View Full Version : Is anyone here from Brazil?

12-11-2003, 10:56 AM
Are any of you from or living in Brazil, preferably Sao Paulo? It looks like I will be spending the next two years of my life there :D :D so I would like to know what its like. Have any of you even been there? Thank you!

12-11-2003, 12:04 PM
Are you being transferred there for a job? Or are you serving in the military? I've never been to that part of the world. Hopefully you'll be able to get SSG, or the internet there. When do you go? Keep us posted!

kool-aid killer
12-11-2003, 08:26 PM
Bobafrett, im sure they have internet over there. Its not like its a third world country without power lines.

Capitan Moroni, ive never been there but have heard that theyve got tons of gorgeous women that live there. I read in the paper once that a fit body is very important there, well at least socially, so i hope youre in shape. Brazilian soccer players are among the most talented in the world. They dont speak Spanish but speak Portuguese. And thats about all i know in regards to Brazil. Hope you have fun.

12-11-2003, 09:01 PM
Hey, thanks for the replys guys! Sad to say women and this site wont really matter once I'm down there. Actually though, I've just been called as a full-time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) to the Brazil, Sao Paulo south mission. I report to the Sao Paulo MTC on March 24th of next year (I lucked out and got sent to one of the 17 countrys with MTC's, wich is cool as most missionarys get sent to the MTC in Provo, Utah.) I will serve for 2 years. (Hopefully this Thread dosent turn religous.)

I speak some spanish, and comparing that to Portuguese, the two languages are relitively close (as are most of the european-romantic languages, i.e. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian.) So hopefully I wont have to much trouble picking up the language.

But back to the point at hand, I'm going to have to go without this site because internet is only an option to write letters home (as opposed to snail mail) and well, the women part is pretty self explanitory ;) ...

Mandalorian Candidat
12-16-2003, 03:12 PM
Hey Moroni, congrats on the mission call. I was originally called to the SP North mission back in 89, but it got changed whilst in the MTC to Recife. Then when I was down there the mission split and I was put in Salvador. I've only been at the airport in SP, but flying over the city seemed like it took forever cause it's so huge.

I thought Brazil was a really great place but it is poor as all getout. I don't know exactly how SP is $ wise. I know there are really nice places in the city, but there are usually slums everywhere; even right next to rich neighborhoods. Get used to eating a lot of rice and beans because that's what you'll have everyday for lunch. And don't take Rodizio Grill or Tucano's as the rule for how they eat all the time because it's way different than everyday fare.

If you have any questions on the country or whatnot, just PM me. I never get tired talking about my two years down there.