View Full Version : New Lego kits?

Boba Binks
12-04-2001, 12:24 PM
Yesterday on several web sites I noticed that they were saying that Dec. 3rd was a release day for some new lego kits.
Then the same night all those sites pulled this information.

I was at TRU this morning and saw three Lego employees stocking Legos. I asked them about the new Star Wars Lego Kits and they said not until January.

Buit some stores do get some of the sets in limited quanity early to put on the shelves as teasers.

So anyone going to get the new sets?

I know they include the following:
7110 Twin Pod Cloud Car $9.99
7139 WEwok Attack $12.99
7200 Final Duel $6.99
7201 Final Duel 2 $6.99
7203 Jedi Defense $6.99
7204 Jedi Defense 2 $6.99
7194 Ultimate Collector Series Yoda $99.99

*Some of these sets are shown in the Exclusive Rebel Blockade Runer and Darth Maul Bust instructions.
They also show a Technic Darth Vader.

12-04-2001, 09:28 PM
The LEGO stores like the one in the Mall for America were the only ones who got the sets yesterday, I think.