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El Chuxter
12-17-2003, 02:21 PM
Surprised no one's brought up the new mini-series on Discovery, Dinosaur Planet. It's the latest in the bunch of nature documentaries that use CG and puppets to give the illusion of live footage of dinosaurs. It's been pretty good for the most part, though there have been a few clunky effects moments (like the same studio's When Dinosaurs Roamed America and What Killed the Mega-Beasts?), and Christian Slater's doofy narration should be canned.

Sunday was the first two episodes, the names of which I can't remember. One dealt with a mother Velociraptor named White-Tip in Mongolia, the other about a young Daspletosaurus (think a smaller, earlier version of T-Rex) named Baby Das. Last night's episodes were "Alpha's Egg," about a Saltasaurus (close to a later, smaller version of Apatosaurus) and another episode about a Pyroraptor (sp?) named Pod, stranded on an island of dwarf dinos. All four are being re-broadcast Friday night.

The effects aren't perfect, but they're a dramatic step forward from the sometimes (visually) awful When Dinosaurs Roamed America. It looks like this studio is trying to compete with the British makers of Walking With Dinosaurs, Walking With Prehistoric Beasts, and Walking With Cavemen, all of which are pretty close to perfect.

C'mon, y'all, I know I can't be the only geek who didn't outgrow my dinosaur fixation. :D

09-08-2007, 12:26 PM
I think you are, Chux. :(