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01-05-2004, 11:14 AM
Not sure if I posted this in the right thread, but I figured since this is about Hasbro's distribution of SW merchandise, I'd post it here. No, I'm not looking for polls or votes. Just honest opinions that Hasbro might be able to refer to for future merchandising. So, I'd like to ask my fellow Star Wars fans this inquiry:

How did you feel about Hasbro's distribution and marketing of their SW stuff for 2003???? Also, how did it affect your collecting habits?? Did it made you quit, turned you into a non-completist or made you stop buying multiple figures???

IMHO, I think Hasbro did GOOD for this past year. And here's why. I'd never thought the new stuff will be out before or even during the holidays. I've seen plenty of the new toys in the stores where I would not expect them. So availability is not an issue for me here. I've pretty much got what I want even before December was halfway done.

Moreover, Hasbro's given us some of the figures that we've been requesting. Who would've thought we'll get Gen. Rieekan in 2003??? Even obscure cats like Faytonni and Ack Med Becq were made. Better versions of POTF figures and innovations such as super articulation and nice accessories are also a plus. Nice vehicles and a cool Arena playset. Value packs, Saga Scenes and 3-packs. Cool 12" figures and and yes, needless, (but nonetheless for completists or late comers) store exclusives.

But the most important thing is that Hasbro actually listens to their fanbase. Sure some of us don't like the 4-pack exclusives and the action poses. At least, they're doing something about it. Look at the Fans' Choice figures we've had. Not too mention lower prices, (cheaper than Episode 1 figures).

It's had its ups and downs, but considering the positives, I think Hasbro did more than made up for it. Of course, its different from one collector to another, or in one area or state when it comes to availability.

Maybe it had not been that good for some of you, but upon reading most of the threads here, I feel that a lot of us have gotten what we asked for and then some.

What do you folks think??? Are you satisfied with Hasbro's performance last year?? I'd like to hear it from you. Thanks. ;)

01-05-2004, 11:54 AM
I have to say, Hasbro did a much better job of getting SW merchandise to shelves during the holiday season. Last year I didn't find anything new at retail from Black Friday 'til April, no kidding!

01-05-2004, 12:38 PM
Being in Alaska I might put some of the poor distribution solely on the shoulders of our location. HOWEVER, I saw the new GI Joe figures showing up at Wal-Marts nearly as quickly as I saw them in magazines. The new TMNT, MOTU, Marvel Legends, McFarlane, Justice League etc...

When Star Wars would show up here it would come one or two cases at a time and only at one store (TRU). I wish these stores could order for themselves instead of having district offices do it for them... most of them are in Seattle or Portland so how do they know what's where. I have a feeling this is more a store problem than a Hasbro problem.

Here's hoping they figure this problem out... TRU has about 10 empty pegs... Wal-Mart just filled theirs with Zoids and BeyBlade... and KB has priced theirs so high I won't buy them...

From past experience though, these will show up here, so I am not concerned. I am more concerned that hasbro would pump out too many of each fig and have them all be peg warmers...

01-05-2004, 12:39 PM
Early 03 was very bad. Kind of think of it the middle was too. Sure some of the stuff was cool, but the problem was finding it. There was no way you could walk into a store and pick these figures up midday. At opening was the only way. For a guy like me that puts hid tool belt on at 5-6am that just wasn't possible. I bought cases from on-line stores, but they were aways cushed and that was Hasbro's fault, but that's another issue. I think the stores got their butts in gear later on in the year. Hasbro always said that the toys were shipping, but the store weren't buying. So where were the figures going? The stores got stiffed with the pegwarming 1st couple waves of EP2 (History repeats itself, does it remind anyone of EP1?) and decided not to buy, So it seems as if the stores are to blame, but Hasbro is the one that forced the stores to buy huge quantities. So Hasbro is the bad guy here. Let the store buy what they want and in full cases if the want. Come on hasbro, ship some full cases of the SA CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-05-2004, 01:20 PM
Full cases would be great for some figures... I seem to recall that the problem with Ephant Mon was that he was in a larger bubble and wouldn't fit with a full case assortment...

Ship 8 of him in one case... one or two cases per store and these guys would sell like mad... specially since their are two paint schemes of him.

I do recall the beginning (first half) of '03 being a waste of time for toy hunting at stores. Hopefully that won't repeat itself... I mean how long is the after-christmas slow period considered?

There is a bunch of new stuff that will sell well, plus a bunch of older stuff that hasn't made it to many shelves, and a lot of stuff that has made it that is still selling very well. TRU here sold out of at least 4 cases each of the first two waves of Clone Wars figures within a week... and that's in Anchorage.

01-06-2004, 02:03 AM
I agree with Turb here about early and middle 2003 being a bad period of SW distribution. Its this time when I couldn't even find a Carkoon Fett. I was getting really upset especially after Hasbro change his flight suit from blue to green. And I want the blue one!!! Well, I found him sometime in Sept. and in clearance, so that made up for it. It's also around this period of SW drought that I slowly started collecting MOTU figures since they're easier to find. Well, at that time. Now, its a different story with Mattel. But after Sept. when the new Saga figures were announced, Hasbro seemed to have re-evaluated their marketing strategy and began pumping the new ones out more frequently. Like I said, they did good after they started mending some problems in the past. Of course, time will tell if they can stay on a straight course. Here's hoping Hasbro will get better at producing our most esteemed figures in the future. ;)

01-06-2004, 10:04 AM
Overall, once I got the new lines of figures, I thought they were really good. A step up from 2002 and no action features. The Clone Wars line was far better than I had anticiapted. As long as Hasbro keeps it up I will be all good. And plz fix the distribution process too.