View Full Version : Do music artists "private" lives affect your liking of their music?

12-22-2003, 01:21 PM
With all the stuff going on with Michael Jackson and the Beatie Boys publicly taking political sides. Some people may have a sensitivity to those demenors when listening to those artists' music and may choose not to listen to them anymore because their private lives come out in the open. They may be less desirable to associate that with the listening of the music.

Me personally, for the most part it does not affect me really. I love the Beastie Boys more than ever. I still enjoy listening to a number of artists regardless of what they believe in or do. I enjoy the music for the music.

12-22-2003, 04:24 PM
Let's see, do music artists "private" lives affect your liking of THEIR music?

I'd say, for the most part, no. But ask me again when the Boxed Set of Hitler's greatest hits comes out. :p

12-23-2003, 08:07 PM
I think this is actually a really interesting question. For the most part i would say no, personal lives should not affect ones liking of a bands music. However, there are two sides to every coin. There are Christian rock bands out there that just sing and praise God way to much lyrically in their music such as P.O.D. On the other hand bands like Project 86 & Blindside dont make it so apparent. Rage Against the Machine brought their views into the music and i can see how some may not liek them because of it. Very good question

Exhaust Port
12-23-2003, 08:51 PM
For the most part no but it does affect my interest in seeing them in concert. I want to see the music performed live on stage and not see the band or artist use that opportunity to preach about their political views. Some music is driven by political views (Rage Against the Machine) so you'd have to expect something at one of their shows. Very few other bands produce polictical music of such strength so it's fairly safe to assume that they won't preach to you at a show. Pearl Jam for one got a bit preachy for me in so even though I had been interested in their music I steered clear of their concerts and eventually their music.

What people have done is gotten use to listening to the music but not listening to the lyrics. I remember as a kid seeing 8 year old girls singing "Like a Virgin" and even today it's seen with young girls and Britney Spears songs. Adults are just as guilty at times. "Rage is evil for their views but I love their music." Obviously they never really listened to their music. So I never got too worked up by Rage when they made the news for getting arrested at a political rally.

Now some other things do bother me at times. For an artist to preach about love and relationships but get caught cheating on his wife or picked up for hiring a hooker does turn me off from their music. Practice what you preach. Don't sing about loving your wife but get arrested for hitting her. I'll buy other music from other singers.

12-23-2003, 09:21 PM
It has no affect on weather or not I like their music, but it has a major impact on me buying their albums, merchadise, etc. and weather or not I would go see them in concert.

I will not support an artist who I do not respect. Which is not to say, they can't disagree with my views. I have no problem buying music from someone with extreme leftist views. But I would not support them (spend my money) if they openly encouraged kids to do illegal drugs.

You get the idea. (trying not to get "political" here).

One example is that I will not support Roman Polanski films...for obvious reasons.

Exhaust Port
12-23-2003, 10:33 PM
I hear Micheal Jackson supports him. ;)

12-24-2003, 04:21 AM
Sorry, political.