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01-06-2004, 08:42 PM
A friend of mine is actually making an Action Fleet fanfilm.
Busy work it seems, with green screens, handcrafted cardboard scenes and a digital camera. This is an amator work but it looks fun. They're using techniques such the travelling with a mini tripod mounted on little HO electric train cars using softwares like Photoshop & Director to make the editing.

Planned to be completed in august 2004.
You can take a look here :


01-07-2004, 08:42 AM
WOW! :sur:

It looks amazing! ,the detail in the rooms ect....
cant wait to see how it turns out

01-07-2004, 03:42 PM

New URL...

good shot jansen
01-07-2004, 05:50 PM
wow! really nice images.

thanx sicqnus.

keep us posted on the films developement.

01-07-2004, 10:02 PM
the most exciting thing to happen in the AF community since Galoob was assimilated into the colonlective.

01-08-2004, 05:55 AM
Mon Dieu! Incroyable! Interessant, très interessant!


01-09-2004, 06:44 AM
First thing, thank you really much, for all your answers.

I started, a year ago, the production of the fan film named "Episode 4.5 - Wrath of the Typhoon" (La Colère du Typhon in french).
Let me tell you a bit more about this project:
It's a short animated movie made with Action Fleets (wich I think is a first in a Fan Film production). We think that the project will be finished in august 2004.
We are currently trying to get some attention since we are a very small "production" compared to some other "big" fan films.
We are a few, with limited ressources but we put all our heart and efforts to make our dream come true !

That the reseon why, this topic, and the Sicqnus help is really important for me. Thank you.

PS : I'm working for an english version of the website, I'll try to make it as fast as I can.

good shot jansen
01-09-2004, 09:09 AM

if you need any help with the production, meaning if there are any additional ships and or figures required, i have no problem sending them off to either you or sicqnus on loan to help with your production. let me know if i can be of any help

01-09-2004, 08:01 PM

if you need any help with the production, meaning if there are any additional ships and or figures required, i have no problem sending them off to either you or sicqnus on loan to help with your production. let me know if i can be of any help

Oh, you such a media ho, lol just dying to get the Jansen name on the credits lol ;)

jeddah :kiss:

good shot jansen
01-10-2004, 09:44 AM
dauym strate! :smoker:

01-31-2004, 03:37 PM
Well ! We had with the first website a succes more important thant everything we were hoping ! More than a 1000 visit in less than a month. Ok ok, it's not huge for internet but for us it's amasing ! :)

Thank you for visiting it.

Unlimited developpement, an excellent website disign enterprise offer us a new one. More butifull, bigger. It's not an webpage any longer, it's a real website. Let me introduce it to you : http://cdt.hom.bz/ Always in french, so sorry... :D

You can if you want follow the project with the newsletter, aviable in the contact section, by sending an email at : nouvellesdufrontCDT@hotmail.com

Kind regard. Joss aka Ozz'

04-06-2004, 12:47 PM
Action Fleet fanfilm, first trailer online. (Will need the K-Lite DivX codec to play).

09-05-2004, 10:26 AM
Allow me to show you something :

Our website in english version !

Enjoy ! :D

Sorry... I forgot the link... :rolleyes: Website (http://cdt.hom.bz/)

09-09-2004, 01:10 PM
beautiful. :D :cool: :D this is, without any doubt, the highest tribute to Action Fleet that anyone has ever made. this project restores my faith in the enthusiasm of other fans and collectors of SWAF.

i was only able to find the cdt_1st-100k file to view. is it correct that this is the only movie file available on the website at this time?

09-09-2004, 06:41 PM
Thank you very much ! :D

I'm sorry I'm not founding the right word to thank you in english... But all this congratulations are very nice, I can assure you it warn our motivation to do something as wonderfull as we can.

Merci beaucoup encore une fois, du fond du coeur de nous soutenir ainsi, et de nous accorder tant de confiance. Merci pour cet éloge des plus gratifiant
Here is for the french version !!!

For the video files, yes, there's only CdT first look right now. Soon the official Trailer will be uploaded on the site. But I've to finish it before ! :D

09-23-2004, 06:10 PM
Well !

We have the Trailer right now !

we let you enjoy it ! Trailer ! (http://www.firestorm77.com/cdt/dl.htm)
the page is only aviable in french version, but don't worry, just right click and save as in order to see it ! :)

See ya !


09-23-2004, 08:32 PM
:D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool:

09-25-2004, 12:45 PM
. . ."no af figs were harmed in the making of this"? :D

09-27-2004, 03:10 AM
Truly amazing!!! :eek:

My best compliments, keep up the very good work! :)