View Full Version : Marvel Legends. Muppets. The accessory connection

Eternal Padawan
12-16-2003, 11:52 PM
This started on a whim when you have all your toys displayed in a mish mash on your computer desk. Frnak Castle hanging out with Kermit. DCDirect Superman, Batman and Fozzie cramped together. I picked up Muppet Newsman's red phone and gave it to Hank Mccoy and his articulated thumbs. The size is just a wee off but it looked great. Then I realized I was sitting on a mountain of props! Soon Captain America had Scooter's megaphone. Thor had the Chef's tennis racket, and my crowning achievement; Gambit with janice's Guitar! His card flicking fingers are in the perfect place to simulate strumming and his other hand wraps around the neck perfectly. I have him standing in a rock star pose with Rogue and Elektra wrapped around his legs, groupie style. There are so many everyday props and more showing up with each wave of Muppets the possibilities are endless.

Can you think of any?