jesus' son (billy crudup)- nice quiet tale of a clueless, drug-addict romantic drifting thru the early '70s. w/always hilarious jack black and dennis hopper cameos :D
blasphemy- fun, indie-budget black comedy of a devout hispanic family's reaction to son's xmas-eve declaration of atheism :eek:
la bûche (emmanuelle beart, charlotte gainsbourg)- lively, hellafun tale of family dysfunctions resuming when 3 parisian daughters return home when their father dies at xmastime :)
zouzou ('34, jean gabin)- josephine baker's 1st talkie; her kooky facial expressions & romping, grace-jonesy physicality compliment the art-deco choreography and little-nemo art direction of the musical numbers nicely but there's not enough of them.
french cancan ('55, gabin)- exuberant musical about the moulin rouge's creation, but director jean renoir's hand isn't as evident as in, say, Grand Illusion or Rules Of The Game.
moulin rouge (kidman, leguizamo)- director baz luhrmann's rich, inventive, visionary, fabmarvy, baroque-expressionistic (only briefly too much so) pop-song-plundering luvstory musical revolving around the belle epoque paris club. who knew obewan macgrregarr could croon so goose-bumpy good? :D

01-03-2003, 05:16 PM
besides my annual viewing of sir ridley scott's Someone To Watch Over Me ("tell me sumthin joey, whatcha gonna dooooo??" :evil: ) a combo of retro ritz & future glam (which includes a gsj fliktwin [post 181 above], a marx-bros rebuttal and two flix that strikingly retain pre-911 alterna-timeline wtc imagery) makes for a great Hump for this time o year when all is quiet, on. . .
new year's day- henry jaglom's inadequately-structured, kindafun, psychobanter-heavy vignette of a calif guy arriving at his manhattan apartment to move in a day before the 3 chix there've moved out. nowhere near as good as Venice/Venice or even his Always or Babyfever. cameos by duchovny, milos forman and former Letterman producer/notorious hound dog robert morton.
dog star man ('62-'64)- experimental filmmaker stan brakhage's four-part, "abstract expressionistic" exploration of flim light & texture via photographic distortion (though rocky mountain pine trees are still recognizable) and physical/chemical mistreatment of the filmstock, yielding an alternately frenetic and glacial, coarse and diaphanous result, kinduva low-tech, pre-2001 stargate trip :cool: silent, so you can listen to music over it; i say you can't get more appropriate than philip glass' Hydrogen Jukebox since it's based on allen ginsberg's poetry, ginsberg was a local (boulder) contemporary of stan's, it has closely-matching abstractness and changes of tempo and is about the same length as the film :)
monkey business ('31) and
animal crackers ('30)- marxbros' mildly-amusing luxliner- & party-set (respectively) madcaps. i recall seeing one of theirs (Duck Soup maybe?) i enjoyed more; in these what i mainly dug was groucho's utterly shameless mugging & trafficking in the dense-packed, cornball wordplay more than the actual jokes; AC's harpo-klepto-silverware gag was a hoot, but zeppo & chico were Lame-O :p
kentucky fried movie ('77, john landis dir.) and
the groove tube ('74)- coupla counterculture-spawned, sketch-comedy satires of the flix and tv mediums, respectively. the former's jokes (including a protracted Enter The Dragon spoof) fall flatter but present themselves more efficiently, while the latter's setups drag on too long but give sharper payoffs, esp. a hilarious cooking segment, richard belzer's presidential rant and bogus "uranus corporation" commercials ("at uranus, things come out a little different" ) :D also someone who kinda resembles gul dukat and named "michael alaimo" (related to marc?) appears briefly in KFM.
bonfire of the vanities (mgriffith, mfreeman, de palma dir.)- poorly-cast (kim cattrall sporting dark hair & patrician airs is still kim cattrall; and maybe hanks & bruce willis shoulda traded roles), stilted-dialoged adaptation of tom wolfe's '80s-nyc-social-stratum-crossing novel which, judging from the cliched caricatures which pass for characters here, i'm guessing is Wildly overrated :p only occasional sparx of fun (mostly from alan king and john hancock's al sharpton clone) and a dopey dave grusin score too.
how to steal a million ('66, peter o'toole, boyer, eli wallach; ok, so i changed my mind at last minute and saw this instead of Funny Face, so sue me ;) )- like Charade, another fun, stylin excuse for alexandre-bouffanted audhep (but i Still don't like her voice) to scamper round paris clad in "mod-orable" givenchy while mixed up with a handsome apparent rogue :) someone credited here as "johnny williams" (;)) lends intermittently-interesting scoring, including for a scene prefiguring Raiders Of the Lost Ark's "switch the idol for a bag-o-sand" sequence :sur:
the party ('68, blake edwards dir.)- fun, retro-stylin slapstick of peter sellers' hindi stereotype (anyone else confuse him w/gene wilder??) mistakenly attending a swank hollywood hobnob :crazed: with starlet/playmate corrine cole and yummy, lethal claudine longet strumming her "nothing to lose" song that got remixed twice on dmitri's '97 album (http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000002JFF.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg) :kiss:
it's a gift ('34)- ah yes my little GySantheJum, now see this is more to my taste; wc fields' screamingly funny answer to the famous bet that he couldn't get laughs involving a blind man :D his harried, henpecked, cranky drunkard grocer dreams of growing oranges and coins the terms "hyppicate" and "syrup of squill" (used in ds9's "magnificent ferengi" ep) in the process :crazed:
international house ('33, wc fields, lugosi, george & gracie, cab calloway)- fun slapstick of investors descending on a chinese hotel to vye for rights to a tv-like invention :crazed:
grand hotel ('32, garbo, 2 barrymores)- kindafun week-in-the-life of an art-deco berlin hotel with pre-kabuki-makeup joan crawford (don't get me wrong; whether pre- or post-, jc was the grandest dragon of her day :kiss: )
center stage (peter gallagher)- predictable but purty, fun luvlives & competitions within an nyc ballet school. "writers" shoulda had a bit more faith in milieu's appeal as a subject matter and not felt the need to "hip it down" Save-The-Last-Dance style by throwing in salsa, hiphop & aerobix sequences; the exception was the use of jamiroquai's fonkin "canned heat" and "cosmic girl" tunes :cool: w/witty, elegant, real-life ballerina julie kent and perfect, yummy susan may pratt (http://us.imdb.com/EGallery?source=ss&group=0210616&photo=7&path=pgallery&path_key=Pratt,+Susan+May) as the icy, anorexic elite :kiss:
vanilla sky (c-dizzy, kurt russell)- visionary, hellafun fascinating echoes of flix as diverse as Matrix, Eyes Wide Shut, AI, Fight Club, AmBeaut and director cameron crowe's previous Almost Famous (some of his tom cruise closeups inexplicably recall those of AF protagonist patrick fugit). my man almodovar has used penelope cruz a coupla times so i'm eager to see spanish amenabar original on which this flik was based (after all, their names are so similar ;) ). nice use of freur's futuristic "doot doot" song towards the end :cool:
artificial intelligence: a.i. (jude law, whurt, spielberg dir. but kubrick's influence is also apparent)- what an odd, haunting beast; an imperfect, absorbing, very intriguing E.T./Clockwork Orange sensibility amalgam that lingers long after. hj osment did a-ok but couldn't we've had more than 2 seconds of "gigolo jane" (ashley scott)? :( :kiss: mm vehicle 3-pak notion: giacometti tacticube, amphibicopter & family lightcycle sedan :cool:

good shot jansen
01-06-2003, 02:40 PM
Originally posted by vulcantouch
AC's harpo-klepto-silverware gag was a hoot, but zeppo & chico were Lame-O :p

i got a hoot and a half outta both chico's anitcs;

goucho: say, how much do you fellas get when you play your instruments?

chico: we getta hundred dollar

groucho: how much do ya get if you don't play?

chico: two hundred dollar!

groucho: well that seems pretty reasonable, how much do you get when you practice

chico: 50 dollar

groucho: how much if you don't practice

chico: you couldn't afford it! if we don' practice, we a don' play, and if we a don' play...ha! that runs inta money!

and zeppo's dead pan straight to groucho's caustic wit was best demonstrated during the "take a letter to my lawyer" bit.

groucho: take a letter to my lawyer, address it to the Hon. Charles H. Hungadunga, of Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, and McCormick.........read that back to me

zeppo: to the Hon. Charles H. Hungadunga, of Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, and McCormick.....

groucho: you left out a Hungadunga!, you left out the main one!.....I tell you what you do, Jamison, make it three windshield wipers and one Hungadunga. They won't all be there when the letter arrives anyhow.

those two scenes cracked me up when i saw ac a few weeks ago. of all the marx bro. movies, animal crackers and duck soup are my favorites, with the coconuts, and monkey business tying for a very close 2nd.

didn't see a single movie this holiday season, so any new humps will have to wait until i see somethin' to hump about

01-14-2003, 12:57 PM
Under the advisement of vulcantouch I have finally decided to enter into this conversation. Vanilla sky, while it kept the watcher guessing throughout, ended poorly. Unlike fight club and momento, Vanilla sky force fed the answers through the mouth of a very skinny and unbelievably cordial brit, who describe more about the plot in 10 minutes than Cameron Crowe was able to do in two hours. But, I did enjoy the film for one reason. The use of Todd Rundgren's "can we still be friends" made Vanilla Sky a movie for the ages. and of course ther is always penelope cruz.

01-15-2003, 12:45 PM
. . .even tho for the life o me i can't make hedzortails of the screenname he picked ;) nice to see my naggin you to join in's paid off, it's become much easier for me to dish flix here cuz i forget stuff; to paraphrase papa jones to indy, "i write them down on the Hump so i don't Have to remember!" :D
VSky spoiler talk: i understand the weakness of the verbal ends-tying of a primarily cinematic mystery, but it didn't bother me cuz doing so here gives us a scifi turn from outta nowhere, untangles what began to seem absolutely, lynchianly untangleable and that heady, gorgeous, endless "elevator ride to the truth" :happy: btw "skinny cordial brit"'s playing young hitler in a new flick i hurd about (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0290210) :) meanwhile a lil birdy tells me you saw a coupla "ringy" flix so hope this ain't the last we hear from you :)
gsj: like i sed, dense-packed, cornball wordplay ;) of course, your transcript doesn't convey how so much of marxs' wordplay is delivered mile-a-minute with insufficient inflection (kinda like when rain man recites a&c's "who's on first" routine ;) ), it don't give me a chance to breathe, let alone savor :o
one problem w/zeppo is visually i couldn't distinguish him from all the other slicked-back dapper dans. i understand that his function as the normal-looking one is to "legitimize" or facilitate the subversive entry of the other 3 visual freaks into the proceedings, but to me it mostly renders him a "utility" marx, the way shemp was, as bob costas once put it, "the utility stooge" ;) so, you seen any of the others listed?
ever pull a housesitting gig that turned out so dull that by the second day you were killin the afternoons plowin thru the kind of mild flikfare on cable (unbeknownst to me, it turns out several of the flix listed below were made-for-cable) or homeowner's less-than-enticing VTape collection you otherwise wouldn't Consider viewing? and yet, your boring circumstance & the boring flix fit together so harmoniously that when it's over the whole experience leaves a surprisingly distinct and not altogether unpleasant aftertaste? if so you'll certainly be able to relate to this Housesitting Hump state of mind (now that i think of it, aside from Bonnie & Clyde, post 114 above is also a textbook housesitting Hump :sur: ):
life as a house (kkline, kscott thomas, steenburgen, capt. archer, hayden anakin)- kindafun, serendipitous vignette of a terminally-ill man building his dreamhome on a superscenic beach cliff w/his trubbled teen son :cool:
sam kinison: why did we laugh- kindafun documentary on the late shouty-comic, w/leno, pryor & dengarfield :crazed:
the opposite sex & how to live with them (kpollak)- mildy amusing romcom bout a coupla single boston knuckleheads, one of whom courts courteney cox, whose galpal is always-fun julie brown :)
brothers mcmullen- more like brothers mcDULLen :p overrated ed burns' mcFlat, mcLame, so-called breakthru indie drama bout 3 irish nyc-area brothers features slack editing, stagy blocking, predictable dialog & bland performances, yielding consistent, across-the-board mediocrity; trust me, if in the mood for this kinda thing go with the much better Pompatus Of Love instead (post 38 above).
an everlasting piece (barry levinson dir.)- quietly vibrant, deftly clever, 80s-irish-tensions allegory bout a coupla belfast barbers (one catholic, one protestant) going into the toupee biz together. w/always-fun billy connolly cameo :)
the invisible circus (c-dizzy, yummy jordana brewster :kiss: )- mildly engaging story of a sanfran gal who, fascinated by her late hippie sister, retraces her years-earlier final days on a eurotrip.
guinevere (stephen rea, sarah polley, gershon)- hellafun, absorbing, unsparing, smart & clear-eyed (surprisingly so coming from writer/director audrey wells, who'd previously penned the cheesy Truth About Cats & Dogs) tale of an introspective, upper-class sanfran filly taken under the wing of an older boho photographer. w/yummy grace una, paul "enabran tain" dooley and astrud gilberto's bossanova "tristeza" used over a dreamy montage :cool:
good advice (csheen)- predictable but fun romcom about an deposed wall street shark & an nyc advice column, w/contrasting yummies denise richards & angie harmon :kiss:
sweet revenge (sam neill, kscott thomas, rupert graves)- kindafun brit murder-swap comedy. a near-perfect role for yummy hbc (she looks more simian in disguise Here than as a POTA chimp :p) :kiss:
dinner with friends (dquaid, kinnear, toni collette, andie macdowell)- kindafun yuppie-couples vignette mixing rapture over gourmet food & angst over one pair's infidelity.
autumn in new york (joan chen dir.)- kindascenic, by-the-numbers may-december Love Story retread; ryder & gere are certainly well-cast, that's about the most i can say for this :p
town & country (wbeatty, dkeaton, hawn, shandling, nkinski)- so-so midlife-crisis misdventures of an nyc architect; charlton heston & marian seldes are perfectly cast as amacdowell's macho gun-nut dad and patrician, foul-mouthed mom, respectively :crazed:
twilight of the golds (dunaway, bfraser, rosie o'donnell, garry marshall)- kindfun, mildly engaging what-if dilemma a jewish family faces when learning via genetic testing that their unborn baby's gonna be g a y. has jennfier beals ever looked more radiant? :kiss:
white hotel- coupla american college grads travel to eritrea to film a docu bout african AIDS. predictably but tellingly, it becomes more about the filmmakers than their declared subject matter :p
passion fish (mary mcdonnell, alfre "sloane" woodard)- kindafun vignette of a paralyzed tv soapstar moving back to her rural-south home, under the care of a live-in nurse w/a secret. as it turns out a lotta director john sayles' pix make good "housesitters" :rolleyes:
meanwhile, here's (http://salon.com/ent/movies/feature/2003/01/13/bart/print.html) a fun new article about what film criticism is and ain't sposed to be :)

01-23-2003, 12:50 AM
Wanted to rant a little about the movie 'Signs' which I saw tonight on DVD.

This was so incredibly boring, I wasn't expecting another ID4 cause I know it was more of a toned down thing but it just didn't have anything. Not only was it slow throughout everything, but nothing really made sense. If the aliens *were* hostile, why didn't they just bust down the door as they had broken into the house? Heck they could've even gassed the place with that poison of theirs. All of that just to end up with the alien getting beaten up with a bat and not even letting us see what happens when the water hits it's face. :rolleyes: It had a couple scenes there were good creapout factors, but other than that it just had nothing. Actually the aliens looked more like Cher in a wetsuit - well that would've been more frightening.

"What are they doing?" - "They're distracting us..." - "Oh no, they're preparing to sing!"

Even Mars Attacks was more of a film than this was. :sur:

02-05-2003, 01:06 PM
Signs? oh yeah i think i remember seeing its tv comm- that's the one where mel gibson's kid wants a glass of water for the alien hiding under his bed, and then the alien kidnaps kid when he doesn't bring no glass of water, and then the alien calls mel to demand ransom (one glass of water in unmarked drops or the kid gets it) and mel shouts into the phone "GIMME BACK MY SON!!!", right? yeah, that's the one ;)
Yippee, we gettin a lot of stationary "mountain wave" clouds in recent afternoons, the gauzy, humid light yielded from which goes great with an asian flik hump- which, even tho he just left the country, would please fdelbovi (above) cuz as i recall chewin over asian flix is how he & got acquainted in the 1st place :) while ten are chinese only 7 are japanese, and of the latter only 1 is current, so if the Hump is any indicator (and of course that goes without Saying :happy: ), the asian flik Force is increasingly with china and particularly taiwan :D
yi yi (edward yang dir.)- engaging, quiet, langourous portrait of the large & small experiences of a taipei family, including elder mother's coma, young son's shutterbug hobby and husband's encounter w/an old flame. many camera shots emphasize images behind reflecting glass, with the overlay yielding a "doubling" of visual content :cool:
to live- involving, gorgeous, multi-decade saga of a family's endurance amidst mid-20th-c china upheaval; w/shimmering, poignant zhao jiping score matching the story themes and radiant gong li :kiss:
high & low ('63, toshiro mifune)- director kurosawa's tense, methodical, thoroughly entertaining thriller of a kidnapping befalling an exec amidst a crucial business juncture :evil:
the hole (tsai-ming-liang dir.)- hellafun, absurd, vivid turn-of-millenium fantasy of a connection between a coupla vertically-adjacent tenants in a condemned taiwan tenement, via the floor/ceiling hole which suddenly appears. punctuated by fab grace chang musical numbers :D
the idiot ('51, mifune)- kurosawa's engaging retelling of the dostoyevsky novel.
audition- cool, stylin, absorbing thriller of a widower who gets the tables turned on him when he holds bogus, actor-style "tryouts" to screen steady female companionship :evil:
madame butterfly (frédéric mitterrand dir.)- sumptuous, location-shot staging of the puccini opera.
the untold story- kindafun, trashy b-flik of a cannibalistic macao restaurateur (hilarious anthony wong) & the cops who coerce a confession out of him :evil:
the white balloon- small, charming iranian adventure of a 5-year-old girl's efforts to buy a goldfish even after she loses the money mama gave her for it :o
the wedding banquet (ang lee dir.)- lottafun dramedy of a g a y nyc man who charades a marriage when his unaware family arrives from taiwan for the ceremony; ending wraps things up deftly :)
happy times (zhang yimou dir.)- vibrant, poignant, gossamer, metaphorical tale of an old man's lovingly elaborate deception of a blind girl in the course of courting her shrewish zaftig stepmom :o
good morning ('59)- director yasujiro ozu's charming portrait of a coupla tots refusing to talk til parents buy one of them newfangled tv sets :crazed:
good men, good women- a taiwan actress is anonymously faxed pages of her diary while prepping for a film role. occasional sparks & potentially-absorbing themes within this sea of molasses, but overall mostly frustrating cuz while a passionate intent is obviously there it's muddled & smothered within director hou hsiao-hsien's incoherent, enervating presentation :p
goodbye, south goodbye- hsiao-hsien's mildly-rewarding tale of a coupla low-level taipei hoods. deep-focus, widescreen-tableaux static interior shots alternate w/kinetic travelling shots down winding roads.
such a long journey- amidst politically-unstable '70s india a family man (roshan seth aka the prime minister from Indy Temple Of Doom) balances conflicting demands including a sudden request from a long-estranged friend for a clandestine favor. poetic & atmospheric, with richly-written, vibrantly-performed characters; shot & cast on location, but as with Kama Sutra or Monsoon Wedding the script's in english so you subtitle-phobes need not fear :rolleyes:
the wind will carry us- understated, colorful iranian vignette of an urbanite's trip to a rural village to document the funeral rituals of an aged invalid who lingers "inconveniently" ;) loses a bit of steam in the 2nd half (writer/director kiarostami's experimental method & philosophy- as detailed in his excellent dvd liner comments- yields intriguing but imperfect results), but otherwise dreamy & nuanced, much like Lisbon Story (post 38 above) :happy:
what time is it there?- director ming-liang's tale of an uncanny transcontinental connection (including the now-adult child star of truffaut's 400 Blows) between a street vendor and the paris-bound gal he sells a watch to. disappointingly flat despite its promising premise and some two dozen memorable shots of its taipei milieu :zzz:
early summer ('51)- ozu's quiet, camera-disciplined drama of a family's consternation when their 28-year-old maverick daughter makes unexpected marriage plans.
fires on the plain ('59, kon ichikawa dir.)- engaging, high-pitched parable (prefiguring Platoon by 3 decades) of ww2 japan soldiers reduced to cannibalism in the philippine jungle :eek:
beijing bicycle- director wang xiaoshuai's engaging teen riff on/update of de sica's '48 ital neorealism (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0040522); tug-of-war & eventual compromise when a city courier finds his stolen bike has been repurchased by a local student. nice waltz theme by wang feng :)
tokyo olympiad ('65)- ichikawa's retro-stylin, rousing 3-hour documentary of the '64 games- back when their aspirations, while already tainted by nationalism, weren't yet thoroughly drowned in money money money :greedy:

02-18-2003, 10:48 PM
well so What, can't stop me from stagin my own indiflik fest; the parking's better, and besides, after waiting patiently for the latest qatsi opus (http://naqoy.com/) to come to town it shows up on one of our smallest bigscreens here so :p
storytelling (john goodman)- writer/director todd solondz' followup to Happiness (posts 1 & 85-91 above), a deft, metaphorical, hilarious, corrosive, subversive diptych tackling, among other things, "racial guilt/cripple pity" sex, blindered pc discomfort and the mainstreaming of indiflix & their ironically-detached audiences (with one surgical barb aimed straight at AmBeaut director sam mendes :evil: ). w/silly yet intriguing songs by belle & sebastian, cameos by conan o'brien and American Movie stoner pal mike schank (post 48 above), elegant julie hagerty, the yummiest selma blair turn i've yet seen and another steal-the-show perf by paul giamatti (PlanetOfTheApes/"pig vomit" from Private Parts) :D
scratch- exuberant, absorbing, VanTabulous docu-odyssey thru hiphop dj culture, taking you from forgotten, stacked-2-tha-gills used-rekkid-shop basements (dug thru a coupla them meself in search of illin MAW (http://www.mastersatwork.net/) grooves :Pirate: ) to afrika bambaataa's brooklyn streetcorner explanation of the origin of breakbeat extensions (the "god" moment of a track), sounding eerily like why i originally got into philip glass :cool:
startup.com- lottafun documentary following the rise & fall of a coupla nyc web enterpreneurs; w/air's cool "remember" on the soundtrack :cool:
l.i.e.- riveting, scuzzy, shimmering teen directionless a la Gummo (post 1 above), but long-island-burbs- instead of rural-set and not roaming among as many players; Clockwatchers-like score by pierre földes, i.e. yet another frenchie kickin filmscore derriere these days :cool:
mr. jealousy (stoltz, sciorra, noah baumbach writ/dir.)- mostly fun romp of an manhattanite obsessed with his gal's previous romances :sur:
the misadventures of margaret (liz mcgovern, brooke shields, corbin bernsen)- kindalifeless nyc romcom with lousy soundmixing, but boyoboy does parker posey look yummyperfikt :kiss:
the eyes of tammy faye- affectionate, cringe-inducing, rupaul-narrated, handpuppet-interluded docu showing that despite her obliviousness, mascara queen bakker isn't half as sinister as her less laughable fellow televanjers and Even has a likeable side :crazed:
julien donkey-boy (chloe sevigny)- digivid tone-poem (following dogma95 manifesto guidelines (http://www.dogme95.dk/menu/menuset.htm)) of a teen schizophrenic ("spud" from Trainspotting, immersed in this role to the point of unrecognizability :cool: ) & his family; w/german auteur werner herzog playing the dad and several mesmerizing sequences, but not start-to-finish compelling like writer/director harmony korine's previous Gummo (post 1 above).
some folks cawll it a sling blade, mmm HMMM (billybob, ringwald, george hickenlooper dir.)- short b&w film which formed the nucleus of the subsequent feature-length. jt walsh already had his creepy fellow inmate portrayal nailed here :eek:
everything put together - hellafun, engaging, sardonic view of a young mother's harrowing psychodrama & shunning by her fellow pregger pals following the sudden death of her newborn. director marc (Monster's Ball) forster's jittery dv camwork's occasionally too undisciplined, but usually makes good use of the medium's scrappy flexibility & grainy intimacy. with thomas koppel's ephemeral, accordion-tinged score and yummy radha mitchell (whoda guessed she was aussie? only her dvd commentary track's accent tipped me off) gets to shine on her own more than she could opposite worldly ally sheedy in High Art (post 1 above) :kiss:
thirteen conversations about one thing (mcconaughey, jturturro, amy irving)- quartet of obliquely-intersecting plotlines concerning luck and random events, w/occasional narrative temporal tricks and not-bad, quizzical score by alex wurman; not as focused or striking visually or thematically as writer/director sprecher sister's previous Clockwatchers (post 1 above), but alan arkin's a treat :)
the anniversary party (gwynny paltry, kkline, phoebe cates, jbeals)- alan cumming & jjleigh's shoestring-dv project w/a buncha their invited celeb pals; much like the bash it depicts, drags on a bit too long (even if that was an intentional effect), but otherwise hilarious, scathing, cringy (them kline/cates kids are cutesy-Creepy :p ), thoroughly enjoyable voyeurism unto a flake-athon i love peekin at (the gals sure are purty, esp. yummy parker posey :kiss: ) but would Nevah wanna get tangled up in :)
dream for an insomniac (aniston, seymour cassel)- writer/director tiffanie debartolo's verbally-clever, utterly charming vignette of yummy ione skye's luvlife centered around her uncle's sanfran coffeehouse :kiss:
waking life- a verbally-dense, visually-stunning animated boho gem; a sleeper's kaleidoscopic floatings thru dozens of different waxings (as in director richard linklater's Slacker) on the nature of dreaming :zzz:
girlfight- rousing, hellafun tale of a combative inner-city teen takin up boxing, w/good score by theodore shapiro & pugnacious-but-yummy michelle rodriguez in the lead :kiss:
ghost world (buscemi, thora birch)- screen version of daniel clowes' underground comic about a teen girls' decaying galpal friendship & unexpected romance w/a 30something music nebbish; lotta great touches, but director terry zwigoff's previous, fantastic docu Crumb was stronger-

03-05-2003, 11:44 AM
seems like this (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=225354#post225354) is (was) this forum's only hoppin discussion of late :sur: speakin of hoppin: i thought it was the french who habitually, histrionically huffed over america's horridness rather than the other way around :rolleyes: no matter; despite the chill my countrymen're currently sneering france's way, they (along with their various eurolanguage neighbors) can still warm & charm me with their sizzlin flikfare & ooolala actresses :kiss:
venus beauty institute (nathalie baye)- lottafun, pastel & neon-washed view unto the luvlives of a trio of paris salontechs, with one of their clients (claire nebout) havin a prediliction for struttin about naked alla time, bless her :kiss: while the front door's chime is the flik's real soundtrack, there's also a nice guitar-waltz end theme and fab sweeping strings during the scene when audrey tautou gets swept her own yummy self :kiss:
the girl on the bridge (auteuil, vanessa paradis)- Monsieur Hire director patrice leconte's engaging, poetic, hellafun fable of a knife-thrower who lures a mercurial babe away from suicide with his vivid, edgy roadshow life :eek:
the princess and the warrior (franke potente)- i'd never've guessed german writer/director tom tykwer would equal, let alone top, his previous Run Lola Run (post 92 above), but this epic, inventive romance between an asylum nurse and a dark-souled ex-soldier has even more adventurous scope, involving complexity and spellbinding resonance :cool: fave piece of music used has to be simon jeffes' naive-plucky, off-key piano waltz "nothing really blue" near end (also heard near end of Chuck & Buck, post 82 above) :)
my life and times with antonin artaud- engaging b&w autobiovignette of a post-ww2 poet's brief mentorship under and drug-supplying for the asylum-discharged Theater Of Cruelty's founder; w/yummy julie jézéquel's junkie mistress :kiss:
everybody's famous- warm, inventive, Hairspray-meets-King-Of-Comedy farce of a songwriting father's kidnapping of a dutch pop star to finagle a shot at songbird fame for his zaftig daughter :crazed: w/elegant gert portael :kiss:
eternity and a day (bruno ganz)- engaging vignette of a terminally ill greek writer who, deciding to embrace one last day as an adventure, befriends an illegal immigrant albanian boy; recurring bittersweet waltz by eleni karaindrou :)
may fools (miou-miou)- director louie malle's fun dramedy of a bourgeois family's reunion to squabble over their inherited rural estate, when '68 commie student unrest scares them into the hills & they dabble in free-love boho egalitarianism amidst the thickets :crazed: fitting stephane grapelli jazz violin score.
me you them- lottafun saga of the unorthodox household resulting when a rural brazillian woman collects husbands (without discarding the previous ones) almost as fast as she pushes out babies :crazed:
open your eyes (amenabar dir.)- Vanilla Sky's (post 203 above) lottafun spanish progenitor, w/pcruz in the exact same role (which btw ain't the only way the hollywood version apes this with surprising exactness); feels kinda like if almodovar tried scifi :)
live flesh- stylin, provocative love-triangle between a woman, her former-cop hubby and the just-released convict who shot & paralyzed him; engaging but what i really dug was director almodovar's always-fab madrid cinematography and alberto iglesias' harmonica- & spanish-guitar-flavored score :cool:
l'ennui (now That's a quintessentially french film title eh? ;) )- engaging affair between a dissatisfied philosophy professor and his non-introspective, nympho opposite; w/yummy arielle dombasle :kiss:
hate- grippin, stylin, superfun tale of an arab/jew/african trio of hiphoppin homeys in the parisian projeks :dead:
romance (cath breillat dir.)- absorbing, hellafun portrait of a schoolteacher whose fashmodel beau's frigidity spurs her kinky explorations with her older, unlikely-lothario headmaster :eek: w/spanish storme's slow technotango opening theme, dj valentin's cool house tune for the club scene and protagonist's anais-nin-esque, psychomystical interior monolog nicely complementing the eXplicit erotoproceedings :)
dry cleaning (miou-miou)- fun, engaging tale of the zesty disruptions a young, pansexual drifter wreaks on the lives of a too-settled married couple when he moves in & assists them with their paris-suburb laundry biz :)
the dreamlife of angels- poignant, absorbing friendship between a coupla aimless, working-class gals sharing a coma patient's flat; similar tone to Clockwatchers but half as many protags and not as work-focused, w/bittersweet, alto-sung "rue des cascades" end theme :) despite her overbite, gamine elodie bouchez is a bit too jolie (http://www.e-zone.pl/lk/foto.php3?src=bouchez/d_04.jpg) to qualify for that uniquely french adjective "jolie-laide" :kiss:
the double life of veronique (irene jacob)- writer/director krzysztof kieslowski's so-so, oblique, sepia-toned portrait of the parallels between a warsaw music student and a paris photojournalist who look exactly alike and never meet.
the dinner game- a smug paris yuppie gets more than he bargains for when he befriends a goofy eccentric to secretly vie with his fellow smugyups in a who-can-find-the-most-laughable-loser contest; lottafun wackiness ensues :crazed:
the celebration- rollicking, unsparing, thoroughly entertaining parading of the closet-skeletons and american-style obnoxious egotism unleashed when an upper-class danish family reunites for patriarch-with-a-secret's 60th birthday :crazed: the proto dogma (http://www.dogme95.dk/menu/menuset.htm) project, with the film-transferred dv yielding some staccatoed motion, less tonal gradation and perhaps the lamentable reality-tv trend itself :eek:
the idiots (aka dogma project #2)- director lars von trier's hilarious, absorbing dv-to-film portrait of a danish commune's immersion in retard guises (both in public and private), in a combination performance-art prank asserting that "idiots are the people of the future" or radical therapy cult advocating "getting in touch with one's inner idiot" :crazed: every bit as fun & provocative as it sounds :D

03-20-2003, 10:13 AM
beyond that it's hard to label the aesthetic unifying this post's listings; a lil bohemia, a lil psychotronica, a lil obscurantism, a lil xplicit eroticism, often european milieux (occasionally canadian) but english-language; kinda spring's answer to halloween ;) except for a few these pretty much fit the "late saturday night" style described in humpost #189 above:
microcosmos- fun french photodocu of bug-size life, w/kscott thomas english narration and cool bruno coulais operatic score evoking elfman themes and lygeti hives :cool:
lumiere & company- project celebrating 100th anniversary of the moviecam's invention by inviting dozens of world cinema directors to use the original camera in shooting a minute-long film each; includes spike lee, zhang yimou and some who partner with their usual filmcomposers such as lynch & badalamenti, wim wenders & laurent petitgand, merchant-ivory & richard robbins, and peter greenaway & jean-jacques lemetre's calliope :)
pretty as a picture- fun docu on david lynch, concentrating on the making of his Lost Highway & w/minute details of his close collaboration with composer angelo badalamenti :cool:
synthetic pleasures- sometimes-stylin, speculative documentary on virtual reality and its bleeding into everyday life; w/timothy leary testimonial and oft-engaging soundtrack by various ambient artists you wouldnta hearda ;)
existenz (jjleigh, dafoe, ian holm)- stylin, mostly fun virtual-reality thriller, featuring writer/director david cronenberg's tongue-in-cheek grotesquerie & biosynth interface motifs, an atypically unglamorous jude law turn and howard shore's not-bad v'ger/Crash score chords :)
exotica- writer/director atom egoyan's murky, melancholic meditation on voyeurism & jealousy centered around a toronto stripclub & illegal pet importing drags at times but packs a nice punch at the end; cool mychael danna end theme too :cool:
a zed & two noughts ('85)- director greenaway's hellafun, stylin tale of twin zoologists who become obsessed with animal carcass decay after their wives die in car wrecks :evil: Love that imposing, minimalist michael nyman score :cool:
prospero's books (john gielgud)- greenaway's sumptuous abstraction of shakespeare's Tempest, with lateral, unfurling-scroll cinematography transitions and nyman's severe, at times operatic score reminiscent of glass' North Star :cool:
calendar- egoyan's sardonic, rythmically-structured, hellafun view of a compulsive photographer's video-flashbacks of his trip to document armenian churches and his translator-wife's gradual alienation into the arms of their local guide; shot thru w/lotsa dead-on, subtle hilarity & awkwardnesses :evil:
24 hours in london- kinda predictable urban crime shoot-em-up with a few fun moments.
a midwinter's tale (joan collins, branagh dir.)- lottafun romp of passionate, starving, flaky thespians' struggle to stage a labor-of-love perf of Hamlet in an english village; fab b&w photography somehow replicates Tango Lesson's ultra-black blacks :cool:
institute benjamenta- the quay brothers' absurdist, strangely involving, attenuated spell about a school for servants run by porcelain alice krige (:kiss: ) and her brother. w/unique, jeunet/Chronopolis, white-goth feel, kinduva talcum-dusted tim burton.
up at the villa (kscott thomas)- superscenic, involving, hellafun film version of maugham's novel bout an elegant-but-broke brit dazzler vacationing in pre-ww2 florence, torn between one suitor's respectability and another's magnetic seediness, amidst a murder scandal; sean penn initially rings false or cliched in his obvious casting as the latter, but w/always-stylin anne bancroft bullseyes her deliciously amoral aristo :evil:
the luzhin defence (jturturro, emily watson)- director marleen gorris' absorbing, transporting nabokov novel adaptation of a 1920s-woman's romance with an absent-minded chess master at an ital hotel; gorgeously shot in padme's lake como (a la A Month By The Lake (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0113849)- is it possible to shoot a Bad-lookin flik there? :kiss: ) and with not-bad alexandre desplat score :)
bride of the wind (jonathan pryce)- engaging biotale of the turn-of-century muse who married composer mahler and inspired architect gropius and painter kokoschka; gorgeous vienna photography recalls the look of Five Senses (post 57 above) and godard's JLG/JLG (also filmed in austria) :cool:
the unbearable lightness of being (ddlewis, binoche, charming lena olin)- director phil kaufman's steamy, lively, involving poem of a triangle between a lothario doctor and his contrasting mistresses amidst the soviet crushing of the '68 prague revolt.
henry & june (thurman, kspacey)- director phil kaufman's atmospheric film version of anais nin's account of her sometimes-stormy relations with expat yank writer miller and his mercurial muse in '30s paris. nice use of ravel & early jazz on the soundtrack :)
hope and glory ('87)- director john boorman's mildly-engaging portrait of a boyhood in blitz-beseiged ww2 london.
gosford park (maggie smith, kscott thomas, hmirren, ryan phillippe)- engaging, telling, well-crafted interactions amongst the hosts, guests and servants of an english manor in the '30s, with an incidental murder thrown in; only problem is the ensemble's about 1/4 too numerous & physically/vocally similar to keep straight, esp. with director altman's metier of floating between lines of overlapping dialog and avoidance of close-ups.
the royal tenenbaums (hackman, ahuston, bstiller, o&lwilson, gwynny paltry, dglover, bill murray)- so wanted to like this one for its attention to detail, but like writer/director wes anderson's previous Rushmore it just never pulls together or really hooked me in; much like mozart's "twinkle little star" variations, its precociousness is annoyingly front & center instead of serving the larger work. wes' debut Bottle Rocket remains his best imo.
dead ringers (jeremy ironons)- cronenberg's lottafun psychodrama of twin gynecologists who double-date eternababe genevieve bujold w/out her knowledge :eek::eek: somethin about twins naturally lends itself to this post's aesthetic; see also post #116's Krays and Twin Town and #74's Twin Falls Idaho-

04-07-2003, 12:12 PM
.. . .then using the geographic reference in the 1st title below, i'll just have to bring this hump (the 2nd of my annual all-indieflik Humps) to swaffy -well, within 100km of him anyway :p
scotland, pa.- so-so dark comedy of the macbeth plot reset around a 70's small-town burger joint; w/anton sanko's American-Beauty-esque fortune-teller sequence cues and chris walken, andy dick and timothy "speed" levitch's supporting roles providing most of the real glee :)
fast food, fast women- writer/director amos kollek's imperfect but charming romcom of the luvlives of a heart-of-gold nyc diner waitress and her older customers :)
the natural history of parking lots- kindafun, b&w no-budgeter of an l.a. gunrunner babysitting his car-stealin teen brother; w/tonal prefigurings of gregg araki's better Living End and a not-bad soundtrack.
the last time i committed suicide (forlani, keanu reeves)- mostly compelling vignette of Beat muse neal cassady's aimless youth in denver (not filmed here though, which becomes clear when characters mention the intersection of parallel streets :crazed: ). starts off a bit slow & self-consciously-styled, and not quite self-contained enough; feels like a single chapter of an intended multi-part story.
the last cigarette- so-so, stylized documentary (a la errol morris) of smoking & tobacco companies' deceptions.
last night (bujold :kiss: )- writer/director/star don mckellar's fun, engaging dramedy of how several canadian urbanites spend their final hours amidst the anarchy unleashed when the end of the world is announced :)
dyke drama- mixed-bag quartet of b&w, sapphic-themed short subjects, with the 2nd & 4th paying off best.
amy's o(rgasm)- writer/director/star julie davis' romcom of a self-help author falling for an obnoxious shockjock she meets during her booktour; a lil too cutesy (tho still better than post 114's Tao Of Steve, 20 Dates or If Lucy Fell) but kindafun, & with dynamtie opening sequence :)
virgil bliss- riveting low-budget tale of a rural ex-con's struggle to build a normal life and romance a hooker when he's paroled in nyc :dead:
chelsea walls (thurman, kristofferson, d'onofrio, rosario)- ethan hawke's fun meanderings amongst present-day boho denizens of the fabled fleabag nyc hotel; w/haunting, sometimes acoustic-guitar soundtrack :)
tape (thurman, hawke, rs leonard)- director richard linklater's fun, mostly-gripping, motelroom-confined psychodrama of 2 high-school pals and one's ex-gal who meet up on the occasion of their 10-year class reunion :eek: like Big Kahuna (post 48 above), script's stage origins are both its strength and its weakness.
trust- fun, engaging romance blossoms between two young people despite their own contrariness and bizarrely domineering parents; characteristic of writer/director hal hartley's work, i.e. deadpan, quietly absurd, original writing, deftly balancing dramatic artifice & surprising involvement :)
the big tease- hilarious, witty, Spinal-Tap-meets-To-Wong-Foo mockumentary of a scottish hairdresser's odyssey to a world styling competition in hollywood :crazed: w/fab, tart frances fisher, charles "trek hippie" napier and a dance remix of "california dreamin" :cool:
get real- engaging vignette of a closeted brit prepschooler's crush on the class adonis & the ensuing chaos. w/requisite chubbette phag-hag best pal and queer-bashing jock assortment :crazed:
kiss me greedo- i mean, guido ;)- hilarious, grease&water friendship between a manhattan flamer & a homophobic bronx knucklehead who reluctantly roommate when latter thinks "GWM" in former's ad means "guy with money" :crazed: cool soundtrack cuts include machine's opening-creds piano/disco segue "there but the grace of god go i" and nick scotti's "i'm gonna shout" garage anthem :cool:
betty (ron perlman)- aka hal hartley does Hugo Pool? unpredictable, hellafun farce of a high-strung hollywood star who bails on her movie and tries everyday work such as pool cleaning to get in touch with "reality" :crazed: doesn't really get in gear til supporting players invade, and some cool music too :)
hugo pool (malcy mcdowell, sean penn, cmoriarty)- robert downey sr. (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0064855) directs his son's winkingly close-2-home eurotrash cokehead role in this lottafun, day-long odyssey of hardworkin, l.a. pool-cleanin' babe alyssa milano & the oddballs who besiege & enliven her rounds :crazed: w/patrick dempsey as a hawkingesque gimp who rides along :)
pumpkin- engaging, lottafun drama/farce of havoc wreaked on christina ricci's life when she falls for a retarded boy her sorority does charity work with :crazed: flik's tonal contrasts (i.e. over-the-top carcrash vs quiet involvement) feel strange & keep you off balance, but in a good way? :) w/Storytelling-like songs on the soundtrack including one by belle & sebastian (post 209 above) and purty rival-sorority-house gals :kiss:
kids (rosario, sevigny, larry clark dir.)- vividly-shot, gripping portrait of nyc teens' scuzzy, drug&sex-soaked lives; their subculture's the real star here, so much so that the aids subplot was almost unnecessary :)
johns (lukas haas, david arquette, egould)- engaging tale of a coupla l.a.-street teen hustlers :eek:
entropy (sdorff, lauren holly, u2)- well-shot, mildly-engaging vignette of a young director's struggle w/his 1st feature and romance w/a french model; w/always fun kelly macdonald and yummy kathryn erbe :kiss:

04-21-2003, 11:49 AM
. . .but many of whose inclusions illustrate hollywood's increasing intersection with and assimilation of "indie" sensibilities:
15 minutes (avery "sisko" brooks)- kelsey grammer's sleezy tabloid host nearly steals the show from deniro in this hellafun romp of a veteran nyc cop teamin w/a rookie fire investigator to catch a coupla east-europe hoods vying for wealth & fame by videotaping their own crimes :evil: hilarious, biting, only occasionally heavy-handed satire of current media culture, and for once even ed burns doesn't annoy the hell out of me like he usually does :p
the score (an underused angela bassett, brando, yoda dir.)- ed norton nearly steals the show from deniro in this hellafun tale of a veteran safecracker's partnering w/a younger, skilled-but-cocky conman for a lucrative montreal robbery :cool:
the ice storm (joan allen, kkline, ricci, sigourney, tobeym & elijahw who really shoulda been cast as brothers here am i right people? :p)- director ang lee's surprisingly tepid portrait of wife-swappin & teen permissiveness amidst a new england freeze; w/occasional cool '70s flavor and a coupla nice mychael danna cues :)
in the bedroom (spacek, tomei, colin quinn i mean tom wilkinson ;))- mostly-engaging portrait of new-england parents' grief over their son's murder; ok jh now it's your turn ;)
monster's ball (billybob, ledger, puffydiddly and hell, maybe halleberry Deserved the oscar just for managing to Not get on my Last nerve in this :evil: )- mostly-gripping, deep-south drama of an unbeknownst romance twixt a death-row guard and the widow of his last executee; w/deftly-handled, ambiguous story wrapup, accompanied by asche & spencer's haunting end theme :)
the man who wasn't there (mcdormand)- mostly-fun, neonoir dark comedy of a '40s small-town barber tempted by an increasingly ensnaring opportunity to escape his numbing existence; despite losing some of their focus in the second half, the coen bruddahs do give us a stylin, flawlessly absorbing 1st hour, billybob's fab hyperminimalist perf and a coupla cool carter burwell cues :cool:
mulholland dr.- hellafun l.a. mindphuque about the strange connection between a hopeful starlet and an amnesiac babe hiding from mob justice :eek: similar style, translogic & transpositions as writer/director david lynch's previous Lost Highway but much more satisfying somehow :) w/rebekah del rio's torchy acapella of orbison's "crying", yummy laura elena harring & melissa george :kiss:
telling lies in america (kbacon, flockhart, renfro, luke wilson)- engaging tale of a ambitious immigrant teen's association with a payola-takin, slang-slingin', "slicker'n snakes screwin' in a barrel of snot" 50s dj; would make a nice double-feature with similarly-good Going All The Way (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0119209) :) w/nice opening & "just got laid" cues by andy paley &/or nicholas pike, and paul "tain" dooley's cath-school hedmaster :eek:
the dangerous lives of altar boys (jodie foster, d'onofrio)- mildly-engaging, coming-of-age tale of a coupla 70s cath-school boys interspersed w/macfarlane-animated superhero sequences as metaphorical counterpoint; w/loose, heady, sun-drenched, Virgin-Suicide-style cinematography during the spliffy sequence :)
focus (ldern, meat loaf)- tho i agree it's a stretch that 1940s brooklyn anti-semitism would suddenly target wh macy just cuz he started wearing glasses, still found this atmospheric screen version of the arthur miller morality play engaging :)
unbreakable (mace window)- mostly fun, mythical friendship between a train-wreck survivor and a guy who by contrast likely couldn't survive a Toy-train wreck :crazed: director shyamalan cameos himself as a swarthy, public-venue suspect, giving rise to unintended connotations in these post-9/11 times :eek: w/yummy robin wright & some babe bruce willis flirts w/at beginning :kiss: (am i the only one who finds his head's dumdum-bullet shape Really distracting? :p)
k-pax (jbridges, alfre)- kspacey's lottafun as a psychpatient claiming to be a space alien :crazed: w/nice pulsing passages in ed shearmur's score and cult fave dpk (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Kelly,%20David%20Patrick)'s fellow inmate :evil:
i am sam (ldern, weist)- sean penn's hellafun as a devoted retar-dad fightin to retain custody of his daughter w/aid of yummy, high-strung shark pfeiffer :crazed: fun cinematography, john powell's goofy score, child actress dakota fanning, a coupla actual retards in the cast and cameos by data, keiko & yummy kath robertson enliven this drama with just the right light touch :)
a beautiful mind (crowe, jconnelly, ed "nasa skull" harris, chris "chang" plummer, opie cunningham dir.)- though largely-unheard criticisms (http://archive.salon.com/ent/movies/review/2001/12/21/beautiful_mind/print.html) of this schizo-savant drama's gutless dishonesty certainly have weight, i still found it engaging, likely due in no small part cuz it has my fave james horner score ever (even better than his Brainstorm or Treks :) ), which sports a cool, ominous "foreboding" theme, an ancient-greece-evoking "yearn" theme and the epiphanic "math" theme recalling glass' Photographer opera :cool:
beautiful joe (billy connolly, sharon stone, ian holm)- kindafun, cross-country adventures of a man whose terminal illness makes him fearless amidst mob danger & romance w/a kooky single mom :)
ocean's eleven (pitt, damon, egould, gclowney, julia robots)- director soderbergh's fun remake of the rat-pack vegas heist includes an homage to Right Stuff's Clair de Lune sequence, w/hotel bellagio's dancing waters substituting for fandancer sally rand (and an electro-ambient version of the debussy) plus a nice pre-end-credits theme :)
one night at mccool's (liv tyler, jgoodman, reiser, mdillon, mdouglas)- mostly fun chaos a quirky babe wreaks on the lives of the multiple lunkheads she seduces :crazed:
permanent midnight (bstiller, garofalo, owilson, liz hurley)- fun memoirs of a cokehead screenwriter in the 80s; not as harsh & unflinching as Hurlyburly (post 38 above), but similarly stylin :)

06-19-2003, 11:13 PM
the matrix reloaded- i agree with the point more than one reviewer's made that, since this is really only the 1st half of a 5-hour movie chopped in two, some opinionation has to wait till Revolutions shows. even so i'm confident of the following:
took ~1/2 hour before it stopped feeling like a Mere Sequel, at which point a bigger conceptual scope began to match the ballooned-up visuals. the result's alternately stunning and hard to follow: the action sequences suffered some from occasional illegibility and overuse of traditional martial-art content. but i didn't mind the conceptual difficulties; on the contrary, looking forward to the effort of wrappin my mind satisfactorily around the elaboration of the matrix's structure, machine politics and neo's chitchats w/smith, oracle & architect. but since there doesn't appear to be a novellization or script text available, will instead view the Prisoner (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0061287)-like, warhol-wallpapered architect dialog on dvd (w/deaf captions activated) as many times as i need to decide for myself whether all that intriguing mumbo feels like a dead end (postscript: thanx to scruffy-z (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/printthread.php?threadid=17404&perpage=208&pagenumber=2) my wait's over :) ). liked the nerve shown in alternating action sequences that just kept going & going & going with similarly interminable, obtuse dialog scenes. on the other hand, the inexplicable length & elaborateness of the dance/carnality sequence felt like an empty-v music video :p zion's look was predictable, niobe's pointy spex were trying too hard (tho i dug nona gaye's taut top :kiss: ) and i hope fishburne's leadenly solemn speechifyin was aimin for laughs cuz it got some from me (geez, his lunar facial texture's even more mesmerizing than gloria foster's liver spot constellation :crazed: ). but who was more hilarious, hugo weaving's droll, absurdly nth-cloned smiths or the various eurotrashy villians introed this time round? my money's on smith :) did lance henriksen provide the keymaker's voice? ;) finally, while some great don davis score moments i remain unintrigued by the wbrothers' taste in pop sounds :p but i sure wouldn't turn up my nose at an mm of the nebuchadnezzer, Am I Right People?! :cool: just caught a 2nd showing on imax ($11.50 admission?! tawkabout sticker shock :eek: ); the second pass seemed to smooth out some of the above flaws w/out diminishing the pleasures much :) add'l comments on posts 70, 99 & 190 here (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=256041#post256041); now onto other cartoonies:
men in black 2- mostly fun sequel, great to see enlarged david cross role :crazed: not as good as first, which i like to blame on the absence of linda fiorentino this time round :kiss:
blade (snipes, dorff, kristofferson, donal "owen" logue)- stylin, lottafun tale of a vampire-human hybrid combating the full-bloods' quest to rule the day And the night :evil:
rollerball- feh; on one hand there's mildly-intriguing transnational-media futurism, a trancey nightclub tune and yummy, acroyear (http://www.micro-outpost.com/pictures/figures/acroyear/acroyear.html)-garbed rebecca romulan stamos; on the other a ubiquitous, cliched, overhyped, incoherent "xtreme sport" mentality, a bland, keanu-esque protag, cornball llcoolj and a squandered jean reno (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Reno,+Jean):p
the time machine- kinda disappointing update of the hgwells; see what jdah sed (post 146 above) :p
free enterprise- hliarious, inside, semi-bio spoof of a coupla professional fanboys' adult lives, luvs & real-world encounters with their hero shatner in lalawood :crazed: has everything Trekkies (post 135 above) was missing, including patrick van horn kinda reprising his Swingers role :)
spaceman- hellafun, campy, low-budget tale of a abducted-tot-turned warrior who crashlands on earth & has to cope with everyday mundanities :crazed: w/Conan show writer brian stack as a deadpan govt agent on his trail :D
spider-man (tobey, kirsten, dafoe, raimi dir.)- mostly fun, engaging web-slinger update :) pal took me to see in theater a year ago, so am wondering if anyone knows if dvd includes withdrawn wtc teaser?
antz (voices of j-lo, aykroyd)- mostly-fun cg mole-hill epic w/fun voicework by walken, woody-a, hackman, sharon stone, stallone & anne bancroft :)
a bug's life (voices of kspacey, jl dreyfus, dh pierce, mkhan)- surprisingly fun disney-cg, Antz-meets-James-Giant-Peach effort :)
shrek (voices of mike myers, c-dizzy, emurphy, lithgow)- fun cg misanthropic ogre fairytale, w/a few nice score pssgs by powell & gregson-williams and one too many revelations about the princess character :p
monsters inc. (voices jgoodman, bcrystal, coburn, jtilly, buscemi)- best-of-the kids-cg-batch; clever premise, exuberant kinetics, hilariously expressive facial & vocal work :D
monkeybone (bfonda, bfraser, kattan, whoopi) Nightmare-Before-Xmas-meets-Drop-Dead-Fred hybrid of a cartoonist coma-trapped in the world of his outacontrol protagonist, amusingly voiced by john turturro :)
osmosis jones (voices of c-rock, shatner, dh pierce)- fun FantVoyage health&hygiene morality play taking place mostly inside bill murray's body; kinda sqaunders fishburne's voice and chris elliott tho.
101 dalmations (jdaniels, plowright) -soso disney update; even glenn close's much-praised villain's only occasionally fun :p
adventures of rocky & bullwinkle (russo, jalexander, rquaid, deniro- soso anim/live-action hybrid update of the tv cartoon.
james & the giant peach (voices of rdreyfuss, sarandon)- fun cg version of roald dahl's cinderella/Momotaro (http://mhtml.ulis.ac.jp/~myriam/futsu/momogb.html) hybrid fable :)
jimmy neutron boy genius- fun, Mom&DadSaveTheWorld (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=70631#post70631) cg retread features a rich color palette, picard's voice and cloying remakes of kim wilde's "kids in america" and tdolby's "blinded by science":)
toy story (voices hanks, tim allen, rickles, ratzenberger)- mostly-fun, rivalry-twixt-toyz-whot-come-to-life-when-peeple-ain't-around premise :)
toy story 2- wow surprise, it's better than the first :) w/barbie babes, perfectly-cast new voicework from estelle (voy's "sacred ground" kibbitzer) harris and wayne knight's dead-on scalper (enabling clever collector-world subtext), and even wallace "nagus" shawn's voice is funnier here :D

07-07-2003, 11:55 PM
now it's time for Viewer Email, my on-board replies to not one but Two people who Claim to be fans of this here Hump but who, for reasons inexplicable to me, remain intransigent about participating :frus: see for yourself if you don't think they should be dishin here- my interjected referrals are in italics:

viewer email #1:
sent the (movie article link) to the people I thought would A) appreciate it, B) understand it, C) whose replies/opinions I value
-well that seems like an unnecessarily Exclusive club :crazed: the hump was Made for this kinda thing, so what'd be so bad bout bothering a few uninterested, unvalued readers? :evil:

saw JJLeigh/Alan(don't call me "I.M.")Cumming's
-love him, love her career :)

"The Anniversary Party" (post 209 above) this weekend. I enjoyed it. They nailed the genre. You know what I mean by that if you've already seen it. Some familiar faces - PPosey,
-as if i didn't already know :kiss:

Jeeze, how did Kevin Kline ever score like that?!?!
-by Moving In Stereo? (get it, spicoli? get it?)

Spicoli was exactly like a few "dudes" I knew in High School.
-feh, we can All make that claim ;)

In fact, there are some similarities to ME (at that age) and his character
-we can't all make That claim :sur:

I'm thinking John C. Reilly's role in this one is what bagged him the co-star part in the Good Girl w/ Anniston.
-as opposed to his Magnolia or Boogie Nights? seen either?

Did see boogie nights, did think that was a fantastic film
-that & Blow make a great double-feature; sweeping, illicit-70s-subculture epics :)

Don ("don't call me Tim Meadows")
-not bad, we should hear from you on celeb lookalikes thred :) btw like pam grier he's from denvoid, & both went to same hs as my dad :)

Cheadle's performance stole the film. have a movie called "But I'm a Cheerleader" (no, not porn) (hump coming soon), that sounds like it might be a good indie flick. I haven't watched it yet, but will let you know if it's any good. Finally caught "The Good Girl" and thought it was pretty good. Gained no great appreciation for JA from the movie. Thought she was okay, but the rest of the cast I thought was outstanding. Speaking of the supporting cast, I saw Magnolia tonight (just ended, in fact). JCReilly seems to be in EVERYTHING lately!!! Although, I know Magnolia isn't a very recent movie. I guess it's just he's in everything I've been watching lately. Anyway, I very much enjoyed Magnolia.
-makes a great flik-twin double-feature w/American Beauty (watch ambeaut 1st, magnol 2nd :) ) if you ever suspend yer spacey boycott :)

It was different from Boogie Nights in subject matter, but Anderson repeated his wonderful way of developing multiple characters so well that I truly care about them all. Jaglom does this, and perhaps is in the same league as Anderson as far as the skill of using an ensemble cast, and managing to get the audience engaged with them all. Altman, in my opinion, doesn't succeed in creating that intimate connection with enough of his characters in the films where he throws gobs of big-name stars into the flick.
-agreed, but not for lack of skill so much as alt's priorities just seem to be elsewhere (see Gosford hump 211 above).

I think ACumming & JJLeigh did a good job of this in The Anniversary Party, too, but they'd need to make more flix before I could add them the list of directors above. As far as stand-out performances in Magnolia, that's tough. I could say that Julianne Moore's outburst in the pharmacy was noteworthy, and it was. I have always strongly disliked Jason Robards, but I thought he was very good in this film. I think it was brave of him to take the part, with the parallels between the character his having lung cancer in real life at the time. I don't want to omit any of the other cast from deserving mentions, because all the principal actors delivered extremely strong performances, but I'm going to write a mention of each one.
Was surprised to see Reilly again tonight in Gangs of NY. He has a supporting role - not huge, but not a cameo. He didn't do anything remarkable in the performance, in fact he was kinda lame, IMO. Also saw Formula 51 tonight. Thought is was fun. I enjoyed the Bourne Identity - thought it was a very stylish spy-thriller. Also enjoyed The Count of Monte Cristo very much, and Time Machine too (post 214 above), but maybe a bit less than "Crisco". I also thought The Hours was good.
-haven't yet seen, but lookin forward to baggin pglass score to same :)

I wasn't overly impressed with Streep or Kidman, but I did enjoy Moore and Ed Harris. quick note about Polanski's Pianist. I got an absolutely gorgeous 2-CD dvd-quality rip via "k" this week, and just finished watching it. I thought it was exceptionally well directed, acted, and filmed. Although I still haven't seen About Schmidt (I have it, but haven't yet had a chance to watch it), I think it's a given that Nicholson tends to be fairly similar in every one of his movies, so I have no argument with Brody getting the big prize for best actor this year. Based on this flick, I'd say that if Polanski hadn't fled the U.S., then Spielberg would have had another peer to compete with in getting signed to make many of the films he did over the last quarter century. I guess I can be objective enough to appreciate Polanski's skill in film making and keep a separate opinion of his past poor judgment in other respects
-in that case, lmk if you change your mind about viewing his Bitter Moon :)

If you want to see a weird movie, try Frailty. I DID NOT like Sexy Beast, but it kept hinting that at any moment it was going to get good, so I stuck with it through the whole movie. It never delivered on the promise, for me at least. I thought The Mothman Prophesies wasn't bad. I thought Robin Williams was great in One Hour Photo,
-i'm eager to see this one :)

but I found myself constantly thinking to myself how much he resembled Buck Henry, to the point of distraction. Also saw Monster's Ball (post 213 above) and Zoolander (hump coming soon), K-19 Widowmaker put me to sleep through the middle, but I managed to stay awake for the last 45 mins.
-hford seems to have settled so complacently into his mega-star torpor of late that Indy4's the only recent/upcoming flik of his i can imagine being tempted into catching :o meanwhile have yet to catch a neeson perf which isn't annoyingly morose-mopey and that Includes quigon :p

******-off at David Lynch for making (Mulholland, post 213 above) so damned weird. I know that's what he intended to do
-it's also usually his point, working from the surrealist approach of using non-sequitur, dreamy imagery & content to trigger connections w/subconscious, non-rational realms. haven't seen it yet (eager to), but thought Lost Highway was admirably strong-flavored like this, even if kinda lacking in the usual movie form & content pleasures. gotta dig roberts blake & loggia cameos regardless :evil:

completely enjoyed "The Dish"- the kind of people/personality humor in Best In Show (post 57 above), but much much more understated
-uh oh, if it's more understated than BIS, does that mean it's in almost-Too-subtle bob&ray territory, aka guys universally acclaimed as funny but who rarely get an actual laugh outta me? :o

Someone recommended this one to me, and I don't recall if it was you.
-probably jdah (post 24 above); now that bothayou've mentioned it i'll hafta give it a shot one of these days (i recall seeing it available at dpl, my primary flik source :) )

The Chelsea (Walls, post 212 above)- I guess it has a colorful history of occupants,
-including one Edie Sedgwick (http://girlonfire.com/) who set fire to her room :stupid::kiss:

-a stereotype which yields a surprisingly dependable supply of entertaining flik protagonists, eh? :D a pal i showed Real Blonde to disdained it cuz the characters weren't leading sufficiently "significant" or "meaningful" or "inspiring" lives :rolleyes: maybe i should give him We Weren't Soldiers or Behind Enema Lines for xmas, that'll teach him :p

it has that "Indie" flick texture,
-ah yes, Indie Flik Texture- you know all too well how to Rub me the right way :D

Aw, you've managed to get me interested in these kind of flix
-score another win for tastemaker vt :happy:

There were a few others, but nothing worth noting.
-hey, that never stops me :crazed:

viewer mail #2, picking up our conversation from a maher drug article link (http://www.safesearching.com/billmaher/print/a_details_0303.htm) i'd sent (on a related note, swaffy might enjoy this maherticle (http://www.safesearching.com/billmaher/print/a_details_0403.htm) :) ):
Speed equals greed. Okay, on with my coffee. That was a neat article and an interesting analysis of mellow (pot) versus speed. But I'm not going to become a big pot supporter. All of my work with druggie kids (as well as research) tends to show that pot and cigarettes are the biggest gateway drugs to harder stuff. (And I battled cigarette addiction for years!)
-hmm, i sense an intriguing nucleus for a reply about Permanent Midnight (post 213) & HurlyBurly (post 38 above) humps :cool:

What was interesting to me wasn't so much the topic (scalping), it was the lamo who responded to your comments with an attack on your writing style. I've seen those comments aimed towards you at our film score boards( you know, in the good old days when you participated!), and I thought, "here we go again." You did dismiss him with great aplomb. And the real irony of his comments is that I can see several members at your board trying so hard to imitate your style.
-most obviously gsj ( ;) ) but i don't mind cuz he's been a loyal netpal for 4 years now, helped each other w/our collecting & have even exchanged mixtapes :)

But they lack your natural syntactical rhythm,
-pot callin kettle black, to wit: what a euphonic phrase, "natural syntactical", "natural syntactical", "natural syntactical" :D

your singular ebb and flow. Guess writing style is like a fingerprint. . . your "crazy secrets for the art of Hump: thematic unity, archiving by space. . . all seem to make a rather pragmatic pattern for you
-i spose it does make remarx on a particular flik/score easier to find when thumbing thru my dozens of humprintups ;) but the original motive was a likely-anal compulsion to find & exploit patterns or order within the glut of my flikwatchin, in hopes of yielding more attractive, greater-than-the-sum posts ;)

and your viewers. Wondering what theme In The Bedroom will fall under along with what other films.
-see post 213 above :)

I wrote about ITB at moviemusic.com (About a year old thread)
-in that case, you could save typing by posting a direct link to that mm.com post that any Humpreader could click on :)

I'm about ready to rent it again and to ponder it all over again.
-all the more reason to reVisiT ;D

I wanted a big long analysis (of ITB) from you
-hey, maybe i'm just waitin for yours ;) seriously, my process on the hump is indicative of how i usually work, i.e. sometimes i only have a nugget of comment initially, which i present in case it'll spark a more elaborate exchange. a good example of this dynamic: me & swaffy debating Happiness (humposts 85-92). a bad example: every post i've made since jan. 15 (covering over 150 flix!), to which No responses have been made :( (hmm, is it my breath? ;) ) on that note:

Enjoyed all the hump posts. "okay jh, now it is your turn" NOT.
-aww you Promised! :( so since i know you to be a woman of honor, i guess i'll be seein you there :D

Remind those people at that thread about the good music now and then.
-ok, but can always use yer help :D

07-28-2003, 01:22 PM
namely, answering "viewer mail #3", which was actually a forum post from a fellow mm collector who inexplicably posted it on That forum (huntpost 448 (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/printthread.php?t=149&page=2&pp=448)) instead of here where, and not just cuz of author's exotique paris perspective, it's de rigeur reading :) again, my interjections are added:

Concerning SW : Ok I'm a SW lover but I must say the AOTC scenario is not as amazing as the scenari from the first trilogy. I can only regret the loss of what made with dimensions the sympathetic nerve of the first trilogy : Humour !!! Were are the arguments between princess Leïa and Han Solo ? The jealousy between Luke and Han... Gone ???
Ok then here are my preferred movies of the last two years :
8 women ("8 femmes") de François Ozon (director) with Natalie Baye, Fanny Ardant, Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Beart, Virginie Ledoyen (cutie), Ludivine Sagnier (cutie), Dannielle Darrieux, Dominique Lamure, Firmine Richard.
-i'll likely catch this in upcoming cold season, as premise sounds fun & am familiar w/the work of the first five actrizes ;)

An excellent movie on women with an old house, a dead man and eight women... who is the murderer ?
Best french actor 2003 is Adrian Brody (talentuous american actor in an English production : "The Pianist"). My preferred Roman Polanski movie is still "Dance of the Vampires".
-ever see rp's Bitter Moon ('92) w/seigner, hgrant & ksthomas?

Best actress, Isabelle Carré in "Se souvenir des belles choses" ("remembering the good things" by Zabou Breitmann - France 2002).
Best foreign movie, "Bowling for Colombine" by Michael Moore (USA).
-though he's clearly too much of a hypocrite (http://archive.salon.com/june97/media/media970606.html) to trust, i always find mm dependably, doggedly entertaining (http://www.salon.com/july97/moore970703.html) and so am looking forward to this one too, esp. since it focuses on the bland suburbs surrounding my city :)

Best European Union movie : "Parle avec elle" ("Hable con ella") 2002 by Pedro Almodovar (Spain). I must agree, this movie is great : a must see.
-haven't caught yet, but since almo's one of my five fave directors (along w/kubrick, hitchcock, godard and. . . ?) you Know i will :)

I also loved : "Punch-drunk Love" by Paul Thomas Anderson (USA). Adam Sandler made a superb performance in this movie.
-as you can see from prev. post, both i and viewermail author #1 dug both Magnolia and Boogie Nights by pta (and i loved Mag's soundtrack :) ); though he's often overexposed & wasted in flix, i also became a loyal sandler fan the instant his infectious idiocy began gracing SNL over a decade ago, so you know i'll be catchin this one too :)

"Intervention divine" ("Yadon ilaheyya") 2002 (Palestine/Israël/France - co-production) by Elia Suleiman ; a very funny (but also serious) movie on the tragic events in Israël. Elia Suleiman is a Palestinian director, one of the best friends of the famous Israeli director Amos Gittaï,
-i've never even Seen a palestinian flik, and while i have caught several israeli flix, gittai is the only israeli director i could name offhand :stupid:

he lived several years in New York when he was making TV movies. Great prize of the jury, prize of the critic - Cannes Festival 2002.
"No Man's Land" (of course !!!) by Danis Tanovic (France/Italia/United Kingdom/Slovania/Belgium - co-production - 2001). One of the best movies (with the English "Warriors") on the Yougoslavian war. Realistic, absurd and drole. The scenario was written starting from real facts and is very paradoxal, fun and sad at the same time.
"Playtime" by Jacques Tati (France - 1967). A group of young american girls unload in Orly with one of these voyages in groups of Economic Airline. They visit ultramodern Paris, where all the cars resemble each other, where everyone is equipped in the same way.
-sounds Great, i'll have to keep on lookout for this; i enjoyed tati's Mon Oncle &/or Hulot's Holiday, but always dig '60s paris cine-replies to london's Mod style, such as nightclub design in malle's Zazie (post 38 above) :cool:

An American young person notice however a curious "déguingandé" man, who smokes the pipe and has often his umbrella caught in the doors. Funny man this Hulot. It will start a serie of catastrophes which will give again colors at the city. This movie, filmed in 1967 almost ruined Jaques Tati, a lot of scenes were cut and the film was damaged during the years. Everything has been restored in 2002 and the movie is now complete.
"The english patient" is an american movie ? I loved it but I must confess I'm not an admirer of Juliette Binoche...
-i don't hate her but agree she's a bit overrated and, judging from her recent Letterman (latenight talkshow) appearance promoting Jet Lag (in which she co-stars w/supercool jean reno), while she's still fun i'd say she's grown a bit too habituated to the society soirees & runway shows she frequents; the distant, too-polished sheen invariably acquired in such predatory milieux doesn't quite suit her inherent awkwardness. besides i still confuse her w/julia ormond (http://sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=159995#post159995) :rolleyes: i also dug EngPat (though i still think fiennes' title character looked like odo being tortured by garak (http://www.startrek.com/library/media_DS9.asp?id=18175) :evil: ) and, happily, recently scored its cool gabriel yared soundtrack for $3 (as reported on huntpost 445) :)

since I've seen her in "Les amants du Pont-Neuf" by Leos Carax - (France - 1991). She played a homeless and she really became a homeless before filming, spending nights outside under the bridges, asking for money in the metro and she slept several night in a homeless center (a very bad place) to learn her role...
-sounds like a futile actor stunt to me; cuz no matter how skanky she made herself look, i doubt any homeless person with her bone structure would Ever get an authentic "homeless experience", especially in beauty-loving pareee :rolleyes:

here is the pitch : "Set against Paris' oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf, while it was closed for repairs, this film is a love story between two young vagrants: Alex, a would be circus performer addicted to alcohol and sedatives and Michele, a painter driven to a life on the streets because of a failed relationship and an affliction which is slowly turning her blind. The film portrays the harsh existence of the homeless as Alex, Michele and Hans, an older vagrant survive on the streets with their wits. As they both slowly get their lives back together, Michele becomes increasingly dependent on Alex as her vision deteriorates further. Fearing that Michele will leave him if she receives a new medical treatment Alex attempts to keep Michele practically a prisoner. The streets, skies and waterways of Paris are used as a backdrop to the story in a series of stunning visuals which dominate the film." It's a very disturbing movie, completely crazy...
-and sounds kinda like Girl On The Bridge meets Antonin Artaud (both, post 210 above) ;) once again, a fab, opinionated "shoulda-been" addition to the Hump :)

08-22-2003, 10:42 AM
back when i moved the Hump here to ssg, i picked out 3 dozen flix (posts 1 and 38 above) from the 2 years at the Hump's previous location as The Hump's Greatest Hits. it being two flik-watchin seasons since that relocation (the '01-'02 and '02-'03 cold-weather intervals), i spose it's time for another bi-annual Top Hump List :)
the average Professional critic- many of whom compile yearly Ten-best lists- see between three and four hundred flix per year. my winnowing, while 1/3 more severe than my previous Best Of, still achieves only about half that numerical rigor; i've narrowed down the 420+ flix i've humped here on SSG to ~a couple dozen which best represent my personal sensibility, that satisfy what i dig in a flik. as token of my unbridled affection for these select few, i hereby bestow upon them that most unprecedented of Hump honors: i shall both Properly Capitalize and boldface their titles below ;)
singling out a handful for special recognition like this inevitably has an element of advocacy to it which cannot be responsibly ignored. thus, while i considered including some deserving but better-known flix like AOTC, I Am Sam, Galaxy Quest, O Brother Where Art Thou, Blow, Monsters Inc etc, those already got big enough advertising budgets for you to've been made aware of them. so i figure my capacity (such as it is) for steering the attention of anyone reading this can be spent more shrewdly, namely on foreign & indiflix:
Storytelling, Scratch, Dream For An Insomniac, Waking Life, L.I.E. (post 209 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=223990&postcount=209))
Cannes Man, Go Fish, Bedrooms & Hallways, Unmade Beds (post 57 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=31731&postcount=57))
The Big Tease, Kiss Me Guido (post 212 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=238638&postcount=212))
The Limey, Following (post 199 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=202230&postcount=199))
Free Enterprise (post 214 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=259455&postcount=214))
The Virgin Suicides (post 122 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=52828&postcount=122))
Guinivere (post 206 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=213229&postcount=206))
Chuck & Buck (post 82 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=36343&postcount=82))
Twin Falls Idaho (post 74 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=33709&postcount=74))
Run Lola Run, Bossa Nova, Mondo (post 92 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=42569&postcount=92))
The Princess & The Warrior, Hate, The Dreamlife Of Angels, The Idiots (post 210 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=228136&postcount=210))
Happy Times, The Hole (post 208 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=219787&postcount=208))
Eat Drink Man Woman (post 84 above (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=37312&postcount=84))
narrowly missing the cut: Hamlet, Time Code, Bound, Such A Long Journey, The Luzhin Defence, The Celebration, Frozen, Different For Girls, It's A Gift

Special Custom Recommendation lists for a few of the regular contributors here, made partly from the sense i've acquired of your tastes & backgrounds. and partly cuz same makes me interested in your particular reactions to them- i predict that in many cases they'll simultaneously entertain and challenge you :) note that i've only gotten round to posting Humps of most of these so far. on the subject of Humps, since porn's probably the one genre we can't explore much here, i've christened you each with what your screen names might be if you were porn stars:
jt aka Jaded Trick: Cannes Man, High Art, Hurlyburly, Hugo Pool, Swimming With Sharks, Magnolia, Betty
swaffy aka Spankman: L.I.E., Unmade Beds, Unbearable Lightness Of Being, Kiss Me Guido, Ciao Professore, In The Company Of Men, Citizen Ruth, Time Code, Bottle Rocket, Freeway
gsj aka Goo-Shot Jammed-in: Waking Life, The Luzhin Defence, Zazie Dans Le Metro, Fast Food Fast Women, The Filth & The Fury, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Blue In The Face, 200 Cigarettes, Schizopolis, Happiness
jdah aka Heddah: Hate, Hamlet, Human Traffic, Tieta Do Agreste, Daytrippers, Different For Girls, Career Girls, Pootie Tang, Latcho Drom, The Limey, Following, The Big Tease, Black & White, Bedrooms & Hallways, A Midwinter's Tale, Prospero's Books, Everybody's Famous, Splendor
goo-shot And spankman: Gross Pointe Blank, High Fidelity, Calendar, Storytelling, Tampopo, Princess & the Warrior
all 4 of you: Free Enterprise, Venice/Venice, Scratch, Wigstock, Some Prefer Cake, Clockwatchers, Career Girls, The Real Blonde, Run Lola Run, Fallen Angels, Pillow Book, Relax It's Just Sex, Since You've Been Gone, Ghost Dog, Guinevere, Galaxy Quest, Chuck & Buck, Dancer In The Dark, Polyester, Party Girl, Book Of Life
you're welcome ;)
vt aka Vulgar Crotch

08-22-2003, 07:19 PM
I haven't been able to go to the cinema very often these past few weeks... Seen "Below", a very good movie and T3, an average sequel...

Otherwise, Jean Giraud is actually working on the next Jan Kounen movie called... Blueberry (feb. 2004). If I remember well, Blueberry will be played by Vincent Cassel ("Dobermann") who is the boyfriend of Monica Bellucci (seen in Matrix 2 - "Persephone"). Other actors : Juliette Lewis, Tcheky Karyo and Michael Madson.

A few links on Jean Giraud aka Gir aka Moëbius :


08-28-2003, 03:36 AM
Okay VT, I have something I wanted to share so I will post in the hump. Firstly, due to your frequent harranging and mithering at my (and Swaffys) absence I should explain myself…(for my peace of mind more than yours) :p . My protracted absence has not been one of any kind of misguided or petulant principles as it fist started out as, moreso it was a lack of material to post; since the end of my relationship last Dec I no longer found it desirable á fumer and as I only really watched a lot of videos and films whilst fumant, I largely stopped watching DVDs, vids etc.

So, here we go;

Amistad I have had this video for two years however I have not been able to bring myself to watch it until recently. Because of my social circle etc slavery is something I had read and thought a lot about. It is also one of the most saddening things I know about, racism upsets me more than any other prejudice, and I was putting off seeing this film. (At the moment I am reading Richard Wright’s Native Son so I was kind of in a susceptible position) Unfortunately I do not see it as successfully imbuing the viewer with any kind of understanding of the plight and unforgettably inhumane horror of the Atlantic Slave Triangle. It was a little too trite and superficial for my tastes and made me wish there were more successful African-American producers and directors who have access to the kind of funds and door-openings that Spielberg does. To focus on one man, one slave, as the main figurehead of slavery (that of Cinque) was so lazy. But not nearly as lazy as the jaw dropping rushed subtitle ending...in a 148 minute film, why did Spielberg afford so much time to focussing on a “good ol white man saves the day” spin to Anthony Hopkins’ character with it’s purging of white guilt perhaps, and cut the return of Cinque to find his family missing – believing they were sold into slavery? This would have at least gone a little way to give across a little of the helplessness and dire oblivion that many of the African countries faced. I am not saying that Spielberg set out to make a documentary but I think it was a conceit of his and arrogant that he felt he could pull this one off.

Also, I did not like the Christian element to the tale. It was almost as if he had a good idea of the sails masts representing the 3 crosses on Golgotha and wanted to use it despite there being no plot precedent to back it up. Let’s rush in a ‘convert-the-savages’ sub ‘plot’ and hope that the echo to the missionaries is enough to convince an ignorant public, eh?

I would hate for someone to see this film and come out thinking hey, now I understand about slavery. Also many British folks may see the UK exonerated by the Royal Navy’s intervention on behalf of the slaves not knowing that the movie is set shortly before the abolition of slavery. The UK was a big slaving nation previously though with ships perpetually sailing from Bristol and Liverpool.

I like Spielberg’s momentous work but not on topics such as this. Thumbs down.

Wrong Turn As a self confessed sci-fi and horror nut, I am pretty cynical when it comes to these kinds of stalk and slash movies but I have to admit that this film had me jumping more and feeling tense more than any other film I can remember in the past 10 years. Okay so the screaming was annoying but I really enjoyed the film and found it easy to suspend my disbelief for the majority of the film.

Terminator 3 What a hopeless meritless rewrite of Terminator 2. They had the opportunity to make a dark film where the judgment day we have been promised since the first film came out, is realised. I was looking forward to seeing machines laying waste to a post-apocalyptic Earth. Why can’t we see some damage? Why is there an imperative for all filmmakers to have a happy ending? The Core, Deep Impact, Armageddon, ID4. It is so unimaginative. I loved the female terminator but there was no real need for her to be a she. I did not like the fact that Arnie comes back as a goodie again – that underlines the biggest shift in these films in that they are now not about the story and concept of judgment day and the Terminators, but that they are driven by the film ‘hero’. Freddy is a hero of the foulest proportions so why can’t Arnie be a hero as a baddie too? Okay so he was sent back to save John Connor who he later kills but this is an oblique off screen reference. I wanted machines and machines and machines. I wanted to see things like the ship from Star Trek Nemesis. I wanted the claws to have claws but we got a road movie that was a rewrite of T2. (edit: forgot this) I was cringing at the scene at the cemetery where Arnie shoots up the police cars. This film is fantasy, not real, yet violent. Why on Earth do we have to see the "human casualties nil" readout? It was spineless and unnecessary. Was it because they were innocent civillians/Police? Are the Police exempt from being hurt in films? sometimes innocent people get killed; I'm not going to go into depth about any political hot potatoes such as the Middle East, but what about Rodney King?

Session 9 I would urge anyone who enjoys a good psychological thriller to see this film. I never saw it in the cinema and am guessing it had not seen general release. The premise is a group of asbestos cleaners cleaning a derelict mental hospital. The story is simple and effective, driven on by us observing one of the grafters listening to the old reel tapes he finds. They are interviews with a multiple personality patient who narrates the subplot in an interesting way that is not revealed until the end. It is kind of St Francisville Experiment meets Blair Witch Project meets The Shining meets memento but really stands out on it’s own without the need to compare it to anything else. The film owns itself and has a compelling drive to it. The diverse characters are not stereotyped roughnecks or clichéd 'movie peeps'. There is a darkness of reality that I think probably comes from using the photography to give a gritty real effect as opposed to a glossy Hollywood overproduction. Not in the nauseating camera-shakey reality TVness of Blair Witch, but in a stark way. Kind of like recording a fabulous vocal line with so much expression and character that to put reverb or delay on it would spoil it. Interestingly, on the DVD there is an alternate end and a commentary by the director who explains why scenes wholly revolving around a mysterious third party were cut enitrely from the film. I understood why this decision was made and would have been completely confused by its inclusion. Other than Donnie Darko this is the only DVD extra on a rental that I have felt compelled to watch.


09-18-2003, 10:52 AM
sicq: "Blueberry will be played by Vincent Cassel"
-personally i woulda preferred peter gallagher woulda in the lead, since he so resembles the dessinee bande version :) thanx to imdb (http://imdb.com/title/tt0276830/) i've been aware of the blueberry flik for over a year; judging from character names and plot summary it looks like it'll be based on the pre-Confedrate-Gold-epic "ghost w/golden bullets" story :) fanboy note: jango, jdah fave eddie lizzard and chief o'brien (as drunken pal jimmy :crazed: ) will also star!
thanx for moeblinks; any more moeb hunt luck so far? :)

sicq: "T3, an average sequel"
jdah: "What a hopeless meritless rewrite"
-glad to hear confirmation of my instinct to not rush out & see it this summer ;) T2 was a good way to end it, so i imagined anything after that would inevitably play as superfluous & opportunistic. but jdah, weren't you happy to see robbie williams in the role of john connor? ;)

jdah: "since the end of my relationship last Dec"
-but i thought the split turned out to be only temporary; guess my gossip's outta date- for which i have You to blame, spliffy :evil:

"am reading Richard Wright’s Native Son"
-lemme guess, cuz sisko cited it in "far beyond the stars"? (asked niner-head vt ;) )

"Are the Police exempt from being hurt in films?"
-indeed; what non-droid non-gungans are to lucas (see ep1 ;) ), cops are to post-9/11, patriotically-correct cinemerica :p and when cops Do die an inordinately big deal's made of it, a la that morose moper quigon ;)

"arrogant that he felt he could pull this one off"
-but then, "without ego there is no art" :cool: even If spiel had been able to avoid the anglocentric syndrome nearly all "colorful" hollywood flix employ (i.e. placing a white protag in the center of a story ostensibly focusing on non-white peopled, a la costner in Dances W/Wolves, else audiences won't identify), i'm not sure fictionalized film is an ideal medium for portraying such historical gravitas. (anyone feel free to offer counter-examples, i can't think of any offhand.) at any rate i haven't been in a hurry to see Amistad and your remarx have also confirmed that instinct, so thanx again :)

now time for viewer mail #4 (w/my interjections woven in; that's the risk one takes when emailing me instead of posting here ;) ); i've been eager to see the first nine flix our mystery-writer capably humps below (even if they Are all "friday-nighters (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=182230&postcount=189)" ;) ), so my thanx to him for sharing thoughts on them :)

The Mother of All Humps (um… wait, that doesn’t really sound right)
About Schmidt - Had problems with this one freezing up, so I gave up on it.
-lemme guess, dvd? :frus: the lesson in this: let us all not be so quick to abandon vhs :dead:

May or may not give it another try. Under “relationship-pressure” to do so. If you know me at all, you know that’ll probably only decrease the chance I’ll comply!
Chicago - I’d have rather castrated myself with my own teeth than see this one voluntarily. I watched it as a concession to my girlfriend so I could see something with explosions and car chases afterwards.
-do such faustian compromises ever Really pay off i wonder? what you two need is a synthesized sensibility, one which not only Appreciates both car-wrecks and sassy sashaying, but even looks Forward to them :happy:

But I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy it.
-well Sure you did, so next we're gonna hear what you thinka Moulin Rouge, right? :)

RZell is more tolerable than normal, and actually managed to stir my loins with her dancing gyrations. Mike Douglass’ wife wasn’t bad, either. One of very few musicals I’ve ever not disliked.
-not usually my cuppa either (that goes for muscials And ziggywigger :p), but i'll try most anything once ;)

Solaris - this is what happens when people who Aren't Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke try to make a movie like Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke.
-i've previously humped tarkovksy's original, i can re-post that here if you like :)

-you don't mean Airbiscuit? ;)

- Enjoyed it. JBridges’ scenes may possibly have been assembled from unused portions of Tucker, but even so this was a fun film. Maguire is solid. Chris Cooper gives an understated performance that I hope will get him another Supporting nomination. Jockey/Actor Gary Stevens nearly stole this film from Maguire (IMHO), making the most from the few scenes he was in.
Adaptation - Took me until after it was over to figure out if I was enjoying this one or not. I did. Streep FINALLY turns in something (IMO) in the last 15 - 20 years to justify her reputation as a top actress. Nick Cage & Chris Cooper also show up big time for this one.
Phone Booth - Short (81 mins), nearly solo performance by CFarrell. Decent delivery of emotional scenes by the principal players. KSutherland does as much with only his voice as Farrell does with everything he’s got.
25th Hour - Overall good flick, with solid performances from ENorton, PSHoffman, Rosario Dawson & a made-me-feel-way-too-old Anna Paquin, Spike Lee’s obligatory social commentary montage scenes are getting stale as hell, but he (with help from the cinematographer & sound engineer) mostly redeems himself with some interesting camera work and a cool approach to audio during a fight scene.
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - David Lynch could take a lesson from (God help us all!) George Clooney, on how to make a strange movie without alienating 98% of your audience. Although this one seems to steal it’s main plot device from “A Beautiful Mind”, it features some great performances and a cool take on some old music & TV history.
Catch Me if You Can - I may’ve already humped this one. I liked it, which surprised me since I don’t much care for LeoDi. With all the buzz, no one needs me to say what it’s about.
Below - I fell asleep about 5 minutes into this one. I think it may be U-571-meets-The-House-On-Haunted-Hill, but I can’t be sure. May or may not give it another try.
The Core(mageddon) - So-so-sci-fi, mostly interchangeable with Deep Impact & Armageddon. But I like the formula, and I enjoyed this one.
Dark Blue - I’ve tried to find out which story was written first / which film started production first - DB or Training Day. The stories aren’t identical, but pretty similar and released very close together. I have always liked Kurt Russell’s action roles (vs. his dopey-beach-boy roles), and he delivers pretty well here. Typecasting be damned, I hope he keeps making tough-guy flicks until he’s 100. Scott Speedman’s rookie trainee part is a straight take from EHawke’s role in TD. Did anyone else mistake Michael Michele for Vanessa Williams?
Emporer’s Club - To rip-off David Spade, I liked this flick the first two times I saw it when it was called Dead Poet’s Society & Mr. Holland’s Opus. KKline gives a good performance, but the movie is predictable as hell and doesn’t even have the common decency to show his (real life) wife topless.
Final Destination 2 - I suppose the horror film formula that goes, “let’s see how many different ways we can kill people in gruesome ways” goes back at least as far as the “Dr. Phibes” or “Omen” flicks. With the Halloween & Friday 13 franchises, it seems to have become practically the only theme for horror movies. Final Destination 1 & 2 are no different, but they at least manage to do it more entertainingly than the other recent offerings. So, if you like that genre, I recommend this one.
Tomb Raider 2 - I thought it was better than the first one, and I said so before they started using that in their publicity campaign. Fact is, AJolie could just stand there for two hours, and I’d be happy. Whoever worked the camera on this one must have felt the same way, ‘cuz it absolutely oozes off the screen in nearly every shot. In my perfect world, AJolie & Denise Richards decide that a man would spice up their bedroom life together, and they choose me! (okay, I know - that’s WAY too much information!)
-hey don't be greedy; jolie for you, denise 4me :)

Analyze That - Insultingly lame-assed attempt to extort more “deniro” out of the success of the first film. Billy & Bobby don’t even phone this one in - they hire a messenger service to deliver their fecal samples to the set. I’d like to take a VHS of this one and tell Harold Ramis to “Anal-ize” it. If any studio is stupid/greedy enough
-whaddyamean "if"? ;)

to back a third installment, I won’t be wasting any time on it.
The Recruit -Insubstantial but slick, formula spy-thriller. CFarrel is adequate. APac is getting almost Nicholson-esque in his sameness in every role he plays.

I recommend seeing the Bourne Identity instead.
Triple-X - Triple yecchs.
-haaaw :D as far as i'm concerned, Vinprick can suck my Diesel :p

Still to see:
Ali G. Indahouse
-still to eat: alla food at India House, aka a high-rise nyc curry place gsj told me about ;)

A Man Apart
-A Man, A Fart? :D

The Black & The Furious (er,.. I mean Biker Boyz) ((and I DO NOT mean anything racially insulting in that!!!))
Swimfan - I fell asleep, but may try again…
-maybe swafman's- i mean Swimfan's (:evil: ) problem was it didn't star yummy michelle rodriguez &/or kate bosworth like its fliktwin Blue Crush (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=171027&postcount=184) :kiss:
p.s. ain't y'all gonna congratulate me? (http://www.experimentalfilmchannel.com/id7.html) :happy:

09-30-2003, 02:59 PM
. . .the premier night of the VT FilmFest took place sept 21 in a supercool microtheater (56 seats) built by an impresario pal of mine :) only a few people showed up but was hella fun. the fest was a direct outgrowth of this discussion right here. as such, the evening's offerings were carefully coordinated with the Vibe as detailed in post 189 above, to wit: schmoozing commenced at dusk, with combustible edison's Four Rooms music on the sound system. at dark Cannes Man rolled, followed by shudder to think's High Art music during the intermission chitchat, then Some Prefer Cake followed by eskimo's music for same till some time after midnight :happy: (see posts 1 and 57 above for content references.) thanx to all who showed, and to impresario pal (i will wait til he's decided upon a screen name for this forum b4 referring to him by any name) who generously provided a venue for my agenda :cool: the next night of this irregularly-scheduled filmfest (i.e. whenever it's convenient & we feel like it) will probably be a sunday in october, check link for updates; meanwhile it's time for my smuggling-in of viewer mail number Five :rolleyes::

Recent flix I've seen:
Blue Crush - About Hawaiian surfer-chicks. Was better than I expected, but I wasn't expecting very much at all.
Bruce Almighty - not-as-stupid-as-usual comedy with Jim Carrey. If you can see it for a buck or two, It's not bad.
-sure, if my name was Rockefeller maybe ;) i've gotten way too used to free viewins to pay for hardly anythin- which imo is something a critic shouldn't have to apologize for, since it helps him remain free of evaluating flix from primarily a "consumer product" standpoint :)

No way I'd pay more than that.
Freaky Friday (current release) - Disney Channel TV-movie-style, slick remake, follows the recipe right down to the music video end-credits. If you're a 6 to 13-yr. old girl, then you'll love this one. If you're a parent seeing it with afore-mentioned girl, it's well-paced, tolerably acted, mercifully short, and creates a couple opportunities to discuss things afterward (sort of like, "what would YOU do in this situation?").
-and i spose if you're neither, get ready to Freely Frow-up? ;)

Finding Nemo - To not like this movie, or at least to not find it funny, someone would have to be in a coma.
-ok, but you gotta admit the ad campaign wasn't exactly Encouraging :p

Everyone should see it with a kid. If you don't have a kid, the theatre should loan you one during the flick.
The Hunted - Someone must've said, "What if we remake the first Rambo, but with better acting?" Predictable as hell, but they follow the formula for an entertaining action flick. I'd pay $2.50 to see it.
House of 1000 Corpses - Waste of 7200 Seconds.
-expecially if you ended up spending the time Counting them :D

(that was a real shame, too, because I'd been anxious to see this one ever since the first rumors it was going to be made)
Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels - Madonna's husband tries to make a Quentin Tarrantino-type movie. Has its moments. Another one to see if you can get it for a buck or two. If you liked the movie Snatch, you'll probably like this one.
-are you kiddin, Lock Stock was way Better than Snatch :cool: alas, director ritchie's doin a great job of gettin worse w/each successive flik (Swept Away anyone? haven't seen it just yet but i can easily imagine the universal panning being right about that one :p ). if there are no objections, i prefer to blame wifey for said downward artistic spiral :evil:

Narc - Hey guys, the camera man from Payback just called, and he wants his blue lens filter back.
-also the dp for Traffic's wash dc segments (post 48 above) ;)

Very predictable story about drug cops.
Joy Ride - better than average road-stalker film. At least it isn't starring Dennis Weaver. During the movie, I thought the voice of one of the unseen characters sounded familiar, but I didn't see him credited at the end. Sho 'nuff, IMDB listed my guess as the uncredited voice. Damn, I'm good!!!! ;-P
-meanwhile i thought duchovny narrated Virgin Suicides; turned out it was giovanni ribisi :p on the other hand, in years past my trekkie ears have spotted james "admiral jerok/dr. mora/adult alexander rozhenko" sloyan doin lexus ads, mark "sarek" lenard voicing saab, and andreas "tomalak" katsulas for oxy 5 ;)

Latest flick: Daredevil - I fell asleep. Is it any good after the first ~45 mins.?
-i hate to point this out, but what might it say about your viewing choices that so many of em end up functioning as your sominex? ;)

10-01-2003, 07:16 PM
Congrats on the first annual VTathon! Very cool!!!

Since I watched a film today, I guess I'll join the party...

A Slight Case of Murder (1938) - Eddie G has a blast making fun of his tough guy personae in this WB gangster parody. Robinson plays a bootlegging gangster who turns his beer biz legit after the repeal of prohibition but runs it into the ground when his product turns out to be swill and everybody's too afraid to tell him it ain't "the tops" as he claims. Hilarity ensues as a bookie's armored car is robbed of half a million by a small gang who is waiting in Eddie's summer home to kill him for gangland activities years before, but the gang is murdered by one of their own who stashes the loot in one of the bedrooms. Eddie & sassy wife, daughter, orphan charity case, and his mob who are supposed to act like they're all proper servants show up at the house and have to dispose of the body while the daughter's cop fiance, his ill father, the bookie who was robbed, the bankers foreclosing on the brewery the next day, and a slew of others have a party at the house.

Despite the Threes-Companian nature of the plot, this little gem avoids many of the classic "juggle lies" comedies' pitfalls and simply goes for hilarity without overthinking things. Eddie G doesn't hoarde the spotlight which makes this a great ensemble flick that gave me several genuine loud laughs. It also clearly is influencing another of my secret favorites from 50 years later, Stallone's "Oscar".

good shot jansen
10-08-2003, 11:59 AM
been awhile since i parused these waters, but since i recently saw something, i'll hump about it.......

the hot rock - 1972 - i 1st saw this flick back in the summer of 72 at the old trans-lux theater (pronounced thee-aye-tor), a wonderful old movie house (now since long gone :( )on lexington avenue in new yawk's upper east side. it's finally been released on dvd, after not being available anywhere for nearly 20 years. there was a rumour that robert redford was against this movie being re-released after it's initial vhs issuance.

it's a crime caper starring robert redford (in his absolute dead pan best), george segal (back when he was still considered vibrant and hip), ron leibman (possibly one of his best movie roles), moses gunn (fresh off his bad guy character that he played in shaft a year earlier), and zero mostel (being none other than.....wel zero mostel!)

the movie holds up suprisingly well after all these years. even though the flick unmistakably displays a early 1970's new yawk during the hot summers month (the wtc is still under construction), the movie feels remarkably fresh. (unlike other new york films from that era, eg. french connection, 7 ups, shaft, etc, which all feel horribly dated).

the acting is very well presented, and peter yates (who's best directed film in my opinion is a toss up between this and breaking away), displays a subtle use of the camera where you never feel as though the camera work is intruding. a tough task when you consider a great deal of the flick was filmed on location, out and about in new yawk.

a great film to get if you've never seen it, and a must get if you've seen it, and have been frustrated that you could never find it on tape. (like moi)

the movie is based on a novel by donald westlake. another fine movie which is also based on a donald west lake novel, cops and robbers (filmed the same time as the hot rock starring cliff gorman and ron liebman (again)), comes out on dvd this december, i highly recommend tracking this one down as well.

10-20-2003, 11:09 PM
. . .tho sometimes i confuse him w/cagney or peter lorre ;)

gsj: "feels remarkably fresh. (unlike other new york films from that era, eg. french connection. . . etc, which all feel horribly dated"
-anyone out there care to rebut this admirably impolitic and provocative remark? ;)

"george segal (back when he was still considered vibrant and hip"
-which was When exactly? :evil: meanwhile time for viewer mail number Six:

seen a couple movies advertised lately (home video releases & new theatrical releases) that I thought I'd ask if you've seen or heard about them:
The Safety of Objects- Ensemble cast w/ mixed storylines that intersect. Sounds like it is right up your alley.
-don't it tho? even the title's got "indie flik" written all over it eh? ;) then again, so did "13 Conversations About One Thing" (post 209 above) :p

American Splendor - True story about a regular guy who keeps a comic book-style journal of his life. Sounds cool.
-hell Yeah it does, i still recall pekar's cringe-inducing letterman segments over a decade ago :) i know terry zwigoff didn't direct this but i still hope it's more Crumb and less Ghost World ;)

have you seen Lost in Translation? It's playing at our local wannabe art house, but I haven't caught it yet and probably won't before it leaves.
--me, too impatient & not stingy enough to see nothing but Treks, Matrices, or Starwarses on the big screen? you know me better than that ;)

2 fast 2 furious - Didn't have the chemistry or quality of acting & direction of the first one, which I thought was pretty decent, considering the target audience was a group you could offer up any drecch to, and they'd be happy as long as there were fast, cool cars, and plenty of 4-letter words laced through the dialog. Looks like the producers caught on to this fact for the sequel.
Windy City Heat - Comedy Central original feature. You've probably heard about it already. I loved it, but I'm one sick mo-fo. Don't want to give any spoilers.
Lemme know more about the evolution and realization of the VTFF when you get a chance.
-ok then: the vtff's (http://www.experimentalfilmchannel.com/id7.html) second double-feature took place sunday oct 12! think of it as a cross between video night at a pal's house and a visit to a local arthouse. (in other words only a few made the scene (http://www.duffcinema.com/fest.html) but it was hella fun ;) ) the overwhelming favorite was the evening's first flik (Real Blonde) rather than the 2nd (Blue In The Face), but i still dig em both :) in between flix Real Blonde's soundtrack was cued up, along with hal hartley's Henry Fool music. hoping to stage a few more of these b4 it gets too cold :)
meanwhile some misc dvd notes:
watched trek special features of DS9 season 1, 2, 3 & 4 and TNG seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7; latter's a painful reminder how lingeringly bad TNG Sucked for first 2-4 years, but TNG 2 featured a fun trekprop archive tour, and tng 6 takes us thru the prop-packed home of visual effects producer dan curry (even while subjecting us to his pudgy taichi/batleth demo :p ) :) ds9 2 gave us peeks at the original, more stately dax hairdo, an emphatic but surprisingly uneffete andy robinson out of his garak makeup, and armin "quark" shimerman's hilarious anecdote about guest-star wally "nagus" shawn :) also details the extent of egyptian design influence on the cardie galor ship (desert color, ankh shape, pyramidal disruptor banks, central stone altar and fire-pot details on the hull). and ds9 3 reveals that the dominion was aware of the federation's existence prior to wormhole's discovery, and had plans for dealing with them when fed reached the gamma quadrant 200 years hence. hence the founder's "search 2" line to odo, "we weren't expecting your return for another 300 years!" (100 for him to reach alphaquad w/out wormhole help, 200 for feds & doms to encounter one another).
also had a great time viewing dvd seasons of cable shows i've been interested in seeing more of, such as Mr. Show, Daria, Jackass and the Chris Rock Show. Mr. Show's inevitably uneven due to its experimental nature but would also seem to reward multiple views for the same reason; its comedic take is so original -& occasionally subversive- it takes a while to properly adjust to & absorb it :cool: its audio-commentary track is especially admirable for not even bothering to concern itself w/the on-screen proceedings, instead taking the opportunity for entirely unrelated and hilarious comic riffs :D
also really dug the Ciao Manhattan (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000077VQR/qid=1064893834/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_1/103-0848672-1470236?v=glance&s=dvd&n=507846) dvd, lotsa great xtras round out this semi-coherent, semi-mockumentary of yummy edie :kiss:

10-23-2003, 10:21 AM
I saw two films recently solely because I like the actors in them. Not something I would normally do, or can recall having done before , and I was pleased I did. The London tube has been littered with huge photos of Kate Beckinsale's almost iconic stature on the city ledge for what seems to be months now and I never realised it was her until the junkets recently started punctuating our early morning programmes and she came over here to promote the film. I much prefer her au vetements normale to the black pvc she wears in the film, and her hair is much nicer without the black wig but she's still a fine shiner. Anyway, I decided to see Underworld because - let's face it - the genre would appeal to most of us who frequent this board, but the speed in which I raced to see it was because of the leading role.

What I saw I liked, I liked the spin on the backstory of werewolves and vamps (although I thought the renaming of werewolves to "lycans" after lycanthropes was naff and unnecessary) and a number of actors I liked showed up; Bill Nighy a great comedy and serious actor played Viktor and also Tiny Lister Jr (Debo from Friday and oft-mistaken as the main crim in The Green Mile).

I like the foreign element of the film, the influence of Eastern European setting. This reminded me of the awful stories from Struwwelpeter (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=%2Farts%2F2001%2F02%2F21%2Fbtshock2 1.xml ) that my mother and father used to read us as kids; elements of The Judderman (http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/commercials/15) and of course the delightful The Gashlycrumb Tinies (http://www.wishville.co.uk/gorey/start.htm). Anyway, Although I prefer Miss Beckinsale when she is 'normaled' up she did look spiffing and the sets were gorgeously drab and post holocaustic :cool: Any comparisons to The Matrix are puerile and ill informed; anyone who wears a full length leather coat and black PVC catsuit will find themselves compared to either The One or his B H (http://www.bonkablebeauties.com/females/CarrieAnnMoss/Main5.jpg) these days

More plaudits to this film for its underuse of SFX and the dual metal whip scene ;)

The second film I saw is the Merchant Ivory-partnered Le Divorce solely because Naomi Watts was in it. I loved her and there is something reminiscent about Jeri Ryan in the way moods change her face like global climates and this in turn of course reminds me of my sister whose nickname is Seven so I knew I was onto a winner. I enjoyed this pleasant little film but I think the more travelled of the US citizens who may see/have seen this film may take more from it. In life, there is a very subtle (as well as the obvious and blatant) rivalry between the French and English and this is explored spectacularly in a very few scenes in the film, with the inclusion of (the wonderful) Stephen Fry (http://www.stephenfry.com/) . The contempt that France has for America is handled quite effectively too, but in a more generalised way. It is not so much the fact that the US is sneered upon by certain French quarters, but more in the way it is sneered upon; and this was not really illustrated. In any case I loved the film, and apart from the rather hamfisted cliché of using French brasserie type music throughout (at least they left Serge Gainsbourg alone) the 'score', I can't really fault the film as it succeeds at what is meant to be.

In an attempt to offer some balance to the proceedings I am also going to include <sharp intake of breath> Finding Nemo into my humppost as I'd hate to come across like a g-a-y stereotype with all these female characters in my pantheon. (The title of male l**bian is already taken by the divine Mssrs Izzard and Touch, so "g-a-y stereotype" it is ). I have not seen any of the other previous Pixar films or -as I call them, "kids cartoons" - until this one and only went to see this because I am somewhat a pisciphile (I was very pleased to see species-accurate fin movements!:D ). I can't say much other than it was an enjoyable 2 hours, like looking at a big clear tub full of dolly mixtures, or some other bright sweets (candies). I am not going to fault something as innocuous as this except to say, the surfer dude turtle accents really grated. I would have though they could have ignored the oh-so-witty-juxtaposition of beach culture with old turtles and gone for a more old wisdom approach á la Ur-ru from The Dark Crystal. I understand why they did not. And I still enjoyed the film a great deal.

Last night I saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with all it's accompanying dumbing-down and plot-explanations, however, I will reserve my humppost for that little gem for a later date when i have had more time to ruminate on it. Contrary to popular opinion, I did enjoy the film immensely and can't see why it has been so badly slated here. Oh well. I will also include a review of the godawful watching-people-die film Cabin Fever, and the intriguing House of 1000 Corpses.

And as for Whitney, VT, I am afraid I am still drafting my invective on that shouting skull. :evil:


10-30-2003, 07:28 PM
I will also include a review of the godawful watching-people-die film Cabin Fever, and the intriguing House of 1000 Corpses.

um, jeddah, I think you made a typo. it's supposed to read, "a review of the godawful watching-people-die film House of 1000 Corpses."

(strictly imho)

10-31-2003, 03:34 AM
um, jeddah, I think you made a typo. it's supposed to read, "a review of the godawful watching-people-die film House of 1000 Corpses."

(strictly imho)

heheh, I know you're right, but something after seeing it stuck in my mind. Something that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Something that gave the film a little originality merit. I've still not got my head round it so I haven't posted about it but will thrash it out and then type it out :D


11-07-2003, 10:36 PM
my original hump to VT on it, from 9/24/03:

House of 1000 Corpses - Waste of 7200 Seconds.

(that was a real shame, too, because I'd been anxious to see this one ever since the first rumors it was going to be made)

I saw an interview w/ rob zombie about it quite a long time ago, and I was very hyped to see it. I was so bummed that it turned out so circus-like.

on a better note, I saw The Transporter for the first time tonight. I had zero expectations going in to it, and was very nicely surprised at the direction, photography, fight choreography, style, and the terrific Stanley Clarke score. the only negative was the acting by one cast member, I think his name is Ric Young, who played a bad guy / father of the female character. If you haven't seen it, and want a cool, pure testosterone flick, give it a try.

(= VT alert)

also recently saw Darkness Falls. not bad. seems there have been a decent number of horror films the last year or so that have been a lot better than the raft of drecch that was mostly coming out for many years prior (subject of previous post excluded). ;)

11-08-2003, 04:48 AM
I also saw The Transporter not too long ago with no expectations, and while I found it entertaining, I felt like the film didn't really live up to what we saw before the car was destroyed so early in the flick. Our hero seems to lose much of his cool, meticulous edge - which seemed to be the basis of how his character thrived in his chosen profession - and turned into a standard fighting machine. Too bad too because that guy in the nifty James Bondian car who refused to drive criminals from the scene of their crime until they rectified a weight issue was a character and his plot device that I would have enjoyed watching a movie about.

11-10-2003, 09:49 PM
weekend indulgences...

kill bill - ohmyfreakinGAWD!!!!!!! If you're the sorta person for whom Finding Nemo is pushing the envelope of stimulating film entertainment, then this ain't for you. If you like benchmark-setting, genre-nailing, adrenal gland-draining, action-flick-lover's-heroin-mainline-equivalent-type movies, you might find this just slightly entertaining, in the same way that a sports car lover would find a drive in a 1962 Ferrari GTO just slightly fun.

That was the lovefest. Now, the minor issues: I'm not sure if it's just QT's style of writing, but the script has more than a few lines that sound too much like pulp fiction. The 'silly rabbit' line, the drawing the square shape with her finger... The fact is, whether it's derivative of his past work, or just his personal writing style, it doesn't matter because it WORKS for this film.

saw it in the best way possible (for me) - front row, center, alone. the purest experience in film watching. if I can get away for a matinee, I may even see it again.

the next afternoon was less satisfying. matrix revolutions was stronger, from a SFX standpoint than the last one, but equally weak in writing and acting. the first film was original and stylish - and still holds up for me, to this day ( saw it again very recently) - but the two sequels seemed to sink into some sort of expensive but crappy Tron rip off. I would absolutely not recommend this to paying customers unless you can see it for a very cheap matinee.

11-21-2003, 01:45 PM
. . .would i Love Trainsporter, or just kinda Like it?
thanx for alert swaffy, but i'm afraid stanley clarke's music's yet to do much for me (including, alas, on your mixtape), so perhaps you can tantalize me by describing his work on the Transcore a bit more specifically, e.g., does it sound "bondy"? ;) i've already missed out on 2 offers to see Kill Bill on bigscreen; somethin tells me to wait till vol 1 and 2 are on dvd. think that's a nutty instinct on my part? :crazed:

jdah: "solely because I like the actors in them. Not something I would normally do"
-indeed; while i've occasionally done so (as with post 206's Good Advice, 209's Misadventures Of Margaret, anything w/gong li or billybob, and coming-soon humps of Jade & Femme Fatale -all cuz of the fatale femmes of course :kiss: ), more often i have to drag myself to see things i end up liking Despite who's in em (Unbreakable, Swordfish, Moulin Rouge, Vanilla Sky, Whole Nine Yards, Out Of Sight); so i'm allergic to megastars, so sue me :p

"tube has been littered with huge photos of Kate Beckinsale's"
-now that a coupla years have passed since her Pearl Harbor juggernaut my annoyance has lessened enough to see she's kinda poised & spontaneously clever, which as a rule i'm finding to be more often true of english actresses than their yank sistuhs :p

"reminds me of my sister whose nickname is Seven"
-who you Still ain't introduced me to like you promised; what, does the idea of me as your in-law Frighten you? :evil:

"at least they left Serge Gainsbourg alone"
-last i heard you'd never heard of him; educated yourself since then, have you? :)

"I'd hate to come across like a g-a-y stereotype"
-with all your "bright sweets", "dolly mixtures", "joe-pesciphiles" & whutnot, are you sure it ain't too late to be worryin bout that? ;)

"have not seen any of the other previous Pixar films"
-in that case let's see whatchoo thinka Monsters Inc and Toy Story 2 (post 214 above) :) meanwhile here's what i think of:
the animatrix- mostly-fun dvd of nine different "expanded Matrix universe" cartoons:
Final Flight Of The Osiris- aiming-for-realism cgi prologue to Reloaded with more action-sequence coherence and almost as much wit as Revolutions :)
Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2- compelling backstory of the man-machine conflict, w/the explicit content overshadowing the straightforward, docu-style presentation (except of course during the stunning, opening mandala sequence) :)
Kid's Story- while the blatantly-targeted scenario (a la spielberg shoehorning short round into Indy Temple to boost kiddie-audience involvement) is adequately but not compellingly served by the frazzled style, what i mainly admired was the theme's deft, defiant rebuttal of all the post-columbine finger-pointings at pop culture in general and The Matrix specifically :)
Program- the weakest of the bunch, brandishing all of anime's predictable, limiting, overbearing stylistic cliches (labor-saving still figs hurtling past motion-streaked backgrounds, big melodramatic eyes combined w/stoic, elongated faces and hammy line readings, etc) and trying to justify same by giving us, in the dvd special features, a lesson on The Rich Traditions Of Anime :p all i dug the inventive, roaming, dimesional architectural depictions and sword-slices dissolving victims into green kanji characters.
World Record- feh; the distracting, self-conscious exaggerastyle of this sports-themed piece left me as cold as a nike tv advert :p
Beyond- sublime & poetic; the kind of dreamy, non-sequitur content anime's perfectly suited for and should stick to more often :)
A Detective Story- kinda funny, hard-bitten noir tale, w/striking exterior textures and desktop-tech depictions :cool:
Matriculated- breathtakingly-designed "virtual machine consciousness" depiction, with one segment likely inspired by moebius' abstract "gut" paintings of the late-80s/early 90s :cool:
the matrix revolutions (contains spoilers)- despite all our high fanboy hopes it always seemed inherently impossible for Matrix sequels to top or equal the original. so anyone with any sense should begin by throwing off such hopes, and concern themselves instead with how interestingly such expectations are Not going to be met. that is, are they gonna fail with style?
Reloaded did a better job of this than Revol (and to some extent its "success" depended on the latter's failure); the only real surprises Revol held for me are that neo (& trinity) were actually killed off instead of merging v'ger-style into some kinda epiphanic, peace-ushering symbiosis w/the machines. but again, surprises aren't really the point in the world of decadent sequelitis; the point is does it manage to sweep you along despite the inexorableness of its arc? alas, it didn't me much :(
Reloaded's pacing & arrangement of settings (setpieces?) had better, more daring structure (see post 214 above), and again the squid battle scenes occasionally lapsed into visual incoherence, probably cuz there were just too many of them (tho i dug it so long as they remained coalesced in their snaking, fountain-jet formations :cool: ) the dizzying density may reward multiple, savor-the-detail, frame-at-a-time dvd passes, but action scenes should have a love-at-first-sight clarity; if it comes at the expense of playing as a mere muddle on the initial viewing where's the seduction? again also a bit too much martial-art-sequence dependency, especially the obvious, "getting back to one of our basic inspirations, namely kung-fu flix", scale-reducing framing of the final showdown, which was less effective than probably any of the trilogy's previous martial-arts sequences. i simply wasn't caught up enough to care about this heavy-handed final salute to the wbros' beloved chopsocky cinema :p not as much delectable smith & mervogriffian mustache-twirling as last time (seeing skyscraper-windowsfull of the former was a hoot tho :D ) but i liked the significance smith took on as mishhhter andershon's "opposite"; hugo weaving's scene-chewing character deserved to represent more than just another cop program :) the supporting-cast mini-dramas again felt superfluous (oh who Cares if rastahubby makes it home to bump sweat-sheened uglies with whichever of them gals was his wife? :p), even as they helped flesh out the defense of zion. but seeing how morpheus was pretty much MIA this time, and neo never could shake his own dorkiness, nathaniel lees' mifune filled Revol's cool-protag vacuum capably (even tho i occasionally confused him with lock's grouchy police-sergeant character :crazed:). he was a big reason the apu sequences were much more rousing this time, compared to Reloaded when they just seemed like an Aliens-power-loader kype tacked on to amp up zion's stoke factor :p finally, could trinity's death scene have dragged on any Longer? c'mon Die already you jennifer connelly clone! :p

11-23-2003, 07:23 PM
Never having seen Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, I cannot comment. However, I think it's fairly easy to enjoy The Transporter on the basice "ooh, action!" level. As for the score... I can't say it had enough impact to make me remember it.

As for Revolutions, I can't say I won't see it, but so far I've successfully avoided wanting to see it ever since the day Reloaded passed before mine eyes.

Charlies Angels: Full Throttle - Yeesh! What a mess. You'd think it'd be hard to screw up a Charlie's Angels movie after the first one came off surprisingly competently, but unfortunately this dreck fails miserably to deliver on any level. If you like spy gear, this one bombs; if you like campy fun, this one bombs; even if you just like ogling women, somehow this one doesn't even pull THAT off! I liked the first one enough to see it in theaters and then buy the DVD, it's silly campy fun that's a big-budget twist on the TV show of similar nature. But "Full Throttle" misses everything that made the first one work, the pacing is amped up till it's indecipherable, the stunts are beyond even Matrix-quality over-the-top and at times look far too herky-jerky for a big studio production, the story is a ripoff blend of the first film, some 007 and too much other junk, Bernie Mac is woefully miscast as Bosley's brother Bosley, and Semi Naked (er, Demi Moore) proves that talent is to her as water is to a frog's rump.

11-23-2003, 10:42 PM
quizzle me this, you two: if i loved Lock Stock & 2 Smokin barrels. . . . . .would i Love Trainsporter, or just kinda Like it? thanx for alert swaffy, but i'm afraid stanley clarke's music's yet to do much for me (including, alas, on your mixtape), so perhaps you can tantalize me by describing his work on the Transcore a bit more specifically, e.g., does it sound "bondy"? i've already missed out on 2 offers to see Kill Bill on bigscreen; somethin tells me to wait till vol 1 and 2 are on dvd. think that's a nutty instinct on my part?

VT, I can't think of any real similarities between L,S&2SB and Transporter, other than they're both Euroflix. If I had to name a flick that was at all similar to Transporter, I guess I'd have to pick The Big Hit, and even in that, the simialrities would only be very minor plot lines. As JT correctly notes, the first ~ 1/2 hour of the movie is decidedly different from the remainder, nearly to the point that there could've been a change in directors and/or a major script re-write after that point. As for the score, I wouldn't call it barrybondish (it doesn't have a "my poo doesn't stink, and I'm far too rich and important to give you an interview" attitude), but it has its own cool, jazzy flavor at times, and he does a good job of setting the correct ambiance in all the scenes (IMO). I have no idea how many filmscores SClarke has done, but if this is his first, then I think he has a good future in the industry.

Re: KBvol1, if the posts in this forum are accurate, the DVD(s) will be awesome. I have no idea what kind of home entertainment setup you have. I have very normal-sized TVs, and only have the living room set ported out to quad speakers, but rarely watch movies down there. For me, this kind of movie is a must-see on a big screen with great sound. Since I don't have that at home, I went out. If you have a large screen home theatre and great sound, then it will be even better to wait and see it on DVD in the comfort of your own home.

11-24-2003, 11:35 PM
Oh, listened to the director's commentary of Charlie's Angels: FT because I was bored out of my gourd, and like half the time director McG talks about how he felt this shot didn't work or the audience didn't get into this as much as he thought, lots of stuff that adds up to apologizing for how crummy the film is.

11-27-2003, 01:29 PM
Cat in the Hat - Script Must've Been Shat.

Seriously, this should be shown to captured terrorists as punishment.

But my kids liked it.

Tip: Talk-up this movie as a great idea for a fun afternoon with your kids and your least favorite in-law.

11-28-2003, 12:58 PM
Gothika - Not going to earn anyone an Oscar nom. Still trying to figure out the reason for the flix name, other than to lure people who would blindly see anything with "Goth" in the title. The prison/hospital is sorta spooky, in a vaguely Arkham Asylum (from Batman) sorta way, but I wouldn't call it gothic. One character has some sorta gothic tattoos. But none of this seems to be enough to hang such a title on the film. Anyway, the movie is less a horror than a mystery/suspense/who-done-it, chock-full of "make-you-jump" startle-gimmicks. I can't single-out any exceptional qualities in the movie, as far as concept, writing, acting or directing. It's also not overly bad in any of those respects, with the weakest elements being (IMHO) a tie between the script and Halle's performance. If you like to be startled during scary movies, go see it.

Timeline - I think I posted somewhere on SSG after reading the book a year or two ago, that I would be interested to see this made into a movie. The book had some pretty frustrating "bad science" that seemed to fly in the face of conventional theories about paradoxes. The film's script does nothing to rectify these issues. If anything, the script assumes that viewers are far too dense and impatient to accept even the book's lightweight explanation of the physics that enable them to time travel, so it uses a barely two-minute analogy of FAX machines to explain their technology. This was as insulting as it was inadequate. At least the book blends-in some real-life recent scientific observations of the behavior of light as a lead-in to their discovery of how to time travel. There are plenty of other gripes that are the usual ones that come up whenever a book is made into a movie. On its own merits, without any comparison to the book, this was a mediocre, predictable movie. Writing was adequate at times, and excruciatingly bad at others (with TONS of help from the "actors" reading the lines). Prime examples: the first "flirt-scene" between Paul Walker and Frances O'Connor, and pretty much every scene involving the 14th century English badguys. Action scenes had some interesting stuff, but the budget must've been too low to make these scenes awesome. Fact is, most anything like this is going to come off shoddy to consumers jaded by SFX superflix like the last LOTR. Wait for it to go the cheap "old releases" shelf at your local movie rental store.

Master & Commander - Fun, interesting, good acting, great sets/effects (or whatever you'd call what they do to create the ship-at-sea scenes). The basic plot more or less takes a backseat to the action and settings. Only minor complaint: the way the fight/battle scenes were edited. Best guess is this was done to make the violence more implicit than graphic, thus keeping the film's rating at a level where more families could see it together. I would have liked to see more cannonballs and sabers doing real damage to flesh. I'm not asking for "Kill Bill" - just a little more gritty reality of the perils of that brand of warfare. They did so nicely showing much of what life at sea on a naval vessel of that era was like, then they went wuss on the fight scenes, but hid it with jarring rapid-fire edits that mostly made it just loud & confusing. Also, as nice a job as they did trying to make it authentic to that period, it still didn't seem dirty enough. But still, a good, fun movie. Worth the price of a movie ticket.

11-28-2003, 08:55 PM
Confidence - Decent premise, good performances, nicely filmed. Not as good as the first time I saw it - when it was called THE STING, but still a fun movie.

The Good Thief - I guess I'm just not a big fan of Nick Nolte. Or overly-foreign-feeling movies. Or bluesy/jazzy/BillieHoliday-type music. The heist premise was cool. The Monte Carlo scenes were pretty. The hooker was intriguing. The cop character was nearly identical in every respect to the one in The Transporter. Everything else about this movie was tedious and not to my liking. If you liked Oceans Eleven, then see it again and pass on this one. If you think old, sandpaper-voiced, pathetic drunken junkies make for fun filmwatching, then you'll have a wonderful time with this one.

12-11-2003, 05:26 AM
Okay, I have this dilemma; I am enrapt with Kiera at the moment and recently outed myself as a person who would go to see a movie solely because I liked an actor/ress in it. This was my main reason for seeing Love Actually knowing full well she had a small part in it. But then, what do I do about Pirates of the Caribbean which I really do not want to see? I'll have to think more about this. Anyway, she is almost a perfect Haagen Dasz of Natalie Portman and Kate Beckinsale. As a vicious cobra, I think I would be more easily placated and entranced and by Keira swaying back and forth than the snake charmers flute.

Anyway, the film; I've only seen 4 Weddings from this stable and despite living in Notting Hill, I've yet to see the eponymous film. I'm not reaaaaally into this kind of flick although I quite enjoy them. No matter how many apologist reviews you read which declare it as a feelgood film, advising that you must suspend disbelief to get the most of the fantasy love story, there is always a little tidemark of disatisfaction that leaves you feeling like they almost climaxed but just didn't quite make it. Conversely with the Sci-Fi genres - even appalling flicks like Ghosts of Mars - I find it easier to suspend disbelief and get carried away with the story. A few times through Love Actually I realised that I was not strictly sucked in, despite the beginning premise/warning that love is all around.

Nevermind, though, this film is wonderful and the Christmas setting takes second place to the actual stories. It's kind of like an anthology, but needn't be; most of the stories did not need the rather tenous link and I would have been quite happy to see the film without this 'oh-so-it-all-pulls-together' link.

It was great to see Bill Nighy in his usual role of dry comedy - and although it was nice to see him as Viktor in Underworld I prefer him like this. Hugh Grant was okay and I even took a shine to him for his public dissing of the President - (who was made even creepier by the strange Billy Bob) something that was timed perfectly with the arrival of Bush into the UK. I wonder if Richard Curtis (whom I presume was responsible for the film) knew of this upcoming state visit when he was writing the script last year. The film was littered with cameos - including the hateful Denise Richards - my favourite of which was the supremely talented and supersexy Lynden David Hall (http://music.mysic.co.uk/Lynden_David_Hall.html) as the wedding singer. Liam offered an okay performance but I don't think it was the kind of role he could have done anything with, especially not with such a freaky neonate (http://www.mactonnies.com/doodles/hybrid.gif) of a son. Colin Firth - hmm, okay you were quite funny but I'm not sure how you made the leap from lust to marriage! Also the subtitled conversation between you and your Portuguese miss were a little too contrived for my bitter old tastes :D I really hope that Ant n Dec (http://www.antdec.co.uk/)are known in at least a small capacity in the US just so the Kids TV morning show scene can be understood and recognised for how funny it really is. At that point I was wondering if Simon Cowell would have made a cameo as it would have been a perfect pitch. Emma Thompson played Emma Thompson, and of course Alan Rickman played himself too, but I much prefer seeing Alan Rickman play Alan Rickman than Emma Thompson play Emma Thompson. Thank God Kenneth Brannagh wasn't in it. (And no, I don't think he's funny in Harry Potter).

The Erotic Gherkin (http://www.builderandengineer.co.uk/projects/commercial/offices/0303/p380203_swissre.html) made an appearance a number of times in the background and it was odd to see it still in mid-construction when it has been completed for a while now (even though there are problems with the glass plates at the moment.). GSJ, if you see the film, this part is for you ;) :)

Go see it - not to melt your heart, not to restore your faith in love or Christmas, but because it is crammed full like a tin of Quality Street with shiney celebs :D


12-23-2003, 06:49 PM
. . .here (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=297668&postcount=130); meanwhile, time for my annual holiday/winter-solstice-flavored Hump:
sidewalks of new york (hgraham, rosario, tucci, dennis farina)- having been merely annoyed with writer/director/star ed burns' previous, overhyped Brothers McDullen and She's The One, i was all ready to jump down his throat w/a satisfying "i've about Had it with you, mcwheezy" :dev: but despite its jump-cut, semi-docu style & content being too obviously derivative of Husbands And Wives- and sporting a plot suspiciously similar to Va Savoir (which was released in the same year- hump coming soon), i actually mostly enjoyed this one, a pleasant surprise :)
25th hour (ed norton, ps hoffman, anna paquin)- spike lee's gripping, hellafun, Virgil-Bliss-meets-15-Minutes (posts 212 & 213 above) odyssey of a drug dealer's last 24 hours b4 he gotta remand himself into custody, set in post-9/11 nyc :par: note to swaffy: personally i got a kick out of lee's rant-montage -esp. them bat-wielding bensonhurst goombahs ;)
the hours (streep, jmoore, ajanney, jc reilly, ed harris)- engaging triptych of the metaphysical connections between an early 20th-century author, her mid-20th-century "character" and the late-20th-century "reader" of same, with the 3 tales bound together deftly by philip glass' subliminal-yet-distinctive score (which incorporates "metamorphosis 1" from his Solo Piano and a new perf of "facades" from his Glassworks; imdb got both those facts wrong btw (http://imdb.com/name/nm0001275/)) :smoker: i wonder if kidman's oscar had a prosthetic honker too? :silly:
far from heaven (dquaid, haysbert)- writer/director tood haynes' (see above posts 74's & 116's Safe and Velvet Goldmine) involving, gorgeously autumn-saturated, affectionate homage to 50's chikflix with julianne moore's quietly-desperate, '50s housewife protag curiously resembling her Hours role :cheeky:
heaven (blanchett, giovanni ribisi)- quietly poetic, engaging parable of a turin-residing english teacher-turned-vigilante aided by a smitten rookie cop nonetheless feels a bit slight compared to director tom tykwer's previous two (post 92's Run LoLa Run & 210's Princess & Warrior, above), perhaps cuz it's based on only a third of a projected trilogy (heaven/hell/purgatory) scripted by kieslowski (Blue, White, Red and post 210's Double Life above). still, features yummy stefania rocca :kiss:
adaptation (ncage, streep, chris cooper) -this autobio/fic, contrasting-twin-screenwriters premise has its inherent charms; alas, enjoyed writer/director kaufman/spike jonze's previous Being John Malkovich way more :dis: wisely, this one incorporates paradoxical, behind-the-scenes peeks at same :cool:
another woman (gena rowlands, hackman, farrow)- woody allen's lottafun, engaging portrait of a middle-aged nyc prof suddenly struck by buried life doubts while eavesdropping on next-door psychotherapy sessions (a device woody re-used comedically in Every1Sez I Luv U) :ponder:
8 women (deneuve, ardant, ledoyen, beart and a supposedly plain-jane prig isabelle huppert :kiss: )- posh, mostly-fun estrogen octour-de-farce in which snowbound french dames suspect each other of murder and periodically break into song :crazed: too bad the cool trailer tune wasn't in the actual film :dis:
femme fatale (banderas, peter coyote)- rebecca romulan stamos Rocks Our World in writer/director brian de palma's virtuoso, hyperstyled, unexpectedly imaginative and heady fateline-thriller, a la Vanilla Sky meets hitchcock meets dashes of Time Code and Damage (posts 122 & 74 above), with a french-sisko badguy for good measure :dev: ryuichi sakamoto's fine score is part bernard herrmann (hitch's boy), part homage to ravel's "bolero" :smoker:
unfaithful (gere, diane lane)- director adrian lyne's characteristically overpolished, suffocating infatuation w/yupscale milieux (can you tell i'm no fan of his style :p ) ebbs enough as this long island/soho infidelity tale progresses to enjoy both the eroticism and the protags' dilemmas; another nice surprise :) what didn't surprise me was that the story was adapted from a french film, which i hadn't known ahead of time; the protags' tres francais attitudes towards the theme gave that away :smoker:
jade (unrated version; dcaruso, palminteri, wfriedkin dir.)- yummy linda fiorentino's the stylin, adulterous locus of this fun, upscale sanfran murdermyst :ko:
curse of the jade scorpion (hhunt, liz berkley, charlize, aykroyd, wally "grand nagus" shawn)- woody allen's hilariously tart-tongued, retro-atmospheric screwball bout an insurance investigator hypnotized into committing crimes he's assigned to :crazed:
cradle will rock (azaria, j&jcusack, vredgrave, sarandon, jturturro, tim robbins writ/dir.)- engaging, based-on-true-clashes kaliedoscope of wpa-funded and mogul-patroned arts in depression-era nyc; peripheral delights include harris "butcher of gallitep" yulin's mccarthyesque congressman, paul "pig vomit" giamatti's handlebar'd imp, and bill murray & tenacious d's hapless ventriloquist trio :crazed:
the cat's meow (kdunst, jtilly, cary elwes, bogdanovich dir.)- fun, gorgeous-lookin rumor-sifting re a mysterious hollywood death following a roaring-20s cruise on william randolph hearst's yacht :dead: with jdah-fave eddie izzard as an on-the-make chaplin :speech:
bridget jones's diary (ziggywigger, cfirth)- jdah, i almost feel Tricked into seeing this one to compare notes cuz, due to a careless misreading of your hump of same, i'd been under the impression you Dug it (post 4 above- how could i Ever imagine you diggin a flik featuring not only hgrant but Two robbie williams tunes) :silly: at any rate i didn't mind this much, despite its oppressive, by-the-book chickflick targeting; nice use of chaka khan's "i'm every woman", some acid-jazz track i couldn't identify, a yummy lisa barbuscia cameo and a buncha crappy remakes of '70s popcheese, the originals of some of which i've actually bothered to buy- usually on 45 :beard:
the triumph of love (kingsley, msorvino)- lottafun adaptation of marivaux' 17th-century romantic farce, w/characteristic suitor- and identity-juggling fare :classic:
the importance of being earnest (rwitherspoon, cfirth, rupeverett)- lottafun adaptation of wilde's play, with dench as the main deadpan oscar doppleganger :cheeky:
ivan the terrible parts 1 and 2 ('45-'58)- sergei eisenstein's skulking, expressionistic pageant about the unifier of russia has a primitive roughness that makes it look like it was made 2 decades earlier than it actually was :chinese:
edward II- i know i'd be out of my league evaluating the subtle literary implications of director derek jarman's "homocinemadaptation" of this pre-shakespeare christopher marlowe play so, uh, i liked its ice & fire cinematography, anachronistic art direction, and uh, regal tilda swinton looked as good as i've ever seen her :nerv:
hedwig & the angry inch- inventive, hellafun, baroque, raucous memoir of a berlin dragqueen told in song amidst his rock's band's scuzzy tour across america :ko:
wit (christopher lloyd, mike nichols dir.)- fun, absorbing, thankfully unsentimental portrait of a rigorous poetry prof's lethal cancer bout :dead: hmm, i wonder what emmathomps-disliker jdah would think of her perf in the lead? :ponder:
p.s. if anyone here's in the denver area friday. . . (http://experimentalfilmchannel.com/id1.html) :)

12-31-2003, 02:31 AM
Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl - second title added by Disney in the hopes of scaring up a sequel. Fun, if a tad overly-long film that mixes real pirate lore with pirate mythology. Johnny Depp based his character on Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and it works in an odd way. Keira Knightly is more fiesty and attractive than her Ep1 lookalike Natalie Portatoman. Lots to see and do, curses and swordfights and treasure and sea battles, pretty violent for a Disney flick.

Double Wedding ('37) - William Powell & Myrna Loy from The Thin Man series in a flick with all sorts of oddities. Powell plays a delightfully silly free spirit who ends up battling with and - unbeknownst to her - wooing overbearing businesswoman Loy over the fate of her sister who wants to be an actress and has a crush on Powell and the girl's 4-year fiance who is a wimp and doofus. Not as much sparkle as most of Powell & Loy's films, but still some cute jokes that start snowballing into real laughs as the film rounds 3rd base with some writing that seems pretty advanced for the time (though the more you watch films from that era, the more you notice that people weren't as puritanical as the last few generations would like us to believe).

Dream Wife - Cary Grant in a comedy so boring, unfunny, and predictable that I turned it off after 20 minutes. Grant, one of my favorite comedic actors ever, gets so little to do here before the premise even kicks in that it just isn't worth it knowing that this literally is going to turn into that I Dream of Jeannie type stuff (complete with that show's director). Grant is engaged to a woman who is putting her life aside to work on a big political energy crisis which Grant also is working from a different angle; "hilarity ensues" (in theory) when Grant gets fed up with his workaholic fiance and goes to marry a middle eastern princess whose father is a key to solving this energy crisis. Former fiance is assigned to keep things in the middle eastern country but ends up corrupting the princess into being a modern woman. Or something, I dunno since I gave up on this one.

Lord of the Rings:Return of the King - Lavish but uneven ending to the fantastic film trilogy. Lots of battle scenes but few real character moments and inter-character moments that lead to a feeling of separation from the intimacy the audience had with the characters in the first 2 (though the 2nd had less than the 1st). Scenes didn't weave together either, and some details were harshly edited to accomodate oversized battle sequences that had less convincing CG effects than the first one. And then it has 3 or 4 endings that take up an extra 20 minutes, each of which feel like THE end since the director supposedly couldn't make up his mind which one he wanted and instead of just putting them in the obligitory Extended Edition and simply giving the mass market audience the easy out at the mass market ending, he just tossed them all in and I don't think re-edited them for a sense of flow from one to the other - thus giving the film 2 or 3 epilogues. Still, a good epic film on its own and worth seeing on the big screen for what does work, but I don't think it lives up to the quality of the first 2.

League of Extrodinary Gentlemen - Had a promising start but by the time we got through meeting half of the league, the film started to bog down and suffer through over-Connery and the inclusion of too many characters and plot devices. What could have been an enjoyable movie with lots of tongue-in-cheek moments turned into hollywood pap as the studio added a badly out-of-place and barely-2-dimensional American literature character to the mix (US Federal Agent Tom Sawyer) and tried to pump the action up to feel "hip" to modern audiences. Although I might be willing to stick with it the rest of the way even though it was undeniably crap (and remember, I liked Pluto Nash!), it was becoming quite grating and NOT a good movie to see with a group who wanted to be entertained, so we gladly turned it off at the middle during the confusing and seemingly-pointless scene in Venice.

This past week has been a landmark for me, first time I've walked out (proverbially) on more than 1 film ever, and both seemed pretty justifiable.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-01-2004, 12:26 AM
Lost In Translation A gem of a movie by Sofia Coppola. Lost is a word that describes much of the movie. Lost is the once proud movie career of film star Bob Harris, played by Bill Murray. He is reduced to flying to Japan to film a series of whisky commercials/photo shoots. Lost is his home life. He forgets his kids birthday and admits he longs for the past when his wife and himself had a zest for life, before they had kids.

Charlotte, played wonderfully by Scarlett Johanson is lost in a new marriage with her husband/photographer. He seems more interested in his work than her. She yearns for a more exciting life but is trapped in the mundane.

Lost is the audience during many scenes, trying to understand the subtitleless Japanese language and even when they do attempt English, we are left scratching our heads. Lost was I during some of the many boring parts of the movie (it was ironic they showed a clip from 'La Dolce Vita' in the movie, the supreme-boring movie in my book).

Lost are the two lead characters in a foreign city, with millions of people who they can't understand.

And as expected, the two characters connect, paint the town red, and fill in the voids missing in their lives. Even if it is temporary. Yet the last scene leaves you wondering.

Lost In Translation, may have it's sleepy parts, but overall a strong movie that we all can identify with.

01-21-2004, 12:19 PM
the onset of the annus novum is always occasion to cinematically look both forward and back; and while i may be 3 weeks tardy w/the hump for same, if this's a numbers game i'll also make jt's lalawood-golden-age twofer look like a trailer reel ;)
what's new *****cat ('65; peters sellers & otoole, woody allen)- occasionally-amusing but annoyingly sweaty, shrill & undercooked paris madcap bout a serial tomcat & his vicarious-thrillin shrink; oh well, least there's lotta decorative 60's yummies, such as impeccable capucine :kiss:
modern times ('36)- chaplin's fun slapstick has too much dead plot space between gag hunks, but also deco-style factory setpieces and vibrant paulette goddard :)
auntie mame ('58, roz russell, yummy pippa scott :kiss: )- fun screen version of an orphaned nephew's recollections of a stylin, adventurous, mid-century nyc dame whose life & outlook anyone can envy :)
funny face ('57)- fun, pleasantly-dated (not sure the same can be said of astaire's casting :glasses: ), paris/nyc-set musical of an avedon-like fotog, his vreeland-like eccentric fashmag editor and the butterfly they uncocoon (audhep, fetching in her boho-dance black catsuit :kiss: )
a night at the opera ('35)- mostly fun marx bros farce; while the crowded-cabin scene has a rep for most hilarious scene in cinemahistory, my personal fave's the contract-shredding bit between groucho & chico :D
our man flint ('66)- a james-bond knockoff so mediocre even good ol coburn can't help it; they actually sequeled this thing? :rolleyes:
the bank dick ('40, wc fields)- kindafun but a lil too frantic & forced overall; not as good as his previous It's A Gift (post 203 above).
hangmen also die ('43)- director fritz lang & writer bertold brecht allowed a few too many aw-shucks-paw, usa-specific colloquialisms (lionel stander's prague-cum-brooklyn cabbie? :rolleyes: ) into this otherwise-engaging anti-collaboration morality play set in nazi-occupied czechoslovakia :speech:
little caesar ('31, dfairbanks, police chief wiggum ;) )- egr's seminal, hellafun portrayal of a voraciously ambitious gangster will fillya fulla dumdums, mya, see :evil:
killer's kiss ('55)- kubrick's vivid, admirably economical, seedily entertaining noir of an nyc glassjaw and the pimp-beholden escort livin in the one-room across the courtyard; w/grace kelly & burtlanc lookalikes cast in the leads, cool, longshot rooftop chase & eerie, AI-prefiguring mannequin-warehouse fight :ko:
key largo ('48, bogart, bacall, egr)- the main eyeroller about this engaging beachhouse-hostage thriller is the indian subplot director john huston's dated, hemingwayesque infatuation w/indigenous peoples compels him to shoehorn in :rolleyes: 50 years before his stroke-faced old man zemo in DS9's "badda-bing badda-bang", marc lawrence plays a henchman here :ermm: :cool:
paths of glory ('57)- as with his other kdouglas vehicle Spartacus, the only distinctly kubrickian characteristic this engaging, ww1-trench-politics drama sports is its jaundiced, subversive view of authority :sur:
gloria ('80, gena rowlands, buck henry)- john cassavettes drops the ball directing the overemphatic child actor in this Leon (http://imdb.com/title/tt0110413/)-like tale of a kid caught in mafia crossfire & taken in by a same-apartment-floor neighbor; bill (Rocky) conti's score adds excessive, kazan-ish melodrama :p
s1m0ne (pacino, winonar; were there ever more specifically misleading trailers, i.e. the implication of AI?)- sleek & amusing enough virtual-fame farce, but found myself wishing it plumbed the premise's darker potential rather than merely skimming the spoofy surface; carter burwell's futuristic theme hinted at such depths :cool:
un chien andalou/land without bread ('29/'33)- two shorts by spanish surrealist luis bunuel, the latter a docu of isolated spanish primitives and the former a vibrant, good-humored, non-rational collaboration w/dali :glasses:
naqoyqatsi- 3rd-of-3 in godfrey reggio's non-narrative, god's-eye-view image-&-music cascade; not the tour-de-force Koyaanisqatsi or even Powaqqatsi was but the frequent thermal photography's eerie, skeletal-photonegative iridescence gives rise to an apocalyptic forboding akin to Animatrix's "second renaissance" (post 231 above), and of course pglass score's a must-get :cool:
by brakhage: an anthology ('57-'01); prodigious dvd comp of 26 short films (including Dog Star Man which i saw a year ago- post 203 above), mostly hand-detailed, richly-colored, non-figurative headtrips that play like frothing, flashing, fast-forwarded encapsulations of modern painting (emphasis on chagall & pollock) crossed with a superdensified rendition of the spangled opening titles from Family Affair (http://www.tvtome.com/FamilyAffair/) :cool: but also silent documentation of autopsies and stan's wife giving birth :eek:
man with a movie camera ('29)- kinduva bolshevik/futurist precursor to Koyaanisqatsi, i.e. an exhiliarating, speed-altered, multi-exposured kaliedoscope of industrial-age soviet daily activities, accompanied by a alloy orchestra's caleb-sampson-esque (see Fast Cheap & Mr. Death, posts 79 & 82 above) score based on director dziga vertov's notations :cool:
the pornographers ('66)- director shohei imamura's (post 84's Eel above) vibrant, amusingly squalid portrait of an small-time smut-peddler's ardor for his teen ward and attempts to evade local gangster musclings-in :ko: :smoker:
peeping tom ('60)- dated but stylin & absorbing psychothriller of a london cameraman's compulsive combining of sex, film, fear and death :glasses:
punch-drunk love (sandler, ps hoffman)- sicq's right (vm #3, post 216 above); director pt anderson's sublime, poetic, lurch-rhythmed, absurd-yet-genuine romcom sports a kubrick-meets-Clockwatchers starkness punctuated by jeremy blake's Umbrellas-Of-Cherbourg-lush, emotion-color "scopitone" segments and a loopy, strangely touching weaving-in of shelly duvall's olive oyl tune "he needs me" :kiss: :ko:

01-23-2004, 12:07 AM
Couldn't agree more about Our Man Flint, someone should put a friggin' warning on stuff like that to explain that "film's hype may be more generous than actually deserved".

Recent views:

Casino - Might have been a good '70s mob in vegas film if it actually had any mob action in it and no Sharon Stone. Instead, there's constant narration from various characters and like Goodfellas, a nigh-constant barrage of off-the-mark and usually wrong-period music blaring away. Based on a real story, Deniro is pretty good, playing a semi-off-typecast jewish gambler/bookie who doesn't beat his wife or kill people. Pesci has an accent that comes and goes, and otherwise plays himself - a moron overly-violent mobster. Stone wastes nearly every second she's on screen, she's not that interesting a character and goes for long stretches without anything to do, then hogs the lens without giving anything back in terms of story. Film seems endless and nearly pointless.

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House - Cary Grant and Myrna Loy, both of whom I usually find totally delightful, don't entirely pull off this '48 film about a family trying to move out of the city and build a suburban home. The film feels a little thin but never threadbare, and there are some pretty entertaining supporting characters including Grant's best friend, a lawyer who has so many great quips it's almost unfair.

Prescription: Murder - The TV movie that started Peter Falk's Columbo on its way. A little on the simplistic side in terms of plot twists and psychobabble, but Columbo is good here with a little more rawness to his character, even though Falk's raincoat and face are equally fresh compared to most of the Columbo career. Based on a play, there aren't a lot of scene changes, we see a lot of shots that sit longer and a lot of reused locations, but it works fairly well on most levels and has a bang-up ending.

Mr Deeds Goes to Town - '36 so-called "comedy" by legendary director Frank Capra has small-town Gary Cooper, whose life works fairly well on its own, inheriting a very large fortune and being dragged to New York to deal with being a millionaire. Of course, everybody in the city wants to screw Cooper over and take his money, so he shows them he's not the brain-dead hick they think he is until he's totally fooled by a female reporter who goes undercover and falls into his life. Eventually, he's put on trial to question his sanity when he tries to help out depression-hit farmers with all his money. For a sweet country kid, Cooper's character seems fairly violent and clenched up inside all the time for some reason. Capra hits almost every corn moment and turns this comedy pretty dramatic by the end, paralleling his later film, Mr Smith Goes to Washington. I never understood why Cooper was considered a movie star, here he's not bad, but he's not a standout either.

02-05-2004, 10:12 AM
tho in OMF's defense i fogrot to add it does at least have purty chix, a kindacool jerry goldsmith score, and located flint's manhattan crib in a cpw tower which, if i'm not mistaken, was designed by gsj's family :cool: speaking of pads, your Blandings (i've seen it too), coincides w/my annual Housesitting hump (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=213229&postcount=206), this time spiced w/cowboys, injuns & chica flix:
lisa picard is famous- fun mockumentary of the havoc wreaked on a deluded nyc actress' relationships & dignity by her pursuit of stardom :crazed: kinda makes sense to me that fisher stevens is one of the many cameos, since i often confuse him w/flik's director griffin dunne ;)
because of you- nice quiet tale of a japanese gal's nyc search for & assistance to the aids-stricken vet who taught her the joys of latin dance when stationed in her hometown :)
slums of beverly hills (aarkin, tomei, msuvari)- writer/director tamara jenkins' lottafun, impressive, teen-daughter-focused (natasha lyonne), '70s memoir of a broke clan's rent-skipping maintenance of a 90210 zipcode so the kids can attend its prestigious schools :)
the business of fancydancing- oblique yet vibrant portrait of a gay indian poet's ambivalence- heightened on the occasion of a friend's death- over choosing between his spokane reservation's stagnation and "sellout success" in the white world :rambo:
what's cooking (jmarguiles, alfre, the ruehl/kazan twins ;) )- oft-corny but entertaining dramady of four ethnically-diverse families' intersecting thanskgiving day dinners, w/lotsa cinefood and yummy joan chen :kiss:
tortilla soup (liz pena, helizondo, raqwelch, paul rodriguez)- was skeptical once i realized this was a hispanic-l.a. retread of ang lee's fab Eat Drink Man Woman (post 84 above; why remake what's already good?) but pleasantly surprised by its charm :)
luminarias (cheech marin)- melocheesy but amusing, east-l.a.-reset version of Waiting To Exhale; w/torchy soundtrack vocals by MAW muse india (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00000JZRY/qid=1076083386//ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i6_xgl15/103-5719019-5462266?v=glance&s=music&n=507846) and trekstuds archer (scott buh-zonkula) and chakotay beltran both vying for the same sopapilla ;)
woman on top (pcruz, john Q lancie, link from Matrix)- purty, mildly amusing romcom of a superstitious brazillian chef who moves to sanfran & gets her own cooking show.
real women have curves- fear no feminazagendae implieed by the title; only an artful vestige of same remains in these hellafun, vibrant, coming-of-age struggles of an east-l.a. highschooler, esp. against her dramaqueen mama (lupe ontiveros from Luminarias, Chuck&Buck and Storytelling) :) w/admirably ambiguous finale, a loose, jazzy soundtrack suggesting a latin-flavored Some Prefer Cake (post 1 above) sound, and appealing lead america ferrera bringing to mind a chubby michelle rodriquez, natalie merchant or ana ajelo (http://news4colorado.com/bios/local_bio_053103536/) :kiss:
my big fat greek wedding- (lkazan, andrea "moogie" martin, nsync refugee joey fat one)- improbable & predictable but amusing ugly-duckling-cum-swan vehicle actress/writer nia vardalos obviously conceived as a self-fulfilling prophecy; considering the spinoff series tanked after a few eps, wonder how that's panning out? :p
my first mister (albert brooks, helen hunt's kid sister)- lottafun, engaging, unexpected friendship between a bitter goth teen and an older suit salesman; soundtrack includes the hilarious dancehit 'sandwiches' by detroit grand pu bahs (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004ZDRT/qid=1075923809//ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i3_xgl15/002-6341211-0487262?v=glance&s=music&n=507846) :crazed:
m butterfly (jeremy ironons)- director cronenberg & glass collaborator dh hwang's (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00000DR5Q/102-2822502-6672958?v=glance) pretty but only kinda engaging screen adaptation of a french diplomat's 60's-scandal affair w/a beijing songbird whose gender he "miscalculates" :beard:
bollywood/hollywood- light, playful, witty toronto farce about an east-indian's attempt to thwart his traditional family's matchmaking w/help from a mystery gal; its bengali musical sequences hint at the gallant, sensual appeal of bollywood flix :)
monsoon wedding- sumptuous, crowded, intimate vignette of a prosperous punjabi family reuniting for an arranged marriage in new dehli (yet script's mostly english); a year ago, b4 viewing, i bagged the mychael danna score for $2 but am Still absorbing, so don't yet have comment on That :rolleyes:
west is west ('87)- hellafun romcom of an indian student's plans to study in sanfran going awry once he arrives; w/fab bollywood-musical finale :D
american desi- feels a little too much like what it is, namely assimilated-indian, non-arts-major grinds' attempt to film a comedy based on their ethnic-filtered-yet-still-banal campus experiences. most successful when dwelling on cultural nuances, esp. between dorm roommates; least so when trying to be a curry-seasoned Animal House :p
leningrad cowboys go america ('87)- lottafun road-comedy of an anvil-pompadoured finnish band's dive-dotted odyssey thru smalltown usa in search of stardom :crazed: w/jim jarmusch cameo and a catchy rendition of the traditional "cossack song" polka during the opening :classic:
high plains drifter ('73)- director/star eastwood paints the town red with this lottafun, avenging-ghost tale in surreal-western guise :dead: :evil: :smoker:
tombstone (krussell, cheston, bpaxton, sam elliott)- val kilmer's scenery-chewing doc holliday's the main delight in this so-so, ok-corral-gunfight retelling.
thieves like us ('74, sduvall)- director altman's engaging, deep-south answer to Bonnie&Clyde (post 114 above), w/future trekvets kcarradine (Ent "1st flight"'s ag robinson), DS9's kai winn and klingon/cardie ambassador john schuck :evil:
men with guns (writ/dir. john sayles)- a central-american doctor's engaging, semi-"magical realist" journey into isolated, guerilla-prowled regions to learn the fate of his med students who'd gone to serve the indiginous villages therein :dead:
sunshine state (abassett, thutton, mary steemroller)- sayles' kinda engaging ensemble piece of a decaying florida beach town targeted for yuppie development-

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
02-11-2004, 10:46 PM
I've never seen the "Virgin Suicides" but seeing Sofia's "Lost In Translation" makes me piqued about the movie.

Admittingly, given the fact that Coppola's father is a legend in the biz and given her acting in Godfather III, I thought her movie-making would be sub-par but LIT is the best drama that I have seen at the movies in a while.

I also hear that Scarlett Johansson, (Charlotte in LIT) gets rave reviews for her role in "Girl With a Pearl Earring," the biopic of Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, and also she may be the only thing worth seeing in the now-playing movie "The Score." It's astounding that she has not yet reached 20 years old, and yet she has garnered these many critical acclaims.

03-04-2004, 10:47 AM
read em & weep, a whole Mess of vintage foreign flix which, averaged out, are the same age as me:
sweet movie ('74, dusan makavejev dir.)- semi-coherent canadian/french/german farce featuring a virgin pageant staged by animal house's dean wormer (http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0006893/), a sugar-vat tryst and lotsa bodily-fluid infantile reversion; hellafun, hypervisceral hippie anarchy recalling jodorowsky (http://imdb.com/name/nm0423524/), Ciao Manhattan (http://www.sundancechannel.com/popup/index.php?ixFilmID=963) or Putney Swope (http://imdb.com/title/tt0064855/) :D
roma ('72)- fellini's vibrant, rowdy, affectionate paean to the italian capital via impressionistic, non-linear strolls thru historical lore and his personal memories; cool brothel and scifi-ish subway excavation, plus nino rota haunting music for the "catholic fashion show" :o
enjo ('58)- director kon ichikawa's interesting adaptation of mishima's Kinkakuji (Temple Of The Golden Pavillion) features lotsa dark, cavernous interiors :cool: but i'd guess it helps to be familiar with the novel's theme before viewing.
kwaidan ('64)- atmospheric quartet of tales based on old japanese ghoststories :eek:
scandal ('50, mifune, kurosawa dir.)- the degree to which we're asked to care about the story's central "injustice" (a media-concocted romance between a songbird and a passing acquaintance) seems absurd, but it's still a fun, tastily-presented melodrama :)
satyricon ('69 fellini dir.)- for some reason (the sets? the anachronistic feel?), this mildly interesting adaptation of the ancient roman text kept reminding me of the previous year's Planet Of The Apes :Ogre:
spirit of the beehive ('73)- 2 village tots become preoccupied with frankenstein after viewing a travelling-film showing of same in this dark, engaging, spanish-civil-war-in-Cinema-Paradiso-garb allegory :beard:
les biches ('68, j-l trintignant, cchabrol dir.)- kindafun tale of a bored rich babe taking a lookalike boho babe to guest at her villa, so at least there's babes :kiss: alas, Persona (http://imdb.com/title/tt0060827/) this ain't :ermm:
bob le flambeur ('55, j-p melville dir.)- mostly fun, straightforward tale of a suave paris gambler's plan to rob a seaside casino; the too-hollywood-dingy interiors (aside from the casino itself) combine with abrupt, Breathless-like edits to yield, a la Elevator below, a noir-infused FNW precursor effect; not-bad eddie barclay/jo boyer score too :)
je tu il elle ('74)- writer/director/actor chantal akerman's cerebral-spartan but surprisingly engaging portrait of post-breakup ennui :ko:
ici et ailleurs ('76)- godard's interesting, visually attractive meditation on media mediation of the palestinian resistance :rambo::Pirate::glasses::dead:
comment ca va? ('78)- godard's mildly-interesting celluloid construct has a fugitive quality such that i honestly don't recall it specifically enough to synopsize (which is not usually a problem for me even when, as in this case, it's been a year or more) :speech: :alien:
masculin feminin ('66, j-p leaud, yummy chantal goya :kiss: )- godard's breezy, paris-in-the-60s-superscenic meditation on a variety of topics (gender, politics, media culture) within the romance between a poseur-radical & his aspiring-pop-singer gal; not as rewarding as, say, Breathless, Pierrot Le Fou, Woman Is A Woman, My Life To Live or even Weekend, but it does have a brigitte bardot cameo ;)
detective ('85, j-p leaud, delpy, seigner, baye)- godard's mildly amusing, amnesia-inducing (as w/Comment Ca Va above), kindacool-lookin cinelark incorporating motifs of boxing and video surveillance from a paris hotel room :cool:
fox and his friends ('75)- writer/director/actor rw fassbinder's engaging, lottafun drama of a naive, aimless prole bilked out of his lottery winnings by his polished bourgeois boyfriend :evil: important personally for getting me closer to solving the Venice/Venice music mystery (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6304161514/ref%3Dcm%5Fmp%5Fetc/104-5200938-5015143), cuz it was used in Fox's haberdasher scene! thus it was not written specifically for V/V, likely comes from classical repertoire and recordings might be available. alas, other than the listing of peer raben and josef niessen in the imdb.com composer credits and my feeling that it Might be of german origin, that still leaves lots to check :ermm:
ali: fear eats the soul ('74)- like todd haynes' recent Far From Heaven (post 239 above), fassbinder derives inspiration from '50s doug sirk melodramas for this involving portrait of the evolving pressures (first from without, then from within) on a older munich cleaning frau & a moroccan immigrant who pursue an improbable romance :Par:
elevator to the gallows ('58, jeanne moreau)- director louis malle's fun thriller of paris adulterers' conspiracy to kill the industrialist cuckold going wrong, then right, then wrong again; a textbook illustration of hitchcock's influence on a still-emerging french new wave, w/original miles davis soundtrack :cool:
antonio gaudi ('84)- director hiroshi teshigahara's cinexploration thru the catalan architect's legacy; the second half makes up some for the curiously-uncaptivating first half.
go, go, second time virgin ('69)- director koji wakamatsu's engaging "artsploitation" flik of the brief tenement-rooftop "romance" between a suicidal gal and a homicidal introvert who passively witnesses her gang-rape, then stabs the perps :evil:
beware of a holy w h o r e ('71)- fassbinder's warholian slice-of-banality of a rudderless filmcrew's filled with listless, hard-to-fathom maneuvering, griping, posing, pansexual mackin and hostilities (both simmering and abrupt) amongst the hard-to-distinguish players at a spanish villa location, a la mice in a too-crowded cage; whether or not such monotony was by design, it ain't much fun :p
closely watched trains ('66)- fun, poetic coming-of-age vignette set amidst a nazi-occupied czech rail station :)
intimate lighting ('66)- nutty comedy of a prague musician & his gal visiting his home village-

03-04-2004, 06:26 PM
Last Sat I finally got to go see Cold Mountain. I really enjoyed it, and I like movies told from the perspective of one or more of the characters. Nicole Kidman was looking very lovely, I thought that Rene Zellweger was funny and did a great acting job. I liked the songs that were in the movie, they reminded me somewhat of the songs in 'O Brother Where Art Thou?'. I'm going to have to check to see if the soundtrack is available, and if it has those bluegrassy songs on it.

I thought the funiest scene was when Jude and the Preacher met up with Giovani Ribisi. When they finished eating some bad meat and the Preacher had to use the 'outhouse'. I had just takena drink of coke and tried to swallow it. It went both up my nose and down my windpipe.

Mab's, where do you find all these movies to watch? And the time to watch them?

03-04-2004, 07:08 PM
Desperado ('95) - Sequel to "El Mariachi" which never tempted me enough to see it when released, though my interest was finally piqued when its sequel came out last year. Director Robert Rodriguez crafts a highly entertaining tale with the feel of the Eastwood spaghetti westerns but set in modern-day Mexico. Banderas plays El Mariachi, a former mariachi player who is out for revenge after he is shot and his wife is killed over a matter of mistaken identity (or something, this is barely explained at all in the film, relying on the audiences' understanding of western-style revenge and/or knowledge of the previous film in the series). The anti-hero uses all sorts of unorthadox tricks to track down his prey, which leads him to the feet of the enchantingly-beautiful Salma Hayek, playing a bookstore owner in a town that doesn't read. The film is over too quickly, possibly because the end battle was 100% cut from the film after the studio made too many demands for changes, but it doesn't fail this way, it'd just be nice to have more film to enjoy here.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico ('03) - Rodriguez's sequel to "El Mariachi" and "Desparado", Rodriguez originally had no interest in making another sequel to the Mariachi franchise until 2 things happened: pal Quentin Tarantino suggested the idea of doing a sequel a la Sergio Leone's classic "Dollars trilogy"; and George Lucas introduced Rodriguez to hi-def digital photography. Unfortunately, Rodriguez should have stuck with his original though, as this film comes off painfully disjointed and shallow, with loads of wasted opportunity and talent. There are some entertaining moments, especially from Johnny Depp as the fence-straddling CIA agent (who may or may not be the actual star of the film), but much of it feels self-indulgent and hastily thrown together, with no singular voice to guide the motivations behind the plot; not to mention too much budget which ends up being used in place of real moviemaking.

03-18-2004, 10:10 AM
jt: i been curious about Once but was never tempted to see Desp, even tho Mariachi Rocked (didn't know former was latter's sequel; seen the latter yet?) :cool: on that note, latin america's comin on strong in my annual current-eurolanguage Hump- tho france (& its capital) remains the dominant milieu:
amelie (yummy tautou :kiss: )- director j-p jeunet's whimsical, densely atmospheric, serendipitous romance-fantasy centered around a gamine paris waitress; w/yann tiersen's transporting piano/accordion waltzes :)
amores perros- mesmerizing, mexico-city triptych of harsh, loosely-connected plots (dogfighting teens, a carwreck-maimed fashmodel and a derelict hitman's latest job) sharing peripheral canine themes, kinda tarantino meets amenabar (meets Dog Park? post 122 above ;) ); soundtrack uses the hollies' "long cool woman in a black dress" :cool:
ratas ratones rateros- fab-shot, corrosive drama about a coupla young criminals on the streets of social-stratified ecuador :dead:
mariposas en el andamio (butterflies on the scaffold)- mildly interesting docu about dragqueens in cuba.
y tu mama tambien- vividly-shot, hellafun coming-of-age roadtrip taken by a mexico city beavis y butthead with an older, spanish in-law they got the hots for :kiss:
guantanamera- colorful, lottafun, romcom/bureaucracy satire following a funeral's dusty, serendipitous road trek across cuba :crazed:
calle 54 (tito puente)- director fernando treuba's BVSC-like (tho i personally prefer this one's music) but more stylized docu on latin/afrocuban jazz centers around nyc and uses color-backlit scrims like Flamenco (post 92 above) :cool:
buena vista social club- director wim wenders' docu-odyssey to reunite seminal-but-forgotten cuban musicians meanders vividly thru dilapidated, still-grand ballroom spaces and havana streets with echoes of decades-past caliente nites :smoker:
belle epoque (pcruz)- director trueba's fun, pre-spanish-civil-war idyll of an army deserter's fortuitous acquaintance with an artist-farmer and same's four voracious daughters :kiss:
bye-bye- engrossing complications in the lives of two tunisian immigrant brothers in paris & marseilles; w/cool arab/gypsymusic soundtrack :beard:
read my lips- stylin, gripping reciprocal schemings between a hearing-impaired, wallflower secretary and her ex-con assistant; kinduva paris neohitchcock flavored w/Clockwatchers/InCompanyOfMen-style ruthless office politics :dead:
talk to her- writer/director almodovar's stylin, involving, unpredictable drama of two madrid men's one-way "affairs" with comatose women (oh That old story again ;) ); w/elegant eternbabe geraldine chaplin, caetano veloso vocals, alberto iglesias' bullfight & ballet-class cues and flamenco over the end creds :Pirate:
a single girl (virginie ledoyen)- attractive, engaging real-time/location shoot following a paris fille's first morning on a hotel room service job and revealing her pregnancy to boyfriend :cool:
the son's room- writer/director/actor nanni moretti's (post 38's Caro Diario above) fun, engaging portrait of the trauma to an italian psychiatrist's family when the teen son dies; w/yummy laura morante as wifey :kiss:
the hairdresser's husband- director patrice leconte's (post 210's Girl On The Bridge) absorbing, sensual, whimsical, bubble-like marriage between a older man obsessed since boyhood w/barbers and a voluptuous stylist i'm sure you'll all enjoy :kiss:
happenstance- wierdly-marketed (prominent, post-Amelie audrey tautou trumpeting despite her being but one in a large ensemble, but why does package feature a still of her from post 210's Venus Beauty Institute??) but lottafun portrait of synchronicity between a couple dozen paris strangers :)
nelly and monsieur arnaud- stylin, exquisitely-understated paris tango between a prosperous retiree and a young babe at loose ends whom he engages to transcribe his memoirs; cool phillipe sarde cue at the end, and has emmanuelle beart ever, Ever looked more radiant? :kiss:
va savoir- mostly entertaining, atmospheric interrelations between six arty types in paris :smoker: in my memory i pleasantly confuse its private-library scenes with Nelly/M.Arnaud's dictation scenes (above) :ko:
irma vep (maggie cheung, j-p leaud)- writer/director olivier assayas' breezy, lottafun lark of a non-french-speaking, hongkong action actress' stay in paris when a director hires her to play a cat burglar in his latest, bogged-down concept piece; w/intimate, sardonic contrariness amongst the boho-chic filmcrew and a rendition of serge gainsbourg's "bonnie&clyde" i'm unfamiliar with on the soundtrack :cool:
when the cat's away- fun, acid-jazzy, oddball-populated romcom of a single gal's search her missing pet (& tru luv) in her dense, gentrifying paris neighborhood, kinduv jeunet in hipster duds :smoker:
night and day- writer/director chantal akerman's (post 246's Je Tu Il Elle above) stylin, dreamy, hellafun m3nage of an enviably-situated gal who gets into a pattern of bedding both her night-shift-taxi-drivin beau and his lookalike, day-shift counterpart, and wandering the streets of paris when not with either :Par:
late august, early september (ledoyen, writ/dir assayas)- lottafun, handheld-shot portrait of young french adults conflicted between life-shaping decisiveness and the freedom-stretching procrastination of avoiding same as long as possible :stupid:
time out- well-shot, hypnotically inexorable identity crisis of a white-collar family man living a snowballing lie when fired from his job; jocelyn pook's effective string cues are alternately mournful and redolent of ralph vaughn williams' pastorality, while lead actor kinda evokes a french russell crowe crossed w/larry miller ;)
code unknown (binoche)- stylin, fun, occasionally-jarring series of cause-effect intersections & non-connections between varied sorts in paris-

03-18-2004, 09:13 PM
"mabs" is usually a reference to forumite mabudon, but since Mabs hasn't posted in this thread, now I'm wondering too. :D

VT, still haven't seen El Mariachi, though not for lack of trying. None of the rental places around here have it.

It's so sad, my last post here was the last time I saw a movie (except for Indiana Jones 1, 2, and 3, but that doesn't really seem worthy of this thread). I need more time, more money, and a bigger TV.