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12-17-2002, 10:04 PM
Hey Fellas,

I've got some loose figures for sale here

Skiff Guards $2.00 each

Commtech Stormtrooper complete $4.00
POTJ Sandtrooper complete $4.00
E1 Mace windu has robe $1.00
E1 Adi Galia has robe $1.00
POTF jawas $1.00
Pote Snitkin complete $3.00
POTJ Han Solo Bespin missing cuffs but has gun $3.00
SAGA Darth Vader Bespin complete $2.00
Saga Chewbacca Cloud City Escape complete $2.00
Han Solo mail away stormtrooper disguise no helmet $1.00
E1 OOM-9 not complete $0.50

Also have a Amanaman POTJ momc for $4.00

if you are interested in any of these please email me at ABettertomorrow2@aol.com

I'd like to sell them in a group or in groups of more then one.


Sidiously Darth
12-23-2002, 12:07 AM
Hi All!

Nothing new to report except the SW section at the Apopka Super Center is down to a shelf and 2 or 3 pegs. What happened at that store?:confused:

I did pick up a Lott Dod the other day. Not bad but a little pale compare to the other Neimoidians.

Hopefully, things will look better after Christmas and the stores have time to restock.

Happy Holidays!!!

12-23-2002, 11:08 AM
Greetings Everyone:D

I finally picked up a basic Yoda last week and some Clonetrooper pilots.I saw the Lott Dod,but I thought he looked a little werid:crazed:ELO,They didnt have a Tusken w/ Massif though,I'll probably go out and look after XMas when everyone has stopped shopping.

12-24-2002, 11:55 AM
Hi to all. Happy Holidays. Thanks IJG for checking out the figures thanks. Hey I just bought a digital camara and took a picture of my Genosian battle arena diorama...tell me what you think...well got to run...and Merry Christmas to all or Happy Hunnakah...Bye!!!


Sidiously Darth
12-25-2002, 02:43 AM
May the Christmas
Spirit Be With You!

12-30-2002, 12:12 PM
Hey kids, I found a Ephant Mon the other day (the last one they had).

I haven't even been looking for figures lately, I just happened to be in Wal-Mart and boom, there he was. He is big and heavy, let me tell you, a great figure. All that size for $5!!

12-30-2002, 12:50 PM
Wow,Great find Runobot:DAlthough not SW releated,I was lucky enough to find a Legolas figure last week:happy:

Saw LOTR today,it weas great.Anyone who hasnt seen it must go-now;)

12-30-2002, 02:51 PM
Hi to all. Went to see LOTR The Two Towers yesterday and it's the bomb...it is a great film and I give 5 thumbs up to Peter Jackson for outstanding directorr...now I'm a big LOTR fan...I'm going to start collecting there figures...hope I find some...Okay got to run. See ya...Bye.

Sidiously Darth
12-31-2002, 01:09 PM
Hi All!

How was everyone's Christmas or which ever holiday you choose to celebrate? Mine was good.

I finally have my Republic Gunship. My first SW toy Christmas present in quite a long time.:D That's one heck of a ship and to think it cost 1/4th the price of the new Shuttle. (Used Targets sale ad back when they had the Gunship at $29.99 for price matching at Wal-Mart)

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I picked up both Anakin & Zam's speeders for $10 each. Check your WMs for clearance and sale items. Most are redoing their shelves now.

Happy New Year and Good Luck!

Mace Windex
12-31-2002, 07:50 PM
Hey guys,

My local Walmart NEVER restocked their shelves AT ALL after the Bespin Luke Wave. WHy on earth would they want their shelves EMPTY for Christmas?? WHo knows. They just let the figs dwindle until none were left. And these stores complain about lack of sales. HAH!

01-01-2003, 08:33 AM
Mace, I thought the same thing, my Wal-Mart has not had anything new in a long time, until I found that Ephant the other day. Every time I went there it was the same old peg warmers. You just have to get lucky I guess.

Mace Windex
01-01-2003, 09:02 AM
That's the strange thing, my Walmart (the store that usually gets EVERYTHING FIRST) even sold out of the peg warmers! There is nothing left but mybe three figures and a bunch of cantina packs. They keep stocking lightsabers, 12 inch figures and other stuff but not the small figures.


01-01-2003, 09:08 AM
Yeah,I know what you guys mean.My WM had the same old pegwarmers and got rid of them about 2 weeks before X-Mas.They didnt restock til the 23rd,and I found everything up to Ephant Mon.I havent checked
lately,but it seems they are keeping up stocking new figs,maybe they havent goten around to re-stocking all WMs?

01-02-2003, 06:31 AM
We should face it, there just isn't that much new stuff to stock, and kids want LOTR or Harry Potter now, so the demand just isn't there...I guess in a yar and a half when the next movie comes out there might actally be a couple new figures for us on the shelves of Wal Mart!

01-04-2003, 11:26 AM
I agree Runobot.Suppose I should have bought Lott Dod while I had the chance,but I'm sure he is still pegwarming there.I hope to go out next week and find an Ephant Mon.I'm not holding my breath though.

I'm a bit disapointed that the Gollum figure(LOTR) is going to be a bendy plastic.Maybe it will be good(hopefully!) but all I can think of
are those cheap "Bend-Ems" you see in the stores.

01-04-2003, 07:43 PM
Hi to all. Happy New Year...sorry for the lateness but better late then never. Well I can't wait so it could be monday for the 3 wise men day it's like christmas but believe me even better , you get double or even triple the presents that u got on Christmas day. Well not to say nothing but when I was packing up some presents for my little cousin , I without noticing I saw in a trash bag a Star Wars box that said Republic Gunship....and I can't wait for monday...and I hope I get some LOTR figures to start collecting them...I got zip from LOTR...well got to go...bye.

01-04-2003, 08:45 PM
Happy 3 Wise Men Day!I never knew they had their own holiday:D

Mace Windex
01-04-2003, 10:02 PM
Anyone finding the NEW 12 inch Anakin out there?

Got SLAVE 1 at Target today for $12!
Cool deal!

01-06-2003, 01:22 PM
Anyone going to the FX show this weekend? I am, I hear it is cool, plus they will have some comic artists there! Email runoby11@yahoo.com if you want to meet there.

01-06-2003, 04:28 PM
Today was Three Wise men day and got to say I got a bunch of stuff...I got a Spider Man with comic book,Jedi Starfighter with Obi,Republic Gunship,Clothe,shoes,Two Towers (PS2 game),4 saga figures, 3 power of the force figures,5 lord of the ring figures (Frodo,Gandalf the white,Legolas,Faramir & Ork) and the CD of Anthology. Well got to run. Take care to all.

01-07-2003, 06:06 AM
ELO, that sounds like a nice bunch of stuff.

01-07-2003, 10:13 AM
I will not be coming to FX Show this year,or MegaCon.:(Always other conventions though.

WM restocked the Bespin wave at my store,I thought we got rid of it at X-mas!Gesh!They put some stuff on "clearance" but it was regular price.I guess they were trying to drive up business.Hopefully the price will go down soon though.

01-07-2003, 10:16 AM
Hey Run, I'll be there with a bunch of my buddies. I sent you some mail. :D

01-07-2003, 08:25 PM
Hi to all. Went to my local KB toys and nothing new for SW figures, went to see if they had LOTR they had only one figure which was the Ringwraith which I bought and for a good price of 3 bucks...also they had a bunch of LOTR 12 inch figures for $12 and bought Aragorn...no Legolas by the way...oh do any of you know where I can find old LOTR figures for a good price I'm looking for Gandalf the grey,Bilbo,Boromir,Sauron and Gimli. Ok if u know a place or someone let me know....okay got to run bye.

01-10-2003, 07:22 AM
This is the 1st year I won't be attending FX. It usually isn't until the 1st or 2nd week of February. I think they scheduled it way too close to Xmas. I personally have 0 cash after the holidays, and I haven't gotten my W-2 to have my tax refund, like I had last year. You guys that are going, post what goodies you do find.

01-12-2003, 06:34 PM
Well, the show was pretty cool. I got 4 full page comissions by the X-men artist Ethan Van Sciver. I posted the images to my web page if you want to see them.


Anyway, to me there were no real deals there, though I was really only looking for the new Japanese transformer reissues.

01-12-2003, 07:17 PM
Those are pretty cool Runobot:cool:I agree Chuck,FX was way too close to the holidays,MegaCon was smart enough to wait until February though.

Not much Star Wars news around here.I did see a TTT King Theoden,should have picked him up while I had the chance but I wasnt thinking:rolleyes:

01-14-2003, 08:25 AM
Got the delux Clone Trooper today. I had no idea his helmet/armor were removable. Very cool figure.

Sidiously Darth
01-14-2003, 02:41 PM
Hi All!

I got back from NC Friday and come to find out my internet service is down. The DSL was all shot to heck.

This is my first day back to work and my first chance to post. I didn't find much on my trip but I did pick up 2 Scout Troopers in Lumberton, NC at the local Super WM. I also bought a Reek for $12.

I saw the Deluxe Geonosian the yesterday but didn't get it. Really after the Deluxe Clone.

Good luck all!

01-15-2003, 08:17 AM
I saw the Trash Compactor Sets yesterday.They didnt look all too special,and for $17 dollars a piece I'm rethinking about getting them.

Anyone see the TIE Bomber yet?Its coming out in Saga packing:D

01-15-2003, 08:41 PM
Hi all. Anyone have any G1 Transformers they want to get rid of? Complete or not PLMK. Thanks! :D

01-16-2003, 06:28 AM
Yeah, me too, I lovge TFs. Jawa, do you get the reissues?

01-16-2003, 10:52 PM
Originally posted by Runobot
Yeah, me too, I lovge TFs. Jawa, do you get the reissues?

I got Optimus for Christmas, now I'm just waiting for the second series so I can pick up Starscream. :D

01-17-2003, 06:03 PM
Started college again, hope I do good this semester. Well found 2 twin packs of LOTR TTT the Merry with Lurtz and Pippin with Orc, but haven't seen no more...if you know where I can find let me know. Okay nothing new in Star Wars well got to run...bye!!!

01-19-2003, 12:59 AM
Hey Jawa

What TF figures are you looking for? I got a few hanging around. Let me know what you need. I live in Tallahassee. Thanks.

01-19-2003, 09:31 AM
Hey sumdumchum, YGM! :D

01-19-2003, 07:50 PM
Hey anybody seen or have an extra Legolas figure from either TTT or FOTR. thanks in advance, and as for SW toys the only new things i have are the destroyer droid and clone pilot

01-20-2003, 05:07 PM
I got a Gunship today for $9.72!!! I couldn't believe it. Someone must have returned it to the store or something, becauseI haven't seen them in a while. Man that was awesome!!!

01-21-2003, 09:17 AM
AT-AT Man,I'm going out today and I'll look for you:DIf I do find one,do you have a King Theoden or Wormtounge for trade?

Runobot,that was a cool find:cool:I'll have to keep an eye out at my stores,you never know.

01-22-2003, 05:56 AM
no but i can probably get you wormtounge cause the last time i checked there were like 4 of them at tru and i might have a chance at theoden sice there were two at target the last time i went. i'll be on the lookout for those two for you IJG

01-22-2003, 08:09 AM
Thanks AT-AT Man:D

I looked for you yesterday,but all my WM had was 3 Rangers and 2 Gandalfs:(I'll keep an eye out for that Legolas though,too bad you didnt tell me eariler,back in Dec they had 5 of them.

Sidiously Darth
01-22-2003, 03:27 PM
Thanks to a little help from one of our fellow collectors, I now have a deluxe trooper with speederbike. It's pretty nice compared to the 6 exploding versions I have from times past.

Haven't really seen much in the way of new stuff. I'm sure things will start picking up soon.

Good luck all!

01-24-2003, 10:35 AM
Hi to all. Nothing new over here in the island. Still looking for LOTR figures....I only have,Gandalf the white,Legolas,Frodo,Merry,Pippin,Faramir,Newborn Lurtz,Lurtz,Orc,Ringwraith...

If u know or find one that I don't have let me know...Ok thanks bye.

Sidiously Darth
01-28-2003, 09:13 PM
Hi All!

I'm currently looking for a Clone Pilot. If anyone can help, lmk. It can be loose and complete. I don't care about the card condition, either.


01-30-2003, 09:19 PM
Hey everyone. I found some new guys today. I saw Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape, and Obi - Acklay Battle. They are comming packed with Yoda, Teemto, clean Endor trooper, and Clone pilot. I only picked up Tyranus. Obi looked kind of dumpy. I think his forehead is too big. Anyway, I found these at target. happy hunting. :D

02-02-2003, 07:53 PM
The new figures are showing up at all Orlando Wally's.

The new Obi-Wan and Tyranus are 3 each per case. 2 Yoda, 2 Destroyer and 2 Clone Pilots. No more short packs, YEAH!!!!

The Teemto and clean Endor Trooper are coming with Ephant Mon.

2 Ephant Mon, 2 Tusken w/ Massiff, 2 Lott Dodd, 2 Watto, 1 Ki-Adi, 1 Teemto, 1 clean Rebel Trooper, and 1 Massiff w Geonosian.

These are still trickling through Target and KB.

02-02-2003, 08:00 PM
Forgot to mention. I got the new Padme, Tusken, Jedi Analysis Droids, and the repackaged Imperial Officer, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Teebo, and Eeth Koth.

I ordered a case from NewForceComics.com. $67 shipped.

I have the next couple of waves on preorder. I have the Obi-Wan, Tyranus, Boba, robo Ani, flying R2, and flexie Mace case coming in a week or so.

The Lamu Su, Aayla Secura, and Bariss Offee should be here next week.

If you're tired of the running around wasting gas and fighting scalpers, check these guys out.

02-03-2003, 12:33 PM
Thanks for telling us about the site Chuck,might order something from them..

Did your case arrive with all the figures in good condition?

02-03-2003, 08:02 PM
I haven't had any problems ordering cases from them. They send you a factory sealed case, shipped in a larger box with plenty of styrofoam packing material. The only figure that wasn't DEAD MINT, was Ephant Mon. One of the 2 I received was c-8.5/c-9, the other was maybe a c-7 due to bubble damage, which is almost impossible to avoid with that figure. I'm sure if there was a problem, they would deal with it. They seem to be on the up and up, as far as dealing with picky collectors like some of us.

02-07-2003, 07:13 PM
Hi to all.

Well over here we still have nothing new of star wars but finally KB toys have everything star wars with 60% discount I got the Vader vs. Obi wan anniversarie figures for $5...I got one and when I went 4 hours later they didn't have no more...finally new TTT figures..wave 5..Moria Orc,Ringwraith,Beserker,Gumluk ...got Beserker and Moria Orc and they are awosome...still looking for the wave 3 & 4 to come out can't wait to get my hands on a Gollum figure. Well got to run bye.

02-09-2003, 05:12 PM
I just got THE call from FAO. The Shuttles are in stock TOMORROW. Only people that preodered one with a credit card can get one tomorrow. After all the presells are bought, the rest will be sold to folks that didn't get on the list. You can either go to the store on International Drive to pick it up, or they will arrange to ship it to you. If you're on the list, you should be getting a call soon. I was # 12, and a friend of mine was # 1.
Don't just sit there, ANSWER THE PHONE!

02-09-2003, 07:54 PM
you know, I just got called an hour ago and I do not have the cash. I am so fing ****** off. It just isn't right man, I totally forgot about it. Oh well.

02-09-2003, 07:58 PM
Originally posted by Runobot
you know, I just got called an hour ago and I do not have the cash. I am so fing ****** off. It just isn't right man, I totally forgot about it. Oh well.

Sounds like it's time to borrow some cash from someone and throw some stuff on ebay to cover it! LOL. Good luck man. I wish I could afford one.:(

02-10-2003, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by jawa01
Sounds like it's time to borrow some cash from someone and throw some stuff on ebay to cover it! LOL. Good luck man. I wish I could afford one.:(

Same here.I really didnt have the $125 to blow on one ship..Too bad they werent made TRU or WM exclusives and marked at $60 or so.

02-11-2003, 02:03 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the double post,but oh well.I just got a Star Wars Roleplay game for $7 at WM.The only problem is I dont do those card-games,so if anyone wants it,PM or email me at insanejedigirl@sabermail.com

Sidiously Darth
02-12-2003, 03:53 PM
Hi All!

Well, I bit the bullet and paid for an Imperial Shuttle today. I decided to save on the $10 shipping charge and will go pick it up tomorrow.

I can't believe I actually cracked under the pressure and finally bought it. I hate FAO but couldn't resist the "Dark Side".

I'll give my $0.02 on it tomorrow.

02-13-2003, 05:52 AM
You know, I would have bought it, but the convention is coming up soon and I need to save for that.

Sidiously Darth
02-13-2003, 06:17 PM
Well folks, I got that big box home today and opened it up. Let me say that I am very happy to finally own an Imp. Shuttle but if it wasn't for my refund check, I would not have bought it.

It's very nice big ship, but the price is steep. If you have the cash to spare or don't mind paying interest on a credit card, go for it. If not, wait for it to go clearance... if it does.:confused:

The shuttle will make a great center piece when I get around to an Imp. diorama.

It's kind of funny that it is larger than the gunship but weighs much less and can fit in a smaller space. Go figure...DOH, it doesn't come with figures.:confused:

If you get one, enjoy. If not, use it wisely on something else.

Sidiously Darth
02-21-2003, 06:45 PM
Where is everyone? Helloooooo:confused:

Anyway, I picked up 6 Bespin Guards at the Super Center in Union Park. They were $3 each. I couldn't pass them up.

Hope everyone else is finding what they want.:)

02-21-2003, 08:03 PM
Hey Sid,
I'm still here. I haven't seen anyone else post in a while. I haven't realy been out looking. Like I posted earlier, I get all my stuff online now. The aayla Secura is cool, the Barriss isn't bad, and the Lama Su is ehh. The Clone Child really blows. I did manage to get both variations of the Imperials and Rebels.
I've seen the Obi and Tyranus all over Orlando for a couple of weeks. The Padme cases are showing up, but its the case with the Teebo and Eeth Koth, not Lama Su and Aayla. I saw 2 Eeth Koth and 2 Teebo last night at the Walmart in Merrit Island. They also had the Trash Compactor sets. The Shaven Rebel Troops are at KB Toys in Merrit Island and I think Oviedo Mall KB has a few still.

02-21-2003, 08:44 PM
Hey guys. I'm still around also. Nothing really new down here. I've only seen Obi and Tyranus. I picked up Tyranus. Oh well. I'm going out tomorrow. Maybe I'll find some goodies. :D

Sidiously Darth
02-22-2003, 07:52 PM
Hi guys! Nice to see that some of us are still breathing.;)

I haven't seen the new DT but I did pick up the new Obi the other day. The binders are kind of useless though.:confused:

I've seen quite a few Destroyer Droids. Haven't picked up one yet.

Now I'm just waiting for the price on the Arena set to go down again.

02-22-2003, 08:03 PM
Hey Guys!

Nothing new here,plus I'm broke:(I'm thinking about ordering all my stuff online.It would be cheaper,plus my store doesnt have anything special(They had the Clone Pilots,luckly I got them back before X-Mas).

The Bespin Guards were a cool deal Sid:D

Sidiously Darth
02-28-2003, 06:46 PM
Hello All!

I picked up the new Darth Tyranus and Padme yesterday. They're both pretty good figures. I manage to look past the action features on the collection 1 figures. Besides those, I haven't seen much else.

Remember Megacon at the convention center this weekend.


02-28-2003, 07:14 PM
Hi to all. You people are lucky. I haven't found nothing new. I'm dying to get new 2003 figures...especially Darth Tyrannus and Anakin with robot hand. Well good luck to all. And may the force be with you all.

Mace Windex
03-01-2003, 08:23 AM
Hey guys, long time no see.
I have a question for Insane Jedi girl. Where did you get that Jedi pic you are using as your id? I would love a full size copy of that.
Also. there have been NO new 3 3/4 figures anywhere in Tampa. The only thing I have seen was a case of new 12 inch figs at Toys-R-US. I bought the new Anakin with removable arm. I think he is WAAAAAY better looking that the first "boy band" Anakin.


03-01-2003, 07:14 PM
Mace,I got the Avatar at Snowtroopers.Ca,in their avatar section.It was already this size when I saw it and decided to use it for SSG.I can perhaps find a picture for you,just let me know..

Nothing new here either,saving up for the FX Vader Saber :)

Sidiously Darth
03-01-2003, 08:49 PM
Hi All!

I received my 10 bootleg clones today. Not bad at all. They are slightly bigger than the real thing but I like the stances and they can easily blend in with the rest.

I think I'm going to hit Megacon tomorrow. I know there won't be much in the way of toys but I might get lucky on a final day sale.:D

Mace Windex
03-01-2003, 10:30 PM
Insane Jedi Girl,

If you can find a full size pic please let me know. I would love for Hasbro to make some female Jedi 12 inch figures. There are so many cool female Jedis!


03-02-2003, 08:34 PM
Give me a week or so Mace,I'll post the picture here..

I would love to see female Jedi 12".My wish list is

-Yaddle (w/ lightsaber)
-Mara Jade
-Stass Allie
-Depa Billba
-Adi Gallia
-Nomi Sunrider

Of course,I doubt I'll see most of those but its fun to wish,right?:D

Mace Windex
03-02-2003, 10:29 PM
Are these showing up in stores???

Endor Rebel Soldier (shaven)
Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight)
Barriss Offee (Luminara Unduli's Padawan)
Boba Fett (The Pit of Carkoon)
Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape)
Lama Su with Clone Youth
Mace Windu (Arena Confrontation)
Padmé Amidala (Droid Factory Chase)
Tusken Raider (Tatooine Camp Ambush

03-03-2003, 07:14 AM
Nope,havent seen anything past the Clone Pilots(Even no Ephant Mon!)

Mace,I found a picture,took me less time than I obviously expected.


More of Aayla-http://temoto.co.uk/aayla/imagery2.htm

03-03-2003, 09:12 PM
Hey mace, I've seen Clean Endor guy, Tusken raider, Tyranus, Obi, Library droids, and Padme. I have the Endor guy and Tyranus. The others were at a specialty shop for like 9 bucks apiece! I'll wait until I see them in the stores. :cool:

03-04-2003, 06:21 AM
I saw pretty much all of what Jawa saw, but I found them at target, about a week or two ago

03-07-2003, 08:00 AM
I got the Droid Factory Padme yesterday:DIt was pretty cool,the last one left.Too bad there was no Ehpant Mon though,seems like the wave was skipped at WM.

03-07-2003, 11:54 PM
Hey everyone. I found some new dudes today at Target. They had all of the new wave, but most of them were crushed. :( I picked up Padme, Imperial officer (new head sculpt), and Rebel trooper. I have found 2 rebel troopers in the past two weeks and they are both different. One has a wide face w/ brown hair and the other has a slim face w/ blond hair. I was gonna pick up the library droids, but they were fubar. I'm going hunting tomorrow to sarasota. Wish me luck. BTW, I also collect Dragonball Z and I am having a hard time finding the latest wave of 8 inch deluxe guys. If anyone is willing to look out for me while they are out hunting, PLMK and I can e-mail you a pic of what I'm looking for. Thanks everyone. :D

Sidiously Darth
03-14-2003, 06:10 PM
Hi All! Just checking in with nothing to report. Not been hunting much lately. Hopefully next week will be better.

Good Luck!

03-17-2003, 05:37 PM
Nothing new here. Still waiting for the rush of toys left over from Xmas to hit.

03-21-2003, 03:22 PM
Found some Destroyer Driods today and Clone Pilots today at WM.Didnt pick any up though,broke:(Nothing that really excited me anyways:D

03-22-2003, 05:17 PM
Hiya. Haven't wrote here in a while. Well over here in PR nothing new for a long...long time...the last wave that came was the Palpatine wave. I don't have anything new...am badly looking for the last 2002 collection and the 2003 figures. But no luck. If anyone selling some figures let me know. My e-mail is elovegeta@hotmail.com

03-22-2003, 05:25 PM
I got my case of Boba Fett (Pit o' Carkoon) wave. Most of the figures are really well done, except for R2-D2. He doesn't even look like a Hasbro Star Wars toy. He looks more like a knock-off you'd find in a gumball machine. Very disappointing. The Anakin, Boba, Tyranus, and Mace are really good. Which brings us to Obi-Wan Acklay Battle. This is almost as big a piece of crappola as the R2. The action feature is lame. The face sculpt is terrible. Yikes!!!
The next case I have coming should be Hoth Han wave. I'll post a mini-review on those too.

Sidiously Darth
03-22-2003, 08:51 PM

Who are you ordering your cases through? I've thought about bypassing the retail stores but haven't quite convinced myself yet.


03-22-2003, 08:55 PM
New Force Comics. They're in N. Florida.


03-22-2003, 09:15 PM
ELO......tell me what you are missing from this list. I can't promise anything, but I may be able to help you out.

Basic Figures
02-01 __ Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant Disguise)
02-02 __ Padmé Amidala (Arena Escape)
02-03 __ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase)
02-05 __ Kit Fisto (Jedi Master)
02-06 __ Super Battle Droid
02-07 __ Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
02-04 __ C-3PO (Protocol Droid)
02-08 __ Tusken Raider (Female with child)
02-09 __ Captain Typho (Padmé's Head of Security)
02-10 __ Shaak Ti (Jedi Master)
02-11 __ Battle Droid (Arena Battle)
02-12 __ Plo Koon (Arena Battle)
02-13 __ Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)
02-14 __ R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry)
02-15 __ Geonosian Warrior
02-16 __ Dexter Jettster (Coruscant Informant)
02-17 __ Clone Trooper
02-18 __ Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter)
02-19 __ Royal Guard (Coruscant Security)
02-20 __ Saesee Tiin (Jedi Master)
02-21 __ Nikto (Jedi Knight)
02-22 __ Anakin Skywalker (Hanger Duel)
02-23 __ Yoda (Jedi Master)
02-24 __ Jar Jar Binks (Gungan Senator)
02-25 __ Taun We (Kamino Cloner)
02-26 __ Luminara Unduli (Jedi Master)
02-27 __ Count Dooku (Dark Lord)
02-28 __ Mace Windu (Geonosian Rescue)
02-29 __ Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel)
02-30 __ Darth Vader (Bespin Duel)
02-31 __ Jango Fett (Final Battle)
02-32 __ Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo Battle)
02-33 __ Endor Soldier
02-34 __ Massif (With Geonosian Warrior)
02-35 __ Orn Free Taa (Senator)
02-36 __ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Starfighter Pilot)
02-37 __ Han Solo (Endor Bunker)
02-38 __ Chewbacca (Cloud City Capture)
02-39 __ Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
02-40 __ Djas Puhr (Alien Bounty Hunter)
02-41 __ Padmé Amidala (Coruscant Attack)
02-42 __ Darth Maul (Sith Training)
02-43 __ Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine Attack)
02-44 __ Ki-Adi-Mundi (Jedi Master)
02-45 __ Ephant Mon (Fan Choice #3)
02-46 __ Teemto Pagalies (Pod Racer)
02-47 __ Jango Fett (Slave 1 Pilot)
02-48 __ Destroyer Droid (Geonosis Battle)
02-49 __ Clone Trooper (Republic Gunship Pilot)
02-50 __ Watto (Mos Espa Junk Dealer)
02-51 __ Lott Dod (Neimoidian Senator)
02-52 __ Tusken Raider (with Massif)
02-53 __ Yoda (Jedi High Council)
02-54 __ Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender)
02-55 __ Imperial Officer
02-56 __ Eeth Koth (Jedi Master)
02-57 __ Teebo

03-01 __ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle)
03-02 __ Mace Windu (Arena Confrontation)
03-03 __ Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape)
03-04 __ Padmé Amidala (Droid Factory Chase)
03-05 __ SP-4 & JN-66 (Library Droids)
03-06 __ Tusken Raider (Tatooine Camp Ambush)
03-07 __ Anakin Skywalker (Secret Ceremony)
03-08 __ Boba Fett (The Pit of Carkoon)
03-09 __ R2-D2 (Droid Factory)
03-10 __ Lama Su (With Clone Child)
03-11 __ Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight)
03-12 __ Barris Offee (Luminara Unduli's Padawan)

03-23-2003, 09:31 AM
Hey everyone. I just received an e-mail from Master Replicas today. The next wave of lightsaber props go on sale on the 27th. This is a pre-order and they won't charge you until they ship. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case anyone is interested in ordering one. They have Luke and Vader from ESB, and Obi from ANH. Check out their site for info on all 3. I'm orderind the Luke ESB saber. It will look good next to my MR Luke ROTJ saber. :D

03-23-2003, 10:26 AM
I got that email:)I would love to have the Limited Edition Weathered Obi Saber:DI'm sure I'll be able to find one on evilBay later.

03-23-2003, 10:37 AM
Hey guys. DChuck just sent an e-mail, just let me know. Over in PR , I just bought a 12'' inch Count Dooku for 8 dollars at KB toys...haven't opened it. Well okay got to run...bye.

03-23-2003, 02:18 PM
Sign the petition. Be one of the cool kids :D


Sidiously Darth
03-26-2003, 02:54 PM
Hi All!

I picked up the new Tusken w/ lopoff head and Research Droids. They are pretty cool especially when I put the Tusken's head on Jango's body.

Good luck everyone!

03-27-2003, 12:14 PM
Number #14 to sign the petiton:D

Sid,how are the research droids?I'm thinking about picking up two,just because they look so cool.

ELO,You wont be disappointed with the 12" Count Dooku.He has really great detail and,in my opinion,some good articulation.

03-27-2003, 08:42 PM
Hey guys. I ordered my ESB Luke Lightsaber from Master Replicas yesterday. They finally put up some pics and man, is it sweet!:D Now I just have to wait until May when it ships. See ya.

03-28-2003, 03:20 PM
Hey Everyone,I got this from acme-superstore.com down in Longwood

407 331 0433


ALL TOYS UNDER $10....................25% OFF!!!
EVERYTHING ELSE OVER $10...........10% OFF!!!
(excludes pre-ordered items)
plenty of parking behind the store! NUFF SAID!!!

Might be good to go check out for those near the area;)

Sidiously Darth
03-29-2003, 01:51 PM
Thanks fior the heads up on Acme, IJG.:)

As for the Research Droids, SP-4 has 8 points of articulation & JN-66 has 6 points. There not as shiny as the pictures on the back but I like them. They would be good for a diorama or just sitting on a desk watching over your computer.:p

Anyway, pick them up if you see them.

04-05-2003, 09:37 PM
WhooHoo..My 1,000th post:DI wanted to share the experience with you guys.

I have a question for anyone who has the 12" Plo Kloon.I am thinking about getting one from New Force Comics and Collectibles,but how loose is the head on it?Can it be tightened perhaps?

04-09-2003, 10:30 AM
Hey everyone. I'm a big Dragonball Z fan and I read that there was going to be some voice actors giving autographs today in Orlando outside the basketball game. Here is the article:

DBZ and the NBA
For anyone who lives in the Orlando, Florida area--

This Wednesday, April 9th at 4:30 p.m., the DBZ CCG crew will be handing out autographs and instructions on the DBZ CCG. The DBZ Hummer and the Voices of Vegeta (Chris Sabat) and Majin Buu (Josh Martin) will be there! This is a FREE event for everyone.

The game starts at 7:00 p.m. against the Toronto Raptors.
During the game, FUNimation and VIZ will be handing out FREE t-shirts, DVDs, Shonen Jump etc.

I'm assuming this is in the parking lot and you do not have to go into the game. Will anyone be in the are and maybe hook-me up with some autos? I could get whoever it is some star wars stuff for your trouble. PLMK and thanks.

Sidiously Darth
04-13-2003, 04:17 PM
Jawa01, have any luck getting the autos you wanted. I wish I could've helped but I was at work then.:(

Nothing new to report. I hope to put Target's ad to good use tomorrow.

Also, I have 2 new customs up. Check them out.:cool:

1st (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=241242#post241242)

2nd (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=241243#post241243)

04-13-2003, 10:34 PM
No luck I'm afraid. Thanks to all who would have if they could have. I picked up Barris Offee the ohter day at Wal-mart. She is really cool. The lightsaber is even metal. I thought they were changing back to plastic with the new stuff? Oh well. I'm still on the hunt for the 8 inch Dragonball Z Fusion Collection guys if anyone out there can help. Thanks.

04-13-2003, 10:35 PM
BTW Sid, sweeeet customs man. Keep it up!

04-14-2003, 07:15 PM
Hey guys,

I'm from the Saint Petersburg area, and DarthChuck let me know about the club going on here. I'm into everything mostly, from DBZ, to Transformers, to SW, He-Man and Gundam. I've got a fairly medium size list of wants, but I'm not sure if I should flood the post by listing it.

I go on toy runs semi often, and can usually hit about 4 or 5 Wal-Marts, 3 Targets, and about 5 Kmarts on a good day, along with a TRU (where my girlfriend works) or two or three and a KB.

Anybody around the area, send me a PM! I'd love to help and be helped by fellow collectors, so that we can all beat the scalpers at their own game :p

And oh, Jawa, if those DBZ Fusion Collection Series are the ones that had Super Buu and SSJ3 Goku, I feel for you. It looks like only a very limited number were made, as it was right when Irwin was going bankrupt. I only ever found them twice, both at Targets. I had the opp. to get the ENTIRE set twice, but was short on money and only got Super Majin Buu.

I'm kicking myself now, because these things are expensive as hell on Ebay. I had thought they'd be warming the shelf and easy to find, like the first two series :(

04-14-2003, 07:29 PM
Welcome Roufus. You'll find that this forum can be extremely helpful when looking for new stuff (and sometimes even old stuff you may have missed). Just let us know what your looking for, and we'll do the same, and hopefully we can all help each other out across this swamp we call a state. :D

04-14-2003, 07:50 PM
Well, if you really want the list... heh, don't say I didn't warn ya though :p

In the G Gundam line, I'm looking for the Hyper Mode versions (they will be all gold) of Gundam Rose, Maxter, Dragon, and Bolt... I think my Targets skipped over this wave, as I found everything else :( I'm also looking for the Devil Gundam Final Mode, it's a deluxe fig about 8.99 or so.

In the He-Man line, I just need Prince Adam and Sy-Klone. I'm ripping my hair out trying to find them!!

In the SW line, I need ANYTHING new in 2003. The only thing I've found so far is Padme - Droid Factory.

I think that's about it... other than stuff such as the Maskless Wolverine from ML 3, and Twilight Frodo. And a Martian Manhunter from the Justice League line, as well as a Flash.

If anyone is looking for ANYTHING else, let me know. Like I said, I shop at alot of stores, and about 50% of the time find rare stuff in other lines (Found a Manga Spidey and a Morbius the other day), and I'll be more than happy to help anyone out.

04-14-2003, 08:02 PM
Hey Roufuss and welcome!:D First off, let me ease your pain by showing you this little piece from figures.com:

IF Labs Fusion Collection News

Series 3 still on the way...

Our affiliate site DragonballToys.com reports in stating that representatives for FUNimation confirmed today that the IF Labs Fusion Collection (Series 3) figures will indeed enjoy a mass release sometime in the near future.

The early narrow release and subsequent rarity of the figures is another result of the transition from Irwin to JAKKS; however, the figures will soon be found in mass-market outlets nationwide.

:D :D :D

Now that they are on the way, keep an eye out for me! LOL! Anything you need, just let me know. I work at Target and can probably hook you up, as long as you don't mind paying S&H. I can get you Martian manhunter. We have been getting cases in like crazy. Unfortunatley the Flash isn't in the new case assortment. :( I also collect too much stuff. Just a few are Hot Wheels, SW stuff, GI Joe, He-Man, some Mcfarlane and the list goes on. Well, enough of me ranting. One again, welcome. I'm sure you'll like it here. BTW, if you need any DBZ cartoon episodes, LMK. I have all 275 of them. :D Later all.

04-14-2003, 08:26 PM
Great news!!!

For everyone else, I know Flash was in Wave 1, but I'm hoping someone runs across him at a WM or comic shop. That, and the Green Lantern would be nice too (But I already got the subway promo, so take your time on that, lol).

Thanks for everything so far :)

Sidiously Darth
04-15-2003, 01:26 AM
Welcome to our humble little group Roufuss. There are quite a few members but things have been slow lately. We'll do what we can to help you out.:D

Also guys and gals, I have an auction of evil-bay for my rather large collection of Jedi Master Points. I'm tired of waiting so I'm going to sell them to someone else. Here's a link if you want to take a look:

Jedi Master Points (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=2476&item=3127556520&rd=1)

04-15-2003, 08:40 AM
That's a good idea Sid. Good luck. You just better hope Hasbro doesn't offer a life-size Padme for 2,500 Jedi master points! LOL!

04-15-2003, 02:31 PM
Yeah,Good idea:DWent to WM today,nothing but Jangos and Padmes.:(

Hi Roufuss!!Correct me if I am wrong,but isnt the twilight Frodo a Convention Exclusive?

04-15-2003, 02:43 PM
Well, you're partially right, at least.

There IS a convention exclusive that I read about on aftimes.com.
It's Twilight Frodo and two Twilight Ringwraiths.

The Twilight Frodo I mentioned as one of the chase figures for Wave 4 of LOTR... I think it's one in every six cases. It's quite rare, but it's SO COOL!!!

04-15-2003, 05:43 PM
In response to InsaneJediGirl. I've seen twilight frodo in CA at a collection store. There not a exclusive. They only come 1 of every 20 cases. So what you said is true, from a exclusive point of view. Just not at a convention.

04-15-2003, 06:22 PM
1 in every 20?

So far I've heard 1 in 6, 1 in 12, and now 1 in 20.

It's harder to find than Ephant Mon, heh.

04-16-2003, 08:38 AM

I've seen pictures of both T.Frodo and T.Ringwraiths eariler this year,they are pretty cool looking.

Saw the new 2003 12" today,Yoda looks pretty interesting,I'm suprised he comes with all those accessories as well:D

04-16-2003, 01:08 PM
Lucky you!!!

Today I visited about six or seven different stores, and found almost nothing.

But I did find a Marvel Legends 2 Hulk w/ Shirt, which is an awesome rare variant, so he goes right into the shelf with MOC toys that might one day be worth something, lol.

At least I know the rare varients like this stay constant in price... I remember when Storm Jet, from the Transformers Robots in Disguise line, was going for upwards of 60 and 70 for a MOC toy. I was so happy to have found a second one, except then Hasbro made a ton of them, and now he's worth 10 bucks.

Still looking for the new He-Man Sy-Klone and Prince Adam... I swear they don't exist.

04-17-2003, 06:13 AM
Roufuss, what new He-Man figures are out now? Is Evil Lynn out? I need Adam and Sy-klone also...I will keep looking for you.

04-17-2003, 10:01 PM
Hey Roufuss, I scored 3 out of the 4 DBZ Fusion guys today. :D :D :D I found SS3 Goku, Vegito, and Gotenks at a local Target. Now I only need Super Buu. Hopefully my Target will get them in. If anyone is looking, they could be popping up now. I also found.....NO new Star Wars guys. I still need ROTJ Boba. :( Oh well. Happy hunting.

04-17-2003, 10:13 PM
Evil Lyn comes out in June. Thanks everyone for looking.

I *MIGHT* be getting a case in of the Evil Lyn wave, it'll have Inferno Skeletor, Whiplash, and Evil Lyn...

I won't know who I'll get duplicates of, because I won't know the case ratio, but if I do decide to get one, I'd be more than happy to sell the figs at cost.

Here's hoping it's a 2:2:2 and i'll have some cash for it :/

EDIT: DUUUUUUUUDE!!! Super Buu is STILL the best to me, that Gotenks looks too small and Vegito...ugh. But is the SSJ3 Goku as awesome out of the package as he looks? He looked damned cool. I hope I can find em at Target tommorrow, lol.

04-18-2003, 11:05 AM
Billy here,

I'm clearing out my stuff. Getting ready for military service and I won't be owning anything but a good leather chair, 1 in table and a lamp, a desk , and tv.. o yeah and a bed. But thats it I can't have any crap sitting around anymore so i'm selling it all.

I have a few of the first run of star wars bend ems from justoys
all are MOC about c7-c9

I have

The Emperor
Admiral Ackbar
Luke Skywalker
Ben Kenobi
Princess Leia
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Yoda(no card)

The whole lot of em for 10 bucks plus shipping actual cost

I also have the first 3 original micro machines sets for star wars, esb, and rotj I also have the fan club han solo and falcon set.
I also have collection 6 from the 2nd series that has slave 1,cloud car, medical frigate. All cards are in very good shape, han fan club is so so

I'd like 20 bucks plus shipping for that whole set

I also have

Mace Windu ep1 momc $2
anakin as little jedi with cloak momc $1
yoda ep1 momc $2
That Conehead guy(forgot his name). lol momc $2
Darth Vader ctc momc $5

I also have a darth vader figure case from 1980 that is in alright condition $6 plus shipping

I also have a at at walker loose with no stickers and missing the lid $5 bucks plus shipping cost

Star Trek

1st Bev Crusher MOMC $3

Star Trek TV series micro machines 1st release momc $3

Star Trek micro machines set includes tv, movie, and new generation ships 1st release $9 bucks box is in good shape no creases or dents

if anyone is interested email me at my new name TheRedCloak@aol.com I'm dying to get rid of this stuff and want to sell the whole lot of it 45 bucks plus shipping for the whole lot



04-18-2003, 04:20 PM
Hey Billy, YGM!

04-18-2003, 04:48 PM
I only found one find today, in about four stores.

TRU had, behind a bunch of vehicles and assorted other junk, an Episode 1 Adi Galla figure. I'm glad I open my figs, because the card is completely trashed, but hey, for 1.99 you can't go wrong.
I've wanted her for awhile, and I'm glad I found her so cheap!

Other than that though, nothing new to report. Just picked up a couple more GI Joe's that were on sale.

04-19-2003, 10:43 AM
Finally hit the jackpot. I didn't get a chance to go back last night (but now I wish I did), and went this morning at around 11 after dropping my girlfriend off at work. I didn't expect to find much, but I was quite surprised.

I got Aayla Secura, Bariss Orfree, Ashla & Jempa, Imperial Soldier, Library Droids, and Lama Su. I had to search to find the Ashla & Jempa, someone hid it behind the vehicles and I just barely saw the card sticking out.

Seems like someone already went through and ransacked everything, but hey, I'll take these leftovers. I think I'll go back in tonight and see if they'll put out anymore boxes, since the pegs are virtually empty again (Except for a Padme and a Red Battle Droid).

They did have an extra Bariss and Aayla, but I didn't know what figs you guys had, and didn't have. Plus I only had a 20, but I'll go back tonight with more cash to check what's up.

04-19-2003, 04:26 PM
Awesome find Roufuss.Nothing here,pretty much picked over by parents needing a toy for Easter.:)Hope everyone who celebrates has a nice holiday tomorrow.

04-19-2003, 09:32 PM
I was just curious about one main thing I'm looking for...

That's the reissue Transformers Ultra Magnus... I know he was a bit of a shelf warmer, but I'm having trouble finding him now, as he was a part of series 1. If any of your TRU's has him, PLEEEEEEEEASE let me know!!! Or if you know an online store, that will do too :)


04-20-2003, 09:12 AM
Hi to all. Long time I don't write. been busy in college. Ever since Ki adi mundi's wave came out nothing new...I'm pretty depressed. But on the other side I have every LOTR figures of the TTT line except for Twilight Frodo..his going to be hard to find. I started to collect now X-men the movie figures..they were 2 for 3 dollars at KB toys got Logan,Storm,Magneto,Sabertooth,Pr.X,Cyclops,JEan,R ogue(2) and Toad. I'm still looking for series 1 Mystique,Logan and Wolverine. If anyone finds them and sells them let me know. well got to run bye.

Sidiously Darth
04-23-2003, 01:25 AM
Hi All!

I actually hit a Wal-Mart tonight. Saw 2 new Anakins, 2 Maces, 1 Obi-Wan & 1 R2. None of which I need but they are starting to show up more often.

However, I am in need of an Aayla Secura.:cry: I also need the Ashla & Jempa (Jedi Padawans) 2 pack & Lama Su.

Also, if anyone has any loose jedi they want to get rid of, lmk. Plus I need another Eeth Koth.

I'll keep an eye out for anyone else's needs, too.


04-27-2003, 06:17 PM
Hey kids.

First off, everyone that is 21 or older and in Orlando area, send me a pop...

OK, now, it has been VERY slow for SW, so IU am getting other stuff right now. Here are my needs:

Transformer reissues at TRU
Twilight Ring Wraith
Shy Klone
Prince Adam

I found a Majin Buu, it was the full sized one, not the kid or fat Buu. Is that Super Buu? I forgot who needed it, but I saw him in Target yesterday...

OK, later

04-27-2003, 06:28 PM
I have a 16'' inch SS Vegeto MOC and a DBGT Trunks and Giru MIB. I'm looking to trade this figures for Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures...opened or moc..okay...let me know. Bye.

04-28-2003, 07:52 PM
Hey Run, PM comming at you about Super Buu.


Lord of the Sith
04-29-2003, 07:34 PM
Hi everyone,
I know this is the Orlando Collectors Club but given the fact Miami (I'm from Miami) does not have one and also the fact we are all Floridians, well, I decided to share with the rest of you my frustrations and adventures hunting for figures down here in "The Banana Republic of Miami"

Here is my latest rant and..anyone willing to lend a helping hand to a must needed Miamian fellow collector, is welcome. I have several nice things to trade for what I'm in need of:

Chewbacca Mynock x2
Yoda & Chian x2
Padawans x2

Well, here is a first look at my latest attempt to find new figures:


Three weeks! I mean, THREE FRIKKIN' WEEKS! and still nothing new in Miami!

Walmart in Kendall Dr and 152 ..GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! What a joke this store is! It is packed with a zillion Destroyer Droids, Jango Pilots and Zams..HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!

To top things off I have found new cards such as Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon with the wrong figure inside!!! Allow me to explain what the "knowledgeable" Walmart Team is hanging up on the pegs and placing on the shelves:

Someone, as it happened in the summer of 1999, has been returning cardbacks which have been cut open all around the blisters. The original figure has been taken out and replaced with an older one. One figure which really called my attention was the aforementioned Carkoon Boba Fett.

This one cardback in particular is indeed the one for the bounty hunter BUT (notice the "BUT"), the inner liner describing the character is the one for Zam Wesell instead.

To make this "steak" even "juicier" the figure neatly placed in the blister is a "magnificent" creation a "new look" of the bounty hunter. Surely by now you might be saying: "Spit it out!" "Who the hell is in the blister?" Well, here it goes:

Body: The body is that of the little Droid which came with Podracer pilot Gasgano for the EP1 line.

Helmet: Nicely placed over the droid's head is the Stormtrooper helmet from Target's Accessory set, I assume.

Accessory: Mmmmm? Hard to figure this one out but, placed in the tray for the accessory is what seems to be just a black, long piece of plastic, cut off at the ends. If it is a weapon, it must be from a galaxy even further away than the one we've seen in the films.

Now, to keep this "masterpiece" in its plastic "cell", the person who achieved such notorious accomplishment, simply used Scotch tape all around the bubble and bang!... made an "acceptable" return.

You might be thinking by now "Wow, what a find!" Well, little (or big) boys and girls, there is more to this adventure...

After being mesmerized for about twenty minutes by the encounter with such imaginative "creation", my eyes took a dive at the lower shelves below the peg wall ..... (DRUM SOUNDS, NOW)...

Right there in front of me at knee level, was the "new" Action Fleet wave. Well, apparently it was. Let's see:

Blue Packaging? Yes!
Hands holding lightsaber logo? Yes!
Clear tops? Yes!
Right ship? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Either my eyes were fooling me, becoming in sudden need of thick- magnifying glasses, or I had been transported back in time ...

After shaking my head ala Boss Nass and taking a few deep breaths, I found the courage to pick up the "new fleet" and look at it up close. This is what I saw:

Jango's Slave 1: old X-Wing with broken wing
Republic Assault ship: Y-wing blue
Republic Gunship: Y-wing red

So my fellow collectors, whether you are a Miamian/Floridian, simply a Floridian or just any other curious individual reading into this post, MIAMI SUCKS! for Star Wars collecting.

Even more "sucking" than Miami are those Service Counter employees, managers and floor personnel that continiously throughout the years, have overlooked such desastrous returns, EVEN after I have brought them to their attention more than once!

Until my next "No Find Adventure". I'm you know who, writing from you know where...

04-30-2003, 08:38 AM
Wow,talk about your scaplers in Miami.Welcome to the Club LOTS.Great to have another warm body to gripe to:p

Are you looking for figures to open or to keep carded?I ask because of the "x2".Don't know if you open one and keep one carded to display.

Nothing new here..trying to pick up a few vintage figures cheap on eBay.

Lord of the Sith
04-30-2003, 08:58 AM
InsaneJediGirl, thanks so much for the warm welcome ... I like this Club already :)

To answer your question, yes. I collect two of each figure; one to open and display, one to keep mint and unopened inside its plastic cell. I have been collecting like this (2 of each) since 1995.

I've been visiting another Walmart here in Miami, which within the last three weeks hasn't had a single Star Wars figure on the pegs. I keep going to it daily in hopes "the big motherload" will show up but, to be honest with you, I'm losing faith. I've been told by several employees, there are "collectors" working in the backroom. In turn such "collectors" are buying figures by the case.

Hopefully when I head up to Orlando this coming month I will find, if not all, at least some of the new stuff .

It takes me 3 1/2 hours to drive up there but I usually do the trip in ten hours. You might be thinking "What a slow poke!" but the truth is I take I- 95 and stop at every single Walmart along the way from Miami to Melbourne; sometimes I get very lucky, sometimes I just cry for help :)

Nevertheless I'm very much looking forward to the Star Wars Weekends at Disney which I will be attending. Who knows, maybe by then the last wave of Star Tours figures will be available. If it isn't I'll be just happy enough getting the Yoda/Mickey poster; truly a classic

For now, Miami is just as dry as Tatooine!!

04-30-2003, 09:24 AM
Hey LOTS, welcome aboard. Don't feel bad about your situation. You want to talk about dry, you should try hunting where I live. I'm in Port Charlotte, that's about 3 hours south of Orlando. My Target has 1 figure on the pegs. We had that oh so excellent 2 for $5 sale a few weeks ago and I really cleaned up!:rolleyes: Not really. We got in 3 cases and they were all OLD. "How old were they?" They were sooooo old they were the cases with the "Don't display until March 24" stamped on the box. :( I just got back from Chicago and hit my fair share of Wally's, Targets and TRU and I managed to get a big fat nothing. I do have some of the new ones, but not many. I finally found a Carkoon Boba, but it was mauled and I'm a cardboard collector so I left it hanging. Oh well. Our time will come. Until next time, happy hunting. :D

04-30-2003, 09:40 AM
BTW LOTS, I'm trying to make it to SW weekends also. If I can't get there, is there any way you could pick up one of those sweet posters for me? LMK. Thanks.

Lord of the Sith
04-30-2003, 09:57 AM
Hey Jawa01 thanks for your nice welcome

Yes, I hear you, man ... Here in Miami all you've got to do is go by Target a few minutes before the doors open. You see all the "Toy dealers"=SCALPERS, bunching up in front of the store like flies over a piece of..pie? The minute the doors open, they head straight for the toy isle. First attacking the matchbox cars and taking every new Star Wars figure or ship along the way.

A couple of years ago when the 12" Speeder Bike and Scout trooper came, which by the way, was also the same day when the Y-Wing saw its release, these scalpers were standing in line in front of all 4 Targets here in Miami.

To make things even worse, Target (without previous notice) handed out numbers in the middle of the night to these people. By the time the real collectors got to the stores there were no more numbers available.

Myself and a couple of friends watched in dismay how the scalpers ran towards the front counter where they had the toys placed and took every single one of them. I even got to see an employee handing a Y-wing over to a guy who was in line even before the store had open. Incredible! Needless to say I was not able to get anything that day. Fortunately, a month after their release I bought The Speeder and the Y- Wing from a Target in West Palm Beach

So as you can see, just like in Port Charlotte, the Targets here in Miami are just as bad. Right now they have nothing but flipping deluxe Dookus.

And I don't even want to mention K-marts....What a Frikkin' joke!

I read at another site Hasbro might be trying to get toys to retailers faster, sometimes even using Federal Express as a faster mean of delivery BUT I truly doubt that.

I wrote a letter to Walmart about the lack of figures for over a month at so many stores. In the letter I mentioned the fact the Star Wars line was one of the best selling toy lines last year, and questioned them on how come they could have such a huge empty space on their pegwall and be missing on such sales.

For instance the Walmart in Florida City, the last town right before the Florida Keys has absolutely not one single figure, not even a 12" one. Considering that is the last Walmart within our nation way down south, makes me wonder what a Star Wars collector living in Key West and taking him/her four hours to get to this Walmart must feel like.

Sidiously Darth
04-30-2003, 08:57 PM
Welcome LOTS and thanks for bringing a new perspective to our little universe.:D

Actually, we're all in the same boat here. Let me give you a couple of examples:

The Super Center at Sand Lake & John Young has 20+ pegs full fo Lott Dodd, Teemto, Tusken w/ Massiff & Ki-Adi.

The Super Center on Kirkman has tons (about 30-40) of Pilot Obi-Wans and not much else.

Any stores that get new figures get one or two cases and they are history in no time. I haven't eve seen the new Speederbikes yet. But I have seen Sage Tie Bombers sitting around if you want to drop $30.

I'm sure we'll all try to help you out, just make sure you have a needs list available. We try not to give a lot of details on new figure locations b/c of lurkers/scalpers. Thank goodness for pms. Unfortunately, they are not as timely.:(

Lord of the Sith
04-30-2003, 09:46 PM
Wow! What a nice welcoming bunch you guys are!
Thanks for your salutation, Sidiously Darth

I guess, according to what I have been reading, that we are all suffering from a "dry toy season," at least here in Florida that is.

As soon as I finish this commentary, I'll be heading back to Walmart. Wish me luck; if I find something, that means you guys also will find something as I'm planing on picking up extras of new figures and offering them to you guys here, at retail or for an even trade.

In the past I have bought cases of new figures, whenever I was able to find them and, offered the figures for retail at another website where I used to work as a reporter.

I believe, that if we unite throughout the entire state we can eventually help each other out.

My NEEDS list is truly minimal as I have doubles on every single figure that has come out since 1995. Same goes for ships, cinema scenes, beast packs, etc. I do not collect 12" figures. I'm centered on the 3 3/4" line and I have created a Star Wars room with wall to wall units which I made myself. If you guys are interested I'll be glad to show you pictures.

Anyway, all the figures I need as for now are:

Yoda & Chian (x2)
Ashla & Jempa(x2)
Chewbacca Mynock(x2)

I will be needing also any other future releases.

I think that if a trade can be worked out for some of my needs I might be able to come up with some of yours, Sidiously Darth.

I'll keep an eye out for your needs and if I find them, rest assure I'll hook you up.

After all collecting is not only about how many toys we can gather around but also about creating friendships no matter how far we could be and therefore giving a helping hand to your friends.

Sidiously Darth
04-30-2003, 10:30 PM
LOTS aka NEXU'S ATTACK, I thought I recognized your style of posting from rebelscum. I haven't posted a lot over there b/c I'm so use to the forum setup here. I'm Simply Darth over there. Not a far stretch from this user name.

Anyway, I'll help you out if I come across those figures but I'm not going to hold my breath. That would be :crazed: .

Again, welcome to the group and hopefully things will get better for all of us.

Lord of the Sith
05-01-2003, 07:42 AM
SD,man ... you have exposed me! :)
That's right I'm Nexu's Attack over there and also Lord of the Sith at The Jawa.

Amen! As you said it, hopefully things will get better for all of us

Perhaps if we all concentrate at a given time of the day, and focus our minds in Walmart's Distribution Center as we repeat the chantra: "Bring on the Figs, Bring on the Figs!" well, perhaps then things will happily shine again :)

Unfortunately, my report from today is not good at all but nevertheless ... here are the news:(


Went to Walmart last night as I said I would. I waited there until 2:30 a. m, hoping that at least one of the pallets would had just one itty- bitty Star Wars case. The wait was becoming tremendously boring after the second hour of just being there.

Finally, out of nowhere, as I was staring at the Zillion Human Torch figures, covering an entire shelf, a voice surprised me from behind:

"Is there anything I could help you with, Sir?"- It was the toy department "chief" lady

-"Well, yes"- I replied

-"Did you get anything in from Star Wars, figurewise?"- I asked her

Her eyes rolled back and quickly replied:

-"No, sorry"

-"Frikkin A!", I said to myself as I controlled the disgust on my face and calmly I asked her:

-"Ma'am, its been over three weeks since you have had this empty whole on your wall where the figures should had been. Do you know by any chance what is going on?"

She took a look at me, nodded her head and started to turn around while placing a "Nack- Nack" toy back on a peg. A couple of seconds of hesitation passed then finally she replied:

-"I have spoken with the store manager about this and she has specifically told me that if collectors call asking for Star Wars figures not to tell them when things are in; just for them to come to the store and look for what they need. My manager also has said to tell anyone in the store asking for the figures, that they are "on recall"

-"On recall?"- "What exactly is that mean?"- very curiously, I asked.

She started to walk away while saying:

-"My manager has told me, not to say anything else but that STAR WARS FIGURES ARE ON RECALL"

After she finished saying this she disappeared at the end of the Isle while I stood there, even more confused about the figures situation than when I first went in.

Sooooo...If any of you know exactly what the term "on recall" means while referring to figures, I would tremendously appreciate it if you could update me on that.

To me a "recall" is when a toy or figure is not built to specifications and poses a threat to a child, such as choking for instance.

If this is the case with the new figures...How come online retailers have them for sale and how come they are showing up in other parts of the country?

To me this "toy lady" explanation was nothing more than a bunch of bull, perhaps with the intention of getting rid of collectors frequenting the store.

What do you guys think about this?

05-01-2003, 07:50 AM
I dont know.LOTS,Go into the Hasbro Saga forum and read "What a load of..".Its happening at TRU as well.If they are "on recall" why are online stores still recieving their shipments?

My dad works at WM,I will have him ask the Toy Manager this weekend for everyone.

Lord of the Sith
05-01-2003, 07:58 AM
that is a great idea. Hopefully your Dad could bring and end to this mystery.

..would it be possible that shipments are being delayed due to the SARS virus in Asia?

I'll await for your Dad's answer


Sidiously Darth
05-01-2003, 03:05 PM
There's really no way that the toys could be infected with SARS but the sickness can slow down shipments. People from different places come into contact with each other in shipyards. This may cause a delay in items getting here.

As for the recall, it's most likely not true. Unfortunately, you can almost blame the hot wheels freaks for the treatment you received. Some have been known to be real problems, ripping open cases of cars to get to one and making huge messes. It's not that you're after SW. They just put you in the same boat as the hot wheelers.

Also, the manager may be a a-hole. The WM I frequent the most had a real nice night manager and he would help me out if he could. Now the night toy stocker, she's a real nice one.:rolleyes: Just depends on the person.

05-01-2003, 03:18 PM
The only "recall", is the list of 30 figures that Hasbro is pulling from the pegs and stockrooms, because they are pegwarmers from 4/23 last year. Sounds to me like this lady is FULL of crap, and just trying to give you any excuse to get out of her department. The best thing you could do, is keep going EVERY night. Even if it's just to say "Hi" to this big fat liar. She can make stuff up, so make up something of your own. Tell her you called the 1-800 # on the packaging, and asked the rep on the phone about the "recall". They said there is NO recall, and that they would investigate to see why this store isn't receiveing any toys.
That should do her.

Lord of the Sith
05-01-2003, 06:29 PM
I clearly see your point SD and, I agree with you; I know we all become stereotyped due to the wrong doings of others.

Some Walmarts have really helpful managers as well as employees working the sales floor, sometimes they even go the extra mile and check in the stockroom for one's request but unfortunately, as far as I have experienced, they are the less places and they are not in Miami.

What upsets me the most is the fact that the three Walmarts within a reasonable driving distance from where I live, their managers are truly against collectors and on the other hand the sales floor people seem to have come from another dimension where just mentioning the word Star Wars sounds to them like "Fwxz Brts" and they limit themselves to say "All we have is out; there is nothing in the back"

In one occasion my wife and I were escorted out of one of these Walmarts just for opening a Star Wars case and taking out the figures which were about to be placed on the pegs. We were told "Not to touch the merchandise sitting on the pallets until an employee would come and open it" Very unfair if you ask me. The case is on the sales floor for one reason and that is to sell what's in it.

Outside of Miami, I've been to places where the employees, once you ask them, they tell you to just go ahead and open the case if you want. When I've done this I have even offered to place the remaining figures neatly on the pegs for them, and they've been happy with my attitude. So why so much rudeness in Miami?

The "on recall' term, seems to be a spreading excuse to justify the lack of product. It appears to be spreading out from a merchant o another and as InsaneJediGirl pointed out yesterday, almost at the same time I was posting about Walmart, another thread appeared within these forums dealing with the same issue. It just happens the phrase "Star wars 2003 is on recall" was given to a collector at Toys R Us instead.

Here is the link to that thread just in case any of you might had missed it: Toys R Us: Figures on recall ?? (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19023)

As far as SARS, and just as you mentioned SD, I heard is that in fact shipments may get delayed not because the product could be contaminated with the virus but rather because those individuals handling it might be and, therefore the shipment process could take a few halts.

DarthChuck, how are you Sir? :)
Darth is responsible for making me head in this direction and become part of your Club :) Thanks for the suggestion, DC. I'm glad I followed it!

Your idea is brilliant and very willing to be executed ASAP. As a matter of fact, I will be heading back to that Walmart tonight and "pulling it" on the lady. I'm just curious as to know what can of reaction she'll have to it :)

Well, I'll drop a few lines tomorrow and will let everyone know what went on tonight.


05-01-2003, 10:33 PM
Hey guys and gals. It seems like no matter where we go to find new stuff we all get the same story. Hey LOTS, if you go back to Wally World tonight you better put your boots on 'cause it sounds like the B.S there is pretty deep! ;) I was in Ill. last week on vacation and I did my fair share of SW hunting. Needless to say I found nothing. I did get a line of crap though from a TRU stock person. I went into TRU and straight for the SW section only to be greeted by 1 Lott Dodd. Woopee do! This stocker came up and gave me the old " Anything I can help you with" line, and I said yea, where are all of your SW guys? He told me that they weren't getting any new figs in until the next movie comes out. SAY WHAT?!?! Yea right. TRU will get no new figs until 2005. Give me a break. This kid obviously has no idea what the H E double hocky sticks he's talkin' about. So it dosen't matter where you are the stories are all the same. As far as these stockers giving us collectors a hard time, I think that really sucks. Hey LOTS, you don't know this yet (but everyone else here does) but I work at Target. I see the best and mostly worst of the collectors underground, if you know what I mean. Unfortunatly these dip-sh*ts have gotten us all stereo typed in the eyes of the world of retail. Me being in retail and being a collector allows me to do my small part to help out my fellow collectors. I had this lady come in a few weeks ago w/ her son, he had to like 6 or 7, and the were looking for the new Justice League guys. He needed Wonder Woman, Flash, and Martian Manhunter. I told her good luck. WW and MM were at the top of the collectors list being only one per case. She told me how she was taking him to all of the surrounding towns to hunt for these figs. I thought that was really cool and made me wish my mom did that for me when I was little. After they left I went into the stockroom to look for any JL overstock, which by the way the MAN at Target forbidds, and low and behold I found a WW. I went to the service desk and had her paged. When she came up and I gave the kid the WW I think he crapped his pants. It felt good to help him out. I took her number and told her I'd call if I found anymore. Sure enough a case came in 3 days later and I got her MM and some others. I think that if these stockes put as much effort into helping as they do making up B.S. we all (including them) would be better off. Oh well. Sorry for the long read. :rolleyes: Now that I've vented, you go to Wally's LOTS and give 'em heck. Oh. BTW, I scored the new Han and Chewie at work today. Only one of each on the pegs. They must of came in yesterday when I was off. Good luck and happy hunting! :cool:

Sidiously Darth
05-04-2003, 08:49 PM
Hi All!

Not much to report. I hit one WM this weekend and saw a few Pilot Jangos and that's it.

I had a thought today. Now that I actually work M-f, I was wondering if a weekend job at one of the local TRUSes would be a good idea. I could actually show some of these lame butts what real customer service is like. Maybe I could actually help the group out, too.

It's just a crazy idea. I haven't really decided yet.

05-04-2003, 09:16 PM
Interesting Sid,There is always the chance of extra income for figs as well.

My dad couldnt ask the Toy Manager,she was away this weekend and asking the stock people is like asking a wall.The wall would give a better answer:p I'll still try to find out,although I think they are getting the older figures being sent back mixed with the new ones.

WM just had 3 Jango pilots and that was it in the basic line-up:(

05-04-2003, 09:25 PM
sid, I have thought about that from time to time as well, but I worked there as a kid, and they do not get discounts. It seems noone is getting in new figures right now in any great quantity.

05-05-2003, 09:36 AM

I think they changed their policy.My aunt works at a TRU in Georgia and gets a 10% discount on purchases made at the store.

Sidiously Darth
05-05-2003, 10:09 PM
I'm still not decided on this TRU job thing.

Anyway, I received my figures from jedikiss today. I now have the new Boba & R2. My package also contained another SC Anakin, for customizing, an Eeth Koth, for customizing & beardless Endor Soldier. He's a good guy & packages figures well.

05-05-2003, 10:17 PM
Hey Sid. I would think about this TRU thing if I were you. It sounds good until you actually get in there and find out that you probably can't buy anything until your off work. Then you have sit back and watch all of the local scalpers come in and wipe out the pegs. I know people who work at TRU and from what I was told, you can't even open a box unless the pegs are empty (not that it would be a prob for SW guys, the pegs are never full!). Oh well, just my 2 cents. Happy hunting.

Sidiously Darth
05-08-2003, 08:26 PM
Man, this place got real quite again. LOTS blows in with super long posts and gives the club a new breath of fresh air. Now he's taken a break and this place is in hibernation mode.:confused:

Anyway, I hit the Union Park Super Center last night and there was not much of anything there.

BTW, does anyone have any damaged jedi they want to get rid of. I customize figures and if anyone has anything that's taking up space, lmk. It can be figure parts (heads, hands, legs, etc.), accessories (weapons, sabers, capes, etc.) or damaged figures.
Thanks !

Lord of the Sith
05-08-2003, 08:49 PM
Guys, mainly you SD :) ....I've been gone for just a few days 'cause I sorta wanted to give time, time and come back with good news but .... I'll be back tomorrow and I will bring you pictures of this beautiful "full of merchandise" Walmart I have been ranting about.

About working for Toys R Us, Sid, listen to Jawa01. I'll tell you about my own experience working for them in '97. Then again, it was here in Miami and as most of you know, Miami is a country within a country :)

"I'll be back" ... doesn't matta if Sarah Connors is not here ! :)

05-08-2003, 10:29 PM
I worked at TRU, definately no fun.

I've been out of the loop for so long, but that's because I've had mono. This is a horrible turn of events :(

05-08-2003, 10:33 PM
Hey guys. Keep your eyes on Wal-Mart. I found Aayla Secura and the rest of her wave yesterday. The funny thing is, the last couple of new guys that I've found at Wally's weren't at a supercenter. Our super has gotten nothing, but the old Wal-Mart in the next town over has gotten new dudes in the past two times. Go figure.

Lord of the Sith
05-09-2003, 06:33 AM
Hi guys,
First off, I bet it felt real good finding new figures Jawa01, right? I know the feeling but it's been so long since I had this emotion that it is starting to become a long gone memory. Nevertheless, my biggest congrats to you for scoring Aayla as she, Barriss and Lama are as hard to find as a needles in a hay stock.

I'll follow your advice and I'll start looking in some small Walmarts as far as West Palm Beach; hopefully I'll be able to score Chewie, Yoda & Chian and the two tiny Padawans, which is all I'm missing.

Now about working for Toys R Us, SD, all I can say is that my experience there was much less than pleasant.

I worked there during the time the beast pack set containing Luke and the Taun Taun was being released. My work dealt with putting together bicycles and any other toy requiring assembly as well as unloading trucks...Mmmmm"Unloading trucks!" I said before getting hired, "What a great way to have a chance at new stuff" How little did I know!

To make a long story short (not that is heading in that direction), I started to notice that these three guys had a set aside "float" which they would use to place all the Star Wars boxes as soon as they would be off the truck and down the conveyer belt . And just like that, I would never see these boxes again, not even their figures on the pegs! Of course, I became suspicious ...

After a few "unloadings", I started to keep and eye on these guys trying to see what they were doing with such "precious cargo"

One day, when only one of them was there, I followed him as he has pushing away the float with SW boxes and I hid behind one of the rolling racks in the receiving area used to stock up merchandise. I saw him go up the ladder and place box after box of figures at the very top of one of these rolling racks and away from plain view by putting some Mattel merchandise in front of them.

I did not comment about this but the next time we unloaded the truck and they "play their little number" I waited for them to go on their lunch break, I climbed up the ladder and sure enough, I picked up a couple of brand new Luke with Taun Taun and some Royal Guards. They had cases of them. I hid "my treasures" in another part of the warehouse and by the end of the day I took them out and pay for them. I'm still trying to picture their surprised faces when they went up there to grab their "goods"; I tell ya, it felt good being a "Robin Hood" for one day.

I found out also that the one guy responsible for the receiving area and with access to the truck's manifesto worked at a comic book shop two blocks away. The comic book store always had (and to this day still has, since he still works at TRU) the latest figures while our store did not. And of course the comic book store was selling them, the basic figures, for over $15.00 a pop and AT -AT's for $100.00

I felt furious about this whole situation and rushed to question our TRU store manager. She limited herself to say:

- "Yes, Shanon buys them by the case and there is nothing wrong with that. Please get back to work"

Nothing wrong with that???? So then how come I was being told that I couldn't get anything and had to wait until the figures were set up on the pegs???

That was the last day I worked for them. I was given the order to build a bicycle for a customer but instead I took off my blue apron, threw it at one of the "profiting" guys and said: "You build it!" and walked out the door

Besides these "in store scalpers" I have heard from employees at other Toys R Us about even the managers making a profit by using the "back door" policy and selling brand new merchandise to local scalpers.

To top things off, in order to cash your paycheck, Toys R Us makes you buy something, otherwise they will not cash it. On top of that also, they have you doing so many things at once that unless you become an octopus, you'll be out of the game in a flash and, the managers demand the work from you as drill sergeants.

So, I would think it and re think it and think about it again before working there. Nowadays things remain the same at many of my local Toys R Us.

To end up with this rant about everyone's favorite Giraffe, I'd like to say that not all stores nor all managers nor employees are to behave in the same manner. This was just my own experience thus I wanted to share it with you and therefore I speak just from what I went through.

On another subject now, Jawa01, you had adviced me to head back to that Walmart and set the record straight with the toy lady that manages that department. Well, I did go looking for her but she apparently (I've been told) went on vacation, so she is not there.

The store manager seems to be "too busy" or "not in the store" when I've asked for her and I've been told to go back and look for her at a later time; Yeah, right! like I'm gonna hang out at Wallys all day!

Anyway, STILL THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE STAR WARS FIGURE THERE. It has been already over a month since that store has nothing but empty pegs. You might wonder why I don't go looking at other Walmarts; I have, but my eyes start to hurt and my blood pressure starts to climb the minute I begin to see the ocean of Jango Pilots and Zam Wesells.

If I decide to hit Target all they have are the Accessory packs minus the one with the Scout Trooper. Now what to do?

One thing for sure, patience pays and although mine is reaching its borderline, I'll wait until I can find someone to trade with or for the pegs to be replenished, hopefully sometime around 2008

Two nights ago I went to this Walmart in "famous" Florida City and took three pictures which I want to show to you to give you a more clear view of what is going on here.

I hear complains or comments about people saying (no pond intended to any of us in this club) "Darn I went here or there and they only had one Aayla and one Hoth Han and three Chewies" or "Oh last night I went to Walmart and the pegs were packed with figures. I picked up one and left the rest so you better hurry" Better hurry?? I say, Why don't you pick up some extras and offer them to those needing them if you have the money?. It is nice to put a smile on someone's face even if you do not know the person. And if you have the time to say the pegs were packed, you can also have the time to end up your post by saying: I picked up extras for retail price for those of you less fortunate.

This is what I have done, what I do and what I will continue doing every time I pick up something new and I see more on the shelves. I know, one cannot expect the rest of the world to act in the same manner but, nevertheless it is just the concept of good will as well as some food for the brain. Don't you think?

Enjoy the pictures and for those complaining 'cause they "only" have seen three or four new figures on the pegs, use my picture as an acknowledgment, that someone, somewhere always has it worse than you :)

Lord of the Sith
05-09-2003, 06:33 AM
Post showed up twice, Sorry. I edited second post.
I wonder why the system allows me ONLY to edit the post and not to delete it ???

05-09-2003, 11:25 AM
I was wondering if anyone can help me out...I'm looking for the following stuff...

1-Strider (MOC)
2-Twilight Frodo (MOC)

1-Ephont Mon (MOC)
2-Anakin (robot hand) (MOC)

X-men the movie:
1-Mystique (MOC)

I am also looking for Buffy the vampire slayer figures they could be opened but complete....help me out here.

Also I am desperately looking for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 on DVD.

Let me know if u could help me out...They only things I got to trade are Dragonball Z figures. (16'' SSJ Vegetto (MOB), DBGT Trunks and Giru (MIB), 12'' Vegeta & Piccolo (MIB)...the rest are 6'' figures that are opened and complete) Let me know okay bye.

05-09-2003, 12:02 PM

I'll keep an eye out for you,They are clearing the shelves at my WM for more X-Men,He-Man and Hulk stuff.

Anyways,the Summerfield WM has the 1st wave of deluxe sets for $6 and the TIE Bomber for $20,nothing special.Pegs are also empty,thanks for the pic LOTS.That must have stunk at TRU,I kinda figured it was like that.

Sid,I have a Jedi Knight Luke,loose and incomplete if you need him for customizing.I need a incomplete Obi-Wan Kenobi(Duel) for customizing- I'll do a swap if your interested.

05-11-2003, 11:40 AM
Hi all. I'm trying to finish my Star Wars CCG sets and I'm in need of some cards. I need to complete Endor, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Death Star II, ANH, Hoth, and some rares from the premier set. If anyone has any extras they want to part with, please shoot me a PM. Maybe we can work out a trade or make a good ol' cash deal. I need all types, rares, common, and uncommon. Thanks for everyones help. :cool:

Sidiously Darth
05-11-2003, 12:37 PM
Hi All!

I scored the new Han last night. There were also to new Bobas. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the funds to pick them up and offer them to you guys.:cry:

IJG, let me check on the Obi-Wan. I don't know if I have another but I'll get back to you.

J01, I've got a ton of SW CCG. I'll go through them and see exactly what I have and pm you on that.

Good Luck!

05-11-2003, 12:52 PM
Hiya to all.

Great for you Sid, Congrats on your find.

JAwa 1 I have bunch of CCG Star Wars cards got to check them out, I'll let you know.

Hey guys can u guys help me out..I'm looking for Buffy or Angel figures...I'm starting to collect them...I have DBZ stuff for trade let me know. Okay bye.

05-11-2003, 10:36 PM
Hey guys. Thanks in advance to all who are willing to help me out w/ those CCG cards. I went to Wal-Mart today and the A-Hole star wars returner has hit my store. There was a new Mace on the pegs but it looked kinda different. Upon closer examination I noticed that it was the old mace (the one with the screaming mouth) and in the lightsaber spot there was a red missle. On top of all that the package was taped shut w/ scotch tape. Man, I can't believe they took it back. On a lighter note I scored some cool stuff yesterday. I finally found Super Buu from the DBZ Fusion collection (doing the happy dance). I also picked up the warrior alien from Movie Maniacs, and I scored an anniversary two pack w/ Luke and Leia form K-Mart for 4 bucks. I have a vintage Death Star playset and the swinging Luke and Leia will fit in perfectly. Plus for 4 bucks I couldn't pass it up! Until next time, happy hunting.

Lord of the Sith
05-12-2003, 01:40 AM
Hello and congrats guys on finding your needed figures!

Things here in Miami remain the same, nothing here, nothing there, not a thing anywhere but what the heck! Good things come for those that know how to wait, so they say.

Anyway, I worked out a trade with this guy in MI and I'll be getting from him the two Mynock Chewbaccas I need, so it will be something new in quite some time.

Recently I traded a Darth Vader Redux for four of the little Kubrick Bounty Hunters; I got Boba, Ig-88, Zuckuss and Bossk.

I was sort of skeptic at first with the trade thinking these tiny guys were going to be just like regular Lego figures but they are not. They are fantastically detailed; weapons come off, articulation is about nine points, top of boots on Boba Fett can be removed, same for the knee pads, his view range finder goes up and down and even his gun can be placed in his holster. So if any of you have a chance to trade for these figures, I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed.

Now I want to ask your opinion on a trade I'm about to make. Here is a little flashback:

I was one of the lucky people to pick up two Toy Fair Vaders when the Fan club offered them for $15.00 each. Since they were limited to two figures that's all I got.

Last year when I went to Celebration 2, I took my two Vaders to have them autographed by Prowse and one of them got stolen out of my bag while I was getting signatures, thus I ended up with just one Vader.

Now, I have a chance to get another Toy Fair Vader from this guy in France but he wants about 80 Star Cases for it. The cost on those plus shipping to Paris would be around $125. 80 and, here is where I like to hear your opinions.

Do you guys think is worth it to pay that much to get this figure? He says it is in C-9 condition and he is offering to ship first.

To be honest with you the most I've paid for a 3 3/4" figure was when I got my Eopies with Qui-Gon for $64.00 but that was for two of them together, so I'm sort of wondering if paying $125.00 for TFV is worth it.

And on a different subject, I'll be at MGM Studios this coming weekend. Guest Stars will be Anthony Daniels and Mr. Colt 45 himself Dee Williams. Hopefully they'll release the last wave of Star Tours figures as part of the celebration. I want that Mickey and Yoda poster, I think is really cool.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your comments guys...

05-12-2003, 10:37 AM
Sid..Thanks for looking :)

Went to WM yesterday,and all they had was the Flying R2.I didnt pick him up,simply because I dont want the figure and I didnt know if anyone else here needed it?(It was about a C-8).

LOTS,I dont know.Have you checked eBay to see if you could get a Toy Fair Vader cheaper on there?Even the Scaul has dropped to roughly $60.Have fun at Star Wars Weekends :)Those Yoda/Mickey posters are cool,but I have my sights set on the Mexi-Con poster.Very vintage looking:D

05-13-2003, 05:27 PM
hey guys it's been a while since i posted, my toys r us as had nothing along with the super walmart. the KB around here is alright, but still not that good. All of you guys gave great information about not workin at TRU. thanks, i w as actually thinking of applying tere, but i guess not. anyone have any info about KB. they seem like a friendly place to work. at least around my area.

Also on a side note, anyone have any comicbook or TV versions of X-men toys, or Spiderman villias. If so let me know. I really need them.

Sidiously Darth
05-15-2003, 03:03 AM
Hey, who hit my WM last night!!!:frus:

The one in Altamonte Springs finally got in a couple of new cases and someone(s) wiped them out. Granted there were a 3 Obi-Wans, 2 Maces & several R2s but everything else was gone. I'm sure there was an Aayla and that puppy had my name on it!!!

Oh well.:rolleyes: I did get an Obi Aklay 10% off b/c the package was almost flat. I needed a second for customizing.:D

05-16-2003, 10:21 AM
At AT man.. i have a bunch of X-men comic books..let me know..what ur looking for. Okay bye.

05-16-2003, 09:04 PM
hey i ctully meant the toy versions from the comics, if you have any of those. Also do you have any comices with Gambit or Iceman kicking ***. The toys just need to be complete, or have there weapons, other than that, i don't care.

05-17-2003, 09:30 AM
I'll check.

05-17-2003, 02:18 PM
ok thanks. Are you able to get Xmen toys form the movie as well

05-17-2003, 05:02 PM
No I have X-men movie figures but I don't sell them sorry. But I know I got a Gambit comic...got to check which number. Okay let me know. bye.

05-17-2003, 06:26 PM
I would actually like to trade with you. Do you need any SW toys. Are you able to get any other X Men toys, if so i could maybe buy those or trade for those. LMK.

05-17-2003, 08:27 PM
I'm right now looking for Buffy and Angel figures. I can check with X-men movies figures are u looking for?

05-17-2003, 10:26 PM
Um i really want the toad figure with the tounges, the mystique with wolverine, Rouge with the leather suit, Cyclops, and wolverine.

05-17-2003, 10:34 PM
Hey guys. I found the new Matrix figs today. They are sweet. The only thing is that the case pack is really funky. The guy at TRU was cool enough to bring a case out of the back fresh off of the truck. :D When we opened the case their was 1 Twin #1, 1 Trinity, 2 Morpheus, and 8 Neo. :confused: No Twin #2! Oh well. I picked up Neo, Trinity, and the Twin. Morpheus is kinda crappy. It was nice to find new stuff even if it isn't SW! I also found out that my Master Replicas Luke ESB saber is shipping this week!:D :D I can't wait to get that baby. It'll look good next to my ROTJ Luke and ANH Vader. BTW, has anyone come up with some SW CCG cards they want to get rid of? Also, if anyone is going to either Wizardworld Chicago or the San Diago con, PLMK. I would love for someone to hook me up w/ a silver Fett or MOTU Keldor. Thanks in advance to all. :cool:

05-18-2003, 08:33 AM
Well Jawa I saw the new Matrix figures...and they look awosome...I wanted to buy Neo but it was to expensive 12 bucks in EB, when I bought Enter the Matrix game they had all the figures...but 12 bucks is too much will wait until they are a little less expensive.

AT AT MAn...when I go to KB I might get u the Rogue ,the Toad I haven't seen him, I'm still looking for Mystique and Wolverine so I can't help you there. Okay bye.

05-18-2003, 05:55 PM
hey cool, do you need any Star Wars toys, nothing brand new, cause i can't get them. but any thing from the saga line.

05-18-2003, 06:01 PM
Hey guys. Just to let you know, I found the new unleashed Leia and Vader today. PM me if you want to know where. I picked up the last Leia, but couldn't afford Vader also. They are both sweeeet!

Mace Windex
05-21-2003, 10:43 PM
Hey everyone!
Other than Padme and Dooku (oh yeah, obiwan too) I have yet to see any of the new SW figs here in Tampa. Have any of you seen the other new releases? If so, tell me where!


Sidiously Darth
05-21-2003, 10:58 PM
What's up Mace?

Most of us are in the same boat. Like you I found only a couple of the new figs on my own. I actually got some of the others from a fellow ssg member. Then again, I haven't been to any WM in about a week.

Just a note for the curious. I have a rather simple website up w/ pics of all my custom SW figures.

Sidiously Darth's Customs (http://www.freewebs.com/sidiouslydarth/)

05-22-2003, 08:30 AM
Cool customs Sid,What head did you use for Corran Horn?I can see a FF Bespin Luke Body..but it doesnt appear to be a FF Luke head.

Well,I figured if I havent seen anything by Mid/Late June I would just order the case and offer extras here in the club.I'm undecided about this though..its better than going from store to store.

Sidiously Darth
05-22-2003, 03:32 PM
Thanks IJG! That is actually an Ep. 1 Obi-Wan head I had left over from an earlier custom. I used a straw color to give him blond hair and there are actually white highlights in his hair. This is to give it a more bleached look. I also used the same color for his goatee & eyebrows w/ white highlights.

05-23-2003, 01:48 PM
Okay,Thanks for the beard-making tip:D

05-25-2003, 06:32 PM
Hi all. Is anyone going to Wizard World Chicago this year? I know some went last year. If so, would anyone be able to help me out with some exclusives? I would LOVE to get my hands on the MOTU exclusive Keldor and/or the exclusive silver Fett. If anyone can help, I'll make it worth your time. I usually go, but my 1 1/2 year old won't let me! Thanks in advance.

05-27-2003, 03:49 AM
Is Target carrying SW figures? I went to 2 yesterday and they only had the delux figs.

Has anyone seen the new MOTU figures? I have seen infernal Skeletor and the new He-Man, but I still haven't seen Prince Adam or anything newer.

05-27-2003, 09:48 AM
Hey Run. From what I heard, the Hasbro reps came in and cleaned out all of the SW figs to make way for the new clone wars stuff. I've heard that the new deluxe guys are already showing up. When I went to work yesterday, the pegs were clean here also. I found Prince Adam and Sy-Klone, but it was in Ill. about a month ago. I found them in Wal-Mart. I haven't seen them anywhere here yet. How about that exclusive Keldor fig? Is that sweet or what! I'm thinking of trying to get one, but I heard I had to wait until Hell froze over! LOL! Hope this helps.

05-27-2003, 09:52 AM
BTW, a big thanks to Sid for trading me some SW CCG cards. I still need some from a bunch of different sets. Mostly Death Star II, Reflections 2 and 3, and some rares from Jabba's palace, Endor, CLoud City, Dagobah, ANH, and Hoth. PLMK if any else has any they wouldn't mind parting with. Thanks.

05-27-2003, 10:06 AM
I got
56-Sun fac
58-Trade federation offensive
61-Acclamator-class assault ship
64-AT TE troop transpot
68-Commerce guild cruiser
69-Commerce guild spider droid
76-genosian defense fighter
81-padawan ans senator
82-reassemble c3po

Let me know if you need one of these. Okay bye.

05-27-2003, 10:55 AM
Thanks for the offer Elo, but I just collect the sets that deal with the classic trilogy. I appreciate the offer.

05-28-2003, 04:43 AM
This is a great article.


05-28-2003, 10:57 AM
Interesting article Run,Thanks for passing it along.

05-28-2003, 07:36 PM
Hi to all. Well nothing new of Star Wars here in the island. I'm going this saturday to the closes Toys R Us that is and hour and a half from where I live. Hope I find new figures. Also wish they had Angel,Buffy,X-men the movie and Matrix figures. Oh by the way have Bye.

05-28-2003, 08:11 PM
Good Luck Elo

Sidiously Darth
05-30-2003, 09:49 AM
Hi All!

I'd like to thank ChuckMc for hooking me up w/ that elusive Lama Su & his close sidekick. He's a good guy and great to deal with.

If anyone is interested in the Imp. 4 pack from TRU, pm me or ChuckMc for location. I passed it up today b/c they are mostly repaints of older figures but they do come with stands. The sets are priced at $19.99 and there was 6 or 7 left.

Good Luck!

05-30-2003, 09:57 AM
No problem, glad I could help. I am in need of a Han (Hoth Rescue) on a crappy card to open. If anybody finds one, please keep me in mind.

05-30-2003, 02:35 PM
Originally posted by DarthChuckMc
No problem, glad I could help. I am in need of a Han (Hoth Rescue) on a crappy card to open. If anybody finds one, please keep me in mind.

If I see one, I'll hook you up. :D

Sidiously Darth
06-03-2003, 06:46 PM
Hello Olrando & the surrounding state!

No much new is lurking. I've seen the remenants of the Carkoon wave in several WMs. Besides that, pickings are slim. Here's hope for the future.

06-04-2003, 08:11 AM
Nothing here either:(This is what my..5th month of finding nothing new.I believe I have set a new personal record..and its one I didnt want to break.

06-11-2003, 06:53 PM
Hey everyone. If anyone is interested, I saw the new deluxe sets today. They're OK, I guess. I passed on both. PM me if you want to know where. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or layouts for building custom Stormtrooper / Sandtrooper equipment? I'm looking to build either a blaster rifle and/or a Sandtrooper backpack. I ordered a custom set of Stormtrooper armor and I'm looking to make my accessories. Once I'm done I'll try to post some pics. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. :cool:

06-12-2003, 08:34 PM
Your talking about the stuff you wear,right Jawa?Try www.501st.com .Last time I checked they had a bunch of Armor-Helping links.

Sidiously Darth
06-12-2003, 09:46 PM
I've given thought to the ST armor in the past. In reality I could neither afford to make my own or buy a set. J1, make sure you post a pic of yourself once you get it all together. It'll be great to have our very own Stormtrooper keeping the Club safe from Rebel scum.:D

06-13-2003, 10:15 AM
Hi! How's everybody? Well, I'm here to tell you guys that I'm selling my entire Dragonball Z collection, if anyone is interested let me know, I have some loose figures, MOC 12'' figures, MOC 16'' figures, comics, movies. Let me know if anyone is interested. I would trade I'm looking for Buffy/Angel figures, or Star Wars figures. Let me know. Bye.

06-20-2003, 06:00 PM
Hey guys. Yes IJG, the kind you wear. You can count on me Sid. I'll keep those rebels in check. Right now I'm making a ST blaster. Once I get everything together I'll post some pics. On a different note, I scored some new dudes today, well new to me! I found Yoda and the kid, the Ashla & Jempa 2-pack, and the red battle droid. Question, The Yoda and padawan 2-pack both have barcode stickers over the barcodes on the bottom. Does anyone else have this, or are mine different than yours? Thanks in advance.

06-20-2003, 09:51 PM

That is part of the delay in stores getting new figures.They all had to be shipped back to Japan and bar codes were stuck on them for some reason.Check the Saga forum here..theres an explaintion on it I believe.

06-21-2003, 10:51 AM
Originally posted by InsaneJediGirl

That is part of the delay in stores getting new figures.They all had to be shipped back to Japan and bar codes were stuck on them for some reason.Check the Saga forum here..theres an explaintion on it I believe.


Mace Windex
06-21-2003, 02:58 PM
Unbelievable! I finally managed to find the new figs today! I was shopping at Target (who rarely has new figs) and they had stocked the two female jedi, library droids, Lama Su w clone, and a blond haired Imperial officer (is this a variant??). The only one missing from the pack was the newest Mace. Well, I'll keep looking!


Mace Windex
06-21-2003, 03:05 PM
Oops, Almost forgot! I still am looking for Yoda and the Younglings and whatever else may be out there. I guess what I have found was one wave. Anyone know what is in the other wave?


06-21-2003, 10:14 PM
Hey Mace. I saw the same figs you did at my Target except instead of Lama Su w/ clone there was Yoda w/ the kid and the Kid 2-pack. All of the rest were the same. And yes, the imperial comes w/ two different head sculpts. One w/ brown hair and one w/ blond hair. Hope this helps!

06-21-2003, 11:20 PM
Here's what is hitting stores now.

2x Han Solo - Hoth Rescue blue coat
2x Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt
1x Destroyer Droid - Geonosis Battle with firing cannons
1x Mace Windu - Arena Confrontation
2x Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon
2x R2-D2 - Droid Factory Flight
1x Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony
1x Obi-Wan - Acklay Battle

2x Yoda & Chian - Padawan Lightsaber Training
1x Ashla & Jempa - Jedi padawans
1x Lama Su - Kamino Prime Minister with clone boy
2x Barriss Offee - Luminara Unduli's Padawan
2x Aayla Secura - Twi'lek Jedi Knight
1x Padme Amidala - Droid Factory Chase
1x SP-4 & JN-66
1x Imperial Officer blonde
1x Battle Droid - Arena Battle red

Just starting to ship NOW.

1x Padme Amidala - Wedding Dress
1x Wat Tambor
1x Coleman Trebor
1x Darth Maul -MOTDS repack
1x Princess Leia - Imperial Captive repack
1x Han Solo - Escape to Alderaan repack
1x Yoda & Chian
1x Ashla & Jempa
1x Lama Su - Kamino Prime Minister with clone boy
1x Barriss Offee - Luminara Unduli's Padawan
1x Aayla Secura - Twi'lek Jedi Knight
1x Battle Droid - Arena Battle red

1x Jango Fett - Kamino Escape repack
1x C3PO - Tatooine Ambush repack
2x Luke Skywalker - Throne Room Duel
2x Darth Vader - Throne Room Duel
2x Snowtrooper
1x Han Solo - Hoth Rescue blue coat
1x Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt
1x Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon
1x R2-D2 - Droid Factory Flight

06-22-2003, 04:14 PM
While visiting a friend in Daytona last night, I made a trip up to the Volusia Mall. I strolled into KB and I found 3 of the 12" Gamorrean Guards all in really swell boxes. If anyone is close, or feels like a drive they're probably still there.

Mace Windex
06-22-2003, 04:19 PM
2x Yoda & Chian - Padawan Lightsaber Training
1x Ashla & Jempa - Jedi padawans
1x Lama Su - Kamino Prime Minister with clone boy
2x Barriss Offee - Luminara Unduli's Padawan
2x Aayla Secura - Twi'lek Jedi Knight
1x Padme Amidala - Droid Factory Chase
1x SP-4 & JN-66
1x Imperial Officer blonde
1x Battle Droid - Arena Battle red

Are the destroyer droids being packed with other figures? I've seen tons of them (stupid looking with the giantic firing arms) But nothing else from the shipped cases.
Guess I must be missing the boat with Yoda and the Younglings because I have seen everything else in that case.

Thanks for the heads up!


06-22-2003, 04:36 PM
Destroyer Droids are shipping in this case.

2x Han Solo - Hoth Rescue blue coat
2x Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt
1x Destroyer Droid - Geonosis Battle with firing cannons
1x Mace Windu - Arena Confrontation
2x Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon
2x R2-D2 - Droid Factory Flight
1x Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony
1x Obi-Wan - Acklay Battle

It's the first case with Han Hoth blue coat and Chewie Mynock.

Mace Windex
06-22-2003, 05:22 PM
If this is the only case they are in the collectors must be having a field day because they are buying up everything except them! My target has at least 10 destroyers on the pegs!


06-22-2003, 06:05 PM
There are also these 2 cases that he shipped in, but they're sorta old.

This one was the 1st time Yoda & the Destroyer shipped.

2x Jango Fett - Slave I Pilot
3x Destroyer Droid - Geonosis Battle
3x Clone Trooper - Republic Gunship Pilot
2x Yoda - Jedi High Council
1x Anakin Skywalker - Hangar Duel
1x Count Dooku - Dark Lord

and this one.....the 1st 2003 case with Obi-Wan & Tyranus.

3x Obi-Wan Kenobi - Acklay Battle
3x Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape
2x Destroyer Droid - Geonosis Battle
2x Clone Trooper - Republic Gunship Pilot
2x Yoda - Jedi High Council

Could be either of these I suppose.

06-22-2003, 09:19 PM
Hey guys. I still need Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon. If anyone can find one, and is kind enough to hook me up, PLMK. Hey Sid, i've got my eyes peeled for the stuff you need. I'll let you know as soon as I find something. My hunt on saturday was a total bust. Thanks in advance and happy hunting!

06-28-2003, 10:57 AM
Hi Guys!

Nothing new here,so I'm ordering 2 cases off of Entertainment Earth with my brothers next week.Cant wait for the Younglings to arrive:D

Does anyone have the Imperial Shuttle?I see KB is going to have it for $99 now,and wondered if it was worth the money?

Sidiously Darth
06-28-2003, 12:41 PM
Hey IJG!

I picked up the Shuttle after it was released. I put my name on a waiting list and when they arrived I received a call from FAO down on I-Drive. I actually used part of my tax return and saved on the massive shipping charge. :rolleyes:

The first thing I did after opening it was reverse the laster cannons on the wings. They should be next to the body of the ship and not the bend in the wing. I used a butter knife and about 25 minutes of my life to carefully seperate to 2 halves. Swapping the 2 halves and putting them back together was much easier.

Anyway, I love the ship even though I've only picked it up a few dozen times. :D

If you find it in your budget and you want it, don't hesitate. At least you're not giving money to FAO like I did.

06-30-2003, 02:16 PM
I saw my first Clone Wars figure today. It was a Battle Droid. Whoopy!!! It is, of course, still sitting on the shelf of TRU.

06-30-2003, 02:29 PM
LOL,Dont get too excited Runobot.

Thanks for the advice Sid:DTrust me,FAO wont get my money.Quite the evil little store.

07-01-2003, 02:57 AM
wondering if these are the guys I spoke with at Alafaya Wal-amrt tonight My name is Jim

07-01-2003, 09:21 AM
What's up Jim?

I met you last night at Alafaya Walmart. Welcome to the club.

A friend and I hit 5 Walmarts last night. Alafaya, Casselberry, Airport (South Semoran), John Young Parkway, and Ocseola Parkway. We didn't even find scraps from anything new.

The "newest" figure we found was a Padme Droid Factory, and the card looked like it had been trampled by a herd of Bantha.

Alafaya Walmart had 1 of the "Ice" He-man figures, so I'm guessing they had Buzz-Off and Man-e-faces at some point over the weekend.

The new April, Hun and Casey were at all 5 stores we hit for you Turtles fans.

No new Marvel Legands 4 in sight either.

We live in such a huge area of opertunity. If you're willing to spend some time driving, we are probably the "best" area in the US because of all the places we have available to shop, but nobody has anything!

For those not in the area, or those new, here's an example.


Union Park Super-Alafaya (434) and Colonial Dr. (Hwy 50) near UCF
Casselberry-Semoran (436) near Lake Howell Rd
Altamonte-Semoran (436) and Forest City Rd.(434)
Apopka Super-Orange Blossom Trail (441, or OBT to the locals) near 436
Sanford Super-17-92 near Lake Mary Blvd.
Lake Margerette-Semoran (436) near Orlando International Airport
John Young Parkway (JYP) Super-the corner of Sandlake Rd. and JYP
Hunters Creek Super-Osceola Pkwy and the Florida Turnpike
Kirkman Super-Kirkman Rd near Valencia College West Campus
Titusville Super-waaaaaay east Colonial (50) near I-95


Waterford Lakes Super-Alafaya in the Waterford Lakes area
Oviedo-Redbug Rd near the 408
Lake Mary-Lake Mary Blvd near I-4
Fashion Square-Colonial Dr. near the Fashion Square Mall
Hunters Creek Super-SOBT and Town Center Blvd.
Casselberry-17-92 near 436
Altamonte-434 and 436
Ocoee Super-West Colonial near the mall
Florida Mall-Sandlake near the mall
Millenia Mall-I-4 and Conway

Toys R Us

Fashion Square-50 near the mall
Florida Mall-17-92 and Sandlake
Sanford-Hwy 46 near the Sanford Town Center Mall
Ocoee-West Colonial near the mall
Altamonte-436 near Altamonte Mall

Everyone of these stores are within 20 miles of my house, and I live on east 50 near Alafaya.

Not a single one has ANYTHING new as far as SW goes.

A friend did mention he saw the Clone Wars 3 packs at Fashion Sq. TRU, but that's been a couple of days, and the cards were beat.

This my friends is why I have settled to buying online. During the month of June, I have visited EVERY ONE of the stores I mentioned, and found NOTHING. Some of you are having a little luck I'm sure, but for the most part, if you ain't standing there when the case hits the floor, you won't be getting new figures.

Sorry for the long rant.

07-01-2003, 01:32 PM
Welcome to the club Jim:D

I've taken to ordering online as well.Considering the price of gas to get to the store then the annoyance of the store having nothing isnt worth it anymore.I'm hoping a new Target they are putting in by the Lady Lake Lowes will solve some of my collecting needs,but I'm not holding my breath.Especially since that Jedi Knight 3-Pack will be one per case.I dont know why they do this..Jedi are rather popular with just about everyone in my opinion:)

Sidiously Darth
07-01-2003, 05:38 PM
Welcome to our little B***h session Jim. Like ChuckMc said, ain't nobody findin' nuthin' round here. :p

Seriously though, we do try to help each other out when we can. Which brings me to a serious, Dahhhh! :frus:

I wish I would have known someone needed Buzzoff & Man-E-Faces. I was at the JYP SuperCenter the other night and they had about 5 of each. I could have hooked some people up but I didn't realize they were that new. Sorry! :(

07-01-2003, 08:00 PM
Hi guys and gals.

Over here in PR nothing new. I've been collecting MOTU and Buffy. If anyone can hook me up with a Evil Lynn or any Buffy figures let me know. I can hook you up with any LOTR figures except Elrond and Twilight Frodo. Let me know bye.

07-01-2003, 09:43 PM
Sid, now I am upset. You should have never let us know you saw the new MOTU figures....I still need Buzzy and M-E-F. Evil Lynn also, but I don't think she is out yet.

I actually saw an extra set of 2-bad and Whiplash last week, but I did not buy them. From now on, I am going to buy an extra set of everything that is new and then post to this group. I can always return it if none wants them.

So, what is up with the new Snow Trooper? Is it new or a rerelease? I have to go hunt for the image somewhere...

07-01-2003, 10:15 PM
The Snowtrooper is a new scuplt,not a repackage.

Saw 3 Twilight Ringwraiths today but didnt have the money to pick them up:(Also saw the High Council Yoda,but I didnt need that.

07-01-2003, 10:32 PM
Vaderic (a south Orlando collector) reported finding the Snowtrooper wave this weekend at Walmarts in Kissimmee and Altamonte.

Be on the look out folks.

Incidently, my cases are coming from NewForce this week. I'll offer up any extras for $5.75 each. A case with shipping is $69 so $5.75 is the my exact cost each.

This is what I "think" I'll have extra.

Collection 2
(1) Lama Su with Clone Youth
(2) Barris Offee
(1) Aayla Secura
(2) Yoda and Chian
(2) Ashla and Jempa
(1) red Battle Droid
(1) Darth Maul repack
(1) Princess Leia repack
(1) Han Solo repack

Collection 1
(1) Boba Fett
(1) Flying R2D2

*NOTE* Most of these will probably NOT be on MINT cards. I ordered one case of MINT and one case of OPENERS.

I'll let everyone know what the MOMC and MOC are once I get the cases.

Sidiously Darth
07-02-2003, 12:38 AM
Sorry about the MOTU figures. I didn't have the money anyway but I could have stashed them. I just wasn't thinking. :cry:

BTW, does anyone need a Prince Adam or Skylor? LMK!


Make sure you hold onto one of the Ashla & Jempa's for me. That'll make me a repeat customer. :D

07-02-2003, 12:40 AM
Just an FYI I do sell on Ebay but not in the scalping sense. I n the interest of fairness I'll drop whatever I find on the forums before listing it so everybody has a fair shot if they are missing it from their respective collections

07-02-2003, 04:51 AM
[COLOR=red]Does anybody have a c-9 to c10 MOC r2 with Holo Leia up for grabs, for a decent price or an extra red r2 unit from the queen's starship?

07-02-2003, 04:54 AM
how much do those buggers cost at Disneyand does anyone have any up for grabs

07-02-2003, 09:47 AM
Hey goblin, welcome to the obsession...er...I mean club. :D Those Star Tours figs are like 10 buck a piece. Kinda steep if you ask me. I managed to find a Clone trooper 3-pack that someone had stashed. It's pretty cool. At least it's something new. It's been VERY dry around here.
Hey darthchuck, I need a Boba Carkoon if you happen to get an extra. :happy: I also collect MOTU and need Buzz Off and Manny. I got my mail-away Moss Man the other day. It's very sweet! I'm still on a mission to hook-up Sid, so If anyone else needs anyhting, LMK. Thanks all. :cool:

07-02-2003, 12:15 PM
Did anyone get an extra Moss Man? I missed out on that one (Faker also). I guess I am out of the loop on these things.

Also, I am trading/selling a lot of my stuff. For SW, that means everything that is not part of the Empire. Lots of aliens and Jedi basically. I will also be getting rid of my TF RID and Beast Machines figures. Nothing rare really...Everything I have is loose.

I just have too much stuff. I will take some pictures and post them soon.

Sidiously Darth
07-02-2003, 04:10 PM
Welcome to the land where nothing is found. :p Sorry, I can't help you with either the R2 Holo Leia or Red R2. You might want to check the trade & buy/sell sections of SSG. You really never know what will popup there.

Anyway, welcome to the group. We all try to help each other out when we can so keep us updated on what's going on.

07-02-2003, 10:14 PM
For the MOTU guys, I was at alafaya Super target and they had 1 Syclone and two prince adams and of course crap for star wars

07-02-2003, 10:17 PM
Sidiously I've got loose ep1 jedi knight ob1 and qui gon first bespin luke w/ removable hand and desert qui- gon up for grabs a dollar each if you want em

Sidiously Darth
07-03-2003, 04:23 AM
greengoblin3825, that sounds great to me. I could use a few more jedi bodies for customs. Plus that Bespin Luke will work great for a Jacen Solo.

Maybe we can meet up this weekend and seal the deal. Send me a pm for a time that would work for you this weekend. Thanks! :)

07-03-2003, 10:53 PM
Hey guys. I still need Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon. If anyone can find one, and is kind enough to hook me up, PLMK. Hey Sid, i've got my eyes peeled for the stuff you need. I'll let you know as soon as I find something. My hunt on saturday was a total bust. Thanks in advance and happy hunting!

Hey J1,I have a Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon,You mite want to pm me if you still want one.If you don't take it I'll sell it my sis IJG Or to any member if the Orlando Collectors Club...

07-03-2003, 11:21 PM
entertainmentearth.com Reports" IN STOCK NOW! The Saga 12 inch Wave 5 Case (also known as 2003 wave 3) features SIX all-new figures! This case includes: 2x Yoda (5 inch), 2x Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, 1x Biker Scout, 1x 6 1/2 inch Ewok 2-Pack. Each figure includes themed accessories! Get yours before they sell out!
Item Number: HS84940C
Price: $109.99"

07-05-2003, 01:23 AM
for posterity are any of you guys heading to any of the conventions to get the silver fett. Also who is giving out the silver clone trooper. Is there any news on that yet. Oh and what exclusives (non 12-inch) are coming out and where :crazed:

07-05-2003, 09:50 AM
for posterity are any of you guys heading to any of the conventions to get the silver fett. Also who is giving out the silver clone trooper. Is there any news on that yet. Oh and what exclusives (non 12-inch) are coming out and where :crazed:

For the silver fett......join the Fan Club real fast. They'll have him for $10 next month.

Silver Clone Trooper.....Toys R Us, similar to the silver R2 deal from last year. Probably around X-mas.


Target: A-wing Fighter

KB: Imperial Shuttle and TIE Fighter redux

TRU: Ultimate Bounty 4 pack, Battle on Hoth 4 pack

There are 3 more Target accessory packs, but those may be next year. There's the Jawa Sandcrawler, but it's still waiting for a retailer to pick it up, there's wave 2 of the Cantina Bar aliens that Walmart cancelled their order for.

07-05-2003, 11:24 AM
Silver Fett out next month?Great!Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up through the FC,its going to be available through Piazo?I dont know whos in charge of collectibles anymore.

07-07-2003, 02:58 AM
Going to Wal-mart late at night was once a great joy in life for me. Especially when one finds loads of new stuff or even that one gem missing out of a collection. It's especially hard to hit the Wally world whilst my car is in the shop. Thank the maker I have a girl who digs Star Wars and finding new stuff. Which makes late night trips a possibility. I have resorted to collecting random other lines (T.M.N.T, Transformers reissues, Matrix stuff,etc.,etc.) As of late which by the latest posts we are all in the same boat We all seem to be coming across some long lost friends which we haven't seen in awhile, Jack and Squat. At least once a month I get new Star Wars comics. I dig getting stuff in the mail which makes me more inclined to purchase cases online and then distribute evenly amongst friends here and abroad (ie. family in California)I can honestly say the last figs I bought in a store were were the research droids wave. That's kinda sad seing as everything has been bought online via auctions or what not. Ah, alas my rant is done, hopefully the figures will be falling of the racks soon, maybe I'll build a pegwarmer army to take over the world or at least what living space AI have. Can't wait til my weekend to much work does strange things to the mind

07-09-2003, 09:12 PM
I was at a specific haunt in my neck of the woods and think i found something new for the 12 inchers. The alleged place had a 12 inch amidala in the white jumpsuit

Sidiously Darth
07-10-2003, 10:23 PM
Hi All!

First, I wanted to thank greengoblin for the 4 figures I bought from him. Great deal and it helped me with some custom fodor.

I did hit the Apopka SuperCenter the other night and found nothing. I did manage to pick up the new NJO book. Much better than paying bookstore prices. :D

07-11-2003, 01:38 AM
I hear a certain giraffe is getting a truck tommorow and accoriding to the few a newbie he hears they may have some stuff. Also does anyone know how many posts you have to have before you get upgraded. Moisture farmer just doesn't have the ring to it the jedi something or another does

07-11-2003, 09:51 AM
No idea.Steve changed the rankings when the forums were upgraded.It was 100 posts to make Padawan.

About to order my cases from EE today but they are out of stock.Grr..Anyone know a good place to buy cases of Waves 12 and 13 Collection 2?Non-mint is fine with me.

07-11-2003, 02:37 PM
Is the quick post broken for you guys or just me?

KB has peg warmers on sale for $2

07-11-2003, 04:32 PM
Is the quick post broken for you guys or just me?

KB has peg warmers on sale for $2

Quick reply is broken (click the button between the edit and reply button).Also what did they have at KB?

07-11-2003, 05:04 PM
It look's like a page with a arrow pointing down to the quick reply forum.......

07-11-2003, 09:21 PM
1) Ah, thanks a lot.

2) KB had all old stuff. I remember Chancellor Palpy and the alien bounty hunter that is in all black and his skin is black...don't really remember anything else. Basically, old stuff. I did manage to get a Clown figure from the Spawn line about a year ago for only $3.50 there.

3) Also, Target had MOTU figures for clearance at a price around $6.50...

4) ...Does anyone play Hero Clix? My cousin bought 3 packs of them and gave them to me. It seems like it would be a fun game, but I do not know anything about them.

07-11-2003, 09:22 PM
Looking at my posts, I guess Padawan lasts until at least 400...

07-12-2003, 03:48 AM
turned up my wonderful friends jack and squat just about everywhere today, course I didn't wake up til close to three. Got a really cool spidey tattoo today. For the comic geeks out there it is the cover to spiderman 13 mcfarlane style, takes up my whole freakin arm almost on the upper half. Oh and for the motu'ers found man e faces at super wally on alafaya also had new marvel um gambit, beast and punisher which looked pretty cool no elektra of course