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12-12-2003, 03:14 PM
Well, here it is. The figure I've looked forward to for some time now. My absolute favorite character and outfit in the entire Star Wars universe. Does it hold up to my expectations?

To be honest, my expectations were so high, there is no possibility anything could have really met them. However, I'm happy to say, with a few minor complaints, this is one nice figure!

First off, the figure itself is excellent! The only thing that is at all distracting is the knee joints. Hasbro could have done a much better job hiding them. The colors are great! The vest has a very subtle grey wash that can only really be noticed in certain lights and angles just like in the movie. Be warned. The paint job on my figures head is terrible. The brown paint from the hair is all over. Luckily my obsesion with this figure will lead me to buy a few more.

Articulation is very good. better then the average Star Wars figure and the plastic looks better then what I have seen in previous pictures (Galactichunter.com).

Here are my BIG gripes. The cloak. It's crap! The hood is so tiny, you have to pry it on and off. However, I think they have made a running change on this already judging on some pictures I've seen off Ebay. Also, I think if they would have made the cloak brown, it would have added a lot to the figure.

The other gripe I have is his right hand will not hold the gun and it's too bad cause the gun would look really cool in his hand. Hopefully, they will work this flaw out for future shipments.

Hasbro has really improved from the last year. If only they took it up one more notch this figure could have been what the original Luke jedi figure was to the classic line; Perfection.

I am Jabba the Hutt
12-12-2003, 05:09 PM
Awesome review. Great figure, can't wait to get this. Did you like the original POTF2 figure cause I really like that figure and I like the cloak. My only gripe with this new figure is very minor.. it's that he can't hold the lightsaber in his right hand. :)

12-12-2003, 08:33 PM
I was a fan of the POTF Luke jedi but it is amazing to see the difference when comparing side by side with the new one. I am definitely a fan of the plastic cloak.

12-13-2003, 08:36 PM
How's the articuation? especially in the arms, cause he seems like he'll be stuck in a permanent arms bent postion like the original Episode 1 Obi Wan and Qui Gonn.

I can't wait to get mine though.

12-13-2003, 10:08 PM
That was also a concern of mine. However, his arms can be straightened. The articulation in the arms is simular to the knee joints of the rebel soldier.

12-14-2003, 10:03 AM
That was also a concern of mine. However, his arms can be straightened. The articulation in the arms is simular to the knee joints of the rebel soldier.


Jabba's Skiff -Check
Jabba's Guard's -Check
Sarlacc Pit Boba Fett -Check

Now all I need is Luke.

12-15-2003, 01:40 AM
Man, first off it's super sweet that you HAVE that figure already! Holy cow!

The review was nicely written. Im really excited about this figure as well, it was also one of my very favorites from the vintage line (along with Endor Han). Blue or Green saber variations on this one would have been just the best. Nothing's impossible though, and I'll display him with a blue one from another figure if need be. Im excited to read that the articulation is good, I'll wait to pass judgement on the cloak until mine gets here. I didn't mind the POTF2 version, he was fine for what was being released at that point (though I did like the more original Dagobah Luke the best of those early Lukes).

I hope they'll keep watching the quality control to put a stop to those sloppy paintjobs, what a wasteful detraction from what could otherwise be a great figure (in any case, not just this one).

Thanks again for the review, and congrats on your early score.

12-15-2003, 06:17 AM
Blue or Green saber variations on this one would have been just the best. Nothing's impossible though, and I'll display him with a blue one from another figure if need be.

The lightsaber packaged with this Luke is basically the exact same saber that came with the POTJ Ben Kenobi, so you could use that blue saber if you like.

12-17-2003, 08:27 AM
I got my Luke and R2 the other day and I am in full aggrement with you Rherk. The figure is really nice, and the face is also very excellent! The cloak is a bit crappy, but my real problem with the cloak was not the rough edged hood, but the base of the cloak that is very hard to manage for display. After spending like 15 minutes I managed to tuck the base of his cloak so it is rolled back to appear as when Luke stood before Jabba. However Rherk I got a question for you about your Luke.

Do you have a hard time getting Luke's hand's to connect to form his relaxed pose. I cannot keep his hands together (like it's pictured on the back of the blister) for the life of me. Did you have this problem?

12-17-2003, 11:41 AM
Hmm, I didn't notice that. i will try it again and see how it holds.

Was your hood super tight to his head or was it larger similar to the picture on the back of the package?

12-17-2003, 02:58 PM
It was not nearly close to being as loose as it was on the rear picture of the blister. The hood is tight around his neck, but you can get it off with some patience. What do you think about the rough edges around the outside of the hood?

12-17-2003, 06:00 PM
Mine isn't that bad but all in all the cloak is a piece of garbage but like i said I think they changed the cloak so I am looking forward to see how it looks.

By the way, I do have a hard time with the two hands connecting confortably.

12-27-2003, 05:06 PM
Well, I traded some stuff today and got the Jedi Luke with it. Overall, this is one of the few examples that the final product looks on par or better than the proto pics on the cardback. First off, the fig is Mark Hamill, whereas the face on the back of the card seems off, so this is very nice to see. When you do see this in figure form, and not some huge scan on the Net, the likeness is by far the best Mark Hamill to date. I mean, this Luke fig has Hamill's post car accident scar or facial markings (whatever you want to call it), so the sculptor did awsome! As to the robe, I was suprised with mine - the hood is no problem - it is not as roomy as the one on the cardback looks, so you cannot get it to fold like that, but mine slips on and off with no issue. As to the quality of the cloth, way higher than I have seen. On mine, there is no rough or jagged cloth seams at the bottom, so again, based on the pics I have seen on the Net, this was way better, which had me previously nervous, so overall, it seems Hasbro made some quick corrections or improvements. Considering I am not a cloth fan, this is better than some I have seen and mine is eqaul in quality to some of the cloth Vader capes, perhaps with a thicker material, but not too far off. Mine is still black.

As to the accessories, the skiff gun has a grey base with silver highlights and looks sharp. The plastic is flimsy but no problems as a result. The saber looks great - it does not have a removable blade, but way better (in detail) than all other Jedi Luke lightsabers. The black base is here with what seems like a new peg than before, but this may just be me. The bubble is smaller (in depth) as was the Hoth wave, so I am very happy here for storage reasons.

As to the fig's articulation, very nice. I wish he could hold the gun and saber at the same time, but mine will barely hold one or the other in his left hand, which is not that big an issue. My fig can do the hand pose (as depcited in the pic on the front and back) with no issues, so this is nice. Given the great likeness, the nice articulation (the knees are a bit ugly), and the overall pose - no action issues here - this is a total apology for the Saga Jedi Luke released earlier this year, and the best Jedi Luke, if not the best Luke ever.

My score: 'A.'

01-15-2004, 12:48 AM
Finally!!! This figure has finally turned up at retail near me. I've really been looking forward to this one, after the throne room Luke mess, I wanted this one and wanted it to be good. So...

Right off, it's good and for sure it's worth buying.

It's not perfect, most of the flaws that rherk pointed out up at the top of the thread are true I think. I'm a big fan of soft cloaks, etc. on some figures. For this one It's a great idea, but it's been handled very poorly here. Simply lame. No finish to the edges, so they will fray over time. It's that cheesy slick polyester material (I like plastic, but not plastic cloth) so it's too shiny. Also, the front/neck is stitched up too tight, so the hood's small and the whole thing simply looks wrong. (Grrr, the cape stays off... goes in a baggy, in the storage tote. Again, grrrr.) The knees on mine are a bit too loose and the paint's kind of weirdly done. (The lower part of the knee shouldn't be painted with glossy paint.) Then, there's the issue of the gun not fitting in the right hand. That kind of think bugs the heck out of me, and in this case it means that the cool little blaster is gonna go in the baggy with the cloak. (Grrr.)

So, what good? I love the face sculpt, and on the figure that I bought the paint is really good. (There was a second one there that was a mess, but as usual you'll have to pick and choose.) The proportions and articulation are really good with this Luke. Arms can be bent or straight, hands turn at wrist, head and waist can pivot, knees can bend and feet can rotate. Pretty nice in all. The joints are a bit loose in general as the figure's made from a plastic that's a little soft, but it's not that bad. I love the saber also, it looks great. That's how I've got him posed... with cloak off, saber up in his left hand and right hand held out doin' some of that old force mumbo-jumbo.

In all, I'd give this figure decent marks, but it's not perfect. Maybe a 6.5 out of 10. The biggest bummer to me, is that the cloak looks bad on, and that's how he comes carded, so I'm not gonna bother to buy a second one to keep carded. The best thing, is that he looks nice out and on the shelf, and I'm really looking forward to the holo-Luke that's coming next. Gonna look very nice next to that Jabba that's coming soon also.

01-15-2004, 09:03 PM
I love the figure, it captures the movie likeness very well. My only complaint is that it looks a bit short and once you take off the transparent rubber band he comes packed with, he can barely hold his lightsaber.

I also managed to get his cloak and pose to look just like in the movie when he arrives to Jabba's Palace, without any sort of customizing. From behind though, the cloak looks like it was made for a neckless hunchback.

I really hope that the Holo Luke gets the new, proper saber hilt shown on the back of the Jedi Luke card, it looks bigger, better and more detailed.

01-23-2004, 07:41 PM
I'm pretty pleased with this rendition of Luke. Easily the best Luke Jedi but that wasn't hard to beat IMO. The cloak isn't that great and keeping his weapons in his hands are a pain but overall I'm happy with him. Good articulation and an above average face sculpt are the high points like others have pointed out plus the lightsaber looks great.
Grade: B+

01-23-2004, 08:19 PM
From behind though, the cloak looks like it was made for a neckless hunchback.
That's pretty much it. It really needs to have some shoulders to it.

Found a second one of these figures (gave the first to my kid who was pretty thrilled to have it) and it's got a much better cloak. The hood is bigger, and it fits better. The joints are a a lot tighter on the 2nd Luke as well, so it's pretty evident that quality is probably gonna vary a bit with this toy.

01-26-2004, 09:25 PM
After a long hiatus, ROTJ Luke returned in 2003 with a powerful *thud* - a gimmicky figure with so much that went wrong - but even before that figure was released, Hasbro gave news of another, better ROTJ Luke coming only several months later. Luke is the hero of the CT and central to the ROTJ story, but ROTJ Luke figures have been few and far between, and have rarely gotten it right.

Packaging: 2.5/5
Normally, this gold border Saga packaging gets a 3.5 from me, but here the bubble tray has been packed in an unfortnate manner - the Luke figure is wearing his cloth cloak so you can barely even see him in there. Wouldn't it be wise to show off the new figure? You'd think, but apparently not.

Another issue about the packaging is that the prototype photo on the back has better accessories than what you end up with, that's always disappointing but especially here since Luke's lightsaber has never been done anywhere near that nice and the final cloak just doesn't come out well at all. At least the 2 movie stills aren't the same as each other.

Sculpting: 3.5/5
This figure's sculpt is good, but not fantastic. The face is as close to Mark Hamill's ROTJ face as we've gotten in the modern line, but still not perfect; the chin, nose, mouth and eyes are a little off, and the hair is also a little too big on the left side. From some angles, the face is mature and well-defined, but others it seems a bit doofy. The left hand is ok if maybe a little too much separation on the trigger finger; but the right hand unfortunately isn't sculpted to hold accessories so the thumb is way out there.

The sculpted vest has a texture to it, the "skirt" which completes the vest has a similar texture but isn't identical. The tunic and slacks have a vague pattern sculpted into them but it doesn't seem that accurate. The shoulders are nice but the elbows have some hijinks going on that don't match up, while the knees and just below that work to hide the articulation have small gap issues. Also, the figure is a tad too short. All this falls somewhere between 3.5 and 4 for me, but slightly closer to the smaller.

Pose: 4/5
Luke here has a decent neutral pose with the hands together in a seemingly-peaceful and patient manner. The elbows stick a little further out and forward than they should to accomodate the main pose. Other poses are certainly possible, but the right hand, angled elbow articulation, and hard "skirt" are somewhat limiting in this respect. This figure has no problem at all standing without any outside assistance though.

Paint: 4/5
From what I can see, there is only 1 painted part on this figure at all: the head, the rest of the parts are merely cast in their colors. Luke's hair is a nice light brown color with natural lighter highlights throuthout, the color here looks good but the application itself varies greatly from figure to figure and none are perfect at the hairline - be as picky here as you can. The other painted elements are the eyebrows and eyes, the eyebrows are closer than usual and still not totally right though forgivable; the eyes are nice and small compared to most other Luke figures, but a little too white and too blue - and watch for slop here as well.

The sculpted-on vest isn't painted, instead relying on its alternate texture to make it stand out. This was probably the safest way to go for Hasbro, but I would have liked some slight gray wash to help separate it from the tunic. The figure is cast in black plastic while the "skirt" is cast slightly lighter and mottled so it looks a tad different, fairly minor though. The boots are smooth and shiny which looks sharp, but they're not painted.

Articulation: 4/5
Here's what Luke has: neck, shoulders, diagonal-cut elbows, wrists, waist, hips, hinged knees, and rotating boots. That's 14 points of articulation, the same amount as on the CW Super Articulated Clonetrooper, so you'd think this Luke would be super-poseable too, but it doesn't come off that neatly. The shoulders are nice simple standard joints, not too extreme and so slightly limited by the vest that they took close inspection to notice. The elbows are frustrating though since they are designed to have the hands in front of the figure while still allowing the arms to be straightened. The lines and angles just aren't right when you straighten the arms, so it's only ok, not all that great.

The hips are fairly limited due to the skirt - I suppose you could cut the sides of the skirt to allow more range of motion, and usually I would, but for some reason I can't bring myself to do it here. Also, the left hip is wobbly due to that rubbery material used for the upper leg. The knees are nice when going backwards almost 90 degrees, but annoying because they also hinge forwards almost 45 degrees - in fact, they naturally move forward more often than back which looks terrible. The rotation of the boots, like the wrists, helps define poses but take a little getting used to especially with those wonky knees.

Accessories: 1.5/5 (cloak); 3.5/5 (lightsaber); 5/5 (blaster); 1/5 (stand)
I love accessories, so I can't judge these under 1 rating because they run the gamut. The cloak is cloth and I don't think Hasbro did a very good job with it even though I mostly don't mind "soft goods". Here, the cloak doesn't fit nicely, has poor definition at the shoulders, thick seams, is cut jagged at some edges, and comes apart a little more each time I take it off the figure. I also suspect it's sewn inside-out since the outside is an unpleasant shiny corduroy pattern while the inside is a very fine box pattern that creates a much more appropriate matte finish - too bad you can't just reverse the cloak. The hood also seems too tight and looks poor when taken down. There have been reports of the cloak not being as bad on some figures so keep a watchful eye.

The stand (which they called a "base" on the bubble insert) is the same one we've gotten with figures like R2 Jabba's Barge and R-3PO, this one is the metallic dark gray color; it's pretty basic and still doesn't interlock properly with its fellow stands. The lightsaber is a massive disappointment to me, the prototype figure had an all-new sculpt saber hilt that looked very nice and accurate indeed, but unfortunately the production version has only a repaint of the POTJ Obi-Wan ANH saber which just isn't the same thing -and the Holo Luke figure coming soon has the same wrong saber as well. Granted, it is the closest version of the accessory in figure scale (which is truly pathetic to think about) but on its own it is the wrong design and the blade is too long -- at least it was painted somewhat accurately though.

The skiff guard blaster is fantastic. It's cast in a dark gray metallic plastic - which is a bit flimsy but nowhere near as bad as most - and has nearly perfect silvery paint on the grip and side accents. The sculpt is dead on, and the size is a little narrow but otherwise just right. The trigger takes up the trigger guard hole, so I don't know why they gave Luke a separate trigger finger since it can't fit in there (unless you cut out the trigger, I guess). Why can't they all be this nice?

Overall Grade: B+
I wish I could give this an A, but even factoring in the effort, a lot of these little issues add up to a lower grade. This isn't a bad Star Wars figure, but considering how few good Luke ROTJ figures there are and how key the character is, this should have been better. Even with the flaws though, Jabba's Palace Luke is a nice figure that you won't want to pass up.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
02-04-2004, 04:39 PM
I really like this one. I have a question, though. On this, he seems to have a tunic (like the prequel Jedi, very similar to Anakin) where two things drape in the back and front under the belt. On the old versions, though, he didn't have these, but just a vest, so which is right?

The cloak is okay, but in some lights it's black and in others it's brown, just like the film. A very cool effect. :)

02-04-2004, 06:08 PM
...so which is right?
I'd say that this newer one is most correct. It's the vest/tunic that hangs down and is belted at the waist. (The older versions mostly look lame because they didn't bother with this.)

Also, thinking about why the idea of getting this figure "right" is so important to everyone... I remember seeing ROTJ for the first time, then seeing Luke all dressed in black for the first time and it was a pretty awesome thing. Seemed like the first 2 movies had really built up to that moment. There he was, ready to test out his powers, to defeat this monster as a kind of trial before he moved on to face Vader. So, yeah... this is an important character, costume and story element because it's all about that. And it looks really cool too.

02-19-2004, 09:56 AM
Well, Im very happy with the sculpt of this figure and it puts the throne room duel figure to shame.
The cape as everybody has said is very tight. What I did with mine was to remove the top 2 stitchs and run an iron on the hood. Mine now looks the same as the card back version.

03-17-2004, 07:22 PM
Legs seem too rubbery.
Figure is short like the x wing Luke. I guess that's the proper scale compared to the other SW figs. But, I prefer him to be taller.