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r3pohh yeah
01-19-2004, 10:42 PM
Pardon me, I know this issue has been brought up many times before on SSG however I must admit I am still confused on certain specific aspects of the balance of the force issue.

the force in the (Universe or galagy) is unbalanced because???

A) there is overall more bad or evil in the universe than there is good thus unbalancing the two.

B) the sith is comming into power (if this is the case then Im really at odds because according to qui gon gin in TPM the forse was already unbalanced before knowlege of the sith comming back.

According to Star Wars lore there is the OLD prophecy that a 'chosen one" or "son of the suns" will bring balance to the force........this must mean that the force has been unbalanced before palpatines time right.????

so all in all, what does a balanced unbalanced force mean and what CAUSED the force to be unbalanced????


The 'Xir
01-20-2004, 09:54 AM
Option B

"Blind we are, if creation of this clone army we could not see." --Yoda

There in lies your dilema. Just becuase the Jedi were unaware, doesn't mean that the Sith hadn't been around plotting and strengthening their power. So Qui-Gon is right(from a certain point of view ;) ), for he was able to sense this disturbance and lent reason to why he was always at odds with the Council, and why when he found Anakin, he was so determined to make him a Jedi!

Now that the Jedi are aware they are trying to bring the Force back into balance or should i say "their" balance! Basically balance is the wrong word, because obviously both the Jedi and Sith don't want either group having any power, they want the scales to tip in their favor, and that's what the Jedi are now trying to do. Regain the foothold they once had over the Sith!

"The Sith have been extinct for a millenium"-- Ki-Adi Mundi
"I don't believe the Sith could have returned without are knowing" -- Mace Windu

He's right Qui-Gon knew and possibly others, the council just chose not to listen! They grew arrogant and complacent and it lead to their downfall!

"A trait more common among Jedi. To sure of themselves they are, even the older more experienced ones" --Master Yoda

01-20-2004, 10:49 AM
Yes, what he said... the use of the Clone Army shows that the balance of things is right off, with both sides now fully committed to absolute victory with such ferocity that only absolute victory will end the spiral... there is no backing down, the jedi are seeking, now, to actually remove the balance, which is the reason for their ulitmate downfall, as this is antithetical to the reality, that regardless of what people want, the balance will always strive, in and of itself, to exist, thus making attempts to eliminate or negate it futile and possibly dangerous (through actions taken with an incomplete or incorrect understanding of the "big picture", leading to unpredictable yet ultimately predictable results)

It has to do with the Jedi becoming so unquestioning of their role that, when questioned, there is no real answer anymore, losing sight of the spirit of things... the struggle to maintain balance was forgotten in days long past, once the threat disappeared.....

YIKES.. good thing that's alll based on SW films ;)