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01-22-2004, 11:05 PM
A couple people have been asking about DVD's of the original series. And I didn't wanna just tack a note onto the current New Toon thread about this. But on April 20th, Lion's Gate/Artisan is releasing a DVD of the First season of the classic TMNT cartoon series. :)

The DVD will contain the entire first season of five episodes, as well as four "never before aired" episodes. There is no information so far what these are. But there were several scripts that were rumored to have been made into shows that never aired. I'll post more as we get news. They could also be the strange UK or Japanese episodes.

There is no info on extras so far, but a full press release will be released later this week or next week. Can't wait for this. Though the kids who are fans of the new series, likely won't like the more goofy classic turtles of us older folks. But for us old school fans, atleast we'll have them on DVD. :)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1:
#1 Turtle Tracks (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart001.htm)
#2 Enter the Shredder (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart002.htm)
#3 A Thing About Rats (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart003.htm)
#4 Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart004.htm)
#5 The Shredder Is Splintered (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart005.htm)


Jar Jar Binks

01-22-2004, 11:34 PM
Only 5 episodes?!?! I thought there were more than this. I guess they just played the same ones over and over and in my youth i didn't recognize it!!

However, this is AWESOME NEWS!!!! All we need now is:
1. original 90's X-Men animated series
2. original Spider-Man animated series
3. The Real Ghostbusters animated series (just for S's & Giggles)

rock on!!! :D

01-23-2004, 12:05 AM
Yeah, the first season was only 5. It was a test to see how well the show would do, since it was based on a not very well known black and white comic book. But it was a massive hit and continued for 10 seasons all together. There's just under 200 episodes of the original toon. :)


Jar Jar Binks

James Boba Fettfield
01-23-2004, 01:16 AM
Everyday at 5pm I would watch this show. It aired on the Cincy Fox affiliate, and my how I did enjoy watching it. It was the after school show to watch. You didn't watch Turtles, you weren't cool in elementary school.

I will say, though, I do not think I want to own the series. It was a great show being watched through a child's eyes, but watching the episodes now, well, you know. Lost its appeal for me, but still good to see that the show is not going to be forgotten and will be preserved on dvd.

Now, who wonders when that anti drug cartoon featuring all those cartoon characters will appear on dvd? anyone remember that, I think it was a CBS creation, had the ninja turtles in it, too. Oh memories!

But yeah, it is nice to see this show come out, maybe it will find new fans with today's younger kids.

Lord Malakite
01-23-2004, 10:36 AM
Now, who wonders when that anti drug cartoon featuring all those cartoon characters will appear on dvd? anyone remember that, I think it was a CBS creation, had the ninja turtles in it, too. Oh memories!
That smoke demon guy was cool. Kind of made you want to do drugs. :D

Joking of course about the drug thing. ;)

kool-aid killer
01-23-2004, 11:06 AM
Im picking it up. The first episodes rocked. After a while (like most cartoon series) the episodes became very poor in quality. Lets say they release them in season 1, 2, 3 etc. I can see myself picking up the first two or three. After that i wont bother because they will become painful to watch. Does anybody remember how Burger King included a VHS video that had an episode or two? Where those episodes ever shown on the tube? If not any possibility that they would appear on a DVD sometime in the future?

01-30-2004, 01:00 PM
Early art for the set is up, the picture was pretty small though so I blew it up. DVD Empire has the set up for Pre-Order for $9.47. But it only says that there will be 2 never before seen episodes included. It also lists the running time at only 94 minutes. We really need a press release from Lion's Gate/Artisan to clear all this up. :)

TMNT Season 1 DVD? (http://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_item.asp?item_id=586044&olduserid=00000139256524&nu=1&loginCheck=2419212919910029020042200&userid=00000139256524&redir=1)


Jar Jar Binks

kool-aid killer
01-30-2004, 09:07 PM
I hope thats not the cover, they look too cartoony. Id prefer them looking a bit more serious. And the 94 minutes doesnt seem long enough. Hopefully this comes out better than what its looking like right now.

02-03-2004, 08:20 AM
More updated news. Seems those 4 unaired episodes, are technically ones that did air in some markets. So they arn't as big a deal as we hoped. They are Red Sky - AKA Season 10 episodes. And would be included on a eventual Season 10 DVD release anyway. Heh. Oh well, still cool cause I've never seen them. Here's the news from TVShowsonDVD.com. :)

Many More Details About The Original Heroes In A Half-Shell
Posted by David Lambert - 2/03/2004

At the end of last week, fans of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles went haywire upon seeing that just about every online e-tailer put the first DVD up for pre-order. Those purchase listings include TVShowsOnDVD partners, like:


Pre-ordering via any of those links helps to support this site, by-the-way. Fans were pleased to see that the SRP of this single-disc release is a mere $14.98, and that the discounted prices are down around ten dollars.

About a week prior to that, we revealed in this news post that the DVD would "be released on April 20th, along with 4 unaired episodes". While every online listing agreed with the date, April 20th (it's fitting somehow that the month be chosen in honor of the reporter-friend of the Turtles), DVDEmpire's listing disagreed with us about the unaired episode count, and many of you wrote in to us about that.

DVDEmpire seemed to be the only online e-tailer who listed a running time (they say 93 minutes), showed "cover art", and mentioned extras. For the latter they stated "Includes 2 Never Before Seen Episodes," which is just half of what we had reported. So TVShowsOnDVD owner Gord Lacey dialed up his contacts at Artisan/Lions Gate and checked on this.

We've verified that the contents of this release are as follows:

Season 1 (original 5-part miniseries aired December 1987):
#1.1 Turtle Tracks (a.k.a. "Heroes in a Halfshell") (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart001.htm)
#1.2 Enter the Shredder (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart002.htm)
#1.3 A Thing About Rats (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart003.htm)
#1.4 Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart004.htm)
#1.5 The Shredder Is Splintered (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart005.htm)

4 Unaired Episodes:
#10.1 "The Return of Dregg" (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart187.htm)
#10.2 "Beginning of the End" (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart188.htm)
#10.6 "The Mobster From Dimension X" (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart192.htm)
#10.7 "The Day the Earth Disappeared" (http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/guide/cart193.htm)

It should be noted that the "unaired" episodes were created in 1996 as part of the 10th season, which wrapped up the series and brought it to a close. In many markets these particular named episodes were never seen, but they actually DID air in some places during the Fall of '96. However, most fans - including myself - have never seen these four stories before, and now we get to have them on DVD!

We also inquired about the "cover art" shown at DVDEmpire, and were told that what is shown there is NOT anything the studio provided. "Artwork hasn't been finalized yet," was the official word we got (but we were promised it will be "sweet").

DVDEmpire, it should be noted, has a long-standing habit of posting temporary art for many of their DVD pre-order listings, rather than leaving the art area blank like most other websites do. Here at TVShowsOnDVD we recall a similar occassion with DVDEmpire doing this for The X-Files - Season 8, which caused a lot of confusion among readers. It is unfortunate that DVDEmpire doesn't label these as "temp art" or "unofficial", but the sure thing is that you can disregard that illustration they've currently posted.

It's important to note that we do NOT know if the main 5 episodes on this DVD (which are all the first season consisted of) will be presented on this disc as separate episodes or as one long telefilm. However, the 93-minute running time DVDEmpire reports - if true - bodes well for separate episodes. We're still looking into this, so stay tuned.

Jar Jar Binks

James Boba Fettfield
02-03-2004, 09:16 AM
Season 10, you could not get me to watch those again. Or quite a few of the seasons before it.

02-08-2004, 08:33 PM
Seems we can all thank David Wise, for helping to ensure that we're getting the full uncut versions of the first season. Instead of the edited 'The Epic Begins' mini-movie that cut out nearly all of the 3rd episode as well as other things to bring the season down to 72 minutes. Here's the news from TVShowsOnDVD.com. :)

Wise man says 'Give the fans longer episodes'
Posted by David Lambert 2/08/2004

We promised you that we'd look into the episode length on the upcoming DVD release for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series), and we have been.

Though we've been unsuccessful in getting Lions Gate/Artisan to go on-the-record about this (so far, anyway), we do have some tentative word from a source connected with the production of the TMNT release. And good word it is, too! The word is, it seems, that the DVDs will contain the long version of the five episodes from the pilot mini-series, as originally aired. Not the seventy-minute "The Epic Begins" version that was previously planned for these DVDs.

And why did that change happen? Well, not only did the fans complain, but it seems that someone connected with the production did. Our sources tell us that, in the course of researching this release, the mini-series' co-writer David Wise (well-know among fans for his superb writing efforts on The Transformers, He-Man, Isis, Buck Rogers, Wonder Woman, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Batman: TAS, as well as a LOT of the '87 TMNT episodes) was contacted by the studio for some information. When told about their plans for the edited version, Mr. Wise went to bat for the longer version, explaining that the fans would "go ballistic" if the studio didn't just release the whole mini-series intact.

According to the source, Lions Gate/Artisan agreed to do it, via what would seem to be a "connected" version of the mini-series that only contains show credits at the beginning and end of the entire "film", rather than on each of the five individual episodes. That would help account for the 93-minute running time reported by DVDEmpire, instead of an expected 100-to-110 minute length that completely separate shows (with separate credits) ought to generate. Still...perfectly acceptable, since the entire story would be shown intact.

If all this turns out to be true about the longer episodes being used - and we were told not to take it as "gospel" until we got official confirmation from the studio itself - then fans everywhere owe Mr. David Wise a debt of gratitude. A wise man, indeed!

Our lead on this seems pretty solid - solid enough to make this report - but it's still not definative. We hope to have definative word on this in the very near future, from the studio itself. Stay tuned for updates.

If all of this stuff about a DVD release is new(s) to you, then be sure to read this story for details about the April (O'Neil) 20th release on DVD of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon!

Jar Jar Binks