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02-01-2004, 02:02 PM
OK, let's design a Star Wars amusement park.

First, we have to look at the most successful example of an amusement park in history: Disneyland.

Like Disneyland has Tomorrow Land, Frontier Land, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Main Street USA, and so forth, I think our Star Wars amusement park must be organized into theme lands.

So that'll be the first step.

FOR THEME LANDS, I'd recommend the planets, loosely organized under great monikers:

The Judland Wastes - Tatooine World

The Empire - The Death Star, space battles, etc.


Cloud City







Before we decide what rides and activities to put in them, does anyone have any better ideas on how to divide up our park?

Any better names for the "lands" - (i.e. Tomorrowland, etc.)

And remember, 10 "lands" will be difficult to fill.

I thought about the alternative of combining Kamino, Hoth, and at least the Otah Gunga part of Naboo into "Waterworld" or something like that.

02-01-2004, 02:17 PM
I think the only thing left Tycho would be names. Maybe as part of the Empire you could have the Death Star attraction.

02-01-2004, 04:45 PM
Well, we'll get into the attractions, planet by planet, once we decide on the names for the lands...

Scratch that. It may not work. OK, let's do the attractions.

What planet should we start with? HOTH because I so much want this:

In the center of the Hoth park, stands a LIFE-SIZE replica of an AT-AT walker.

Rollercoaster tracks go around the thing in spirals and loops.

You board 4-6 men Snowspeeder cars, none attached to another.

The Tailgunners sit riding BACKWARDS, just like Janson did.

Laser tag controls on both the forward and rear cannons record your hits (per individual rider by seat number) as you go through the battle of Hoth.

Sometimes the Snowspeeders dive almost underground into caves with Wampas and Probe Droids. AT-ST targets (2 of them) also are on the scene.

Actually, maybe there are 2-3 AT-AT's as well, just to make the ride long enough.

The 2-3 tracks board separately, so there are other Snowspeeders flying on separate flight patterns while you are on your ride.

You're hit and crash at the end of the ride, grinding in "the snow" to come to a halt back at the boarding station.

While you're waiting in line, E-webb cannons you can put quarters in let you take shots at the Snowspeeders - possibly with water, or otherwise with Lasertag equipment.

For the kiddies, there will be a merry-go-round with TaunTauns.

For everyone, an Echo Base environment with Lasertag to be played out in an Ice-Base maze. Teams of Rebels and Imperials will be formed before each group is allowed to go in.

Any other ideas for Hoth?

Rogue II
02-01-2004, 04:48 PM
Don't forget the holographic circus from the Christmas special.

One of the rides could be Luke and Leia's Tunnel of Love....an extremely popular ride with the hillbilly crowd.

What? You rather kiss a Wookie? I can arragne that.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
02-01-2004, 06:57 PM
Hoth? Hmm . . .

Photo ops with some guy in a big Wampa suit!
Put on your swimsuit and take a dip in the "Bacta Tank O' Fun!"
Repair the Falcon with real tools!

No, not really. I can't think of anything for Hoth!

02-01-2004, 09:20 PM
I just realized where this idea got stuck in my head from:

Jedi Master Sal started a poll on this same topic in the polls section.

Maybe we'll get merged. But in case we don't, go over there and vote on his poll and check out the ideas over there. They look pretty cool.

02-02-2004, 08:44 AM
Hoth? Hmm . . .

Photo ops with some guy in a big Wampa suit!
Put on your swimsuit and take a dip in the "Bacta Tank O' Fun!"
Repair the Falcon with real tools!

No, not really. I can't think of anything for Hoth!

Actually, this could be put into a game, like dunk the dummy, but in this case it would be dunk the Jedi wanna be.

How about an escape from Echo Base ride, similar to a haunted house. You must ge through the basew while it is collapsing and all. Snowtroopers pop out of every turn, and if you're really unlucky, Darth Vader will snag you.

02-02-2004, 01:46 PM
Kind of like Universal Studio's earthquake experience? But sort of a family ride (ie not extreme rollercoaster like the AT-AT attack)?

That'd work.

Let's move on and work on Tatooine. This one will require a lot of time:

1) Escape Pod ride - similar to freefall rides, all you do is board an simulated section of the blockade runner that leads you into your escape pod, and you get raise up with scenery that looks like the ship's auto-launch sequence is positioning you for launch, and then the sides of the tube open so that you can get your scream looking out the windows while you're in free-fall.

2) Landspeeer bumper cars - all different kinds of speeders as seen in Mos Eisley and Mos Espa.

3) Merry Go-Round with Eopies, Rontos, Banthas, Dewbacks - LOL - do you know how strange this would look? Ah...it'd be great.

4) Moisture Vaporator vending machines. Yup - get your Pepsis, Cokes, and bottled water out of realistic moisture vaporators that take your "Jawa credit chips."

5) Jawa Droid Factory - yup. In a life-size replica of a sandcrawler, kids can use life-size (very basic) droid parts to put together their own droids and take pictures with them. Sort of non-ride fun. You could make R1's to R5's, and more! They could use lightweight plastic parts that plug together like Little Tikes toys, but are painted to look like realistic metal. Uh - action figure stands "in life size" will be required for protocal droids so we don't have any accidents. But if this works for Legoland, why not Star Wars?

6) Mos Eisley Cantina - not a ride, but a restaurant with alien servers cast to help the patrons. (no droids allowed) Video games available on console tables.

7) Jabba's Dungeon - like a haunted house, you work your way through the prison level seeing all kinds of horrid Star Wars aliens, just like R2D2 and C-3PO did. If they do this in groups, each group could free actors playing Han and Chewie, and they could lead you out of the maze when it winds up in a cage with a huge animatronic Rancor monster that grabs for you!

By the way, a slide into the Rancor pit (mild so as to make it so everyone and not just Jedi can use it) could be part of the escape that Han and Chewie lead you on. (It must be smooth so as to keep the Wookiee costume nice)

8) Sarlaac Attack! - This could be an awesome "roller coaster ride" in a way: you get on a chair seat like Batman at SixFlaggs, so you're kind of sitting-standing, but your legs are free... The center grip is a green lightsaber handle that has about 45 degree manipulation ability. The chair leaves a skiff boarding platform and you are taken through a series of flips that land you on one skiff, then another, with a scary drop directly over the Sarlacc's mouth. You use the lightsaber to hit strike-resistant skiff-guard aliens that come at you (like the cardboard standups - only sturdier material) and maybe to make it more scary, a few live actors in Gamorrean padding (so you can hit them too). Then it flips you up into the sailbarge itself, and you go through like a dark maze of turns and changes in the corridors, with more aliens popping out at you (the sailbarge has cut aways on its top so the moving arm that takes you through the overhead track can manipulate) and finally, after you face Fett and Jabba, you fly out the back with some pyrotechnics great for photo opportunities for your friends to take of you (but safely away from the riders).

This ride could be slower, so it could offer continous boarding like the haunted hotel in Disneyland, and hence, keep the lines moving. So people could ride this one over and over again.

The PODRACE - sure to be one of the biggest attractions, this could be done several ways:

1) a computer regulated 18 pod race, with varrying tracks swerving around each other, and a different pre-determined winner each time (not always Anakin's pod). This could keep lines moving and make it safe for the whole family, though be hard to set up. The rides would go very, very fast though, since it was computer controlled. An insurance liability, even at 40-50 mph on a ride, if the computer screwed up, so would someone's ability to walk away from this ride.

2) real racing. Probably at slower speeds: 25 mph, with people signing insurance waivers, and non-destructable foam obstacles to handicap those who get to start out in front (since there won't be time for pace running to qualify for the starting positions). Anyway, somehow, the vehicles are made so crashing into each other or the barricades, won't destroy anything or injure anyone. However, every rider is alloted a certain amount of time to finish the race - more than enough time for the average pilot - and then that's it. Your pod turns off. That'll discourage some of the smart-aleks who want to spend their time crashing into everyone else, as they won't get as much track time to fly if they don't move through the course.

I suggest we have BOTH podraces - one called Tatooine World Podracing, and the other called the Boonta Eve Challenge!

Tatooine could be so much fun, I suspect this part of the park would be very crowded!

02-02-2004, 01:51 PM
Tusken Ambush: Avoid the Tusken Raiders in a game over Lazer Tag. You and some friends can go up against a team of Tusken Raiders. Avoid being hit and take them out.

02-02-2004, 04:51 PM
Lucas Arts should make a video game like Roller Coaster Tycoon that you build your own SW theme park.

02-02-2004, 05:43 PM
2 good ideas:

The Tusken Laser Tag, and the Simulated Rollercoaster Park thing for a video game.

By the way, I'd modify the Tusken Laser Tag this way:

Have it be lightsaber / gaffi stick fighting with softcore material and glow-in-the-dark hit paint (sort of like paintball).

Resorts can afford pool towel laundry right? OK - kids in line get Jedi "karate gi's" that they put on which the washable paint can score hits all over (if they lose their battles).

The Tuskens wear Tusken "wraps" - the same thing, only tan instead of white or black.

The sabers and gaffi sticks make marks. So kids can get "trained" and then sent through the Tusken Camp.

No kicking or punching is allowed - only use your lightsaber.

Once they're through, they return their Jedi "top" to the pile to be sent to laundry and a new group of padawans is sent through.

The Tuskens are all staff - since their costumes require more preparation.

We're going to have a lot of Lasertag in this park, so why not make the TUSKEN CAMP something different? (Lasertag is already incorporated into our Snowspeeder Super-Coaster for the AT-AT ATTACK in Hoth World, and it'll be back for more!)


NABOO IS NEXT - this could be fun:

1) Main attraction: The N-1 Starfighter ride! A huge (but necessarily) Off-Scale rollercoaster ride in which you fly an N-1 fighter around a huge Trade Federation Battle Cruiser in a spinning, twisting, wild path, eventually winding up going inside the ship and facing battle droids and flying out through pyrotechnics! The N-1's will probably have to be 4-seaters, extra-wide, to control the lines and keep the ride moving. R2 will still sit in the back and talk to you. We'll skip Lasertag on this one (not enough ways to set up cannons for all the riders - so let's cut costs here), but the ride will be fast and violent. A movie screen inside could display explosions to make them look like you're heading right at them, and an air gun could make you "feel" the experience. Again, 2-3 tracks with different courses will let you fly with other fighters at the same time, and perhaps, simulated droid fighters could be permanently "attached" to your tail. We might let people ride on the droid fighters as well, to add 2 more to each coaster ride, but having them appear to be not on the same "car".

2) The Gungan Submarine Ride - like Disneyland's 3000 Leagues Under the Sea thing - this is a real-water-ride, but you're sealed in and really don't get wet (maybe). You go underwater and take a tour of Otah Gunga and see swimming animals from Opee Sea Killer Attacks to animatronic Colo Clawfish fights, to a giant Sando Aqua Monster that comes straight for you! Swimming Faamba and Gungan Warriors on Kaadu add to the scenery. More like Pirates of the Carribean, this is not really a rollercoaster ride, but so much of it could be built underground, and they could have a Theed Palace (that visitors may or may not be able to go into) that the sub could be lifted up higher and higher on, and at the end of the ride, the waterseal top could be opened, and you splash down the waterfall getting about as wet as you do on log rides at regular amusement parks. This one will be expensive to seal the sub watertight for underwater manuevers (yes it will be on a traditional roller coaster track of course), but the only other way I see doing it, is have deep pits with the monsters like the Colo Clawfish (which can't come out of shallow water). The tracks will act like a monorail for the Submarine to run on, except that the pits will be filled with a lot of water so the Colo Claw fish can surface from somewhere really deep so you can't see it coming when it attacks. Same with the other stuff - though the Sando might be able to surface. Don't know the biology of that one. The steep climb into Theed Palace and the waterfall plunge to end the ride can still be there. This will be a cool one, but a hard one to set up.

3) Tennisball Battletanks! - basically another bumper car attraction - riding in AAT tanks instead. Since the riders will be completely enclosed in their tanks, why not let them shoot? Tennis ball cannons can fire at each other and pop-up cardboards of Gungans that come up at you radomly from the floor along the bumper car course! Instead of rolling around shooting at each other, offer prizes (like stuffed, farting JarJars or action figures) for the first to go from Trade Federation Lines to cross the length of say a football field course, and penetrate the Gungan lines! I don't see how we can record tennisball hits per individual tank, but it'll make an incentive for kids to not just bump into each other and shoot at each other behind Trade Federation lines, as would most likely happen. You're given like 10 minutes or something to play or try and win. Either way, you'll have stuff to shoot at. Maybe 10 tanks or 20 will be able to play on the field.

Is Naboo missing anything else?

4) Oh - of course, a merry-go-round with Faambas, Kaadu, those things Anakin tried to surf on (Shaaks?), and the flying 'mynock sort of things.'
What a picture to send home of your kid riding those! Oh - hey - why not STAPs thrown in the mix?

02-02-2004, 11:11 PM
Lets change the tennis ball battletank:

You can make it a basic bumper car ride with ATT tanks. BUt the gamong part, shooting pop up Gungans and all, can be part of the gaming area. You can have that set up like target practice. Win your sweetheart a Cuddly R2 doll or something.

Also a get to the Throne Room challenge. You have to avoid battle droids and droidekas on your way to the throne room.

And a save the princess ride. You have to break the princess and her crew away from the battle droids. One you do, you jump aboard the Royal Starship, get this, its cool, it will take you to the Tatooine part of the park. Have em set up on opposite sides, kinda like a Tram going across the park. You can even have Trade Federation ships blast you with some stuff and R2 pops out and fixes the damage.

02-03-2004, 12:04 AM
You can still have the tennis ball target practice games where you shoot gungans, but I like my shooting tanks. I always wanted my own tank anyway. The biggest logistical problem is keeping the lines moving while reloading the tennis ball cannons from the balls that have surely been shot everywhere. We'll have to have someone else's vote to settle this one. That's what our park board of directors are there for anyway - to break the deadlock.

Meanwhile, how do you do the Throne Room Challenge as a ride or action-attraction? You could bungy chord lift someone up like the ascension gun scene, but we have to be very careful for the unathletic and those not physically fit, or small kids. I'd love to hear how you'd pull this one off. My vote's on the fence with this one.

The Royal Starship ride across the park to Tatooine Land is a great idea! As to battling battledroids, I'd love to hear how to do this as well. Sure we're using Lasertag stuff all over the place, but battledroids were done with CGI in the movies. To have animatronic droids in those kinds of numbers, possibly with "blow up" features for this attraction, will be very difficult to do. I'm on the fence here too, Kidhuman.

The floor is yours. Looks like we got some more work to do on Naboo!

02-03-2004, 12:20 AM
Why not pop up targets that have lasers, almost like laser tag or paint ball. If you get hit your out and have to stop. Of course employees will monitor it. Maybe like three hits to the arm and a direct hit to the head or chest and you are done.

02-03-2004, 05:31 PM
And at the gate, you'd exchange yer money for "republic credits"
Get this.... if you had leftover tokens at days end, you'd get to put them into an animatronic watto..... then he'd said "Republic credits are worthless out here"
And you could feel the same hollow feeling that Qui Gon felt when he realized he was broke.... movie realistic!!!

Sorry, I'll go now...

02-03-2004, 08:06 PM
Why not pop up targets that have lasers, almost like laser tag or paint ball. If you get hit your out and have to stop. Of course employees will monitor it. Maybe like three hits to the arm and a direct hit to the head or chest and you are done.

I just love tennis balls! Smack! Pow! You feel it when it hits!

Plus we have Lasertag in so many other parts of the park...just wait until we move on.

Which we better do since we're not resolving anything here.


Let's do THE DEATH STAR next!

02-03-2004, 09:09 PM
Death STar.................Fun fun fun

Roller Coaster: You start off in a replica of the Millenium Falcon. It takes you into the Hangar Bay of the Death Star. From there you decide which way to go.

Break the Princess out: With this you can have multiple options. Laser Tag, Tennis Ball melee or whatever. At the end you must ride a log flume type slide down into the trash compactor. To get out of it though is the fun part. A rock climb.

Escape from the Death Star: Be chaswed by stormtroopers and swing across bridgeless caverns of steel.

Help Obi Wan: You run around trying to avoid troopers as you have to shut down the tractor beam. The idea of this section is not to get caught. No laser tag or anything, just recon.

Of course you can have a space McDonalds or somethng there.

Bumper Cars: Mouse Droid shaped cars that you ride around in.

A merry go Round : dontknow what animals to stick on this.

This section sounds more like army PT than an amusement park though.

02-04-2004, 02:29 AM
OK, I'd love a Millennium Falcon you could ride in, but I'm not sure how the rollercoaster would work.

Here's what I'd propose:

1) Main attraction: the Battle of Yavin Trench Run. This rollercoaster sends several ships down several tracks at the same time. Stretching out 1-2 MILES of the park in this section (if possible - so likely the Death Star World is on one extreme edge of the park) there is a replica of the Death Star trench. The tracks go straight and weave in and around buildings and turbolaser obstacles in the replica. You wouldn't have any loops in this mostly flat rollercoaster ride, but you could have lots of corkscrews and mini-twists that are sort of like loops. The main attraction to this ride is speed! That's why it'll also have to be long enough to give the ride a chance to be worth the wait in line. There would be 6 "cars" shot down the tracks at the same time. Obviously you can't do that or you'd risk collisions and injuries. So there would really only be 3 tracks. But you know how rollercoasters are like mini-trains? Instead of having the middle seats (or section) on the car-carrier-device, it'd be empty, but flexible, so that "idependent" ships could be chasing each other. Car 1 would be the left and be a TIE and a Y-wing. Car 2 would be Darth Vader's TIE and Luke's X-wing (in the middle), car 3 would be another TIE and Wedge's x-wing. They'd all fly in formation, but obviously instead of 6 cars, there would be 3, just simulating it like there were separate ships (in other words, the x-wing is the front of the train, the TIE is the back - all the cars in the middle are gone, BUT the train is still connected and flexible.
Lasertag options on the TIEs let you shoot the Rebel ships and try and score hits. Remember, the X-wings won't always be in front of you, they'll be twisting and corkscrewing: it'll be hard to score hits. The X-wings will have tennis ball launchers in their proton torpedo tubes. At the end of the ride, each ship will have a chance to nail one of 3 exhaust ports. It won't be easy, so winning shots buy you a free meal at one of the park's restaurants, or some kind of alternative souveneir prize. Score 3 free meals by repeat riding, and you can exchange your tickets for a full refund of your admission price. But you have to be a really good shot!

People waiting in line can try to man turbolasers for quarters and see how well they can do scoring hits.

2) Detention Cell Rescue - I love your idea. This is definitely a lasertag adventure -and the garbage chute should be filled with all that spongey stuff they use in those color-ball cages, but made to look like authentic movie trash instead. And I love your idea of a rock-climbing wall to get out! Brilliant! Very cool! That was sharp thinking!

I guess we use hired actors as Stormtroopers and Death Star Troopers. You have to blast your way in (Lasertag type receiver vests record hits), and then the actress playing the Princess is hidden. You have to try each cell until you find her! Then you have to see which trap door will open as Stormtroopers try to blast you on your way back out! So many hits and you're dead. Make it down the chute and you get to climb out. Should be easy enough for some kids to be able to do it. Kids can get shot say 8 times? Adults are dead after 5 hits? Most of the Imperial actors can go down after 1 hit or so, this way it's fun and a good chance for people to simulate the movie.

I'd combine the rope swing with this (after they climb out of the garbage compactor). Have the actress playing the Princess order them to "move-move-move!" as more Stormtroopers chase them. The swing should be easy enough that most people can do it pretty easily, as they've won their fun by now. But that way they can swing over instead of decide to stay put firing and firing at Stormtroopers all day (because we need to let the next group of "heroes" through).


Restaurants on the Death Star set? Maybe the "Jek Porkins' Pit Stop" or "The Officers' Mess," but I was going to add Shmi's Kitchen to the Tatooine World's Mos Eisley Cantina. When we get to Coruscant, we'll be able to add two more restaurants straight from their obvious movie locations. Not sure if we'll have eating spots in every "land," but to milk the cash cow, I guess we have to.

On Hoth, we should add C-3PO's Snowcone Shop (an ice cream place), and I don't know if the whole country has Cold Stone Ice Cream shops, but the name works perfectly for Hoth, so we'll welcome that franchise. "Frozen Dinners" might be OK, - or "The Wampa Cave," but neither name sounds too appetizing, even if our Hoth restaurants are as first rate as Mos Eisley's.

Anyway, back to the Death Star, I'D SCRAP THE MERRY GO ROUND, but like a tea cups ride, I'd have spinning Darth Vader TIE Fighters, hehehe. But Seriously.

3) Mouse Droid bumper cars work for me! So I'd go with that. Good idea!

I want a life-size replica of the Millennium Falcon that you could tour (and see an authentic interior. It wouldn't be a ride, just an attraction. But I think we should stick it at Cloud City or somewhere else where we might need more attractions.

Let's try CLOUD CITY next, since I brought it up. Might be a good place to stick the Falcon.