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01-27-2004, 03:16 PM
Lucas, famous for his young Indiana Jones series, is going to be making a Young Darth Vader series for television. (rumors pointing to this being true).

Like the previews for Season 2 of the Clone Wars cartoon, some of the plot points have snuck out:

EPISODE 1: Darth Vader's pet womprat gets stuck in a tree. Hating the fact that he can't see the rungs on his ladder through that black helmet of his, Vader gets mad after a particularly embarassing accident and burns down the forest. A national park destroyed, the planetary government gets mad and joins the Rebellion over the incident.

EPISODE 2: Vader's bored and decides to pull the wings off flies. Adjusting to his bionic hands proves difficult for catching small insects, so Vader goes to Tatooine and pulls the wings off Watto. He inadvertently frees all the slaves while visiting there, and the Empire gives each of the freed men 40 acres and a ronto, and 98% income taxes to go along with it.

EPISODE 3: Having been out of the racing circuit for the total duration of the Clone Wars, Vader decides he wants to get back into the sport of things. He helps the eccentric Raith Sienar design his prototype TIE Fighter to enter in the Ord Mantell Open. Vader arms his ship and wins by shooting all his opponents from behind.

EPISODE 4: Vader discovers he has the power to choke Imprerial officers. When General Digestous gets something caught in his throat while snacking in the officer's mess, Vader tries to dislodge the food particle that's choking him, but instead misgauges the power of his bionics, and crushes the poor officer's larynx. This proves quite fun, and Vader continues practicing. It is finally revealed as to what really happened to the missing crew of the Katana Fleet.

EPISODE 5: Vader gets lonely and tries to build himself a droid to keep himself company. Guri's origins are finally revealed. But Vader's unable to satisfy her, her logic circuits can't handle his bi-polar disorder, and conswquently she runs away from him and hooks up with Xizor. Now we really know why Vader hates him so much.

EPISODE 6: More to come....





Exhaust Port
01-27-2004, 08:42 PM
:) :D :) :D :) Very nice.

01-27-2004, 11:55 PM
Hmm, but one of the "points" of Young Indy was for the young adventurer to meet historical figures. Who will Vader meet?

01-28-2004, 02:03 AM
Too funny Tycho, that was great.

01-28-2004, 02:43 AM
EPISODE 6: Young Vader whines that Emperor Palpatine is far too busy subjugating the galaxy to spend "quality time" with him anymore. Sensing that Vader is becoming restless and impatient, Palpatine clears his calendar and takes his apprentice camping on the forest moon of Endor. There, they "rough it" by using only Palpatine's Sith lightning to start fires, and eating only what they can hunt. Unfortuntely, the only decent hunting are small, furry creatures that also like to hunt! After being pelted by rocks, branches, and Ewok "pellets," they decide to return to the comforts of the Imperial Centre on Coruscant. "One day, lord Vader, we shall return to the Endor moon," Palpatine confides. "I bet those nasty little beasts taste just like lizard-hawks!"

After a six-episode run, the network cancels the series, which is costing a fortune to produce and gets clobbered in the ratings every week by "Celebrity Executions" on Fox and "Touched by an Uncle" on Lifetime. It's then picked up by Sci-Fi Channel for another six episodes, but is pulled from the schedule before the airing of the thirteenth and final episode, and is replaced by "Puppet Master vs. Chucky: The Series."

01-28-2004, 02:57 AM
Hmm, but one of the "points" of Young Indy was for the young adventurer to meet historical figures. Who will Vader meet?

It's funny you should ask, because as part of his education to becoming a galactic tyrant, Vader does need to encounter historic figures and learn about the galaxy's past.

In Episode 5, when Vader's creating Guri, as with C-3PO years ago, Vader first attempts to build a droid made out of junk. He learns to use a trash compactor to crush people when Tee Raash the inventor responsible for the garbage compactors on the Death Star laughs at him when he sees Vader's first attempt before creating Guri - and it's the last thing he sees before Vader takes out Tee Raash. Unfortunately (and ironically) for R2-D2 and C-3PO, EV-9D9, Vader's earlier failed attempt, survives and escapes, only to torture the droids on Tatooine 22 years later.