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11-27-2003, 11:16 PM
Is anyone else collecting the Kingdom Come action figures from DC Direct? I was not planning to at first, until I saw pictures of Series 3, then I decided I'd have to own them all!

For those unfamiliar with this line, the figures are sculpted to replicate the painted images of the characters from DC Comics' "Kingdom Come" limited series. The stunning artwork for this series was produced by Alex Ross, perhaps one of the finest artists ever to work in comics. And the figures capture the look of the characters so well, it appears that Ross' work has gained an additional dimension.

Series one consists of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Hawkman(a HUGE figure). Wizard produced a ToyFare Exclusive Red Arrow figure that was released between Series I and II and was a repaint of their "Hard Traveling Heroes" Green Arrow figure with slight alteration and lacking GA's trick arrows. The nice thing about the RA figure is that it comes packaged in the exact same type of window box packaging as the other Kingdom Come figures, so it fits in perfectly in the collection of those who do not open their figures. The recently (just last week) released Series II adds Batman (in battle armor, another HUGE figure), Shazam (Captain Marvel), Red Robin (the original Robin's incarnation as of the events of Kingdom Come) and Kid Flash III (the latest to take up the mantle). Next year will bring us Series III which includes Wonder Woman (in battle armor, the only character repeat by virtue of being the only character to change costume in the series, except Bruce Wayne who does not don the mantle of Batman until close to the end), Flash, Magog, and Deadman! When I first saw the images of Flash and especially Deadman I knew I had to collect them all!

One note, Series I is sold out at DC Direct (Superman and Wonder Woman sold out rather quickly, but now all are gone) but you can still find most of them at comic stores and even Suncoast. If you cannot find them at between $16-20 (about the average price), don't pay more from someone claiming that you missed the boat. DC Direct has already gone back into production and will release more Series I in early 2004! In the mean time, in less than one week, DC Direct is sold out of Kid Flash and Red Robin from Series II, though I would suspect that they will rerease those figures as well after Batman and Shazam sell through. We received one case (two of each figure) of Series II just in time for Wizard World Texas and sold out before Sunday (we even sold our last two Hawkmans and our last Wonder Woman). Alas, Green Lantern seems to be the least popular of the bunch. Two went with us, two came home.

Though DC Direct has not announced a Series IV, the unparalleled success of the first two waves will almost certainly prompt more releases. Below are some of the figures I think should occur in the next waves:

Spectre - As he is one of the principle characters, and the vehicle through which the story moves, it would be foolish not to include him.
Reverend Norman McCay - The story is told through the eyes of this "everyman" based on Alex Ross' own father. How cool would it be for his dad to have his own action figure?
Blue Beetle - That beetle-shaped battle armor was one of the coolest designs of the series!
Bat Sentinel (Bat Knight) - It would be so cool to have one of these classic Batmobile-derived battle robots.
Avia - Mister Miracle and Big Barda's daughter had one of the best designs of the newer characters and would make a dynamic figure.
Lex Luthor - As chairman of the Human Defense League, he needs to get the KC figure treatment. Sure he's just a big, fat, bald guy in a business suit, but it works for Kingpin!
Wildcat III - This guy just looks great in the series. Big and mean and decidedly cat-like.
Joker's Daughter II (Harliquin) - As long as she has her gun-toting Jack-in-the-Box backpack and is brandishing a big pistol of her own, we have a winner with this one.
Mr. Terrific II (or was it III?) - There is something playfully ironic about a guy wearing the words "Fair Play" on his chest while sporting waist-mounted twin anti-personnel cannon on his person!
Power Woman - Though she's starting to show her age by Kingdom Come, she still strikes an imposing figure.
Green Arrow - Yep, Oliver Queen is still going strong and has adopted a more medieval look to his classic archer duds.
Nightstar - Daughter of the Red Robin and Starfire, Nightstar is a striking character in her own right. She seems to have inherited her mother's eyes.
King Marvel - Former Captain Marvel Jr., this new incarnation is a wonderful nod to Elvis Presley. Captain Marvel (Shazam) reportedly inspired Elvis' later career caped costumes, so King Marvel sports a very Elvis-inspired hairstyle and costume in kind.
Catwoman II - This infrequently seen character is an ultra-modern version of a classic Bat-villain.
Hourman II - I just love the look of this costume. It is reminiscent of John Byrne's wrap-around Canadian flag motif for Guardian (Vindicator). I like the look of this kind of half-of-the-image-forward design.
Jade - On the cover of the issue of Kingdom Come on which she appears, you can tell that Alex Ross modeled her face after Linda Hamilton. But then he's been known to do that sort of thing, check out the Timothy Dalton inspired Tony Stark in "Marvels".
Trix - This character, done right, could be pretty cool. The design puts me in the mind of H.R. Giger's designs for "Alien".

There you have it, my shameless plug for one of the best comics-based action figure lines ever made.

11-28-2003, 01:41 AM
I have seen Series 1 first hand, but had to pass based on cost. In Canada they were going for 25 bucks a pop, too much per unit to get involved in another line. I do love the looks of the them though (and the series of comics they're based on) and I still consider buying the Wonder Woman for my daughter every time I see it. Can't wait to see what the subsequent figures will look like in real life. Series 1 will bre a very tough act to follow.

11-28-2003, 07:35 AM
I sold Batman to some guy the other day, and was pretty impressed with that one. The others don't really do anything for me.

11-28-2003, 08:28 PM
I went to the comic store today, and lo and behold there was series 2. All figures present and accounted for, and looking beautiful. Again the price was a sticking point, but I nearly went ahead and got the Batman and Red Robin figures. Very nice.

Eternal Padawan
12-09-2003, 08:11 AM
Speaking of DC Direct, I found the new JLA figures and swiped myself a nifty looking Superman! This version could kick that pansy little Mattel versions (the one from the Batman 2 pack) keister. Usually, the same as jj, the price point is sticky issue with me, but the awesome head sculpt and the extra articulation made the $12.99 worth it.

Next up from DCDirect are a sweet Jim Lee Batman and Hush. Gonna have to spring for these too. But I do NOT want to start collecting DC Direct regularly because the price will kill me.

The Overlord Returns
12-09-2003, 09:07 AM
I have:

Captian Marvel

And they all look splendid on display. They aren't for playing with, but look beautiful on a shelf in some nice lighting.