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01-10-2004, 10:42 PM
We're well into January of '04 so let's all look at what was hot ( & not) in 2003...

Starting off, I want to compliment Hasbro & the retailers on getting stuff out there a little better than in years past. (We'll see if I'm singing this tune in '05 after relocating to Hoth..er, Vermont). For the most part, stuff showed up pretty regularly...the only niggle being, you had to grab a lot of stuff when you first saw it or you didn't get a second chance.
Here's hoping that continues...

My second major compliment goes to the "Saga" banner. It's rapidly catching up with the POTJ banner as the most collector-friendly as far as having figures that were either never made before and/or were background characters we never expected to see the light of day. From the looks of some of the forthcoming waves, this practice is going to continue. Admiral Ozzel, more Jabba's court, General Dodonna, Red Five to mention a few and even the rumors of some more ewoks! It's shaping up to be a good year for those of us who've been collecting for a while.

It's also been a good year for those just starting to collect...yes, the reissues of previous figures (and those pesky multipacks crowding up the shelves at TRU) may irritate those who don't see the point of rehashing figures over & over again, but it's a clever way for Hasbro to get newer collectors (especially kids) in the game. My only complaint about the flood of reissues centers on those Multipacks...they started out interesting enough with the Imp pack having a new droid and retooled(Darth Vader) or recombined(AT-ST Driver) figures and the Bounty Hunter one including a new vehicle and the Hoth one having a nod to the old collection (split-belly tauntaun), but the next two seem rather weak...the jedi one would have benefitted from at least ONE new jedi figure (although finally getting the missing accessory from the arena was nice) and the Carkoom on is the lamest yet with NO new offerings. I hope if Hasbro considers doing more of these they do a bit more to freshen them up a bit.

I also liked the packaging shift last year...the new saga cards "read" better and make more sense with the movie-title side banners. The Clone Wars packaging is striking and fresh. The "Unleashed" line also enjoyed a much-needed facelift too. It's a bit "loud" but it works...

My only real peeves of last year were....where were the 12" figures? Because of the dirth of Zams, Dengars & SuperBattle Droids left clogging the shelves, many folks never saw the last wave of the year (Yoda, Ewoks & yes, another Jedi Luke). I know I never did. Plus, if any line got the short shift last year, the 12" line was the one. I hope that if "exclusives" are offered to retailers again towards the end of '04 that they'll be as engaging as they were a few years back and not just retreads of past glorys. Actually, unless they add a couple of ewoks to the SpeederBike, I think they've run out on that one!

Now...on to what the best of the year in my book was. There was alot to choose from so it was tough but here goes:

Best basic SAGA figure: Aalya Secura I'm partial to this one for alot of reasons: I love the character in the comics (Jan Duursema's art is so inspiring), she's got a great base, lots of poseability and a great sculpt and detailing. It was hard to pick just one but Aalya gets the nod from me...

Honarable mention: Lt. Danni Faytonni For what was basically a background character of an unmasked SW star, this figure had the goods. A cool stand/accessory, loads of articulation and a great likeness of Mr. Daniels. Not this much went into a background character since the Bespin Guard a few years back. Great job!

Best basic CLONE WARS figure: Assaj Ventress Like Aalya, she looks great, has great posability and cool accessories that WORK. Very nicely done.

Honorable mention: Mace Windu Very heroic pose and look...catches the essence of the character WAY better than any of the AOTC figures did.

Best multiple pack: Clone Troopers Yeah, having so many chase figures involved with this one proved a little frustrating (I never did find the green one), but the multiple poses and color schemes proved a boon to army builders.

Honorable mention: Jedi Council & Geonosian WarRoom sets Yeah, they're sitting everywhere but they are great renditions of some character that would have never seen the light of day on a single card (San Hill anyone?). The sculpts were good and it's a delightful suprise to here they're going to continue (as TRU exclusives anyway).

Best vehicle: Hailfire Droid This is one impressive toy that is so true to it's source. It great playability and a dead-on sculpt/detailing job. Very cool toy.

Honorable mention: Anakin's Swoop Bike it was actually Owen's but hey, let's not quibble with the package shall we? It was one of those saw-it-once-glad-I-grabbed-it finds that features one of Anakin's best moments from AOTC.

Best exclusive: Animated Clone Wars figures Yeah, yeah we all hate exclusives, but at least these feel special. They feature dead-one likenessess to their source and the best looking cards we've seen in a long time. I'm having to drive to another state to get 'em...but I like 'um alot.

Best 12" figure: Gamorrean Guard Was he perfect? No. The detailing is a little harsh, but the costume and sculpt are great and it was fantastic seeing this bad boy done as a 12" figure.

Honorable mention: Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard featured a much better head sculpt and a great costume.

Best "Unleashed" Obi-Wan Kenobi This is a perfect rendition of this character. Not over done like some of the others have been. Great job!

Okay...that about covers the good main points of the year...let's hear what you all think and I'll be back later with some of the bad...

01-12-2004, 06:01 AM
Starting off, I want to compliment Hasbro & the retailers on getting stuff out there a little better than in years past. (We'll see if I'm singing this tune in '05 after relocating to Hoth..er, Vermont). For the most part, stuff showed up pretty regularly...the only niggle being, you had to grab a lot of stuff when you first saw it or you didn't get a second chance.
Here's hoping that continues...

here in the uk there were hardly any new figures released until may last year which was very frustrating, to say the least. after that, new stuff started to filter through gradually, getting better as the year wore on. at least this year looks like its going to better on that front. i hope.

01-12-2004, 06:08 AM
here in the uk there were hardly any new figures released until may last year which was very frustrating, to say the least. after that, new stuff started to filter through gradually, getting better as the year wore on. at least this year looks like its going to better on that front. i hope.

Here in the Sates we didn't see anything new until April-May either. But these last 7-8 months Hasbro really seemed to get the product out to consumers.

Not without a bit of a backlash I might add, my local Wal-Mart is now flooded with Clone Wars wave 1. :rolleyes:

However, everyone else seems to have clearanced out everything, many stores don't have any figures left!

01-12-2004, 10:29 AM
you are still luckier in the usa. star wars figures in the uk are so hard to find. toy shops and supermarkets don't stock them any more so the only real way to get anything decent is via one or two internet suppliers which takes the fun out of going round the shops looking for new stuff or specialist shops which are few and far between. and if you don't get stuff almost straight away its gone, never to be seen again, so there are rarely clearance sales, and star wars stuff is always much more expensive than the states, too.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
01-12-2004, 06:42 PM
I'd like to live in England. However, because of Star Wars, I'll have to wait until 2018 or so (provided that damn asteroid hasn't destroyed the world) to do it. My oldest sister was there for six months and she liked it a lot.

Anyway, 2003 was . . . okay. I think it was a little better than 2002, but not by much. Here's my thoughts on some of the 2003 figures:
#1 Obi-Wan Kenobi: Acklay Battle - Good for dioramas, but not much else. He looked like he was ******* off when you pushed the button, if I can say that here. (Mod note: yeah, probably not.) He couldn't hold the binders on his hands, like in this scene in the movie. C
#2 Mace Windu: Arena Confrontation - A bizarre action feature that worked quite well. However, the goofy face sculpt made this figure a little worse, along with the fact that his sleeves should have been really long, unlike the other Jedi's robes. B-
#3 Darth Tyranus: Geonosian Escape - A very nice figure. He had a nice long lightning burst, which could be placed on his left hand with outstretched fingers (it should've been the right, but oh well). He had an action feature similar to the 2002 Dooku, but better this time. And a nice metal lightsaber. A
#4 Padme Amidala: Droid Factory Chase - Ay, a very nicely articulated, nicely detailed (look at her back . . . a little farther down) figure. She had the first base, a trend that continued for a while. It could connect to other droid factory bases to make a cool little diorama. Of course, she had to be screaming, but it's nowhere near as bad as last year's Mace. A
#5 SP-4 & JN-66: Research Droids - These droids were bigger than most expected, and very nice, especially for a two-pack. They were cut from the film, but Hasbro didn't know that when they started making them. A
#6 Tusken Raider: Tatooine Camp Ambush - A nice Tusken for the whole Saga, with a removable head for AOTC and articulation and a cape for ANH. He too had a base, of the campground. A
More soon . . .

Mr. JabbaJohnL
01-13-2004, 05:14 PM
#7 Anakin Skywalker: Secret Ceremony - The figure that everyone thought Hangar Duel was going to be. A nice sculpt with a ton of articulation and a lightsaber that wouldn't break. Some didn't like the cloak, I did, though. A
#8 Boba Fett: The Pit of Carkoon - After the 300th Special Edition Fett, we all expected the next one to really be something special. This Boba has a cool jetting-up thing, but he is brightly painted and has a feature that ruins his jetpack. He has a whole lot of articulation, which is nice, to pose him for scenes on the Skiff. B
#9 R2-D2: Droid Factory Flight - Oh, no. No no no no! This figure is just horrible. It looks worse than something you'd get in a Happy Meal. I've gone through three of them because the string either got stuck inside or wouldn't come out. His legs don't even move for God's sake! I don't think anyone would've cared if the rockets were permanently out. F
#10 Lama Su With Clone Youth - Lama is remarkably taller than Taun We, which is good. He had a little more articulation, but not much. The clone couldn't sit down, but it's still pretty good for a pack-in. A
#11 Aayla Secura: Jedi Knight - For a character who's in the film for less than a minute, this figure's very nice. She could have lots of poses, and had a bizarre material making up her neck and chest area. She also had lightning, which makes no sense. Her base was huge, but not really accurate to the Geonosis landscape. A
#12 Barriss Offee: Luminara Unduli’s Padawan - She never opens her mouth once in the movie, but she's screaming her head off. She had a green saber, but a blue one in the film, I'm still baffled. Her base is different than Aayla's, but they were made to connect. Hmm. B
More soon . . .

Mr. JabbaJohnL
01-13-2004, 08:49 PM
#13 Han Solo: Hoth Rescue - A much needed resculpt, now with two different coat colors. I personally wanted brown, but got blue because brown is barely out now. His lightsaber-slashing feature worked quite well, but it wasn't really necessary. B
#14 Chewbacca: Mynock Hunt - A bizarre choice for a figure, but a good figure nonetheless. His the strap of his mask was molded with the figure, and when the mask was removed it showed giant holes, so this was a scene-specific figure. His bowcaster shot a giant orange projectile, but couldn't really work when he held the weapon properly. The mynock was blue, and had a suction cup for a mouth like in the movie. Chewie had odd knee articulation that didn't really do anything. B+
#15 Yoda & Chian: Padawan Lightsaber Training - Hoo-ah! This set rocked! This Yoda was great, he could hold his saber with both hands, lean on his cane, and sit in his hoverchair. Chian was pretty cool too. His helmet could be put over his eyes or on his head, like in the movie. A+
#16 Ashla & Jempa: Jedi Padawans - These figures were really nice. They had the same bodies, as did Chian, but it worked. The sculpts on these little buggers was really something. A
More soon . . .

01-16-2004, 10:12 PM
...I wonder if ole' JT ever really likes anything! (Just jabbin' ya there bud).

I stand by my picks...although the three did bring up some issues I agree with...

The Action Collection line (12"ers) really did take a punch in the gut this year, with some of the worst entries (that Padme was dreadful...and the EndorLeia was a disappointment too) the line has ever seen. This line also seemed to suffer from bad ordering/distribution woes that hurt the whole line in years back (a glut of middle assortments causing retailers to not order later ones) I'm guessing that's why the Yoda wave never hit retail anywhere.

Sorry JT but I LOVE the Unleashed line. Like SS mentioned, it's got alot of imagination working with it and it offers something different. Some of them have been over the top(drag queen Sidious), but others have been really great (Boba Fett...Obi-Wan). I'm really looking forward to the next wave (the Chewy one) and hope the one after that isn't just a rumor (Aalya! A Tusken! Bossk!!) I'm still holding out for a Qui-Gon...

I also would like to see some decent Anakin & Obi-Wan figures ala AOTC (cloaks please?!?) before Episode III arrives...

Here's hoping '04 has some more delights in store....and may the debate continue!

01-20-2004, 07:58 PM
jedibear, you're this close |...| to entering Bite Me Town. ;) j/k Besides, you're in good company, Steve's comment about my comment about UL Leia was way off base IMO and almost got rezoned to the suburbs of that town. :D I didn't want to turn our Year in Review into another version of the forums though, so I let him have it even though his point had no bearing on what I was actually saying about Unleashed in general (which was that I simply don't care about the line, not a comment on its quality at all really) and UL Leia in specific - and certainly he's not the only one who applies that stock "they're not supposed to represent the actual movies" stance as an argument to UL Leia not representing an emotive state of ROTJ. I could go on for a while about that Leia one though, so I'll just site the precedence of Been There vs. Done That (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16229). ;)

I will point out that Obi-Wan is the UL that Steve chose as his least favorite though (it's one you said is very imaginative), so I guess that's where we pull out ye olde "different strokes" axiom.

My comment about needing good regular E2 Obi-Wan & Ani figures was so close to being cut, not because it's not true, but simply for brevity's sake. The reason I finally chose to keep it in was that I don't think it's a surprise to most folks that I'm not the biggest fan of Ep 2, so when someone who doesn't love the film says we need more figures from it... we NEED 'em!

I won't deny that I didn't like 2003 collecting very much, though it's probably the best for you that Thrawn quit the site or he'd be way worse than I in our review. Here's a list of SW product I liked in 2003:

Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape) - didn't love it, but I liked it
Padme (Droid Factory Chase) - ditto, would have been "love" if not for that dopey headsculpt
Tusken Raider (Tatooine Camp Ambush) - Preposed arms that don't really let the articulation work right and flimsy gaffi stick are my chief complaints, but a good figure
Lama Su (With Clone Youth) - Despite the terrible eye paint and weak sculpt, this one is ok
Anakin (Secret Ceremony) - cool figure that has a terrible cloak accessory, threw that in the bag of forgotten accessories
Mace (Arena Confrontation) - I can't recommend this one to everybody, and the range of lightsaber wielding isn't as good as I'd like, and he's got that goofy smile, but I dig this one from my inner child level
Boba Fett (The Pit of Carkoon) - despite the rehashing of Jango Pilot parts, this one is better than I thought but far from perfect
Wat Tambor - Good but preposed and not as nicely painted as advertised
Coleman Trebor - loose articulation and he's a nobody with a bent saber and no cloak from the film, but not bad either
WA-7 Waitress Droid - liked this till she fell down, now she's annoying the crap out of me
Lt. Dannl Faytonni - Good, but bent table, wonky tilted body, and odd articulation at the arms.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Courscant Nightclub) - I liked this at first, but over time became annoyed with the preposed nature of the arms and the cruddy headsculpt & paint
Elan Sleazebaggano - slightly like this one, but sloppy beard paint and looks more like Steve Buscemi than the character
Luke Skywalker (Hoth Attack) - very cool figure (pun not intended) but technically an '04 figure.
R-3PO - not bad but wonky arm pose, can't stand, and again, '04 figure.
Luke Skywalker (Jabba's Palace) - besides being an '04 figure, the joints on this one suck, the saber accessory is wrong, the face and hair isn't quite right, right hand is useless (coulda at least used a magnet for the gun IMO), cloak is kinda lame.
R2-D2 (Jabba's Sail Barge) - another '04, plus weak dome work and the main accessory is too flimsy.
Clone Wars Asajj Ventress - great basic figure, should have been in Ep 2 and 3 as a Sith villain.
CW Deluxe Durge - Awesome deluxe figure & bike, another of my favorites.
Ultra Wampa - another '04 so it don't count. Nice set, base kinda wonky.
Ultra 3PO - yet another '04, I like it, but it's not fantastic.
That's 15 2003 Hasbro SW products I liked right there, plus a few more I found in '03 but are really '04. I wish there was more '03 product I liked, but a lot didn't really do it for me.

I wish I had vehicles I liked, but between not finding Ani & Dooku on bikes and being less than impressed with the rest of it - I bought the TIE Fighter but I don't like it much, and I bought the Ani Jedi Starfighter but it's pretty boring. I'm holding off on the Hailfire Droid because I heard it doesn't roll right and that's my key feature for it (thankfully the Lego one does), so between all that, I don't have much love for the 2003 vehicles.

I didn't like the Screen Scene Packs for the price, none of them were scenes I really wanted figures from so it wasn't a problem. Multipacks were another situation where I had all the figures or didn't want 'em, so the price didn't get me going even with all the repainting. Don't care too much about the Clones and never found 'em anyway. Don't like much about the Clone Wars stuff, so the animated Clone Wars figs were dead to me. You already know how I feel about UL, so that just leaves 12", and I just wasn't impressed with most of the offerings.

01-20-2004, 09:44 PM
Hmm, I would have put this on the previous post, but the forums were acting wonky so I will do 'em as a new post instead. Here are my thoughts on other 2003 products that didn't make my "like list" above.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) - bought it - not a terrible headsculpt, but awful everything else. Hate the crappy gimmick that doesn't work right, hate the preposing, hate the articulation, hate that this was the only figure I found in the first 7 months of 2003 and thus suckered me into buying it.
SP-4 & JN-66 (Library Droids) - bought it - out of scale, too large and too flimsy for my affection. Neutral.
Barris Offee - didn't buy it - no interest whatsoever here, don't like the character design or this one's preposed nature.
Aayla Secura - didn't buy it - I actually turned my nose up at this one at $2.38 a few weeks ago because I just don't like it. Paint is always wonked on every one I've seen, lightsaber blade usually bent or broken, overposed, articulation is unattractive here (not a statement I make often), her design doesn't seem like a Jedi, and I am sick to death of Twi'lek figures.
R2-D2 (Droid Factory Flight) - bought it - I don't really need to mention what's wrong with this piece of crap, do I?
Han Solo (Hoth Rescue) - awaiting it - no strong opinion, still waiting for mine to come in the mail. First look put me off though, stance is too similar to POTF2 version and he's got a gimmick.
Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt) - didn't buy it - Crappy gimmicked weapon and Chewie's a preposed scene-specific figure, which almost always bothers me.
Yoda & Chian - bought it - ok figures, not great but not bad. I don't like 'em all that much but I don't dislike 'em, neutral I guess. Yoda is almost on my like list, but his cloak ruins it.
Ashla & Jempa - bought it - see previous note.
Snowtrooper - bought it - actually the snowtrooper commander, the figure is preposed and has a kinda lame retool of the dlx POTF2 version's e-web cannon, the wrong helmet skirt, and an ugly holster. All in all, not an advantage over the POTF2 version.
Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel) - bought it - Gimmicky, recycles the ugly Saga Bespin's cape, left arm is junk. I almost like this figure anyway, but he also can't stand so that's a "neutral" here.
Luke Skywalker (Throne Room Duel) - bought it - I wish I secretly liked this figure, but not quite. Ugly face that looks like Harpo, wonky hair, neck that starts behind head, thin lightweight body, crappy lightsaber hilt (that one really meant a lot to me too) and goofy gimmick. Oh, and the base doesn't work right and again, he's preposed. Even with all that, he's Luke ROTJ so I'm a sucker and he's a "neutral" on my list.
Padme (Secert Ceremony) - didn't buy it - Doesn't look like Natalie Portman, she's holding broccoli, and it's just not a figure I'd ever want.
Darth Maul (Theed Hangar Duel) - didn't buy it - Repaint of a fig I already have.
Princess Leia (Imperial Captive) - didn't buy it - ditto.
Han Solo (Flight to Alderaan) - didn't buy it - ditto, but I thought about it because I still like this figure.
Emperor Palpatine - bought it - Can you say "sucker" boys and girls? I knew you could. What was I thinking??? That hood situation stinks, ruins the whole figure. His hands not being able to hold the cane is not a good thing either, and those useless lightning things are just sad.
Ayy Vida - didn't buy it - Wild horses couldn't pay me to buy this loser. I badmouthed it enough in the SSG year in review though.
McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper - hopefully awaiting it - I've wanted this one for years, but never came across it. Figure looks pretty good, can't wait to get it and hopefully say nice things.
Bail Organa - bought it - dull figure, cool accessory. Beard paint is too heavy, hands are weird, skin tone is wrong. Another in my "neutral list" though.
Imp Dignitary #1 - bought it - BORING!!! Doesn't look much like the character, paint is weak, accessory sucks the big one, and can barely be called "articulated".
Padme (Tatooine Lars Homestead) - bought it - Major flesh paint issues, head is wonky, accessory is trouble.
Ach-Med Bek - didn't buy it - passed on him at $2, why? Because he's the actor who plays Jar Jar? Maybe. Because he's the same body and accessories as Lt Faytonni? Perhaps. Because I have absolutely no use for him in my collection? That's the one!
Imp Dignitary #2 - bought it - but I only spent $1.18. I actually didn't really want this figure, but at that price, I decided he'd help the other imp dignitary seem less lonely even though he's nearly identical.
Hoth Trooper - didn't buy it - gonna be hard to convince me of this short goofball. Nothing here seems better than the POTF2 version, and I hate the face sculpt here.
You're probably wondering why BaR2-D2 and Palace Luke are down there on the "like list" with what I said about 'em. Truth is, even with their faults, they're still ok. Shoulda said that there but forgot.
R1-G4 - haven't found it yet - see my comments above on the Concept Stormie... can't wait to get this one.
Ultra General Rieekan - didn't buy it - Not bad looking, though the face doesn't seem that good either, but also not really worth $10 to me, so waiting till it clearances.
Green A-wing - didn't buy it - I already have it. "What's that?" you say? This is a figure I already have and a vehicle I already have and a paint scheme I already have because it was done years ago as an Action Fleet vehicle. Tempting, but no.
Clone Wars basic Durge - didn't buy it - Crappy flesh paint, really super crappy articulation, no need for him when I have the dlx.
CW Mace - didn't buy it - didn't like the head, the outfit, the accessories, or the CW concept.
CW Anakin - bought it - another one at $1.18 clearance, bought him for his headset accessory for my Ani SC figure (it doesn't look that good though). This figure kinda sucks, really awful looking face, lame accessories including 1 permanently-attached one, even with extra articulation his range of motion kinda stinks. Only thing I ended up liking was the design of the hair.
CW Obi-Wan - didn't buy it - Hey, let's take goofy-looking junk and throw it on an Obi-Wan figure. Hey, no thanks!
CW ARC Trooper - bought it - for $2 off on an early Target sale, I don't like the rifle, it's all wrong, the skirt and pauldron are too hard, the viewfinder keeps falling out, the articulation doesn't help problems like the wonked wrist or leg poses, just didn't do it for me.
CW Saesee Tiin - didn't buy it - no thanks, weird headsculpt and just not my style. I didn't even like the POTJ version that much, and then there's the awful Saga version I didn't buy, so this one had no chance.
CW Kit Fisto - didn't buy it - Yeah right. Sorry, no Chipendales Dancing Kit for me.
CW Yoda - bought it - paid $1.18 for that little chair, I was ripped off. Nice vest too, didn't realize the Mexican Revolution happened in a galaxy far far away, and it doesn't even match the artwork. Why take the 1st Saga Yoda and take away his ball-jointed arms as well?
CW dlx Clonetrooper w/ bike - didn't buy it - Already have the Saga version, this one isn't accurate to the movies and has a dopey missile (I don't care for spring-loaded missiles).
CW 3packs - didn't buy it - Ha ha, no thanks. Less articulation than regular figures, crappy paint jobs, fewer removable accessories, and all this for "only" ten bucks? Not this Jedi, no sir!
CW 2packs - didn't buy it - never found 'em, didn't really like the saga red clone anyway so no loss.
CW Green A-wing - didn't buy it - I have no love for this turkey of a repaint. If they had added a new feature or figure, maybe it would be worth $20, but no.
CW Geonosian Fighter - bought it - heh, keep forgetting this exists. I do like this set actually even with all the missile action, but the floppy nose parts really bother me. Basically, it's on the fence between my "neutral list" and "like list", depending on which way those nose parts flop. ;)
There you have it, the rest of the 2003 Star Wars Hasbro product and my take on it all (unless I forgot something). Here's the final breakdown on this list:

3 Still Waitings
9 Neutrals
27 No Likes (not counting those multipacks)

Weird! That's a numerical oddity, the number itself, its square, and its cube. Anyway, from that, you can see why I wasn't so thrilled with 2003. It's not just a random feeling there, I really did form opinions on most of it.

01-23-2004, 10:12 AM
GOnna make this short and sweet


Han Hoth(love the Non-Jedi Lightsaber weapon)
Padme DF
Tusken Ambush(great sculpt IMO)
BArriss Offee (Im a sucker for this one)
Coleman Trebor
Janus Greejitus(waited forever for this one)
Kren BLista Vanee(see above)
Ashla and Jempa(cute little buggers they are)
WA-7 (cool looking figure)
Library Droids( cool looking droids)
Imperial Officer (gotta love em for who they are)
Anakin SC ( see JT's comments on this one)
Wat Tambor (his presence alone is slightly disturbing)
Luke Hoth(awesome sculpt, love the battle wounds)
Ultra Wampa -Greatness at its best Hasbro.....Kudo's on this one
Rieekan-Kinda- dull, shoulda been basic but wanted this one for 20 years
R1-G4 - nice looking droid, JT hurry and find him, sure you would like him
Elan- nothing special
Obi Nightclub- see above
Faytonni and Ack Med- one in the same but they ok
Padme Lars Homestead - Nice figure
R3PO- kinda cool, sucka for droids
Hoth Soldier - Just because I hadn't seen figures in what seems forever, I got this one


Obi Acklay
Mace Arena
Darth Tyranus

CW figures:

Value packs- great pick ups considering the BOGO price of em
Anakin - Nice Sculpt
Yoda LOL - at JT's mexican revolution comment
ARC Trooper - me likes this figure lots, have value pack and single carded one as well. Havent found the red one
Obi - Decent looking sculpt
Mace - If you look passed his ET neck, its fine
Durge - Like the look of him alot
Assajj - agrred JT, would of liked to see her in film action, was against this character at first, but was proven otherwise wrong
Saesee - didnt buy it (yet?)
Kit see above
SA trooper- Love this one. Need to find more so's I can opens them up. Only found one of the sculpts though

Dont Haves:

Chewie Mynock
Any repack other than Imp. Officer
Flying R2
Boba Fett POC
Aalya Secura- awaitring trade with Chuxter
Yoda and Chian see above
Luke and Vader TRD
3PO escape pod-dont want it, 3Po looks like a stump

Overtall I think it was a decent year. Figures started to look better and all, once the Action Features stopped. If Hasbro keeps heading in this direction, we will be in this for awhile.

01-23-2004, 09:20 PM
Got Han Hoth and the CW SA Clonetrooper, you can add those to my "Like List", bringing it to 17.

Han Hoth - good, but I dislike his leg pose. Good accessories except for the crummy lightsaber, action gimmick not too annoying, but everything from the "skirt" down was a sour note.

CW SA Clonetrooper - Wrong weapon is sad. Paint is nice but has same probs as CTC Stormie, dull matte limbs to shinier torso and none of it is shiny enough. As much articulation as there is, most could stand to have better range of motion. Mine has a loose hip and busted left wrist.

Thanks for rubbing in my lack of R1-G4 kidhuman, I'll remember that. ;) I know the clock is counting down on me there, and I am worried after 2002's Ephant Mon debacle, but I'm not ready to give in to scalpers just yet.

01-24-2004, 01:02 AM
I think I'm generally happier with the 2003 figures than I was with the 2002 ones. There were some very great highs in both years: Ephant, Palpatine, Orn Free Ta and Dex to recount a few from 2002.

Carrying the torch for this years figures in my opinion were:

Han Hoth Rescue - Just love the face, accessories and overall look. I was so happy to finally get a better Hoth Han with a BLUE coat. Just sweet.

Saga Tusken Raider - Not quite poseable enough to be perfect, but what a great figure to have on display.

Saga Snowtrooper - my only dislike with this guy is the lack of swivelling forearms. He just cries out to be able to hold the blaster with 2 hands.

Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon - another very nice Boba, to go with our 300th figure one. The pair of them just rock.

Ashla, Jempa and Chian - I love the little rascals too, even though they can't do the square root of diddly squat in terms of poses. Beautiful faces on them.

The Geonosian War Room Cinema Scenes - amazingly detailed figures, great accessory with the battle table, they look beautiful boxed and open. A must have.

And now for the stuff that I didn't really care for too much this year.

Droid Factory Flight R2, and "total control" Mace Windu. DISTRaction features totally overwhelming the figure in both cases. Terrible.

Saga Emperor - so close, yet so far. The face is astonishly amazing, but the silly hood and feeble force lightning accessories just stink. What a shame.

CLone Wars Anakin, Yoda, Mace Windu: silly. Especially Ani with the gold highlights. Yuck.

The rest of them fall into 2 categories: I'm satisfied, or I don't have it. I'm still waiting on quite a few figures from this year (9 basics from Saga and 4 from Clone Wars), a number of them mentioned above (Imp Dignitaries and Bail Organa, whom I've seen and can't wait to get, and the SA Clonetrooper).

Looks like 2004 will continue the trend of improvement, based on the reactions to what people have been finding so far. I'd like to see a little less this year (40 new basics total would be fine with me), and a higher "average level of coolness" per figure. I think they're working on it.