View Full Version : Hasbro, I refused to buy it.

Phantom-like Menace
02-21-2004, 08:03 AM
We complained about the lack of O rings, and I thank you very much for bringing them back. It was something perfect that made G.I. Joe, and I really appreciate your realizing the mistake in making new figures without them.

I've got one problem.

Ecstatic, I had finally found the latest Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow two pack in the Valor vs. Venom collection. I had the item in my hand, walking through the store to make the purchase. I stopped. I looked more closely. There was a problem with Storm Shadow. His right arm contained an action feature. We complain about these in Star Wars; we complain about these in G.I. Joe, but I was still okay. I had suffered through action features before, and occasionally found they made the action figure better (occasionally), though more than often I just ignored them. But I looked more closely, curious why I hadn't checked earlier to see if my suspicion was correct. It was: there was no o ring on Storm Shadow.

Why? Why has no new Storm Shadow mold since 1988 had a proper o ring (The Ninja Force version had on o ring, but the waist was unable to rotate)? Yes, fine, he's a ninja, so you have to make him kick, punch, chop or whatever kids can't do with their imaginations these days, but he also need to be poseable. G.I. Joe toys are poseable. That's why I like(d) them.

I walked it back to the toys section and left it. Someone will buy it, so you needn't worry yourself. I, though, put down Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow without buying them for the first time since the characters were released, and I don't plan to buy them.

03-09-2004, 08:45 AM
I second that!!! I thought Hasbro had learned thier lesson when they got rid of AA on Star Wars figures. Now they ahve them on Joes too!!! Arrgghhh. When we were growing up we ahd to use this little thing called our imagination. Why not give kids some credit (collector's too!!)