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12-15-2003, 04:28 PM
2 Palpatines’ in Episode III!

Who else thinks that we will see 2 Palpatines’ in Episode III? Some time before TPM Sidious (the original Palpatine) knew that if he were to get too close to a Jedi they would sense his evil aura. So he wanted to take over the galaxy and climb the political ladder.

Some time before Episode III Sidious’s eyes went yellow (this actually is similar to RoTJ revelation of Sid/the Emperor’s eyes being exposed to the audience and Luke!)

RoTJ – Sid/Emperor leaves shuttle & meeting in his throne room with dignitaries.

TPM – Meeting with Maul & AoTC meeting with Dooku.

Sidious’s eyes were never shown!

Attack of the Clones

Besides the obvious reference to Jango’s clones, it also refers to Sidious’s Trojan horse (S/C Palps) it is like a metaphor. The blue eyed clone is penetrating the republic’s trust!

No listing of Sidious in TPM or AoTC credits. Even though all movie goers who were not sleeping and paying attention can easily see that Sid & S/C faces are the same.

So who else thinks that we will see 2 Palpatines’ in Episode III? :)

plo koon 200
12-15-2003, 07:39 PM
Since you have this in the spoilers section I will go on record to say that all sources claim that Sidious is one person and that the power of the force was so strong with him that he was able to cloud his actual apperance. The way we see him in ROTJ is the way he was born.

When Mace finds out that Palpatine is Sidious we see Palpatine no longer have the face that he does and he goes to the Episode VI look.

Anakin Palpatine
12-16-2003, 03:46 AM
In my eyes I see there being two Palpatine's as well. My theory is a little differant. If you look at my name I think you'll guess what I'm getting at. In Episode I, Anakin's mother says that anakin has no father and tells Qui-Gon that he is the emaculat conception (jesus, for those who don't know, or in case I spelled it wrong). In my eyes I think that was all a set up for them to tell us that Anakin is the son of Palpatine

Here is my theory:
In order to destroy all the Jedi, Palpatine knew he would need someone as powerful as he to help him to do this. Maul wasn't strong enough to take on two Jedi on his own and Tyranus was only able to get past Yoda because of Obi and Ani's inability to role over. So back to my point. The best way to make someone as strong as you are, is to make another one of you. Now I'm sure a lot of you would ask, "O.K., Why not just clone yourself?" My guess is that you can not clone the force. You are only able to have it passed on to you or you are just born with the ability in general. Now since Jedi are not allowed to have wives or children by Jedi code(and I'm just talking the movies here folks). Palpatine must have thought to himself, hmm...I'll get started on a clone Army which I will use in the future to help take over the galaxy. Have my own homeworld taken over so I may be put into power of the senate. Where I will have an ex-jedi gain other planets who don't see eye to eye with the republic, start a war with the republic to be given complete control and have many Jedi taken out in the process. The only problem he would face would be destroying the most powerful of the jedi who would survive the war.

So I believe at some point in time he might have come across S. Skywalker while she was a slave had a night of hoots and holars and then used the dark side of the force to make her forget that the whole thing ever happened so that she or no one else could ever figure out who the boy was. It is also my theory that he picked Tatooine because of it's rule by the huts and far out of the republic's boundries. He would keep an eye on him and eventually come back for him and train him to be a sith but Qui-Gon finds him first and it ends up that he gets trained in the force, leaving Palpatine more time to worry about his eventual take over of the galaxy. Then when the time is right Palpatine will inform his son of their relationship and they will hunt down the Jedi together and eventually rule the galaxy as father and son.

Now this is just my theory and probably way off but if you think about it, I mean really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. What do you folks think?reply here or send me a message, I'd like to know. It's almost just like what would happen to Luke, but only Luke stays a good guy.

That's just my theory behind two Palpatines, sorry if I make anyone upset.