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01-09-2004, 02:43 PM
The following is a recent exchange of e-mails between me and John Kellerman, the editor/author of the new Vintage Star Wars Action Figures; a Collector's Guide (I think that's the right title).

I couldn't "submit news" from my computer at work so if this is front page worthy could someone cut and paste it for submittal?

I am curious when the Star Wars Action figure book by John Kellerman
will be available at bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. The original date
I found said September 2003... I have seen new list dates for each
following month, including January 2004. Can I expect to see this in bookstores anytime soon?

At this time the only place to buy a copy of the book is from
www.frontbackbooks.com. I would like to have it in the book stores but at this time it doesn't look like it will happen.

Thanks for your interest.


I'm surprised to hear directly from you. Too bad this book may not
make it to bookstores. Do you have plans to do any follow up to this?

- Droids/Ewoks
- Vehicles and playsets
- Cancelled items
- modern figures (maybe when they are all done)
- modern vehicles/playsets
- Non 3 3/4' inch scale figures (12", epic force, unleashed)

The detail I understand this book has would be a welcome addition to the
rest of the line as well.

I plan to work on trying to get the book into a distribution channel,
i.e. book stores.

There are no plans to do another book at this time. Things can change
(end of e-mails)

Just thought people would like to know that waiting for this to come to your local bookstore so you can save on shipping, or so you can use your (or someone else's) discount may be a waste of time. This is a great book (from what I have read) and supporting John should inspire him to expand upon this to include some of the suggestions I made (that I am sure he has already thought about).