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James Boba Fettfield
01-14-2004, 01:36 PM
Dave Mustaine recently spoke out on the megadeth website, and lots of good news to report!

New Year updates
Well, it's been a while. And there has been a lot that has happened since last year.

First off, there is a huge campaign ahead for 2004 and rather than confirm things that are verbal until they materialize, I wanted to wait until the first stage of this project had started and I had something to report that was completed.

I have been in the studio since January 5th, 2004, remixing "Peace Sells, But Who's Buying," as part of a re-release campaign that Capitol Records is planning for this year. In two weeks, once the studio is finished with overdubs for what I am currently working on, I will start on "So Far, So Good, So What."

"Peace Sells" was finished last Friday, January 10th, 2004, and is now being shipped off for Mastering. This is the first of the entire Megadeth catalogue to be remixed for Capitol Records. The previous 5.1 surround sound re-release was not remixed, although I wanted it done prior to the record being put into 5.1 format. Unfortunately, DTS, the company that financed the project had limited funds and could not afford a remix, as well as mixing the record into 5.1 surround sound.

Other Releases
Capitol also intends on re-releasing the MD.45 record featuring Lee Ving on vocals from the punk rock band Fear.

I am also working on other material that everyone seems to know about, so I will confirm this:

1) Yes, I am in the studio working on Megadeth material old and new.
2) Yes, I did contact previous Megadeth band members Marty Friedman, Nick Menza, and David Ellefson about making a new record.
3) I was unable to accommodate Friedman and Ellefson, and sadly Nick, who was the most gracious and ready to rock, will not be playing on this new record I am doing.
4) Any talk of a reunion is wishful thinking.

There was a book deal offered to me by Sanctuary three years ago to put all of my lyrics from Megadeth into a book and to describe them. I completed that last year and submitted it to Sanctuary this year for editing and eventual release.

New Megadeth Record
I started last year in October working on a new record and was unsure if it was going to be a Megadeth record or the first record of my career-post Megadeth.

But there was too much good music that was written during the Megadeth era that was left incomplete and unreleased that I had written and I decided to assemble that music first. It is frikkin' heavy and most people that have been around are surprised it was never released.

Regardless of being unable to come to an agreement with the RIP line-up, I am excited to say that Chris Poland is in the studio with me in Arizona, working on this new record. Vinnie Colaiuta and Jimmy Sloas played drums and bass with me on this record and I should be done somewhere around the end of March. Don't worry, they rip!

I have heard the rumors and I don't pay them any mind; I know that the people who are saying they are "insiders" or have "inside info" are talking out their ***es, and that some of them have been right by way of "a guess," but that's it. If these people say they are friends of mine and are disclosing private information about me, then I can tell you they are not considered a friend by me.

I will be at NAMM Saturday, January 17th, with my new ESP DV8s and LTD DV8Rs and I expect I will meet some of you there.

Some kind of bull****
I am aware of the Metallica movie; I noticed how much footage they used and to whom it benefited, too. "This is about relationships," huh? Yeah, right.

I did go to Knoxville, Tennessee, to write a song and play with the band Pillar. Not because of their faith, but because they are a good band. But since this is a Megadeth site and that is not related to anything Megadeth, you can look for info on my trip at the Pillar site or on DaveMustaine.com.

Life Changes
Yes, my life has changed and what was once just saying what my religious beliefs were with my lips, I now have acknowledged in my heart. Again, this will be discussed at my personal site. My personal beliefs are not going to be pushed on anyone and if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

Arm Injury
My arm got injured when I fell asleep on it January 7th, 2002, not from the false reports that state anything to the contrary, and I was told that I would not gain full use of my arm ever again; that I would be lucky if I even got 80%.

Well, through a lot of physical therapy, and a lot of the prayer that everyone seems to be mocking me for, I am completely healed and playing better than before I got hurt, because I had to relearn to play.

In closing
I will tell you more as it arises, or you can go to the gossip sites and get yer info from the liars and the pukes that have nothing good to say about anyone.

Gossips; even the name hisses. Kinda like the words "**holes," or "*******," huh?

New Megadeth, Chris Poland returns, Dave is healed, and the Metallica rival begins anew! Can't wait for this year to start rolling right along!

01-14-2004, 02:57 PM
Excellent news! I still love listening to the Megadeth music I have!

01-15-2004, 06:33 AM
oh, dear. good news, i suppose, if you are a fan but they lost me after rust in peace. their later output left me cold.

also, i saw them live three times in the uk - on the peace sells tour, the so far, so good, so what tour and the rust in peace tour and i have to say, imo, they are one of the worst live bands i have ever seen. i couldn't understand how they could **** up so far, so good, so what on stage because that album was such a fantastic album.

perhaps the break will have done dave mustaine good and he will come back and make a classic megadeath album but i doubt it.

James Boba Fettfield
01-15-2004, 09:16 AM
I thought the same about Risk. It has some good songs on it, like Crush 'Em and Breadline, but overall I missed what they had brought out on their previous effor, Cryptic Writings. Then they put out TWNAH, and I was back into their music again. As an avid Metallica fan, I understand why Dave would try other forms of music, like he did on Risk and in his other project, MD.45.

I'm just glad to hear Megadeth is back, though. With Metallica and Iron Maiden still going, it's always good to have my third favorite come back into the mix.

The 'Xir
01-16-2004, 12:18 AM
I'm not a big fan by any means, but a local radio station has been resurrecting 'Symphony of Destruction' and I forgot how much I liked that song, to the point I started downloading some of their other tunes, and I have to say they got some good sh**!