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Darth Jax
12-08-2003, 06:26 PM
as new figure lists are released there are the groans and cries of disgust that yet another vader, luke, etc is being included. i have found every figure so far this year with only a few notable exceptions. i have not seen, let alone purchased, either vaders this year. i've only seen throne room luke from earlier this year. i managed to get han and leia and have only seem them once since. even the jango simply repackaged from last year hasn't clogged the pegs as i expected it would.

we can complain about hasbro producing more of the core characters instead of bringing us new, never produced characters. but with the apparent demand/market for them i can't imagine hasbro not bringing us 1 or 2 sculpts of each of them per year.

12-08-2003, 11:48 PM
i don't have any problem with hasbro revisiting core characters, either by rehashing them or totally new versions, simply because the modern line has changed so much over time. from super buff to super posed to (hopefully) super articulated, i like to see new takes on old figs. i think where hasbro has run into trouble in the past is in their choice of which figs to revisit. i like seeing a new luke fig every once in a while, but for a while there the only luke we were seeing was farmboy luke, and hasbro had pretty much nailed him on the head in numerous versions. bad thing is, we still don't have a good rotj throne room luke after what, like 8 years of the line. it's hasbro's choices that makes releasing core characters so poorly received by collectors. like you said, the demand is out there, i just wish hasbro would do the core character figures justice.

12-09-2003, 02:52 AM
Im inclined to agree. I usually like the new versions of classic characters, provided they're at least useful (new scene, new sculpt, new accessories, you name it). For the most part they are. I think the repacks are a good way to introduce these characters in good, basic versions for people just jumping into the line now. A raft of fringe characters makes for exciting browsing for completists, but kids just getting into the movies for the first time need to consistantly be able to find key characters like Luke, Darth, Yoda, etc. I'm honestly surprised we don't see MORE case spaced devoted to them.

12-10-2003, 12:01 AM
I don't mind core rehashes either. A new sculpt is a plus, but an old figure on a new card is cool to add to a collection. These days nothing sits for too long where I live, so what ever the store get these days, they sell. I'm talking about the basic figures. One thing that is very sad, it that my local TRU hasn't had a case of basics since the Ephant wave.:sur: